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Ann Pressly

Lovely TV Anchor Attacked & Beaten In Her Home

From AMW:

Police have found a new lead in the search for local news anchor Anne Pressly's attacker: a cashier at a Little Rock, Ark. Shell gas station told AMW that Anne's credit card was used at one of the gas pumps there the night of her attack.

The employee said that there was a surveillance camera working on the premises, and that the video has been turned over to police, but investigators working the case have not confirmed this information.

Cops are searching for any information leading to the person, or persons, who attacked Little Rock morning TV anchor Anne Pressly, 26. The popular journalist was found in the early morning hours of October 20, 2008 with life-threatening injuries.

The last contact Anne had with anyone was through a text message with a friend at 9:50 p.m. on October 19, 2008.

Anne's mother, who was visiting from South Carolina, says she always calls Anne in the morning for an early wake-up call, and was alarmed when her daughter didn't answer her repeated phone calls.

She went to Anne's house to check on her, and was horrified to find Anne in bed, bleeding.

Cops say Anne was beaten in the head and chest area, and was listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

Everyone who knows Anne has describes her as a smart, popular woman with no known enemies.

Investigators are trying to determine why Anne was attacked. They suspect that the beating happened during the course of a robbery, because Anne's purse was missing, but they say there is the potential that the attacker was a stalker.

Police are working to determine the identity of the culprit, and are looking for any information that might lead an arrest.

If you know anything about this savage beating, call our hotline at 1-800-CRIME-TV right now.

Update: Arkansas Anchorwoman Dies After Beating

An Arkansas television anchorwoman found beaten at her home earlier this week has died from her injuries.

Hospital officials say Anne Pressly, 26, died Saturday at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center. Hospital spokeswoman Margaret Preston says family members declined to release any other details about Pressly's death.

Pressly was beaten around the head, face and neck during the attack. She had been unable to communicate with her family or police, while being kept sedated in the intensive care unit.

Pressly was discovered Monday morning a half-hour before she was to appear on ABC affiliate KATV's "Daybreak" program. Her mother went to the woman's home after she didn't answer her regular wake-up call.

Police have yet to identify a suspect in the attack.


This is a really frightening story. I first saw it on Nancy Grace. How many evil people are running around out there? It seems like there are more than ever. I remember in the sixties when I grew up there was like the Boston Strangler and the Zodiac and they were really bizarre but they were RARE. Like exotic birds in a cage in the back of a dark store. Now they are all running around out there, under the bright lights on every sidewalk, grabbing kids as they get off the school bus, walking into the living rooms of people's homes, shooting people in parking lots. Does anyone else think this is like the Night of the Living Dead, when the dead were suddenly everywhere, killing the living? It's ugly and sad and I wish we could do more to stop it. I guess all we can do is shoot back. If you remember the ending in the movie, you will also remember that the posse doesn't always come and when they do, they don't always save everyone.

The first chart I drew up was for the time when she last sent a text message. This was a message she sent to a friend and it was the last time she was heard from. This chart is pretty straightforward, showing us what we already know and also a few stray details. Gemini is rising and Sagittarius is falling. Mercury is in the fourth house in the sign Libra and the Moon is in the first house. Mercury is disposed of by Venus in the sixth and the Moon is in her dignities. Mercury and the Moon are in square aspect. This tells me that she is at home but is concerned about work; perhaps working on some news item or other work assignment. She was also worried about some nagging emotional thing, perhaps concerning family or someone else whom she cared about, and this might be reason for the text message. Mercury in Libra is indicative of communicating, especially with the double Mercury influence through Libra being disposed of by Venus, positioned in the sixth, the natural house of Mercury. She was definitely writing, thinking, worrying and talking. Communicating about work and things that concerned her. The Moon square Mercury shows that she did have some concerns or worries. They were on her mind.

The interesting thing about this chart is that Jupiter rules the Descendant from the seventh house; this position presages, to some extent, the "next person" she would meet. Presumably, her attacker. We assume this because it is generally believed that she was home alone and, at least, did not have a roommate. Notice how closely Pluto is hugging the cusp, a harbinger of sorts, because Pluto so often creates chaos, upset and violence. Sometimes on a large scale. Now, an interesting angle I see here is the loop involving Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Follow me. Mercury is disposed of by Venus, which is in the sign Sagittarius. It is disposed of by Jupiter, which is disposed of by Saturn. In turn, Saturn is disposed of by Mercury. Jupiter is square Mercury from the seventh and Saturn is soon to rule the seventh, within the next hour or so. This interesting group of aspects has me suspecting that this person was not a stranger. In fact, she had been worried about this person in some way or had had contact with this person recently. But I will wait to see if the stars bear this out as I track the evenings events.

I run the charts ahead and stop at midnight. This is to see if anything is developing. I realize she was attacked later on, according to reports, but events begin to manifest long before we experience them. Notice that Cancer is on the first house and the Moon is in the twelfth. She has already gone to bed. The Moon is trine Mars in the fourth and Uranus in the ninth. The Moon opposes Jupiter. She is comfortable in her home and even if she doesn't feel totally safe, she has faith in her own abilities to protect her property. She may have some sort of security, whether it's alarms or just the dogs they reported about. But here's the thing that bothers me: Saturn rules the seventh and Saturn is in the third house, disposed of by Mercury, also in the third; in fact, Mercury is right at the third/fourth house cusp. The fourth house has both the Sun and Mars. Mars rules the tenth house. I am very shocked that she is in that house alone. It looks very much like a man was there at this time. It also looks like someone else was outside. So now I am very curious and must back up charts for quarters of hours until I find out when this person entered the house.

Running the charts backward, I discover that the Moon entered the twelfth with Cancer on the Ascendant for the first time at 11 pm, just a few minutes after the text message she sent. She went to bed right away and may have sent that message from the bedroom. Between 11:30 and 11:45 Mars crosses the cusp into the fourth and I see this man enter the house through a window. Saturn is in the third house, showing a second man just outside the house, on a sidewalk, in the yard, sitting in a car. Prominent planets in water signs clearly describe more than one man. Mars rules the tenth house so Mars is in dignity and is co disposed of by Pluto in the sixth. This hints that she knew this person through work. This can mean that She knew the one man in some fashion, perhaps involving work. I do not believe he works with her but it can also mean that he had come around to do odd jobs or run errands. Saturn in the third indicates clearly that the second man is a stranger. He has come along on the suggestion of the first man.

Also note that Saturn, the seventh house ruler, is disposed of by Mercury, which is in the fourth. Both of these men came together for some reason, one calling the shots, the other willing to go along. As an aside, I see that Scorpio rules the fifth house cusp so this tells me that one man entered through a bathroom window. At midnight, Mercury crosses from the third into the fourth. Saturn, the seventh house ruler, is disposed of by Mercury. The other man enters the house. He doesn't stay long as I see Mercury back out of the fourth into the third by 12:30 that morning. This might mean he brought something in or was called in by the other man or some other such thing. Strange but this is what it looks like. And then a shocker! (For me, at least!) I see Leo takes the Ascendant just after 12:30 am and in the next 30 minutes, the Sun moves out of the fourth into the third. This tells me that Ann gets out of bed and walks outside! Seriously. I am thinking that perhaps she heard something and went outside to look. Maybe into the carport area, considering that the Sun is in Libra. The Sun is disposed of by Venus, which is still in the fourth house, telling me that she did not leave the house area. She did not walk down the street or even into the front yard. She was still within the confines of the "house" and this, to me, seems like the carport area. During this same period, Aquarius moves onto the Descendant and Uranus is in the eighth house. The intruder is hiding. Somewhere in the house, most likely the bathroom. I say this because Uranus is in Pisces and Mars is in Scorpio. So he has either retreated back to the bathroom or he has never left. Could he have been hiding there for over an hour? Aries is still on the midheaven and Mars in Scorpio is still in the fourth house. This man is still inside and Ann is still unharmed; in fact, she has walked outside.

Looking at the next chart, there is a handoff between the planets that keep the scenario in place. I always find these actions fascinating and proof of how Astrology works. Check out the midheaven in the chart for 1:30 am. Taurus takes the midheaven and Venus moves into the fourth. This maintains a presence in the house that was first defined by the Aries midheaven and Mars in the fourth. The planets are telling me clearly: the intruder is still in the house. Libra rules the nadir and Venus is in the fourth house, also telling me someone is in the house. The seventh house ruler is Uranus in the eighth house, which is opposed to Saturn in the second. the second. There is something she has that he wants. It's interesting that Saturn co-rules the seventh house, as well. And that Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in the third. Is he looking for documents? Money? Credit cards? Letters? It could be anything it seems, with aspects from Mercury, Venus, Libra and Virgo, involving the second and eighth houses. Paper is a symbol I keep seeing here, but money is paper, too. So it's anyone's guess. Make your own guess at this and post it in comments. Everyone is welcome.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Interestingly enough, at the time of the attack, the seventh house is Aquarius and Uranus is in Pisces. This is someone she knew, as I said before, a casual acquaintance or distant "friend". She had some worries about this person in the past and had recently spoken to this person or seen this person somewhere. Uranus is disposed of by Neptune, which indicates that although this person was an acquaintance or friend, perhaps even a friendly "fan", this person is also a thief who has problems with drugs or alcohol. Saturn was the earlier significator so this person may have worked for her at some time in the past, either around the house or at the station; otherwise, this may have been a person she had allowed to use a room in her house or had helped with a financial problem or personal need. Uranus and Saturn both describe a man to me so let's go with that. Considering how badly she was beaten, this may be a given. But a woman with a baseball bat is just as deadly; it's the planets that decide for me in this instance. One of the men, Saturn, was older than she was and the other man, Mars, was younger. The younger man entered the house. The older man stayed outside.

The earlier markers led me to believe that this man may have worked with her or somehow in her field. But now I am thinking seriously that this could possibly have been a neighbor. Because of the eighth house, he had come to the house occasionally in the past. He had somehow befriended her. And because of Saturn's placement and the second and eighth house positions, I am inclined to think that she had helped him out in some way. She considered him to be "needy" and she wanted to help him out. He had been in her house before and knew who she was. He probably assumed she would have money on her, or at least, credit cards or other things of value. I guess whatever she was kind enough to do for this man was not enough; in fact, in only served to encourage him to come and take the rest. And because of the planets sitting where they are I will still venture to guess that he had done some work for her. He had fixed the roof, run some errands, tuned up the car, painted the door, etc... handyman type stuff. Because of the second house planets and the fact that she was not married, I must believe that this was an "employee" of sorts, someone to whom she had given money and who had gotten an eyeful when he looked at her purse, wallet, checking account or whatever else he saw when she paid him.

It is my guess that she was attacked between 2:30 and 3:00. In fact, it looks like they surprised her as she turned to come back into the house. She had come to conclusion that there was no one outside and started into the house, to return to her bed. And bang! He confronted her. I see this in the chart for 2:15 am, when I see Mars leave the fourth and enter the third, right behind the Sun. Venus is in the fourth and shortly afterward, Pluto enters the fourth house, too. They go back inside together and perhaps he makes her look for something he wants. By 2:45 am, Pluto, which still co rules the nadir, has entered the fourth. It is disposed of by Jupiter in Capricorn in the fifth house. Jupiter is in fall. It is interesting to note that she was beaten with baseball bats. Capricorn describes wood objects and the fifth house describes sports. Fascinating, isn't it? Of course, it's always easy to go back in retrospect and see it all clearly. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish we could predict this way but it's too reliant on time and space to do that without a reason to suspect a certain time and place. Sometimes the birth chart shows a violent death but even in those cases, it is hard to predict exactly when that will happen. Of course, it would be a horrible life indeed if we all ran around knowing, in advance, how and when we were going to die. Too fatalistic for me.

But I must admit that Astrology walks a fine line between possibility and fatality. Are we victims of random planetary activity or are the planets a part of a "divine script"? I will leave those decisions up to individuals. This woman is very sad for me because I know what it's like to be alone, unmarried, trying to create a successful life. I also know what it's like to be compassionate and caring and eager to help everyone. It puts a woman in danger but I suspect even if she was fearful of that, she would have still helped this guy and not regretted it. She was a lovely woman. Like they say, the good die young. What a sad epitaph.

Because Uranus is in Pisces, this man came from nearby but not the same neighborhood. He was a "neighbor" in the fact that he was from somewhere close by but he did not live in the country club area she lived in. He was "down the road" so to speak. Again, because the Moon is in a succedent house, I have to say that he is near his home. He just does not live far away. He is somewhere nearby, but just not in the exact same neighborhood. He had visited her home before and possibly had done odd jobs. She had helped him out. At the same time that Pluto backs into the fourth, Saturn enters the first. Saturn is opposed to Uranus in the seventh. BOTH men attacked her. The second man, the stranger who had stayed outside, perhaps grew tired of waiting so he entered the house with the weapon or weapons. This was a SURPRISE. The first man, the one who had confronted her in the house, was shocked by the other man's attack. But he was taking too long, fooling around, trying to get her to give him her money. During the attack, the Ascendant switches from Leo to Virgo and Mercury is in the second house. She runs and tries to escape, heading for her bedroom. They follow her in. She retreats to the bed, perhaps not thinking clearly or not knowing what else to do, and they follow her in and then they beat her in her bed.

Please note a position I have become fearful of. At around the time of this attack, Caput Algol reaches the midheaven, in direct inconjunction to Pluto in the fourth. The beating became vicious and horrific. The violence was beyond what was necessary. Because of these aspects, we are seeing a robbery that just went haywire and ending in a vicious bloodletting. It is amazing, actually unbelievable, that she survived even a minute. Another position to note in this chart is that Mars is via combust. Also, the seventh house ruler is retrograde. This did not work out the way it was planned but some reason it just got out of control. It's not really anger that caused this to happen; it was more a sudden morbid delight, almost as if they enjoyed it. Once it started, it just could not be stopped. And, yet it was. They did stop before she was completely dead. Notice, as well, that the Pleides is also near the midheaven. This case will be famous; it will go on for some time, enough time to gain national fame.

I will again attempt to describe the intruder with a physical description. I have already said quite a bit about him, that he knew her, that she had helped him. Any handymen she had given jobs to in the recent past should be investigated. This man is of average height and may tend to be "fleshy" and even, at times, a bit chubby. He has pale, ashen colored skin and an oval shaped face. His forehead is high and broad, taking up a great deal of his face. His chin is weak and his lips often look pouty. He has dark brown, ashen hair and expressive grey colored eyes. His partner, the stranger, is a taller man and thin. He also has a high forehead; the nose is long and the lips sit low on the chin. He may have a yellowish or dark complexion, he may even be "swarthy" in coloring. He has black or very dark brown eyes and hair. I don't expect, in most cases, that these physical descriptions are of much use. But this case is not cold yet and there are fresh memories. Perhaps someone will remember a man who worked around her house, someone she befreinded and helped in some way. If he matches this description, even a little bit, he should be investigated. I cross my fingers that they find these men and that they do so soon.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

David E Lewis

Popular Man Dies in Suspicious Cabin Fire

From the Mail Tribune:

Fire crews were mopping up one cabin fire early today on Dead Indian Memorial Road when they spotted smoke from a second fire five miles up the road.

When crews arrived, the second cabin, at 12801 Dead Indian Memorial Road, was fully engulfed. After they quelled the flames, they found a body inside.

Jackson County Deputy Medical Examiner Tim Pike said the body was badly burned and that it would take an autopsy to positively identify the victim. He expected the autopsy would be done tonight or Friday.

Investigators from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, Oregon State Police, Jackson County Fire District No. 5 and the state fire marshal's office are combing the cabin's burned remains for evidence this afternoon. This morning, investigators said they considered the fire suspicious.

They are also investigating the first fire, reported at about 3 a.m. at 18196 Dead Indian Memorial Road.

Crews from the Oregon Department of Forestry and the volunteer Greensprings Fire and Rescue responded to the first fire, near the Keno Access Road. The cabin was a summer rental and no one was occupying it at the time, investigators said.

By the time they saw smoke from the second fire, crews from Fire District 5 were already on their way after receiving 9-1-1 calls from neighbors far down the hill.

Also from the Mail Tribune:

Firefighters discovered a badly burned body in one of two cabins destroyed by separate fires along Dead Indian Memorial Road early Thursday.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters called the death and pair of fires suspicious, but he and other investigators remained tight-lipped about the case.

Details about the causes of the fires and the identity of the dead man will take time to confirm, he said.

However, friends and family suspect the victim is David Edwin Lewis, a 46-year-old father of three who lived alone at one of the hilltop cabins lost in the fires. The other was a summer home only occupied on weekends, neighbors and authorities said.

A driver on Dead Indian Memorial Road spotted and reported the first fire near the intersection with Keno Access Road just before 3 a.m., said Gene Davies, chief of the all-volunteer Greensprings Fire and Rescue. A crew of six volunteers found the small, rustic cabin at 18196 Dead Indian Memorial Road engulfed in flames, he said. Oregon Department of Forestry firefighters joined the fight against the flames. Crews used three water tanker trucks and a portable water pond to douse the flames, but the weekend retreat burned to the ground.

At about 4 a.m., 9-1-1 calls from the Ashland Mine Road area reported seeing flames on the hillside across the valley, Jackson County Fire District No. 5 Chief Dan Marshall said. As district trucks headed up from the valley below, crews from the earlier fire roughly five miles down the road spotted the flames shooting into the sky and were the first to arrive at the burning cabin, he said.

"The fire had burned undetected for a long time," Marshall said. "It was on the ground when crews arrived."

Only a concrete chimney protruded from the rubble of the rustic wood home with a loft as investigators worked Thursday morning.

After quelling the flames, which licked to the tops of neighboring trees but didn't spread into the forest, firefighters discovered the body and contacted the sheriff's department, Marshall said.

Winters said the two fires in the rural neighborhood had already garnered his department's attention as suspicious.

He noted that the utter devastation of the burned buildings will make it challenging to find evidence, but the multi-agency team will tackle the job. Until details emerge, the fire and deaths must be considered suspicious, he said.

Jackson County Deputy Medical Examiner Tim Pike said the body was badly burned, but an autopsy to positively identify the victim and look for a cause of death was set tentatively for late Thursday or this morning.

In Palmer, Alaska, Linda Lewis Miller, David Lewis' sister, anxiously awaited word from authorities. She said her brother, a welder who rented and served as caretaker of the rural property overlooking the Rogue Valley, was a meticulous man who carefully maintained the home's appliances, smoke detectors and wood stove. She said she doubted that the fire was an accident or suicide, especially in light of the other fire nearby.

"It's just too coincidental," she said. "It makes me sad."

She said Lewis was an outspoken man who could have made enemies. He'd gone through an acrimonious divorce in 1999, followed by a string of misdemeanor assault and harassment convictions. He had a decades-old felony conviction for growing marijuana, which prevented him from keeping a firearm for protection, Miller said.

However, she said, he had since gotten his life on track.

Also from the Mail Tribune:

Friends and family of David Edwin Lewis continue to mourn the man they called "the most loving man on the mountain" while they await word on suspicious fires that destroyed his house and one other on Dead Indian Memorial Road Thursday.

Authorities say it will take days to confirm the identity of the badly burned body found at Lewis' hilltop cabin and collect evidence from home's scorched rubble.

Lewis, 46, had lived at the cabin at 12801 Dead Indian Memorial Road for 23 years and was known for his care for the land and his neighbors, said his ex-wife Josee Fournier, who is the mother of his three sons.

Investigators continue to unravel that mystery. Two fires, at 18196 and 12801 Dead Indian Memorial Road, were reported about an hour apart in the early morning hours Thursday. The unoccupied weekend home and Lewis' cabin each were completely consumed by flames, prompting suspicions of neighbors and authorities alike.

Also from the Mail Tribune:

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said his department is continuing an "active criminal investigation" into a pair of house fires on Dead Indian Memorial Road earlier this month and the death of a man who lived in one of the destroyed homes.

Two fires — at 18196 and 12801 Dead Indian Memorial Road — were reported about an hour apart in the early morning hours of Sept. 4. Both homes burned to the ground and a man's body was found inside the cabin at the summit, where David Lewis, 46, had lived for more than two decades. The other cabin, near the intersection with Keno Access Road, was a summer home occupied only on weekends, neighbors and authorities said.

They haven't confirmed the identity of the dead man, although Lewis' friends and family held a memorial for him on the mountain Sept. 14.

Investigators contacted several local dentists but couldn't come up with recent dental records for Lewis. DNA samples from the body found in Lewis' cabin and from Lewis' family members have been sent to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification, a national program supported in part by the Department of Justice.

An autopsy was done, but Winters declined to release the cause of death.


A reader I will call Donna emailed me this case and what a case it is! Thanks, Donna, this is a real mystery with a lot of twists and turns. Better than a thriller novel. But I was, at first, a bit reluctant to tackle it because of all the twists and turns which make it hard to follow. I was not sure I could do both charts and keep them balanced and working with each other. There was no way I could do this chart without doing a chart for the other fire, too. I have no doubt they were some how connected. So I rolled up my sleeves and got very busy with both charts and this is what I found.

The first chart I drew up was for one hour before the first fire so I could see what may have caused that fire to start. The chart is for 2 am on Sept. 4. Please note the planets in the fourth house. Cancer is rising and Capricorn is falling. The Moon is in the fifth house and Saturn is in the third. The Moon, the traditional symbol of motherhood, is in the fifth house of children. Saturn, the traditional ruler of fathers, is in the third house of relatives. This tells me that this is a family situation. Notice please that Mars is in the Libra in the fourth house closely aligned with Mercury and Venus. All three planets are disposed of by Venus. This fire looks like it was started by a woman with a child. Whether she was pregnant at the time or actually had a child with her, I am not absolutely sure. Notice that Virgo is on the nadir and the cabin was said to be a summer rental that was empty at the time. However, notice also that the house ruler, Mercury, is in the fourth house, telling me that the cabin was not empty at all. There were a woman and a child in that cabin on this night, when the fire started.

Notice in this chart also that Venus, the descendant ruler, is square to Jupiter in Capricorn, right at the seventh house cusp. This tells me that the fire was started with earth materials, like wood or garden debris. It is possible, since Capricorn rules real estate, that the cabin itself was set on fire; a match lit to the wood or the other building materials. Now, I know that fires are not started just that easily or we'd all be in flames all the time, but it is something like this. The tenth house ruler is Pisces, with Neptune in the eighth house. Something about the scene was not overtly obvious and the firefighters and arson inspectors may have missed something. In fact, it's a given that something was deliberately hidden from them and they were somehow deceived. It is also possible that this fire was set to hide something else; to distract and shadow. This makes me suspicious now that this fire was set as a cover or ruse for the second fire. Perhaps they knew that authorities would see this fire first, because of the logistics of that territory, and this would actually keep them from responding to the second fire before real damage was done.

And then doing a second chart, this one for the time when firefighters arrived, I see things have changed in a certain fashion that confirms for me what I suspect. But, first, let me explain. I draw up the chart for 3 am and see that now Aries has arrived on the midheaven which is expected. Aries, depicting the fire, is on the tenth house cusp, visible to everyone. People now know there is a fire. But notice this. Mars is just outside of the fourth house cusp, along the inside of the third house cusp. There is another fire in the neighborhood! It is very close and also closely tied to this one. Almost at the same front door, it seems; or perhaps the chart is telling me that both fires are the same! Look now the Moon is now in the fourth and Saturn is still in the third. The father is in the neighborhood? I mean, it could be read this way. And Mom is here, or the family is here, somehow attached or involved in this fire? There was no woman found in the first cabin so I am not sure what I am being told. I will leave that up to the reader.

The continuing insinuation of a female continues throughout this chart. Notice that Venus rules the nadir and that planet is in Libra, disposing itself. Again, it looks like a woman is attached to this cabin. I would be interested to know who owned this cabin or if there had been a history of some family in the background of this cabin. Or if some woman had been living there, in secret, with a child... or even children. These are all tracks that my mind goes running on when I see these placements. The Moon in the fourth is the dispositor for the Ascendant ruler and since we are inquiring about David, we could be talking about the mother of his children. This is just a possibility. But there is no doubt in my mind, after seeing this chart, that a woman had something to do with the first fire and the first fire was set to hide something about the second.

Now, it's hard for me to separate these two fires astrologically because we are talking about the same place and time. And it is easy to just tie the two together and leave it at that. But I am going to really try to separate these fires and get to some facts that might help. I draw up a chart for a half hour later, 3:30 am, a half hour before they discover the second fire but after they have arrived at the first fire. I am hoping I can switch focus from the first to the second fire this way. This chart has a few differences from the last. Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling. Uranus is in the ninth and the Sun is in the second. The placement of Uranus tells me that whoever set the second fire was in the woods outside of the cabin area during the blaze. The Sun in the second house tells me that David is among his things, his belongings, which places him in his home. The ruler of the fourth house, however, is still Venus in the third house in Libra. Mars is nearby with Mercury. There is a woman involved in this fire, too, and she is a relative with a child. I am having trouble with the child symbols because I have a hard time imagining some woman would drag her child out to set a fire and kill someone. This leaves me with the question of what the child has to do with this. I will have to leave that to family, as there may have been disputes over children... and if there were, then this is related to that.

Mars in the third, where it was in the fourth during the first fire, tells me that both fires were in the same neighborhood, that they shared similar components and that the same person probably started both. I am still asking myself, who owned the first cabin? Why does this woman feel like she belongs there or lives in that neighborhood? Again, that would be left to investigators and family who have more insight than I do. Please notice that Uranus is disposed of by Neptune in the seventh house. The person who committed this crime was cagey and careful, hiding in shadow and covering his or her tracks. Clues were purposely destroyed and Neptune is "pristine" in the chart, having no negative aspects, making it a very strong and clear influence. Some things, I am afraid, were destroyed and will never be found. Probably any evidence implicating the person who actually did this.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

So the next chart I draw up is for 4 am, the time at which firefighters became aware of the fire at David's cabin. The Sun, ruler of the first, conjoined Saturn makes me think that David is already dead. He probably died much earlier and this chart is just saying it again. I may have to do a chart for an earlier hour. Notice now how Uranus is in the eighth house, ruling from the seventh. Murder was the reason the fire was set. I mean, it says that pretty simply. The ruler of the arsonist is Uranus in the eighth house of death. Uranus is square Pluto in the fifth house, hinting at several different things I will discuss. First of all, this aspect says that the fire was set swiftly, almost unexpectedly, and burned furiously, perhaps to the surprise of the arsonist. It also talks about the motives of the arsonist, that there was anger, jealousy, bitterness and maybe even hatred in this task. And then, last but not least, the placement of Pluto in the fifth house whispers about children and sexual relationships. Was there a woman he had had a sex relationship with that had a child but had not been a part of his life? Was there a bitter woman he had jilted? Or a woman he had left behind over differences involving a child or children? I do know that he had a bitter divorce years earlier and there were kids. This is a place where seekers should start. If this woman is cleared, then the next step should be looking into this past and seeing what women there were over the years and if any of them might have had a child that was either his or at the least she believed the child to be his. This is also a place that should be researched.

So now that I am sure that the second fire was set in tandem with the first, I also know that the second cabin, the one with David's body, had burned to the ground by the time firefighters arrived. This sort of says that the second fire may have been set before the first. And to take a look at this, I run the charts backward, to what I think may be the very beginning. I run a chart for 2 am and I notice something that stands out to me right away. Saturn rules the descendant and is in the third house. This puts the arsonist in the neighborhood. The Moon, which rules the first house, is in the fifth house. Was there a child visiting David at the time? It is possible that there was a child there and this started the fight. This may actually be the same child I see with the woman at the other cabin. Moon is in Scorpio so could David have been drinking? If he was drunk and asleep, it might have been easy to start the fire and have it burn fast enough; too fast for him to react. The Moon in Scorpio is well placed, applying only to sextiles. This means he did not suffer or die slowly. It was fast and easy. He went "easily".

Here's another thing: Mercury rules the fourth house and it's posited in the fourth. Other than being the child I discussed earlier, I also see that the house had a lot of paperwork or paper items like books, files or printed documents. This large amount of paper caused the fire to burn fast. Mercury is conjunct to Mars, and rather than believe that the child started the fire, I am likely to believe that the paper was lit and this is what caused the place to burn down in a heartbeat the way it did. Mars in Libra square Jupiter in Capricorn does not indicate a petroleum accelerant, but flammable items being in contact with lots of oxygen. Cabins often have open windows or fireplace flues that would rush air in and out of the room when the fire because to suck it in. Jupiter trine Saturn, with Saturn ruling the Descendant, indicates that this was easy for the arsonist to do. Jupiter is so lucky, things just fell into place. And, as the cops will probably tell you if you ask, everything went the "perps' way". Uranus crosses the midheaven at just before 2 am, telling me that the whole thing started suddenly, unexpectedly. Combined with the influence of Neptune, the overall picture is someone setting this cabin on fire without first presenting themselves to David. He had no idea they were around; he may have been drinking and fast asleep; the fire was accelerated. This was not the result of an argument or confrontation. This was a sneaky, backdoor plot that a sly killer executed perfectly. There is no doubt in my mind that this was murder.

And who actually did start these fires? Well, as I said it was a woman. A woman who either had children, was expecting a child or had a child with her. This child was somehow tied to David. Whether she was a current girlfriend, an ex wife, or someone who went back even farther, is hard to tell. I will give my usual description of the killer, hoping it might help someone close to the case put something together. This is a woman of medium height, neither short nor tall, with a large body. I don't mean fat, her body is well made, but she is large in structure. This woman is pale in complexion, with an oval shaped face and a high, broad forehead. The hair is dark brown or black and the eyes are dark grey or blue. The eyes will not be brown or hazel but might also be green. This woman loves to debate over current topics and has an interest in either occult studies like ghost hunting, tarot cards or astrology or in alternative religions. She may believe in faith healing. She has a rather peculiar nature, moody, and can sometimes be mean. She can be very critical but cannot handle criticism; her feelings are easily hurt and she is hard pressed to let go of resentments. She is known to be adventurous, even eccentric and has had many strange experiences which make great conversation. She is studious and has a great memory for detail.

All I can say in closing is that I hope they find out what killed David (if it's other than smoke inhalation) and find the person who started these fires. The charts as I see them do not give much hope for the revealing of secrets, which Neptune so gently placed. There is a good chance that this case may never be solved or, if it is, the wrong person may be blamed. I can venture a guess based on progressions as to when information may become available that will be helpful. Mars rules the midheaven at the time the fire is discovered. Mars is in the third house, which is a cadent house. Mars is also direct and not retrograde. Counting the distance between Mars and the Midheaven point, I see that there are 18 degrees to be progressed. Mars in in a Cardinal sign and so is the tenth house. It will be 18 months, give or take a few days, before valuable information will come to light. And this information will come from gossip or discussion; Mercury shows it will be loose talk and it may actually come from one of the children.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chandra Levy

DC Intern Found Dead in Public Park

From Wikipedia:

Chandra Ann Levy (April 14, 1977 - circa May 1, 2001) was an intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., who disappeared in the spring of 2001 and was subsequently found murdered in Rock Creek Park. The investigation into her disappearance uncovered an affair[1] with then U.S. Representative Gary Condit, a Democrat representing California's 18th congressional district and a senior member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Although Condit was never called a suspect by police, the uproar led to his exit from Congress. The circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear.

Chandra Levy disappeared on May 1, 2001. Her remains were found in Rock Creek Park over a year later.

• May 1: Police say Levy gets on her computer about 9 a.m. and stays on until about 1 p.m. It's the last recorded information of her movements.

• May 1-4: Levy's parents call to confirm her plans to come home. They call her building manager when she doesn't answer.

This case was a huge splash back in 2001, with the big sex scandal because of her backdoor relationship with a congressman. However, nothing was found to implicate or accuse any particular person in this death although it is generally believed that she was murdered. After 9/11, the interest in the case just fell off and the media for the most part forgot about it. The case is currently cold but still open. When will this family get justice? Does her secret life justify her death? Recently there have been people asking about this case publicly and the possibility of the case being warmed up again is in the air. I thought I'd take a look at it and see what help I might be able to offer. This girl may have been "notorious" after death but that does not mean that she should not be delivered justice. Especially her family who is still grieving and who has already gone through so much.

But I must admit that after I started working the charts I ended up doing it several times before I felt right about what I saw. I had read nothing about the case because I hate coming into my work with preconceived notions or foregone conclusions. But what I saw was a bit confusing mainly because I just could not believe part of it. The chart intimated things I would never have guessed and, not knowing much about Chandra, I had a hard time believing it, to be honest. So I read up on this case at Wikipedia. Once I did, the charts I saw began to make sense so I started over from scratch and tried to keep an open mind. The first chart I worked with was the one for the time at which she was last known to be alive. Working at her computer at the Federal Bureau of Prisons at 1 pm on the day she disappeared. In fact, her time at the computer and the time she logged off that computer are the last windows of time in which she was known to be alive. Right away, the chart shows a few things that jibe with the facts. Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling. The Sun is in the tenth house and Chandra is at work, out in the open, at a Government institution, all descriptors of the tenth house. The Sun is disposed of by Venus in Aries in the eighth house. Consider that she worked for the Bureau of Prisons, which services the prison system and has matters that concern criminals and underworld activity. Also consider that Venus is in fall in Aries which tells me that she either didn't like the job very much or wasn't much good at it. The sixth house is ruled by Saturn, which is placed in the tenth. What else does that spell other than a day to day job in a large, powerful organization like our Government?

The Sun is at the midheaven, almost exactly conjoined, saying that she was influential and popular at work, that she worked with powerful people and possibly got the job through the influence of powerful men. Interesting. The Sun in the tenth house may also signify the "shining of the light" on some aspect of her job. Moon in Leo in the first house, disposed of by the Sun, says that there were some secrets or shadows involved in her work and that perhaps it was her job to root them out. I am not saying this because many people seem to think she was Mussad or a spy of some sort, I am not sure that this is true at all, but because that's how the chart reads. Personally, I do not believe that if she were a spy for the Israelis, the Russians, the Chinese or whomever that she would have been assigned to the Bureau of Prisons. I can envision, perhaps, her interest in Condit, who was with the House Intelligence Committee, being that he might have some goods that a spy would care about. So I am left to assume that her job was a cover. And this might be born out by the charts, as I go through the hours of this day, but I must also keep in mind that this lady was a student who had a degree in Journalism and was continuing studies in Public Administration. Journalists can be really nosy as a matter of their work and this could have made her look like a "spy".

The three planets I feel I should watch are Neptune in Aquarius in the sixth house, Mars in Sagittarius in the fifth house and Pluto in Sagittarius just inside the fourth. These planets are in key positions that will be huge influences throughout the next few hours. Uranus rules the seventh house and it is placed in the seventh, directly opposing the Moon in the first. She was at odds with someone at work; I don't believe it was a boss or supervisor, it looks like a partner of sorts, someone she had to work side by side with. This person at work was constantly surprising her, always unexpected and contrary. One of her bosses or supervisors could have been involved in something secret, even illegal. I say this because the Midheaven ruler, Venus, is in Aries in the eighth house.

An interesting aspect that has future potential at this time is the nadir ruler, Pluto, placed in the fourth and opposing Jupiter in the tenth. This aspect also has great potential to influence the events of the rest of the day. So I move onto the next chart, drawn up for 2 am, an hour after she was last heard from. Virgo is at the cusp of the first house and Pisces is stepping onto the Descendant. Mercury is in the ninth house, along with the Sun. Chandra is out in the open somewhere, in the woods, a park, a field. The ninth house to me is the great outdoors, most often a wooded area. Neptune is in the sixth house, showing me the seventh house ruler in the house of work. This means that there is a secret involving someone from work, or work of a secret nature involving a second person. I cannot say for sure which way this is working but there is definitely something shady going on. I cannot say for sure, either, whether this is her crooked boss or someone else. I do not feel it is her lover. There are no signs pointing at romance or sex; but this chart does not yet show her meeting anyone, just that there is a future potential for that.

Another aspect I must point out is that Mercury, the chart ruler at this hour, is placed near the midheaven, saying that Chandra was out in the open, perhaps among crowds of people, in a place where she could have been easily seen. She was not hidden or in a backwoods area. She was most likely in a public park with woods and trees but easily seen by other people also in the park. The Sun and Mercury are both in Taurus so she could well have been exercising or "communing with nature", taking a walk or a jog. But the interesting thing is that the Moon has moved into the twelfth house, saying that she may have been up to something hidden, in secret, something shady or deceptive. The Moon is opposite Uranus in the sixth house, so this may have involved communications over something secret having to do with her work. Uranus rules technology, radio, networks, computers, electronics, etc.. and can, in tandem with Neptune, describe spying. But this planet opposes her Sun so she may not have been a spy but, in fact, a whistle blower. She may have seen something secret or shady but I am not sure she was in the business of spying; it is very possible that she saw something secret or shady by accident at work and was on the verge of telling or confronting someone about it.

At 3 pm, the chart changes just a little. The rising and falling signs are the same but Neptune has slipped into the fifth and Venus is now in the seventh. She is still in the wooded area, the park, the forest. She is meeting someone at a playground or an area in the park where people bring their children. I am not sure if the meeting was accidental or planned but there are no elements of surprise. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the sixth, hinting that the secret has something to do with the "surprises" at work. Uranus is still opposing the Moon in the twelfth, so I am thinking that Chandra knew something she wasn't supposed to and up until now, she had kept this a secret. Looking over the chart, I see that Mars and Pluto are in the fourth. They have no power in the chart at this hour but that won't last. Sagittarius is on the Nadir with Jupiter right on the Midheaven, opposing Pluto. This is a dynamic aspect that tells me there is a confrontation. This is either "out in the open" as the house implies or it is an altercation over someone's career or public reputation. This, I know, starts to look like Gary Condit. Was he worried she would tell his wife? But consider this: Jupiter is in Gemini which tells me that the argument is over something involving the law and the details that go with it. Paperwork, communications, even recordings of some kind. This placement screams legal documents to me and if Mr. Condit was not filing for divorce, then I doubt if this is what was happening. In fact, this actually looks like something else to me. It looks like she found something out at work at the Bureau of Prisons that had something to do with laws, lawyers, legal documents, the Justice Department, et al... and it was a surprising, upsetting fact. Was she getting ready to blow the whistle or was she blackmailing somebody? Doesn't this work with the first chart for the day that described her as the Sun, "shining the light" on something at work?

So Chandra went to the wooded park area to seek out or meet with a person who had something to do with her work. She was in possession of legal documents or other materials that she presented. This started an argument. I know I am just guessing, but I think this is flowing pretty good. This person she meets, runs into or is followed by, is in the playground or children's area of the park or wooded area. Mercury is involved in a T Square with the Moon and Uranus, with Mercury on the short leg. All roads lead to Chandra. Everything that happens is about her. Remember please that Chandra was an Aries and although Mars has no power in this chart, it is transiting in Sagittarius at this time. This puts a focus again on the law and legal matters. It is no wonder that she was working in an institution that deals with facets of our legal system. Also, Venus is transiting her natal Venus in Aries and is in the seventh house. The seventh house also defines the law. Pluto is transiting her natal Neptune in Sagittarius, predicting an uproar over a secret. Neptune is also transiting a square to her natal Saturn in Leo, triggering her natal Saturn-Uranus square. She was in the mood for honesty, to say the least, and not afraid to rock the boat. Please also note that the Node in Cancer is sitting at the top of the chart, in the tenth house. This young lady would become well known as a result of what happens at this time; the public would soon know her face.

And then you have to watch the progression as the charts move from 4 to 4:15 pm. Mercury, just before Virgo leaves the Ascendant, moves into the eighth house. At this short moment, it is square also to Neptune, still in the fifth house. This is the moment of her death. I have looked over every earlier hour and every hour later and the patterns show that she died between 4 and 4:30 in the afternoon. It's interesting to note that Mercury describes her death and Mercury rules the function of breathing. Mercury is in Taurus, which has always ruled the throat. Chandra Levy was strangled to death. Mercury being at the short leg of the T square points to the Moon-Uranus opposition as the reason she was murdered. During the hours leading up to her murder, Uranus was in the sixth and the Moon was in the twelfth house, pointing once again to secrets at work. Jupiter, which is ruling the fourth house at the time of death, is in Gemini in the ninth. Legal documents. This has something to do with legal documents or files. Mars gains power as it conjoins the nadir, creating the exact moment where anger and violence is possible. And this planetary lineup conspires to take her life.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Something else that stands out for me in the charts from 4 until 5 pm is the fact that Mercury also rules the tenth house. With Mercury placed in the eighth house, disposed of by Venus in the seventh, it would be her death that would make Chandra Levy famous. In her natal chart, Venus opposed Pluto, so she was prone to explosive relationships that changed her life at various turns. She could be jealous and radical in her reactions at times and was subject to relationships with revengeful and jealous men. But I do not believe that she was killed by Gary Condit. I believe she was a "want to be journalist" who became suspicious of things she saw at her job. She was a journalism major with an eye on public administration; does that spell whistle blower or muckraker to you? She wanted an inside track on the doings of various organizations and public agencies. She was going to make a career of a sort of spying, indeed, but I don't believe it was the Mussad or the CIA. I think this was all her.

I think Chandra Levy was murdered in a car with a man she was either blackmailing or had scoop on from her job. This was a man she either worked with or for. She had had problems with other employees and she did not favor the work. There were documents involved in the meeting with this man, somewhere in or near the park or woods, but I am not sure if she had them with her or if they were hidden elsewhere. I do believe that he goes to her place of employment, the Bureau of Prisons, at some point, in search of these documents or on a mission to replace them to their original hiding place. I think she was either threatening to reveal his wrongdoing or blackmailing him over it. And Mars in Sagittarius tells me that he is a lawyer, a judge, a politician, an educator or other person in a position of authority. Because Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury in the eighth house, I believe he was trying to hide these documents, not replace them. And since the Moon in the eleventh is disposed of by the Sun in the eighth house, I think Chandra thought she was doing him a favor, almost a friendly gesture, by bringing the documents to him instead of the New York Times.

I believe that he dumped Chandra on the evening of her disappearance. Why she was not found sooner, I am not sure. He may have had her hidden at first and then moved her later so she would be found. I can't tell without knowing a timeline for that event. But I can say that he took her around in that car until 7 pm and then dumped her. I see her body in the second house, which I have always defined as a small wooded area populated by small animals and birds. This is the park where she was found. Therefor, she was actually left in that park on the same night. However, Pluto and Mars are in Sagittarius, so this tells me that she may have been dumped farther into the woods at the first and then moved more out in the open later. I think the scene was staged, with her Walkman laying that way and her clothes like they were, in an effort to make it look like she'd been jogging or walking and attacked. Tying her body to the tree is another red herring (in my humble estimation) so that the cops might think she was raped or robbed. I do not believe she ever went home at all that day; the charts just don't show it. I might have missed it, but I think she was out and about and then taken off in the car and killed.

Now I will make my usual attempt to describe her killer. In this effort, I hope that the description will fit someone she worked with or knew at this time, so that this person can be investigated. Like I said, the charts don't say things that make me think this was Gary Condit. It's a shame that his career was ruined. I think this was something else altogether. The man who did this is a powerful man in the legal arena and is probably well known in Washington DC. He is an attractive man, with a graceful, mannerly carriage; he appears to be "well bred". He has a good, clean complexion with blond or light brown curly hair. Hazel grey or green grey eyes with a clear, fair complexion. The eyes will not be brown or dark blue and if they are hazel, they will vary from grey to green to light blue. The hair will not be dark brown, black or grey. There is a broad, low forehead with sweeping brows and thick lashes. He has what may be termed a "feminine" appearance with an upturned nose and a well shaped mouth. There are definite dimples in either the chin or the cheeks. The voice is lovely and this person may be a great singer or speaker. There is a sort of an "Adonis" look to this man, like a male model. Still, he is not the "flirty" type; he is dead serious about his work and only socializes where it benefits his career. He would be a successful Lawyer if he was indeed a Lawyer and would be likely to work for causes, charities and humane organizations; he would do a lot of pro bono work. He loves public service and truly believes he is doing some good and this is how he justifies his murder of Chandra Levy.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Springfield Three

Two Girls, One Adult Disappear From Home During Sleepover

From the Springfield Missouri PD:

On June 7, 1992, the Springfield, Missouri Police Department was notified of the disappearance of three women from a residence in central Springfield.

The parents of Stacy McCall, one of the missing women, contacted the police department in reference to their daughter's disappearance from the home of Sherrill Levitt and Suzanne Streeter, the other two missing women. Upon officers' arrival, the house bore no signs of a struggle, but rather the appearance of the missing women being abducted. All personal property was left behind including purses, money, clothing, cars, keys, cigarettes, and the family dog.

Stacy McCall and Suzanne Streeter had graduated from high school the day before their disappearance and were last seen at approximately 2:15 a.m. on 06/07/92 when they left a graduation party in a nearby community enroute to the Levitt/Streeter home at 1717 E. Delmar, Springfield. It appeared as though they had arrived at the residence because their clothing, jewelry, purses, and vehicles were still at this location.

Suzanne's mother, Sherrill Levitt, was last heard from at approximately 11:15 p.m. on 06/06/92 when she talked with a friend about painting a chest of drawers. Levitt's car, purse, keys, etc., were left at the residence and it appeared as though her bed had been slept in when friends and police arrived to check the residence.

With the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and numerous other law enforcement agencies, an extensive investigation into the lives of the missing women has been conducted with no positive leads concerning the reason for their disappearance or their location.

A reward fund of $42,000 has been established for the location and prosecution of the persons responsible for the abduction of the three women. Anyone with information into the disappearance of Mrs. Levitt, Miss Streeter, and Miss McCall is requested to contact the Springfield Police Department or CRIME STOPPERS.


A reader emailed me a link for this case. After reading about it, I became very interested in it. This event brings back Polly Klaas for me, where a stranger enters a home while girls are having a sleep over and just grabs one of the girls. I found that astonishing in the first instance and even more so in this case. They not only took one girl, they took both and they took mommy, too. This is really scary stuff. More and more, it seems like we're absolutely never safe. I do know that this case is over 15 years old and has gone stone cold. The likelihood of solving it is really slim. But I can't resist trying.

The first chart I draw up is for the time the two girls were seen leaving the graduation party. In charts that involve more than once person, or victim as it were, I use the first house to represent them both, as if it is a single person. In this chart, Aries is rising and Mars is in the first house. Right away, this tells me that the girls were full of themselves, energetic and excited. Mars is exalted in Aries, so their feelings were positive and pleasant and not aggressive or overly emotional. Libra rules the seventh house and Venus is in the third, which tells me there was another person with a car. Venus usually represents women but it is conjunct the Sun, which represents men and is in the sign Gemini, the twins. I think this more than one person, but a couple of people, a boy and a girl. Because Venus rules the seventh, I think the two victims were friendly with the girl but were not that familiar with the boy. Venus and the Sun are both disposed of by Mercury, also in Gemini, also in the third house, so this couple may have been picking up kids from the party and giving them rides. Mercury points to the school and to children. This couple may have been teachers, parents or just other students, it is too hard to tell.

At 3 am, I see the chart changes a little. Mars moves into the twelfth house and Moon and Jupiter have entered the fifth house. The Moon is ruler of the nadir. Mercury is still in the third. The two people who drove them home left with other students still in the car. The girls took the party home, so to speak, with the fourth house ruler in the fifth house. They did not go right to bed. As a matter of fact, I do not think they actually went into the house, but stayed outside. Capricorn is on the midheaven and Saturn is in the eleventh so they were outside with a friend or friends. This friend or friends appeared suddenly, in an unexpected fashion. I see this because Saturn is disposed of by Uranus and Uranus is right at the tenth house cusp, closely aligned with Neptune. I think this friend or friends outside were high on drugs or drunk when they appeared. They may have been using drugs right where they stood. Smoking pot on the streets in common in modern suburbia. I see it all the time.

The position that grabs my attention right away is the appearance of Pluto now in the seventh house and the close proximity of Scorpio from the descendant. In fact, it will tick over onto the cusp within the next half hour. Venus, still at the descendant at 3 am, is in Gemini in the second house. Venus so close to the Sun at this point shows me that someone is with a boy. I think the girl whose home this was, Suzanne Streeter, was at this point playing the background a bit, being quiet. And I think her visitor, Stacey McCall had attracted a male friend, either someone she already knew or someone she just met. Because the Moon is conjoined with Jupiter in the fifth house, I am thinking somebody snuck some alcohol into this, perhaps only beer. But this was the reason, or one of the reasons, the girls continued their socializing outside the house instead of just going in. Mars in the twelfth seems to be talking about mom, who was asleep in dreamland. And my eye is watching Pluto closely, moving silently through the seventh, in close square to Saturn.

At 4 am, Pluto is right at the seventh house angle and is under great duress. It is square to Saturn, now in the tenth; inconjunct to Mars, still in the twelfth; and inconjunct to the Venus, Mercury, Sun cluster in Gemini at the first / second house axis. I see that Venus has stepped into the first and it's about this time I think the girls go into the house. They are only going to be there for about 30 minutes, as the planets predict. Sagittarius is closing in on the seventh house and the Moon and Jupiter are entering the fourth. This means another man enters the home right after they do. Jupiter so close to the Moon means that he has targeted one of the women. At 4 am, Venus still rules the Ascendant and is in Gemini in the second. This tells me that the girls entered the house to get something. Something they wanted, perhaps of value, perhaps only a momentary need. A camera, perhaps? Or a lighter? It could have been anything.

And shortly after they went inside, they were followed. And I believe it happened this way: one girl went in for the lighter or the glass and then a man, not the younger boy the girls had been flirting with earlier, but a latecomer, a man who came from out of the blue, grabbed the other girl and forced her into the house.This was not a man from their group but someone new, probably unknown or not known well. Perhaps a lingerer in the neighborhood or a watcher from a nearby house. The Moon and Jupiter so close together says that this man was interested in one of the women, whether is was one of the girls or the mother. The Moon also indicates that since he was dealing with women and only women, he was very sure of himself. This all happens between 4 and 4:30 in the morning, as the party is "winding down" and the girls are pretty much alone. Notice that during that half hour, Sagittarius moves onto the seventh house cusp and Jupiter moves into the fourth. During this same period, I take note of the close trine between Jupiter and the Node. This was planned out, thought about and "fated" in that fashion. This man had every intention of snatching these women or, at the very least, the woman of his fancy. Remember the earlier tension with Pluto at the Descendant? He was actually watching and plotting this thing since that moment in time. He saw his opportunity developing and he waited until it was easy.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

So all of this action seems to occur between 3 and 4:30 in the morning. The girls get back in the neighborhood and spend time outside with friends. At some point, one of them is flirting with a boy. As time passes, friends begin to splinter off and this leaves the girls alone. One of them steps inside for a lighter or other item and the other is grabbed by the stalker. And at 5 am, the whole picture becomes crystal clear. Gemini now fully in the first house and the cluster of planets there, including Mercury, tell me that all of the women have been awoken and they are all together there, in the front of the house. Moon and Jupiter are still in the fourth house, showing that this man is there with them. There is a close square between the Moon, Venus and the Sun, which tells me that one of the girls caused this to happen. One of the girls helped this man, intentionally or not, and he used her to get into that house. He takes her as his main "hostage" or prisoner, of sorts. And then if you look you will see the planets in the eighth house, Neptune and Uranus inconjunct to the Sun and Venus. This tells me that there was an undercurrent to this whole affair, involving sex, drugs or illegal activity. Uranus rules the midheaven so it may be something this man does for a living. Uranus is trine to the Moon and Jupiter so he is successful with it and it may also be that one of the girls had participated in this before. The Moon trine to Uranus and Neptune indicates that one of the girls was aware of all of this in advance, had a hand in it, as the chart earlier implied. She may not have been forced into the house, after all, she may have actually waited for the chance to let this man in.

Because Jupiter is square to both Venus and the Sun, it is my guess that the other two women resisted. There was a bit of a fuss getting them to come along. I realize that nothing in the house appeared disturbed and there was nothing missing other than the women, but I think two of them made every effort not to go along, to stay out of this. Pluto is also inconjunct to the Sun and to Venus, which tells me they had to be forced, perhaps handcuffed or tied. There is also a possibility that they were knocked out somehow. With Pluto in Scorpio, the planets in the eighth house and Mars in the twelfth, I think this was a sex ring. I think one of the girls was already involved and helped this man to grab the other girl. In the process, they woke mom up and were forced to take her, too. Or maybe it was the other way around. This was mom's boyfriend and they had planned to take these girls together. It could work either way; it just says that one female was complicit. I am not sure which.

There is no doubt in my mind that this had something to do with the sex industry. Aquarius rules the midheaven and Uranus is in the eighth, conjoined Neptune. Saturn disposes both Neptune and Uranus and it's positioned at the tenth house cusp. Mars is in the twelfth and Pluto is in the sixth. I see cameras, both video cameras and still shots. I see forced sex. I see drugs or drugging. I also see these women eventually hidden in a home. A home in a suburb just like this one. And perhaps not that far away.

As a small measure, I will again attempt to describe the man or men who took these women. Right away, with Jupiter in Virgo, I can say he was driven by money. This was his way of making a living, taking photos of women or children, unwilling or willing. Perhaps drugging the ones who resisted. There is a chance that he drugged one or both of the girls on this night. Something in their beer would do it. I say this because of Neptune and it's position. Now remember that Jupiter in Virgo was disposed of by Mercury, which ruled the first house or was stationed in the first most of the time. He targeted one of these girls and one of the girls helped him do it. Now this reminds me of the case in Pensacola where the young girl was duped and drugged by a so called "friend".

Jupiter tells me that this man was large in size and strong. He may have had well developed muscles and been very strong and hard to resist. He is also good looking, which hints that he may make the movies and star in them as well. He uses his charm and boyish good looks to put women at ease. This man has dark wavy hair and reddish brown eyes. He probably has dimples and nice skin. He has a large, well shaped nose and a ruddy skin color, reddish like his eyes. He has very nice teeth, which may also be white, and a lovely smile. He may very well come from money or from a family who had a successful business. In fact, he is all about money most of the time. He is very materialistic and is hungry for money, never having enough. He lives lavishly and loves to show off his possessions. He is also a gambler and spends a lot of money and time betting on various races and games. In particular, he bets on "handed" games like tennis, golf and basketball. He is often heard boasting about his winnings.

As I said earlier, he is likely from the near neighborhood and had seen the girls in the past. In fact, he had had dealings with one of the girls of a more personal nature, perhaps involving the sex business. The node tells me he planned this thing out and was waiting for the details to "fall into place". In searching for the man who did this, the neighborhood should be canvassed and the retail estate records should be searched for men like this who owned a home nearby. Looking for a man who came from money, had a lot of nice things and did not seem to ever work would be a good idea. But in all the charts I drew up and looked at, I did not see the women dead. If they were killed, it would have been years later and perhaps under other conditions; they may even have died from drug overdoses or illness by now. But in fact they are still missing and the case is stone cold but still open. Please look at their photos and commit them to memory. If you think you have seen one of them, know anything about what might have happened to them or believe any one of them is in your neighborhood, please call the Springfield, Missouri PD at 417-869-TIPS (8477) CRIME STOPPERS. Locally, you can walk in at the South District Station at 2620 W. Battlefield Road in Springfield, MO. Otherwise, you are invited to write them at Springfield Police Department Headquarters, 321 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802-3899.


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Crystal Ann Arensdorf

Beautiful Young Lady Leaves Bar and Disappears In Thin Air

From: Crime and Justice

Name: Crystal Ann Arensdorf
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Date of Birth: 1980-02-01
Date Missing: 2001-07-04
From City/State: Dubuque, IA
Age at Time of Disappearance: 21
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 66 inches
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Glasses/Contacts Description: Blue soft contact lenses.
Identifying Characteristics: Mole near navel, double piercing in each ear.
Clothing: White "Polo" T-shirt, tan shorts, black sandals.
Jewelry: Gold chain with opal pendant, opal ring, toe ring.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Crystal was last seen at approximately 2:00am at Knickers Tavern in the vicinity of the 2000 block of Central Ave. in Dubuque, IA.
Investigative Agency: Iowa Department of Public Safety
Phone: (563) 589-4410
Investigative Case #: 01-25185
NCIC #: M-901716452


I found this case on the net and it grabbed my attention. There are just too many of these young girls, barely on the threshold of life, disappearing mysteriously. In fact, the police files are jammed full of them and a large number are cold and have little chance of ever being solved. In this one, as in most of them, the boyfriend is the first suspect. But I thought I'd give the charts a look and see what I could find.

The first chart I drew up was for the time she was last seen. In Dubuque Iowa at 2 am on the fourth of July 2001. This chart has Taurus rising and Scorpio falling. Venus is in Taurus in the first house and Pluto and Mars are conjunct in the eighth. Because of the condition of Venus, I believe Crystal is safe at this time. But I also believe that a man had a money issue with Crystal. This could be anything from buying her drinks at the bar this night and thinking she "owed" him something, on out to a man she had been involved with that was now angry over money he had spent or items he had bought her and now wanted to settle these debts. Mars in the eighth combined with Pluto looks at violence based on either sex or money. This is the second house of the seventh house, showing the financial resources of a "partner" or a partner of the moment, such as a man who is buying drinks in a bar.

Venus in Taurus is in exaltation as well as being placed in the first house, disposing itself. Crystal was very attractive to men and her beauty was a feature of her experience this night. Perhaps men were vying for her, buying her drinks, trying to get with her. The bartender admitted to arranging a ride home with her which was later dashed. There was another man at the bar who claimed to have left her earlier. It is not known who she supposedly left this bar with. And I find this peculiar because so many eyes were on her, I doubt they missed it when someone else "got lucky". This leads me to believe she walked out of that bar alone. The only negative aspect to Venus that I see is a square to Uranus in the tenth house. It is likely she was surprised by the appearance of someone either in the bar or after she left. This is not a hidden meeting or a "sneak up" but a face to face confrontation right out in the open. Either in the bar or in the parking lot, under lights. Uranus describes it as a "surprise" but the tenth house makes it public.

The chart for 2:30 am has a few important changes. When Uranus moves right into the ninth house and Pluto and Mars move quickly into the seventh, it looks to me like there was a confrontation. He was a little aggressive and pushy. Neptune in her tenth house makes me think she was drunk. This is emphasized by the Moon opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter describes overindulgence. The Moon is Crystal's co ruler and it is also her emotions and subconscious. It is in the eighth house so I think this was a man she had had a sexual relationship with. He was also a man who had spent money on her. Was there an ex boyfriend that wanted a ring back? Were there credit card bills someone was griping about? There is a precursor aspect, Jupiter opposing Mercury, which is about to take center stage at 3 am when Gemini and Sagittarius take over the angles. There is a drunken disagreement about money and "fringe benefits". Did this man use money as a tool to force her to have sex with him? Did he offer her money for sex? Did he think she was drunk enough for that?

Mars conjoined to Pluto in the seventh house is a feature I can't ignore. This man is very aggressive and he will not take no for an answer. He is quite capable of violence and may be angry enough to hurt her. This is especially true, again at 3 am, when Jupiter takes over the Descendant and disposes both of these planets. The Moon remains in the eighth over a few hours time and Saturn lingers in the first house. This is a dangerous sign. She is in grave danger of being killed or dieing for any reason. But as long as Venus remains in the first house she is safe. It won't be until the Ascendants change that she becomes vulnerable. At first, she is just "too beautiful" to hurt or kill. He is charmed by her beauty and this is part of his need to dominate her or make demands. Did she have a boyfriend or admirer that was hard to get rid of? Someone infatuated, maybe acting like a "stalker"? This young lady was an Aquarius so she was very open minded and fair. Her Sun being in 8 degrees of Aquarius puts Neptune in the front seat. It is to be expected that her disappearance would go unsolved this long. Much of what investigators saw or found in the first go was clouded, hidden or purposely misleading. People definitely lied.

As I pointed out earlier, the argument or confrontation escalated at 3 am. Why she was with him this long, I am not sure. I think she got into a car with him, which says she knew him. I see in the charts that the Sun is in the third, which makes me think he had a car. And then at 3 am, things change again. The Sun leaves the third house for the second, showing me that he has gotten out of the car. Venus has moved into the twelfth but it no longer rules the first. I knew that as long as Venus ran the chart, Crystal would be safe. But she waited too long in this situation to get out. Gemini grabs the Ascendant and Sagittarius moves onto the Descendant, as I knew it would. This puts Mercury in direct opposition with Jupiter, showing an argument between them about money. What on earth did she owe this man? He appears to be referring to a relationship of some sort, his ruler being so close to hers now. His ruler, Jupiter, is still in the second house, which is the house of money. He thinks she has something of his or owes him money. All along, Pluto has been opposing Saturn, showing that there was great anger and dislike in this event. He almost hated her at this point. There was, at the very least, a lot of jealousy.

Mars also opposes Mercury, which now rules the first house. He attacks her at this time. Around 3 am, he just loses it and starts beating on her, stabbing her, shooting her. Mars in Sagittarius makes me think of a pointed item, like a knife. It also makes me think of arrows and harpoons but these are not likely. Mars and Pluto are both retrograde so he dragged this whole mess out, unable to let it go. No matter what she said or did, he remained in this angry place. The north node is close to the Sun in the second house and the Sun rules the nadir. This money or object of value or whatever it was he was fired up about involved a home or family heirloom. Something from his home, his family, his heritage. Had he given her a ring or necklace that had been his mothers? It looks very much like something like this. And the charts are saying that there is no doubt that she does have it. Whether it's cash, an object like a ring, or just expenses he ran up in his relationship with her, he wanted all of it back.

And then I see that at 3:30, Saturn passes into the twelfth house. It is in opposition to both Mars and Pluto, both in the seventh house, which tells me flat out that he was the cause of her death. She died because of his physical attack, whether he hit her on the head or stabbed or shot her. However, with Saturn in Gemini crossing the Ascendant, I am inclined to say that he eventually strangled her or smothered her and it was the "suppression of the airway" that killed her. I have seen Saturn in Gemini in the suffocating deaths of many people, even some who choked on food. Another point I must make is that this young lady had Neptune in Sagittarius and the Moon crossed that point early in the evening. This set the stage for her to "get drunk" or just have too much to drink. She may even have been drugged, willingly or not. Transiting Neptune is also close to her natal Sun as well as opposing her natal Moon. This put her in an emotional state that caused her to do mysterious things. She may have been indulging herself a lot lately, out of self pity or disillusionment. Drinking or drugs would only be a part of the picture.

Consider also that Crystal's natal Venus in Pisces was square transiting Mercury in Gemini. Bad judgments, mistakes, wrong ideas, are all common with this placement. She may have had a wrong idea about this man and made a grave mistake in her judgment of the situation. Being drunk or drugged would not have helped. Mercury being so close to transiting Jupiter made her sure of herself even when she was horribly wrong. She was convinced of things too quickly, made assumptions and therefor took chances she should not have. Aquarius can be a rebellious, free spirited sign. But these aspects were not the norm, they were a transiting influence that had an effect on the night in question, but were not the rule with Crystal. She was bright and open minded but also sensitive and caring. She may well have felt sorry for this man. No doubt she thought she had the situation under control. She knew he had feelings for her, perhaps this made her think he could never hurt her. As I said, Uranus is always surprising.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

And of course, the question still remains for me of whether she knew him well or if he was just a "stalker" or a man she had met in the bar who was buying her drinks. All of these scenarios are possible. So in looking at the charts, I see that his significator, Jupiter, is closely aligned with hers, Mercury. They are in the sign Gemini. Both of these planets are disposed of by Mercury, which is her ruler. This points to her as the focus in this relationship, not answering my question clearly. He could very well have been an "admirer" who was just infatuated. And he could very well have approached her for sex, offered her money even, only to be rebuked. Or he could be a man who took her out once or twice, bought food and wine, and then was turned away before getting to home base. He shadows her in the chart, tagging along behind, almost like an afterthought. I don't believe he was important to her. Gemini hints at distant relations, perhaps third cousins? But Jupiter opposes the Moon, showing again that she was at odds with him, either not interested or just trying to end things. And Mars being right there, near the Descendant, shows that he is not happy or quiet when he's told to cool it. In fact, he goes ballistic.

And of course, the question again looms. Who is he? Well, I can give my usual attempt at a physical description and see if that helps. Someone may recognize the description I give and this would be great. This would be a man of average height that tends to be plump. Not fat, but just plump. His body would be well shaped and attractive, even if soft around the edges. In other words, he's not a blob. He has a graceful walk, sort of "effete", almost feminine. He may have a spotted complexion, a problem with acne, and light brown hair. He has full, expressive eyes which may be gray or hazel; they will not be brown. He has an outwardly gentle nature and is often seen as "courteous". It will be hard to imagine him doing this. He is extremely fond of the opposite sex, is always looking for his "mate" and can be bothersome in this pursuit. He talks up a storm, always arguing in favor of romance. He can be persuasive but is often considered a "stalker" type, relentless and badgering. He would like to have positions of authority in fields that involve communications, paperwork, negotiations and sales. He really loves to talk and might be employed in the fields of writing, journalism, TV reporting, face to face sales or lecturing. At times he appears to be shallow and over enthusiastic.

The last thing I want to tackle is where he might have put her body. It looks like she might have been put in a box and stored in a garage. She may also have been put behind a wall that was papered over or filled in afterwards. If she is hidden in the home, she is in an upstairs library or behind a staircase. And that could in a box or trunk or even behind a wall. If she's in a storage unit, it's near an attorney's office or the public library. A place that describes this best is an elementary school that is near an open field with a few trees that have birds nests. I'm serious. Other possible places include a grain silo or the upper levels of a barn on a farm (not a ranch). A bird farm, perhaps? If there are scenarios like this in the nearby area, they should be searched. I do not believe he took her out of the area. I believe she went off in his car and she was killed outside somewhere. She may be right there, where she died. Near the library or in an open field. Or he may have taken her back to his home or to a storage unit. But from the overall slant of these charts, I believe he left her right where he killed her. Somewhere out in the open. That would limit the choices to the library, the elementary school, the open field, the grain silo, etc... She may not be in his home or in a storage unit at all.

But regardless of my findings, this is still an open missing persons case. It's been 7 years and this case has gone stone cold. Please look at Crystals picture and keep her in mind. If you think you've seen her, have any knowledge about what happened to her or think you know where she is, dead or alive, please call the Iowa Department of Public Safety at (563) 589-4410 and refer to Investigative Case # 01-25185.


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