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Robin Ann Graham

Young Woman Disappears from Stalled Car

From: Missing Angels:

Missing Over 44 Years

On November 14, 1970, 18 year-old Robin Ann Graham spent her Saturday night hanging out with friends. After she dropped her one of her girl friends off, she dropped her car off at Pier One Imports where she worked part time in Los Angeles, CA around 1:45 AM. She left the store driving her boyfriend's car. The car was known to have stalled out around 2:00 AM on the Hollywood Freeway going south near Santa Monica Boulevard and Vermont Ave. A California highway patrol man says he saw her standing next to her car carrying a leather purse, and pulled over to see if she needed help. She claimed that her parents were on the way after she called them and told them she had ran out of gas. Her sister answered that phone call and relayed the message to her parents who arrived home around 2:30 AM.

He later saw her with an unidentified white male in his twenties who had his light blue hard top 1957-1960 Chevrolet Corvette parked behind Robin's boyfriend's car. The unknown man was wearing bell bottom trousers and a white turtle neck top. He stood at about 5'8" in height. The highway patrolman watched the unidentified male get Robin's boyfriend's car started, then they rode off in his car together. The patrolman says it appears Robin got into the man's car willingly.

The next day, her parents searched for Robin and found her car, locked up and abandoned on the side of the freeway. Robin has never been seen or heard from

Robin was a student at Pierce College when she vanished. She also had brown hair and brown eyes, and is 5'6" and weighed 125 lbs. She was last wearing a blue corduroy jacket with gold buttons, blue jeans, red clog shoes, a red Jersey blouse along with last being seen carrying a leather purse.

Months later, a woman came forward and said her car had also stalled alongside the freeway, and a man driving a Corvette stopped and offered to help her, saying he was an off duty detective. She refused his offer, and he left. There's been no proof this is the same man last seen with Robin, but it is probable. The woman later identified this unknown man as Bruce Davis, who is one of the numerous people suspected of being the Zodiac Killer.

Davis was a serial killer who held California in terror in the late 1970s. He continues to be a suspect in numerous unsolved disappearances and murders in California, including that of a couple that was found in an alley in the Silver Lake district not too far from Los Angeles. Each had been stabbed over 40 times. Not to mention, the realm concerning Davis' connections with Charles Manson, which is a whole different rabbit hole to jump into.

Being there is speculation Robin fell victim to the Zodiac Killer or Bruce Davis (or both, if they are one in the same), there are other cases we must look at that could be connected to Robin's disappearance.

From Wikipedia:

Robin Graham was last seen by California Highway Patrol officers at approximately 2:00 a.m. on November 15, 1970, beside her car on the shoulder of the southbound Hollywood Freeway near the Santa Monica offramp; she was in the presence of a dark-haired white man estimated to be in his mid-twenties who drove a late 1950s model Chevrolet Corvette C1, pale blue or green with primer. Graham used a call box to ask that a CHP emergency operator let her parents know she had run out of gas. Graham's younger sister took the call and relayed the information to her parents upon their return home at approximately 2:30 a.m. They went immediately to the location where they found Robin's car, but she was not there. There was no note found on her locked car. The CHP officers had stopped several times earlier and spoke with Graham but did not stop again when they saw her talking with the young man; the patrolmen assumed he was family, the help for which she'd called. The CHP officers were acting in accordance with policy; as a result of this case CHP policy was changed to ensure the safety of stranded female motorists.

Graham had been out Saturday night with friends. After dropping off a girlfriend, Graham was dropped off at her car in the Pier 1 Imports parking lot, at approximately 1:45 a.m. The initial report had Graham leaving voluntarily in the Corvette, but the CHP officer who made that report was requestioned and said he saw her in the presence of the young man but did not see them leave.

The case was handled by detectives at the Rampart Division of the LAPD who thought Graham's disappearance was possibly linked to three other similar cases involving young women over the previous two years, including Rose Tashman, an Israeli-born student at San Fernando Valley State College who disappeared in 1969. She had a flat tire on the Hollywood Freeway, a few miles from the location of Graham's car. Months before Graham's disappearance, another young woman, Cindy Lee Mellin disappeared on January 20, 1970; her car was found with a flat tire, she has never been found. None of the other cases were solved and all the other victims were found dead in the Hollywood Hills. In 1975, a similar disappearance took place from the San Bernardino Freeway, in El Monte. The skeletal remains of Mona Jean Gallegos were found nearly six months later in a Riverside ravine. At the time of her disappearance Graham had long brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin and was 5'6 in height.


Although it was the possible tie between this murder and the Zodiac killings of the 1960s that first attracted me to this case, I tend to dismiss this tie after thinking it through. This case has none of the hallmarks attributed to the Zodiac. For one thing, her body was never found and the Zodiac was not one to hide his kills. In fact, not only did he leave them out in the open but he wrote letters to the media and the police, bragging about them. I cannot see what he would gain by killing this girl privately. It just doesn't fit his method of operation. And I have done some of the known murders of the Zodiac to try and see if I could find a thread. I wanted to figure out similarities in the killer to shed more light on who he was but I could not find enough similarities to bring them together, which was highly disappointing. In fact, the charts all look as if different killers were responsible. I have no way of knowing if that could be the case or not so I just let it go. I promise, however, that as I work on my system and refine it, I will return to the Zodiac cases and look again. I would like nothing better than to help shed light on that mystery. As far as this case goes, I am seeing similarities in several others I am currently working on, including the last case I posted, Cindy Lee Mellin. In fact, this case and the Mellin case sometimes get me confused because they are so similar.

But continuing on to the case at hand, I drew up charts for the various times reported and read them all. But for this post, I will start with the time last seen by a credible witness, which was 2 am and 2:30 am where the police officer saw her with her abductor. Let's see what these charts have to say:

This chart, run for 2 am, which is the time her car apparently broke down, is very revealing. I have always wondered about the car thing. If it ran out of gas, then the problem was money, not the car. So her boyfriend must have run out of gas or was low on gas and could not afford to reup so he left the car. Robin got in it and quickly found out it was out of gas but apparently she didn't have the money to fill it up which she could have done easily, even having the cop help her. But she had called her parents, assuming they had the time and money to get the gas and go get her but it appears they weren't even home. Or at least not for another half an hour. This is the 1970s and nobody had cell phones. So she would have to wait for her parents to return for her sister to relay the message. But my real question is this. If she didn't have a cell phone and was out on a highway without means to get to a payphone, which were, even back then, hard to find, how did she make that call? That's what I would like to know. I guess no one has answered that question. Oh, and the idea that she had walked to a payphone from a major highway, which would mean a gas station, I suppose, then why couldn't she have gotten some gas? And how did she pickup the car at 1:30 am and then be seen at 2 am on the highway and still have time to walk to a gas station and walk back? Hmmm.... I feel like Columbo right now. LOL.

Looking at the chart, I see that Pluto is right at the first house cusp at 2 am. The seventh house ruler, Neptune, is in the third house with Mercury, showing this other person to be with her car. Mercury also rules the first house cusp so Robin is there with this person with the car. So the cop was telling the truth. I had, for a moment, thought that maybe the cop had lied and that he was the actual killer but the charts proved that wrong. Anyways, you can see that the Moon is in the ninth house in Gemini. This puts her out on a highway. The Moon in Gemini is disposed of by Mercury which is, as already noted, in the third house. So she is on a highway, concerned about her car. And then Mercury and Neptune are both disposed of by Jupiter, which rules the fourth house cusp. This tells us that both of these people are discussing how to get her home, to HER home, as shown by the fourth house which is always the residence of the subject. So this explains why she got into his car willingly; he was promising to take her home. But there are already omens in this chart which will have to be watched. Pluto is right at the first house cusp and moving across it. Saturn has appeared in the eighth. Now, Saturn does not rule any angles at this time and therefor has no real value in the chart but the presence of Saturn in a moving chart is scary because at any time, Capricorn can move onto an angle. And then it would have real meaning. The other thing we have to watch is the Moon in Gemini, now in the ninth, but probably moving into the eighth house in a short while. This while Pluto crosses the first house cusp into the twelfth and Mars moves through the first towards the cusp. Notice that Uranus is traveling with Mars and that Uranus disposes of the node. There is no death pattern in this chart and she is not dead yet but these omens indicate she may be very shortly.

I do not know how much later the police officer drove by the second time and saw her still there, but the next chart shows what happens to her.

Pluto has crossed the first house cusp into the twelfth and notice that Aries is now on the seventh and Mars is in the first. Mars with Uranus rising to the first house cusp with Uranus disposing of the node. This may have been a surprise attack but he had planned it. He knew exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to attack her, surprising her and throwing her off balance. That was his game. The first house ruler is now Venus and notice how Mars and Uranus are disposed of by Venus, showing her to be his purpose at this point. The whole reason he is out there, on this highway, looking to do this sort of thing, is to have the opportunity to kidnap a vulnerable girl. And here she was. So as soon as she is in that car, on her supposed ride home, he attacked her. And notice Venus. It has been in the second house for awhile but now it rules the first so it shows us her location. To me, when people are in a car, the second house is the storage area or the trunk. I think he knocked her out (Pluto and Mars in the first) and then put her in the trunk. And notice that, just as I had feared, Saturn has moved into the eighth house and now it rules an angle, the fourth house. So everything is coming together. The death pattern is emerging. But it won't be complete until the Moon joins Saturn in the eighth. It will do this in a chart or two, but for the meantime, this girl was alive in the trunk for a period of time. But I believe she died in that trunk. He left her there, with a serious head injury, and she died.

So I am wondering what he wanted with her? I mean, only to kill her and put her in the trunk? To what end? It almost makes me afraid to look at the other charts. But onward we go none the less.

And here you see the death pattern complete. The Moon slips into the eighth along with Saturn. You can see Venus still in the second, surrounded by other planets. This shows her still in the trunk and it looks like there's a lot of junk in there with her. None of these other planets rule angles so we know these don't represent people but they represent objects. Just for the sake of understanding Astrology, I will make note of few things here. Saturn, the death marker, is opposed to Venus, the first house ruler and Jupiter, which just represents some object. I would guess that her death was facilitated by an object put in the trunk with her, such as a blanket to smother her face or something heavy set down on her chest, as examples. This is truly unimportant in the progress of this analysis, but it does help shed light on Astrology in general.. and I can rarely resist doing that.

So now I am curious but also fearful. She has died in the trunk, perhaps on purpose, perhaps on accident. Did he want to have her alive? Or was his purpose to just kill her? What will he do with her now? I have to move on to find out.

It isn't until I ran this chart that I saw her being taken out of the trunk. The death pattern is still in place so he didn't revive her or anything like that. She was still dead but you can see the first house ruler, Venus, has moved out of the second and into the first house. Venus is in Scorpio, which is disposed of by Mars and Mars rules the seventh house from the twelfth. He takes her body to a private place, some place hidden from view. It is a place where he hides himself at times. Scorpio can imply crawlspaces, underground plumbing reservoirs, standing water and retention ponds, landfills, sewage runoff areas, places with lots of insects, etc... so I'm thinking maybe some place pretty nasty. Looking at the chart otherwise I note that the node is now in the fifth, her body markers are in the eighth and his markers are in the twelfth so there is possibility that he was a necrophiliac or some other such pervert and wanted to spend time with a dead body. Pluto, Mars and Uranus remain in the twelfth which makes me think that there is something about death and dieing that intrigues him. Saturn describes fear so perhaps a fear of dieing drives his interest in death so he satisfies himself by killing others. And yet there appears to be a sexual component here, too, so I would assume he only entertains himself this way with women. The node is in the fifth and Uranus rules the fifth with Uranus conjoined his marker, would indicate a sexual interest. I don't see aggressive markers with the sexual markers so I do not think he actually had sex with her. Still, Pluto disposes of Venus and is also changing signs, so her transition from being alive to being dead has some meaning for him.

The Moon rules the tenth house (a marker for authority) and is closing in on a trine with Mars, which is a sign that he will never be caught. Whether they know it or not, the authority has done things that have kept him free. Moon in Gemini hints at disagreements and two trains of thought that conflict. The ninth house depicts the lawmakers and lawyers and it, too, is ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury. Confusion was a problem for the police and the lawyers could never agree on how to handle this case. It looks like they were more concerned in connecting it with other cases than solving it on it's own. I think the Zodiac idea grabbed them and kept them on the wrong track. The Moon went through an opposition to Neptune, which created clouds of doubt and possibly misleading clues. What people thought they saw may not be what they actually saw at all. Somebody may have outright lied about times and places. Both Neptune and Pluto are in the process of changing signs, so there were greater forces at work at the time that either clouded the clues in this case or turned people's attentions elsewhere. It never got the treatment it should have; that is not a personal assessment or judgment by me but is in fact shown in the charts.

The only change in the chart for 4 am (15 minutes later) is that Saturn has moved into the seventh house, showing her body to be in his possession. And the chart for 5 am seems to show that he put her body in an area close to his home and probably some place where she would not be accidentally discovered. Saturn is in Taurus and Taurus rules gardens and trees close to the home or even right next to the house. It also rules and describes dark closets, trunks, low rooms with thresholds under dirt, in fact, any dark place low to the ground. Taurus has this in common with Capricorn and Virgo. Pluto is still in Virgo here so this supports the same scenario. Pluto is in the eleventh house which actually describes hallways in the home and areas inside and outside the home where people gather. Outside, this is usually the patio. So I am thinking the charts are saying that she is buried in muddy ground close to the home and possibly around the patio. If the patio has pavers or other concrete or brick flooring, then that would fit as well. Especially if the area gets wet, has standing water at times, attracts mosquitos and other bugs and the pavers are often under dirt. This would fit the markers this chart is describing. So it is doubtful that Robin's body would have been found by accident and unless the police had a reason to suspect this person, the home would never be searched. And I think this is another reason he has never been caught and Robin has never been found. And, in my personal opinion, I do not think this was Zodiac but there is a very good chance that this is the same man who took Cindy Lee Mellin. Those two cases should be investigated for links.

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Scott Guy

New Zealand Farmer Shot Dead on Farm

From Wikipedia :
Scott Guy was shot to death at the gate of the family farm in Feilding, New Zealand in July 2010. Six months later, his brother-in-law, Ewen Macdonald, was charged with the murder. Macdonald was married to Scott Guy's sister Anna and Scott was best man at their wedding. Both men used to manage the Guy's family farm and surrounding properties on Aorangi Rd a few miles from Feilding.

Macdonald was defended by high profile defense lawyer, Greg King. After a trial that captured the attention of the New Zealand media and public, Macdonald was found not guilty. King attributed the public's interest in the case to "unadulterated racism" as the victim and the accused were "good looking white people". Two months later, King himself was found dead in a suspected suicide.

Scott Guy was shot dead at the end of his driveway after he stopped to open a farm gate early in the morning of 8 July 2010. He died from shotgun wounds to his neck, face and arm. His body was discovered by a truck driver, David Berry at about 7.00am. Mr Berry called the police at 7.08am and then called his landlord, Bruce Johnstone. When Johnstone arrived, he took a quick look at the body and phoned Macdonald at 7.16am; two police cars soon arrived and Macdonald arrived on his quadbike shortly after that.  Macdonald immediately rang Scott's father at 7.21am sounding distressed and incoherent.

The police alleged that Macdonald had held a grudge against Scott after the latter returned from outback Australia in 2008 and said he wanted to inherit the farm. There was an on-going rivalry between the two. Because of the tension Bryan Guy, Scott's father called a number of family meetings to clear the air. Scott was given responsibility to raise the calves and grow the crops for the cows. Macdonald was given responsibility for the dairy side of the business. The tension appeared to have subsided and Bryan Guy reported that in the previous 12 months "everyone seemed to be getting along really well." Two weeks before the murder, MacDonald and Scott traveled to Invercargill together for a dairying conference. Nikki Guy, Scott's other sister, said the pair had a "fantastic time". At the trial, the Crown alleged Scott still wanted to take control of the farm and went to one particular family meeting with an agenda outlining his demands. The prosecutor claimed "this might as well have been his death warrant".

One of the Guy's former farm workers, Callum Boe, subsequently told police that he and Macdonald used to go on hunting trips they referred to as "missions". He told police that on one mission in October 2008, they torched an old home on Scott's section. In January, 2009 about 18 months before the murder, they vandalized a home being built by Scott and his wife, Kylee, causing $14,000 worth of damage. At the time no one knew that Macdonald was responsible.

Readers Account:
Scott Guy was shot from close range at the gate of his rural property 8th July 2010. in Feilding, New Zealand, believed to be between 4.45am and 5 am. His body was found by a neighbor at 7.05 am beside his truck. It was ascertained he'd been on his computer at 4.41am and was on his way to start work on his farm, milking cows, just along the road from his house. He would have got out of his truck to open the gate. His DOB is 21st Dec. 1978.

His brother-in-law who lived on the same family property and worked on the farm, Ewen McDonald was charged with his murder but found Not Guilty at trial. Ewen's date of birth is 5th June 1980. He was seen in the milking shed starting work at approx 5.03 am. when he deactivated the alarm. There was a history of competitiveness and some bad vibes between them but also good friendship. Some jealousy existed over their roles in the family farm business - Ewen believing he did more work than Scott who was the owner's son and more casual.

After the trial it became known that he was responsible for prior acts of vandalism against Scott and his wife's property, poaching neighbors animals, shooting neighbors deer, bashing to death some young calves owned by a neighbor etc. Acts that showed callous destruction and deception.  One of the unanswered mysteries in the case relate to 3 pure bred puppies owned by Scott's wife that went missing from a litter of 7, at the same time. They were noticed as missing the next day- last siting of them was 7th July 2010, the day before the murder. Neighbors testified to hearing 3 shots around 5 am , which would have made it impossible for Ewen to have done it and got to the cow shed on his bike , turn off the alarm ,without looking suspicious ( hot, sweaty, puffed etc on a winter's morning - also he would have had to dispose of the weapon.- and pups ).

The trial brought up lots of inconclusive evidence, but public opinion was that he would have been guilty, based on his "undercover" violent escapades. Wikipedia on google will have timeline and details, plus photos. I've not been able to figure out what to look for to represent the puppies! It's believed they could have been taken earlier as a way to make it look like it was linked to Scott's murder. The farm worker who arrived to milk the cows also saw on the road, 2 cars, around the time, but no one came forward and it's not known if they were significant.

Also, the day before a dodgy stranger smelling of alcohol and cigarettes came to the house looking for Scott - he has not been identified or located either. Ewen, married to Scott's sister since they were very young, went to school with Scott, lived on family farm and treated as one of the family. Worked very hard, excellent farmer, hunter, into gardening, good at sport, running, karate, coached kids rugby team, community guy, asthmatic, quiet, bottled up emotions, didn't like small talk. Put everything into his farming.


This came to me from a reader and the account given was from this reader.  I edited out parts of her account that don't matter here.  I was intrigued, especially since there had been an arrest and a trial, with the suspect being found innocent.  Since then no other suspects have emerged.  So whodunnit?  I ran the charts and wait until you see what they say!

It is assumed that he was murdered between 4:30 and 5:00 am at the gate on the farm.  I always run charts for the previous hour or two to see what is in place before the victim is murdered.  There is usually something going on.  So the first chart I ran for this event was for 4 am.

The earlier chart usually helps with the seventh house reading.  The chart should show who the person is that is coming along, the person the victim is going to meet next.  Well, this chart clearly shows that this person is a destructive criminal.  Pluto rules the seventh and is sitting in the eighth, a clear marker for a dangerous person who lives a criminal life.  Mars also rules the seventh and you can see it in the fourth house, showing this dangerous person to already be on this man's property.  Mars is disposed of by Mercury in the second so this criminal is a thief.  Pluto in the eighth is disposed of by Saturn in the fourth so the purpose was to enter the property and cause the death of someone there.  Saturn rules the dead body and it is in the fourth, this while we know he was shot to death on his own farm.  Mars is also there, as already noted, showing that the bullet was fired on the home property.  Pluto is conjunct the node so it looks like this was planned out and not a random or accidental event.  This man was targeted and probably by this vicious criminal.

It's to be noted that this man ran a dairy farm. Virgo is on the fourth house cusp and Virgo is a marker for dairies.  In turn, the cusp is disposed of by Mercury in Cancer in the second house and Cancer is a marker for milk and lactating mothers.  Mercury is the merchant, the trader, the businessman.  The second house is how this  man made his living.  The charts fit.

Noting that the first house ruler is Venus and she is in the third house, you can see that he had just walked out of the gate off of his property and was near to the road.  The cusp to the fourth would be the gate to the property and Venus is into the third, not far, but far enough to show him off the property and close to the road.  Is it known that someone drove by and shot him?  Or did they walk up from behind?  The charts clearly show the killer to already be on the property.  At the same time, I see that Neptune rules the tenth house from the ninth, showing this person's home to be in the woods or on land without a structure.  Neptune means he is not easily seen, he is hidden away and the ninth house shows his home to be outdoors.  Was the "dodgy stranger" a homeless man?  If so, he may be the criminal they are looking for.

The thing about the 4:30 am chart is the death pattern.  It is almost completely emergent.  This tells me he died closer to 4:45 am than 5:00 am.  Although time is not the same on Earth as it is in space, it gives a general idea of the spatial time.  Here it appears closer to 4 than 5.  Anyways, you can see that the eighth house ruler is now Saturn and it is in the fourth house; the secondary chart ruler, the Moon, is in the twelfth house; the Moon is 3 degrees sinister to Caput Algol, a fixed star that describes murder.  The node is still in the eighth house, showing planning.  And Pluto has moved into the seventh house, a marker for violence.  In the seventh house, this may well describe the killer.  The interesting placement of Pluto in Capricorn would describe somebody who was older, thin, scraggly and dirty, living a simple life or a life of few means, in poverty.  But it would also describe somebody who lived outside of society, rebellious, upstart, somebody desiring change and willing to create chaos to achieve that desire.  Many people dismiss Pluto because it is no longer considered a planet but now a dwarf planet.  But I have found Pluto to be forceful and predictive in forensics.  Dwarf planet or not, it is definitely a predictor of violence, uprising and even destruction.  It is almost always a predictor of change.  It just makes me wonder how many other dwarf planets are out there and what effect they may have in these events.

Pluto appears to be a director in this case.  As a descriptor for our killer, it describes a rough person who has strong desires and will resort to violence and chaos to achieve his means.  The position of Pluto in the eighth house early on shows us that this person is also a criminal, someone unafraid to break rules and lives outside of society.  In all cases I have seen this position describes somebody who cannot be trusted; somebody dangerous.  I think this describes the unknown stranger who has been described as "dodgy".  None the less, the killer was someone who lived in the woods by simple, hardscrabble means and was likely homeless.  In the chart for 4:30 am, the seventh house ruler, now Jupiter, is in the tenth house.  This shows the killer in retreat, as the tenth house shows his "home" or the place he calls his own.  This "home" described by the tenth house ruler, Neptune, which is in the ninth.  So he has run to the woods to hide.  Neptune is all about secrets and mysteries and this "home" in the woods is his hideout.  He used it effectively on this occasion as no one saw him retreat nor did they look for him in the woods.  He got away.

Saturn in the fourth house shows us the body in the grave. We know he wasn't buried but the fourth house indicates the body is at the home.  And we know he was killed on his own property.  Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in the second so the killing was done for money.  Perhaps there was something this man wanted, as Mercury can describe a thief.  But it also describes the merchant, the businessman and has an affinity with dairy farms.  There is a documented feud within the family over the farm and the money it made, with some people feeling cheated.  Feeling cheated is a feeling connected to Neptune, where one feels someone is "sneaking around".  There is no doubt that this murder was the result of someone sneaking around but was it connected to family?  Was this planned murder committed by a dirty stranger but paid for by a family member?  With the tenth house and fourth house so prominent, there are strong markers toward family business and what can only be described as secrets or things hidden.  The tenth house ruler is disposed of by Uranus in Aries, also in the tenth house.  Uranus is closely aligned with Jupiter, which rules the seventh but is also in the tenth.  There is a possibility that this was a paid hit.  That this dirty criminal that showed up there and shot this man did so at someone's elses behalf.  Both Uranus and Jupiter are disposed of by Mars and at the time of death, Mars was the bullet.  Mars, in turn, is disposed of by Mercury, which describes thievery but also clearly describes the family dairy farm.  So was someone stealing from the farm?  Was that the reason this man was shot?  I cannot tell for sure but the indicators do exist.

The 5 am chart does not show much else but it does show me that the gun was disposed of near the scene.  Saturn at the fourth house cusp shows the body right at the gate.  Jupiter, the seventh house ruler, is in the tenth, still showing the killer to be in his "own place" or home.  Jupiter is disposed of by Mars, which is in the third.  The gun was tossed in the woods but not far from the road.  It would have been left nearby but not directly at the scene.  This man felt safe tossing it in the woods, even close to the roadway, because he knew that nobody would connect him to it and perhaps even that no one was aware that he lived in those woods.  His presence was as thin as smoke.  Neptune kept him well hidden.  Uranus in Aries describes an outlaw and also a place where outlaws hide out.  He was hiding somewhere nearby but in a place not easily seen.  Both Mars, the  marker for the gun, and Saturn, the marker for the body, are disposed of by Mercury, which is the marker for a thief.  I believe the chart shows that the gun was stolen and he disposed of it where it might be found to frame somebody else for this.  Mercury also rules the first, so this person he was trying to frame would have been connected somehow to the victim.  If there were any guns missing from the property, this could point to the actions of the killer.

Mars in Virgo describes a small  handgun.  Moon in Taurus disposed of by Venus in Leo in the third describes a neighborhood belief that this victim was wealthy and had more than most.  In fact, his own relatives believed he had more than they did.  In general, people may have thought of the family as show offs or people who were self indulgent and overly proud.  There could have been a lot of envy.  Female members of the family may have behaved like princesses. I won't write that in stone but Venus is in Leo.  But public perception of this family was as if they were royalty.  And there was infighting inside the family over money; possibly some people were stealing.  People may have been taking more than their share and feeling entitled to it.  With Cancer on the second house cusp, there is no doubt that this farm supported everybody in the family and everybody in the family felt it was theirs.  I think it's fascinating that the Moon rules the second house and it is in the sign Taurus, which rules bulls and cows.

Pluto in Capricorn disposed of by Saturn shows a singular purpose in the execution.  Jupiter in Aries disposed of by Mars shows the killer came armed.  This criminal came there to murder this man.  Gemini on the first house cusp at the time of death may mean that there was actually more than one target.  Mercury is in Cancer disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth and this makes it feel like a secret plot; a scheme.  Neptune ruling the tenth also hints at deception and secret scheming.  The person who did this is best described by Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aries.  So this describes what we have already discussed: a seedy individual who lived a hardscrabble life and had no qualms about committing crimes and living outside of society.  This person, as so many other criminal minds, lived (lives) outside of the law.  So the murder of this man was no big deal to the killer.  My only question is why.  Money seems to be a big player in the chart, giving me pause, especially with the markers for secrets and scheming.  It is possible that this was a paid hit.  I cannot find any ties in the charts that bring this man together with the family.  I do not see any family members connected to the murder.  So I have no idea who would have hired this killer.  In fact, it generally looks like this man worked alone.  Saturn in Virgo disposed of by Mercury in Cancer points to robbery.  Is it possible that this man just thought the victim would have money in his pockets?  At this time in the morning, getting ready to milk the cows?  It's possible but it seems sort of stupid.  I mean, would somebody kill this man in order to steal whatever coins he might have in work jeans?  Or are the money indicators telling us that he was paid to do this in advance?  This is all just conjecture however because the charts do not show motive other than theft.  Only those who know the finest details of this case will know if anything was stolen or if anyone was stealing on a regular basis and was seeking a way to cover it up.  But the charts clearly show a thief.

And the only markers that describe this man, Jupiter in Aries conjoined Uranus, describe a criminal.  An outlaw who may have spent time in prison, may even be on probation because he is living in the woods in a hideout, as if he were being looked for.  So it is possible that this wanton criminal was already in trouble.  But whether he went to jail for another crime in the meantime is hard to decipher.  So without searching those woods myself, all I can do is suggest that somebody should.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

David Micheal Grubbs

Young Man Decapitated On Short Walk Home

From Daily Tidings :

By Sam Wheeler
Ashland Daily Tidings
 Posted: 2:00 AM November 22, 2011

Ashland residents are shaken by what police describe as a violent murder that took place on the Central Ashland Bike Path Saturday afternoon."It's just really scary," said Susan Berry, 62, whose home sits a few hundred feet away from where the crime took place."We bike together frequently on the path," she said, looking down and clutching the hand of her young adopted daughter, whom she did not want to be named.The body of 23-year-old David Michael Grubbs, of Ashland, was found near Hunter Park by someone using the popular walking and biking trail at about 5:35 p.m. Saturday. Grubbs' body was bloody and lying in the middle of the path, said Ashland Police Sgt. Tighe O'Meara.Police have declined to say what weapon was used in the attack, except that it was a "large, sharp-edged object," and that Grubbs' fatal wounds were inflicted to his neck and head. Initial reports that Grubbs might have been a gunshot victim proved false once investigators were able to examine his body.

O'Meara said police believe Grubbs was dead less than 30 minutes before his body was found."It's just so unfortunate that nobody saw it happen," said another Ashland resident, who did not want to be named because she was afraid of revealing herself to a killer who was still on the loose. "I think we are all a little distressed. It's kind of odd to have something like this happen here."Her home also is a few hundred feet away from where Grubbs' body was found.Berry, who has lived in Ashland for just three months, said she was surprised by residents' attitude that they live in an oasis."People aren't on guard here," she said. "They all think they are safe."The last murder in Ashland took place about seven years ago, in late 2004. There were two murders within the city limits that year. The first was the bludgeoning death of predatory sex offender David Evan Rice, 68, of Ashland, and the other was the stabbing death of Samuel Rath, 23, of Ashland. Both victims knew their attackers.

Police said at this point in their investigation, they do not believe there was any connection between Grubbs and his killer.Working in conjunction with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and police from Medford, Phoenix and Talent, Ashland police will bolster its presence on the bike path, said O'Meara."We'll be performing extra patrols and performing some high-visibility patrols," he said, "both to further the investigation and provide a visible presence."Police on Monday stopped passers-by around Hunter Park, seeking any information about Saturday's attack.Police are requesting anyone with information to call 541-482-5211. To leave an anonymous tip, call 541-552-2333.

The Ashland School District sent an email Monday morning to parents of students at Walker Elementary, John Muir and Ashland Middle schools, warning them to exercise caution on the way to and from school, Superintendent Juli Di Chiro said.Grubbs' body was found only a few hundred feet away from the playground at Walker Elementary, and just a few hundred yards down the bike path from the middle school."Police are calling this a random act of violence," said Di Chiro. "That definitely heightened my level of concern around the safety issues with our students walking and biking to school."While she stressed that the schools are safe, her message to parents advised students to walk to school in pairs or groups and avoid the bike path if possible. Elementary school students should be accompanied by an adult on the path and shouldn't walk any route alone, the email said."That goes for all students ... the older students should be walking in pairs or groups, and keeping their cellphones handy," said Di Chiro. "He (Grubbs) was just a kid walking home from work."Di Chiro said that until police can identify a suspect, those precautions will remain in place.

On Sunday, Southern Oregon University public safety officials sent out an email to its students as well, asking them to stay alert in the wake of the attack."Please be aware of your surroundings when you are out and about," the email from Rich Walsh, SOU campus public safety co-director, read. "We recommend if you use the bike path to travel in pairs or groups."The email also recommended students inform others before they use the bike path, and to carry a flashlight, whistle and cellphone if traveling at night.Grubbs, who lived on California Street and worked at the local Shop'n Kart, was believed to be walking home from work, said some of his fellow employees and friends.Store manager Vernon Hull said Grubbs walked to and from work on the bike path frequently."He was just a great kid," said Hull, turning away before becoming too emotional. "I don't think there is anything left to say."Andrea Venenable of Ashland works at Shop'n Kart and was a good friend of Grubbs', she said.On Monday, she knelt down sobbing beside the still visible stain of blood left on the bike bath where her friend was killed."I just can't believe someone would do this to him," she said. "He was too good of a kid for this to happen."If there is any truth behind what they say about only the good dying young," she said, "then David was one of them."After about 15 minutes kneeling beside where Grubbs died, Venenable rose to her feet."What a sick criminal."Reach reporter Sam Wheeler at 541-499-1470 or email


This case was suggested to me by a reader and once I looked at it, it just grabbed me.  This is one of the most violent, outrageous and unjust murders I have ever heard about.  I mean, he is walking home from work and somebody chops his head off with a sword or an ax?  Right out in the open, on a bike path, in daylight?  Wow.  That's incredibly gutsy on the part of some lunatic.  This person had to be highly motivated, right?  But then why is everyone saying that no one hated David, he had no enemies, no one to fear?  If this is true, then this is a random murder and how scary is that?  I mean, somebody is brave enough to do this to a total stranger?  All of these questions just had my head spinning and I had to look at the charts.  I had to see what they would say.

Ok, I know the cops say he died about a half an hour before he was found and he was found at 5:35 pm.  So they believe he was killed around 5:00.  I am not going to argue the timeline but I am going to say that the chart to show me his death was one I drew for 4:30 pm.  As I've said a thousand times before, there are disparities between time on Earth and time in the heavens.  It can be variable and hard to pin down.  But take a look at this chart for 4:30 and you will see the death pattern emerging.  This does not mean he died at 4:30, it simply means that the factors leading to his death were already in play at that time.

David's marker, the first house ruler, is Venus and she is in the eighth house.  Big marker for death.  Combined with Pluto, also in the eighth, the markers describe a violent death.  Pluto, a violent descriptor in forensic charts, is disposed of by  Saturn, which rules the bones and the dead body.  So the purpose of the violence was death; this was no accident and contrary to general belief at this time, he may have been targeted.  Because the death pattern appears in an earlier chart, I run a chart for 4 pm, as well, to see if conditions are appearing that point to this event.

The first thing I notice is that the tenth house ruler is Saturn and it is in the sixth house.  This would be an indicator for his current location and we can see he is still at work.  But also note that the seventh house ruler is still Scorpio and Pluto is in the ninth house.  This person who killed him is already outdoors, on that path.  This is way ahead of his arrival we can assume since he is still at work.  Mars, co ruler of this attacker, is in the fifth house.  So we can assume the person is also in an area where people play and exercise.  We know the playground was only a few hundred yards away and that many people used the path to run and jog as well as ride bikes.  So the fifth house here makes total sense.  Notice the Moon is there, as well, predicting that David would be found on the path soon. Both of these planets are disposed of by Mercury which describes children (as well as the fifth) and we know the elementary school was close as well.  In fact, there were children nearby when it occurred.

The first house ruler, Venus, is already in the eighth even in this early chart.  It is disposed of by Jupiter in the twelfth and these planets are also in mutual reception.  Mutual reception and translation of light are two factors that bring things to pass.  The eighth house ruler in mutual reception with the first house ruler tells us that his death would come to pass; circumstances would allow it.  So in using these two charts, for the hour before the murder, we are able to determine viability as they do reflect the facts as we know them.

The next chart, for the time of death as reported by the coroner, we see other factors emerging.  In fact, it starts looking like David Grubbs knew his killer and that there was a personal reason for his killing.  I will show you what I see and you can determine this for yourself.

Notice that at the recorded time of death, Mercury rules the first house and it is in the seventh.  Notice also that it is close to the node.  By their placement in the seventh in Sagittarius, they are disposed of by  Jupiter, the seventh house ruler.  This looks an awful lot like he had planned to meet somebody along the way.  Or, at the very least, the person who attacked him knew he would be there at this time.  Either way, it suggests they knew each other.  Jupiter also is disposed of by Venus, which rules (in this chart and the earlier ones) the fifth house.  The fifth house suggests romance as does Venus.  Jupiter in Taurus is a feminine placement and Venus is a traditional ruler of women.  Has anybody considered that this was done by a woman?  That she may have been romantically involved with David?  Or, at the least, infatuated and possibly jealous?  Mercury as his marker shows him to be younger than her and possibly not interested or only seeing her as a friend.  But Mercury is also disposed of by Jupiter and sitting in the seventh, so it might be that his purpose in being where he was at that time was to meet up with her.  I'm going to pretend I'm on Criminal Minds right now and ask who it was who found the body. Was it a woman?

This is the time that police believe he actually died.  However, this chart is beyond the death pattern shown in the previous charts so maybe their timing is a little off.  Pluto remains in the eighth but it no longer rules an angle.  It does dispose of the fourth house ruler, however.  The other ruler of the fourth, Mars, is actually in the fourth.  So this brings the Sun into play.  And since it rules the fourth house, we are looking at an event that occurred very near to David's home and probably involved a neighbor.  This is underscored by the rulership of the Moon over the third house.  I realize that David used this path to walk home everyday so this makes it a "neighborhood" location and because of this, there were people who knew he used the path, especially people from the local area.  So this brings some things to mind.  We know this attacker did not work where he did because he was at work and this person was shown to be on the path already.  We also have a good idea that the attacker may have been a woman and someone either involved with or interested in David.  Jupiter in Taurus can describe a larger woman and we know she was older (his marker being Mercury).  I know it's not but it kind of looks like his mother from here.  Fourth house ruler at play with the Moon and Venus.  I do not think that is what's it's saying actually but that the woman is older and perhaps large in size and is either interested in him and jealous or just outright angry at him, perhaps for a snide remark or a rejection.  Mercury in Sagittarius is quite capable of jokes and snide remarks.

This last chart is for the time he was found.  I am not a psychic but I have a feeling that this woman either "found" his body or was hanging around nearby when they did.  Jupiter in Taurus disposed of by Venus with Venus closely aligned with Mercury, David's marker, just makes it seem to me that she never left the area after the attack.  She hung around to see what happened next.  And here's the reason I think she pretended to find him there.  Not only is Jupiter in Taurus disposed of by Venus with Venus close to Mercury, Saturn in Libra, the marker for the body, is disposed of by the same Venus.  Saturn in Libra, interestingly enough, is in the fifth house, which shows it laid out in the "playground" or "exercise area".  Libra also describes areas where people meet and hang out.  A body in this house could never be hidden or buried.  In fact, I am sure she wanted it found and she was maybe the one who "found" it.  I do not believe that anyone would put this woman together with David but she knew him somehow. Perhaps she shopped in the grocery store and he bagged her stuff.

Neptune in Aquarius is rising into the angular tenth house and describes all too well the confusion the authorities felt at the find.  They had no idea what happened or why.  In fact, they still don't.  Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in Aries, which rules the tenth house.  Murders are rare in this part of the woods, as reported in the facts, and something like this just took them by surprise.  They had no idea what to do with it because they had so little experience with brutal murders.  This is a part of the reason they are unable to solve it and they are clinging to false beliefs.  Neptune can do this.  But this was not a random attack, it wasn't some "crazy" stranger.  This woman (yes, I think it was a woman) knew this young man and had a reason, however ridiculous, to kill him this way.  I am not sure they will ever find her.

Monday, June 16, 2014



From Unsolved Cindy Lee Mellin :

Cindy Lee Mellin, a sales clerk at Broadway Department Store in the Buenaventura Shopping Center, had just finished her closing shift on the night of January 20, 1970.

She was last seen standing next to her car in the shopping center parking lot with an unidentified white male changing her tire.  The man drove a light colored vehicle.

At approximately 10:30pm, two of Mellin's co-workers, who had been picked up by their husbands, drove by Mellin's car and noticed the unidentified man jacking up her vehicle.

After having coffee at a nearby restaurant, they drove by her car again, but no one was there.  Having assumed the man was Cindy's father, the co-workers thought nothing of it and left.  They would later describe the unidentified man as tall and slim, between 30-40 years old.

At 4:45am, Mellin's father, Leonard Mellin, woke up and saw that his daughter's car was not in the driveway.  He then rushed to her room and noticed she never came home the night before.

Her father then went to the shopping center to look for her and found her car still up on the bumper jack with the flat tire still attached.  The spare tire was lying on the ground nearby.  The doors, trunk and glove compartment were open.

Leonard Mellin, Cindy's father, observed that the flat tire appeared to have been deliberately punctured with a knife, which left a large slit on one side.

There was no sign of Mellin at the scene and she has never been heard from again.

She was last seen wearing a navy blue dress with red buttons, a brown corduroy three-quarter length coat, blue shoes with gold buckles, a gold ring set with a single pearl and a red hair ribbon.

She is missing under suspicious circumstances and her case remains unsolved.  Both her parents have since passed away.

Vital Statistics

-Caucasian female.
-Brown hair, blue eyes.
-Wears contact lenses.
-Missing since:  January 20, 1970 from Ventura, California
-Date of birth: December 3, 1950
-Age at time of disappearance: 19
-Height & Weight:  5'6", 105 lbs
-Dentals: Charting is available and entered.
-DNA: Available.
-Last seen wearing a navy blue dress with red buttons, a brown corduroy three-quarter length coat, blue shoes with gold buckles, a gold ring set with a single pearl and a red hair ribbon.
-As of June 2013, Mellin would be 63 years old.

Unidentified Male
-Tall and slim.
-Approximately 30-40 years old. Would be about 70-80 years old today.
-Approximately 6 feet tall.


Another cold case from the 1970s. It seems like the 70s was a dangerous decade with so many serial killers and so many unsolved cases.  It was a "swinging" time as I remember with Womens liberation making women more brave and open.  Hitchhiking was also popular, as if nothing bad could happen to you when you got into a strangers car.  It was also a far more innocent time than today because we did not have the news coverage, the media interest and the internet.  Today, I hear about a murder a minute it seems.   But not so many of them go unsolved I must add.  Anyways, I have several of these cold cases that I will be analyzing here on the blog this month.  In this particular case, we know Cindy was last seen with a man at 10:30 pm on the side of the road.  Let's see what the charts have to say about what happened to Cindy Lee Mellin.

The preeminent marker in this chart is no doubt the Moon.  It is always the co ruler of any forensic chart but here it rules the midheaven (10th house cusp), is angular in the tenth house and disposes of itself (in dignity).  Because of these aspects, the Moon is a powerful indicator in this chart.  It is in the tenth house and this shows us Cindy out in the open, in public, where she could be seen by others.  We know this much is true because reports have witnesses spotting her at that time.  She is standing along a highway.  We know that she had something happen to her car, reportedly a blown out tire, and we can see that the last aspect the Moon left is an opposition to Mercury, which rules travel and vehicles.  Mercury, in turn, rules the ninth house and this tells us it happened on a highway.  Now, we know she is with a man who is supposedly helping her.  We see that the seventh house ruler is Mars in Pisces and it is in the sixth house.  This is the house of service so we would think he was doing her a service.  But notice that Mars is disposed of by Neptune, which is in the second house.  He may have done this sort of thing for a living and was hoping to get paid for changing her tire?  Is everyone sure she did not call a service station and had this person come out?  Perhaps she did but none the less the tire was never fixed because it was discovered, still up on jacks still with a flat tire hours after she was reported missing.

Other planets in this chart give us more to the story.  The first house ruler, her marker, is in the fourth house.  We know she is not at home but this indicator can mean she is close to home or, at the least, in her own neighborhood.  Mercury is there with Venus and since she is not with children, indeed, did not have children, then we can assume that Mercury is showing us her vehicle.  She is with her vehicle.  This fits with the known facts.  Notice that Venus is right close to the Sun, what is called "under the sun's beams" and take note that traditional readings will say that Cindy is in danger.  I have seen forensic charts with the markers under the Sun's beams and nothing untoward happened... but I have also seen those where it appeared and violence was the result.  This is one marker you should consider but not take for granted.  So it may mean she is in danger.

Another marker that stands out for me is Uranus right at the first house cusp.  This is a stronger influence over Cindy than the placement of Venus.  It has the quality of creating surprise events, things that just come out of the blue.  Uranus is in Libra and disposed of by Venus so it is a strong influence over this event.  It indicates that something untoward occurred and it seemed to revolve around the girl. There is a good chance she did something out of character and it cost her.

Going back to the man who helped her.  The seventh house ruler, Mars, is in the second house, as I already pointed out.  It makes me think he expected something in return for the fixing of her tire.  Of course, we know that he did not fix the tire but somehow she had gotten into his car and left with him.  This is what we suspect at this point.  The next few charts will tell us if that is true.  We know she was headed home and wasn't far from home, by the placement of her marker in the fourth.  The Moon in the tenth also tells us that she had no plans other than what she was known to be doing.. fixing the tire and heading home.  But Uranus also tells us that lightning struck somehow and the whole picture changed... drastically.

An hour later, the next chart shows, the Moon is now in the ninth house.  Not only is she still on a highway but she is now in someone else's car.  This bears out our suspicions and shows us what happened at that point.  Since Mars has not changed position, I would assume this was the same man who was supposedly helping her with the tire.  Another configuration arises in this chart and supports the theory from the previous chart.  The man's marker is disposed of by Neptune in Pisces in the second house.  This is the position that made me think he expected something.  Well, notice here that Neptune is disposed of by Jupiter, which is fast approaching the first house cusp.  Jupiter is disposed of by Mars, which is his marker.  So his purpose, again, seems to be to get "paid" in some manner for helping her.  Jupiter in the first, disposed of by Mars, shows this man commandeering this girl.  He has taken charge.  Venus is conjunct the Sun now within a few minutes of exact.  And both Venus and the Sun are disposed of by wayward Uranus now in the twelfth house.  Uranus and Venus, in fact, are now in mutual reception.  This clearly shows this man snatching her, by surprise, shocking her and forcing her into his car.  Jupiter is also disposed of by Pluto which is in the sign Virgo and disposed of by Mercury (the car).  She is in his vehicle, clearly, and not because she wants to be.  So we now know that Cindy was kidnapped.

The next few charts, I fear, are not going to be pretty.  In these cases, they hardly ever are.  I am waiting for the Moon to move into the eighth house, which should happen in an hour or so.  Also, Pluto opposes Mars from the twelfth house.  This precursors violence coming and when it enters the eleventh house, this could mean a sexual assault.  Perhaps this is the means by which he intends to collect?  He never did fix her tire, but what does that matter?  His true intentions were to kidnap her and have his way with her.

And here it is.  Right in this chart.  Mars has moved into the fifth and Pluto, opposite Mars, is in the eleventh.  There is quite a struggle going on with this assault.  He rapes her but not without a fight.  I see the sexual assault this way- Jupiter is rising at the first house cusp and from there controlling events.  Jupiter is disposed of by Mars and Pluto, which make up the sexual dynamics from the fifth and eleventh houses.  Notice that Venus now rules the seventh house and Mars is on the first?  With that change, Venus moves into the third house.  There is good chance he assaulted her in his vehicle.  Saturn in Taurus (ruler of the third), Venus in Aquarius (placed in the third and ruling the seventh) and Moon in Cancer (ruling the ninth and placed in the ninth) tell us about his vehicle.  These are feminine planets with double emphasis on Venus and the Moon.  So this is not a truck, a work vehicle, like Mars would indicate but most likely a large luxury vehicle.  Taurus indicates luxury and Saturn would indicate an older vehicle.  I am thinking possibly a light blue or silver color.  Venus and Aquarius point to a light blue while the Moon may indicate silver.  So it is likely this man was driving a light blue or silver older luxury vehicle.  I wish witnesses were more clear on what other car was there at that time.  I mean, something other than a "light colored vehicle".  The charts bear that out but it would be nice to know if it was a Cadillac or a Lincoln.

Another point I'd like to make is that there is no aspect between the first and seventh house rulers. This means she did not know this person; it was a complete stranger.  The Moon, as well, does not make or receive any aspects during this period; the closest aspect is a sextile / trine to the Mars - Pluto opposition but this is over 10 degrees away and will not finalize during our analysis.  The Moon has also just passed an opposition with Mercury in Capricorn and is now dexter by 4 degrees.

I am still running charts to see if I can find the death pattern and if there was a death, where the body might be.  The Moon does reach the eighth house in the 2 am chart.  But I am not seeing supporting placements.  So I move on to the 3 am chart and there I find more supporting placements.  The Moon is still in the eighth and it also rules the eighth; the fourth house ruler has moved into the twelfth; the twelfth house ruler is in the fourth.  This is a death pattern.  From the moment of death in the chart Saturn rules the body.  Saturn is in Taurus and in the fifth house.  It is opposite the first house ruler, Jupiter in the eleventh house.  She died during sex and he probably strangled or suffocated her (Saturn in Taurus; Taurus rules the throat).  Her ruler is in the eleventh, showing the sexual connection but his (Mercury) is now in the second.  This money thing has been consistent throughout this chart and leaves me wondering if he didn't want money from her, had planned to rob her, considered sex a payment for some thing or other along these lines.  I see money often in charts where women are stolen for porn or slavery.  But this just looks like a kidnapping, assault and murder.  However, Neptune is known to represent film and movie making so perhaps this was a snuff film.  These rape and murder movies were popular in the 1970s.  But at the time of death, as shown in these charts, I do not see aspects pointing at cameras, film making or movies.

We have a pretty good description of this man, given by eyewitnesses so I am not going to try to read traditional descriptors.  I am not that good at it and the descriptors are too narrow anyways.  But I might be able to tell where he may have taken her body. In the chart for 4 am, you can see that the seventh house ruler is now Mercury in Capricorn and this is in the first house.  Also, Saturn is disposed of by Saturn in Taurus, which describes her body, in the fifth house (cusping the fourth).  This is a strong indicator that he killed her during sex when you consider his marker in her first house, where it seems he was right in front of her, on top of her, somehow in her face and at the same time Saturn in the fifth shows a sexual act.  Saturn as the ruler of the body shows us that she was most likely smothered or strangled (Saturn in Taurus) most likely with his hands (Mercury in Capricorn).  These are earth signs so might we think she was buried somewhere?  Maybe but you have to note that Saturn in Taurus is disposed of by Venus in Aquarius.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign and often describes Uranian things like airports, radio towers, tv stations, runways, air planes or other flying objects, electronics and electrical fixtures.  As an air sign, it often describes things that are up in the air but the fixed nature of the sign brings things closer to the earth.  Libra and Gemini often describe high places such as mountains or tall trees but Aquarius would more commonly describe hills and places with an uneven skyline, such as rugged areas with steppes or buttes.  The secondary rulership of Aquarius by Saturn brings Venus together with Saturn as Saturn is in Taurus and is disposed of by Venus.  So the area where she is buried is most likely attractive in landscaping with flowers and colorful blooms (Venus), standing water like retention ponds or man made fountains (the water bearer, Aquarius).  The area would be small in size (Taurus) and would be inhabited by slow crawling land creatures like turtles, snails, armadillo, porcupine (earth signs).  The area may well have access to a lovely little park or memorial.  Her body would be buried but in somewhat muddy ground, or ground that gets wet and muddy some of the year and may be dry and dusty other times of the year.  Saturn gives age and weathering so the area may have been just as it is for many many years.  There would be no new construction or other development there, at least not at the time in question.  Aquarius has affinity for ground that has been disturbed so there may have been recent plantings or digging going on, but on a small scale.  The fixed signs would indicate that this area has lots of rocks and stones (especially with Capricorn) and is somewhat rugged.  Again, there had been no major fixes or upgrades done to the park, or the memorial, or the area in general.

This man who took her is described by Mars in Pisces.  We have a pretty good description already from eyewitnesses who saw him with Cindy on the side of the road.   He was apparently a tall, slim white man.  His clothes would be clean and his hair would be combed but his car would be full of junk and his home would be a mess.  He is most likely a mechanic by trade, as shown in the first chart.  He is also an artist in his spare time, he does something creative as a hobby, such as painting, music or photography.  I am pretty sure he took pictures of Cindy but I cannot see anywhere in these charts where he filmed this event or used it to make money.  He appears, from the general course of events, to be a man who trolls for women, offers to help them and then kidnaps them if the opportunity arises.  I think the uncharacteristic thing that Cindy did was to agree to go with this man.  He may have told her that he could not fix her tire and would take her to a service station.  Or perhaps he offered to take her home.  However it went, she went into his car with him, not without some cajoling and manipulating by him, but got in there willingly.  When he began to push her around and get rough with her, it was too late.  And I believe, after looking at these charts that the entire event occurred in his car.  She was killed in that car and dumped.  She is somewhere close to home, in an area similar to the one the charts describe, and is buried in muddy ground.

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Mother and Two Children Missing for 37 Years

Missing 37 Years: Mary, Jessie and Fannie Stuart
Mary Stuart (L), Jessie Stuart (M) and Fannie Stuart (R). (Photo Credit

ON December 10, 1977, 32 year-old Mary Elizabeth Stuart left her home at 10:00 AM in Honeydew, California with her two daughters, 2 year-old Jessie Flo and 1 year-old Fannie Fawn Stuart to run errands. Mary was headed to a television repair shop in Eureka or Fortuna, California, along with errands to the grocery store and possibly the optometrist. She was driving a red Opel Station Wagon with license plate number 456-AII, and was supposed to be home before dark. Mary and her two daughters were never seen or heard from again.

On January 19, 1978, the family's station wagon was found a few miles from their home on an old logging road.

FROM: Mary Jessie and Fannie :

ON December 10, 1977, 32 year-old Mary Elizabeth Stuart left her home at 10:00 AM in Honeydew, California with her two daughters, 2 year-old Jessie Flo and 1 year-old Fannie Fawn Stuart to run errands. Mary was headed to a television repair shop in Eureka or Fortuna, California, along with errands to the grocery store and possibly the optometrist. She was driving a red Opel Station Wagon with license plate number 456-AII, and was supposed to be home before dark. Mary and her two daughters were never seen or heard from again.

On January 19, 1978, the family's station wagon was found a few miles from their home on an old logging road. Groceries were still in the car, and upon examination it was discovered that the car's gas line had been broken. According to investigators, there was no sign of a struggle or foul play near the vehicle. The discovery of the vehicle did not give many clues as to the trio's whereabouts, but the idea of Mary leaving of her own free will with her daughters seemed even more certain then ever before.

In 1977, Mary weighed 135 pounds and was 5'5" in height. She has brown hair and blue eyes, and may possibly go by the last name of Danckert. Jessie Flo was 2 years-old when she went missing, and had blond hair and hazel eyes. She was 2'8" in height and 26 pounds in 1977. Fannie Fawn was 1 year-old when she vanished, and had red hair and hazel eyes. In 1977, she weighed 20 pounds and was 2'4" in height.

At the time of their disappearances, Mary was living in Honeydew, California with Byron McCray Stuart, who was her husband and the father of Jessie and Fannie. However, he would not be the one to report the girls and Mary missing, even though he should have noticed that they never returned home for the evening. Instead, one of Mary's friends reported that the three were nowhere to be found, and filed a missing persons report the following Tuesday. On the following Friday, 25 volunteers would comb through Windy Nipn Panther Gap, Bull Creek, Honeydew and up by Ferndale. The four-wheel drive club, mounted posse and Marine posse would also join the search that would turn up nothing. It would be a month later until the next clue, Mary's red Station Wagon, would turn up off of an old logging road close to her home.

From the start, Mary's husband, Byron Stuart, would be the prime suspect in the investigation. He had a history of violence and was described as having no problem starting fights due to his very hot temper. His failure to report his daughters and his wife missing was also a red flag. However, back in 1977, authorities did not have enough evidence to prosecute him in the presumed murders of Mary, Jessie and Fannie. Sadly, they would never get the chance to bring him to justice. In 1991, Byron was diagnosed with AIDS. In 1996, he would succumb to Hepatitis, taking with him to the grave the answers to what really happened that day to his beautiful family.

In 2009, the case was reopened, and police mentioned they believed Mary, Jessie and Fannie are deceased. Their prime suspect was still Byron Stuart. This time, they were able to interview people with information that they did not get to decades back. Despite not being able to bring Byron to justice, they believe there are other individuals who were involved with the disappearances of Mary, Jessie and Fannie. They made a plea to the public for anyone with even the smallest shred of information to come forward. Their main focus is to find the burial site, which they believe is in the Honeydew, Panther Gap or Petrolia areas. They also want to find closure for Mary's daughter from a previous marriage, who wants to know what happened to her mother and sisters that day.

This is a case that seems pretty cut and dry. Given Byron's history of violence, he seems capable of committing this crime. Byron also knew Mary's destinations for the day, so it would have not been to difficult to cut the gas line to the station wagon in the parking lot while she was grocery shopping. Also, why did he not report his wife and daughters missing when they failed to be home by that evening? Wouldn't he have been worried about them? My question is, was Mary thinking of leaving him? Did the violence and fighting escalate to the point she was fearful for her safety and that of her children? Byron did not seem like the type of guy who would be too happy about having to split his assets, not have custody of his children and possibly the responsibility to pay child support. If this was the case, it would be a great motive. Other questions I wondered about are where was he that day? Since he is the prime suspect as of 2009, it's doubtful he has a dependable alibi. If others were involved, who would have helped him commit such a horrific crime? Were his closest friends and family interviewed? Was Byron into drugs or the world of crime that drugs bring? Was he an alcoholic? If he committed this crime, there has to have been someone out there he mentioned it to. Perhaps they are too scared to come forward because they think they will get in trouble for having information all along, but it is the right thing to do!


This is one of many cold cases I found online that have few facts, if any.  In fact, the media coverage on these cases was very limited in the 1970s and since they have gone stone cold, the coverage in recent years is scant.  No new information on these cases because there was no DNA testing at the time and in some cases there were no witnesses.  This is one case where there were no witnesses and the victims have never been found.  In this case, most people believe her husband did it and got away with it.  Will the charts tell the same story?

The first thing I do is check the charts for viability.  For some reason unknown to me, some of them aren't.  Of course, I can't even think about doing a chart without a timeline.  I questioned this timeline from the very beginning because it was given by her husband, who was their prime suspect.  Let's say she was dead already and he just told them this story?  It has happened before, think of Susan Powell.  So I ran the first chart and studied it to figure out if it was viable and the timeline was correct.  I think it is and I'll tell you why.  They say she had a red Opal Station Wagon, right?  Well, looking at the third house ruler, it is Mars and this points to the color red.  They also report that she left to do errands and brought the kids.  Well, the first house ruler, Saturn, is disposed of by Mercury, showing her to be with her kids.  Also, Mercury rules little things like errands, especially things like getting your appliances serviced and going to the eye doctor.  And although this is not the strongest indicators I've ever seen, I went with viability and finished the analysis.

The thing about this first chart is that Mercury is in the twelfth.  Also looking at the car, the red car mentioned in the report, I see that there are no planets in the third so I am not sure she is actually in it.  But Mars is in the seventh, disposed of by the Sun in the eleventh and I do believe she was headed to a friends house, regardless of what she told her husband.  Errands  may have been for later.  Noticing that Saturn and Mercury are in mutual reception, I do believe that this came to pass.  Her purpose was to hide the children.  She left that house with those kids to leave them with a friend.  Notice that the Moon is in the eleventh house, showing us a friend.  Also there is the Sun, which disposes of Mars and Mars is the marker for the car.  So she drove that car to a friends house.  That's how I see it.  And since Mercury is in the twelfth, she was doing this to hide the kids.  Perhaps she was afraid her husband would harm them.  Reports claim that he was capable of that and she could have been afraid.  Or this could have been her usual babysitter.  Just leaving the kids so she can get her errands done.

There is no death pattern in this chart so I would assume she was still alive.   Also, the fourth house ruler is in the tenth, showing her current location to be away from her home, most likely someone else's home.  Moon as the ruler of this other person may indicate a family member.  So the kids may have been spirited off by a family member and kept safe all these years.  This would be a lovely thought. In this next chart, the planets support that theory.

An hour later the charts show us Mary on the road.  At the same time, Mercury is settled in the eleventh, showing us the children in the  hands of her friend.  The first house ruler is now Uranus and you can see it placed in the ninth house.  The ninth house can be many things and among them is a highway.  Also, the woods or a wooded area.  Now, we know her car was found much later on in the woods near a logging road.  But we also  know that if she went about running errands as she said was going to, then she would be on a highway  or in a public parking lot.  The ninth house is often a parking lot (or a car lot on the other hand).  Notice that the Moon is in the tenth with the seventh house ruler, the Sun.  The Sun and Moon are closely conjoined by less than a degree.  Both planets are disposed of by Jupiter in the fifth.  Did someone go with her while she shopped or did she run into someone there?  The fifth house rules pleasure so she was in a public place shopping for something she wanted and this could be clothes, perfume, toys for the kids or a treat like cake or cookies.  She could have been in the grocery store or it could have been a toy store.  The Moon in the tenth makes a case for groceries.  So it looks like she made it to the store.  But it also looks like someone ran into her there and it may have been in the parking lot.

Uranus is disposed of by Pluto in the eighth.  Pluto is conjoined the node, which indicates planning.  She may have been shopping with a credit card, which was planned because she did not have cash (the second house is empty).  But this could also be something more sinister so we need to keep our eye on this position.

The first house ruler is now Neptune and we can see it there in the ninth house.  She is still on a highway, in the woods or in a parking lot.  Neptune is with Venus and Venus rules both the third and eighth houses.  It looks like she might already have  a problem with the car.  Mercury rules the seventh and it is in the eleventh, cusping into the tenth, so it looks like someone is coming to help her.  The charts do not show her calling anyone but it just seems someone comes along and tries to help her.  Mercury indicates this is a young person, most likely younger than Mary, but one with handy skills.  Mercury is disposed of by Saturn and also in mutual reception with Saturn so this person will arrive with good intentions.  The Moon, along with the first house ruler, in the ninth house does show her still in the parking lot. This is where she meets this other person, this younger person, who tries to help her.  It looks like this person may have been successful.  Notice that Mercury is disposed of by Saturn in the sixth house so this younger person has mechanical skills and may actually work at a job as a mechanic or someone who does mechanical work.  I say this because Mercury also rules the third house, a house that describes vehicles.

I do not see her children in this chart or in any other at this point or later.  Does this mean the children are safe?  They were left with a friend who has hidden them since? Perhaps this friend or babysitter feared the father would get custody of the kids and hurt them in some way?  It seems that everybody believed he was violent and dangerous and the idea that the children have been kept from him is not unrealistic.  Anyways, the kids are not present in this chart; Mercury is describing somebody else.  And then looking at the fifth house and it's ruler, we see that it is the Moon, which is often a marker for the mother.  The Moon is right at the midheaven in the ninth house, showing her children to be in someone else's home.  The Moon is disposed of by  Jupiter in the fourth house so this other person's home is very near Mary's own home, in the same neighborhood, in fact.

Mary had a lot of good luck this day, including this young person with mechanical handy skills that helped her with the car.  In fact, this person fixed it well enough for her to get back in it and drive.  This is shown by the Moon in the tenth disposed of by Jupiter with Jupiter entering the third house.  The Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception so this in fact did happen and she was able to drive it away.  But if you are astute and study the chart as a whole you will readily see the problem with the seventh house.  The seventh house ruler is now Venus and this planet is sliding into the eighth.  What does this mean?  This means that the next person Mary will meet will be a violent criminal.  This is supported by the presence of Pluto and the node in the seventh house.  This is a violent person who lives a seedy, criminal lifestyle and has been violent in the past (the node with Pluto).  The first house ruler at this time is Mars and it is in the fifth, showing us that Mary was trying to get back to her kids.  She was trying to go get them or check on them.

The charts are moving swiftly in this case, it seems that sidereal time was fast at that time of year as the first house cusp changes the ruler almost every hour.  This has something to do with the vernal equinox and I think everything is shorter and faster in the dark of winter.  I have to keep posting more charts to show how the picture keeps changing.  Every little event in this case has a bearing on the outcome.

It looks like her car has another problem at this point.  You can see that the third house ruler is Mercury (showing us her car) and it is in the ninth house.  In turn, it is disposed of by Saturn.  To me, this looks like the car is parked again, either in another parking lot or in the woods or along a major highway.  I am not sure which at this point and I am not sure it matters because the car wasn't found for over a month and for all we know the killer was using it.  Mercury in Capricorn doesn't help us figure out where she parked it because Capricorn can indicate businesses and government buildings, which would point to a public parking lot but it can also rule wood and other earth materials because it is an earth sign.  It is disposed of by Saturn in Virgo, another earth sign, but also a sign ruled by Mercury, which can indicate cars again.  Mercury can mean another parking lot.  So I just cannot tear this one apart.  All I know for sure is that after the young person fixed her car, it broke down again and was parked somewhere at 2 pm.

And then here comes a brazen criminal and somehow she gets involved with him.  Venus is not only in the eighth but so is the twelfth house ruler, Neptune, and the Moon, Mary's secondary marker.  With Pluto in the seventh, this does not look good for Mary.  But I am still not able to tell you whether this was her husband or a stranger.  Her husband had a violent temper and could easily have been in trouble before, even though I have no proof of that.  Also, it would be important if he had a physical job that required a degree of violence, such as being a boxer, a police officer, a soldier, a security guard, a bouncer, a bodyguard, etc.. This chart shows that some degree of violence was involved in the job her murderer had.  This is shown clearly by Pluto, which disposes of the seventh house ruler in the sixth.  Mars, a secondary ruler of the seventh house, is in the fourth house.  This is a serious placement that indicates either that her killer lived in the same house with her (which would be her husband) or went to her home after killing her for some reason.  If there wasn't a break in or other appearance of an unwanted third party, then indicators point at the husband.

Perhaps he was angry when he realized she had put the kids somewhere?  I still do not see the children dead or in danger in these charts.  What I believe is the husband went back home to look for the kids, as shown by Mars disposed of by the Sun while the Sun rules the fifth.

I believe he shot Mary during an argument, maybe about the kids.  She had hidden them somewhere, handed them off to a friend, and he was irate.  Pluto shows a level of anger that is dangerous and is a marker for violence.  Pluto disposed of by Venus and Venus rules the first, it certainly looks like a violent death for Mary.  I say he shot her because Mars rules him and Mars shows guns but also all the planets in the eighth house in Sagittarius while Sagittarius describes ammunition.  It also shows bows and arrows but who uses a bow and arrow for killing people?  Some hunters use them hunt deer but I have hardly ever heard of a murder with a bow and arrow.  Because Sagittarius describes ammunition clearly and mostly bullets in any case, I am pretty sure he shot her.   Mars in Leo disposed of by the Sun in Sagittarius in the eighth, I think he shot her in the chest area and probably hit her heart.

After accepting a death pattern as an indicator of death (Mars in the fourth, Venus and the Moon in the eighth, the twelfth house ruler in the eighth and the fourth house ruler in the eighth) the chart then changes.  Saturn takes over rulership of the body, which is no longer alive and will eventually be nothing but bones.  So we follow Saturn and try to connect it to the seventh house ruler to discover the movements of the killer with the body after death.  And we want to locate that body if we can.

I realize there are a lot of fire sign markers in this chart and at first blush it seems that the body must have been burned.  But I do not believe he did burn the body at all.  Saturn is in the sign Virgo, disposed of by Mercury in Capricorn in the eighth house, which shows us again that the body is dead.  But these are earth signs that show burial and Capricorn is a descriptor for a grave, even in traditional Astrology.  At the same time, the seventh house ruler, Mars, is in the fourth house along with Saturn, which marks the body.  I think he took her back home, maybe hid her for awhile and then buried her. This may be why he did not report her missing; he needed time to dig the hole.  Notice that Saturn is right at the cusp of the fourth and fifth houses.  This cusp shows the bedroom, the bedroom window, an area near to the back door in the backyard, or a door from the bedroom to the back yard.  I believe he buried her right there on the home property, not far from the back door of the house.  Nobody ever searched there from what I understand and he has since died of AIDs.  Her body appears to right there, buried fairly deeply, behind the house.

Also, I still do not see the kids or a death pattern involving the kids.  It would seem they were left with the friend who has since hidden them from their father.  There is a good chance they are still alive and possibly living with different names and different parents.