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Sabrina Paige Aisenberg

Baby Disappears From Her Bedroom

Last seen in Valrico, Florida on November 24, 1997.
Vital statistics: Born on June 27, 1997. Brown hair; blue eyes. Sabrina has several marks in the shape of the letter "Y" below her right shoulder. Was four months at the time of disappearance.

The hurdles that exist in casting forensic charts are many. There are a lot of missing persons who come across my TV that I would love to do a chart and just see what might be there. However, many of them do not have times of disappearance, exact location of where they went missing, even sometimes a span of days where they might have disappeared at any given time and place. An exact location, an exact time and day of either the disappearance, last seen, first noticed gone, etc... are both needed to draw up anything near to an accurate chart. And accuracy is of prime importance so that I don't post something on the Internet that sends people off in a flurry of red herrings. Not that anybody is taking this seriously, however, if they do I want to be of help and not hindrance.

Sabrina Aisenberg is a sad story mostly because my heart goes out to the miserable parents who are living with this to this day. They hold out hope against hope that their daughter is alive and will be found. I given them kudos for having this much love and concern in a world where parents often kill their own children or leave them in garbage cans. It is not, however, typical in infant abductions that children are found.. or at least that's what the cops say. Most of them are killed within a few hours and others are taken and hidden away, playing house for years with "adopted" parents.

Here are the details according to the FBI Website: Circumstances: Sabrina disappeared from her family's residence in Valrico, Florida between 12:00 a.m. and 6:42 a.m. on November 24, 1997. Her mother, Marlene Aisenberg, told authorities that she checked on Sabrina at approximately 12:00 a.m. and the infant was asleep in her crib. Marlene stated that when she returned to her daughter's room at 6:42 a.m., Sabrina had disappeared. Sabrina was wearing a lavender sleeper with a floral pattern at the time she vanished. A handmade blue and yellow blanket with imprinted animal images and yellow piping was also missing from her crib. A photo of the blanket is posted below. While her parents were charged in her disappearance, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence and unethical behavior by the authorities. Classified as Endangered Missing.

Now, here is the work I was able to do on this chart. First of all, the chart for the time they discovered her missing didn't tell me much at first. So I backed up hour by hour until I had a chart where I found both the baby and the kidnapper together.. in the house. This occurred at 2:30 a.m. that morning. A chart drawn for 2:30 am shows these aspects: Libra rising with Venus in the fourth house, Aries on the descendant with Mars in the fourth house, Neptune nearby in the fourth, the Moon in Virgo in the twelfth house, the Moon ruling the midheaven and Saturn in the seventh house. Saturn was also the fourth house ruler. Saturn in the seventh indicates that the kidnapper spent many hours waiting from his place, his home, to do this. He also waited a long time in the near location waiting for the chance. He was patient and dedicated. He had his eyes on Sabrina. This was not random. It was not an accident. It was not an impulse. It was a cold hard plan.

The parents should not blame themselves for not being more aware, as parents are apt to do, because in this instance, this was calculated and well thought out. He even hid the baby somewhere in the house as he scoped out the escape route. He was stealthy and quiet, well disguised and would have escaped detection even if someone had awakened and looked. He had Neptune on his side, literally.

The chart drawn up for 4:30 am shows the two of them in a car. Here you have Scorpio just beginning to rise and the placements of Venus and Mars have moved into the third house. The incoming chart ruler, Pluto, is placed in the second house. I am starting to see a picture. He has FINANCIAL plans for this baby. It is starting to look like money is a motive, or at least, involved in some way. The new Descendant ruler is Venus, placed already in the third house. The third house is a house of local travel but it is also a house of commerce. He is taking her somewhere, but with the second house placements, it looks like a business deal.

And then at 6:30 am, the time at which they realize she is gone, Scorpio and Taurus are the angular rulers and Venus and Mars are now in the second house. Neptune is there, as well, guaranteeing that they remain hidden, imperceptible. This is a very secret deal. And who is the buyer? Venus, the buyer now, is disposited by Saturn in the fifth house of children. Somebody is buying the child to be their own. Or to sell them to a third party adoption. But there is no doubt, looking at these placements alone, that the child was sold to someone who wanted a child. Both Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Aries indicates an older individual. Perhaps even a LOT older, such as a person who can no longer have a child of their own.

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A chart for 8:30 am shows Sagittarius is now rising with Jupiter in the second and Gemini at the Descendant with Mercury exactly conjunct the Ascendant. Mercury, the buyer, is now with the child. The child is still in the second house, so money is still to change hands before he can just take her. It's amazing that things move this fast but in the world of baby theft I'm sure they must. The only way to keep from getting caught is to "move the merchandise". Interesting but the Moon is still at the Midheaven, disposed by Venus in the first house, showing that the public is getting "mobilized". There are search parties organizing. Venus is also disposited by Saturn, now in the fourth house, so they are searching the house.

Moving forward, I do one more chart, this one for 10:30 am just to see what happens now. This is like reading a novel and I just can't put it down until I know what happens. And the stars don't let me down. This time, Capricorn is rising and Cancer is falling. Saturn is now in the third house, meaning the child is "on the move" somehow, perhaps in a car. The buyer, the 7th house ruler the Moon, is now in the ninth house! It is disposited by Venus in the twelfth house. He is taking her overseas. No doubt about it. He is a foreigner and she is going to another country. The ninth house rules international travel and airplanes. I believe he hid her and sneaked her on a plane. That's why Venus, which disposits the Moon and Mars, which disposits Saturn (Sabrina) are together in the twelfth. Sum it up this way, he (the Moon in the ninth) is on a plane, Sabrina (Saturn in the third) is "on the move" with him, their dispositers conjoined in the twelfth, hidden and secretive. Either no one knew she was even there or they were fooled into thinking she was his baby.

And so now I know why they have been unable to find her. She has gone to another country! Perhaps the charts here can tell sort of where and give a description of the kidnapper? All I can do is try. Right off the bat, you can see that Moon in Libra points southwest of the United States. It is a very big generalization but there are too many factors involved and it gets confusing. It's a guess that she was taken southwest either to South America, Mexico, Latin America or even the islands. But it's just a big guess. It just looks as if that's where he's headed that morning.

And who took her? Well, taking the signifigator of the original thief, Mars in Capricorn I can say a few things that might help. This is a lean, muscular man who is small in overall size. He has sharp features with deep set eyes. His eyes are probably grey, hazel or light blue. He has blemishes, freckles or other marks on his face. He has thin dark hair and a very pale complexion. He is known to be witty and shrewd, always "making a deal". He is very self-reliant, ambitious and intuitive. He knows how to "spot them". He saw a deal come together and he took advantage of Sabrina, who, somehow, fit the profile of the desired "merchandise". This was just a business deal for him. And he pulled if off neatly.

Despite my findings, Sabrina Aisenberg is still a missing person and could be anywhere, even in your hometown. Please look at her photo and if you think you have seen her, please contact the Valrico, FLA PD with your information.

Sabrina (when taken)

Sabrina (age progressed)

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