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Charlotte "Amy" Gellert

Family Attacked By Intruder, Daughter is Murdered

From FDLE:

On the evening of Sunday, March 20, 1994, Charlotte "Bunny" Lehton and her husband, Robert, returned home from church to their residence located on South Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida where they were met inside the residence by a masked intruder. The intruder was armed with a knife and a semi-automatic handgun. While in the residence, the intruder took money and credit cards belonging to the Lehton's.

During his stay in the residence, the intruder advised that he was waiting for an accomplice. The intruder became more agitated as time went by and the accomplice did not show up. After approximately 30 minutes, the victim, Charlotte "Amy" Gellert, the daughter of Mrs. Lehton, pulled her car into the driveway where her headlights could be seen from the living room. The intruder then attacked the Lehton's with a knife, severely wounding them.

As "Amy" exited her car, she was attacked by the intruder, who had run from the residence. "Amy" sustained multiple stab wounds, which caused her death. The intruder then fled the area by running south on South Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida. The intruder was described as a white male, early twenties, 5'07" - 5'10" tall, weighing between 165 to 185 pounds, wearing dark clothing, gloves, and a black ski mask.

The handgun, which was not recovered, was later determined through investigation to be a blue in color, blank firing stage prop, which is a replica of a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The Homicide Unit is looking for any information on persons who may have owned or possessed such a weapon or may have had a similar weapon stolen in a burglary.

Any persons providing information in reference to this case may be eligible for a reward up to $5,000.00. If you have such information, please contact the Florida Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.

Church services at the church near their home were performed at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm. This gives me a few hours window to figure out when this murder occurred and who committed it, I am hoping. Not having exact times for events forces me to spread out my charting over many hours, hoping to pin down the right moment. I live in this area and was here when this happened so I have a vague recollection of some details but mostly I just remember the lurid descriptions I read in the local papers. This poor girl bled to death in a driveway across the street from where she lived. She lived in the same neighborhood as my parent's did at that time, only a mile or so north of their home. When I start drawing up charts, I see that things become interesting between 9 and 10 pm. Looking at the chart for 9 pm, I see that Scorpio is rising and Taurus is descending. Pluto is in the first house with Jupiter, which tells me that at 9 pm, the victim, Amy Gellert, was where "she wanted to be" and was having a good time. Reports say she had just bought a new car this very day and she may well have been out and about, showing it off to friends. The tenth house ruler, the Sun, which describes her parents, is in the fifth house, which, for me, shows the church. Moon, a collective chart co ruler, is in the ninth, also showing me a church. But pay attention to Venus. This is the future attacker, the person they are next going to meet. Venus is in the sixth house in fall, in the sign Aries. This person is sick, feeling sick, in bad shape and desperate. Venus in Aries disposed of by Mars in Pisces in the fifth house makes me believe this person had a drug problem; he was "jonesing" as they call it. Sick with the need for drugs. Venus is square to Jupiter, which hints that this person would be willing to go to extremes for a solution; indulgence had become painful.

If you look a the 9 pm chart and then blend it with the next one, for 10 pm, you see the attacker enter the home. Actually, doing a minute by minute charting I saw that he entered the home at just around 9:15. By 10 pm you see that Mars is in the fourth house, where it disposes the seventh house ruler, Venus in Aries, still in the fifth house. I think the attacker used the last of his drugs before he entered the house. He was there for money and was extremely paranoid and afraid. Mars in Pisces is disposed of by Neptune in the third house. Venus is under the sun's beams, which describes a state of fear. Jupiter, right at the Ascendant and backing into the twelfth house, is also via combust, which weakens it greatly. The normal benefits derived from this position of Jupiter are deflected by it's position. So, even though it is involved in a grand trine with both the Moon and Mars, it's influence is very negative and detrimental. What this tells me is that things will not go smoothly. Something, this night, will go very wrong. The attacker did not plan on killing this girl. It was all because of his fear and anxiety, making him way too paranoid. Things might have gone smoothly, due to the grand trine involving prominent planets, but Jupiter along combust way is a negative effect. Things just went haywire.

Between 10 and 11 pm, the Sun moves into the fourth house, showing the parents coming home. Throughout the night, the Sun is not far behind Mars, showing that they were in close proximity to their attacker even when they were away from home. This is strange. Venus lingering behind the Sun makes me think the intruder may have staked out their home, followed them or picked their home out because he saw them leaving. In fact, I am almost positive he was watching them when they left but did not expect them to return as quickly as they did. Regardless, he did not enter the home, for whatever reason, until almost 10 pm. And the parents returned home just after 10. You can see them meeting face to face in the chart for 10:30 pm. A minute by minute charting shows me they actually entered the home just after 10:20. The Sun conjoining Mars in Aries now in the fourth house with Pluto right at the first house cusp, this is where the violence erupts. Pluto is in her dignities and strongly placed on the angle. It is sextile to Uranus and Neptune in the third house, which is a strange aspect considering that Amy would enter the driveway shortly, in her car, and suffer violence there. Was she simply an unexpected visitor who triggered the attacker's paranoid rage? He kept saying he was waiting on someone to get there, as if he was expecting back up from a fellow thug. But I am wondering now if he wasn't there for Amy after all. If he wasn't actually "waiting" for her.

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The thing about the chart is that the Moon has moved into the eighth. This is a sure sign that death is possible and with Pluto on the first house axis, I would say that any violence that occurred would end in death for someone. I cannot find a birthdate for Amy Gellert so I just have no idea how these planets line up with her destiny. It's sort of grim when you see that the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are all in water signs, in a loose grand trine pattern, translating light. Consider then that Amy bled to death. I find the correlation worth further investigation and when I do charts in the future I will be looking for bleeding deaths and water signs. Now, the Moon is also square to Venus and the Sun, which are both markers for the other parties; the Sun, her parents and Venus, her attacker. Does this say that planetary patterns worked against Amy and made her the victim this night? Would it have turned out differently on any other night? Notice also that the eighth house ruler is Mercury and it is placed in the fourth house, conjoined Saturn. Another grim detail. The twelfth house ruler, Libra, is ruled by Venus, which also rules the seventh house and the attacker. Was it a karmic mission? Did this man come there because Amy was going to die this way? This chart is very karmic in nature and a fascinating study in metaphysical elements and how they may work in Astrology.

Pluto passes from the first into the twelfth while the Moon still inhabits the eighth. Notice how the eighth house ruler, Mercury, now suddenly moves into the third house at the same time. Combine this with the fact that Amy ran from her home through the neighborhood, stabbed and bleeding and then died there, on a neighbor's driveway. Fascinating, no? What more could a third house placement mean? But even more fascinating is the general report that it is believed her attacker CHASED her there, stabbing away in a frenzy. What on earth was this about? It brings me back to my original belief that he staked this house out, he chose it for a reason and the person he claimed to be "waiting for" may well have been 21 year old Amy Gellert. And since I know nothing about Amy, it is all just conjecture. I mean, did she have a luney ex boyfreind? Was she known to smoke pot or use other drugs? Did she have friends or boyfriends who used drugs? Did anyone hate her? These are all things that only the cops know, I'm sure. And they have recently reopened this case under a cold case project at the local PD. They are making a concerted effort to solve some cold cases that have gone to sleep for a long time. Actually, since this event, her parents moved away, someone else lives in the home and there has never been a single clue as to who this murderer might have been. I wish the police luck and God speed. At this point, I must also note that the times that have been given have varied widely from source to source. Some accounts put the event before 9 pm while others say they drove by the scene closer to 11. And yet still other people say it happened around 10. My charts are variable. They tend to show times but often this proves to be flexible. I cannot vouch for the exact times in this event. I can only say that this is what the charts say. This is about Astrology, after all.

Now I will give my typical shot at describing her killer, in the hopes that the chart may reveal something useful. The position of the planet Venus does not define a specific sex but based on the testimony of the parents, who were both attacked but survived, this attacker was definitely male. They did not recognize him at all. In fact, they gave a really good description of him, as noted above. I want to compare what Astrology says to what we already know and then see if it gives us anything new. In fact, right away, some things dovetail. Venus in Aries gives a person of average height with a slender body. See that this person is of average height and of a weight range that would make him slim, this all fits. Astrology also gives that he has soft, curly hair and long, sweeping eyebrows. This would not have been visible to the Lehton's because the attacker wore a ski mask. This person would also have a short, straight nose with round nostrils. Full lips, dark in color. A dimple in the cheek or chin and a scar somewhere on the face. I know this is a needle in a haystack; sort of like going through thousands of mugshots and seeing a lot that look the same. But there are two more things I feel I should point out before finishing with this one. First, the descendant, moving through Taurus, starts out with the Pleiades crossing the axis and then, right around the time of Amy's death, Caput Algol stands there. This is a very ominous point, showing me that the killer may very likely be dead today; he may well have been dieing at the time of this attack. He was in grave danger for his life, as the first chart I drew showed his ruler in the sixth. I believe he has since died, either through illness or through murder or even suicide. The position from Venus to Pluto and Mars tells me that he did not know Amy well. This could not have been an ex-boyfriend or other person who had been close to her. This is not to say he did not know her at all, just that they had not been close. However, this is not me saying that he did not pick her out; the disposition of Pluto tells me differently. How he picked this house and these people I cannot say for sure, as he was definitely not a family friend or even estranged relative, but he did know who they were and went there for his own purposes. It will be hard to solve this case.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amy Bechtel Wroe

Another Mom Goes Jogging and Disappears

From the The Charley Project

Amy Joy Wroe Bechtel

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

# Missing Since: July 24, 1997 from Lander, Wyoming
# Classification: Endangered Missing
# Date Of Birth: August 4, 1972
# Age: 24 years old
# Height and Weight: 5'5 - 5'6, 110 - 115 pounds
# Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Amy has pierced ears.

Some agencies hyphenate her last name, as in "Wroe-Bechtel," or refer to her as Amy Wroe. Her hair was shoulder-length at the time of her July 1997 disappearance. She wears size 8 shoes and gas-permeable contact lenses. Amy has scars on both shins and knees, a checker-shaped scar on her lower back, and a scar on her left cheek approximately half an inch by two inches large; the scar is only noticeable when she is cold.
# Clothing/Jewelry Description: A yellow or gold tank top, blue or black shorts, Adidas Trail Response running shoes, a Timex Ironman Triathalon watch and a small double wedding band on her left ring finger.

Details of Disappearance

Amy departed from the Lander, Wyoming apartment she shared with her husband of one year, Steve Bechtel, at approximately 9:30 a.m. on July 24, 1997 to run errands for the house they had just purchased and were going to move into. She was seen at a local photo shop at approximately 2:30 p.m. that afternoon; employees at the store said she seemed to be in a hurry and looked at her watch several times.

Authorities believe Amy left the business and drove to Shoshone National Forest to check the course of an upcoming ten-kilometer run planned by her gym. She have have been seen running along the Loop Road; a footprint similar to her sneaker was found there, but it was destroyed before police could attempt to match it. Amy is an avid runner. She has never been seen again.

Steve returned to their residence at approximately 4:30 p.m. He had been socializing with friends and moving items into his new house all day. Steve was not initially concerned for Amy, but he summoned the authorities when his wife did not arrive home by 10:30 p.m. Amy's white Toyota station wagon was discovered abandoned along Loop Road in the Wind River Mountains near Shoshone National Park shortly after her disappearance. Her keys, her $120 sunglasses, and her to-do list for the day were inside the vehicle, but her green Eagle Creek wallet was missing. There was no other sign of Amy at the scene, nor were there any indications of foul play.

Investigators began focusing on Steve and searched his journals for possible clues as to his wife's whereabouts. Steve wrote about an apparent need for control in his journal and also penned an undated poem that revolved around murdering a person and then hiding the remains. A woman who was camping in Shoshone National Park on the day Amy was last seen told authorities that she witnessed a truck similar to Steve's vehicle speeding through the park during the early evening hours. The woman stated that she saw an unidentified blonde-haired woman in the passenger seat. It is not known if the incident is related to Amy's case. Acquaintances of the couple gave conflicting statements about their relationship; some described it was idyllic, but others stated that Steve was jealous and often belitting to Amy and her demeanor changed whenever she was around him.

Steve's attorney advised him to stop cooperating with law enforcement and refuse a polygraph test. Steve maintains his innocence and believes that authorities focused on him due to a lack of suspects and evidence in Amy's disappearance. He was interviewed only once by authorities; he refused to speak with them further after he said the questions turned accusatory. Steve remarried several years after Amy vanished and still lives in the house they purchased days before her disappearance.

In June 2003, nearly six years after Amy's disappearance, a Timex Ironman digital watch similar to hers was found near the middle fork of the Popo Agie River. The river runs alongside Loop Road, where Amy was possibly seen running. A man found the watch while hunting elk and told police about it later. Some bones were found near the watch; they turned out to be animal bones. Timex Ironman is a common, inexpensive brand of watch and authorities are not certain if it was Amy's.

Amy graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1995. She is described as shy, quiet, disciplined and goal-oriented. She enjoys rock climbing and amateur photography in addition to running, and hoped to someday be an Olympic marathoner. Her family continues to search for her, though her father died after her disappearance. Amy's case remains unsolved. Foul play is suspected.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Fremont County Sheriff's Office


This case was suggested to me by an astute reader. I took a look at it and thought it might make an interesting post so I went over the data. It is one of the few cases where I have been lucky enough to get a birth chart on the victim. I will use it to see if something useful can be found that might help solve this cold case. And in looking at Amy's birth chart I notice that she is a Leo with three planets in Leo. She also has several planets in Gemini in close sextile to the Leo planets and other planets in Libra and Sagittarius. There are no harsh aspects in her chart! The Node is in Capricorn, the only earth sign placement in the chart, and it is in a close inconjunction to Mars. Harsh aspects to the Node simply describe areas in the person's life that carry lessons from the past life. I am seeing a free spirited, happy go lucky woman who loves to talk, socialize and be the center of attention. If anyone could tell a story and put on a performance, it was Amy. Busy, active and energetic, she had a great deal of optimistic energy. She could not ever have imagined something bad happening to her; it just wasn't on her radar. The world was her "oyster" and she loved every single moment of her life. The negative energies other people may have experienced with Amy would have been a tendency to gossip, to talk too much, to be a "drama queen", to crave flattery, to be way "too social", involved in too many lives. This was not a wallflower or a woman who would rather stay home.

Solar Chart

The first chart I explore is for the last time she was reported seen, which was around 2:30 at the photo shop. The people who remember her at that time said she was in a hurry, looking at her watch. So I draw the chart up at 3 pm, hoping to see where she had been headed when she left the store. At that time, Scorpio was rising, with Mars in the eleventh and Pluto in the first house. She was definitely doing something she had previously planned to do, possibly with the hopes of seeing or meeting with a friend. Mars was in fall in Libra, disposed of by Venus in the tenth. Mars is, as well, nearing a conjunction with her natal Uranus in Libra. This all tells me that she made a last minute decision to do something, something that involved a friend of hers in some way, either to do something for this friend, with this friend or because she had discussed it with her friend. The eleventh house, coupled with the sign Libra, often points at friends, partners, groups, teams, etc... and perhaps she was doing something for a team or a group. She was an avid runner, which is clearly described in her birth chart by the opposition from her Gemini Venus to her Sagittarian Jupiter. In this configuration, Jupiter rules by dignity and overpowers the nervous Venus. She found running to be an outlet for otherwise uncontrolled neurosis that kept her on edge mentally all the time. Jupiter helped her tame these energies in a positive direction. Did she run with other people? Was she a part of a team or a group? Is this why she was training? It looks like there was someone else on the horizon on this day, so these questions should be asked.

This connection to another person is defined even more in the chart by the presence of Libra on the descendant, making Venus a marker for the other person. Since her Mars is disposed of by Venus, this tells me she was going somewhere to meet someone. No doubt about it. And who is this person? Why has no one mentioned him or her? When I see that Venus is in Virgo and that it squares her natal Neptune, I begin to wonder if this person wasn't a secret of some sort. Or if her meeting this person was a secret? And the fact that the meeting was kept a secret made it easy for her to "disappear". No one would know that she had met with anyone. Venus is disposed of by Mercury, closely placed to Venus in the tenth house. This is a strange combination that puts them out in public, not in hiding at all. So the messages appear to be contradictory. But not if you consider this: she made a last minute agreement to meet someone and tell no one that she doing so but they did meet somewhere in public, where they could have been easily seen. The tenth house is ruled by Leo and the Sun is in the ninth, so they were right outside, in the sunlight, in a park or other recreational area. This makes it sound like the National Forest where she went to run. So she went to the forest to run, had made a quick promise to meet with someone there before actually running, and from that point on disappeared. Interesting.

When I draw up the next chart, for 4 pm, I see that the planets are starting to move in ominous directions. First noted is that Venus, still the ruler of the descendant, has now moved into the ninth house. This other person is with her at the park. In the recreational area near the woods. Mercury, which is nearby, can point at activities like golf, tennis, badminton, volleyball or baseball. If there are any fields of play for these types of game nearby, then this is the location where they met. Venus is directly square Pluto so I believe they argued and that one of them had violent ideas. Mars is also sinister to an opposition with Saturn, in the fifth house which tells me that some of the argument is about her athletic activities. Someone feels put out by her engagement in sports and is jealous or feeling neglected. Mars and Pluto are not a good combination when arguing is involved. When I said earlier that the planets were moving in "ominous directions", I will show you now what I mean. They are sweeping towards death placements. Moving towards the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses and definitely will occupy them all in a short time. Venus is under stress from Venus, the Moon and Pluto, these aspects combine to make the seventh house the sensitive area in this chart. The person who met with Amy had a reason to do so and was willing to make a point through violence if necessary. In fact, the anger may have been high enough that the violence was given forethought and was considered inevitable.

At sometime between 4 and 5 pm that day, the violence occured. It looks like it was violence with the end of death for Amy. Look at the 5 pm chart and notice that the death houses have been occupied. Noticeably, Pluto has crossed the ascendant into the twelfth, the Sun is moving through the eighth and Saturn with the Moon are sitting in the fourth. Couple all of this with a tragic grand trine in fire signs involving these planets and you can see how easy this was for her killer. She was just so happy go lucky and trusting, so easy to get along with, so willing to see the good things in life, she had no idea. Pluto is crossing her natal Neptune, the transiting Moon is opposing her natal Pluto, transiting Jupiter is opposing her natal Mercury and Mars. Her judgment was clouded; she was making assumptions she should not have. She thought she was "right" in her assessment of the situation but she was not. She just had no idea it would end this way, except when you look at her birth planets combined with the transiting configurations, it is impossible to think it wouldn't. Violence was a grave possibility this day and that is what came to pass. I believe she was knocked unconscious and then killed. Probably strangled. I say this because of the natal Gemini and Libra planets and how they are aspected. Saturn looks like smothering. So Amy was knocked unconscious during an argument with someone else, probably there in the forest, and then smothered or strangled to death.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

These charts lead me to believe that the sightings of Amy in a car with another person are plausible. Whether this was her husband or not I can't say at this juncture. I am hoping that by looking at the charts more closely I can attempt my usual stab at describing her killer. I find it amusing that her family describes her as "shy, quiet and studious" when the charts describe her as social, outgoing, adventurous, entertaining and energetic. This is not a misnomer. For instance, my family would define me as the "mother" of the pack, serious, hard working, fussy and organized. But my friends would describe me as a ham, a talker, a show off, a clown. We are all different people in different circles. Our friends get a side of us our family would find tedious and our family gets a side of us that perhaps our friends would find boring. Common. It is possible and likely that Amy was all of these things and more. Still, there is one thing that holds true for this young woman. She was innocent and open, trusting and positive. She could not have imagined that anyone, even this angry person she met with this day, was capable of killing her. For this, I have to say that Amy was a sweet and gentle soul and she will be greatly missed.

With that much said, I am going to finish up with a few things I think might be important. At the time of her passing, she was ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius. This lends even more credence to the possibility that she was smothered or strangled. However, it also describes where her body was left after she died. Jupiter tells me she was taken further into the forest. Aquarius describes an area that had been excavated or recently dug up. It also defines an area with a landing strip, either for aircraft or for airboats. If there is an area of the forest where people hunt with bows and arrows, this is an area that should be searched. Even just an archery target where archers go to practice. If there is a radio tower, even just for transmissions from walkie talkies, this is an area that should be searched. A tree house type of ranger station, a lightening rod, a lookout tower, these are all places she may be near. Ground that was being excavated in the forest area in 1997 that was near a radio tower, airboat launch, lookout tower, an archery target area, etc... these are all to be considered in trying to find where he left her. She is not under water.

Her killer is marked by Mercury in Leo. This is a big boned man with a large frame but average in height. He has a darker complexion, maybe even swarthy or meditteranean in coloring. He has a high, broad forehead that sometimes seems to "reflect light". Brown eyes, light brown hair with a high, arched nose. This is a prideful man who can be somewhat conceited and lazy. He is also honorable and loyal and loves the good things in life. Likes luxury and likes to think of new ways to make money. Full of ideas but slow to act on any of them. Careful at times but often stubborn and willful. Tends to get into a rut.

Regardless of my findings, Amy Bechtel Wroe is still a missing persons case. Her remains have never been found and no one has been charged in this case. She could well be anywhere in the world, perhaps even in your neighborhood. Please look closely at her picture and commit it to memory. If you have seen her, know anything about what happened to her or have any information about her present whereabouts, please contact CRIMESTOPPERS AT 1-800-442-8477.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tommy Kelley

Boy Leaves Home, Later Found Dead

First of all, I must apologize for being behind schedule on posting for this blog. I finally had a number of charts ready for posting and we had a freak hard freeze here and the telephones and cable modems just went down. I had to wait for these freezing temps to leave the area before they restored service. Again, my apologies. I know people have been waiting for this reading so I am sorry it took some time. That much said, I will dive into the chart.

From a reader:
Jan. 26, 1999, at 10:30a.m., Tommy left his family home. His mother suspected he was using drugs.
At 11:30a.m., he was seen 1 1/2 miles away, on Pioneer Rd, Talent, Or. He was bloodied and covered in mud. He told two neighbors, 'they're after me.'
But Tommy ran before anyone could stop him.
He was not seen again.
There was an immediate search for him.
Read Tommy's story here: Tommy Kelley
Read more about it here: Tommy Kelley Archive
18 months later, June 12, 2000, 1:00 p.m, a skull was found in a creek bed, in blackberry brambles, near his home.
It was off Gore Ck drainage near Pioneer Rd, close by his home.
It matched Tommy's dna.
Two years later, two men were put on trial and convicted for giving Tommy a shot of meth at a party.
Tommy's family set up the Tommy Foundation, devoted to helping missing children families.
Visit Tommy's Website HERE
For the story about the search for Tommy, go HERE


This chart is being done by special request from a beloved reader. It is known that Tommy is dead, it is known he was probably using drugs, but what is not known is who he was with when he died, how he actually died, etc... As the family puts it, the mystery is: What happened to Tommy? How did he die? Did the men catch up to him? Was anyone really chasing him? Did he slip into unconsciousness?

Many questions accompany this death and it's obvious the family wants closure. I am not sure I can give them much that will help but I have looked at charts and have found a few things to be true. I will show you as I go through each chart, one at a time. And throughout the reading, I refer to the "boys" or the "kids" or whatnot. I have no idea how old Tommy was or how old the men who were convicted for this were. I do not presume to even have an inkling as to their ages, so I stayed with the moniker, "boys" and "kids" rather than assume they were older. They may well have been adults.

The first chart I drew up was the last time he was seen, saying "they are after me". I am looking to see who he is with, who he is running from and what condition he is in at this time. Looking at the chart, I first see a cluster of planets at the tenth angle. Taurus is rising and Venus is in the eleventh. Tommy is with friends. These are not strangers or enemies; he is with his friends and there may be as many as 5 people. One thing to note is that Mars, the co ruler of the seventh house, is in the sixth house, showing that there are health dangers, and not just to Tommy. Someone else with him is also "not well". Mars disposes itself so it is a strong influence in the chart, showing aggressive behavior. Pluto, the secondary co ruler, is in the seventh house, showing the dominance of one individual, who is more aggressive and perhaps more "adventurous" than the others. This person feels chaotic and violent at times. Two other factors in this chart must be noted: Saturn in the twelfth sector and the Moon drifting through the first, where it is slowly closing in on an opposition to this violent Pluto. It is just past an inconjunction with Mars and is in an exact trine with Neptune. The wheels are greased for drug abuse. The emotional component is present and the desires run high. It is prime time for "overdoing it".

I do not believe from these aspects that Tommy actually meant that someone was right behind him, chasing him. I believe he was high and talking about the pressure he was feeling, the insistence of his "friends" that he "do more", "get higher", "have more fun", etc... This is a common state of mind among aggressive, self destructive drug abusers. You just aren't cool until you take a bigger hit. In the tricky loop the planets are creating I see that Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter, which is disposed of by Neptune, which is trine to that emotional first house Moon. Tommy wasn't forced, but he felt coerced. He went along with the fun because he wanted to be "cool"; he had done this before so he was actually afraid. He was just pointing out to the people he saw that someone was "after him" in the coercive sense, "bugging him", so to speak, to use more drugs. He probably felt a little out of his league. In deep doo doo, as they say.

The next chart I draw up is for 1:30 pm, just to see what is happening with Tommy. It's been 2 hours since he was last seen and I'm wondering if he is still alive. In this chart, you will notice, that Gemini is now rising and Mercury is in the ninth. Tommy is out in the woods. Mercury is exactly conjunct Neptune, which verifies the allegations of drug use. The seventh house ruler is Jupiter, which is still in the eleventh. This reasserts that he is with friends, people he knew and liked. Jupiter is disposed of by Neptune, showing me that these friends are his "party pals", people he used drugs with. Moon is in the twelfth opposing Pluto in the sixth, which tells me he is in real danger. So much danger, in fact, that it is unlikely he will be seen again. Follow this loop: Jupiter rules the seventh and is disposed of by Neptune, Pluto opposes the Moon and is disposed of by the same Jupiter and the Moon is disposed of by Mercury, which is conjoined with Neptune. There is no doubt in my mind that Tommy is overdosing on drugs and is close to dieing at this point. Notice also Mars in the fifth house, showing aggressive partying, a tendency to overdo it, to "force it" on others. Mars is also via combust, inconjunct to the Moon and exactly square to Tommy's present marker, Mercury. I believe the family is right in assuming that someone "overdid it"; they gave him one shot too many. This person was aggressive about it, forcing it, making a scene. This was a "badge of honor" to this person, who was self-destructive, angry and acting out. They actually gave Tommy too much.

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The supplier of the drugs was a boy who tends to be chubby, or at the least overweight. This boy appears to be shy, bashful and somewhat of a geek. He wants very badly to belong. He wins the love of the people he envies by bringing them drugs. This boy seems to be quiet, unassuming, sensitive and generous. In fact, he may be a good student who gets financial rewards from his family that he shares with the "cool kids" by buying them drugs. This is a very possible, if not probable, scenario with these placements. But the boy who gave Tommy the overdose is a different character altogether. He would have been seen as a "ring leader", a "trouble maker" and may have been out of work and out of school. This boy has criminal tendencies, likes the idea of being a boss or pusher, dreams of having a "cult" or a "gang" that follows him. He is charismatic, violent and controlling. The other kids fear him but admire him and want his trust. This boy had differences with Tommy in the past, had claimed that Tommy was "wimpy" or "not cool" and Tommy tried hard to change this impression. This was a large part of the reason that Tommy allowed this brat to overdose him. He wanted to look like a person who could "take it". Please forgive all my quotes, it's just a general idea of what I think might have been thought or said.

The last chart I prepare is for 2:30 pm. This chart reveals the death pattern so I figure this is where it ended. The first house ruler is now the Moon, which is in the twelfth in Gemini. Mercury is in the eighth house right along with Neptune. Capricorn is on the seventh and Saturn is in the eleventh, so Tommy is still with "friends". These are people he knew well. And I believe he was unconscious when he died; in fact, he became unconscious earlier and they simply left him there, where he died. Saturn is disposed of by that violent Mars, still in the fifth house. This tells me that the bully is still running the party and everyone is going along with him. They are all using drugs and being "cool". They are not willing to risk the bully's wrath and so they simply leave Tommy alone, believing he will be fine. After all, they had all used dope in the past and no one had ever died. In this case, it was a forced overdose that put Tommy out and while he was out, he slipped away. I am not sure they didn't just leave his body there, to be carried off by animals. It is not clear in the chart if they even realized right away that Tommy had died. But I can see a possibility in this chart. The Moon is in Gemini and sinister to a trine with the Sun, which rules the third house. It may be that they put him in a vehicle at some point and drove him away from the area and dumped him. I don't think anyone was trying to kill him or actually chasing him. He was fearful of the bully but his friends were also there so he went along with the craziness. Whoever realized he had died later took him off and dumped him or left him there without telling anyone. It seems odd, I know, but when some folk are worried about getting into trouble for drug use, they keep horrible secrets to stay out of jail. And now it involved a death, which made the trouble they might face much worse.

My heart goes out to the family in this matter. I feel it was an accident but the circumstances involved coercion and bullying. So I believe justice was done when the two men were accused and found guilty of giving Tommy an overdose of Meth. I think there were other friends of Tommy's there who have not come forward. And I hope the charts reveal some of the things that the family is searching for. I don't believe Tommy was outright murdered and I think he died while unconscious. God bless Tommy Kelly and I hope his loved ones can someday find peace.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amy Billig

Young Girl Goes Hitchhiking And Is Never Seen Again

In response to readers who have asked that I do another update on Caylee Anthony, I will say that I have done this on my monthly newsletter, which will be emailed on January 15. The email date on the newsletter has changed and it will be sent out on the 15th of every month from now on. This is to accommodate the news cycle and make more timely information available for publication. In the matter of Caylee, I do not want this blog to be dominated by a single case so I will not be addressing every event in the case on this blog. But I promise to document events as they occur and respond to them on the newsletter. With that much said, I must begin my work on Amy Billig. I cannot resist this one. She's from near my home and was around my age when she disappeared.

From the Charley Project:

Amy Billig
Missing since March 5, 1974 from Coconut Grove, Dade County, Florida.
Classification: Non-Family Abduction

# Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: January 9, 1957
# Age at Time of Disappearance: 17 years old
# Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'5, 110 pounds
# Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown wavy hair; brown eyes.
# Marks, Scars: Scar on abdomen
# Clothing: A short blue denim skirt and cork platform sandals.
# Dentals: Available. Much dental work.
# DNA: Available.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Billig was last seen hitchhiking along Main Highway in Coconut Grove, FL on March 5, 1974. She was headed to her father's office. Billig never arrived; she has not been seen since.
Law enforcement agencies have never closed Billig's case.
She often hitchhiked in her neighborhood. She was known as a flower child, and a very spiritual, very social, well adjusted teenager.
Her mother Susan Billig died on June 7, 2005 at the age of 80 after searching ceaselessly for her daughter for 31 years.

Amy Billig Solar Birth Chart

The articles I read about this case had Amy on her way to lunch when she disappeared. This gave me a relative window of time, considering that most people don't eat lunch at 4 pm. She was on her way to her fathers' office first to get money. So I am going to work from a window that starts at 10 am and go forward from there. Hopefully, I can pinpoint something! This case has haunted me since I was a young lady; as we are only a few years apart in age and I was a "hippie" and "flower child" type back in the early 1970s, when Amy disappeared. Also, the belief that she was taken by bikers also haunts me. I remember the horrible tales I heard growing up in the area about bikers raping and killing women in south Florida, most famously a young woman they left crucified to a tree with nails. Pretty hairy stuff. I always hoped that something this awful had not happened to Amy Billig.

The first thing I need to note is that I went over the charts from 10 am until 4 pm and saw clearly that Amy is dead. I will show you how I came to that conclusion with a chart by chart reading like I always do. My heart goes out to Amy's mother, who spent her entire life chasing a ghost. In looking at Amy's solar chart, I can see that she was rebellious, head strong, independent and free spirited. Most especially notable is the Mars - Moon conjunction in square to the Sun - Mercury conjunction in Capricorn. This tells me, out of hand, that no one could tell Amy what to do. She was so willful and controlling, she could be very difficult at times. Flower child or not, she had a temper and a quick response to any attempt to curtail her activities. Actually, her chart paints a picture of a typical run away, a headstrong, rebellious kid who wanted to do her thing. But she was pretty much allowed enough freedom and power by her stable, loving family that I do not believe, from the start, that she wanted to leave. However, looking at the chart, I am not averse to thinking that if something appealed to Amy, she would have taken off on a whim without as much as a look back. She was just made that way.

Looking at the first chart of the day, I see a tempo developing. Notice please that the transiting Node is exactly conjunct her natal Venus. This conjunction opposes transiting Saturn in the third house but is overall fairly well aspected. Overall, Taurus is just taking over the Ascendant and Venus is in the 10th house, which tells me Amy is out and about, visible to all the world, perhaps on the highway or in a public place. Venus is disposed of by Uranus, right at the Descendant, telling me that she has someone on her mind, a friend she is "about to meet". This does not look like a boyfriend or relative, but someone a little different, a friend who is unusual or "odd", someone that reflects Amy's counterculture attitude. There is nothing that appears threatening or untoward in relation to this person. But the Descendant ruler is the first few degrees of Scorpio, which shows me that is also "about to meet" someone else, this person ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars in the second with Pluto in the sixth points out someone who is "at work" or at the very least, "earning money". On the highway where she was last seen hitchhiking could mean anyone from a drug dealer to a truck driver and even a wider choice, wide enough to include anyone in a work vehicle who might have pulled over to give her a ride. Pluto is disposed of by Venus, Amy's ruler in the chart, showing me that this person spotted Amy, picked her out and perhaps picked her up on purpose. This person "had a reason" for doing this.

I do not believe that Amy actually got into a car until just after 11 am. If you look at the chart for 11 am, you will see that the Moon, the chart co ruler, is just moving into the third house. This shows Amy getting into a car. The Moon is disposed of by the Sun, in the eleventh house in the sign Pisces, which tells me that Amy thought this person was a friend; it was definitely someone she knew. The seventh house co ruler, Mars, is in the first house and the other co ruler, Pluto, is in the fifth. Amy got right into the car willingly, even in a pleasurable frame of mind. This is someone she would expect to party with, to have a good time with. But these same placements tell me something else, something unsettling. The combination speaks of this persons intentions and it looks like he wants sex. And he was prepared to use force to get it. Look at the grand trine between the Ascendant and Descendant rulers. Venus, Mars and Pluto are all placed tightly in air signs from the first, ninth and fifth houses. Amy was willing to go along with his demands; she knew this person. Things went easily. There was no resistance. Consider also that the original Node conjunction to her natal Venus is now radiating from the transiting eighth house.

Looking at the chart for 11 am, I think that although she did not resist, he still came "from behind". Notice how Mars has passed the Ascendant and is now in the twelfth while Saturn has crept into the first. Gemini is now at the Ascendant and Mercury is currently conjunct Jupiter in the tenth. Amy was sure she had the situation under control, she would get what she wanted. This was a dangerous miscalculation. She is still "out in the open", in the car perhaps. She has been promised something, perhaps drugs, when you see that Mercury and Jupiter are both disposed of by Uranus in the fifth. She's been offered drugs for sex and has agreed. However, her accoster has other plans; he may not have any drugs or not want to give them up. He sneaks up behind her and the scenario changes. Saturn transiting the first house is a bellwether. Amy is going to be restrained and held against her will. Saturn opposing the transiting Node conjunction to her natal Venus tells me that it is all about her femininity, her beauty, her sex. She is being taken for these purposes. For sex.

Neptune must be noted as it transits the seventh house, conjoining Amy's natal Saturn. She was confined and drugged. That's exactly what it looks like to me. The Moon, Amy's co ruler, is swiftly closing in on a conjunction with Neptune, which looks to me like she was compliant because she was trapped in the car. Still the Moon is disposed of by the Sun in the tenth, so they are still out in the open, along the highway perhaps. It's been an hour so they are either driving around the area, looking for a place to take her or they are taking her out of the area. An hour south from Miami is the Keys, an hour north is around Palm Beach and then an hour inward puts them near the Everglades. Many stories put her in the Everglades, tossed in with the gators. With these charts and aspects, this is possible.

Looking at the chart for 1 pm, I see that Amy has been taken to a wooded area. Mercury is now moving through the ninth house, along with Jupiter. Uranus, which disposes them both, remains in the fifth. She was taken into the woods for a "party"; a party which probably involved, alcohol, drugs and sex. Notice that the seventh house is now occupied by Sagittarius, which makes Jupiter the marker for her accoster. Jupiter and Mercury are conjoined, I point out again, in the ninth, showing them together in the woods. Another interesting aspect that must be noted is that this Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is tightly square to Amy's natal Node. This is saying that the event is "karmic" in some way, predestined. Planned. She was targeted for a reason. I am never one to blame the victim and I am not doing that, but the chart is saying, with all these aspects combined, that Amy made a mistake in her judgment and set herself up for this. Her biggest mistake, it seems to me, was to believe she had it under control, that she knew what was going on. In fact, I can see that she didn't.

Looking at the remaining charts and not wanting to get too graphic, I will only venture to say that it looks like she came close to dieing twice and then finally did pass around 4 pm. The party appears to have started at noon and to have gone on for four full hours before Amy died. She appears to have been restrained, drugged and raped. Mars and Saturn both slip into the twelfth at 2 pm, with Venus also moving through the eighth. But none of these are her markers. Cancer is now rising and he Moon is in the second, disposed of by the Sun in the ninth while the seventh house ruler, Saturn, is in the twelfth. She may be unconscious or somehow unaware some of the time. I think that money had something to do with this; they either promised them money, or she owed them money or they were collecting money for her "services"; I am not sure how it worked but she was restrained and kept in the woods. And it looks like drugs and sex were involved. This is just a guess based on the traditional readings for these aspects. Remember also that the tenth house ruler, Neptune, is still conjunct her natal Saturn and this in the transiting tenth house. Amy is the "star" of the party, it seems. Restrained and held captive.

Skating forward to 5 pm, I see the death chart unfold. At 5 pm, Leo is on the Ascendant and the Sun is in the eighth. The Moon is moving over the Ascendant and dropping into the twelfth. Because the Moon is fast approaching an inconjunction with the Sun makes me think that this was an accident, a miscalculation. They did not want to kill her. It looks like a mistake. The Moon also opposes Venus which is in the sixth. She had a bad reaction to whatever they gave her, she got very sick and then died. Venus also rules the tenth sector so she died in front of other people. Everyone there knew what happened, and there were more than a few people. This was a "party". Mercury and Jupiter are joined in the seventh and trine to the seventh house ruler, Uranus, in the third house. Although this murder came as a surprise, it was the result of a number of people's actions; everyone there was culpable and it was much too easy for them to make this happen, desired or not. They were "having fun" but not giving much consideration to Amy's well being. Simply put, in their frenzied party state of mind they simply overdid it. Air signs point to psychotropic drugs that influence the mind. They really point to overdose, especially with the Venus-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine falling over her natal Jupiter in Libra. And all of this came about quite suddenly, mostly triggered by the transiting Moon crossing Amy's natal Uranus early in the day.

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In fact, there are many aspects that were activated on this day, many of them portents. During the course of the day, transiting Venus, Mars and the Moon, along with the Ascendant, Nadir, Descendant and Midheaven points, all aspect her natal Neptune at one time or another during these hours. Sometimes several at once, sometimes more than once. This activates the Neptune, along with the transiting Node crossing her natal Venus. She was vulnerable to bad choices based on the pleasure principle; if she liked drugs or parties or alcohol or sex or anything that ignites attraction energies, she was headed for it. She was no doubt made a tempting proposition which she did not resist at first. At least not until she resisted at one point and ended up in restraints. And probably using drugs she would not have chosen to on her own. And all of it looks fated, as if destined to be. This always raises my eyebrow when I see these aspects in murder charts. I do believe in many new age principles, including reincarnation and these charts always make me wonder if our death is ever an accident. It is always subject to discussion and needs to be considered more often in the work that surrounds this sort of Astrological research.

Now that I am fairly sure that Amy Billig was dead that day and did not run off or get sold into slavery, although I cannot guarantee that slavery wasn't a part of the original plan, I would like to go forward and see if I can see what they did with her remains. In defining the assailants, I must refer back to her first encounter, which showed me that the original abductor was a "friend" of hers and definitely someone she knew well enough to go along without resistance at first. The death chart shows Aquarius on the Descendant, which points to an unusual group of people. When you notice that Uranus is in Libra in the third house, the emphasis sits squarely on the word "group". I feel this was an organized group, a club or cult that lived outside of the regimens of ordinary society. Because of this, I tend to lean towards the biker club theory. This looks an awful lot like a bunch of bikers "breaking" Amy into their lifestyle with an orgy. They drugged her and raped her, in the method of making her "one of their girls", not unlike the way pimps rape their hookers until they become compliant. Drugs are still used to break down the resistance of hookers, sex slaves and strippers. So the slavery idea could be considered plausible as well when you combine all of the energies. She was being made into a sex slave for the club, which was common practice in all that I know of that area here in Florida.

As to where they dumped the body, there are promising descriptors. At the time of her death, Leo is rising and the Sun is in the seventh so her body was in the hands of her killers. The Sun is disposed of by Neptune, which is in the fourth house. This tells me right off that they had not moved her yet. So I move the charts forward. Things begin to move and look different at 7pm and later. Virgo is on the Ascendant, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in the seventh house and the Descendant ruler, Neptune, is now in the third. This shows them "on the move" with the body. Mercury rules bees, which is significant because Jupiter rules honey. So we are looking for an area with beekeepers boxes or a large hive or number of hives. Jupiter also rules orchards and fruits and this area is rife with Orange groves. Both planets rule herbs so there may have been a herb farm, herbalist, herb reseller near this area. Even a Magicka servicing the Santerian practitioners among the south Florida Cuban and Haitian populations. This sounds like ALL of south Florida, with Orange groves, bee hives, herbalists.. etc.. so I need something more. The sixth house is strongly emphasized so I look again at Virgo. The only things that Virgo rules that stand out to me about this area is either a chicken ranch or a dairy. There were small mom and pop operations throughout the area during this time period, when Florida was still sort of a wild west place to be, with people just trying to find a place in a newly civilized, rather undeveloped swamp. As recently as the 1960s this area still had dirt roads and roadside shanties. Immigrants had chicken ranches, there were lots of mom and pop dairy operations with home to home milk delivery.

More frustration. Mercury rules the Greyhound and there are Greyhound racing operations in that area, however back then there could not have been more than one and maybe only one just opening up. This is a viable starting point. Locate a budding or newly operational dog track and work outward from there. Beehives, citrus trees, a dairy or chicken ranch. I know it's SO general and hardly helpful. I do not see her in water. I see nothing that describes water. The pertinent planets are all in Aquarius which, as an air sign, points at high places but, believe me, this does not apply. Flatlands and swamp is all that was here in that area at that time. There are still no "high places" of any kind. So I revert to other interpretations. Electronics, electricity, power plants, radio towers, airplanes, aeronautical equipment, lightening rods or towers. These could all apply, either or, mix or match. So even with all that Astrology can offer me, I see she is in a place near beehives, citrus groves, maybe a dog track, a radio tower nearby, maybe a landing strip. Consider that there may only be one power plant within the vicinity, this is another good marker. A power plant near a dog track. For all purposes, with my knowledge of the area, which is actually very general, I would say that this is in the north Miami or Fort Lauderdale area. That would be about an hour north west of where she was last seen. The best described areas, in my opinion, are Alligator Alley and north of there around Belle Glade. That is my best guess. I wish it would help.

Regardless of my ramblings, Amy Billig has never been found and, in fact, if you read the myraids of websites dedicated to her search, there have been many clues, hints and tips that have come in over the years. Many of these claim to have seen Amy Billig alive. Please go to the main site and have a look at all the photos of Amy, including an age progressed drawing that would help you identify her if you saw her today. Read her story and the story of the hunt to find her, it is fascinating and frightening. Give Amy Billig a thought in your busy day and if you think you see her, know her or have any idea about what happened to her, please contact the Miami PD here. Go to this link to look at her pictures: The Charley Project . And, everybody, say a prayer for Amy Billig.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

William Paul "Billy" Smolinski, Jr.

Young Man Disappears From His Home

From 4 Our Angel :

FULL NAME: William Paul Smolinski, Jr.
NICKNAME: Bill or Billy
CASE NUMBER: #04-71025
CASE TYPE: Endangered Missing Adult
DATE MISSING: August 24, 2004
TIME MISSING: Last seen by a neighbor around 3:30 or 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday, 8/24/04.
ADDRESS LAST SEEN: 130 Holly Street in Waterbury, CT (Home) (Map)(Aerial Photo)
CITY/STATE: Waterbury, CT
LAST SEEN: He was last seen at his home around 3:30 or 3:45 p.m. at 130 Holly Street in Waterbury, CT. (See Map) He left behind his vehicle and other personal belongings that he normally carried with him. He even left his wallet & keys inside his truck.
DATE OF BIRTH: January 14, 1973
SEX: Male
RACE: White
HEIGHT: 6 Feet Tall
WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Light Brown
JEWELRY: Left ear is pierced with a small diamond and he's also wearing a gold chain necklace with a cross. (See PHOTO of Billy w/ diamond earring & gold chain w/ a cross.)
SCARS/MARKS: Billy has a tattoo of a blue "cross" with the name "Pruitt" in the cross on left forearm, a tattoo of a blue "cross" with an orange outline on right shoulder. His left ear is pierced with a small diamond. (See photo above.) He is also bowlegged.
DENTAL HISTORY: Unavailable.
LAST SEEN WEARING: Most likely wearing blue jeans, a blue denim shirt, and work boots.
GLASSES OR CONTACTS?: Does not wear glasses or contacts.
SMOKING HABITS: He is a Non-Smoker.
PETS: He left behind his 5 year old German Shepherd named Harley who misses him at home. Billy loved Harley and it is VERY unlikely he would have left Harley unattended like this on purpose. (Photo Of Harley)
EMPLOYMENT: He worked full-time for Midland Heating and Air Conditioning, but was fired from this job shortly before he disappeared. He also worked PT for Durable Towing and on the side he mows lawns and plows drive-ways. His employer and co-workers have not heard from him either.
VEHICLE: He has a late 70's or early 80's white Ford pickup truck, but it was found at his home.


This is another case emailed to me by a special reader. Thanks go out to Tina for this one. Having access to Billy's birth date was a pleasant surprise and when I saw his chart, it was eye opening. This man has 5 planets in the sign Capricorn, including the Node. This will make sense to you as we leaf through the charts that are drawn for the day he disappeared. I am posting a basic natal here, a solar chart, because I do not have the time of birth. This is for comparison purposes only and it must be noted that I am not even sure if he was born where he died. A large number of us do not live and die in the place of our birth so this is, again, just a general reference point.

Drawing up the first chart, for the window of time in which he was last seen, I use the time of 4 pm. Right away, please note that Venus and Saturn are in the seventh house, directly opposed to his Capricorn grouping, which is transiting the first house. He is on center stage, today, that's for sure. And with Venus EXACTLY opposed to his natal Node, down to within seconds of arc, I would say something fated was about to happen. Venus does not make me think of bad things and since it's in the sign Cancer, it sort of brings the mother image to mind. Noticing also that the chart co-ruler, the Moon, is placed in the twelfth house in Sagittarius, close to Pluto. The Moon is the dispositor of Venus. Although Venus and Saturn are in the seventh, the seventh house ruler is actually Mercury, which is placed in the eighth. There is someone around him at this time, an unseemly or dangerous person. Mercury implies someone younger, of either sex. Mercury is in Virgo and is close to the Sun, or under the Sun's beams. Mars is nearby, also in the eighth, and under the Sun's beams, as well. This shows a person who is in very bad shape, sick or in danger. It also describes someone to fear, a fearsome person who is obviously bad news. Notice that Mercury is APPLYING to the Sun, which makes the aspect even stronger. In turn, the Sun is applying to Mars, which is moving slower than the Sun at this time. It is transiting at 45 degrees a day as compared to 59 degrees a day for the transiting Sun. This all makes these aspects sinister and therefor stronger.

Now, the Moon and Pluto are both in Sagittarius in the twelfth house. Notice in Billy's natal chart that he has natal Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius, Neptune as the ruler of the twelfth house in the natural Zodiac and so this aspect, as well, takes on importance. His natal Mars is 9 degrees behind the transiting Pluto, showing that the aspect is dexter, or fading. He is not the instigator of trouble on this day. The transiting Moon, his co ruler, has just passed a conjunction with Pluto, also a dexter aspect. This means that he passes right away on any urge to get violent or resist. He decides to comply. Because Mercury is so close to both the Sun and Mars, also hanging out in the eighth, tells me that he has friends in the background, perhaps waiting for this event to happen. And the appearance of Pluto in the twelfth at this time shows that he was attacked from behind, someone just came up on him unseen. Sneak attack. It looks to me that this man was a "mark"; that they did this to him for a personal reason and not just for money. Noticing that Billy's natal Moon is in Taurus and the transiting Node is also in that sign, I am pretty sure they planned this out, for some reason. Taurus, as natural ruler of the second house, points to belongings, to money, to "things". But it is known that nothing was stolen, in fact his wallet was left in his truck, along with the keys to the truck to boot. They did not want his "things". So robbery was not motive.

Overall, from the chart, I can see that Billy was overall an even handed, even tempered person. He was not inclined to violence or trouble. His Moon in Taurus, combined with all the Capricorn planets, describes a workaholic who was good with his hands and loved natural things. However, his Mars - Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius generates conflicting energies. Sagittarius is usually an honest, straight talking, truth telling sign, describing adventurous, sporting folk who love the outdoors. But with Neptune close to Mars there, this adds an air of mystery and even secrecy to the personality. There was no doubt something he was doing that was sneaky and hidden from others. Sagittarius is the ruler of the house of law and order in the natural Zodiac so I tend to think that something he was doing was illegal. He was doing something secretive and illegal and he was doing everything he could not to get caught. It was most likely being done for money, because his Moon in Taurus and Capricorn grouping creates great desires for material things and for the trappings and comforts of success. He liked to eat good food and sleep in a comfy bed. He also liked to show off what he earned, wearing jewelry and other status symbols, often flashing money and letting people know he had it. But, again, robbery was not a motive in this matter. At least not of his wallet or truck. But might there have been something else? Something involving his secret doings? Something illegal that no one knew about? This is worth looking at.

In Billy's solar chart, I see that Pluto is placed in the eighth house. This is a traditional placement for violent death. I am not sure that this alone is an indicator. In the sign Libra, I tend to think it would be at the "hand of another". Natal Pluto is square Mercury, which made him a bit of a hot head. But I don't see any transiting triggers for this aspect, again telling me that he was not argumentative on this day, he went along with events, in the hopes, perhaps, that it would all just come to a safe ending. In the chart for 5 pm, I see that Capricorn is now ascending, bringing his solar Sun into focus with the transiting Saturn opposing it from the seventh house. The seventh house ruler is now the Moon, which is in the eleventh. This person he was with was a friend of his; someone he thought of as an associate or even a business partner. But the Moon is too close to Pluto for comfort, which hints to me that this person was not feeling kindly this day, in fact was using their friendship as a reason to escalate to violence. Someone felt betrayed, perhaps? Saturn now being in the seventh in the 5 pm chart, tells me that Billy is with this person at this time. The close positioning of Venus in Cancer cannot help but make me think there is a woman present, or even that this person actually is a woman. With the earlier placement of Mercury, I think of a much younger woman, in fact. In this chart for 5 pm, please also make note of the huge cluster of planets in the eighth house. The planets are all in the sign Virgo and they generally oppose Uranus, in the second. These are people who are hardscrabble, broke, rough riding and dangerous. Virgo hints at poverty and the eighth house describes hardened criminals. The second house describes upsetting and unusual efforts to obtain money with an erratic financial picture. These people have as much bad luck as they do good and they sometimes have a windfall, purely unexpected money, followed by long periods of dire poverty. The unsettled and disturbing nature of the financial picture creates extreme stress that calls for extreme action. The eighth house describes extreme desires, as well.

Now look at Jupiter in Virgo, in fall, in the eighth house in square aspect to Pluto in Sagittarius in the eleventh house. There is a sort of smug self confidence in the man who holds the gun, as they say. This person, a friend of Billy's, had no problem getting him where he wanted him. And then things just got uglier by the minute. So what was causing all of this? It's not crystal clear and it's open to other interpretations, but the Moon in the sign Sagittarius makes me think it might have been guns or firearms. I don't see pointers at drugs. However, Pluto is disposed of by that nasty Jupiter in the eighth, so it could have involved embezzlement, insurance fraud, illegal sex, weapons or firearms. Jupiter in Virgo is a placement that describes the cheapskate, the chiseler, a marker of the struggling miser. In this manner, it would also have been a mean and debased activity like slave trading. Virgo is the sign of the servant; were there immigrants in this area that might be used by wealthier folk as maids or servants? Could they have been smuggled into the community to work in secret? I know this all sounds really weird and way too much like some TV episode, but it is just a guess of what might it all mean.

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The actual confrontation appears to have come about around 7 pm. The chart for that time shows that Aquarius is now rising with Uranus in the first house. The seventh house ruler is now the Sun, strong in the sign Virgo, placed in the seventh. Both Mercury and Mars are under the Sun's beams and show that more than just Billy is being dealt with today. There are other people who are also in danger. The Sun is now EXACTLY opposed to Uranus, within 2 degrees, and shows that Billy rises up and faces his attacker. Uranus in the first shows a sudden display of self assertion, an attempt to take control of the danger he knows he is in. Uranus is in mutual reception with Neptune in the twelfth, which can be a sign of doom. Mars, under the Sun's beams, also opposes Uranus. Someone just gets very angry and just pulls the trigger. Unexpected, maybe not even wanted, but it just happens, in the heat of the moment. Billy faced this person down and took his chances. The fact that all of these planets in Virgo are actually trine to his natal planets in Capricorn tells me honestly that this person did not intend to kill him. It happened in the heat of the moment. Billy could be a bit of a hot head and he was not afraid to defend himself. Although he had been kidnapped and taken somewhere against his will and faced some pretty creepy people, at least one of them with a gun, he was still capable of fighting back. The Moon is hovering in the tenth house, closely snuggling with Pluto, again describing violence as the result of an emotional outburst. And it was not done in secret, it was done right out in the open, with other people present. There are people who saw this, who know what happened and who have just not come forth with what they know.

The next chart I work on, the chart for 9 pm shows some ugly aspects that don't look good. The first house ruler is now Mars, which is currently in Virgo in the sixth house. Mars is right under the Sun's beams. This is when Billy is in grave danger, so much danger in fact that I do not think he can escape. The gun has been pointed at him and with Mars like this, I would say he has been shot. The sixth house tells me he is gone and will not be seen again. Venus, his assaulter, is placed in the fourth house, showing that all of his transpired in this person's home. Venus is conjunct Saturn, which now rules the tenth house, so his attacker is working under "orders" from the "boss". In fact, this man and the second man, or "the boss" are working in concert. They are kicking Billy's butt for some mutually rewarding purpose. Billy's car was left behind because they sneaked up on him and took him by force to another home, elsewhere in the community. Billy went willingly because he knew these people and thought he could handle the situation, that it would likely turn out ok. Both Mars and the Sun, Billy's markers, now oppose Uranus in the twelfth house. The decision to kill him was sudden, almost unexpected. I think they planned to take him, scare him, rough him up, even pretty badly, but I don't think they decided to shoot him until the last minute. Uranus is nothing if not unexpected and sudden. In the chart, to add another interesting dimension, I must point out that the Sun is actually translating the light between Mars and Uranus. The Sun rules the cusp of the sixth house and is a catalyst in the killing of Billy Smolinski. Something came up that incited the violence. Something that was discovered, uncovered, made known at this time; something had a "light shined on" it and this was the final straw. Billy may, in fact, have been keeping a secret and it was this secret that incited his murder.

At 10 pm, Taurus takes over the first house and Venus is in the third. They put him in the car. The subsequent charts for subsequent hours this night keep putting the ascendant ruler back in the third house, even as the ascendant changes. Saturn is with Venus when they put him in the car and they are in the sign Cancer. Saturn implies that they never took him out of this car. Saturn would indicate some sort of binding or confining. Both planets are in the sign Cancer so I am thinking that they pushed this car in the water, with Billy in it. Saturn in Cancer seems to say that he will be there for a really long time. At least until he is nothing but bones. Both of these planets in Cancer are disposed of by the Moon, which is placed in the eighth house. He was already dead when they pushed the car into the water. There is the interesting angle of the Moon being in Sagittarius and the new ascendant ruler at 11 pm being Mercury in Leo, although still in the third. It makes me wonder if they burned the car before sinking it. I can't say that for sure, it's just a thought. Overall, Sagittarius would imply a woodsy, forested place. It also describes higher ground, such as in hilly regions or up along mountain roads. I know Connecticut fairly well although I've never been to Waterbury in particular and I know that there are some hilly or mountain like areas in the region. Not as much as in other areas of New England, but consider that it's probably a lake, pond or basin along a mountain road going upwards. This is a dense, woody area where people hunt. Sagittarius definitely defines hunters and woodsmen. The Moon may also hint at fishing. This could be a fishing pond or lake. But it has to be a deep one to hide a car. Another clue comes from Jupiter, which disposes the Moon from the fifth house. This may be a recreational area, a place where people go camping or partying. Another, more general, description of the overall area may include a dairy farm or a place where hay is stored.

None the less, no body has ever been found, and Billy Smolinski is still considered an open missing persons case. He could very well be alive and living somewhere in the country or even overseas. If you have any information about Billy, have any knowledge of his disappearance or current whereabouts, please go here and use the contact information link in the sidebar. Take a moment to look at his picture and commit it to memory. If you see him or think you have seen him, please contact the number below.


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