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17 Year Old Disappears From Budget Motel

From AMW:

Search Continues For Missing Teen

Roxanne Paltauf has been missing since July 7, 2006, but her family and friends are still hoping that she will return home safely.

Cops in Austin, Texas, say Roxanne was staying with her boyfriend at a Budget Inn hotel in the 8000 block of I-35. Police say they got into an argument and Roxanne walked out of the hotel, leaving behind all her belongings. It was approximately 9:00 p.m, and that was the last time anyone saw the teenager.

* Sex Female
* Race White
* Age Now 19
* Height 5' 4?
* Weight 124 lbs.
* Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) Brown
* Eyes (Color and Correction) Green
* Roxanne was last seen wearing white shorts, a pink tank top and flip flops

From The Statesman:

Bonnie Block, a spokeswoman for the family, said Paltauf was last seen around 9 p.m. July 8 at a Budget Inn in North Austin. Police say Paltauf walked away from the hotel after having a fight with her boyfriend, Block said. No charges have been filed in the disappearance, Block said.

If anyone has information about where to find Paltauf, they can call the show’s hotline at 1 (800) CRIME-TV.


I want to thank all of you who send me cases every week. I have a stockpile of cases, some with viable information, and I promise I will get to all of them eventually. This case I am doing for Roxanne's mother, who is desperate to find her daughter and is suffering immense emotional pain since her daughter disappeared. I am not sure I can offer anything that will bring Roxanne home but I will certainly try. And I want to thank Leslie for the tip; she saw it on the TV show MISSING, which is where I have gotten many cases in the past and will again in the future. So let's take a look at Roxanne's case.

She was last seen by a boyfriend, who claims she ran off after an argument, leaving her belongings behind. This immediately smells fishy to anyone who is familiar with the way most murders turn out; the boyfriend is always a suspect, especially when he admits they were arguing and no one else can substantiate the time. I mean, for all anyone knows, he is another Drew Peterson or Brad Cooper. And the times fluctuate from article to article. I first saw an article on Scared Monkeys that had a typo stating July 17 as the missing date and 9 pm as the time. I first ran up a bunch of charts for THAT day and time and stared at them for some time, trying to see something there. Because the charts were not viable and I could not read them, I thought I was going to have to pass on this case. But I then read several other postings where the dates were different.

I saw on ">AMW they also said it was 9 pm and then on her Aunt's website, there is an article from the Statesman that details 8:30 as the time she was last seen. There is another article on the Statesman where a spokesperson for the family says she has been missing since "July 8". And then there is this report on Someone Is Missing that reports her being seen on the 7th and then again, possibly, on the 10th! There is even a news report from on this same page dated from July 15, making it seem impossible that she was actually lost on July 17. But looking again at the Scared Monkeys page I see the headline refers to July 7, so I assume the 17 was a typo. I also believe the family spokesperson was referring to the date she was first reported missing, which was the next day. So I went with July 7th.

Looking at the chart I see that Capricorn is rising and Cancer is on the Descendant. Saturn in Leo is in the seventh house with Mercury nearby and the Moon is in the eleventh house. Roxanne was in the company of friends. Mercury describes a younger girl, a close friend or relative of hers. The chart shows that the friendship encompassed all three people; Roxanne, this girl and Roxanne's boyfriend. Roxanne's reason for being there was this boyfriend, as seen by the Moon co ruling both the seventh house and the event. Her boyfriend's marker appears to be either the Sun in Cancer falling onto the seventh house cusp or Mars in Leo in the eighth. The Moon was trine both Saturn and Mercury which tells me that the girls were happy to be there; no one was forcing them. And, again, the Sun is disposed of by the Moon in the eleventh and the Leo planets are all disposed of by the Sun, showing that they were friends all the way around. There is nothing in the chart to say that Roxanne lived at this motel nor does it seem to be the boyfriend's home. As a result, I assume one of them or both of them were just there for a night or two. Again, I can't be sure because this is just not on the web. So I assume someone was staying there for a short period of time.

The chart for 8 pm seems pretty tame at first glance and doesn't have any real omens except the square from 10th house Jupiter to Saturn and Mercury. Jupiter is disposed of by Mars in Leo in the eighth and Pluto in Capricorn in the twelfth. These are subtle but powerful influences. Especially with Mars ruling the nadir. Another problem I ran across while doing this chart was how to read it. The first house seemed the most appropriate but after several long studies it didn't render much. The fifth house was readable but she was an adult at the time this happened. And the third house is readable but this is not set for a time when her mother asked the question (horary casting) so that just didn't feel right. Right away, I have to say, that after studying the charts for hours and hours from all angles, I see absolutely nothing that indicates Roxanne is dead. And because of that little stickler, I had to read the chart differently than I first thought.

The reports all claim that she left the room after an argument. I don't even see heavy conflicts to create an argument but there are indicators that something might have happened. Mercury, this younger girl, is right between Saturn (Roxanne's marker) and Mars (placed in Leo in the eighth ruling the nadir -or the hotel room where they were staying). Jupiter in Scorpio angular in the tenth disposed of by Mars in the eighth, I think there was a "menage a tois" of sorts; her boyfriend may have been fooling around. I think this is what started the argument to which he referred when discussing Roxanne's disappearance. I hate making these sorts of statements because it always leads to hate mail but this is what the chart appears to say. This is not my opinion, remember that. I have nothing against this boy. But was Roxanne a part of this threesome? I mean, it seems that this girl is a friend of hers, or, at least, someone she knew well. Or did she just walk in on something? It is so hard to tell these details from charts and I like to leave them because they are sorted. So I won't even venture a guess.

So Roxanne and her boyfriend have an argument over this girl. Remember that this girl is close to Roxanne, perhaps a friend or relative. But I don't even see an inkling of an argument until almost 9 pm. At that time, Mars moves into the seventh with Mercury and Saturn. These planets oppose Neptune which has now entered the first house. Pluto, the 10th house co ruler has moved into the eleventh, in a wide, same sign conjunction with the Moon. It looks like the friends get into a big, nasty fight. Mars, which seems to be the boyfriends marker, not the Sun or Moon, is opposite Neptune showing that a horrible secret has come to light. Notice how Mars and Neptune T Square the nadir. It looks like the hotel room was the scene of a big disruption and that something that had been hidden has now been revealed. So perhaps this was an affair. But I don't want to get into guessing and besmirching people; I just read the charts and leave it at that. I would not swear under oath that this boy had an affair; in fact, this three way situation could have gone any which way and I won't go further than that.

By 9:30 pm, Mercury has left the seventh house and escaped into the sixth. The young girl has left with the excuse, real or not, that she has to go to work. Roxanne and her boyfriend are alone now. The dispositor of the seventh, the Sun, has moved into the sixth, disposed of by the Moon in the tenth. Aquarius is now rising and Uranus has moved into the second, disposed of by and in mutual reception with Neptune, in the first house. It seems like they both lie to each other; one has to go to work, the other has errands to do, something like this. The trine to Uranus from the Sun indicates that they get along really well and rarely fight. They are in harmony on most things. It almost seems as if the fight was not between them at all, but perhaps between one or both of them with this other girl. And that there may have been work or money involved. I won't extrapolate on this but I'll leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions. But however it falls, the Moon is now in the tenth and Roxanne has no doubt left the hotel room and headed outside. The Moon is sinister to an opposition to Venus, which rules the nadir. I think she ran out of there, with the intention of going home. I mean home to the family.

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Mars remains angular throughout the main portion of this event, telling me that there was some sort of argument. I am just not sure who with. Uranus rules the first and is retrograde in the second so Roxanne left her money behind when she ran off, which is what started a problem for her. And notice that the Moon is also sinister to an almost immediate trine to Saturn, still in the seventh? This may very well be an older man who appears and offers her help. Notice another subtle clue. Uranus opposes the eighth house cusp and squares Venus in the fifth. Uh oh. This is the marker I've been looking for. Saturn is inconjunct to Uranus while it sextiles Venus. This man was her big miscalculation. She left her money, had no cash for a cab or a bus, and here comes this older man who seems helpful. It is now that I see what's hidden in this chart. Notice that the Moon is disposed of by Jupiter in the ninth. Jupiter is trine Uranus and inconjoined Venus, which shows another misjudgement here. This man is older and seem calm and nonthreatening. She trusts him, which I believe when seeing the inconjunctions everywhere, was a misjudgement on her part. He offers her something she enjoys (fifth house Venus) which could be anything (let's have a quick drink, smoke a joint, go for a quiet ride and talk...) and she goes along. But instead of ending up in a public place, she ends up in the woods (Jupiter in the ninth). Jupiter is diposed of by Mars and they are square so she did not like this and there was a struggle.

I am trying to avoid sorted details in these charts so I will not go into what I might or might not see happening here. I shuffle through charts for the next few hours, looking for markers. It is our purpose here to find out if she is dead or alive and who abducted her, right? I mean, even if she is alive, she is not off on holiday. So I go through the charts looking for those sorts of markers. The chart I next find interesting is for 11:30 pm. Pisces is now on the first house and Neptune is in the twelfth. Jupiter, which now rules the midheaven, is in the eighth. But there are no other markers that indicate violence or death. These alone are just not enough for me to declare this girl dead. At this point, I am pretty sure the charts are saying she is alive. Neptune in the twelfth opposing Mars and Saturn in the sixth indicate she is being held against her will in a hidden place and she is always in danger. Jupiter in Scorpio in the eighth disposed of by Mars in Leo in the sixth, she may well be "working" in the sex industry. Leap frogging around the chart, I see that Mars is disposed of by Sun in Cancer in the fifth, reinforcing this concept. Neptune, Roxanne's marker, shows that she was hidden that night in a dark place up off the ground; an upper bedroom, a cabin on a mountainside, an attic, the upper shelves of a closet, etc... Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces so she was taken to an area near deep water. Both planets are retrograde so she was kept there for a long time; long enough for the search for her to end.

The north node points to destiny and mass consciousness. This point being placed in the first house tells me that this something there is big demand for. The public demand for this drives the industry. The north node disposed of by Neptune in the twelfth also tells me that it is carried on in secrecy; Roxanne is being kept someplace secret, working in this industry. I hate it when charts end up this way because, for me, there is no greater nightmare than being held captive and being forced to do things I don't want to do. You can attribute that to my free spirited Aquarian rising. But I also realize that this possibility can give loved ones a lot of hope. Yes, I believe she is still alive. But where is she? Will she be found? And who did this to her? These are often hard to extract from Astrology charts but I will give it a shot. First of all, it is hard to say where she is today because I have no point of reference beyond the night she was taken. But I will say that she was first taken to a place in the woods and then later stashed somewhere secret and perhaps dark, up off the ground and near water. I know this sounds like an eagles nest or something just as preposterous but if you imagine a cabin on a mountainside near a large lake or a beachfront home with an attic, you can see the possibilities. But this is as far as I can go with that.

But I will say that I do not see markers for long distance travel, planes or trains, or long highway travel. I think she was snatched and taken to somewhere right near by on her way home that evening. I think she went willingly at first, in dire need of a ride home and without any money and ended up this man's mercy. And who was this man? Well, the chart defines him as Saturn in Leo. This does not mean he is a Leo necessarily or that he has Saturn in Leo, either, although both could be true; it just tells us that he has the qualities of Saturn placed in the sign Leo. This means he is older and prideful, a "dignified" sort. He may seem superficially classy or of some pedigree. You would never tag him for an evil person. There may be a tinge of glamor about him, like Leo would have and with Saturn, he is likely to invest in quality jewelry and clothing, stuff that would last and could be perhaps a little outdated but still in good shape. Saturn means he might be a bit taciturn and introspective. Leo here says he cares a lot about what he looks like and with Saturn, he may have been or still be a fitness buff. He likes to look trim and handsome. He is loaded with charm and this is why it was so easy for Roxanne to trust him.

The last question of course is whether she will be found. The Moon crosses the midheaven during the event and is disposed of by Jupiter which transits first the ninth and then the eighth. Actually, the police did a really good job on this one, they were all over every clue. The problem is, with Scorpio in the eighth, the clues were well hidden in places they just didn't know to look. They found everything that was left out in the open. But what they missed was the car. Venus opposes the Moon and first she rules the third and then she is placed in the third as the night moves on, indicating that there may have been a witness who saw Roxanne get into a car but didn't know they were seeing anything important. Perhaps the cops haven't thought to canvass for witnesses or for cars in the area, because they believe she is dead or that she did not go off on her own. But the charts show her going off and getting into a car with an older man. This is the point where the search should start. Now, one more thing. Because is it Venus in Gemini I want to say that this was a late model car with a beautiful paint job and lots of toys. A fancy grill, extra artwork, gadgets like gps, in car video, a great stereo system, ipod stations, etc.. He probably had a cool phone that he promised to let her use. Venus starts out in the fifth so he has something to offer her that she likes. And she is impressed.

Roxanne Paltauf could be anywhere today. She could even still be in Austin; however, she could also be in a Dallas or Houston. It is unlikely she left the state. She was kept in secret and forced to "work" for a long enough time to become used to it. So she may be brainwashed in a way and seem disinterested in going home. She is an adult after all and most people won't interfere with adults. But you should look at her picture, especially if you live in the state of Texas, and commit to to memory. If you have seen her, think you know where she might be, or have information about the night she went missing, please call the Austin police at 512-974-5000.


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