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Ara Denise Johnson

Child disappears from bedroom in the middle of the night

This child was last seen in her own bedroom around 1 in the morning in April of 1986. She was never seen again, her bedroom being empty in the morning and no one has thus far been arrested in this case. What on earth happened to Ara? And why has it been more than 20 years without a clue?

Looking at the chart for that night I find the following placements. Capricorn is rising with Mars, Neptune and the Moon hovering around the Ascendant. Cancer is descendant with no planets in the seventh house. Libra presides on the Midheaven with a strong, prominent Pluto placed in the tenth house. The Chart dispositer, Saturn, is placed in Sagittarius retrograde in the eleventh house. It is disposited by Jupiter in Pisces in the second house. Interesting placements. What do they tell me?

Saturn in the eleventh indicates that the child had been spending the evening with friends. Jupiter in the second means that she had been given gifts by these friends, something she found exciting and enjoyable. Possibly a "dream" gift, something she'd wanted for a long time. This explains the late bedtime, with the child excited and happy among friends and family and unwilling to shut down. Neptune at the Ascendant indicates that the child was eventually given something to calm her down, to help her sleep. This could be anything from Herb Tea to Sleeping Pills. But the child WAS asleep shortly and unaware of the appearance of someone else.

The Moon, ruler of the seventh, placed in the first, indicates that the kidnapper appeared before the child in her room not long after she fell asleep. Again, the planet is disposited by the same Saturn in the eleventh, indicating that the kidnapper was among the friends and family already there that night. He or she had been lingering, as had everyone (Saturn retrograde) but only had to wait for people to go to sleep, which actually happened quickly after the 1:00 am bedtime. Neptune joins Mars at the Ascendant closely aligned with the Moon, which means it was quick, subtle murder that happened right there. Perhaps she was suffocated or overdosed? It WAS an act of violence it was just quiet and quick.

Because the dispositer is Jupiter and it is placed in the second house, I think there might have been financial considerations in the murder of this child. Was she a foster child? Had she been adopted? Was their child support issues or other problems with cash? Although a friend gave her a gift that night there were people among her friends and family who saw her as a financial burden. It was someone among these few who killed her. The body of this child, I believe, is submerged in water not far from her home.

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Now, what does the killer look and act like? This information, no doubt, would be sought by those who are trying to solve this horrible crime. Being that the kidnapper is ruled by the Moon in Capricorn, we can guess it might be a woman. An older woman, close to the family. She is likely a small woman, frail and weak in form. She has a very thin face and thin, serious features. She has a pale, sallow, almost yellow complexion and blue or gray eyes. Her hair is brown and thin or thinning. She has weak knees and scrawny legs, perhaps suffering from Arthritis. She is a good organizer and is helpful around the home. She is confident and tends to be bossy but is often honorable and ambitious. Money is very important to this woman and when things get tight and life gets hard, she tends to go cold and be rather mean spirited in the pursuit of a better life.

So why has it been so long and no clues? Well, for one thing, she was murdered quietly and in a secret fashion by someone close to her. There was likely few if any co conspirators. No witnesses, no suspects. She was submerged in water nearby and probably weighted down. While the police were looking for a suspect on the run, her body was washed clean and picked apart by fish before evidence would ever be found... although she was never found. I believe the killer thought what she was doing was the right thing for everyone so she did not have guilt that causes one to confess. She is a small, frail woman so she is not looked at as a possible murderer... after all, they are no doubt looking for a predator. Pluto in the tenth house in Scorpio made this event public knowledge very quickly and many people in the area heard of it. It was publicly assumed that she was killed rather early in the case. But Pluto is retrograde in a fixed sign meaning that it would take many years for evidence to surface. Pluto disposits itself so I think that's a dead end street. Whatever the police have is all they will ever have. There is no one willing to talk.

Ara Denise at time of disappearance

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