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Cleashindra Denise Hall

Young Lady Leaves Work and Disappears In Thin Air


May 9, 1994 started off like any ordinary day. Eighteen year old Cleashindra Hall-Clea to her friends and family, left her home for her clerical job with Dr. Larry Amos, a dentist in Pine Bluff, AR. At around 8:00, Clea called her mother to check in. It was the last time Laurell Hall would ever hear from her daughter. Dr. Amos told police investigators that the young woman left around 8:30, but he didn't see who she left with.

Cleashindra Hall was, by all accounts, an extraordinary young woman. Valedictorian of her class at Watson Chapel High School, she was scheduled to give the commencement address at her graduation two weeks after her disappearance. She was excited about leaving to attend Memphis State University. Active in her church and in the school choir and band, she hoped to become a pediatrician. Her future was bright and her potential was limitless.

In the almost 13 years since her disappearance, Laurell Hall has worked tirelessly to make sure that Clea's name stays in the front of people's minds, but it's been a struggle, she says. "People have forgotten." Still, she publishes the familiar pictures in the local newspaper every month, hoping that someones conscience will tug at them and she will finally know what happened to her daughter. "It's hard to imagine that nobody seems to know where she is, or if they do, they won't come forward." The once yearly prayer vigils have faded away, replaced by private family remembrances.

Particularly frustrating is the lack of resources available to parents of missing adults. Because Clea was 18 at the time she disappeared, the Hall family was not eligible for the same services as the parents of younger missing children. In spite of the efforts of Clea's mother, her case has never attracted the attention of the national media.

You can read the original article here: Cleashindra Hall

First of all, I wouldn't even have heard of this case (once again) if it wasn't for an astute reader. Because he took the time to email me and tell me about it, I checked it out and decided to post it on the blog. So I want to dedicate this post to Bill and thank him for the tip. This case talked to me because so much time has passed and literally nothing has come up to help the cops solve it. I mean, nothing. This case has never gotten the national media attention it deserves and that goes for the usual when it comes to black women. This is probably the reason I've never heard of it. I have done several charts on missing black women and they get the least hits, the lowest number of views on my blog. This goes with the fact that they are just not covered by the national media. White and Asian women seem to garner the most attention and their children, as well. This is very sad. I thought we were getting over this silliness as a country but, once again, I am bothered to find that we are not. Racism appears to be alive and well.

So I want to contribute once more to the missing and forgotten among us. Cleashindra Hall was only 18 years old when she disappeared off the planet and she was either murdered or abducted. If she is still alive, which is doubtful, she is held somewhere against her will and that picture is even uglier than the first. She was an Aries, by all accounts competitive and energetic. She was aiming for a bright future and was known as a "good" girl. She would have been a wonderful asset to our childcare and health care systems. She is sorely missed.

The first chart I drew up for this case was for the time she was last seen. Right away, the placements caught my eye. Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Pluto is right at the ascendant, closing in on a conjunction with the North Node. As in all the charts, this configuration screams "fate"! Unfortunately it looks like a violent fate to me. The Sun in Taurus is closely opposite the Node. Venus is in the seventh house in the sign Gemini, disposed of by Mercury also in Gemini. She left her place of employment with two people. One of these people was around her age. The other was an older adult. Mars is in Aries in the fifth house inconjunct to the Node. All aspects point to an inescapable situation. She was trapped where she was by circumstance and it was this that led to her death.

Within the next hour, Cleashindra was dead. The Ascendant moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius and both Pluto and Jupiter are now in the twelfth house. Saturn is in the fourth, conjoined the Nadir. Jupiter is closely opposed to Mercury. This all says to me that there was an argument with the younger person, the one who was close to her age. It appeared to be about sex or romance as Mars is still in the fifth. Either she resisted someones advances or there was jealousy over someone she was dating or a disagreement about a relationship or something of this nature. Mars so closely inconjunct to the Node says that this was planned. This person intended on confronting her this night. It's just too bad that it got so far out of hand. Pluto's closest aspect is a sextile to Uranus in Capricorn which is also conjoined to Neptune. This person had the element of surprise on their side. Cleashindra did not expect any of this and was taken completely off guard. She hardly knew what hit her.

Now, the movement of Saturn as me thinking. In the next chart I draw up I see it leaving the fourth and moving into the third. They must have taken her to someones home first and then back out in the car. I am not sure who's home they went to. Because this is Saturn I am thinking they took her there and killed her there and then transported her after she was dead. Mars in Aries in the fifth makes me think it might have involved rape, but of this I cannot be sure. But this is especially true to me because of the square from Mars to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the second house. They attacked her to get something from her and I believe that may have been sex, however I cannot rule out money altogether. Still, this may come down to being a jilted suitor or an angry ex boyfriend. This person is around her age and the older person was not involved, from what I can see, in what transpired after they got to their destination. The older person may have simply been doing the younger person a favor by giving them both a ride.

Because Saturn is moving into the third and is disposed of by Uranus in the second, it looks like they moved her into a second car. Sagittarius is rising and Jupiter is in the eleventh so this car belongs to a friend; perhaps even someone Clea had known in life. Someone within her circle of acquaintances, certainly familiar with this angry man who was either jilted or envious enough to kill her. And there is no doubt in my mind that she was targeted for this when I consider that her sun sign is Aries and Mars was in Aries at the time of her death. Mars in the fifth house. Sexual aggression aimed right at her. But somehow she was not aware of this, it had not been a problem for her or she would not have gotten into that car. She apparently felt safe with this man, trusted him or, at the very least, did not fear him. That's why I'm thinking it's someone she dated or knew very well as a friend. And perhaps never knew his real desires or felt that the issue wasn't that great. Of course, we'll never know if they never catch him. And so much time has passed already.

Another thing I must point out is in all these charts this night, the Moon is stationed in the sixth house, closing a conjunction with the Sun. That makes it a new moon night; dark with no moonlight. From an Astrological viewpoint, the Moon in the sixth sort of points towards someone she worked with. The fact that she worked for someone in the medical profession makes this stand out even more. She, as well, was interested in staying in the medical field. All of this makes the Moon a strong voice from the sixth. I dare to venture that the person who had a crush on her, was jilted and was angry enough to kill her, worked there with her (or was a frequent patient) at that medical office. Since the Dentist did not see who she left with and there were no other witnesses, we will just never know. But that is a shot I'd be willing to take. Did she work with someone young, around her own age? Or was there a landscaper, janitor, assistant, errand runner, anyone like this? Another thing to consider: was there a regular patient who had become friendly with her? Someone who flirted? Asked her out on a date and was refused? The Moon, as well, is disposed of by Venus. Venus is disposed of by Mercury. Mercury is the planet that points to her killer. I would be checking into the employee (and patient) list for that period of time. That might be where he came from.

The final chart I draw up shows that the placements are about the same. Saturn in Pisces in the third trine to Jupiter in Scorpio in the eleventh. They took her somewhere in the neighborhood and set her out near a road. A backwoods road near a stable, perhaps. If there is a horse farm nearby or a ranch and there is a water hole or pond near that, then they should look in that area. There may be recreational facilities nearby like a campground or a pavilion or fishing pier or a boat ramp. Something where people have fun with the outdoors or near the water. The Moon in Taurus points at cattle, Jupiter at horses and Pisces at bodies of water. The third-eleventh house aspect points at groups of people, family and friends, getting together and having fun. Any combination of these four elements gives a good description of where they left her body.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

And to give an idea of what this person looks like, I can try to do that. Mercury describes him as younger, close to her age. Gemini says that he wasn't alone and that he had help along the way. Gemini also points at other siblings close to his age, even a twin or a boy very much like himself. He is tall and thin. He stands upright and has a bright appearance. He has a "pug" or upturned nose. It could be wide or flared but it is not long and it has a snub at the end. His complexion is clear, no scars or pimples. His complexion is colorful, more florid than most, with pink in the cheeks or forehead. He may be white or black or even brown. Race is not defined by this signature. Sometimes you see blond and blue or you see yellowish or black skin. But this young man could have anything from brown to hazel-gray eyes, making him of any race. He has a lively, springy walk and likes to talk. He is animated, uses his hands a lot and has "jumpy" eyebrows. Very expressive gestures and mannerisms. Quite the actor, actually. He may be clever and handy with a remarkable memory. He may also be scatter-brained, nervous, tricky and untrustworthy. He could be quite a talented thief.

Now, regardless of my findings, Cleashindra Hall has never been found and may very well be alive. She was last seen at 5309 Faucett Road in Pine Bluff, AR. She is 5'8' tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a white shirt and short set with navy blue polka dots on one side and stripes on the other white socks, white athletic shoes and a white ponytail holder in her hair. Someone, somewhere knows what happened to Clea. If you have any information, contact the Pine Bluff Police Department at (870)543-5112.

Cleashindra Hall

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Forensic Astrology

I have had a lot of emails and comments concerning Forensic Astrology and how I got started with it. I decided that instead of just leaving a few notes on the comment board, I would put together a post on this subject. Forensic Astrology is an outgrowth of the old fashioned Horary System which was originally devised for finding lost objects and describing theives. Horary is also a wonderful tool for projecting the future of marriages, divorces, pregnancies, trips, events, anything that has a specific starting time and date. It has worked absolute miracles for me in my life, finding money, objects & people readily and accurately. Even a seasoned, hardcore student of Astrology like this old lady was amazed by my early results in the practice of Horary Astrology. I had also had great success with many advanced studies like Rectification of birth time, where I could discover the time of conception and the time of birth merely from the time of a big life event like marriage or death. Other studies, like Arabic Parts Formulas, special configurations and chart formations also caught my fancy. With enough study and practice it got to where something would happen and I would know what sign was rising, where the Moon was and place all of the planets in my head at that moment and either know the result or solve the question. I have a lot of examples but I won't bore you with all those details in this post.

During this period of my life I started to write for American Astrology and Dell Horoscope. I had always wanted to be a writer and was not seeking to further myself as an Astrologer, actually. I loved fiction and had a dream of writing a great novel, like my heroes Truman Capote, Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. I tried submitting fiction but everyone who read my bio was more interested in my metaphysical studies, Palmistry, Astrology and other pursuits. I thought including these in the bio would show my ability to write thrillers, ghost stories and Science Fiction, which were the genres I preferred. But, out of frustration, I decided to try my hand at writing about it after all. I put together articles on my research studies, like "Luck And The Part Of Fortune", "The Sun, Moon and Romance" and "Is Life Ever Unfair: The Domino Stellium". Some of these became front page features and I made some real money doing it. I was pleased that I had a chance to write something, my Astrology studies had brought me some reward and also that I was helping others. The first letter to the editor saying how my articles had helped someone warmed my heart and gave me impetus to keep on going. I knew that Astrology had a deeper layer than just the Sun Sign stuff you see everywhere and the lucky numbers stuff and the daily horoscope. I'm not saying that is all crap, just that I had an interest in finding other uses for the Sci-Art I had come to know so well. The idea that it might be able to locate things and people was one thing that held fascination for me. And, as fate would have it, life led me to places where this vision I had could be explored.

A desire to expand my studies led me seek out other Astrologers and in the 1980s I went about hitching up with the Astrological Research Guild. I did not make a lot of friends nor did I make much difference there... but it had a big effect on me and my future work. The ARG was a group of elderly gentlemen who held lectures, conferences and meetings where they started projects and later discussed their outcome. They treated me with distance and not much interest, after all I was a twenty something female child in their eyes and not a part of "their group". But that was ok. I watched, listened and learned. A group of them were conducting a research project on serial killers at that time and publishing their results in the newsletters. I looked over the complicated charts, progressions and transiting charts they published and came to the same conclusion they eventually did: there is no one thing or even many things in a birth chart that proves consistent among serial killers or would help anyone predict a serial killer among us. They were studying Ted Bundy, John Gacy, Ed Gein and Albert De Salvo. They were sure of the birth data because they personally paid for copies of birth certificates from the places they were born. So the charts were accurate. However, nothing similar emerged, not even some arcane element or hidden aspect or unusual formation. Without going into a lengthy recitation of the results as they were discovered, trust me when I say it proved nothing. So they dropped that project and moved on.

But curiosity kept at me. I was still trying to consider what might be shown in a chart. Perhaps the chart should be a composite between killer and victim. Perhaps it should be a horary for the time of death. Perhaps it should be a combination of the three? Unable to obtain birth data for both murderer and victim in every case, at that time, I tried composites and this did not work. The method of obtaining data in the 1980s was nearly prehistoric when you look at how computers and the internet have changed the world. Now, you get online and search and you get whatever you are looking for. Back then it was a drawn out process involving paperwork, time and money and it was rare to have all three at once. But my success with horary charts previously encouraged me to work with them in this manner and use the birth chart as a foundation. My first successful chart was done while living in Orlando, Florida and a child nearby was abducted. The chart clearly showed me it was ugly and the child was dead. I do not relish the memories of the crying mother begging me for information and me assuring her that I had not seen anything of importance and the child had to be alive. When the child was later found dead I avoided her. I would rather be a failed Astrologer than the bearer of such bad news. But one thing about that chart stuck in my mind and never left. That was the presence of the Plaedies at the midheaven. I was fairly sure that was a bad thing but it would take many other ugly death charts to convince me this was true.

I continued to use horary charts to find my missing money, crystal necklace, bank envelope, concert tickets and other mundane items. I did not do much more with the death charts until the Gaineseville murders happened and the horror became the obsession of everyone here in Florida. I ate, drank and slept those murders. I even went to the trial. It wasn't much of a trail, he just came in and pled guilty and it was over that fast. I had actually gone there with the vain hope that I would write the book about it. I had submitted an outline to a publisher and they were considering it. It was not meant to be, which was a big drag, but it did eventually start me working with death charts again. But not before Rolling was caught. My interest re-emerged when I read the book about it after it was all over. I had to read the book, you see, because I wanted to see why she got the book deal and I didn't. But my Astrology brain was still alive and well and I was curious. From the book, I got the birth charts for the victims and could not resist looking. I ended up matching them with Rollings and the results were amazing. He killed both Sonja and Christie but he killed Sonja fast and spent a lot of time with Christie. He and Christies charts had so many aspects and points that I would have thought that under other conditions they might have been lovers. So there was the attraction. That simple. And his chart did not mesh as strongly with Sonjas. This pattern remained true with all the other victims as well. All of the crimes, except the murder of Manny, of course, were sexual crimes. The sex aspects were present in the charts of the women he stalked and targeted, proving that this was based on attraction. But the real eye openers were the charts I ran up and progressed for each of the nights of the murders. There it was again: the Plaedies on the midheaven. It throttled me. I knew then, at that moment, that there was something to this and I had to keep on doing it.

Currently, I had wanted to have a blog. I wasn't sure at first what I wanted to write about but I knew I wanted to write about something. Having given up my quest to become a writer of fiction, I still had a hankering to beat out the big publishers and get my stuff out there somehow. Back in the day, there was no recourse but to take a big fat no from the big boys and go home and be quiet. But now the internet allows us to write all we want, about whatever we want, and for people to read it if they want to. And it doesn't cost everybody a bunch of money nor does it destroy a forest full of trees. I had been selling on the internet since 2003 so it was a natural progression for me to try my hand at blogging. And, of course, the first thought I had was to write about Astrology. I'd had some success with it before.. and this time I could write about what I wanted to after all. And, again, let me iterate my other purpose in doing this: to help somebody. I only hope it does.

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Nancy Cooper

Housewife Goes Jogging & Ends Up Dead

From the news:

Nancy's body was found by a man walking his dog Monday evening in the Oaks at Meadow Ridge neighborhood, which is under construction. It is in a 5-mile radius of the Cooper home.

Police are not saying what kind or how much evidence has been collected from the scene where the body was discovered.

Just minutes after announcing Nancy Cooper's death is a homicide investigation, Cary Police put crime scene tape around the Cooper's home on Wallsburg Court in Cary.

Authorities have not said whether Nancy was killed where her body was found, somewhere else or at her home.

"The last time that she [Nancy] was seen was by her husband, Brad Cooper, just before she was to go out for a jog, about 7 o'clock," Bazemore said.

General Timelines I gathered on various forums:

Friday, July 11, 2008.......Evening, Nancy Cooper is reported to be at a neighborhood get together or informal cocktail party or as some said 'block party.'
Saturday, July 12, 2008....After 12:00 Midnight, Nancy was last seen by her friends and neighbors, as she left to return home. (it's been reported, husband Brad did not attend the neighborhood party)
Saturday, July 12, 2008...6:30 - 7:00...Husband Brad said was the last time he saw Nancy as she left to go jogging.
Saturday, July 12, 2008...2:00 - 2:45, Nancy was scheduled to go paint with her friend Jessica Adam, later on Saturday. When Nancy didn't show up, Jessica called Brad. He claimed Nancy went jogging with a friend earlier and hadn't returned.
Saturday, July 12, 2008...2:51....Concerned for her friend and with an uneasy feeling, Jessica Adam contacted LE to report Nancy missing.
Sunday, July 13, 2008 - Police and volunteers search for the missing jogger, Nancy Cooper. Not sure of what trail she had taken, Brad had given LE three separate routes she may have gone.
Monday, July 14, 2008 - 7:30 p.m. - A man walking his dog found the body of a woman, near a cul de sac in The Oaks at Meadowridge off Holly Springs Road. (This was not one of the routes Nancy normally followed)
As of Saturday, July 19, 2008, there is NO Person of Interest NOR Suspect in the murder of Nancy Cooper. The investigation continues.

Here is another woman who goes jogging in North Carolina and ends up dead. What's up with that? A lot of murder going on in NC these days. From college students shot in drivebys or murdered and left on riverbanks to young mothers who go out for a morning jog. Of course, this seems to be the case nationwide, murder is on a huge upsurge, and here in Florida we are no exception. We have way too many missing kids cases, from Jessica Lundsford to Trenton Duckett and now Caylee Anthony. None of us are immune and it's just really sad. So I will take another shot at a crime and see if I can shed some light on it. Here is what I find for the murder of Nancy Cooper.

The first chart is for the time at which she was last seen by friends, 12:30 am on Saturday morning as she was leaving the party. Aries is rising and Libra is falling. Mars is in the sixth house close to Saturn, indicating that Nancy thought of the party as an obligation, either because of work associations or because she was doing someone a favor. I don't know what Nancy did for work but she may have been passing out business cards or networking. Otherwise, she felt obligated because she had promised a friend she would be there and her friend needed her help in some way. Libra, which rules her husband, is signified by Venus in the fourth house, showing that her husband stayed home and did not attend. Venus is close to the Sun so he had a male friend over perhaps or was spending time with his oldest son, his father or a brother. Both Venus and the Sun are disposed of by the Moon in Scorpio in the eighth house so the conversation between the men was about Nancy. The Moon is disposed of by Pluto in Sagittarius in the ninth house so it might be that Nancy was considering going back to school or taking a class or course of some kind and this was a problem for her husband. Because Pluto is square to Uranus, her husband was upset because his wife going back to school would change their daily routine.

Nancy was still alive and well at 1 am, as she has just left the party. The chart for that hour shows she spent some time with her children when she got back home (Mars moves into the fifth house disposed of by Mercury in the third). Venus is still in the fourth house and the Sun is moving into the third. This shows her husband still at home and his friend on his way out to his car. By 1:15, the Sun is in the third house and his friend is driving home. Mars is shadowed closely by Saturn showing that everything Nancy is doing is both a habit and a duty. She may have feelings of being put upon and too much being expected of her. She may also be living with some degree of fear. For sure, she is burdened in a painful way. But at 1 am she was still alive and well and every chart I did from that point forward showed nothing new but her being with her children. In fact, all night her significators stay in the fifth house, showing that she either sleeps in the children's room with them or in a rec room or den or possibly even in a "mother in law" unit on the property. She does not sleep in "her room" with her husband.

So, seeing nothing new in the late night charts, I move right ahead to the chart for the time she was said to go jogging. And I was hit with a surprise right away. The charts for 6 am, 7am and 7:30 am show Nancy still at home, not jogging at all. And the chart for 7:30 am shows definite signs that she may already be dead. So this set me back. All of a sudden, I wasn't looking for a jogging trail murder or a woman who might have slipped off to meet someone, but now I was dealing with a woman who was said to have gone jogging but who, in fact, never left her home. So my charting changes again. I draw up a chart for 7:30 am and read it CLOSELY. Look at the chart and follow me now. Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling. The Sun is in the twelfth house in Cancer disposed of by the Moon in Scorpio in the fourth. The seventh house ruler, Uranus, is placed in the eighth house in the sign Pisces. And the very first aspect the Sun makes is an exact trine to Uranus. Quite a loop. And the loop moves between the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses. With her ruler in the twelfth, to boot, this is looking an awful lot like death. To wrap this all up for me, I see that Uranus is disposed of by Neptune in the seventh house and nearby in the seventh house, sits the North Node. And the North Node is nearly exactly inconjunct to the Sun, Nancy's ruler. I just don't see how she could survive these aspects. And so now I am trying to pin point the time of death and cause of death, if I can.

From a series of charts that I will show you some of here on the blog, I reckon that she actually died sometime just before 7 am. Something like 6:53 or thereabouts. But she was actually assaulted a few moments earlier, some time between 6:30 and 6:45 am. Why do I think this? Well, for one thing, the charts show Nancy entering the house at just before 6:30 am. I see this because Cancer is rising and the Moon is just crossing over the fifth to fourth house axis. She could be coming to the main house from the place she sleeps or she could have gone out and come back in but she is entering the house at this hour. At just around the same time, the seventh house is taken by Capricorn and Saturn rears its head in the second house, exactly conjunct to Mars. Both Saturn and Mars are in Virgo and are disposed of Mercury in the twelfth house. As she entered the house, someone snuck up on her and assaulted her. She was struck or assaulted with something that she herself owned, whether is was a weapon or not. Mercury and Mars in Virgo combined with the Moon make me think that she was strangled, smothered or throttled somehow; it looks like her breath was stopped. Again I think it was something she owned; her pillow, her belt, her sash, something like that.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Now, the thing is, I cannot say that it was her husband who did this. In fact, I get a feeling (and there is nothing scientific at all about my feelings) that this is the person who was visiting her husband the night before. This person is older than her husband and much more aggressive. I know from the charts I did for the night before that these two men were discussing Nancy. But was her husband asking this man to kill her? Or did this man just take it upon himself to do her husband a favor? A favor that he may not have really wanted? I just can't be sure. But this man who killed her is aggressive, angry, hard to control. The combination of Uranus, Neptune, Mars and Saturn is heavy duty. This is not some beginner. He may have done violent crimes in the past and was certainly, at least, no stranger to abuse.

But of course right away my concern arises over her body. How could her husband not have been involved if her body is right there in the house and then is not found for 2 days? I am not sure. So I continue to look at charts, trying to see the future course of events. And I find what I'm looking for on a progression done for 9 am. Mars and Saturn are in the first house, the Moon is moving into the third house and the Sun is in the eleventh house. Leo is still rising. Her body is moved from the house and placed in a car but not her car and not her husbands car. It appears to be a friends car (Sun in the eleventh). This is why they found nothing in the family vehicles. She was placed in a car belonging to an unknown third person. Again, whether her husband was involved in this is not known to me. He might have been at work or elsewhere when all this happens. After all, it has been said that they were having problems and not spending time together. This was his excuse for having not reported her missing. He wasn't used to paying attention to what she did or where she went. So his involvement is a job for the cops and I'm sorry I can't get any further with it here.

Now I feel compelled to run charts forward in both horary and progressed aspects until I find something more. And it looks to me that at around 11:30 am this other person drops her out of the car. At this point, I see Virgo rising with Mercury now in the tenth house of the public. Mercury is disposed of by the Moon, just rolling out of the third into the second house. The Moon is in Scorpio in the second so he places her somewhat hidden, even though it's out in the open he partially hides her. The second house points at a small wooded area with little animals like Turtles, Raccoons and Squirrels. Scorpio implies a water source nearby... anything from a water fountain to a retention pond to a swimming hole. There may also be snakes in the area. Another interesting aspect here is that the Moon is disposed of by Pluto which sits right at the Nadir. This implies the area is near a neighborhood or suburban area where homes are nearby. Not Nancy's neighborhood but another family neighborhood. But she wasn't found right away. Why, I cannot say. But she was discovered two days later in the evening hours.

So the last chart I draw up is for the time at which she was finally discovered. Not until 2 days later, on July 14th at 7:30 in the evening. Someone just walking by, it seems. And so that tells me that the area is not commonly travelled. Not many people walk through there and those that do are probably in cars. This man was walking his dog. And so he comes across her, partially hidden but out in the open, in a neighborhood. In this chart, Capricorn is rising and Saturn is conjoined with Mars in the eighth house. It must have been immediately obvious that she had died a violent death. She must have had bruises, cuts or other external damage. Mars and Saturn are disposed of by Mercury at the seventh house cusp, which again makes me think she was strangled. Pluto in Sagittarius is in the twelfth house, so something drew his attention to it. It was probably nasty, knowing the effects of Pluto, so it was a smell or some other offensive detail.

Now I will try, as I always do, to give a description of her killer. There are many traditional Astrological definitions given to placements of the stars and planets that are believed to define individual characteristics. Not unlike Palm Reading or Body Morphology. So, taking the chart for the moment of death, I see that her attacker is defined by Capricorn falling on the descendant. Saturn is in Virgo and is therefor the marker that defines our killer. Saturn in Virgo defines someone rather tall, or at the very least, medium tall. This means 6 feet to 6 feet and a half in height. This person is thin with long features, such as a long nose, chin or long lower lip. He has a high forehead and a swarthy, even sallow, complexion. He could be white, black or brown. Whatever race, his complexion is darker than average. His hair and eyes are black or very dark brown. This person is reserved, subtle and extremely careful. However, he is also malicious and vindictive and steals from others easily. He is clever and slick and hard to catch. He may be a lifelong criminal.

Now, regardless of my reading, there are no suspects, no clues, no persons of interest in this case. If you know something about this case, if you have heard, seen or suspected someone or something in this matter, then you should call the Cary, North Caroline Police Dept at (919) 469-4012. Or if you can't afford a phone call or are afraid to call, then go to this site and use the email link: Do whatever you can. God bless the Coopers and I hope they find her killer soon. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Eddie Pieron

College Boy Stabbed To Death in Miami

I saw this on Greta's show on Fox News. She has a good show and it's where I saw the story on Irina Yarmolenko. Greta often covers cases I don't see anywhere else. Anyways, this boy was killed in Miami, which is not far from me, going to the University. I know a lot of people who went to Miami U. But Eddie was living a high life in my opinion, in a three bedroom home in South Miami, near the hottest nightlife scene in the state. Lots of trouble for college boys to get happily into.

But this is a strange one. He was seen on video shopping at a CVS around noon, he was text messaging friends at 1 pm and then his friend drops by his place at 2:30 pm to discover a blood soaked murder scene with this boy dead. No clues. No leads. No suspects. The only kink in this story is a previous break in at the house where men with guns robbed the boys of their cash. $600 was taken. Not a gold mine but enough to cause someone to consider returning there for more, perhaps.

The police aren't saying exactly how he died except it has been reported in various places that he was stabbed. This does not mean he was not also shot but it does kind of rule out the idea that the robbers returned. Nothing was stolen this time, first off, but robbers rarely stab their victims. They just don't want to get that close. They shoot and run.

Stabbing is a personal crime. It is common in sex crimes where men are assuming power and control over women and the knife allows penetration of a sort, like a penis. It is also common between family, close friends and lovers. Only someone very close to a person would want to get up on them and stab them, drawing blood. It's messy and difficult. It's usually done in a fit of rage or perverse sexual excitement.

So now that I'm done giving out my opinions, now I want to chart it and see what the stars say. And I find that the chart is unusual right away. None of the ordinary pointers or placements. It is certainly a challenge but one I want to try to overcome. In the first chart I draw up for 1:30 pm, the chart starts telling a story we already know. Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Venus is at the midheaven, disposed of by Moon in the eleventh house. He is living in an upscale neighborhood (a respected and admired area of Miami) with friends. Those friends, ruled by the Moon, are disposed of by the Sun in the ninth house, so they were not at home but somewhere far away, perhaps on vacation. One or more of them may have been foreigners. Mars, the ruler of the seventh house, is also placed in the eleventh house. He was in the company of a friend, but not a friend from among those that lived with him. Someone else. Mars is close to conjunction with Saturn so this is an older friend, perhaps someone from home? Or perhaps just a friend who was older in years.

Throughout the charts I drew up, Venus, which rules Eddie, is closely hugging the Sun. This points again at another man hanging out with him at that time. Both planets are disposed of by the Moon in the tenth house, saying that they were out in public together and were openly known to be buddies. The Sun and the Moon are in mutual reception so this friend of Eddie's was somewhat prominent and well known. He was a popular and charismatic person who everybody admired and liked to watch. He and Eddie made a team of sorts but it doesn't look romantic or anything sticky; just buddies having a good time. At 2pm, Jupiter reaches the Nadir and this means someone comes to the front door. Jupiter is directly opposite the Sun so it is possible that this third person was looking for Eddie's friend. Oppositions describe tension and combat. This person may have been looking for Eddie's popular friend and not really looking for Eddie himself. However, Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn, which is placed in the eleventh house of friendship so this person was also a friend of Eddie's, someone he knew. All of these placements and aspects put him in the company of one male friend and visited later on by another male friend. So I see that there were two men there when he was killed.

The Moon's closest aspect is an applying inconjunction to Uranus. This points at sudden events, excitability and the unexpected. It is an uncomfortable aspect and the nature of Leo and Pisces creates an air of sacrifice and ego conflicts. Someone feels like they are giving up a lot for the sake of another. I am beginning to think that the second man, the new arrival, is jealous of his other man spending so much time with Eddie. I cannot say this for sure but this is what the chart appears to say. Mercury, which is very strong in Gemini in the ninth, is opposed to Jupiter at the Nadir. There are words exchanged and someone really says what's on his mind. It is not pleasant for the man who has just arrived. He may have been flat out told to skeedaddle. Jupiter is inconjunct to the Moon so he doesn't just take his medicine and leave. They argue quite viciously in fact. This man feels he is being put upon and he wants everybody to know it. So they argue and they fight. The people who killed Eddie were friends of his and one of them may have been hurt in the process.

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The argument was over by 2:30 or thereabouts. At 2:30 I see one man has already left the house and is headed down the road. The other is making his way outside but more slowly. I do not see the girl arriving yet and the first man, the one who was with Eddie earlier, is still with him and it looks like they are in a den or library type of room. But it is an open area, visible from other parts of the house and even from outside windows, not hidden or dark. A room with schoolbooks or other reading materials, perhaps. Mercury is a fast moving planet and Gemini is a rapid fire sign. Quicksilver. And Mercury is opposite explosive Pluto in the charts, which shows that something swift and piercing was probably used in a fit of rage. Fortunately, for Eddie, it looks fast. He died quickly. Mercury rules the twelfth house and is now placed in the eighth, so perhaps a lung was punctured. There were two men involved in this murder and they both had a hand in it. Whether or not it was a three way fight or two on one I am just not sure. Jealousy and attraction played a big part in this murder. Eddie is governed by Venus which is placed in Cancer and disposed of by the Moon in the tenth house. Both of these men, Eddie and his friend, were handsome, popular guys. But they were also competitive.

There are no money signs in this chart. No one came there to steal or look for anything. This was a personal matter, a vendetta. Eddie was known to be quite the rogue and woman chaser. If he had been involved with the wrong woman, that could speak for a lot. Perhaps all three of these men had had at least one female in common. Or perhaps they were bi sexual swingers and just got in too deep. I am not sure. But money was not the motive in this crime.

At 3 pm I see the skies have changed. Scorpio is now rising and Taurus is falling. Venus is with the Sun in the ninth, showing a female with Law Enforcement or other authority. They've called "the law". Mars, which now rules Eddie, is conjoined with Saturn in the tenth. He is dead right out in the open and a lot of people are looking at him. The Moon continues to linger nearby, adding emotional depth to the scene. People were upset by this and some of them may have been crying. The big clue to me in this chart is Neptune with the Node hanging around in the fourth house. There is something hidden in the home that would give them a clue as to what happened. It may be hidden where they keep the alcohol or where they stash drugs. It is definitely in a dark place. It could be a photograph that someone hid or simply dropped and lost. I would actually say that it is a photograph for sure with Neptune disposed of by Uranus in the fifth. This photo would be of his buddies; the same guys who killed him this day. It would be a huge thing if the cops could find it and attribute importance to it.

The next big question is, will they ever solve this crime? It looks like they should be able to. At the time of his discovery, the Sun ruled the Midheaven and it was placed in the ninth in Cancer. Law Enforcement will have to look through Eddie's personal mementos, photographs, etc... to find clues. If they contact some of his family they might also get more answers. I progress the chart degree by degree and see that the Sun will come to the midheaven in 23 degrees. The Sun is in an angular sign in a cadent house. So it will be 23 months before they really have all the clues they need to solve this. That is 23 months from the day he was found. So counting on my fingers I see that 23 months from July 5 puts the time at June 2010. They may have suspects and persons of interest and they may announce breaks in the case along the way but they will not resolve this until June 2010. Let's watch and see if that's true. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Audrey May Herron

Young Woman Leaves Work and Never Gets Home

Audrey Herron has been missing from Jefferson Heights, New York since August 29, 2002. She was last seen leaving her job at The Columbia Greene Long Term Health Care Facility, where she worked as a nurse. At 11:00PM, Audrey walked out with coworkers to her vehicle where, after some small talk she said she “would see them at work Sunday.” Audrey drove westbound on State Route 23 in a 1994 Black Jeep Grand Cherokee with NY plates reading X233UV.

Audrey was wearing dark green medical scrubs and a blue turtle neck with a pendant reading “#1 Mom”, and a watch with a white leather band and white face.

It's about a 30-minute drive from Jefferson Heights to her home in Freehold, where she lived with her husband and three children. She never arrived. Audrey was a woman dedicated to her family and those who know her say she would never have just up and left.

Both Audrey and the Black 1994 Grand Cherokee she was driving have vanished. Extensive air and ground searches were performed by the NYS Police, family and friends as well as area volunteers but nothing was found. Neither the NY State Police nor the FBI have had any luck finding clues as to Audrey’s whereabouts.

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This is a real mystery and it's almost faded into history as there have been no clues or suspects. Some people think she just up and ran off and others say no way that's not like her. Sound familiar? Well, like all mysteries, this one attracted me and made me want to solve it. Did Audrey just flip out and run off? Was there a boyfriend in the back room that no one knew about? Did she plan it all out in advance or was this a last minute lark? Or was she actually dead... and if so, how and where? The first chart I drew up said a lot about Audrey. Gemini rising with Mercury in the fifth house says right away that as she was leaving work, she was thinking about her kids. She had some concern about one or more of them and this was on her mind. Venus in the sixth house, as she was leaving work, tells us she liked her job and felt comfortable there. But an ugly Pluto in Sagittarius was in the seventh house opposing a first house North Node. She had a "date with destiny" so to speak. And that destiny was brutal. I must also consider Jupiter, which rules the seventh house and signifies the other person in this date with destiny. It is on the cusp of the fourth house at 11 pm. This says that her attacker or abductor or murderer was outside of her home at this time. He very nearly went to the front door and may have even looked in a window.

The Moon, co significator of the victim, is in the twelfth house in Taurus. Audrey is keeping some sort of secret or doing something in private no one knows about. It may involve money. The Moon is disposed of by Venus in the sixth, so it may have been money she earned at work. There may have also been a friendship with someone at work that she had told no one about. The fatal aspect involving Pluto and the Node shows that Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter in the third. This indicates that something about her car either contributed to or created circumstances favorable to her disappearance. Her attacker either carjacked her, was hitchhiking and she was sweet enough to pull over, pretended to have car trouble, etc... or he may have been hiding in the back seat of her car or he could have followed her in another car and ran her off the road. Something about her car allowed this person to move in on her. Perhaps the visibility of the SUV made it easy for him to spot her. Jupiter is opposite Neptune at the midheaven, so he was able to confront her right out in public without being seen. Neptune cloaked him, even in the open area of highway she was traveling on with other cars passing by and passengers looking. She was taken totally by surprise. Moon in Taurus in the twelfth house, disposed of by Venus in the sixth, shows that it all started as she left her place of employment. Was he in the parking lot? Did he follow her out? It's all possible. It's also possible that this person worked with her at her job or knew her from that place.

And then the next chart, for 11:30 pm, the aspects get crystal clear. The opposition from Pluto the the Node is almost exact within minutes of the Ascendant axis. Moon in is the twelfth house and Saturn has moved into the first house. Audrey is in grave danger. Mars in the fourth house with the Sun tells me that he was trying to force her to go home. He was commandeering her and making her go back to her home, perhaps for the purpose of robbing them or killing them or something else just as sinister. Mars is disposed of by Mercury in the fifth house, again telling me that she was thinking about her kids. He is threatening her children? How does he know she has kids? Toys in the car? But there is something telling in this chart that I think is worth mentioning. Jupiter, this attacker, who is in her car at this point, is disposed of by the Sun in the fourth house. I would see the Sun in the fourth as her husband. This person may have known her husband. That may be why he singled her out. He knew more about her than she might have realized. Or perhaps, as I previously noted, she might have known him as well. The most telling thing in this configuration is the conjunction of the Sun to Mars. This man may have had a beef with Audrey's husband. There may have been an argument with this man around their home at some time in the past. Were there problems with a landlord or neighbor? Did someone Audrey worked with come to a picnic or bbq at some time and then argue with her husband? Was there someone at work who had feelings for her and might have openly resented her husband? These are all stories that the chart is telling to some degree.

And then in the chart for midnight, things come to a halt. Saturn is closing in on the Ascendant and the Node is in the twelfth. Jupiter is still in the third. This is what I think happened. Audrey was killed during the altercation over control of the car. She refused to drive the car home and he had to use force to gain control of the vehicle. She was a tiny woman, being only 5 feet tall and weighing around 100 lbs so overuse of force would be deadly. Jupiter, the Sun and Mars all point at a weapon like a gun or a knife. He used a weapon to gain control of her and at some point struck, stabbed or shot her with it. With her obviously dead or dieing, he is then driving the car. Jupiter still directly opposes Neptune, which is now in the ninth, so he has moved onto a major highway with the intention of leaving the area. He can actually hide out in another area, perhaps even has another identity already established elsewhere. I honestly get the feeling that he is a foreigner, perhaps even an exchange student, so if there are colleges in the area with exchange programs, they need to be looked at. If the Medical Center she worked at employed a foreign kid from a nearby college, then this person should be spoken with. Saturn is trine to Uranus in the tenth house so I think her death was a surprise. I don't think he meant to kill her, it just got out of hand. He really wanted her alive because he wanted to go to her home. Again, like I said, he had an interest in her family and may have known or known of her husband. Jupiter is disposed of by the Sun in Virgo in the fourth house. Her husband was at home by all reports and this is where the attacker was focused.

With the planets lined up the way there were, I am very surprised the attacker did not go on to her home anyways. He may have been there in the past and knew where it was. All of these aspects clearly state that this was not a stranger. This was not a hitchhiker or carjacker along the highway. I am still fairly sure that it all began at or near her place of work; he was in the parking lot, nearby on the shoulder of the road, following her, or somehow otherwise singling her out and coming for her. Things fell into place this night first because of the Node-Pluto opposition on the angles but also because there was a grand trine in place. Venus, Uranus and Saturn all fell into a tight grand trine in air signs. Venus in Libra, Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Gemini. This trine involved the sixth, tenth and first houses for the better part of the night. This points to the same theme: the first house indicates that Audrey was chosen and it was not random; the tenth and sixth houses point squarely at her place of employment and public life. Things lined up smoothly and events went easily as the attacker took his opportunity and cashed it in. Why he did this, I am not sure. It was personal in some fashion, she and her family were chosen. And there are some new planetary movements in the chart for 1 am that I find startling.

Cancer is now rising and the Moon is placed in the twelfth, repeating the fact that Audrey is dead at this time. The Moon is disposed of by Venus in Libra in the fifth house and Libra is Audrey's Sun Sign. I do believe this person had a crush or at least deep feelings for her and found her beautiful as a woman. Venus in the fifth speaks of romantic love and being that Libra is Audrey's sign, this points to a love affair, even if it's only one sided. However, there is a chance that it was reciprocal. Perhaps, at one time, she had entertained the idea or even accepted his advances. Perhaps this why he felt violence towards her husband. I cannot say this for sure. It just looks that way in this chart. And then this is where it gets wierd. Capricorn is falling and Saturn is in the twelfth near to the Node and the Moon. Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in the fourth house. This looks like her abuctor committed suicide. I am dead serious. It looks like he took his own life and he is now dead, as well. Along with this aspect, I also see that Mars has slipped into the third house, disposed of by the Sun. I think he destroyed the Jeep. I think he ran it off a cliff or into a pond or down a ravine or otherwise destroyed it and it has not been found. Perhaps this is how he killed himself, in a crash in the Jeep. If there are mountains or hills in the area, I'd be searching ravines and cliffs. All the planets in air signs point at high places. This may be where the Jeep is.

The aspects showing Audrey's whereabouts are a little different. Moon in Taurus and Saturn in Gemini combine to give a different picture. If they are still looking for Audrey, dead or alive, they should be looking in small wooded areas with small animals like Turtles and Raccoons. This wooded area would be near to a pasture with Cattle at the base of a mountainous or hilly area. She would be buried in the dirt or under brush and debris. With Pisces on the midheaven and Neptune in the eighth, she will remain hidden for a long time. Neptune is retrograde so she is buried in a place where very few people travel and of those that do traverse the area, no one will notice anything. Neptune is deep and dark and secret. Neptune is retrograde in a fixed sign in a succedent house and it does not go direct for 51 days. This translates into years. I hate to say this but I do not think this woman will ever be found. Four months after she went missing, during the month of December, the authorities went over an area very close to where her body is. They either flew overhead (likely) or walked or drove through the area, but they missed the clues if there were any. They should go back over the fly over areas from December 2002. She is buried or hidden somewhere in those areas. Particularly areas near cow pastures at the foot of hills or mountains. As I said before they should look for cozy wooded spots with small critters around.

Regardless of my findings, Audrey Herron has not been found and is still considered missing. She may even still be alive. Please look at the photos and make note of her appearance and the Jeep she was driving. If you see her or the Jeep or have any information about what happened to her, please call New York State Police Department at (518) 622-8600

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Spc. Megan Lynn Touma

Pregnant Army Dentist Murdered By The "Zodiac" Killer

This case riveted me when I saw it on Nancy Grace. I was grabbed by the horrible details: another woman in the Military dead, another pregnant woman murdered, no cause of death, no suspects, no clues.. and the most fascinating part: The Zodiac symbol scrawled in lipstick on the mirror and a cryptic letter to the Observer a few days later.

I have always been rather taken with the Zodiac killer and the mystery that surrounds him. So many murders, times and places, none of it making sense to me in a star chart. Frustrating, to say the least. And now after many books, movies and attempted charts later, I think there was more than one person who was the "Zodiac". Black Magic was hinted at and the costumes and symbols mirror costumes and symbols in Magical traditions. I personally think it was a cult. But I guess we'll never know for sure.

So my ears perked up when I heard the word "Zodiac" and saw the cryptic symbol scrawled on the mirror. There's something about lipstick on a mirror. Remember the "Lipstick Killer"? "Help Me. I can't stop"? And the "Redrum" image in the movie "The Shining". Creepy stuff. Makes my skin crawl. And so I couldn't resist taking a closer look at the murder of Megan Lynn Touma.


The case officially began on Saturday, June 21, 2008 when a maintenance man at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott, located in the 5000 block of Morganton Road in Fayetteville, North Carolina complained to an assistant manager about a foul odor emanating from the vicinity of Room 143. When the assistant manager investigated, a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the room's door was observed. It was approximately 11:25 a.m., and since the registered guest's checkout time of noon was fast approaching after a more than week-long stay, the assistant manager entered the room. There was no longer any doubt about where the foul odor was coming from. The body of a young woman, whose demise was not immediately known, was found in the bathtub of the motel room.

According to a Fayetteville police affidavit for a search warrant, the room was registered to Spc. Megan Lynn Touma, 23, an Army dental specialist who was being reassigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, located a few miles slightly northwest of Fayetteville, from the U.S. Army Dental Clinic in Bamberg, Germany. She had arrived in Fayetteville on Thursday, June 12, and had checked into the motel a short time later after turning down Army accommodations. She was last seen on that same day at Fort Bragg at a day's end formation.

Although the police affidavit mentioned that the bed in the room had been pushed a small distance from the wall, according to the Fayetteville Observer, and that the nightstand and lamp next to it were awry, there was no mention of a struggle having occurred there. Keys belonging to a 2008 Trailblazer that had been rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car were found lying on top of the dresser. Aside from what was contained in the public information document, including the fact that the cops were looking for items such as weapons, articles of clothing, cellular telephone, digital camera, computer, and so forth, the police played it close to the vest and were not releasing additional information at that time. They had also instructed motel employees not to talk to the press.

According to Fort Bragg officials, Touma apparently was divorced, but information about her former husband was not released. It was possible, said an official, that she may have been recently engaged to be married again, but no substantiation of that possibility was released. Maj. Angela Funaro, public affairs officer for the base's 18th Airborne Corps, told reporters that Touma was born in Seoul, South Korea, but had also resided in Cold Spring, Kentucky. She had joined the Army in 2003. Shortly after joining, she had been stationed at Fort Drum, New York, until being sent to Germany in 2005.

By the time that she arrived at Fort Bragg, she was 7 months pregnant.

It appeared that Touma had been dead approximately two days by the time her body was found, and the condition that her body was in due to decomposition made it difficult to immediately determine how she had died.


Fayetteville, N.C. - Police on Saturday were investigating the death of a woman whose decomposing body was found at a Fairfield Inn off Skibo Road, near the Cross Creek Mall.

Officials said the woman appeared to have been dead for about two days, and the state of her body made it difficult to tell how she had died.

The body was found about 11:30 a.m. Police did not release other details.

This case does not give me an exact date or time of death but the coroner says she had been dead about two days. So I rectified the chart in the way that I normally rectify birth charts to find the time of conception and came up with an interesting angle. From all aspects and positions I found, it looks to me that she was killed on the morning of June 19 between the hours of 9:30 and 11:30 am. That's what I see in the stars. So I felt comfortable with this method of "guessing" and decided to give a analysis based on what I found. The chart for that time period exactly describes a probable act of violence so this is the time period I used.

Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling in my first chart. The Sun is in the eleventh house in Gemini, disposed of by Mercury, also in Gemini, in the tenth house. Boy is this a fact! Two people were actually killed this time, her and her child. She may or may not have been pregnant with twins, which would make the chart even more interesting, but none the less, there were two victims in this case. She and her child could be seen as "twins" or, at the very least, two people. Mars in Leo is right on the Ascendant, so she was faced with an aggressor at this time. Someone confronted her in a violent fashion. Whether she was struck, shot, stabbed, or simply grabbed and forced in some way, it is not clear. But it was one of these acts that Mars describes. Saturn in Virgo is looming in the dark background of the first house, waiting for the turn of the dial.

Aquarius rules the seventh house and seems to do so in a lot of these charts. Aquarius rules the unexpected, the unpredictable, all surprises, good or bad. Uranus is sitting ominously in the eighth house, disposed of by Neptune in the seventh, positioned tightly conjunct to the North Node. This is a typical aspect I see in many murder charts. It means there is a "date with destiny" so to speak. Neptune points at the unknown and the secretive. Combined with unpredictable Uranus, these planets create an energy which allows unexpected events occur in secret. This implies darkness and events behind the scenes. All of which conspire to make it hard for police to shine a light on events as they occurred.

The most fascinating aspect of them all in this chart is the inconjunction between Uranus in the eighth and Mars in the first. An unexpected act of violence causes death. That's what this tense and violent aspect describes. Mars, the marker of violence and aggression, is also close to exactly opposite Neptune, the planet of mystery. Megan had no idea what was happening. She may have walked into her hotel room and been ambushed. Or perhaps she was jumped in the hallway. It happened close to her front door (Mars on the Ascendant) and was a total sneak attack.

One last interesting aspect I must point out in the 10 am chart before I move on to the next is the opposition from Venus in the eleventh to Moon in the fifth. Venus rules womanhood and it is in the sign Cancer, the traditional sign of the mother. The Moon, the natural ruler of Cancer and also a symbol for motherhood, is in the fifth house of motherhood. I don't think the chart needs to tell us over and over again that she is pregnant. I think it is showing me that her pregnancy had everything to do with her murder this day. Whoever killed her was concerned about the baby. Since no one sliced her open and took the baby (or at least this hasn't been reported), then I can assume they simply did not want her to give birth.

In the next chart, a few things stare at me. Neptune has moved into the sixth and Mars is in the twelfth, still in close opposition. This moves things into a different light. Did he poison her? Drug her? Did they do toxicology or was that something they didn't suspect? It looks like some sort of medicine was involved and maybe this was used in hopes it would be considered a suicide. Uranus in Pisces in the eighth house of death is afflicted by an inconjunction to Mars and a square to both Pluto and the Sun. I don't think she died in the bathtub. I think she was killed first and then the scene was staged. Neptune is trine the Sun in Leo so this killer wanted to draw attention to what was done here, wanted to create a real "scene" and the use of the Zodiac symbol was intentional. Neptune is also sextile to Pluto so the killer does not want to be caught. However, this person also wanted to be talked about, to be noticed. I hear there were letters written to the police. Somebody saw the Zodiac film and got carried away. Remember Danny Rolling and the "Excorcist 3" movie? Sometimes art does influence life.. and not always nicely.

The scariest thing in this chart for me is the approach of the Midheaven towards Caput Algol. CA is a violent fixed star in the sign Taurus and it has been present in a lot of murder charts I've read. It was in this aspect during the Gainseville murders, the Chi Omega murders and in seven other charts I've done on people and children who were abducted and later found brutally murdered. The sum effect seems to be to not only instigate the violence but to also make it a headline. The tenth house is the home of public recognition and fame. Charts with this configuration end up with famous murders. When this case is done with, it will be a part of something larger. I am not sure what yet.

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In the chart I did for the day they found her there were interesting points to be noted. Virgo was rising and Saturn was right behind the Ascendant. Mercury was placed in the tenth house and this simply means that they found her and they were searching the hotel room, studying it. The Moon is now in Aquarius and sits conspicuously in the fifth house. Her pregnancy would be a huge feature in the finding of her body. Whether it was the fact that she was pregnant that caused someone to check on her or not, the baby was a big deal to those who found her. The Moon is now exactly inconjunct Saturn, so it is known that the baby is dead. The Sun has moved to the first degree of Cancer and is closing a tight inconjunction with the Moon, as well. This same Sun position puts it close to Venus in Cancer, the symbol of motherhood. This configuration points at either her current partner or ex husband. Venus and Sun conjoined in the tenth house represents a public union, commonly known as Marriage or Engagement to be married. It really looks to me like this person, the murderer, was someone she knew well. And it also seems like he was there that morning, watching the cops. The chart says this and it's since been reported by police that the killer claimed exactly this in his letter to the Observer. Read the report in the on at this link: And at at this link:

I just do not believe from the charts that I see here that this person was a "serial killer" or a stranger to Megan Touma. I believe she let him in, he surprised her and killed her, staged a scene and tried to ruse the police with a letter and a symbol he'd seen in a movie. This person definitely targeted Touma and stalked her because the letter had been written days before the murder and post dated for 3 days after. So he planned the whole thing over time. All of this looks suspiciously like someone who knew her well, had in investment in her, and did not want her to have the baby.

Anyone having any information on the death of Megan Touma, please call the Fayetteville PD at (770) 461-4441 or (770) 460-4247.

NOTE: THIS CASE HAS BEEN UPDATED BASED ON NEW INFORMATION. TO READ THE CURRENT REPRISE, GO TO Megan Touma Reprise -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Justin Gaines

Young Man Goes To Nightclub and Disappears

From the FBI website:

Justin Gaines was last seen leaving a club called "Wild Bill's" in Duluth, Georgia, during the early morning hours of November 2, 2007. He has not been seen or heard from since that time.

Justin Gaines was last seen wearing ripped jeans and a gray "Abercrombie" brand shirt. He usually wears his hair in a buzz cut and may wear diamond stud earrings in both of his ears.


On November 1, 2007, Justin came home from Athens, Ga. around 8 p.m. He then changed his clothes and left for a friend's house around 8:30 p.m. Justin and his friends decided to go out to Wild Bill's, one of Justin's favorite bars in Duluth, Ga. Eyewitnesses last saw Justin around 1 a.m. at the bar. Then Justin called his roommate around 2 a.m. for a ride, but his roommate was unavailable. This was the last time anyone heard from Justin.

I found this case interesting. There have been a lot of disappearances and unsolved murders of young men lately, more than ever. I find that interesting because for many years it was always young ladies who were abducted and murdered or taken off and hidden. It just seems unusual that men would be abducted by a stranger, assumed to be another man, and taken off and killed. Jeffrey Dahmer and John Gacy come to mind, of course, but they were rare examples at the time and their murders were sexual in purpose. Currently there is a rash of murders of young men, some of them locally here in my area, where there are no clues or suspects. Rumors spread about a "happy face" gang. And garbage bags wash up on our beaches with the mutilated body parts of dead young men. It seems there has been a national explosion in the last decade of young men being murdered for no reason at all. I will be doing more and more of these cases on this blog because it is a serious matter.

I drew up a chart just to see if something came clear and was surprised by what I saw right away. This led me to continue working with the charts to see what happened to this young man. The first chart I drew up was for 2:00 am, the time at which he called his roommate for a ride but came up short. Right away I see that Leo is rising and the Sun is in the third house. He is in the neighborhood, just hanging out. Mercury is right near by and this points to the phone call. Looking for the descendant I find that Aquarius is falling and Uranus is in the seventh house close to the North Node. A chance encounter with someone who just appears on the scene. Uranus is disposed by Neptune in the sixth so this is someone who either worked at the bar or worked right nearby. A restaurant next door perhaps? Or was he a drug dealer who worked this area? However, it is also likely that this was a bartender or bar back from Wild Bills. He just appeared suddenly, ruled by erratic Uranus, and offered a ride perhaps?

Moon in the twelfth shows that Justin was insecure, not comfortable in some way. He may have hedged this guy or tried to fall into the shadows to remain unseen. Moon is inconjunct to Uranus so something about this person "rubbed the wrong way" and made him recoil. But the Moon is disposed by the Sun in the third which points at a car or other vehicle. There is no doubt that Jason needed a ride. Moon, Justin's co ruler, is disposed by Pluto in the fifth house and this clearly says that he is impaired. He's had a bit to drink and his judgment is impaired. So he overlooks his feelings, dismissing them as silly or unmerited, and things move forward.

Another interesting aspect in this chart is the presence of a Grand Trine. This is an unusual configuration and it means that things "go easily" or just sort of "fall into place". This trine involves Uranus, Sun and Mars with the Sun ruling Justin and Uranus ruling this other man. The harbinger here is the presence of Mars in the configuration, in the sign Cancer in the eleventh house. This Mars placement is disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth house showing undercurrents between these two men. Mars and the Moon hint that feelings run high and perhaps there are highly charged exchanges. This could mean a violent argument or confrontation of some sort. When I also saw that the Sun, Justin's ruler, is disposed of by Pluto in the fourth house closely aligned with Jupiter I see that by 2:30 am he has arrived at someone's home. From all accounts, this would not be his own.

By 2:30 am, the very first degree of Virgo has moved onto the Ascendant and Pisces is falling. Mercury resides in the second house in Libra and is in mutual reception with Venus in the first. Moon is in the twelfth house disposed of by the Sun in Scorpio in the third house. All of this points to conversation. Mostly it looks like talk about money. However, the conversation does not go well. Moon in the twelfth now disposed of by a planet in the third says that this man is now presenting Justin with his true desires. Mars in the eleventh guarantees fighting, disagreements and anger. Mars is a part of that Grand Trine involving Uranus and the Sun. The Moon is inconjunct Uranus, another aspect saying they don't like each other much and the Moon has just passed a square to the Sun so I am pretty sure that the fella who offered Justin a ride had ulterior motives. It's more like he had other plans.

I get the distinct feeling from these placements that sex for money was discussed. I do not know Justin's sexual orientation but I am pretty sure this man had either a personal interest in sex with Justin or had a larger plan of using him for sexual business ventures like prostitution or internet porn. The chart says that Justin was angered by this, that there was fight or at least a heated disagreement. And this chart points to violence in some form between 2:30 and 3:00 am. Pluto in the fourth house closely square to Saturn in the first. Violence that occurred in a home and ended with Justin's death. By 3:00 am, Saturn is exactly conjunct the Ascendant and Venus is also in the first, both planets disposed of by Mercury in the second house. This man found Justin very attractive and wanted to pay him for sex. That is exactly what the chart is saying. He may have also made Justin a business proposition; a way to make money from what he saw as Justins "good looks". This is the reason why he followed him out of the bar and jumped at the chance to give him a ride.

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The Descendant is now Pisces and Neptune is disposed of by Uranus. This, again, iterates the point that this person is unpredictable and erratic. He may very well be high on drugs or very drunk. Neptune is placed in the sixth house so he makes a living in an illegal fashion, such as selling drugs or porn or even prostitution. But many of the planets in the chart dispose of themselves so the chart is sort of closed off, with actions not leading to other actions but resolving themselves. Venus is in close square to Pluto and Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter which disposes itself. This is a closed loop that shows the violence that occurred was lopsided. Justin probably threw the first punch, in an effort to get this other man to let him leave, refusing the man's advances or propositions. This man did not want to hurt Justin. I believe he had grander plans but they were plans that Justin did not want to be involved in. So the fight ensued. This man did not want him to leave and Jason was out the door. But not before a fight that ended in his death.

At 3 am, Saturn comes to exact conjunction with the Ascendant. Saturn is also at the South Node. It looks like Justin has been "knocked out" or seriously injured in some way. He may well be already dead. Another interesting aspect catches my eye and that is the angles being in mutual reception. Neptune, on the seventh, is in mutual reception with Uranus; Mercury, on the first house angle, is in mutual reception with Venus. The receptors are the planets Venus and Neptune and they are inconjunct, again creating a friction or tension between these two men. Some of this is sexual tension, the attraction I've already discussed. Venus and Mercury play a big role in this evenings skies so physical beauty and business transactions are a part of the scenario. The mutual reception between the two points at businesses based on physical beauty, which includes the sex and modeling industries.

At 3:30 am, Saturn has moved into the twelfth house. Mercury rules both angles, Virgo on the Ascendant and Gemini at the Midheaven. I think Justin was suffocated somehow, he was choked or strangled to death. Neptune, the seventh house ruler, has remained consistently in the sixth house. So perhaps he was given drugs for some reason. Perhaps this other man gave him drugs to sedate him, to force him into compliance of a sort, and the drugs contributed to his death when Justin continued to resist. It's easy to smother or strangle someone who is partly incoherent. I have no idea if Justin used drugs, had ever used drugs or would use drugs. It just looks like he was drugged in some way. If he was resistant to using drugs, something can be put in a drink. They do it with date rape drugs all the time. And perhaps he was given GHB or some other knockout intoxicant. With Saturn now in the twelfth house, the murderer now has a body to deal with. Throughout the chart Saturn has remained opposite the Node, indicating that this was fate or an occurrence that was "meant to be". Many of the charts I look at seem to say this and this is another reaffirmation that death comes when it's supposed to and in the way that God planned. As sad as that seems.

Mars in Cancer is closing on a trine to Uranus. Uranus rules the seventh house and Mars is in the tenth. The murderer had the upper hand, perhaps the element of surprise on this side. He has been controlled by Uranus the entire evening, making his behavior erratic and unpredictable. Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception. He was certainly not honest or transparent. But Mars in Cancer disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth house near Saturn says that Justin did not expect this man to hurt him. The violence came swiftly and was a total surprise. The man was proposing something Justin did not like and he resisted but did not expect it to go this far. Saturn in the twelfth in the sign Virgo signifies death and points to the body. Saturn is close to the Moon, so he hid the body in his home for awhile. At least for the time being. The Moon will come to conjunction with Saturn within a few hours of his death (around 18 hours later or 9 pm on November 3). I think he moves the body at this time. So for my own curiosity, I did a chart for 9 pm on November 3 just to see.

The chart for 9 pm that evening shows an interesting picture. Mars is in the first house so someone is doing physical labor. Saturn is conjoined the Moon in the fourth house, close to Venus. He takes the body down below the house? He buries him under the house? Who is this guy? John Gacy? Hmmm. Both Saturn and the Moon are disposed of by Mercury in Libra in the fifth house. This person may have had a game room or entertainment den in the basement or lower area of his home. Justin is either buried under this room in the ground or is hidden in a secret place in this room like a trunk or cabinet or closet that can be locked and kept dark. Pluto is in the seventh house and Mars in the first, this is grim work. But it feels like he spent some time with the body before he put it away. Another weirdo. I am beginning to wonder how many of these people are out there among us? This man came from the bar, either was employed there or made his business there. He may have been a drug dealer and if he was, that was a red flag. People who live outside the law are not to be trusted. But if he'd been the bar tender or bar back, how would Justin define him? Certainly not as a killer. It is shown by the charts that the man disgusted Justin in some way, either he was ugly or aggressively sexual or just had a mean spirit. But something also made Justin believe that it was safe to get into this man's car. There is the possibility that Justin was kidnapped from the bar, that he was taken by force, I just cannot be clear on that with the chart. There is no doubt he got into a car, but how this happened I can't be sure.

In my efforts, as I always do, I will try to describe this other man. He is ruled by Neptune in Aquarius and / or Uranus in Pisces throughout the evening so I will go with these planets. Both of these planets describe a person of medium height so he is not noticeably tall or short. Both placements describe a person with a well made body so this bears out my belief that this person was athletic and strong. The complexion is clear with a lighter, or even pale, coloring. This man has a high, broad forehead with an oval face and wide set eyes which are probably dark hazel or green with a tint of gray. He has light to dark brown hair which is soft and curly. He has expressive eyes with long eyelashes and a pugged or upturned nose. He also has sweeping brows and most likely a dimple in his chin. This person is very expressive, entertaining in his presentations, and somewhat adventurous. He can also be very passionate, even jealous, sensual and overtly sexual and somewhat depraved.

Regardless of my chart and my findings, Justin Gaines has never been found and is currently listed as a missing person. This means that he could still be alive and out there among us. In the spirit of hoping that I am wrong and Justin is alive and well, please have a look at his photo and if you should see anyone looking like this, call the Gwinnett County PD. Their phone number is: (770)513-5300. You can also call 1-877-270-9500. This call is toll free and would be greatly appreciated. You can also make donations to help them find Justin by going to: Donate To Find Justin.


NOTICE: I apologize to the readers for the constant misuse of Justin's name in the original post. I was working on another case involving a boy named Jason and the cases were strikingly similar. Somehow, I mixed the two names up as I was typing the final post. My apologies and I have made corrections to this post. Also, I send my sympathies to the family of Justin Gaines. This is just what the Astrology charts seem to say to me and this is only one reading of those charts. There is every possibility that I read the charts incorrectly and that Justin is still alive. Do not give up hope. This blog is only an experiment, nothing more.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dane Chandler Williams

Young Surfer Found Dead In Alleyway; No Cause Of Death Known

I first heard this horror story back in January on Nancy Grace. At the time I thought it was just another wild child dead of an overdose and dumped by a nervous party pal. Dane Williams was an up and coming star in the Surfing world and we have all heard about how crazy Surfer dudes can get. However, since then, much more information has come to light and this case has turned into a real mystery. So I got interested in what I could find. And this is what I got from various sites on the web:

It was while Williams was in San Diego to attend a convention for Hurley that he disappeared in the early morning of Saturday, Jan. 26, after leaving the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel, in the Southern California city's popular Gaslamp area. Williams never returned to his hotel room, and family and friends launched an aggressive search for the missing young man.

Three days later, a San Diego citizen leaving home early in the morning called the police to report a dead person in an alley behind his home.

"The decedent bore a strong physical resemblance to Williams, and he was clad in the same clothing Williams was wearing when he was last seen," according to a release from the San Diego Police Department. The body, wrapped in a blanket and dumped 10 miles from the hotel in a rougher San Diego neighborhood, was identified by Williams' family.

The autopsy showed wounds to his lower jaw, right cheek and right ring finger knuckle. There was also a dried bloody fluid around in his nose, mouth and on his chin, the report said.

Williams was found face down wrapped in an animal-hair covered blanket reeking of urine in the dirt in an alley. Police found foot prints by his head and tire tracks by his side, leading them to believe his body was dropped off there after his death.

I didn't include everything I'd read and I thew in a little more than I needed to but I thought it was all relevant. I was going to have to draw up charts for several hours and follow the leads. It would be up to the stars to reveal their secrets.

The first chart I drew up was for the time at which he was last seen, stumbling away from the Hard Rock at 2 am. His hotel was walking distance away and so he did not get into a car. This first chart has Scorpio rising and Taurus falling. Pluto is in the second house and Mars is in the seventh. Dane was concerned about his job and his money for some reason this morning. Perhaps money was the reason he left the bar. However, Mars in the seventh shows that he had been interested in a female at the bar and had a confrontation in that area while in the bar. Either she rejected him and he was angry about it or she was flirty and there was another male in the area that raised a fuss. Nothing big. He didn't get hurt in the bar. But there was a scuffle over a girl or with a girl. At 2 am, Mars is in the Gemini, disposed by Mercury in the third house. This says he was walking around outside. Probably down a road or avenue in the city. Pluto is in the second house so this shows his concern over money or a possession or a job or some other thing of value. This was disposed of by Saturn at the tenth house so I think he was concerned about his job and his public image. Perhaps the scuffle inside was a close call and he was worried about losing his job over a silly fight or an arrest. Moon was in the tenth house, too, at 2 am, showing that he was out in public and easily seen by anyone who took the time to look.

So, nothing of importance at 2 am so I move into a chart for 2:30, to see if things move. The chart does change at 2:30 am, with Sagittarius now rising and Gemini falling. Jupiter is in the second house in Capricorn and Mercury is in the third. Mercury is disposed by Uranus, right at the fourth house cusp. Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn, just crossing into the ninth house. Dane made it back to the hotel. He didn't make it back to his room, but with Saturn in the ninth, the ninth house is the hotel. He met somebody just outside the hotel or in the hallway going to his room. Mercury rules the seventh house and it is conjoined with Neptune, so this person was either hiding or he just wasn't easily seen. He might have been hanging around using drugs or drinking. Uranus disposes Mercury and it's right at the Nadir, which tells me this person lived at the hotel. Uranus is in Pisces, so perhaps he worked there in the kitchen or around the pool. The Moon is still in the tenth house so he ran into Dane right out in the hallway, in a public area. I cannot say that he was actually looking for Dane, but the meeting was happenstance, sudden and unexpected.

Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception around the bottom of the chart, telling me again that luck played a part in this event; this person had a sudden opportunity and took advantage of it by being either hard to see or hidden. Perhaps being high on drugs gave him the nerve to do this. But he managed to gain control of Dane, either through an invitation that was accepted or by force. I do not see any violence at this point so I'm thinking perhaps he invited Dane inside for a drink and for some reason, Dane agreed. Could this have been another surfer or a "fan" of some sort? Someone that flattered Dane and gained his confidence? The very interesting aspect in this chart is the conjunction of Pluto and Venus in the first house. This almost looks like a sexual attraction to me but with nothing in the fifth house I cannot say this is a fact. It just sort of looks that way.

Moving on to 3 am, I see that one aspect is angular and fast. The Moon is closing on a square with Mars in the seventh. Within the next hour or two, the square would become exact. Both of these planets are disposed of by Mercury, placed in the third house, closely aligned with Neptune. These two were drinking together and arguing at some point. Neither of them was thinking clearly, in fact, they were crazy with drink. The Moon drives emotions up high and Mars brings out aggression. With Venus and Pluto in the first house together, there might have been some pushing and shoving going on. I am not seeing sex and I am not seeing a lot of violence, just a little. Saturn is in the ninth house and this means they are still in the Hotel in this other fella's room. I think the way things look in these charts, Dane drank with the guy and then wanted to leave. This fella did not want him to leave and tried to confine him or hold him there. There was a scuffle. This may have been now Dane got the few cuts and scrapes they found on his body. The fight doesn't look explosive or deadly. It was a push and shove thing and it ended perhaps with Dane passing out. Jupiter is often a pointer at overimbibing. It is prominent in the charts of people who get really obese and in people who become addicted to sweets or alcohol. Diabetics often have a strong Jupiter as well. So with Jupiter leading him this night at this time, Dane was overdoing it. But I don't think it ended there.

Moving the charts forward, I see the scenario taking shape. By 4:30 am, the Moon has reached exact square with Mars. Saturn now rules the Ascendant, which has changed to Capricorn, and it is exactly trine to Jupiter in the first. Four planets in Aquarius are disposed of by Uranus in the third in the sign Pisces. Uranus is disposed of by Neptune. Pluto is right at the Ascendant. Saturn has slipped into the eighth house. During this time, this person wakes Dane up several times to make him drink more. He is still trying to keep the party going. He may be using drugs like Cocaine or Meth to keep himself awake, but of this I cannot be sure. But he keeps making Dane drink and I think Dane may have been sick, throwing up and whatnot. Jupiter and Venus are jolly in the first house but Mars has entered the sixth house, which means someone has had "enough". More than enough, most likely. When you've had enough, you toss it up. And then, as Capricorn takes over the first house and Saturn settles into the eighth, Dane passes away between 4:30 and 5:00 am. He died right there in the hotel, in someone else's room. Someone who lived at the hotel and either worked there or somewhere nearby, perhaps a restaurant or seafood shop. And then the next night, when this fella came out of his drug and alcohol haze, he realized he had a dead body in his room.

And so I think this looks like what happened. I am not sure what Dane died of. I know he kept drinking late into the night. There was minor violence, pushing and shoving perhaps, but not enough to kill him. There wasn't any gun or knife involved. The chart is not specific but it does show him passing between 4:30 and 5:00 in the morning. I don't know if the Doctors will eventually figure it out: organ failure, alcohol poisoning, allergic reaction, breathing in his own vomit, etc.... Did he have undiagnosed Diabetes, for instance? This is just the best of what the chart has to offer me and I think it's pretty close to events as they occurred. It's hazy in places so there are discrepanices and some facts are not exact, but this is close to what happened.

And in looking at the charts, with an eye to describe this other boy, I see that Mercury in Aquarius pretty much describes him. This means he is of middle stature and inclines to be fleshy or even chubby. He has a full face with a clear complexion and a very intelligent looking face. He is bright and attentive, energetic. Brown hair, blue grey eyes and nice features. This boy is logical and witty, often original in his thinking but he is also restless, sarcastic, often envious and scheming, telling lies. He brags a lot and likes to be seen as part of the "in crowd" and as having "glamorous" friends. He likely was fan of Danes or had an attraction towards him. No doubt, he was sad when he realized what had happened but his drug use probably caused him to make the choice he did. Fearful of arrest, he dumped Danes' body in a dirty blanket in a crumby neighborhood instead of calling 911. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon