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John Fiocco Jr

How Did This Man Die? Was It Murder?

From Someone Is Missing :

Young Man Found in Dumpster; How Did He Die?

Fiocco case remains baffler; family hires forensics expert

EWING -- The College of New Jersey seniors graduated last Friday without a mention of John Fiocco Jr., the freshman whose disappearance and death continues to puzzle his grieved family and investigators.

In fact, Susan and John Fiocco have hired Dr. Michael Baden, a high-profile pathologist who hosts HBO’s "Autopsy" show, and attorney Glenn Zeitz of Haddonfield.

The Fioccos want to solve the awful riddle of what happened to their son the day he disappeared from TCNJ’s campus and wound up dead a month later in a Tullytown, Pa., dump.

Fiocco’s body was found in the Pennsylvania landfill exactly one month after he disappeared from TCNJ.

Investigators, who were directed to the landfill after they found pints of blood in a trash bin at Wolfe Hall, uncovered his body on April 25 after sifting through 3,450 tons of garbage.

Fiocco’s body, though in an advanced state of decomposition, was intact when it was recovered, authorities said.

No bullet holes, stab wounds or other obvious signs of a homicide were found on the body during an initial autopsy, officials said. The body sustained fractures and injuries that were synonymous with someone being manipulated through the trash system.

Investigators had theorized that Fiocco may have fallen or been placed inside the dorm’s chute.

Bocchini said he doesn’t know whether Fiocco was murdered, pushed down the chute, committed suicide, or fell in. Golden said interviews of students have continued ever since Fiocco’s body was recovered.

"But to be perfectly honest," he said, "they don’t know whether his death was caused by an accident, by himself, by someone else -- they just don’t have any real solid direction in terms of what led to this horrible occurrence."

Missing student was standout high school student-athlete

John A. Fiocco Jr., 19, a student at the College of New Jersey, remains missing, investigators say.

WHERE TO CALL: Anyone with information should call The College of New Jersey Police Department at (609) 771-2167, the NJSP Missing Persons Unit at (800) 709-7090, or the anonymous police tip line at (609) 538-8180.


Although every website I looked at has come to the conclusion that this boy fell to his death accidentally I thought I'd play the devils' advocate and look at the charts. Some amazing information came to light for me and I thought I'd share it. I received this case from a favorite reader, Rebecca, who sent me all kinds of links and data. I never would have heard of it without her email to me. So never be shy about sending me cases. I am always looking for something unusual or something forgotten. My true purpose with this blog is to make a case for Astrology as a science that can be used as a tool in these investigations but I do not mind casting new light on cases that others have forgotten.

Anyways, I am fairly certain that someone else was with John on the night he died. Here is what the charts say.

Of course, my first action is to run a chart for the time last seen to prove or disprove viability. So the chart I ran for this was the chart for 3 am, the time at which people reported seeing him leaving the party. This chart has a late Capricorn rising and Saturn in the seventh house. Although I usually get leery of charts with high or low rising degrees, I saw that this one fit the facts as I knew them. It shows him with someone else (Saturn in the seventh) and at a party (the tenth house ruler, Mars, is in the fifth). Saturn is disposed of by the Sun and is trine the Sun, as well. The Sun does not rule a house in this chart but is conjoined the node. The Moon, co ruler of the chart, is leaving an opposition with Saturn and is sinister to a trine with Mars. He leaves the party safely but very drunk. Notice that the Moon is also sinister to a square with Jupiter (overindulgence) and is disposed of by Uranus which is conjunct Mercury in Pisces. I'm afraid his judgement is a little messed up from drink. The sign Pisces emphasizes Neptune, which is the planet of drink, drugs, drunkenness, etc..

When I first saw that he was drunk and left the party safely I was thinking that everyone was probably right, this guy just fell in the chute because he was too drunk to avoid it. Mercury in Pisces is a cause of many a misjudgement and oversight, most often because of drink or drugs and here it's trine to Jupiter (really easy to get wasted with this position) and square to Mars (he's a bit clumsy right now)! But just for the fun of it I did a chart for 3:30 am and began to read more into this. At this time, Aquarius has taken over the first house with Uranus conjoined Mercury in Pisces in the first house. Another marker that maybe he was just too drunk and clumsy. Sudden mistakes, perhaps? But then I noticed that Leo had taken over the seventh cusp and the Sun was in Aries in the second house conjoined the node. Now this gave me pause. What was someone doing in the house of his personal belongings? When you also notice that the Sun is disposed of by Mars in the fourth house! Now, is this someone in his room, going through his things? It really looks that way. Mars is in Gemini so is this paperwork, books, diaries, computer files? Is that what this person is looking at? Mars disposed of by Mercury which is joined to the first house ruler makes me think that this person is going through his things for sure. Mercury basically puts the tail on the donkey when conjoined to Uranus, which rules the first. Any way I look at this, it raises questions for me.

Now, let's look more closely at this other person. Saturn is near to the seventh cusp so this might mean the person is older than John. Saturn also implies authority so is this the captain of the team, the dorm supervisor or a teacher at the school? Could be. My money would be on someone with the sports team because of the sign Leo. The Sun is in Aries, implying power and strength and maleness. So is this a powerful, strong male athlete? What on earth is he looking for in John's room? This raises another question, too, though. Perhaps this is his roommate just simply going through things in a normal manner. That, too, is possible. Especially so if his roommate played on a team or was studying athletics. Now, the fourth house ruler at this time is Venus and there it is, conjunct the fourth house ruler in the first house. I cannot resist believing this is showing me John returning to his room. I mean, the first house is John and there is the fourth house ruler (his dorm room) right there. This convinces me that he made it back to his room. Of course, Uranus still rules the first and it is still conjoined Mercury in Pisces with Neptune in the same house so he hasn't sobered up any.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

The thing that disturbs me in these charts is the seventh house ruler. If John had been alone the seventh house ruler would not have been near his markers or in the first house like it is at 5 am. The chart for 5 am describes a death pattern and also shows another person right there in the first house. So how is this possible if he fell to his death because he was drunk and this happened while he was alone? And also the first house ruler is conjoined to the first house ruler at 4 am, showing him returning to his room? So did he leave the room? Let's look at the next chart, the one for 4 am and see what happens there. In this chart the seventh house ruler is disposed of by Mars in the fourth, showing someone else in the room as well. What is the relationship between these planets? You can see that Mars is square to both Mercury and Uranus which indicates that this person was likely not the roommate and may have been there because of a disagreement (disharmony of some sort) with John. The node is right near the Sun, which, again, is the seventh house ruler, indicating that this person planned this out; he went to John's room because he knew he was at a party and would not be there. But Uranus guarantees us that upsets would occur, sudden decisions would be made and John may do something unexpected, like returning to the room earlier or at a time when the intruder just could not escape. The idea of being trapped is sort of supported by the placement of the twelfth house ruler, Saturn, in the sixth house.

Now, I am not going to rush right out and demand they reopen this case. But I do think the charts are presenting some interesting information so I want to finish the reading and see what else turns up. Did this intruder have anything to do with John's death or is it possible that he tripped and fell while chasing this guy down the hall? Mercury often implies theivery and theives so perhaps this person was trying to steal something from John? That looks likely. And if you're in school and someone is going through papers, books or computer files, I am thinking perhaps it was the answers to a test or a composition or a thesis. Something written down. As if I needed to point it out, the tenth house ruler Jupiter is in the ninth, showing John to be on the school premises (the dorm). I do like showing how Astrology supports known facts.

The Moon moves into the twelfth house at 4 am. This could be an omen of death to come now or very soon, or it could be saying that someone is trapped, confined or unable to get out of something somewhere. Could this be John in the chute? Did he get in there and get trapped? But if he did, why did he not make a lot of noise trying to get out, calling for help or whatever racket someone might make in such a desparate situation? And I beleive Mars in the fourth square to Mercury and Uranus is describing a sudden act of violence, something unexpected. Uranus may be dexter in this configuration but Mercury is sinister and angular in the first. Other markers for violence include the tenth house ruler, Jupiter, being disposed of by Pluto and the eighth house ruler approaching the Ascendant while exactly trine to Mars in the fourth.

I told you the chart for 5 am shows a death pattern and I believe he died around this time. So was he in the chute or somewhere else? Let's look and you can decide for yourself. Pisces is rising at 5 am with Neptune in the twelfth with the Moon and the eighth house ruler. Pluto in the tenth disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth. Tenth house ruler in the eighth. Mars angular at the nadir just inside the fourth house but moving out. Saturn, by the way, is still in the sixth house! This is always a marker for confinement for me. So he is trapped somewhere. And he is also dead. Please notice that at the same time that this death pattern emerges, the seventh house ruler is right at the Ascendant with Uranus. Both of these planets are disposed of by Neptune in the twelfth. Why is this ruler right in the first, as if showing us that someone is with him? The general consensus was that this man fell down a chute all by himself. The charts are showing us that this is not true.

I contend that he was pushed. Mercury and Uranus at the first show a sudden decision made in haste and with the square to Mars, it looks a lot like a push to me. Especially with Mars now in the third, showing that this person is now outside the room. He is in the hallway, perhaps, moving around and active. The disposition of Neptune to the seventh house ruler tells me that this person intended to kill John even if it was a spur of the moment thing. I believe they were both drunk when this happened. And with the node in the first disposed of by Mars in the first, it was a sudden choice to just do it because this person had been wanting to do it but only now had the opportunity. Now, from these charts I cannot tell what the disagreement was about. I'm not sure it would make sense if everyone were sober. But the charts do clearly show this person looking through papers, books, documents and computer files. This is NOT photos or personal effects but data of some kind. Like school papers, as an example.

This is my findings when looking at this chart. What are yours? Leave your ideas as comments.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheryl Ann Hanson

Little Girl Still Missing After 36 Years

From the Doe Network:

Cheryl Anne Hanson
Missing since May 31, 1974 from Aurora, Ontario, Canada.
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Date Of Birth: July 25, 1966
Age at Time of Disappearance: 7 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4' 0" - 122 cm; 51 lbs - 23 kg
Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blond hair; blue eyes.
Clothing: Cheryl was wearing dark brown check sweater and pants combination, a red nylon jacket / coat and white leather shoes. She also wore a gold necklace with a medallion on it. She was heading to her cousin's for a sleepover and was carrying her white pajamas with red flowers in a brown paper bag.

Circumstances of Disappearance

Cheryl disappeared from Ontario, Canada in 1974. She left her residence around 18:30 to walk down Bloomington Side Road to her cousin's home 10 minutes away. She never arrived.

Thousands of volunteers, including police, CB radio operators, aircraft and Queen's York militia units, scoured the region for weeks in an unprecedented search of York Region. Cheryl Anne was never found.

Convicted murderer Donald Everingham confessed to several murders, including that of Cheryl Hanson. He described Cheryl's clothes and drew a crude map of where he'd thrown her body. But the newspapers had been full of Cheryl's description and extensive police searches in the area he indicated never uncovered her body. Donald Everingham's confession was eventually refuted.


I wanted to do this case because I always want to do cold cases on kids who disappear. They are almost always taken for nefarious purposes and usually die within a few hours of the abduction. It's amazing to me that so many are missing for so long and without a single clue or lead. It just seems to defy reason. When a child like this, only 7 years old, goes for a short walk in the neighborhood and just disappears it crushes that sense of security we feel in our own homes. If your child can't walk among the neighbors and interact with other children in that area without being molested, abducted or killed, then our safety nets have all been so badly torn I am not sure they can be repaired. This case was just another child case that got to me.

It was a hard one to do, again, because of the house rulership choices I have to make when analyzing children's cases. Is it the first house or the fifth? Do I use a house ruler or just use Mercury? Do I use both? What about the Moon? Is this Mom or is this the child? All questions that are only answered by looking at the chart and going with the gut instinct. In this case, because the child was on her own, albeit for a very short while, I used the first house. As far as the other markers go, I went with the charts as they presented new information each hour. First of all, I chose not to use Mercury because, from the onset, Mercury was in the eighth house which would make the child dead in real time long before she left home. I was going to go with my hunch that this was not the case and use the first house ruler as her marker.

In the chart I drew up for the time the child left home, I see that Scorpio is rising. On the fifth house cusp is Pisces with the Moon in Libra. Mercury, the traditional marker for children, is in the eighth house. Mars is in the ninth and Neptune is in the first. Neptune is disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth.
What does this tell me? Well, Mars rules the first house and it is in the ninth, showing the child to be outdoors, in a wooded or natural setting. Mars is in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon, which co rules the chart, and is placed in the twelfth. The child is walking in an area not easily seen from the outside; it is an insular area with many hiding places. Moon is conjunct Uranus, which rules the fourth house, so the child is walking by a house in the neighborhood along her path. Taurus is on the seventh house, so this describes the person she is "next to meet". Venus is in the sixth, while both the Moon and Uranus are disposed of by Venus, showing us that there is a person in a home in the same neighborhood came across the child. Neptune, which shows that all of this was unseen, is disposed of by Jupiter, which is in the fourth. This was sudden opportunity created by the fact that this person lived right close nearby and saw the child. Venus in the sixth also tells me that this person was very sick; there was something very wrong here.

Just 15 minutes later, the chart has changed ever so slightly and I can see what happened here. The Moon and Uranus have traveled from the twelfth to the eleventh house. Neptune remains in the first, disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth with these planets in mutual reception. This was a hidden action that came from sudden opportunity; this was a neighbor who spotted the child and snatched her. Just that fast. Moon moving into the eleventh house shows that the child was taken into their home and, with Pluto nearby, probably by force. All of these planets are disposed of by Venus in the sixth, showing us once again that all of this happened because this person is sick. This could be mental illness or physical illness and I am not sure which right now. If this person was physically ill there may have been a need for unpaid help around the house. Many a child has been snatched and made a slave and not all of it is about sex. However, the possibility of mental illness also exists and the safety of the child could be in question. I just cannot say that for sure at this point.

At 7 pm, the charts get a bit scarier. Mars, the first house ruler, has now moved into the eighth, along with the eighth house ruler, Mercury. Mercury, by the way, is also the traditional marker for children. The eighth house co rules both sex and death. It will be up to use to dope this out. The thing that stands out to me and hangs around, making me nervous, is the conjunction of Mercury to Saturn in the eighth. This makes me think that there was a dead child in the house or that children had died in that house or that children's bodies were buried in that house. Any way you look at it, this is sort of disturbing. And the fact that these planets are disposed of by the Moon, which is the chart co ruler, it sort of makes me think this is why this person needed Cheryl. The other children had died. In relation to the abductor, you can see that Venus is in Taurus and is in dignity and disposes of itself. This makes it powerful and inscrutable. This person had the upper hand in every way and things were just going right for him or her, making the abduction easy and satisfying. He or she got what they wanted. In contrast, the childs' ruler, Mars, is in Cancer, which is in fall and a weak, ineffectual placement. The child had no power in this matter, there was no fighting this off, the will and strength were not there. The child was easily manhandled and cowed. She was very frightened and did whatever she was told.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Also at 7 pm I see that Pluto, the co ruler of the first house, has moved into the tenth house. This is the fourth house from the seventh, showing us the abductors home. This is where the child was taken. No doubt about it. A home nearby, in the same neighborhood, within sight of the path where she would have been walking. A quick spot of the child, a dash and grab. Sad and scary but a lesson in how quickly and easily children can be snatched or even convinced to follow along. The Sun has no rulership in this chart but it is angular in the seventh house, in the sign Gemini. This makes me think the kidnapper was a male. It isn't written in stone, just a hunch. Gemini is asexual and does not indicate one sex or the other. But the Sun is a male planet. So take it or leave it. Because the Sun is also disposed of by Mercury, the natural ruler of children, I must say that this person, male or female, was intent upon children and had abducted children in the past and probably since. And last but not least, in the chart for 7 pm, Neptune angular in the first house shows us the abductor presenting himself to the child, from a secret place, in a secret, unseen fashion. Clever and sneaky this person is. He has a lot of people fooled, not just the children.

The thing that really surprises me about the charts in this case is that I do not see a car. I would have thought a car or other vehicle was involved with the child being snatched and then driven away. It just makes sense. But the charts do not show a vehicle, I challenge anyone to study them and find a car here. It is true that the ninth house is often the third house of the abductor (shown by the seventh) and in this chart, Mars is in the ninth. But Mars is the first house ruler and if we continue to use Mars as the marker for the child, then this would seem to say the child was driving the assailants car. But we know this can't be true. So there is no car in this event; the child was taken from the street and carried or dragged away to a nearby place. The area around the path was investigated and searched extensively and nothing of Cheryl was found, not even the bag with her pajamas. But the chart has heavy emphasis on the tenth house, which is the fourth from the seventh and indicates the abductors home. So she was taken to the abductors home right away and held there.

The thing about this chart that stands out the most for me is the appearance of a death pattern. We have had Saturn and Mercury together in the eighth house all along and now Mars, the co ruler of the first house, has arrived in the eighth. Mercury is still the eighth house ruler and Jupiter is in the fourth. With these planets and Pluto in the tenth, showing violence in the home, he is going to kill this child. He is going to do it right away. Mars entering the eighth shows a sexual attack right at the time the child is taken inside, at around 7-7:30 pm. The chart for 7:30 pm has Venus entering the fifth house and Neptune slipping into the twelfth so I think this is a sexual attack and murder that occurs within an hour of her abduction. Venus rules the seventh and is placed in the sixth, still showing us how sick this man is. When Venus moves into the fifth he has her with him and he molests her as soon as possible. Like a disposable toy, I suppose. Use it and toss it. How sad. And yet the fast moving nature of these planets and placements combined with the steady sexual and death related aspects this was the point of the kidnapping all along, to rape and murder this child. And to do it quickly. She was dead by 7:30 that evening, before the searching actually really began.

The chart for 8:30 pm shows that things change rapidly after a murder. The seventh house is now ruled by Mercury and you will note that Mercury is now joined with Saturn in the seventh house, a short distance from the Sun. Mercury now rules the abductor and Saturn is the body of the child. They are together in the "abductors place", which I would assume is his home or safe haven. The Sun is angular, almost right at the seventh house cusp, reinforcing male energy so I am positive enough now to say that her abductor was a male. The Sun is also disposed of by Mercury. Like all murder charts, this one is entangled with lots of aspects and placements that reflect and feed into one another. There is always an intimate entanglement between murderer and victim, if for nothing but the personal nature of the crime. Sadly, Mars remains in the eighth, disposed of by the Moon, the co ruler of the chart, telling me that this child died violently. Mercury conjoined Saturn in Cancer square to Pluto in Libra the child was smothered to death, mostly by pressure to the chest area (Cancer) which cut off the airways (Libra). Moon in Libra in the tenth disposed of by Venus in Taurus in the fifth, the crushing occurred during a sexual act. Quite efficient and very cold. This man has done this before and will do it again. He may very well be the one who killed the other missing children in this area, including Christine Jessop. Wow. He is really bad and needs to be caught.

Neptune in the first disposed of by Jupiter in the third, he removed the child from the house and hid her elsewhere. Mercury disposed of by Moon in the tenth, he put her somewhere outdoors. In a very open area, like a field or a large tract of undeveloped land. Sagittarius points to an area southeast of where she was taken and as Neptune moves into the twelfth, there is even more emphasis on east. Sagittarius points to wooded areas where hunters go or where people engage in activities like horseback riding, archery or physical sports like tennis or golf. Jupiter in Pisces shows us a large body of water and a place where pleasure activities are enjoyed on the water like boating and swimming. When looking at the same region where she was taken from and then moving southeast towards where he had taken her, the body of water is in the northern portion of that region. So if you were to move southeast of that area where she was taken and then look for the next large body of water in that direction, then you would section off an area with that body of water at the northern most point and look further south from there for a large meadow or open field. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius describe great distances and large open areas, so this is quite a bit southeast from where the child lived. Sagittarius further describes an area with high, sloping ground in areas and smaller bodies of water on the western side. So this is a large open field or meadow south of a large body of water but edged on the west by smaller lakes or ponds. She is in one of the lakes or ponds. This is the nature of Saturn in Cancer. Her bones are in the water while the conjunction of Mercury to Saturn describes meadows and fields nearby. Neptune in the twelfth indicates that she was really well hidden in the water and maybe even weighted down. Although I'd be more inclined to guess that she had been wrapped up in something that made her sink faster, something like a heavy blanket or plastic bag.

From all appearances in these charts, this man is a murder machine. He is out to rape and murder small children in a vicious fashion and to do it with dispatch. He does not keep them alive for long and if he retains them at all it would be after death. He might like to keep them in death for awhile. I do not believe he did that with this child. The planets move too quickly. This dovetails with the rush to search that occurred not longer after the abduction and the probability of the cops finding the child if he kept her too long. He put her in a car (Jupiter in the third) which was probably a truck or other large vehicle and not a small car. Pisces in the third also makes me think he may have used a boat to carry the body farther out into the lake to drop her in deeper water.

This man is defined by Venus in Taurus. This does not mean he is a Taurus, that he has a placement of Venus in Taurus or anything other than the fact that he is defined by the nature of this position. He is probably a large man with a love of food and luxury. Venus in Taurus is in dignity so he is in a very strong position within his lifestyle, protected in some way. There is no doubt he loves to eat and indulge himself. He has an affinity for sweets. He is also a crafty, creative and artistic person who enjoys expressing himself. He is likely quiet, reserved and private and people know who he is but they do not know him well. His home would be plush and well appointed with soft finishings. Because Venus in Taurus can also imply some degree of femininity, this man may have gender identity issues. He may have doubts about his sexuality or sexual prowess. Venus is sextile to Mercury in the event chart so he feels comfortable and safe with children in a way he does not with women or adult men. But we must also note that Venus placed in the sixth house at the time of the abduction asserts that this man is sick in some way, mentally ill perhaps, and out of control with an urgent need. I often see this placement in drug addicts or people who are crazy. To do this, this man no doubt had an infernal need to kill these children and this is very sick, indeed. But the strength of the planet Venus in the sign Taurus tells us that he was protected at the time in some way and would not be caught. In the future, he may not be so gifted by circumstance and finally be caught. This little girl deserves justice.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Micheala Joy Garecht

Little Girl is Snatched in Broad Daylight

From Missing Micheala . Her mother writes:

On November 19, 1988, my nine-year old daughter, Michaela Joy Garecht, was kidnapped, the victim of a witnessed stranger abduction. She has never been found, but we have never stopped looking for her. Over twenty years later, I must salute the Hayward Police Department and the San Francisco FBI for carrying on still today an active and caring investigation into Michaela's kidnapping. It has never become a "cold case."

From the Charley Project:

Garecht and a friend rode their scooters to the Rainbow Market on Mission Boulevard in Hayward, California on November 19, 1988. The store was two blocks from Garecht's home. Garecht noticed that her friend's scooter had been moved in the parking lot when the girls exited the store; when she went to retrieve it, an unidentified Caucasian male grabbed her and forced her into his vehicle. Garecht's friend went inside the Rainbow Market for assistance, but the abductor was able to escape with Garecht. Neither has been seen again.

The abductor is described as between 18 to 24 years old in 1988, with a pockmarked or pimpled face. He wore a white t-shirt and had longish dirty blonde hair and a slender build. Two sketches of Garecht's abductor are posted below this case summary; the original sketch was later revised. The abductor drove a large older model American-made sedan. It was possibly a four-door vehicle and was cream, gold, or tan in color. The car may have had cement splatters on the sides and lights set into the rear bumper. The front bumper was battered; the vehicle may have previously been in an accident. It appeared to be run-down. The car was last seen speeding south on Mission Boulevard towards nearby Union City, California with Garecht inside.

Two men have been named as possible suspects in Garecht's case. Authorities announced that Timothy Bindner had a possible connection to her disappearance, as well as the disappearances of Ilene Misheloff, Tara Cossey and Amanda Campbell. A photo of Bindner is posted below this case summary (on the charley project web page). He maintains his innocence and successfully sued Campbell's hometown of Fairfield, California in 1997 for defamation of character. Bindner, a married sewage treatment plant worker, came to authorities' attention after he began sending birthday greetings to young girls in the East Bay area. One child's parents contacted authorities and handed over a letter Bindner had written to their daughter. The note was printed backwards and could only be deciphered by holding it up to a mirror. Bindner claimed he sent the cards as a kind gesture because the girls were "lonely." Bindner also visited the Oakmont Cemetery gravesite of Angela Bugay, a five-year-old girl girl who was abducted and murdered in Antioch, California in 1983. A photograph of Bugay is posted below this case summary (in the charley project web page). Bindner was never considered a suspect in her murder and another man has since been arrested in that case.


Michaela's birth data:
January 24, 1979
8:13 p.m.
Hayward, CA (Alameda County)

November 19, 1988
10:15 a.m. (fairly accurate since it was witnessed and the time is based on call to police department)
Hayward, CA (Alameda County)

Age at time of disappearance: 9
Sex: Female
Race: White
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4'8" (142 cm)
Weight: 75 lbs (34 kg)
Missing From:
United States


Thanks to many of my readers, I was sent the details on this case. This is another sad story where a small child, a beautiful little girl, is taken and never seen again. The real mystery in this one is that this child was snatched in broad daylight, right in front of a local market, in plain view of witnesses. She was taken off in a car that was ID'd by many people, including people who spotted the vehicle on the highway later, with this child inside. The police were called within minutes of the kidnapping. The whole thing should have been over in a minute; this man should never have gotten away. But, once again, we are driven to fear and feelings of hopelessness as this child not only disappears but the man who did it is never caught. How much more needs to happen to save a child under these circumstances? Short of stopping the abduction before it happens, what else on earth could have been done? Since this disturbs me, as I am sure it does you, as well, I could not resist posting this analysis on the blog.

In looking at the first chart, for the time when this child was actually taken, I start making notes on the charts as I read them. Moon rules the seventh and it's placed in the third so the abductor is in a vehicle. Moon is conjunct Mars, with Mars ruling the third and tenth houses so he was out in the open (10th house) using the vehicle as a weapon, so to speak. This conjunction shows aggressive action possibly founded in anger. The natural ruler for this child, Mercury, is in the tenth house conjoined Pluto, the ruler of the midheaven. Again, this shows the child to be right out in the open and with a friend. The first house ruler, Saturn, is in the twelfth house between Uranus and Neptune, showing this child to be snatched very quickly, as an object of sudden opportunity (Uranus) and sequestered quickly (Neptune). The child was rapidly hidden (Uranus in the twelfth) and after that, unseen. Although the entire event was witnessed (the tenth house) and authorities have descriptions of the assailant (Venus in the ninth in dignity in Libra) they have been unable to trace this man's steps (Neptune in the twelfth square Moon in the third). Because of Neptune square the Moon in the third, the vehicle became their strongest link to this abductor and was their only solid lead. The twelfth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the fifth house in the sign Gemini (and disposed of by Mercury) showing that this man was looking for a child and had a secret reason for doing so. The scariest aspect in this chart is that Mercury, the child's marker, is under the Sun's beams and the Sun is the ruler of the eighth house. Immediately, this child was in serious danger of death. Mercury between the Sun and Pluto, so close to the Sun's orb and Pluto co ruling the tenth house, this child was not only in grave danger and could very possibly have been killed, but the case would get a lot of media attention. Not every case does. Because of Pluto on the tenth, this one did. Part of the reason this case has never "gone cold" and the police continue to pursue it as best they can is the placement of Venus in Libra in the ninth. The ninth is the house of justice and Libra is the sign of justice. Venus is in dignity in Libra and it also describes love and affection and partnerships. The authorities fell in love with this child and are determined, even to this day, to make this right. To bring justice for Micheaela.

Because this case is fast moving and time is of the essence, I do charts for every 15 minutes following the witnessed abduction. It is common in these kinds of cases for the child to be murdered very quickly, often within a few hours. At 10:30, the Moon is still in the third but it is cusping the fourth, showing the kidnapper to be in his car, going to a specific place. This would be a place he considers "his own". Mars and the Node are in the second house, awaiting the Moon, showing this to be a place he had planned out in advance and may have taken other children there in the past. Mars in Aries shows to be the place where he is "in dominion"; it is a place where he can go and be safe and do anything he wants to with no intervention. Mars in Aries is just as strong in the chart as Venus in Libra, showing this subject to be an equal match to the justice authorities, able to manipulate and outsmart police. Mars so close to the Moon shows this subject to be driven, filled with desires that run hot and out of control. His fantasies and dreams are filled with acts of aggression, even violence. Mars in Aries implies that he enjoys weapons and other things associated with war. He may have many guns, knives, steel and iron implements to be used as weapons. Mars co rules both the tenth and the third so he may have a long history of traffic offenses. He may have also committed acts of road rage and he has been in trouble over these crimes in the past. If any of the suspects has a long history of road rage, traffic accidents, speeding and other infractions, then this is your man. For sure.

When this man is upset he acts out. This kidnapping was another acting out. He wanted to release mounting anger and frustration and he does this through violence. It is unlikely, though, that he has a history of domestic violence or other acts against adults, because he chooses helpless children to assure success. His ego is thin and weak and his self image is very poor. He needs victory, success and feelings of superiority to feel good about himself. The children are easy pickins. With these little girls, he can vent his anger, frustration and feelings of inferiority and emerge a victor, a successful warrior, a real man. This is his own private war against women, waged against the youngest and most helpless of them. There is a good chance (just guessing here) that he had a soured relationship with a woman in his past and this woman has similarities to the little girls he snatches. The first house ruler, Saturn, is square to this Moon-Mars combo, showing Michaela does represent a certain person who makes him the angriest. He chose her because of this. The other children he may snatch would have physical similarities because he seeks out this type. If there are other children missing or found dead in the area that are similar in some way to Micheala then this is probably the same abductor. And I don't mean personality traits or type of clothing or any other quality that would require a deeper study than a moment or two. He spots the face, the hair, the body shape..and chooses. It's as simple as that.

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He has reached his destination by 11 am. So it should be considered that the transit to this place took about 15 minutes. Planets in the sign Aries indicates he was heading east from the place where he grabbed this child. So, on average, he traveled 15 minutes east from the market. Pluto has moved onto the midheaven on the ninth house side, showing the authorities are already looking for her. Mercury, the child's marker, is in the tenth house close to the Sun, showing that he took this child to a bushy place where it is dark and easy to hide her (Saturn, the first house ruler, is in the twelfth) but perhaps also close to a main business district. If there is a bushy, wooded area near to City Hall or the Chamber of Commerce or just along a business district in the city, then this is the place. It makes me think of a public park. Since the Moon rules both our kidnapper and is a chart co ruler, I am using the Moon to track movements only. Moon is in Aries in the second house, showing him to be in his personal place, somewhere he goes to frequently and that he regards as his own. This may be in the park/wooded area itself or a home, cabin, shed or other structure in or around the park. This park may have a military statue of some sort or a memorial. A cannon would be most descriptive. Look for outdoor bbq grills in the park area and for a barber, dentist, locksmith, bakery, tool shop or a laboratory nearby in the business district. There may be a cannery or distillery in the same area and a place that sells knives or other weapons, those made of steel or iron. This describes the general area shown in the charts as the place he took this child after kidnapping her.

There are three planets that are in dignity in this chart. Mars in Aries, Venus in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. The powerful Mars in Aries is in conjunction with the chart co ruler, the Moon, which is also the ruler of the seventh. The next aspect the Moon will make is a square to Neptune in the twelfth. This aspect alone tells me he was under intense pressure to hide this child and was not able to do it over the long term. He might have held her longer or even kept her for quite awhile if the community hadn't have been in an uproar with everyone searching for this child. He had a place he kept her at first but this place was not secret enough. The square from the Moon to Neptune shows that no matter where he would have kept her, the chances are she would have been found. Unfortunately, the Moon is disposed of by Mars in Aries, showing that his purpose in the kidnapping was an act of aggression that was sure to end in violence (Mercury under the Sun's beams with Pluto at the midheaven and both the Sun and Mercury disposed of by Pluto). In this chart for 11:30 am, you can see that Mercury has now moved into the ninth house with Venus and Pluto. Two things here. Venus nearby shows that the police are actively involved now. Venus still rules the ninth and with Mercury entering the same house, their focus is on Micheala. They are trying right now to find the kidnapped child. The other thing I see here is that Mercury has moved with Pluto into the ninth house, showing the child being moved into the wooded area. In the sign Scorpio, this shows her being kept in the woods near a sewer outlet or an outhouse area. The place may be bug infested with stagnant pools of water. Look for a marsh somewhere near the park/wooded area. These planets are disposed of by the powerful Mars, showing that this was a place he had been to before and where he had total control of events. This was a public place but it was a place where other people were unlikely to venture. It would be wooded, bushy, marshy, wet and smelly. Full of bugs, probably mosquitoes and flying insects that breed near water.

Also, because of the sign Aries and the planet Mars, this area may have hills and areas which are frequently dug up or plowed. There may be red flowers in the area, red peppers growing wild or being cultivated or grapes for red wines. Again, this does not have to be altogether in the same area but in the same general area. In the chart for noon, we see that Leo has taken over the descendant and with this the Sun has joined the other planets in the ninth. He has returned to her, after leaving her there for a half an hour or so, and joined her where he left her, in this marshy area. The Sun was in the tenth when it first moved onto the seventh, which indicates he gave the area a good once over, checking for cops or other authorities before returning to his prize. Uranus, now the Ascendant ruler, is in the eleventh house in Sagittarius, with Jupiter at the nadir. With the mix of these influences, Sagittarius, Jupiter, Uranus and Aquarius, it looks like she has been confined (Uranus) in a wooded area (Sagittarius) with high, sloping ground (Jupiter). The area, once again, looks as if it has freshly dug up ground or plowed soil (Aquarius). Jupiter, prominent at the nadir, is in Gemini, disposed of by Mercury, which is Michealas marker. But Mercury is a marker for all children, so I believe this place was prepared in the past not just for Micheala but for all the children he planned to abduct. And with the influence of Jupiter in Gemini, I can guess it might be a garage. Jupiter shows us private garages while Gemini shows us garages, as well, so I believe this child was taken to a garage in an area near a wooded park just outside of the business district. This particular area of the woods, outside the park itself, is marshy, buggy and smelly and his home may be rustic with an outhouse or other primitive sewer system. This home could very well be a second home for him (Gemini) and be mobile in nature like an RV or manufactured home that can be moved at will. It would have a storage shed or unattached garage where he was able to store things, including this child.

I hate to push the charts ahead a few hours so quickly at this point but I was looking for signs of whether he killed this child and found the death pattern at 2:30 pm. I see various interactions between him and the child but all of this is unimportant and only serves to upset some people so I'll leave that out. What matters is whether the child is dead or alive and where she can be found, dead or alive. The charts, specifically for 2:30 and 2:45 pm, show a death pattern that leads me to believe she has passed. On looking at this chart for 2:30 we see that Mars rules the first house and is in the twelfth with the Moon. Mercury is now in the eighth, along with the Sun and under the beams. This child was in danger of death all day long. The eighth house ruler, Mars, is in the twelfth and the co ruler, Pluto, is in the seventh. This shows death as a direct result of an act of violence. Mars and Puto are in mutual reception, which often makes things come to pass, especially violent acts. The fourth house ruler is now the Moon and, again, the Moon is in the twelfth. Over the next hour or so, we should be watching Saturn to see what he does with her body. For me, anyways, Saturn is always the bones. It depicts the body after death. As you can see, at the time of death, her body was in the wooded area we already described. In conjunction with Uranus, this place was unusual but also very old; although it was an area considered dissimilar to the rest of the surrounding communities, it had been there for many generations. I assume his home had been there for many years, even as it could be easily moved at any time.

At 3 pm, Neptune moves into the ninth house, along with Saturn and Uranus. He is now focusing on hiding her body. The Moon, at this hour, is EXACTLY square to Neptune, which should be the descriptor of the place he eventually chose to hide her. With the Moon ruling the fourth house and Neptune ruling the twelfth, there is a good chance he buried her near his own home. Moon and Mars in Aries in the twelfth makes me consider the chance that he might have cremated the body, as Aries rules furnaces and chimneys. But the influence of the Moon and Neptune bring to mind water sources, such as the cesspools, sewers and marshy waters I see in the overall area. And then the sign Capricorn makes me think of cemetaries, tombs and urns, as well as crematories. There is a very good chance that this child was never found because he burned up her body in a furnace, chimney or barbecue pit and then tossed the bones and ashes into the marsh. Saturn in Capricorn literally guarantees that the body is "underground" in some fashion, whether buried or just returned to dust. Neptune nearby shows that she is well hidden, in a dark, creepy area that people do not like to visit. No one really likes to walk through marshy, waterbogged land, especially when there are insects or sewer cesspools nearby. And then there is the other possibility that he burned her body and the tossed the remains down the drain, into the sewer system. These are all possibilities with this chart.

One more thing I like to do is take a stab at describing the kidnapper. The tradition in astrology for describing physical characteristics is long in history but in recent times has been called into question. Most of the old books refer only to white people and do little predicting for persons of other races, assuming, I guess, that only white people are to be charted. So I have developed my own, less racist, system that I have developed for my own use but it is still being tested (through my own experiments) and has no real history in practice. In this case, the abductor is indicated by Venus in Libra, which is dignity and has tremendous strength in this chart. This dignity is a good reason why he got away with this and has yet to be found. Venus in Libra, as all astrologers know, describes aesthetics such as beauty and charisma. This would seem to indicate that our kidnapper was very good looking and also charismatic, which may very well be true. Overall, it is my guess that he has feminine qualities and a feminized personality that may bring his sexuality into question. People may assume this man is gay when, in fact, he is not. He would be small in body size, delicate almost, with a good complexion and maybe even dimples. Long eyelashes, a bow shaped mouth, high cheekbones, all qualities normally admired in women, would make him attractive but in a feminine sense. He may attract the wrong kind of attention from others and this is a problem for his ego. This man may be vain and manly in his heart, wishing very much to be seen as masculine, strong and fearsome. He might lift weights or otherwise enhance his male physique. He might also be tall and shapely in a way, small waisted with fine, probably darker, hair. He might be a singer or dancer and love to perform for others. He is the kind of person who desires public approval and seeks an audience when he can.

Other qualities he possesses might be artistic or musical talent, writing songs or drawing pictures. His home might be well decorated and pleasant; this would be his main home not the second home to which he brought Micheala. He would also be seen as a show off, a "fancy pants", so to speak, a natty dresser.
But he would also be soft spoken, outwardly gentle and seen as harmless by everyone who knows him. He would be last person you would suspect of this crime. In fact, it would almost be unimaginable. No one he knows could imagine him hurting a fly, much less a little girl. But, in fact, he did and he does this many other times, as well. As I said earlier, he is a complex personality with a weak ego who needs approval and cannot tolerate rejection. In his crimes against helpless little girls, he is the god he dreams himself to be and can take out his anger at the women in his life, one or more of whom is represented by the children he abducts and kills.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kyron Horman

7 Year Old Boy Goes Missing From School


From :

PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS/KOIN/AP) The FBI's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team flew in a profiler on Sunday, in hopes of providing clues in the search for second grader Kyron Horman, who disappeared on Friday.

Local detectives interviewed hundreds of parents, staffers and students of Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Ore. Family members and friends distributed fliers. And, despite Sunday's rain, dozens of volunteers continued slogging through an ever-widening search area around the school.

Despite all that, 7-year-old Kyron Horman remains missing.

Kyron and his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, were at the school together early Friday. She took him around the school to look at various science fair projects. The stepmother says that at about 8:45 a.m., she left and saw Kyron apparently walking toward his classroom.

At the end of the school day, when his father and stepmother did not find him getting off the school bus at 3:45, they called the school.

That's when they finally found out that Kyron had not been in class all day long. They had not been informed, during the day, that Kyron had not been in class.


On Monday, Kyron's father also revealed new details on the last time he saw his son -- less than two hours prior to his disappearance.

"He was coming back to the house after feeding our cat (Bootsie), and I was heading out to the car to head into the office," Kaine Horman recalled in the media release. "I walked over to him, told him I was extremely proud of him ... and for him to have a great and fun day at the science fair. ... I said, 'I love you.' He said, 'I love you too, Dad,' at which point we hugged, and then he went into the house as I got into the car and left. While I have not seen him since, that moment in time is still etched in my mind as if it just happened and is a constant reminder of the joy of having him as a son."

Kyron's parents said they and Young's husband, Tony, "have taken polygraphs and have voluntarily undergone any and all sessions with law enforcement and will continue to do so as long as it takes."

They say they remain hopeful that their son is still alive. They insist they will not stop looking for him until he is found.

"All of us care very much about bringing this person to justice and bringing Kyron home, and we will not stop until that is done," they said in the statement.

STATS: Kyron Horman went missing on June 4, 2010 in Portland, Oregon.



I have been made aware of the reports that Kyron was seen at the science fair that morning. This is a fact. He was caught on video. On re-analyzing the charts, I find that there are a few things I missed or simply misread. A big difficulty with this chart is that this child was with a stepmom and not a blood relative and so the charts are a bit skewed. For instance, if this were his father, then the fifth house would read for Kyron. But because it is a stepmom, then I beleive the seventh house is read for her, instead of the first and the eleventh house describes the child. Mercury is in the eleventh so this is supported by the chart. In the original reading, I simply read Mercury from the start because this is the traditional marker for children.

In the chart for 8 am, Mercury is in the eleventh disposed of by Venus in the first. Venus is in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon. This is the person that appears to be in custody of the boy, the stepmom. Venus also rules the eleventh, so it may also describe where the child is at that time, which is with the stepmom, I believe. Moon, the chart co ruler, is placed in the ninth, which shows the boy most likely on school grounds. The eleventh house is a marker for science and technology so this makes total sense. Also, Mercury in the eleventh shows the child to be a part of something that has to do with science and technology. Hence, I admit, this appears to be the science fair.

At 8:30 am, Saturn, the seventh house ruler, moves into the third house. This shows the stepmom leaving the building and going outside. I am not sure yet if this shows her in a car. She is, at this time, just outside the door and has not left. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is still in the ninth, keeping an emphasis on the school. But here is the catch I see here. Venus, the eleventh house ruler, has moved into the twelfth, showing something hidden or being hidden. Mercury, the natural ruler of children, is disposed of Venus from the eleventh. Combine this movement with the movement in the chart for 9 am and I am convinced something hinky went down at the science fair.

At 9 am, the Moon moves into the eighth while the eleventh house ruler, Venus, remains in the twelfth. At this same time, the seventh house ruler, which is now Uranus, is back in the ninth, showing the step mom back on school grounds. But notice how Jupiter is also there, conjoined to Uranus. I beleive this is a second person, someone else who was with her. And just after 9 am, Mercury, the natural ruler of children, moves into the tenth, which, in this chart, is the twelfth house of the child. Something secretive and sneaky happened on the school grounds right after the science fair and it involved this child and his stepmother. She hid the child somehow or secreted him without being seen. And when you note that Pluto is in the fifth (the natural house of the father's child) and the Moon is disposed of by Neptune, also in the eighth, a grim picture begins to develop. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus, the seventh house ruler, which shows that the secret action was taken by the stepmom. And since Jupiter is disposed of by Neptune, this shows the other person to be there for the expressed purpose of helping with this secret action.

Uranus is disposed of by Mars in the second, so she used something that belonged to her husband. This may show that she intended to frame him for this. Check that Mars is also disposed of by the Sun, in the eleventh house, which seems to confirm this.

In response to the information that the woman drove a pickup truck and did not have a "trunk" as described in the first analysis, I must clarify. I never know what kind of vehicle the person is driving and the charts do not know the difference. When I use the term "trunk" I am referring to the "place where things are stored" in a vehicle. This is shown by the 2nd house or the twelfth house of the third. The charts show the boy in the twelfth house of the third house, or second house, which is the "trunk" or "compartment" of a vehicle. If this was a large enough pickup truck, then perhaps this is a storage compartment in the backseat or on the bed. Perhaps, as well, it is simply the backseat or the bed, if this was used in this way. The charts can never tell us the make and model of a vehicle and the idea that they could is pretty funny. I stay with my original statement that he was in a "trunk", or otherwise to be called a "storage area" in the vehicle in question.

And then, in response, to the sightings of another person in the truck at the school, I have addressed that in the update. My original analysis regarding her "picking up" someone else at a later hour was simply my inability to figure out where the other person came from. I still do not know. I just know now that this person was in the truck all along and was "picked up" earlier than I previously thought.

Now this is far as I want to go in re-analyzing the charts. From the beginning, when reading the seventh house for the stepmom, you get the ninth house as her third, showing her vehicle. So while this can be taken that the child was on school grounds, based on a traditional ninth house analysis, you must also consider the involvement of her vehicle, based on the seventh house vantage point. So this is where charts can get really confusing and sometimes impossible to just tear apart. In this instance, I stand by the remainder of the original reading. I just concede at this point in the analysis that they had to have gone to the science fair, which is a proven fact, so I went back over the charts to show how this might be shown there. Remember, this isn't about me being the best astrologer in the world, which is sort of ridiculous, but about using astrology to help solve crimes. I always welcome other astrologers and their analysis, which I will print unedited. We are all trying to learn, including me. No one knows everything. And so I submit my current re-analysis of this case but be assured that it is likely not the last as more information comes to light.


This case is all over the TV night after night. I think the ladies on HLN have pretty much decided who is guilty in this one but that won't keep me from peeking at the charts. Besides, I had a beloved cat named Bootsie who was with me for 20 years and died about 4 years ago. So I just had to see what happened to this sweet little boy or, at best, what the charts have to say about it. Also, there are a chorus of readers of this blog asking me to do this chart now. So, going on the general information that the boy was last seen at home around 7am, I run up a chart and compare it to the reports. Luckily, the chart echoed the father's story so I decided to go ahead and post it.

This chart has Cancer rising with Venus in the first house in Cancer. Since both the first house and the Moon rule the parents, I take note of the Moon in the tenth house. The fifth house is ruled by Venus, making this Kyron's marker, and it is placed in the first house, as already noted. The seventh house is ruled by Capricorn, representing the father, and Saturn is in the fourth. This dovetails with the father's story. He was at home with the boy and the boy was with his wife for the most part. His wife, represented by the Moon in Pisces in the tenth house, was moving around the property. With the Moon disposed of by Neptune in the ninth, this seems to hint that she was hiding something in the yard or had gone outside to find something she had hidden there. The very first aspect the Moon makes at this time is a sextile to the node; this shows she has some plan. I'm not just saying that, but the node points to deliberate planning, on the one hand, and, on the other, circumstances suddenly created by fate. The node being in the seventh house and disposed of by Saturn in the fourth points at the father as being the connection. I think what the chart is saying is that the father had the boy and it was through her marriage (seventh house) that she connected with the boy (the node).

I think it's interesting that the Moon rules the first, which is the traditional marker for the mother. The Moon in these charts always defines one of the parents. And when you see the fifth house ruler is Venus and it is placed in the first house in Cancer, it makes sense but it also raises questions. Kyron is with the stepmother but was this the usual routine or did she create a new circumstance on this particular morning? Kryon, it appears, goes into the backyard or somewhere else outside of the residence (Venus disposed of by the Moon in the tenth). Venus is disposed of by the Moon, which rules the mother, showing that he is there because of her. The Moon, her marker, is Neptune in the ninth, showing she is there for something she had hidden outside. Neptune in the sign of Aquarius hints at something hidden in a high place such as in the eaves of the house, on the roof, on the top shelf of an outside storage shed, in a tree or otherwise "up in the air". Neptune is also retrograde so this item had been hidden for quite some time.

I don't have any idea of what time Kyron would normally be expected at school but you can see, in the chart for 8 am, that he is on the way. The fifth house, at that hour, is ruled by Mars and Pluto with Mars in the third house, showing a car. The Moon, the stepmother's marker, has moved into the ninth, showing her on a highway. The Moon, still disposed of by Neptune, is in the same house with Neptune now, showing her to have the item she retrieved from the hiding place outside. The boy's marker, Mars, is in Leo and is disposed of by the Sun, which is in mommy's twelfth house and the boy's eighth house, showing she is hiding something from him. Something scary, I do beleive. The stepmom's fourth (and twelfth)house ruler, Mercury, is sinister to a square to the boys' marker, Mars in Leo. Also, the eighth house ruler in mommy's chart is Uranus, positioned in Aries in the tenth, and sinister to a square to Pluto and the node in the sixth. I am getting a creepy feeling that she plans (the node) to kill this boy (the death house triad combined with Pluto). But I am going to wait and see if the charts bear it out.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Looking at these charts I can see that they are complicated. When moving on to the 8:30 am chart, I have to ask a nagging question. Does this woman have a boyfriend? Was she cheating on her husband? She has been accused of trying to have her husband killed, which is a serious charge. He is apparently afraid enough to have a restraining order put on her. So does she have another man? The chart for 8:30 am strongly hints at this. Look at the placements. Moon is still in the ninth, showing her to be driving on a highway. It is disposed of by Neptune in the eighth house, a continuing testimony to a secret. She is keeping some secret. The eighth house points at money, sex or death. This may be describing her husband's money (the eighth is the second of the seventh) and a possible life insurance policy or other death benefit (the eighth house also rules death). And then take note that the second house ruler, still Saturn, is now in her third house, showing someone in the car with her. Now, if that is not her husband, who is it? The seventh house implies that this is a "partner" of sorts, most likely a lover or a very close personal friend with Saturn disposed of by Mercury in the eleventh house. Consider also that Mercury points to someone younger while Saturn points at someone she has known a very long time. This combination probably describes someone she knew as a child. I am not saying this could not be a woman; perhaps she has a very close female friend that would look like a lover, or perhaps she has a female lover? Regardless of what the details of their relationship may be, she is with someone, male or female, who is a very close friend; friend enough to be be an accomplice in a crime?? And here's the thing, I beleive they put the boy in the trunk! Mars still rules the fifth and it is placed in the second house, which is the twelfth house of the third and this while Saturn (the seventh house ruler) is in the third and the first house ruler, the Moon, is in the ninth. This shows two people in a car and, for me, the second house is often the trunk of the car, the place where people put their belongings, a place that's dark and hidden and in the rear of the third house. I sincerely believe that this chart is showing the boy in the trunk of the car after an adult friend or lover got into that car with the stepmom.

I don't care what this woman says, the charts do not have the boy in school at 8:30 am. The charts seem to corroborate the testimony of other people in the school that Kryon had not been seen, by anyone, at school that day. The charts show the boys leading marker, Mars, in the second house while Pluto, his secondary marker, is in the sixth. I think he is in grave danger. Also, while noticing that the Moon, the chart co ruler and the ruler of the stepmom, is disposed of by Neptune in Aquarius in the eighth house. I think this shows that they used drugs. Neptune is directly opposed to Mars and I think they forced drugs on the boy. I think he was drugged and put in the trunk. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you think this woman took a page out of the Casey Anthony murder book? This is just a thought. And here's another clue to what this chart is saying: the fourth house is disposed of by Venus which is just behind the Ascendant in the twelfth house. Again, this woman is hiding something. Something in the home or around the home. But I am sure the police have searched around their home? But it is interesting that Venus in Cancer rules the fourth house and is placed in the twelfth on a day when one of her friends was "gardening". Just a thought. And, like I said, I am sure they have or will soon search the grounds around both the the Horman home and the homes of her friends.

Another important marker in this chart is Pluto conjoined the node in the sixth. Pluto is Kyron's secondary marker and being near the node in the sixth shows me that someone had planned to hurt him for awhile. There was a plan to do physical damage to this child. The sixth house is the physical body and with Pluto there, it is describing Kyron's body. In turn, Pluto is disposed of by Saturn, the ruler of the seventh, and the marker for the second person in this chart. I think it was planned for that person to harm or kill Kyron. The node always shows a planned out event. There was a larger purpose behind this scheme and I am not sure from the chart what it is. I would venture a guess based on my intuition but that has gotten me into trouble in the past so I won't do it. Suffice to say that these people were planning to use Kyron for some purpose and it was not a nice one. And another thing that stands out for me is the joint rulership of the tenth and fifth houses. This shows the link, for me, between father and son and possibly describes the father as the reason she has taken the boy. This link also appears in the disposition of Mars by the Sun, the traditional marker for the father, placed in the eleventh house of the stepmom's chart.

I believe the child was drugged at the house, sometime after the father left or while in the car outside just before leaving. I say this because Neptune sits in the boy's fourth house. I think the charts show them killing him at 10:30 am. Notice in this chart that Sagittarius now rules the fifth, Aquarius rules the seventh and the Moon still rules the step mom and that the Moon is together with Uranus and Jupiter in the eighth house. The Moon and Jupiter are close together in the same sign, showing the family connection and bond between the mom and child. Uranus, the outside, sits apart from them in the same house but in Aries. Both the Moon and Jupiter are disposed of by Neptune. Neptune now rules the eighth house, the Moon rules the twelfth house and Pluto, the co ruler of the nadir, is now in the child's first house (the fifth). They definitely kill him around this time, according to the placements. Mercury, the natural ruler of the child, is placed in the tenth and is disposed of by Venus in the twelfth. This appears to be saying that the boy was killed in someone's bedroom (Venus) in a home in a southerly direction from his own home (the tenth house). Venus is dipsosed of by the Moon so it appears to say that the stepmother actually killed him. Jupiter in Pisces with Venus in Cancer seems to say he was drowned; Mercury in Taurus seems to say he was buried. But with Neptune in play from the eighth house, it is also possible that he was drugged. It does not look like he put up a fight, either, with Jupiter, his marker, being void of course. It's as if he doesn't do another thing.

The charts in this case are all convoluted and complicated. In the chart for 10:30 am, the time of death chart, Leo rules the first with the Sun in Gemini in the eleventh. This woman has "teamed up" with her "friend". The Sun is disposed of by Mercury, the natural ruler of the child in question, showing their purpose in this action was the boy. The boy, Mercury in Taurus, disposed of by Venus in the twelfth, shows the boy dead. This combined with Jupiter, the fifth house ruler, in the eighth house, showing the woman's "child" to be dead. This all the while Saturn, the sixth house ruler, which describes the boy's body and the bones of the dead, is in the second house. The fourth house ruler, Mars, is in the first, showing them to be in someone's home and since this is disposed of by the Sun in the eleventh, this happened in her friends home and not someplace else. This home, as described by placements, is in the northeast area of the region. Unfortunately, I cannot narrow it down so it could be the northeast area of the city, the county or the state. Portland is an Aquarian city and Oregon is an Aquarian state and since Aquarius rules the seventh house, all I am seeing is that he died in the friends house. And this house, according to directions, is southeast of the child's home. I see this because her house is described by the tenth house (fourth from the seventh) and is ruled by Taurus. Taurus is southeast in direction and the tenth house is south.

In trying to pinpoint what they did with this child, I see that Jupiter, the fifth house ruler is void of course. That makes it useless to me. However, Mercury, the natural ruler of the child, is in Taurus in the tenth. Just this position alone points to a burial of the body. And this is just because Taurus is an earth sign and not a water sign or fire sign. It is disposed of by Venus in the twelfth in the sign Cancer. So he was buried near water. It is a body of water very familiar to the stepmom as Venus is disposed of by the Moon, her marker. She knows this place well and has been there before. So Venus in the twelfth house in Cancer is the exact marker for where this child is. Saturn, which is disposed of by Mercury in the tenth, shows the time element involved in the decomposition of the actual body. Saturn in the second shows the body to be in a wooded area near small animals (the second house, the sign Taurus, Venus) and a lovely body of water that is very scenic in nature. Saturn in the second in Virgo is direct so I do not believe this child will be left undiscovered. In fact, Mercury contacts Saturn by trine within 6 months of his disappearance. I get this by measuring the distance from Mercury to Saturn (6 degrees) and noting that Mercury is fixed on an angular house (months) and Saturn is mutable on a succeedent house (also months) in terms of time translation using traditional astrology.

I next look at the chart for 11 am to see what happens after the death of the child. This usually shows the killer doing something with the body. Here we have Mercury in Taurus in the tenth, Saturn in Virgo in the second and Pluto in Capricorn in the fifth house so I think it's safe to say the child was buried. Pluto is retrograde in the fifth in Capricorn (the grave) so the burial was really difficult and the job was poorly done. The north node nearby, also in Capricorn, shows that the grave was chosen in advance. It was not left to the last minute. The killer knew right where the child would be buried, this is why it also shows the area being familiar. Although I call this person the "killer", the fact that the Moon rules the mother and it plays such a huge part in the chart movements throughout the hours in question, the finger points. I also believe that the child was buried close to the home of the friend or accomplice. This is because, even after death, the charts show the fifth house ruler, Jupiter, in the eighth (consistant with death) close to Uranus, the seventh house ruler. This is clearly the friend and not a family member because the planets are not in the same sign. They are in an out of sign conjunction, which tells us that they knew each other, but they were not related.

If there is a scenic body of water not far from where this accomplice lived then this is where they will discover the child. It is very possible that this body of water is a reservoir. He is buried somewhere in a small, localized wooded area close to that body of water. The body is not well buried, the job was difficult and emotionally draining so it was done hurridly, without care. There may have been an attempt to dismember the body or otherwise make it easier to carry and dispose of (Pluto in Capricorn in the fifth house square to Uranus in the eighth). This was attempted by the accomplice and not the killer. The body is placed in an area where people use wells or cisterns and the houses have cellars. If it is not a reservoir, it may also be a spring, a lake or a local river. However, this is Oregon and if someone who is suspected lives near the sea, then the ocean is also a possibility. A scenic area off the coast is a possible location if the local area where the child went missing is near the ocean. Portland is a huge city and it does have a large river, the Williamette River, that runs through it. I know there are lots of mountains in the area but the chart does not describe mountains, hills or locations in high areas. It describes something close to the ground near water.

Consistant with the chart, the Willimette River runs through SE Portland. It is mostly a huge city with lots of asphalt but I am sure there are parks with planted areas or small wooded areas in the general area. Those that are close to the river, with a scenic backdrop, should be considered. Because Clackamas County is in the southeast portion of Portland and it contains the Williamette National Forest which is situated on the river, I think this might be a good place to look. But it would depend upon whether Kyron's stepmom had spent any time in that forest and whether or not this forest is located within the area of the friend's home. The bottom line with this chart is that the boy was buried not far from the friend's home in a scenic wooded area near to a water source like a river or lake, more probably a reservoir or spring.

I know that the descriptions are rather general and the areas I talk about are rather vast but this is the best I can do with reading these types of charts. I also realize it is simply common sense to conclude that the killer buried the body nearby just simply because a burial is very hard work, involves a lot of planning and travelling far away just makes it all that more difficult. The charts here clearly show the boy laying in rest somewhere near the second party in the chart (the seventh house ruler) which is also a close friend or lover of the killer, who is marked by the Moon and the first house ruler. The Moon starts out as a descriptor for the stepmom and it remains in that position during the hours that follow. There is no indication that she handed this boy over to anyone else and no indication that he ever made it to school.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kara Kopetsky

Young Lady Disappears From School

From Find Kara Kopetsky :

Kara Kopetsky was a typical teenage girl. She had friends, a large loving family and was looking forward to shopping for clothes to have her Senior pictures taken, but Kara didn't get to have Senior pictures, Senior Prom, Graduation, College years or any other mile stones normal/typical teenage girls have.

On 4-28-07 Kara was abducted by her abusive boyfriend while waiting outside her place of employment for a friend to pick her up after work. She had to jump from his moving vehicle to get away from him. The boyfriend was arrested and the following Monday Kara obtained a Order of Protection against him.

On 5-4-07 Kara went missing. This was the Friday before the scheduled court date regarding her boyfriend abducting her.

The charges were dropped by the Belton Police Department, stating she was a runaway and if she knew the charges were dropped she would return home. KARA WENT MISSING ON 5-4-07, she hasn't returned home.

Friday, May 4, 2007
The morning started out just like any other morning. Kara decided to walk to school just a few blocks away instead of having her mom drive her. Later that morning, she called her mom to bring her a book for one of her classes that she had forgotten at home. Kara also asked her mom to wash her work clothes since she had to work that afternoon after school. Mom took the book up to school and left it in the office for Kara to pick up later. At some point after that Kara got the book from the office.

What happened next remains a mystery.

Kara did not come home from school that day and did not show up for work that afternoon. Her mom and stepdad called her repeatedly and called around looking for her before reporting her missing that evening.

It has been confirmed that the last phone call on her cell phone was about 10:30 that morning. Since then, the police have determined that either the cell phone has been shut off or the battery has run down. In addition to that, there has been no activity on her bank account and nothing is missing from her house. All of her clothes, belongings, and IPOD are still in her room.

The police and family have talked to her friends and no one has seen or had contact with Kara since she disappeared.

Stats: Belton, Missouri MO May 4, 2007 10:30 am LAST PHONE CALL


This case was emailed to me by several readers. Because there seems to be a lot of interest currently in this case, I felt compelled to look at it. The charts were viable so I went ahead and ran them. I was immediately suspicious of the boyfriend, considering he had been abusive and had already abducted her once. She was scheduled to go to court against him on the abduction charge within a few days of her final disappearance. This is hinky. But I am sure he was the first place the cops looked and perhaps he was still in the clinker when she went missing.. but does he have friends? Someone willing to take it out on this girl? Let's see what the charts say.

First of all, let me note that this is a tough one because of the sketchy time line. She went to school, asked her mother to bring a book and there is no record of what time of day that actually was. The last cell phone call she made was at 10:30 am but that does not mean she wasn't in class after that. There is no report of whether she finished last period or was seen leaving the school. So this makes the case really hard for me. But I was willing to start with the chart for 10:30 am and see what I could find my moving charts forward. Now, as you can see, by looking at the chart for 10:30 am, that Kara was still in school. Cancer is rising, the Moon is in Sagittarius in the fifth house. In fact, this might have been around the time she was concerned about a book she left at home and this last phone call may have been the one she made to her mother. There is no note in the case details of whether or not that was the case.. or to whom that last call was made. None the less, according to the chart data, I can safely say that she was in school up until that time. The Moon, her marker, is disposed of by Jupiter in Sagittarius in the sixth house. There was nothing else on this girls' mind but school; she was busy with classes. There is also nothing in the seventh house and the seventh house ruler is Saturn, which is placed in the second. I think this is her mother, in possession of her belonging, the book.

Moving the charts forward, I see that the ascendant and placements do not change until 1:15 pm, when the Sun moves into the ninth house alone. Here she is, stepping outside of the school, perhaps to smoke a cigarette? Anyways, she is outside the school alone and look at the seventh house cusp. Aquarius is falling with Uranus conjoined Mars in the eighth house. And here, too, the node is hovering. A volatile combination and a karmic one, too. Does the node indicate planning.. or is it just a Uranian moment of chance? Neptune on the descendant shows this person to be hiding outside. Perhaps that last phone call wasn't to her mother after all, but to a person who was now at the school and this is why she stepped outside. Or there is that chance that she stepped outside, for a smoke or to use the phone, only to find a stranger hiding there, looking for a victim. Either scenario is possible. The Moon is conjoined Jupiter in Sagittarius in the fourth house so she is still on school grounds and was not planning on leaving so this was not a rendevous for her to run away. But the Moon trine Saturn in the twelfth does imply she was doing something in secret; this supports the idea that she was meeting someone outside that she was otherwise not supposed to.

Who was this person who was waiting outside? Well, he or she is defined by Uranus in Pisces. This does not mean they are a Pisces or have Uranus prominent in their chart, it is simply a delineator. This would tend to define someone who lives "outside of the box", who ignores the rules and is rebellious towards authority. This person might have a fondness for the occult or the metaphysical and could practice "magical thinking", where they believe every instance is fated and that chance works on their side. There may also be a peculiar personality, an over-adventurous nature and a desire for strange or odd experiences. Dark brown hair is likely; gray or blue eyes; pale complexion; medium height. Hobbies might include fish keeping, surfing, ice skating, snow skiing or scuba diving. Loves the water. In the event chart, Uranus conjoined Mars indicates that this person was very aggressive and forceful with Kara and may have resorted to violence. Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception so these energies are extremely strong at this time. This person has one sole purpose: to meet with Kara and take control of her.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Saturn is disposed of by the Sun, Kara's marker, and they are in square aspect. This indicates that Kara resisted and did not want any part of this but felt obligated. A sense of loyalty played a part. Saturn in Leo is nothing if not loyal. She would have kept this a secret (Saturn in the twelfth) because she knew it was wrong (Saturn square the Sun). And with the Sun inconjunct to the Moon-Jupiter conjunction I cannot help but think that this was big mistake for her; a miscalculation where she simply made a judgement that was false. Perhaps she trusted someone only to discover that her trust was misplaced? But I do not believe she was taken in that moment, as the chart for 1:30 pm shows Mercury entering her sphere, closely following the Sun. Since Mercury rules the eleventh house I would say that this person was another student, perhaps a mere acquaintance or maybe someone she knew as a friend? At that same moment, Neptune slips into the sixth house, losing it's power which might mean that this other student actually saw the visitor. There may be an eyewitness who saw the person who abducted Kara. Without Neptune hiding the seventh cusp, it is likely that the person was actually sighted by the interloper (Mercury) but if the child was young enough the connection might not have been made, even after Kara went missing. There is another consideration here, as well, tradition often describes Mercury as a liar or deceiver so it's possible that this student has kept the secret for a reason.

At just after 2, the ascendant changes and the event changes direction. Virgo on the first house cusp moves Mercury onto Kara's marker, which is very interesting. This basically describes a scenario where the other student has left the scene and Kara is alone with her abductor, now defined by Neptune (Pisces on the seventh). The interesting aspect in this new formation is that Mercury is both under the Sun's beams AND combust. This is very scary. Kara is suddenly in very grave danger now that the other student has left. In fact, I believe that school probably lets out sometime around 2 or 2:30 in most places so this person is now panicked and determined to get this done before he or she is caught. Neptune in the sixth describes desperation and sickness. This person could very well have a mental illness or a drug or alcohol dependancy. Mercury, Kara's marker, is sinister to a square with Neptune (her abductors marker) so she does not have good feelings towards this person, however the Moon inconjunction to her current marker, Mercury, indicates that she misjudges the situation to her detriment. She may not have liked this person but, for some reason, she either was not afraid or judged the other person as non threatening. The inconjunction clearly shows that his was a mistake. The angular T square involving an opposition from Venus in the tenth to Pluto in the fourth with the outlet being the square to Mars in the seventh, shows that the bottleneck of emotion will result in violent action on the part of the abductor. Mars square Pluto guarantees that he or she has a short temper.

It's funny how the chart for just after three shows them leaving the school in a car. I would think that would be the time when the school was finally cleared out. This person was forceful and restraining with Kara and with the Moon hiding in the fourth house during the first hour, it is possible that she was moved to a closed location like a closet. I can't be sure but the charts do seem to show her being restrained or intimidated. This would explain why she didn't scream and yell or call for help as other people were leaving the school. She was likely hidden away somewhere or in a place not easily noticed as people left the school. If there was a wooded area near the school or a play/sports area that was a distance from view, these places are likely with Mercury in Taurus in the ninth and the Moon in Sagittarius. But at 3:10 pm, you can clearly see the Moon in Sagittarius leave the fourth house and enter the third. This indicates that Kara is moving and the third house describes cars. It can also describe neighborhood roads, walking and biking but with Neptune in the sixth, I believe she was hidden and a car is the best way to do that. Mercury is dexter from conjunction with the Sun so some of the danger is alleviated but it is still under the beams and combust, pointing at fear and grave troubles.

The T square involving Venus, Mars and Pluto paints a picture of a romance tainted by jealousy, control and anger. I am really beginning to think this is her boyfriend, aren't you? I mean, who else would she scoot outside, secretly, to meet? Who else would have these sorts of desperate feelings? Who else would an onlooker dismiss? I am not saying this charts proves he is guilty but if it wasn't her boyfriend, it was someone else she knew who also had feelings for her. So, if the boyfriend has been eliminated for a concrete reason, then all other interested parties should be investigated. This person wanted her in more ways than one and he or she knew Kara before this happened. She went outside to meet this person and although she did not have good feelings, she was not afraid.

The chart for 4 pm shows there was sex involved. They are still in the car, Moon is in the third, but Mercury has moved into the eighth with Neptune in the fifth. With Mercury and Neptune square, this was either forced sex or consensual out of loyalty or concession. She may have thought that if she had sex with him (I am now sure this is a man) then this would all end. That may have been the miscalculation I saw in the course of events but I am not sure. The chart for 4:30 seems to show them parking the car in the woods. The Moon in Sag is still in the third, indicating they are in the car, but the Ascendant has changed to Libra and Venus is just now moving into the ninth house. The seventh house ruler is now Aries with Mars right at the Descendant. He has taken control of her and is bossing her around; he might even be physically intimidating. Mercury ruled her for the first few hours, showing her talking to him, perhaps trying to talk some sense into him. But now it's Venus, just after the forced sex, and she is more passive, more seductive in an effort to soften his anger but Venus and Mars are square, showing that everything she tries to do falls short of what he wants. He is getting madder by the minute. His new marker, Mars, is closely squared to Pluto, pushing his anger to violence. The Venus-Mars-Pluto T Square and bottleneck is now energized enough by the angular placements to force this aggression close to explosion. With Saturn inconjunct to Mars at this point this man is incapable of making an unemotional, reasonable decision. Everything he does from here on in is a big mistake.

The seventh house ruler, Mars in Pisces, is also conjoined Uranus so this situation is totally unpredictable and his behavior will suprise even himself. Mars implies a weapon, most often a gun, but the sign Pisces brings to mind the color silver and indicates this could also be a knife. Mars square Jupiter indicates that he thinks he is right and cannot be swayed but it also indicates that he believes she does not take him seriously. In fact, he fears she is laughing at him, that she thinks he's a joke. This is his chance to show her otherwise. Saturn inconjunct Mars also implies that history has something to do with his current anger and that he thinks he is acting seriously, in a manner that is called for. He is all about punishment. Mars in Pisces in the sixth shows his desperation and hints at mental illness.

The charts don't change much for another hour. I believe they spent time parked in the car, in the woods, where he intimidated her with a weapon and threats. He also forced her to have sex, as a sort of reassurance. She complied either because she didn't have a choice or because she thought it might defuse the situation. But Mars and Pluto working like they are in these charts, at this time, he is just at the end of his rope. No amount of neck rubbing is going to make him relax. He is really angry. And after the hour passes, the chart for 6 pm shows them getting out of the car and into the woods. The Moon is in the second, in the sign Sagittarius, so this is a small wooded area where people camp or play games or hunt and there is a body of water nearby. Small animals populate the area; squirrels, beavers, rabbits, turtles, snakes, etc.. a lot of small, land crawing creatures. The Moon indicates that the water would be a pond or a lake, large enough for fishing. Kara and her captor spent time in this area, walking or sitting in the car. Within the next hour, the Ascendant moves to Scorpio. Mars remains in the fifth house with Pluto in the second. The seventh house ruler, Venus, is in the eighth. The reason they are in the woods is sex again.

Venus in Gemini positioned in the eighth disposed of by Mercury in the seventh means he is doing all of this for their "relationship". He thinks by forcing sex she will suddenly become compliant or realize how much she loves him. Again, I am thinking this is the boyfriend... or someone else she was either involved with currently or in the past, someone who thought they belonged together. It could even be a stalker. But she knew who he was. He was not a stranger. Her markers, both Pluto and Mars, are in square configuration. This indicates that she just doesn't do the "right" things. She makes mistakes and says the wrong things. She assumes things that aren't true and she tries to assert herself at the wrong times. This to me indicates that, perhaps, this wasn't a current boyfriend, who she would have known better than this, but someone who was either in the past or was an admirer that had not gotten to first base. It just doesn't seem right that she is this clumsy with someone she knew as well as the current beau. At this time in the course of events, Pluto, her co ruler, is opposite Venus, his marker, so she is fighting him and possibly forcibly. And with Mars sinister to a square with Pluto, this was just the wrong time to do that. The way the Ascendants are trading placements, it seems like they were changing roles, too. One minute, he's the angry aggressor. Not much later, it is she who is a screaming banshee. There is no doubt they are fighting.

They remain this way for another two hours, arguing and going through the paces with each other, until 10 pm, when things really escalate. Sagittarius moves on the Ascendant and her new markers, Jupiter and the Moon, are in the first house close to Pluto. Gemini is falling and with Mercury in Taurus in the sixth, he is suddenly the weaker player; perhaps he is not paying attention? But this is when she makes her big break. The force of her rulers in the first house, with the primary ruler in dignity, and Pluto supporting them, she makes an aggressive effort to get free. Does she grab the gun? Does she open the car door and try to run? Does she just make a break for it while they sit somewhere in the woods? I can't be sure; charts are never THAT precise. But you can see the planetary energies lining up on her side and pushing her to make a move. But here are the harbingers, the omens, I am always looking for: Saturn is hinging on the eighth house cusp with the Moon moving towards the twelfth. Pluto is moving towards the first house cusp. This looks like violence leading to a death pattern. Bad news.

When you see that the Moon rules the eighth house and it's getting ready to cross the Ascendant and is, as always, the co ruler of the chart, it looks like death. This, with the twelfth house ruler, Pluto, inching it's way through the first, closing in on the Ascendant. Another death pattern. Add to this the position of Mars at the Nadir while co ruling the twelfth house and it just looks bad. Please don't think that every chart that has similar placements means somebody will die or that every death has this pattern. There are many variations of a death pattern and they depend upon the previous and future charts for support. But it is a fact that, in reading charts, if there are numerous placements and aspects that read for violence or death, especially in forensic charts where someone is missing or dead, that this can be predicted. In this chart there are many pointers to a death pattern and this is supported by various other placements such as Jupiter retrograde, Pluto in the first (regardless of which house it rules), the fourth and twelfth house rulers the same planet, both of these rulers square to the ruler of the eighth and the ruler of the twelfth the Moon, which rules the event chart in whole.

So, the charts tell us that she gets up the guts to make a break for it and a fight ensues. And he kills her in the course of that fight, either by accident or design. With Uranus so close to Mars, violence has been an unpredictable player in the events of the entire evening. The chart for 11 pm shows that he kills her sometime between 10 and 11pm. Looking at the chart for 11 pm, the death pattern I just explained to you is very clear. But when drawing up a chart for midnight, the same pattern continues. When the charts repeat and support previous aspects, the inference is that the condition is terminal.

In the chart for midnight, Capricorn is rising with Saturn in the eighth. The seventh house is occupied by Cancer with the Moon in the twelfth. The Moon is the event chart ruler, so this shows the victim and her abductor together when she dies, or after she is dead. The eighth house ruler is now the Sun, positioned in the fourth. Pluto is just inside the twelfth, right behind the Ascendant, square to the fourth house ruler, Mars in Pisces. She comes to rest in a body of water. That's what I think the chart is saying. Saturn in Leo in the eighth indicates it's in a place that gets a lot of sunlight; her body would have been quickly decomposed by exposure to sunlight or heat, which tells me she was left in shallow water near the surface. Mars in Pisces indicates that the area is frequented by sportsmen, probably hunters and fishermen. It also seems to indicate that her remains might be eaten by fish. I apologize for the graphic detail and gory images and I promise that will be the last. I just wanted to explain why it has been so hard to find her.

Going over the charts I want to see if I can trace their movements. When they left the school in the car at 3:30 pm, they went southeast. That would be southeast of the school. The next few charts a highway and then a wooded area. A highway located southeast of the school that runs past woods or forested areas is the place to start looking. Although the prominent sign is Sagittarius, the third house is also prominent, which tells me that although they went on a highway they stayed in familiar neighborhoods and ventured off onto smaller roads alogn the way. The time element of 2 and a half hours makes you think they must have traveled off to another city but the sign Gemini puts them in developed neighborhoods. So the woods are not off in an isolated area, they are accessible to the suburbs nearby. This is an area familiar to the abductor and to Kara. While the placement of Venus leads me to believe that they probably traveled a distance of about 26 miles, the sign Gemini tells me that this was on winding streets, backroads, small avenues and various outlets from the main highway and they most likely did not move farther than 12 miles southeast of where they started out. I get this from the placements of Venus and the Moon from the third and ninth houses. So when they got out of the car at 6:00 pm, they were no more than 12 miles away and this is my best educated guess. However, it is not the word of God so feel free to disagree.

The Moon conjoined Jupiter in the twelfth in the sign Sagittarius makes me think he may have used a knife as a weapon. His anger and passion was strong enough and he felt intimate enough with her to use a knife. The Moon as a shared ruler in the twelfth trine to Saturn in the eighth indicates that he spent some time with her before he disposed of the body. He lingered emotionally, perhaps crying or emoting. It also indicates that he dumped her in the water, in that lake or pond. Jupiter seems to indicate deep water and he may have originally left her in the deepest part of the lake but Saturn in Leo in the twelfth shows shallower water over time. Which seems to indicate that the body would have drifted over time and is now, later on, closer to the shore. Saturn indicates the condition of the body when it's found.

Saturn is also her marker in death so this truly is her body. Capricorn rising clinches it. Saturn disposed of by Sun in the fourth in Taurus also points to the little, confined area surrounded by woods and used by sportsmen. Small animals everywhere, an abundance of turtles, snakes and small crawling things. Again, the conjunction of the Sun to Mercury indicates that she is not buried deeply and is close to the surface. Mars in Pisces is her grave while Sun in Taurus describes the area. She is in shallow water near the shore of a small lake in an area where sportsmen frequent; small animals are everywhere, lots of turtles. The turtles feel like a clue to me; they may be a special species only found in the area or a type of turtle that is protected or endangered. They may be unusually large or exceptional in some way. The turtles stand out. They would be aquatic/land turtles who swim and live in burroughs. I know that seems crazy to mention here but they stand out in the charts so I have to mention this. It might help someone figure out where she is.

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