Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ebby Jane Steppach

Young Lady Goes Missing in Little Rock

From Arkansas Online :

Nearly a month after her disappearance, the family of a missing Little Rock 18-year-old is offering a $3,000 reward for information regarding her whereabouts.

Ebby Jane Steppach was last contacted by phone about 2 p.m. Oct. 24 before she was reported missing Oct. 26, according to Little Rock police.

Steppach's vehicle, a silver 2003 Volkswagen Passat with a license plate of 137UFM, was found less than a week later, authorities said. Police declined to provide further information regarding where the vehicle was found.

Little Rock Police Department officer Richard Hilgeman said, at this time, authorities have not received an indication of foul play in Steppach's disappearance.

She is described as standing 5 feet 2 inches tall, having blond hair and weighing 110 pounds.

A Facebook group has also been set up with information from family members as well as posts from those close to Steppach.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Little Rock Police Department at (501) 404-3041 or (501) 371-4636. Information can also be sent via email to

From Arkansas Matters :

"I saw a lot of posts like 'girl gone missing, spread the word, find out what happened, if you've seen her report it'," adds Mikayla.

Little Rock Police reported Friday that Ebby's 2003 Volkswagen Passat was found parked in the area of Cantrell and Chenal Parkway.

Police said they cannot give an exact location right now, but we know it's near a Walmart and a few gas stations.

"It's greatly concerning to me because I have five daughters of my own," says Mikayla's mother Clarissa.

Clarissa heard the news from her kids, and can only imagine what Ebby's parents are going through.

"It makes me want to hold my girls a little closer, yet you want to give them freedom but there's more and more people out there you can't trust," adds Clarissa.

Little Rock Police say there is no sign right now of suspicious activity and no alerts have yet been issued. Mikayla said she hopes Ebby is found soon.

"I don't know what happened so it would be scary," says Mikayla.


This case was sent to me by a fan of this blog. I ran the charts, starting with the time she was last seen, and was dismayed by what I found. I'll share it with you now, starting with the chart below. This is the first chart I ran, for the time she was last seen (2:00 pm on the 24th) shows her in a public place (first house Capricorn with ruler Saturn in the tenth). Saturn disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth house, says she had a credit card she was wanting to use; so we assume she was shopping. The seventh house ruler, the Moon, which is also the chart co ruler is in the second house. This makes it safe to assume that she is alone and safe at this time. The second house reasserts the idea that she was shopping, was concerned about money but had something she needed to possess. All of this is defined by the second house. So, at the time she was last heard from, Ebby was safely shopping. But the chart also has some omens that seem scary to me. The large grouping of planets in the eighth house and the placement of the Sun in the ninth. I am concerned about this because the houses are getting ready to move with the passage of time and put these planets in positions that concern me. Again, I will show you.

The next two charts are posted together because they show what happens. Sometime between 4 and 5 that afternoon Jane went into a private area of the shopping center (or mall) and this was probably the bathroom (Moon and Neptune in Pisces). Uranus in the first in Aries shows a sudden surprise and with Pluto in the tenth with Mercury opposing Uranus from the seventh, she was confronted by someone in that bathroom. Pluto in the tenth is a kamikaze attack and it is disposed of by Saturn in the eighth, so their purpose was nefarious. It looks like murder but it also looks like sex. The node at the seventh house cusp shows planning on the part of her attacker, whether is was her they wanted or just any girl. Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception so this abduction as bound to happen and it was easy for them to accomplish. I am not sure how they got her out of the mall or shopping center except that it looks like she is unconcious. The mutual reception with the node tells me they have done this before and have not been caught. The following charts for the next few hours tell us what happened.

In this chart you see the seventh house ruler, Mercury, in the seventh opposing rising Uranus in the first. This shows a sudden confrontation. Ebby's chart ruler, Neptune, is now in the twelfth so she is in a hidden or unseen place such as the bathroom (Pisces rules bathrooms among other things). The Moon in the first shows us she entered this private area willingly, under her own power and this is why I think it's the bathroom. The scary part for me is the grouping of planets in the seventh house, which indicates more than one person. The tenth house ruler, fourth house ruler and seventh house ruler are all grouped together. With the node in the seventh, this looks like a conspiracy of sorts, with a number of people involved. So this is not just one pervert grabbing a stray girl. This is an operation. The inclusion of the tenth house ruler, which would show us her location, which we know to be a shopping area of some sort, also indicates that someone working at this location is involved. And this sort of conspiracy looks a lot like sex trafficking to me. But before I go there, I need to check the rest of the charts to see if she is dead or alive.

The chart for 5 pm shows the Moon also in the twelfth, which now means she is hidden. She entered the bathroom (Pisces) which is a private place out of view (Neptune in the twelfth) and now the Moon is in the twelfth, showing that she is hidden and out of view. The new tenth house ruler is Capricorn with Saturn in the eighth, with Saturn sinister to a square with Neptune. It is not in their best interest to kill her. Neptune also opposes the second house ruler, Venus, the first house ruler, Mars, and trines Pluto in the tenth. They are able to sneak her out of the shopping area in something hidden and with Pluto where it is, they have made her unconcious through a violent act, which describes, for me, a blow to the head. Pluto square Uranus in the first show how they took her by surprise, attacked her and then gained control over her. It is not in their best interest to beat her up real badly and the surprise itself made it easier to gain control over her without beating her senseless. The next chart is clear and shows us exactly what they want with her.

Pluto is the co ruler of the seventh house and it is in the ninth house, showing their vehicle. She was taken off in a vehicle. Not her car, it seems, but theirs. I believe they return later and get her car and then leave it somewhere else to create a red herring. And then they take her to their new location or home as you can see the tenth house ruler, Saturn, in the seventh house. This is their place. The strongest omens are in the fifth house, where you see her marker (first house ruler Venus) with the abductors marker (seventh house ruler Mars) together there with Jupiter between them. Jupiter rules the eighth house. So together, this describes a sexual assault. All of these planets are disposed of by Mercury in the sixth and from this, I would guess they were used to children. I think they snatched her because they thought she was younger than she was. But she was young enough, it seems. They assault her but they do not kill her. Again, this smacks of sex trafficking.

No matter how far ahead I run charts, I do not see a death pattern. For this reason, I believe she is still alive.

This chart does not offer much change in Jane's situation but it does describe some important factors. For instance, Neptune in the ninth shows something hidden in the abductors' car. Neptune rules the tenth (the home) so this is a common practice. They move something in and out of the home via their car, so this could be drugs, especially with Neptune. Moon in the tenth shows Ebby in their residence. Also, Pluto is now in the seventh, so someone in the mix is violent and dangerous, even more so than the other abductor. Remember, there are more than one. This one, ruled by Saturn in the sixth, does this sort of thing as a service (or a job, so to speak) and is very dangerous (Pluto). Here is a clue: Mercury on the fourth shows the neighborhood to be full of mobile homes or trailers. Mercury in Libra in the fourth indicates that a lot of transients live or stay here. There is movement in the neighborhood and residents change all the time. Moving in, moving out. Uranus in the tenth shows that these people change their residence often as well, but it is more sudden and unexpected than usual folk because of their illegal activities. Sometimes they just have to up and run, no plans. Also there have been many surprises and upsets within this group and in the residence, such as raids by the police especially since Uranus rules the ninth (authority). This makes me think the cops are aware of these scumbags.

This chart is the first descriptor that indicates sex for money. The seventh house ruler is in the fifth house of sex and is disposed of by Jupiter in the second, the house of money. Venus is conjoined Jupiter in the second and Venus rules the fourth. So they make a direct living from activity performed in the current neighborhood. Venus, Jupiter and Mars (the tenth house ruler) are disposed of by Mercury right at the nadir. This may mean they usually use children. Or, at the least, very young people. High school kids come to mind when you think of drugs.

The second house ruler, the Sun, in the fourth is a direct connection to this neighborhood and their livlihood.

This chart shows a change in Ebby's situation with the Moon leaving Pisces for Aries. Moon in Aries is in the eighth house disposed of by Mars in the second, another connection to sex and money. The fourth house ruler, Pluto, in the fifth is an indicator again of sexual assault. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn in the fourth house, showing another connection to their sex business with their current neighborhood. It's as if they live in a hood full of criminals or among people who do not care. This is a serious criminal operation and this is highlighted by the T square involving Uranus opposite Mercury with both planets square Pluto. This is violence (Pluto) among criminals (Uranus in Aries) involving young people or children (Mercury). Just about as evil as it gets.

Still again, no death pattern which means she is still alive after 12 hours so the probability is they are keeping her alive.

The first house ruler is now in the third house. They are retrieving her car, with her going along. Venus and Jupiter rising are also disposed of by Mercury in the third. Venus rules the tenth house. This means they are bringing to car back near to their residence, in the same neighborhood and for some reason they think it's better to have her do it. Maybe they are afraid of being seen in the car? It seems absurd but this is what they had her do, perhaps with one of them riding with her. But the real tidbit that should be noted here is that this means the car was brought back near to where they had her. That means if they go back to the area where the car was found they may be able to search the nearby residences for her. It's an idea.

The lingering presence of Pluto in the fifth in chart after chart indicates ongoing sexual assault. Mars now in the first and disposed of by Mercury in the second adds the financial element. Mercury is the merchant, the seller and the advertising, so to speak and this is also her marker at this point. So she is "selling" something and with Moon in the eighth and Pluto in the fifth, it looks a lot like sex. Are they taking pictures or videos? There are no markers pointing this way but there does appear to be activity towards getting "customers" and the third house may also be pointing towards computer activity or other means of "getting the word out". This could mean a website with downloads or an ad on Craigslist. The third house cusp is changing rulers so the car errand is done and they are working on something else. With her marker in the second, they are pushing her to make them money.

Her marker disposed of by Venus in Virgo in the first house shows advertising (first house) or broadcasting of some form (Libra) of women (Venus) through communication mediums such as the internet.

This looks like bedtime to me. It looks like her abductor taking her to bed so they can sleep. This is emphasized by the changing first house cusp, indicating a change in her situation. Also, Mars and Venus in the twelfth. At her suggestion, I guess, with her ruler in the first and Moon in the seventh, but not without someone watching her while she sleeps, perhaps to make sure she doesn't escape. She is their new money maker, I presume. She is being kept alive and I want to note that no matter how far I run the charts forward from here, no death pattern emerges. Here you can see the T square with Mercury opposing Uranus and these square to Pluto in the fifth. There is a chance they will make a mistake, something unexpected, that could reveal her. The violence in their sexual offerings may grab attention (Pluto in the fifth) but also a mistake in their advertising could give something away (Mercury opposing Uranus). The inconjunction from the Moon to the Sun here could promise a reveal, especially if they allow her outdoors in the daylight. There are other markers indicating that she could be discovered.

So there is hope for finding her if someone were to try. First of all, they took her from an area shopping plaza or mall she frequents. She was taken from the bathroom there and perhaps someone saw something but don't know what they saw. She was taken to a neighborhood not far from where they dumped the car and could be found there. She is being kept alive in a home where sex is sold, she is a sex slave. They are advertising her on the internet, along with other girls and if someone were to spend time looking, they might find her. No doubt they've changed things about her, such as hair style or color, etc... but she should still be recognizeable to those who know her well. I wish everyone luck in this matter and my deepest sympathies go out to her friends and family.