Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jennifer Dawn Lancaster

Young Woman and Two Small Children Disappear

Missing Since 05/12/2000
Missing From Topeka, Kansas
Classification Endangered Missing
Date of Birth 06/08/1981 (36)
Age 18 years old
Height and Weight 5'5, 100 pounds

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue and white shirt, denim shorts, sandals, diamond stud earrings and gold hoop earrings.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blond hair, blue eyes. Lancaster's ears are double-pierced and her right eyebrow is pierced. She has a tattoo of the words "low rider" in green and black ink on her left upper arm and a tattoo of an unspecified green and black ink design on her lower back.

Details of Disappearance: Lancaster was last seen in Topeka, Kansas on May 12, 2000. She and her two baby daughters, Sidney Smith and Monique Smith, left home at approximately 8:00 p.m. to go to a male acquaintance's home. They never arrived and none of them have ever been heard from again.
Lancaster's vehicle was found abandoned at an apartment complex a week later. No one in the family has ever been heard from again; few details are available in their cases.
There are SO MANY cases that look just like this one.  I feel for her family and hope I can shed some light here.  Sent to me by my readers, as always, and I was able to make sense of the charts so here it is, as sad and depressing as the worst of them.


This chart for the time she was last seen is ominous.  Right away I notice all the planets in late Taurus, near the Pleiades and Algol.  Both placements are dangerous as they usually depict heartache, tears, violence and death.  The first house rulers are divided in placement but telling.  Mars in Gemini is in the seventh house, showing her to be in the company of her killer right away.  Pluto, the secondary ruler, is in the first.  Pluto is usually a dark marker indicating violence, danger, chaos and sometimes an assault.  Both rulers are disposed of by planets in Taurus in the seventh house. 

Notice that the fourth house ruler, Uranus, is in the third house.  This tells us she is not far away from her home.  She is in the same neighborhood.  The chart co ruler, the Moon, is in the tenth house and disposed of by Mercury.  She traveled in her car and went along a major highway familiar to the area.  The seventh house ruler is in it's dignity in Taurus but in the sixth house, not the seventh.  This placement can mean many things but, in this case, I think she met him at a place where he worked.  With Neptune in the third, I tend to think this was a gas station.  I don't see him hiding in her car, he is not hitchhiking and he is not in his own car.  However, she does meet up with him and ends up in his company.  I am not sure that this was not the person she went to meet.


This chart tells us a bit more about this person she has met.  The cluster of planets with the seventh house ruler in the sixth seems to indicate that he is military.  Taurus would seem to indicate ground forces such as infantry; it's disposition by Venus indicates that he has not seen combat.  Both the Moon and the first house ruler, Mars, are disposed of by Mercury in the seventh.  This person is also untrustworthy, a thief or pervert.  Mercury is very close to an exact conjunction with Algol.  This is a dark omen for this woman and her children


The movement of the first house ruler, Jupiter, into the sixth house tells us she will never be found.  Not dead or alive.  Pluto in the first opposing Mars in the seventh shows a big conflagration with a violent individual.  This almost looks like a frenzied killing.  Mercury ruling the seventh conjoined Algol in the sixth indicates the children were the real target and were likely killed violently.  Jennifer, ruled by  Jupiter, also in the sixth house appears to have been killed differently than the children; with Venus nearby it almost looks kind.  Also Venus and Jupiter both trine the chart co ruler, the Moon, in Virgo in the tenth house.  This looks like he smothered or strangled her first.  The children's deaths seem more violent and dark with Mercury in that placement.  Mars here rules the natural house of children, the fifth, so his aggression is aimed there.  I believe they were dismembered and all of them were buried.  
Saturn in the sixth under the Sun's beams show the horror of the deaths but also the location to some extent.  This all started in the service station, the killer was in the service and the bodies were buried in a sandy area near either a hospital or a school.  This is a sunny, sandy place with some wildlife but little foliage.  Dry and hot, the area would be sandy, rocky and dotted with rough foliage like cactus or weeds.  North node in the eighth shows us that this person has done this before, he has a plan he always follows and that his crimes have a pattern.  His crimes always involve children.  He has no problem involving the entire family if he has to.  Moon in Virgo as the short end of a T square emphasis the influence of the service sector.  There may be witnesses that work menial jobs who saw the killer with his victims at some point during the abduction.

Venus as the ruler of the abductor indicates he is probably attractive, physically fit, perhaps darker in coloring (not blond or blue eyed), brown eyes, short in stature and may have a dimple in either the cheek or the chin.  He might be a body builder or weight lifter but also a bit lazy and self indulgent so he has to watch what he eats. Taurus as the marker with a strong link to Algol it is possible the children were beaten to death with a blunt instrument.  I believe this man worked alone.  Unfortunately I do not believe this crime will be solved, the bodies will not be found but it is probable this man will be sent to prison for another, unconnected crime but never linked to this one.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Tammy Mahoney

Young Woman Gets into Car and Disappears

The last time anyone saw then 19-year-old Tammy Mahoney was when she was spotted getting into a vehicle on the evening on May 8th, 1981 on state Route 46 in central New York...
Police believe she was last seen hitchhiking on state Route 46 between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., and was seen by some being picked in a vehicle near Fairview Avenue. She was on her way to a friend’s house in Hamilton, but was taken to a party at a residence on the Oneida Nation’s 32-acre territory.

Mahoney was last seen wearing a dark-colored v-neck sweater or sweatshirt with white embroidery at the neck and wrists, blue jeans or bib overalls and a dark colored or denim jacket. She was 5-foot-3 and weighed about 130 pounds. She had pierced ears, brown hair, green eyes and freckles. She may have had a habit of biting her short fingernails.

Karl Lockwood, her boyfriend at the time, filed a missing person report with Oneida City Police three days later.

Police have long said they know she was raped and murdered that evening, but have never been able to locate her body. At one point, local, state and federal law enforcement officers conducted a dig at a location on state Route 46 to look for clues in the case.

For years police have said that as they get close to the truth, sources clam up and go silent.
Many people claim to have knowledge of the incident, but will only speak anonymously. Further, not all their stories line up.

Some say she was buried on the Oneida Nation Territory; others say she’s on the Onondaga Nation Territory near Syracuse, or somewhere in between near a pile of rocks next to a large tree.

Several sources say that Mahoney was hit in the head with a rock by her attackers.
Who was involved varies, based on who’s telling the story; some say that there was a young teenager somehow involved in the crime.

“We are our worst enemy,” said one man, a Native American who says his own people are responsible for killing Tammy Mahoney.

There is a need for closure, he said adding that people have said that the truth is, “heavy on their souls.
Back in 2010, police thought skeletal remains found in a shallow grave in Oneida may be those of Mahoney, but they were later ruled to be those of a Caucasian male. These should be looked into though, since many mistakes have been made concerning the identification of skeletal remains in the past.

In September 2013, Syracuse-based U.S. Attorney John Duncan said that in all the time the case has been active, “There has never been viable evidence that would support federal prosecution.”
In 2014 Oneida City Police began working on fresh leads that had come in recently regarding this case gone which has gone unsolved for more than 33 years, according to Oneida City Police Chief David Meeker.

Meeker declined to disclose the substance of this new information.

Police have long been confident that Tammy Mahoney, an Oneida city woman who has been missing since May of 1981, was kidnapped, raped and murdered.

Also, that her killers are walking free in the area.

To date, no one has ever been charged with anything in the case. “The older a case gets, the harder it is to solve,” he noted.

You can reach Unsolved Syracuse @ UnsolvedSyracuse@gmail.com OR 315-450-5709 - Call Or Text.


I was sent this case by a concerned reader.  It is a long cold case that is no longer open but I thought I could bring some attention to it.  Anyways, the charts are pretty clear and I will explain what I see.



I posted both charts at the same time to show what transpired during that hour when she was seen hitchhiking.  The markers, I am afraid, are dark and scary.  Pluto crosses the first house at this time, showing an act of violence or, at the least, an act of aggression towards Tammy.  The Moon is moving between the tenth and ninth houses, showing Tammy on a highway out in the open.  There were witnesses.  The "other person" or the assumed abductor is actually two men, with Mars and the Sun in the seventh house.  One is much older as the Sun rules the tenth house.

She is assaulted shortly after getting in their car.  The older one "goes" first, as shown by the tenth house Sun in the eighth with the first house ruler.  Pluto moves behind the first house, into the twelfth by 6 pm along with Saturn.  Notice all the markers in Libra and Taurus, disposed of by her marker, Venus.  The most frightening aspect for me is the close conjunction of her ruler, Venus, with both the Pleiades and Caput Algol.  This portends a violent death.  A brutal death.


This chart makes me think she was raped and killed in the car.  You can see the seventh house ruler, Mercury in Gemini (showing two men again) in the sixth, an indicator that these men were servicemen, in the military.  Then you see the Moon in the eighth, showing continuing sexual activity and with Jupiter in the ninth (their car) it is obvious this is going on in the car.  Mercury in Gemini (in dignity) shows the men with the distinct advantage and Mercury trine to Saturn in Libra at the midheaven, I would assume they were in the air force.  More indicators are the fourth house ruler, Mars, in the fifth, showing a pattern of sexual aggression; Neptune in Sagittarius (ammunition) rising in the first shows that Tammy trusted them because they were military but that they controlled her over time with a gun; north node in the eighth disposed of by the Sun in the fifth shows us that they planned these attacks and did others as well.


In this chart you see them leave her in the woods.  First house ruler, Saturn (the dead body) in Libra in the ninth.  Saturn disposed of by Venus in Taurus (conjoined EXACTLY to Algol) shows a bloody, brutal death that may include dismemberment.  Pluto in Libra is also in the ninth which tells me they scattered her remains, in various places in the woods.  I am not convinced they were buried.  I tend to think they were because they have not been found but the charts do not show it.  Uranus in the tenth house, in Scorpio, seems to indicate swampy woods with standing water, refuse and swarms of insects.
These killers in the air force were young (Mercury in Gemini) and they were close friends.  They do not appear to have traveled far to do this so we can assume they were stationed in the immediate area.  Searches of recruits in nearby air force bases would be in order.  I cannot be sure from the placements shown here what they may look like.