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Iwona Wieczorek Zaginiecie

Young Woman Disappears on Walk Home

From: People Search :

On behalf of Iwona Wieczorek's family and friends I would like to ask you to help us to solve her mysteriously disappearance in the night between 16 and 17 of July 2010. In that night she was walking back home from dancing club "A Curve House" in Sopot by herself on seafront promenade between cities of Sopot and Gdansk Jelitkowo.
The last time she has been seen by city monitor camera in Gdansk-Jelitkowo by the 63rd beach entrance at 4:12AM. Iwona Wieczorek was followed by a tall, blond man. We are looking for him as well as an important witness in the case of her disappearance. He might be the last person seeing Iwona at this particular time.

So far, we have no luck finding any trace of Iwona Wieczorek. Police and Emergency Team along with rescue dogs repeatedly have searched the surrounding area, but with no results whatsoever. We asked for help our famous polish psychic medium Krzysztof Jackowski, but unfortunately he cannot indicate her, or place where she might be.

We urged any witnesses, if anybody saw Iwona that night or later on, please contact any Police station or just simple email any information to: or call: (011 48) 692 569 160, (011 48 58) 321-53-33 or Crime Stopper (011 48) 800-677-777. Any information is important for us.

We are trying to expand our searches beyond polish borders. She might be taken and transfer to other countries against her will.

Iwona Wieczorek is 19-years-old, blonde long hair, brown eyes, she is around 140 pounds of weight and 5'4" tall. At the time of disappearance she wore navy mini skirt (pencil shape), and shirt with blue and white strips, blue-open toe-high heels shoes.

If anybody has any information about Iwona please contact as soon as possible at the below numbers or emails. Attached pictures of Iwona Wieczorek.

Iwona's Family (011 48) 692 569 160
Police Station: (011 48) 58 321-53-33
Crime Stopper (011 48) 800-677-777

From Polish Forums
Exactly one year ago 18-year old Polish girl Iwona Wieczorek disappeared in Sopot. She did head home after an argument at a disco with her friends but she never reached it. The battery in her mobile died. Her story was all over the news and still is. The detective Rutkowski (the same guy who "re-kidnapped" Polish girl from Norwegians) was working on her case but without success.

This case was sent by a friend of mine overseas who is also a student of Astrology. He had seen my case on Irena Yarmalenko and thought I might be able to do something with this case. I went to several sites on the internet, all of which were in Polish, and translated several until I found one that gave details on the case rather than just short updates. As well, my friend in Poland sent me documents on the case and charts he had already run, which helped me get started. I don't need this from my readers, it is just nice of him to help out. Anyways, I looked at the charts and this is what I found.

This first chart I ran was for the time when she was last seen on camera, which was at 4:12 am on July 17, 2010 in Sopot, Poland. There was a man following her on that film and the police have been unsuccessful in finding him. In the charts, you can see the first house ruler, the Moon, in the fourth house, with the seventh house ruler, Saturn, just behind it. The fourth house implies a home or domicile but can also mean any closed in area or building. I know nothing about the seafront promenade in Sopot but it might have closed in areas or buildings that she could have been walking through. My best guess would be alleyways or open garages. Notice that the Moon in the fourth is disposed of by Venus in the third, showing us that her purpose for being there was to travel through. The third house rules avenues, areas of transit, cars, vehicles of all kinds, the motion of walking and any form of travel. So she was walking through closed in areas near the promenade but this was not her destination, this was just the route. That seems to be what the charts are saying. Notice, as well, that Saturn rules the seventh house, which describes the person she is "next to meet" and that this planet is close behind the Moon, also in the fourth house. So this person was also in the same area and possibly moving through the same garages or buildings she was traveling through. Saturn is in the earlier sign, Virgo, and 8 degrees from the Moon so he was not with her. He was shadowing her or following her and she may not have even noticed. Saturn is in the last degree of Virgo and soon to move into Libra (a distance of a half a minute), which shows us that he is about to change in some way, to change his mind or his activity or even his direction. Also, planets that fall between signs show us things and people who are "between the cracks" in some way, such as hiding in a secret place, unseen. When this placement describes an object, we assume it has fallen in between two things and been lost there. This man was most likely hiding between two things, such as in a doorway or behind a wall when he first saw her. One more thing, Saturn is disposed of by Mercury, the sign of the theif. Mercury is in the sign Leo, which rules gold things, and placed in the second house of possessions, valuables and belongings. I think he targeted this girl because he saw her wearing something gold and he thought it was valuable. Was she wearing gold earrings, a necklace or a ring? Something gold colored and valuable?

In the chart for 5 am I see that the tenth house ruler, Neptune, is in the eighth house which indicates she is in a high crime area. There are drug addicts hanging out around here, possibly drug users in drug houses. Neptune in the eighth shows the presence of criminals and people living criminal lifestyles. Garbage and trash laying about. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the tenth so people don't stay in the area long, there are a lot of transients and temporary visitors. There may be something unusual about the area or it may attract an unusual group of people. This person who is around her, the person marked by Saturn in Virgo, probably lives near this place as the tenth house is the fourth house from the seventh. The fourth house ruler, Mercury, shows us that the housing in that area is mostly temporary such as apartments, student housing, or other forms of short term rentals. But Mercury is also in the fixed sign Leo, telling us that the buildings are not removeable. This means brick and mortar apartments and not trailers or other moveable structures. And then you can see that Mercury, the fourth house ruler, is disposed of by the Sun in Cancer in the twelfth. This is family style housing, with bedrooms and baths and not hotels or studios or other single persons housing. So these are brick and mortar apartments with more than one bedroom or bath but are short term rentals to students, tourists, immigrants and young adults as well as local families. People move in and move out all the time. It is in this area where she was abducted. I will show you how and when in a moment.

In the chart for 5:15, the rulers change. Leo takes over the first house with Aquarius on the seventh. We see that Uranus is now in the ninth house and the Sun is in the twelfth. The Moon, the co ruler, is moving into the third. There is a man in a car tailing Iwona. This man came from a garage or parking area (ninth house) where he retrieved his car (Uranus, the seventh house ruler, is disposed of by Mars in the third). When the Moon enters the third house, our subject, Iwona, either gets into that car or is forced. I have a personal pet theory about a cat in this case. I think the planets line up in a way that describes a cat appearing on the pathway and that this is what drew her out of the promenade and onto an area closer to the road. This is how I think she was abducted. Remember this is just a little theory I have. None the less, it appears that the abduction occurred around 5:37 am. Now remember that time in the heavens is not the same as time on Earth as the Earth-based system of time is fixed and arbitrary, built around commerce, while universal time is variable, depending upon the movement of various elements in nature. They are close enough to work together but are nowhere near exact. So this girl was pushed or coerced into a car sometime after she was seen on the video. Mercury rules the third house and is in the sign Leo so this describes a red or green car. But, Mercury together with the Sun gives a light gray color. And Virgo on the third house cusp gives us black. My best guess, given all the indicators, that this was a black car with a grey interior and there was something red or green on or in the car. A flashy red or green sticker, perhaps. Her marker, the Sun, disappears into the twelfth, just after his marker entered the ninth. Although the Sun has been in the twelfth the entire time, Leo did not move onto the Ascendant until 5:13 am and, at that time, Aquarius moved onto the seventh house cusp, putting it's ruler, Uranus, in the ninth. So he obtained a car and got onto a highway or road and followed her. She was then hidden in the car within minutes. This is emphasized by the Sun in Cancer being disposed of by the Moon in Libra, both her markers, with the Moon in the third. The twelfth house is the tenth from the third and tells us something about where was taken. The tenth house gives us a southerly direction so this is where they went. They went south from the area where she was last seen. The tenth house is an angular house so they went swiftly and didn't waste time. The tenth house also describes businesses, including tradesmen and professionals, so this was most likely a work vehicle. He used this vehicle at his job. And, finally, since the tenth house usually holds the sign Capricorn, which rules dark places, places close to the ground and the lowest point in any area, I would assume he hid her on the floorboard or in the trunk of the car.

I ran the charts for every hour afterwards and saw that she was kept hidden in that trunk for awhile. The markers for 6:45 am show that Mars has moved into the second house and the second house ruler, Mercury, has crossed the Ascendant. This shows someone going through her things and stealing. Mercury in Leo; sticky fingers; looking for gold. Since Leo is disposed of by the Sun, her marker, this man had a reason to think she had something valuable. There is a chance that he knew her and was aware of something she had. But I think it's more likely that she was targeted in the nightclub earlier when she was seen with something he wanted. The Moon is disposed of by Venus in Virgo in the second. Because of the nature of the planet Venus, this is most likely a ring. A ring made of a valuable metal (Virgo) and may have had a secret compartment. Did Iwona have such a ring and if she did, what did she keep in it? And who would have known about this ring? Around this same time, Pluto moves into the fifth house with the node. This happens at just after 6 am in the charts.
Pluto conjoined the node in the fifth shows a planned sexual assault. It is this placement of the node, along with the other markers, that make me think he knew her. She was not a stranger or, if she was, he targeted her earlier in the bar and planned this out in his head.

By 8:30 am, with the assault markers all still in place, the first house ruler, Mercury, falls into the twelfth house with Mars rising. Moon in Libra is disposed of by Venus, which falls into the twelfth within minutes. Saturn to shortly enter the first with the assault markers still in place. This girl died during a violent assault. Pluto and the node are ominous in the fifth, showing a plan to do this. And these planets are disposed of by Saturn, which rules the dead body and the bones, and is moving into the first. These are all astrological "storm clouds" if I can wax poetic for a moment and they came together on this girl. There are strong indicators that this man knew Iwona. Now, whether she went with him willingly, in a moment of trust, or whether he grabbed her and forced her, it cannot be overlooked that this was his plan. He was going to rob her and assault her. Perhaps this was a man who had given her a ring at one time and now wanted it back? I know this seems a bit extreme for someone just wanting a ring back but rejection makes some people do horrible things. I am just not sure if he intended to kill her. There are no markers that show death as his purpose. As well, the Moon is closely aligned with Vindemiatrix, a fixed star indicating accidental death. There is a strong possibility that Iwona died unexpectedly during an attack by a man who only intended to rob and rape her, as horrible as that is.

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But there are enough death indicators to tell us that she is most likely dead when you check the charts for the rest of the morning. One such indicator is the movement of the Moon and Saturn in close out of sign conjunction moving together into the first house. This alignment closely follows the conjunction of Mars to the Ascendant, which traditionally describes the moment of assault. Mars also rules the eighth house so it might be concluded that \sShe died as the direct result of the assault. Pluto is in the fourth house, another death marker. And because Mars is directly opposite the fixed star, Markab, which indicates death by shooting, it is my guess he held a gun on her and accidently shot her. He may have only meant to scare her, to force her to comply or to get her to submit to his sexual advances but ended up killing her instead. He did not hold her for any length of time or want her for any other purpose. He robbed her and attacked her. And with Vindematrix shadowing the Moon- Saturn conjunction, I would dare to say that the shooting was accidental.

None the less, Iwona is dead and this man abducted her and killed her. People would like to recover her, for closure and for proper burial. I will take a shot at guessing where and how he disposed of her. I would like to also take a shot at deciphering where he took her when he killed her. In the abduction chart the movement patterns work around the Moon and Mercury. Mars in Virgo shows him moving in a south by west direction and with Mars in the last decan of Virgo, I would say more west than south. Virgo is a common sign and the third is a cadent house so I would say it was not right near where she was taken but a distance away. With the Moon being exactly on the nadir and Mercury being in the angular first house, it was not very far away. But Mercury is in the fixed sign Leo and the third house is a cadent house. Also, the Moon does not contact Mercury for 6 degrees. So all factors considered, I would say they traveled a distance of 6 miles from the original abduction location and this was traveling west with a southerly drift. So this is where he took her when he planned on robbing her and raping her. The tenth house being marked by Mars in Virgo in the third house I would guess that this was a removeable type of building or a traveling home. I am not sure what type of moveable housing they have in Poland but if they have trailers or mobile homes then this is it. Something like these, anyways. Mars in Virgo means that he lives alone. He is obsessed with health and fitness and has a lot of medicines and herbs he uses for this purpose. Mars also describes cutting implements and Virgo gives a love of cooking so he probably has knives. A collection of knives of varying sizes and for many different purposes. He has done a lot of work on his home, remodeling and repairing things. Mars in Virgo conjoined Saturn with Saturn ruling the sixth house describes a construction worker, a carpenter, a man who works with his hands and makes or fixes things. His home would have a workshop or garage.

Saturn is in late Virgo and is moving east in the chart so I would guess they travelled east before dumping her. When they grabbed her at 5 that morning they put her in the vehicle and they headed southwest. They took her to a home and not an apartment. This would be a home with an attic, large wardrobes, garage, probably two stories high. It would be in a community where many married couples live and would have nice landscaping in the area. This would be a dark beige or tawny colored house. There would be flowers in the garden. There may be mountains or high hills in the area or the community may be on a mountainside or have hills in the roads or landscaping. There may be a sawmill nearby and some of the homes in the area may have outside bathing facilities or outhouses. The home they took her to is in the farthest most western section of the community. And then moving the charts forward hour by hour it looks like he moved her in the evening, with the chart for 6 pm giving descriptors. The seventh house sign is Gemini with Mercury in the eighth house. Mercury is disposed of by the Sun, also placed in the eighth. It almost seems facetious to say that this is him on the move with a dead body. But when I point out that the first house ruler, Jupiter, is also in the third house, it doesn't seem so goofy. The twelfth house ruler, Pluto, is in the first and the co ruler, Mars, is in the ninth. So they are on the highway (ninth house), in a car (Jupiter in the third) with a dead body (twelfth house ruler in the first). Saturn is also in the ninth. Since Saturn always rules the body we can guess that the body is on the road with him. Saturn is also conjoined Mars, which rules the fourth and the fourth house describes the coffin. I think he is going to bury her. With Pluto in Capricorn in the first and disposed of by Saturn, I would dare say that the body has been altered in some way. Damaged is a more proper term. Broken bones, at the least. Moon in the tenth house indicates he is headed somewhere public, out in the open, a place where other people go. Not a private spot in the least.

Mars with Saturn in Virgo and Virgo being an earth sign, I would say he dug a hole and buried her. These planets are in the ninth house, which gives an outdoor descriptor, somewhere with trees and animals. A wooded area, perhaps. A place where people go hunting? Mercury in Leo in the eighth gives a sunny spot, out in the open and not in the shade or under trees. Leo can give a desert like, sandy area with large animals. Of course cats but also large game. Are there hunting preserves near this place? Or are their public parks where people are permitted to hunt at times? Mars in the ninth implies bows and arrows. The ninth house also points south west or south with a westerly drift. So this is the direction he took her body when he left the murder scene. Virgo also describes southwest. This general area could have any of the following indicators: A forested area with sandy patches near a government building and where people spend time playing sports. There may be a government building nearby where she is buried. Look for old iron or steel mines or foundries in the area. If this is a public park with a government building then look for old war machinery, war horse statues, brass memorials to war heroes. The park area may be named after a famous war figure. If there are iron or steel mines, mills or foundries in the area, also look for burned out cornfields with hayracks. If there are none of these, then the last markers to look for would be a nearby chicken ranch, large warehouses storing groceries and / or a brewery or malt house. Any one or all of these markers could be present in the area where she is buried. She is buried in rich earth and not sand, with weeds and flowers about. Look for yellow flowers. Hops may also be grown in the region.

The last thing I like to take a shot at is describing the abductor or abductors. Going back to the chart for the time of her abduction, 5:12 am, we saw the descendant switching at the moment when she was taken. She was followed by one person and ended up being snatched by another. The first person described by Saturn in Virgo (Saturn shadowing the Moon at 5:12 am) and the second person would be defined by the new ruler, Uranus, which arrived at 5:37 am when she was taken. Both planets are in marginal degrees of the signs, Saturn in 29 degrees of Virgo and Uranus in 0 degrees of Aries, which tells us that both these men were outlaws only in different ways. The first man was more of a meek loner who shadows other people but never leads. This is most likely the drunken man seen on video. The second man, the man ruled by Uranus in Aries, is quite different. Uranus in Aries describes a rugged individualist. This person lives on the edge, does not follow the "rules" and is usually a criminal or outlaw. Traditional Astrology would give Uranus in Aries the following qualities. This person would be very thin and very tall. Much taller and thinner than normal people for his size and age. The skin would be dark for the race, tan or bronzed in some way, and the eyes would be very dark, almost black. The placement of Aries would give a reddish tint to the hair, an auburn color, whether natural or dyed. This person would be really quirky and difficult. He would be very hard to understand, with a peculiar nature and unusual accomplishments. This man is a pioneer in one way and a criminal in another, like a pirate. He may be very original but also very eccentric. He would have a fondness for technology and like to use electronics and gadgets. This person probably plays WOW and other combat games. There may be mechanical ability and, at the very least, a love for tools and machinery. This placement also gives a violent temper. He would be painfully blunt and often use radical speech. This alone should single him out. Radical, violent speech does not go unnoticed. Quick to make threats and can be scary at times. This man would have great hatred for women and blame then for his loneliness when in fact it is his own peculiar nature that keeps him from getting married. He does not get along well with women and blames the modern world for this. Not very many modern women put up with scary, violent men for long. If Iwona has a man like this in her past, someone she dated, even if only briefly, then this is where the search should begin. I can only hope and pray that someone finds this man and brings him to justice. It is very likely that he could do this sort of thing again.

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Katelyn Markham

Young Woman Disappears Into Thin Air

From: True Crime Report:

No one believes 22-year-old Katelyn Markham would simply disappear on her own. She was known as both pragmatic and responsible. Not only was she about to graduate next month from the Art Institute of Cincinnati, but she also held jobs at the school and David's Bridal...

She was last heard from on August 13. She'd spent the evening with her fiance, John Carter. Later that night, when she was back at the town home she shared with her father in Fairfield, Ohio, she texted John a photo at 12:52 a.m.

The next morning, John sent her a good morning text. She didn't respond, but he simply assumed she was busy working at David's Bridal. But when he kept texting her that morning and she didn't respond, he knew something was wrong.

He left work to find her car still at the town home. A check of the house found nothing amiss. Katelyn wasn't there, and the only thing apparently missing was her cell phone. Her dog was found locked in a bedroom.

No one seems to believe Katelyn would leave on her own. She and John were planning to move to Colorado in November after she graduated from school.

Moreover, she left her purse and car keys behind. But when friends and family tried to call her phone, they found it turned off. The phone's GPS device had also been turned off.

Police don't seem to know what to make of her disappearance. There were no signs of a struggle at the home. But if they have any theories on what happened to Katelyn, they're playing them close to the vest.


Katelyn's relatives believe she was abducted. Her bed appears as though it was slept in the night she went missing. They believe she answered a knock at the door while she was sleeping, only to be kidnapped. I am not going to say what I think but I am going to show you what the charts say. They are interesting, to say the least. In the chart for 3 am, which is close to the 2:52 am time that her boyfriend said he received a text from her, you can see that someone has entered the home. The seventh house ruler, Saturn in Libra, is just entering the fourth house. The movement of a planet from the fifth to the fourth in these situations often tells us that he came in through a window, most likely a bedroom window. Mercury rules the fourth house from the third house so this was a temporary home for her but Mercury is in a fixed sign, Leo, so this is not a trailer or moveable home but most likely a brick and mortar. So this person has entered through her bedroom window. You can see Mars right at the Ascendant, which tells me that this person presented himself to Katelyn immediately. He came right into her bedroom and confronted her. The Moon is the chart co ruler and also the ruler of the first house. This makes the Moon the marker for Katelyn. You can see that it is in the ninth house in the sign Aquarius. She lived on the second floor of the building or slept in a loft. So this means he had to scale the building somehow or climb up stairs to get to her. This is a clue that might be useful if there had been sightings of people in the area. Anyways, he confronted her immediately. The Moon is disposed of by Uranus in Aries in the tenth so she may have run off, in an attempt to escape him, after being shocked by his intrusion.

Looking closely at this chart, you can see that Saturn in Libra is disposed of by Venus in Leo in the third. This implies that his purpose for being there was "a girl" or "a woman". Venus in Leo implies he has seen her before, admired her, found her attractive. Venus is also one minute from the Sun, putting it under the Sun's beams, which implies that his intentions were very dangerous for her. She was in grave danger from this man. The fourth house ruler, Mercury, in the third, also seems to indicate that he has a car outside and since Mercury is closely conjoined the Sun and Venus, I would guess that he brought the car to use in the abduction. And this is what this looks like, an abduction, so I am now inclined to say her parents are right. This man came into her home and took her. Mars in Cancer disposed of by her marker, the Moon, again re informs us that he was here for her and nothing else.

Right away, in the chart for 3:10 am, I can see a death pattern. This does not necessarily mean that she died as early as 3:30 am, but that is possible. It does mean, however, that she would die shortly. She would not be kept alive long. The Moon in the eighth with Mars in the twelfth along with Saturn in the fourth (although Saturn is also his marker) are strong indicators. The strange thing I notice is that Saturn in Libra is almost exactly trine to the Moon in Aquarius. This means that they have had a positive relationship in the past and may even have been romantically involved. Venus in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius so perhaps she was unhappy and cut it off. Mars in Cancer is opposing Pluto in Capricorn (placed at the seventh house cusp) so this is telling me that this man was very angry. Angry enough to get violent. Angry enough to do this; to take her and kill her. Also, Pluto is disposed of by Saturn, reinforcing the idea that he came here to do this, to act out in violence on this girl.

Mercury is in the third until almost 4 am. So this indicates he drove her somewhere and since Leo rules the third house they left in a red or a green car. Leo is a fixed sign so this is a standard type vehicle and not a sports car although Leo is flashy at times so look for something eye catching about the car. There may be artwork or bright stickers on the car. Something that expresses the opinions or tastes of the driver. Mercury in Leo describes movement to the east with a northerly drift. East by north. Mercury leaves the third house for the second house within a few degrees and since Mercury is flexible and Leo is fixed, then you would say that this was a distance of about 8 miles or so, taking their time, possibly as long as 45 minutes or an hour. Mercury is retrograde so he took his time, possibly to berate her. Venus in Leo can be insanely stubborn so there was no talking to this man or changing his mind. He was fixed in his mission. Saturn is also a planet that is intractable and usually locked into a position, even in a cardinal sign like Libra. In fact, Saturn in Libra is driven by a desire for justice so it is very likely that this man thought that this was justice, that she deserved what he was going to do to her. He was there to mete out justice as he saw it.

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Mercury moves into the second house and this shows him either dumping her body or taking her somewhere. So looking closely at the chart, I see that Leo rules the second house, as well. This describes the location. This is either a wooded area that is thick enough to look like a forest or it is a desert area. It may be a public park with both sandy, desertlike areas and thickly wooded areas. There may also be a government building nearby or directly on this property and there may be a place of amusement also there or nearby. This park, desert or forest area would have lots of wildlife, even larger wildlife and possibly feral cats and / or larger wild cats. There may also be a fireplace outside. I think, looking at the fourth house and the ongoing placement of Saturn, that he moved her to another location, some building that he either lives himself or stays at from time to time. Libra can indicate movement and change so it is possible that this was a temporary home or a place he visited occasionally. And he kept her there, dead or alive, until almost 5:30 am, when the charts show him on the move again.

In the chart for 5:20 am, I see him moving her again and this time, she is dead. She may have already been dead or alive when he brought her here but there is a strong possibility that she is dead at this point. Notice that the new ruler of the seventh house is Uranus and it has moved into the ninth house. This shows him outside now rather than still in the home (as the charts have shown until now). Combine this with the movement of Saturn into the third, we see him moving what appears to be her body. Uranus in Aries can show the retreats or hideaways of outlaws and criminals so perhaps this place is where he hides and does illegal things. I am not sure what those activities would be but they could be illegal and he does them here, in a place out of the way and more private. The charts seem to say that he may be engaged in illegal activity and he may be doing it at this "retreat" or "hideout". Again, Aries is indicative of fireplaces, both inside and outside, and this dovetails with the markers for Mercury and Venus in Leo. These could be fireplaces or chimneys, both inside and outside, so I would encourage people looking for Katelyn to look for areas with fireplaces, chimneys, grills or other areas for burning or cooking things. This combines with the descriptors given already. At this point, Uranus in Aries is disposed of by Mars in the twelfth house, showing his purpose to likely be to dispose of or bury her body, with the intent of hiding her. Mars in Cancer is the only water sign marker in the chart so it is possible he dumped her in a body of water nearby. But I am inclined to think otherwise, mostly because Saturn in Libra (her body) is disposed of by Venus in Leo in the first house, making me think he wanted to put her somewhere where he could visit her. He wanted her near to him, perhaps to gloat or to just maintain a relationship with her. He wanted a memorial.

So it does seem likely that he buried her in that area where she would be near to his temporary home. This home may be a cabin, a short term rental, a timeshare, even, but someplace he was able to visit on a regular basis but does not live there. Also, this is not a trailer or RV or other movable home. This is a brick and mortar or other unmovable structure. It is located near to this park or this forest or desert area. I do not think there are deserts in Ohio so I am more inclined to believe the charts are describing a public park with sandy, desert like areas combined with heavily forested areas. There would be wild animals in that park, even larger ones, and many feral cats as well as larger wild cats. Also there should be a government building on the property or very close by. Look for outdoor chimneys, fireplaces, fire pits. Her body will not be burned because he wants to visit her and imagine a relationship with her. He may very well have taken a trophy, as well; Leo implies something gold. He may have taken gold jewelry.

Did this girl have a stalker? An ex boyfriend who was angry and wouldn't go away? Or perhaps an admirer or someone who had asked her out and she had rejected him? This is the man who took her. Saturn in Libra describes someone who is attractive and conceited. This man is good looking so he assumes everyone wants him. Rejection is hard for him to handle. He has an inflated idea about Katelyn, Venus in Leo says he puts her on a pedestal. Moon in Aquarius describes her indifference. She was just not interested in this man. He has a nice body, as they say, probably into body building or other body sculpting methods, posing and being "into" himself. Weight lifting for body enhancement could be a hobby. He would have large bones and be very strong. He would easily overpower Katelyn. This man would be argumentative. He would love to debate his ideas and would be witty and fairly intelligent. He would have refined tastes with a love of art and design. He would have many feminine qualities and there may be aspects of his appearance that appear feminine, such as long eyelashes or bow shaped lips, this type of thing. This man can be extremely opinionated and must be boss all the time, on top of everything and telling other people what to do. Being judgemental is a serious weakness and a protective ego is another; he can criticize and scorn others but cannot abide this when it happens to him. He is very open minded on the one hand, being generous with what he feels is justice and fairness. But on the other, he has trouble seeing the truth in other peoples' opinions and can drive people crazy with his attempts to convince them otherwise. There is a jealous streak and a tendency to be suspicious. He is quite capable of revenge. This is what I think this was. Personal revenge on Katelyn Markham for something he perceived as being unfair. He killed her over a personal slight; I am pretty sure of it.

Although the death patterns are fairly strong in these charts, there is always a very slim possibility that he is keeping her alive. He may be planning on killing her later. But even so, she is being held in the place as described by the chart and being subjected to ongoing revenge. I am pretty sure she is dead and buried in that park or wooded area but there is always a chance that the signs showing him visiting her may give hope that she is still alive and he is visiting her in this hideaway where she is being kept hostage rather than visiting a gravesite. So it is imperative that they really try to find her. I am hoping some small thing in this chart might help. They need to bring Katelyn home.

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Celina Cass

11 Year Old Disappears From Home

From: Scared Monkeys :

11 Year Old Celina Cass Missing Since Monday Evening, July 25, 2011 in Stewartstown, NH

Eleven year old Celina Cass has been missing since Monday evening, July 25, 2011 when she disappeared from her Stewartstown, NH home. She was last seen at her home at approximately 9 PM. Investigators are saying that there are no indications that she ran away or signs of any struggle that she was abducted.

Kieran Ramsey, the supervisory special agent for the F.B.I. in New Hampshire said the agency has deployed its “Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team.” She wouldn’t comment when asked why an Amber Alert was never issued for the girl, even though the FBI said it had enlisted a four- to six-person “child abduction rapid deployment team” to pitch in. Earlier in the day, state police Sgt. Sheldon Belanger, the lead investigator in the case, said Celina’s disappearance did not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert and wasn’t considered suspicious. Police were going through phone and computer records at Celina’s home, he said.

The community of West Stewartstown, N.H., mourning the death of 11-year-old Celina Cass, is still waiting to find out how the fifth grader died.
New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jane Young announced tonight that medical examiners had completed an autopsy on Celina's remains, but more information is needed.

"The death certificate indicates the cause and manner of death are pending toxicology reports and further investigation," Young said at a brief news conference this evening. Despite these findings, Young said, the Attorney General's office continues to investigate the death as suspicious based on "a visual observation of Miss Cass' body both in and out of water."

Celina's remains were discovered Monday morning in the Connecticut River, not far from her hometown. Several hours later, around 5 p.m., her body was pulled from the water, Young said. Officers set up a tent this evening near the hydroelectric dam where divers found Celina's body and set up orange markers in the grass leading to a railroad trestle, The Associated Press reported.

"We're continuing to look for any evidence that may be there," Young said, adding that investigators are still interviewing witnesses. When asked if West Stewartstown is in any danger, Young said, "We remind the public to remain vigilant at this point in the investigation."

Despite the town's heartbreak over Celina's death, West Stewartstown will hold its annual children's festival, called Stewartstown Days, in honor of Celina.
"We're hoping this is going to be the first step in our healing process," a festival committee member told

The committee met this evening to continue planning the festival, which is scheduled for Friday and Saturday. Celina, was last seen Monday evening, July 25, at a computer in the home where she lives with her mother, stepfather and 13-year-old sister.
"Right now the family is in mourning. Everybody's shook up real bad right now," Celina's grandfather, Walter Laro, told the AP.

Speaking with the media Monday, Cass' father Adam Laro said his daughter was a kind young girl. "Very sweet, very outgoing, very generous to people. Lovable, trusting, you name it," Laro said. Celina Cass' Stepfather Wendell Noyes: Past Arrests, Strange Behavior Court documents obtained by ABC News reveal that Celina's stepfather, Wendell Noyes, has a troubled past.

Noyes, 47, was taken by ambulance to a hospital Monday after behaving bizarrely. ABC affiliate WMUR-TV reported today that he is out of the hospital. In 2003, the stepfather was involuntarily committed to a hospital because of schizophrenia and arrested for threatening an ex-girlfriend, according to court documents.
Noyes was charged with violating a protective order held by his ex-girlfriend and for criminal trespassing, criminal threatening and hindering apprehension. The girlfriend, who lived with her two kids at the time, said Noyes broke into her home while she was sleeping, lifted her mattress and slammed it down and then threatened to throw her down the stairs.

While awaiting trial, a judge ruled Noyes incompetent to stand trial and ordered him to be involuntarily placed in a hospital. Judge Richard Hampe wrote that Noyes' mental illness creates "a potentially serious likelihood of danger to himself and others." A forensic examiner deemed Noyes a paranoid schizophrenic who likely developed his mental illness while in the Air Force, according to court documents.
So far nobody, including Noyes, has been named a suspect in Celina's disappearance and death.


The authorities have revealed the presence of a second man in the home, a man with a police record. If I had known this, at the time, then I would not have assumed the only male was the stepfather. Please keep this in consideration as you read this post. It may still, in fact, be the stepfather, but we cannot assume this. Please consider that references to the stepfather refer only a male in the home and that this man may actually be the roommate. Thanks!

I realize that this girl has been found dead and that they suspect the father in the case because he has a history of mental illness. I still think something can be gleaned from the charts, if even only for teaching purposes, and perhaps even some more clues will be revealed as well. I am the type of person who rejects judgement and criticism out of hand and likes to make those calls myself rather than rely on rumors or hearsay. So they think the man is nuts and he killed this girl. This may be true. But I like to make sure, in case it's a judgement made for the wrong reasons and the man is innocent. So I will have a look.

Right away, the charts for the time she was last seen are pretty telling. Based on traditional teachings, the child will never be found alive if the fifth house ruler or Mercury is in the third, seventh or ninth houses. Here you can see the Moon, which is the fifth house ruler, in the third house. Also, since the first house ruler signifies her parents, a square or opposition from the ruler of the fifth to the first house ruler would indicate a reunion was not going to happen. Although these aren't the strongest aspects, the square from the Moon to the first house ruler, Neptune, is waning while Mercury in Leo is sinister to an opposition with Neptune but from different signs. These mitigating factors lessen the intensity of these aspects so I would venture a guess that perhaps this indicates the body would be (was) found, which is a reunion of sorts but not the desired kind. I am not sure that this makes sense to the reader but I think it works in the chart. Anyways, we know that Celina has been found dead and this seems to support that. In this regard, I am going to work with the charts, assuming they are viable.

The time when Celina was last seen was at 9 pm, when watching movies with her mother, according to testimony from her mother. But looking at the charts more closely may give a different story. The mother is shown by the first house ruler, Uranus, which is in the first. This shows that mom was where she "usually is", in her own space. Uranus is disposed of by Mars in Gemini in the fourth, which tells us that her "usual space" is actually her home. So she is home at 9 pm, as she claims. The disposition of Uranus by Mars tells me that she is home having a verbal argument with someone. Mars does not tell me who that someone is. The sign Gemini is ubiquitous, hinting at children but not being direct. Mars does not rule an angular house. I cannot say for sure who this woman is arguing with but I can say that she is not happy. Celina was the second child, the youngest daughter, so her marker would be the ruler of the seventh house. This is also the ruler for her step father, who is her mother's partner. Sun rules the seventh and is placed in the sixth. See also that Mercury, the standard marker for children, is in the seventh house. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is disposed of by Mercury, as well. There is no doubt in my mind that Celina was, at this time, with her stepfather and not her mother. Notice the seventh house ruler, the Sun, which is often the hyleg, is in the sixth house. This is a poor prognosis for both Celina and her stepfather. Somebody is in every bad shape and it is a traditional marker for a child who will never return.

The Sun disposes of itself in the sign Leo and has great power in this chart. This shows how strong the stepfather was in comparison to this child and how much control he had over her and her well being. Especially in the sixth house, where it shows us that he is likely sick and it is a known fact, according to all sources, that this man suffered from mental illness. The Moon and Mercury, the traditional markers for the child, show us that Celina is on the brink of a major change. This is shown by Mercury in the last two degrees of the sign Leo and moving swiftly (fast in motion) towards the next sign, Virgo. I do not think he had Celina elsewhere, I believe he had her in the home and that maybe this was the source of the argument the mother is engaged in. They are fighting over Celina (Mars in Gemini disposed of by Mercury) while he has taken her hostage, perhaps merely by holding her or locking her in "his" area of the home. Neptune in the first, closing in on the Ascendant, could mean that there was something the mother knew nothing about and this had just been revealed... or she was beginning to suspect. Neptune in the first house, in the first degree of the sign Pisces, closing in on a conjunction with the Ascendant is a powerful planet in this chart. Something secret or hidden was a part of this event as well as religious or moral beliefs. Something is discovered that goes against the religious or moral beliefs of the mother. I cannot say for sure that the step father was molesting Celina, even if that seems likely, because the charts are not saying that. They are merely hinting at secrets.

And then in the chart for 10 pm, you can see that the Moon has moved into the third house. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is still in the sixth, showing the girl with her stepfather. The first house ruler, Neptune, which is the marker for her mother, has moved into the twelfth house. Uranus is still in the first house, disposed of by Mars in the fourth. She is still arguing and resisting her husband and what he is trying to do with her daughter but she is impaired somehow. Perhaps she has been drinking, has been given or is taking drugs, is just unwitting? Notice in this chart how Mercury, the marker for both Celina and her stepfather, is disposed of by the Sun, now in the fifth house? I do not see overwhelming markers for sex but I do note that Mercury is also conjoined to Phecda, a fixed star describing sex addiction. The conjunction is within minutes of being exact. Another red flag is the conjunction of Mars in Gemini to the fixed star Al Hecka, which describes pedophilia and sexual deviation. This, also, is within minutes of being exact. Mars is the marker for the argument between the mother and stepfather so perhaps he had a sex addiction or a history of pedophilia? I am not sure. But the charts are talking a lot about it at this point. So perhaps the molestation had been revealed, as Neptune hints at secrets revealed, and this started the argument? And then this is why he took this girl hostage and took her away? Perhaps. And the chart for 10 pm shows the girl being taken in a car.

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In the chart for 10:30, the child's marker, the Moon (now ruling the fifth house) is in the second house. Mars is in the third. Uranus is right at the first house cusp and is disposed of by Mars in the third. So perhaps the mother tried to follow them? Did they have a second vehicle? Could she have done this? Even if she didn't, I am pretty sure the charts are saying that she wanted to. Anyways, the second house describes a small area with woods or, at the least, well planted. Medium sized trees with small animals, mostly turtles and snakes, crawling animals but not so many with hands like squirrels or raccoons. Mostly slow moving earth creatures. And not many of them, sparsely around the area. Mercury remains in the sixth so the child is in bad shape. Somehow she had been crippled or injured. She is not dead and there is no death pattern in this chart so it is safe to assume that she died later on and somewhere else. There is no water in this chart. So this is somewhere he took her and parked, perhaps to do his business with her. Mars in Gemini in the third has other implications, one of them suffocation or strangling. Mars is exactly sextile to a fixed star, Alfard, which is also within a few degrees of conjunction to Mercury and this star often means asphyxiation or strangulation. It almost looks like he strangled her in the car and then disposed of her later. She was not left in this park. She is still in the car. And she is not dead yet.

In fact, the chart for 11 pm shows her back at the home. In this chart, the seventh house ruler is Venus and it is entering the fourth house. This is a marker for the step father (the mothers' partner) and Celina (being the second born child). The first house ruler, Mars, is in the third house, showing us the mother either in a car herself, going through or using the stepfather's car or doing something with the car after it's parked. The third house ruler, Mercury, is at the cusp of the fifth house. The fifth house would describe an unattached parking area near the home. Is this the mother cleaning up the evidence from a rape of her daughter? I cannot say for sure but the charts are describing a scenario that fits. Was this something her husband had been doing? Taking Celina off in the car for sex? Was that his way of hiding it? It's possible. And now that her mother knew about it, things were changing quickly. They argued about it but he went ahead anyways. He even brought Celina home afterwards. Moon in Gemini ruling the fourth tells me this was not a permanent residence. It was either an apartment, a trailer, a short term rental, a vacation home or a manufactured home. This type of home is either movable itself or has many people moving in and out. I would like to know if they owned their home because if they did and it was a brick and mortar then I would want to know if they had another home somewhere else (Gemini indicating more than one home) or if it was a duplex (two homes in one).

Moving the charts forward I see that the death of Celina is shown in the chart for 1:30 am. She was dead by then. Although the charts have trouble indicating the exact time here on Earth, when they show death at a specific hour then we can assume she was killed around that time or earlier. Although the charts are never static and time can be hard to pin down, they usually reflect "as above, so below" and give death patterns in line with reflected time on Earth. The death pattern in the chart for 1:30 am is pretty strong. There have been small indicators of danger and possible death in the charts for earlier times on that evening but this is strong enough to be taken seriously. Celina's co rulers, the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, and the Moon, are in both in the twelfth house. The twelfth house shows the end of life and describes the coffin. Mercury, the traditional ruler for children, is in the fourth house, which is a death house, and Pluto, which is a marker for violence, in the eighth house, also a death house. Pluto is not an angular ruler and has no real power in the chart, it is disposed of by Saturn, which is the traditional ruler for the dead body (rules the bones and the passage of time. Capricorn also rules our arrival at the "pearly gates" where we stand judgement for our sins). Pluto in Capricorn in the eighth house is a karmic placement and can't be ignored. Saturn, her body, is in Libra in the fifth. I believe she died at home in a bedroom. The Moon sinister to a trine with Saturn in air signs describes suffocation or strangulation. The fixed star, Vindematrix, near to Saturn in Libra, is an indicator that this may have been an accidental death. But then Moon directly opposite the fixed star, Kelb Alrai, describes poisoning. Neither of these aspects are exact, although they are only separate by a degree or two. So, I look at it this way: The moon is sinister to Kelb Alrai and Saturn is dexter to Vindematrix so I give the power to Kelb Alrai. And this combined with the numbers of fixed stars in the area of Gemini near to the first house Mars all pointing towards sexual deviation, pedophilia and rape, I cannot help but think this murder was about that. She was murdered because she was being raped, most likely by her stepfather.

So I am sorry to say that this girl was not abducted by a stranger and neither did she run away. She was murdered there, near her home, by someone she knew. I realize the charts are describing the mother and stepfather and the stepfather is the focus of the police investigation, but they have been unable to prove that either one of them did this. All I can say at this point is that the charts are not contradicting what the police are saying. She was killed by someone she should have been able to trust.

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Heaven LaShea Ross

Little Girl Disappears on Walk to School Bus

From AMW :

Heaven has been missing since August 19, 2003.

On the afternoon of December 18, 2006, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office was alerted to an abandoned house in Holt, Ala. Deputies arrived at the house and found the place falling apart. They picked through the home and discovered human skeletal remains. Police say they quickly uncovered clues that suggested the remains belonged to Heaven Ross. Heaven had been abducted from the nearby town, three years earlier.

On Aug. 19, 2003 --a hot and a humid Tuesday morning-- 11-year-old Heaven LaShea Ross hugged and kissed her mother, Beth Lowery, as she left their home at the Willowbrook Trailer Park in Northport, Ala. Shea, as her close friends and family called her, was anxious to join her older sister at the bus stop, which was less than 100 yards from their home.

But little Heaven never reached her destination.

Beth and her husband, Kevin Thompson, notified police after the little girl disappeared and volunteers, helicopters and the Northport Police Department's canine units began an immediate search of the neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Police say a neighbor, who lived a few doors down from Heaven's home, saw her walk by. And another neighbor, close to the bus stop, says she didn't see the child at all.

Yet, somewhere between their two houses, Heaven disappeared. If the three cases are connected, they could be hunting a serial child killer.

From Tuscaloosa News :


Tuesday, August 19 | Last seen by family members at 7:00 a.m., Heaven Lashae Ross reportedly disappeared somewhere between her house in Willowbrook Trailer Park and a bus stop on Hunter Creek Road. Photo and information was added to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children list.

Wednesday, August 20 | The FBI joins Northport and Tuscaloosa Police and Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in search.

Thursday, August 21 | Day three of the search turns up no clues; volunteers hand out fliers; reward money is raised.

Friday, August 22 | Northport Police Chief Billy Galloway appeals to the public to come forward with information; reward money totals over $10,000.

Saturday, August 23 | The Texas-based Laura Recovery Center dispatches over 60 people to join the search; reward money surpasses $60,000

Monday, August 25 | Police continue to search Willowbrook Trailer Park with tracking dogs from Escambia County in Florida. Volunteer headquarters are set up; a candlelight vigil is held in the evening.

Tuesday, August 26 | FBI agents separate the mother, step-father, sister and brother to have them fill out questionaires

Thursday, August 28 | Beth Lowery reports that the stepfather of the missing girl passed a polygraph test given by police

Friday, August 29 | Beth Lowery reports that she has passed a police-administered polygraph test.

Saturday, August 30 | A bulletin aired on FOX television program America’s Most Wanted produces no major leads.

Monday, September 1 | Police spokesman said searchers searched several areas on Sunday; reward is $65,000 for girl’s safe return.

Friday, September 12 | Police close command center used in search for Ross.

Friday, September 19 | Police question Evin Ryland who was picked up in Texas

Friday, September 26 | Missing girl’s bedroom damaged by morning fire; it was later ruled ‘suspicious.’

Wednesday, October 1 | Disputes over money and cooperation caused volunteers to part ways with missing girl’s mother.

Sunday, October 5 | Interracial parents find little solace, blaming it on racial prejudice.

Friday, October 26 | ‘Dateline’ aired Ross story.

Sunday, November 5 | Mother and stepfather arrested in a domestic dispute and released on bond.

Thursday, August 17 | Police link disappearance of Ross with two other abductions from trailer parks; incidents were two years apart within one week in August.

Tuesday, December 18 | Police respond to a tip and find skeletal remains in an abandoned house in Holt

From Tuscaloosa News:

A grim discovery Monday afternoon provided some answers to the three-year-old mystery of what happened to Shae Ross.
But the mystery is far from being solved.
Police found remains of the 11-year-old in an abandoned house down a rural, dirt road in Holt Monday afternoon. She was last seen walking to her bus stop on a rainy Tuesday morning in August 2003.
The news left her family and the community that prayed for her safe return heartbroken.
“This has given us some kind of closure from not knowing anything,” said Shae’s grandmother Carol Rowell. “The only question we have now is why. Why would someone do this to her?”
Sheriff’s deputies had closed off Creek Road Tuesday while homicide and forensic investigators combed through the abandoned house. Creek Road backs up to Hurricane Creek and is off 44th Court in Holt.
Donald Pearson has lived nearby for 33 years and said that the tree-lined dirt and gravel road has always been a magnet for questionable activity.
He said that people go there to use drugs and he’s heard that prostitutes occasionally frequent the isolated road.
“It’s gotten worse in the last 10 or 15 years,” he said. “There is all kinds of stuff going on down there.”
He said that he recently walked down the road and looked inside the abandoned house. The porch had collapsed and the floors had fallen in, he said.


This is the long, sad story of Heaven Ross. Her murderer has gone unpunished for this and, as we all know, if he did this once it is likely he has done it again, especially since he got away with this one. I decided to try to figure out what exactly happened and try to use traditional astrology to define the abductor in, hopefully, clear terms. The first chart I drew up was for 7 am, the time when Heaven left home that morning. Notice how Mercury rules the first and Heaven was a small child at the time. Mercury is in Virgo in the first house, showing the child to be on the move and headed out alone. Mercury is in dignity so the child was in a safe place, a place she was used to (first house) and a place where she regularly stayed. This was her neighborhood. The seventh house ruler shows us the next person she is about to meet and this planet is Neptune in the sixth house. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus which is right at the seventh house cusp. Mars is also at the seventh cusp, just inside the seventh house. This all comes together to tell me that this person is working in the neighborhood. Uranus describes freshly dug up ground such as you find in new construction but the sign Pisces describes water, perhaps underground. Was someone laying new pipe in the area? Water pipes, possibly being buried nearby for new construction? Mars at the seventh describes a "man's man" or working man. Neptune in Aquarius describes a "fleshy" person who may be thick and stocky and possibly muscular. Aquarius can also describe the roofs and eves of buildings, upstairs rooms, walls, shelves, hangers, etc... Neptune describes secret or hidden places, which combined with Aquarius can mean attics, dormers, upstairs closets, etc.. This all seems to describe new construction with freshly dug up ground either laying pipe for waterlines or wiring the homes for electric as Aquarius also rules electricity. So was this guy working on a roof in the area and seen little Heaven in the neighborhood in the past?

Pluto in the fourth house here describes something dangerous on the path ahead, right there in her neighborhood, near her own home. Perhaps in a nearby home, or home being constructed or renovated. The sign Sagittarius can describe horses and stables for horses but as a fire sign it also describes fireplaces and outdoor grills. Overall, it also indicates high, sloping ground. These markers should be looked for in trying to find the area where this house was located. Anyways, I see that the Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the ninth in Taurus right near the node. This describes how he got his opportunity to grab the child unseen. She wandered off the main road for a moment or two in order to examine an animal more closely or to visit with a neighborhood pet. She stepped into a wooded area or someone's backyard to do this. This is where he was able to confront her and snatch her. Moon disposed of by Venus in the twelfth, he was able to hide her and keep her hidden, most likely locked in a closet (Venus) or a cabinet, perhaps in the kitchen or bathroom (the Moon). Venus with the Sun and Jupiter, tightly conjoined in Leo, would indicate a place with gold trim, gold colors, gold metals, shiny, glittery in the sun. Perhaps there were gold faucets in the bathroom or gold trim or filigree on closets or cabinets. Leo also indicates this happened during the daytime hours, which we already know.

At 8:45 am, Mercury moves into the twelfth house. The Moon in Taurus enters the eighth. Mercury and the Moon are in close trine to each other, showing that this child most likely taken captive and hidden away. She didn't live long, as this is a strong death pattern. Venus in the eleventh opposing Neptune in the fifth is a good sign that the child was hidden somewhere and used for sex. The mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune seems to describe photography or photographic equipment. There may have been photos involved in this case. Neptune in the fifth disposed of by Uranus in the sixth with Uranus conjoined Mars and Mars ruling the eighth, these were sex photos taken for his personal use and was mostly a hobby and not a porn business or sex slavery thing. He was not making money from the use of this girl or any other girl. This was driven by a personal desire.

The abductor in this event is defined by Neptune in Aquarius. This gives him a technology fetish, where he collects tech items and likes to play with gadgets. He is fascinated by film, by movies, pictures, photo art, images and music. He probably has a large collection of entertainment items such as music recordings and movies. Neptune in Aquarius in the fifth shows a liking for pornography and an attraction to child porn. Physically, this person would be very attractive with a nice body. He would be obsessed with his physical body and probably exercises, eats carefully and even works out, may be into body building or sculpting. He may have an "adonis" complex, addicted to his own appearance. He may dream of performing in porno movies. He would have soft, curly hair (not frizzy or wild but cut neatly), light eyes and hair, sweeping brows, high cheekbones, the whole pretty boy thing going on. Long eyelashes, dimples, etc.. This man is very passionate, obsessed with sex and very young girls, jealous, with depraved tastes and bad habits.

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In the chart for 9 am, I see that the north node has joined the Moon in Taurus in the eighth house. This man is acting out a complex plan he has and going through motions. Taurus indicates ingrained habits that he cannot seem to break. Mercury trine the node tells us he has done this before with other girls and will do it again. It is a part of a lifestyle for this man. The Moon disposed of by Venus in the eleventh and square to Venus as well is a marker for someone who prefers to have sex with children he does not know. IF he has a daughter or a sister, she is safe. He does not fool around with relatives. Venus so close to the Sun tells me as well that he lives under the thumb of a powerful person in his life, someone who tells him what to do and intimidates him. He is literally afraid of this person, whether this is his father, his wife or a friend.

Mars in the sign Pisces in the sixth house and disposed of by Neptune in the fifth indicates that he uses drugs to enforce his will on his victims. He literally makes them helpless. Mars in Pisces in the sixth retrograde may indicate a paralytic type of drug, one that makes the girls unable to move or resist him. Also, Mars as the eighth house ruler in this configuration, tells me that he is also a necrophiliac and he likes to keep their bodies after they are dead. His plan is a violent one, no doubt, and this can be seen by the exact conjunction between the north node and the fixed star, Caput Algol, the most violent fixed star. The Moon is within 4 four degrees of both the node and Algol, giving double emphasis to this mayhem and because of this I would say her death was violent and sadistic. The disposition of Neptune, the marker for drugs, by the planet Uranus in conjunction with the fixed star, Fomulhaut, another marker for drugs and drug addiction, I think it is safe to say that drugs played a part in this event. This is either his addiction or the use of drugs to subdue his victims or both. Jupiter, which rules the fourth house in the chart for 8 am, is conjoined to the fixed star Pheada, a marker for sex addiction. One more reason to beleive that he has done this before and will do it again. He is not capable of stopping. And, finally, last but not least, is the opposition of the fixed star, Markab, to Mercury, the marker for the child. This fixed star often indicates death by shooting. It is possible that, after all was said and done, the child was shot.

Many of the investigators on this case beleive this might be a serial killer. There are several other similar cases in the same area of the country that may be linked to this one. I will attempt to locate those and chart those and compare them to this one. Look for these in a future post.