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Marciela Garcia

Young Lady Disappears Outside Storefront


The d
ay was just supposed to be a normal shopping trip for Maricela Garcia and her younger sister Sarah. But the evening quickly turned into something much more sinister.

"My gorgeous, talented, tender-hearted daughter reduced to one word: Case," Maricela's mother, also named Maricela, wrote in a public plea for help on Facebook. "I need to know what is happening. I'm so lost without my Maricela."

Maricela was out in Reseda, California with Sarah, hunting for bargains at a local Goodwill store the evening of January 12. The story goes that Maricela told Sarah she was headed outside to smoke a cigarette and would return shortly. Surveillance video shows the 26-year-old walking out of the store at 7:22 p.m.

Maricela never came back.

Sarah found her sister's locked, tan BMW in the parking lot of a neighboring dollar store. Her purse was left inside. Her cell phone, which was not in the purse, was either turned off or had lost its charge.

"People are saying she probably just walked off, which isn't the case," Misti Patten, who is working on behalf of Maricela's family, told Dateline. "There is much more to this than just that."

The fear that something more frightening may be going on stems from what family members say happened next. As Maricela's sister Sarah was out searching that night, she walked into the nearby chapel of St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church.

"Two women there told her they think they saw a woman resembling Maricela inside the church not too long before," Misti Patten told Dateline. "They said she quickly stormed out and looked pretty upset and worried about something."

Authorities with the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating, but officials have said they do not suspect foul play at this time. It's a statement Maricela's family adamantly rejects. They admit Maricela is not a perfect person, but say she would never do anything like this.

Several searches have been conducted, including one last Saturday led by the organization Search Dogs 24/7, a volunteer group working with the families of missing persons across the southwest United States. According to Misti, several of the dogs alerted to Maricela's scent in a number of areas, one specifically near a dumpster by the Goodwill store where Maricela and her sister had been shopping. That's where searchers reportedly located a choker necklace family members say belongs to Maricela.

Authorities were called in and collected the necklace and a few other items of possible interest, family members said. But Maricela's loved ones are pleading for the police to do more. In a letter posted to Facebook on Monday, Maricela's mother urged the LAPD to gather surveillance video that may paint a clearer picture of what happened that night. They believe someone was following Maricela.


This case was sent to me by a reader and I encourage anyone who has a case that they would like to see here to send it to me via my Facebook page. Not every case is viable and many do not have reliable time lines but leave that to me and don't discount a case just because you are missing information. Sometimes it can be found online so send it along. Likewise, you cannot expect that the case will end up here. It depends on many factors.

This case did not stand out for me at first. I looked at the charts and just did not get an immediate read. It took me a few months of study to get this one done and I apologize to those who were waiting to see what the charts reveal. I am ready to show you now what they are and how I read them.

The first chart was done for the time she left the store to smoke. You can see the first house ruler, the Sun, conjoined Pluto in the fifth. Pluto rules the fourth so this shows us her current location and this planet usually describes chaos and disturbing situations but also describes dirty places. This probably describes the dumpster outside where her necklace was found. So she was smoking somewhere around there? Anyways, the seventh house ruler is in the ninth and describes this person she meets out there. Uranus describes someone unusual and extraordinary in some manner, both good and bad while Aries shows someone who is aggressive, energetic and acting in their own self interest. Uranus in Aries in some cases describes a criminal or a person who is "hiding" from the law.

Anyways, Uranus is square to the Sun so they "bump" into each other. She may have recoiled (Uranus square Pluto) and her repulsion may have angered this person, who is mostly likely a male (Aries being masculine). The ninth house may describe an immigrant, a transient (or vagrant) or a student. Perhaps a foreign exchange student. At the same time, Neptune and Venus in Pisces are in the seventh sector which may show drug or alcohol abuse. This placement may also describe a vehicle of some sort that he was driving at the time.
Also note that the fifth house can describe shops and stores, especially those with clothing or cosmetics. We know she was shopping in Goodwill that day. Saturn also in the fifth may describe cheaper items, used items or antiques.

I believe another important marker here is the disposition of Uranus by Mars in eighth. This person may have committed crimes in the past, most likely violent crimes. His intentions were not good.

It is not exceptionally clear but I believe this chart shows the abduction. You see the Moon, her secondary ruler, in the twelfth with Saturn moving into the fourth which indicates confinement. Mars has moved into the seventh sector, showing an expression of aggression or even violence. Venus and Mars rule the tenth / fourth house axis, showing a new location. I beleive, although again I must express it is not explicitly clear, that she was pushed into the trunk of his car. She was locked down into the trunk and this is where she was confined and abducted.

Her family believes she was followed somehow and this may be true. She may even have been stalked considering the node in the first. This shows us that she has been to that location in the past and was familiar with the area. She may have been targeted because he had seen her before. I am not sure, but this is possible.

I believe this chart shows continued confinement at a remote location. The first house ruler in the fourth with Saturn. This location is defined by Jupiter in Libra so it is expansive, airy, probably in a populated area. Jupiter is disposed of by Venus in the sixth with Neptune so this is a place where business is conducted, a business involving women (Venus) and, since the sixth house ruler is in the eighth house, it also involves sex and is probably illegal. I have several of these cases in my files right now with women disappearing under similar circumstances and I think they are related to trafficking. I think Marciela was kidnapped and is being trafficked. The fourth house ruler is in the second, after all, showing income from this practice.

The secondary chart ruler, the Moon, is in the eleventh house, showing casual sexual contact with strangers. Because of Uranus in the eighth this is unusual sex or perversion.

Further enlightenment in this chart has the seventh house ruler, Neptune, in the sixth in Pisces and inconjunct to the Moon. This tells us a few things. They take pictures or make movies. They drug the women (Neptune conjoined Venus) and Marciela is having a hard time, maybe even an adverse reaction, to these drugs. Another scary marker is Uranus in the seventh disposed of by Mars in the sixth. They will take unusual steps to control the women, often violent and dangerous actions. The first house ruler, Mercury, trine the node tells me that Marciela is exactly the kind of woman they are looking for. This is probably why she was stalked.

This chart is from an earlier hour but it clearly shows us her abductor. Again, you can see here the seventh house ruler, Uranus, in the ninth which describes most likely a foreigner who has been in trouble with the law and has violent tendencies. Also probably a drug dependancy. The tenth house ruler angular in the seventh with Neptune tells me this behavior is related to his "career" or business. He does this to get money for drugs. He may not be the actual moviemaker or trafficker and his role may be simply to bring them women.

Uranus in Aries describes someone tall and thin with an unusual appearance, perhaps a mark on the face. Uranus square the Sun tells me he is not someone Marciela would have been attracted to, in fact, he may be frightening to her. Uranus trine Saturn in the fourth shows that his residence (if you can call it that) is run down, dirty and old and may even be a homeless camp because it appears to be outdoors. This person probably hangs around places like the Goodwill because these charities give services and aid to people who are struggling. This person is struggling. Also, another marker is the tenth house ruler, Venus, together with Neptune in Pisces in the seventh house...this may give us more clues about the location and appearance of this "home". There are other people living there, perhaps also drug users, so this may be a crackhouse or communal home of some sort. It may even be a shelter. Pluto in Capricorn ruling the fourth with Saturn in the fourth, look for a place that is very run down, old and shabby and maybe even near a swampy area with lots of insect activity.

This person is connected with others, either involved in the same activity or not and it is very possible that anyone aware of what he is doing may share it with other people. In this manner, he may eventually be caught.

There are no markers at this time showing Marciela to be dead. This does not mean she will not be killed in the future but, at the time of these charts, she was still alive. There are also no markers indicating that she will not be found so there is a good chance that she will come to light, dead or alive, in the future.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Anna Christian Waters

Young Girl Disappears From Front Yard

From Wikipedia:

On January 16, 1973, Anna returned home from kindergarten by school bus at about 12:20 pm. Earlier that day, some family friends came for a visit. After coming home, Anna put on a pair of jeans, a blue and white striped T-shirt, oversized black rubber boots and a red coat. At about 1:30 pm, Anna went inside and took off the red coat. At approx. 2:00 pm, Benedict heard Anna talking outside, possibly to the family cats. However, between 2:15 and 2:20 pm, Benedict no longer heard Anna making any sounds. The family dog, Saturn, was a puppy and didn't always bark at strangers, so Benedict wasn't alarmed by anything of the sort. At 2:20, Benedict and Ford went outside to search for Anna. At 2:45, after having found nothing, the San Mateo police department was called and the official search began.

One original fear was that Anna had simply wandered off and fallen into the nearby Purisima Creek and drowned. It had been raining that day and the creek was in flooding state. Benedict stated that she somehow felt that the Creek was a danger for the family. Divers searched the waters and the area was thoroughly searched for four days. No trace of Anna was found. Family friend Doug French has been active in the search for Anna and he believes that the Purisima Creek had nothing to do with the disappearance. The Half Moon Bay Review published an article on January 25 and called the search for Anna "the greatest search in coastside history". The article also implied that Anna had indeed fallen into the Creek and drowned.

Both Anna's family and Doug French have felt that Anna's birth father and his friend are strongly involved with Anna's disappearance. "Brody" is described as manipulative over Anna's father, having allegedly caused the divorce between him and Benedict. "Brody" was interested in Anna and believed her to be the reincarnation of a woman he had once lived with. He tried to make Benedict change her daughter's name to "Eifee". The word had no meaning. "Brody" simply wanted to do this so, numerologically, Anna's name would add up to his own name. A young man and an old man were seen in the vicinity the day Anna disappeared. A spokesman from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has said that Anna may well still be alive. Officially the case is considered a "probable non-family abduction". "Brody" died of cancer in December 1981 and a short time later Waters, who had signed Brody's death certificate, was also found dead.

On March 26, 2006, at approx. midnight, a passer-by found a part of a child's skull (zygoma, maxilla and teeth) on a stretch of land between San Gregorio State Beach and Pompino beach. No date was established for the skeletal remains, but the age of the individual was put at 5–7 years. No other part of the skeletal remains were located. After a very long delay, DNA evidence proved that the skeletal remains were not those of Anna, but rather belonged to an unidentified young boy. Waters has since been excluded as the identity of the Doña Ana County Jane Doe.


This is an interesting case. Although I look at many every week, most don't have viable charts or do not render information. Some I work on for months and months before something comes together. This one just jumped out at me so I did it right away. You will see this for yourself when I show you the charts.

This little girl was last known to be on the porch of her home with her dog. She just disappeared from that location with her parents still in the home, which is a rare occurrence and hard for many to imagine. But not so impossible if the abductors were people the child knew and got the child to come to them, such as parking in the street and calling the child over. The chart I ran first was for the time she was last seen.

In this chart, the first thing to stand out is the stellium in the eighth house. The eighth house is never a good place in a forensic chart. It often points to death. But here you can see the implications. The first house ruler is Mercury, the traditional ruler of children, and it is in the eighth house. The child goes, on her own, to someone, this person represented by Jupiter, the seventh house ruler, in the eighth. We know that this is a marker for a criminal, someone who runs afoul of civilized society. Notice how close Mercury and Jupiter come together in the eighth. Also note how close the node falls to these planets, indicating an advance plan or scheme. They had planned to come and get this child. I say they because there are other planets present that indicate accomplices. 

The Sun, the fourth house ruler, sits closely aligned with Jupiter, which indicates that this criminal had either been in the child's home (fourth house) or lived in the near neighborhood. There is familiarity here or there would be no node. The tenth house ruler, Uranus, in the fifth is disposed of by Venus, also in the eighth. This person owns the home to which they are taking this girl and the fifth house indicates they have other children there or have taken children there in the past. hate to say this but there is a chance that the criminal who took Anna was related to the family in some manner. 

This chart is close to the time that the parents claim to have lost track of the child. It may be, of course, that the people who took her actually came onto the porch and this is whom they heard her talking to. The Moon in the first house indicates that Anna went willingly, so it is assumed that this was someone she knew and trusted. 

This chart has the first dark omens. Notice that Pluto has entered the fourth house while Saturn has moved into the twelfth. Pluto is square the Moon in the first. The first and seventh house rulers are still in the eighth house with the node. The tenth house ruler, Neptune, is in the sixth with Mars. They have taken Anna to a workshop of some sort with a hidden place to hide her. This may be an actual workshop where someone earns a living or it may be a workshop in the home. Mars and Pluto insinuate violence and the eighth house shows criminal activity, often sexual in nature. 

Saturn, the eighth house ruler, is in the twelfth in Gemini, disposed of by the child ruler, Mercury, in the eighth. UGH. 

I hate to think of children being brutalized but this chart is suggesting this strongly. She was probably raped before she was killed. I have no doubt, however, that she is either no longer alive or she is being sold for sex. The 1970s brought the advent of snuff films and the widespread popularity of porn. Hustler magazine was a leader in the pictorial of abuse. Child porn, especially with pretty little girls, was just becoming a big business. There is every possibility that Anna was groomed and then used this way. She may still be alive and not even know who she was. 

This is a likely scenario when you look at this developing chart pattern. Mercury is in the seventh, showing the child to be in possession of other people and with the Moon in the twelfth, she is hidden away or even drugged and unconscious. Notice Saturn in the twelfth, which is often a marker for burial, but it is retrograde, showing, that if she will die, which she probably will, it won't be for awhile. The violence in this chart scares me. She is put through it but not killed, which is a marker for sex slavery. Notice the tenth house ruler, Neptune, in the sixth. They may well make a living with pictures or movies, most likely pornographic. 

Mercury ruling the fourth indicates more than one location or, at least, a location with several "extra" areas such as a home with a basement, a shed or an attic, which are used separately. Moon in Cancer in the twelfth indicates that Anna was kept in a home with a family appearance so that the neighbors would think the kids belonged there. Also, Mercury ruling the fourth indicates the presence of more than one child. I now have concern for other missing kids from the same area during the same time period. This could be another captive situation with numbers of children being abducted and abused.
As I said when reading the first chart, these are people the child knew, was talking to and left with willingly. I do not see the child being forced as the ruler in the first always shows the direction of the victim. I do not see a death pattern in these charts and not in the charts that I drew up for later that day. I believe she was kept alive for awhile, at least. 

These charts just don't change which leads me to believe that she was brought into a situation for a purpose and was kept alive for that purpose. She may still be alive but I cannot say where because she may well have been moved from this first location at any time after the abduction.

For consideration, the person who took her knew her. He is described as a fat older man with weathered features. Rugged and hard scrabble, always in need of money. This man is low on morals and has a cold, inconsiderate nature. Jupiter near the Sun indicates he is also a father and has children, probably boys. He has a criminal history and has spent time in jail. He is very hard to talk to. He is connected, in some manner, to the family and if they consider this description, they should know who this is.