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Alyssa Angelique McLemore

Young Woman Disappears While Her Mother is Dieing

From: The Charlie Project :

Alyssa McLemore lived with her mother and grandmother in Kent, Washington at the time of her disappearance. Her grandmother spoke to her on the phone at 6:30 p.m. on April 9, 2009. McLemore's mother was dying of scleroderma, a serious autoimmune disease, and on April 9 her grandmother told McLemore that her mother's condition was worsening. McLemore assured her grandmother that she would come home. A witness reported seeing her in Kent that day, near 30th Avenue South and Kent-Des Moines Road. The witness saw a green 1990s model pickup truck, possibly with Oregon license plates, approach McLemore. She has never been heard from again. Her mother died three days later, but her family was unable to get in touch with her.

Authorities discovered McLemore's cellular phoned dialed 911 at 9:15 p.m. on April 10, the day after she was last heard from. The dispatcher heard a woman asking for help, but the phone did not have a GPS sensor and its exact location could not be determined before the line went dead. Authorities believe the call came from the Kent area, however. The caller has never been identified, and the phone went out of service a few days later.

A witness reported seeing McLemore some time before her disappearance with an unidentified male known to her. The man is described as Caucasian, in his 50s or 60s, about 5'8 inches tall and 175 to 185 pounds. He drove a green pickup truck. It's unclear whether he had anything to do with her disappearance.

McLemore has a daughter who was three years old in 2009. At the time of her mother's disappearance, the child was staying with her father, McLemore's boyfriend. Her boyfriend describes McLemore as a devoted parent who would not have abandoned her daughter. She was unemployed at the time of her disappearance, and very close to her mother. McLemore enjoys dancing and roller skating. She dropped out of Kent-Meridian High School in her sophomore year.

Due to the circumstances of her disappearance, McLemore is considered to be in danger. Her grandmother moved to Auburn, Washington after her disappearance. Her case remains unsolved.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance:

Missing Since: April 9, 2009 from Kent, Washington

Classification- Endangered Missing

Date of Birth: July 23, 1987

Age: 21 years old

Height and Weight: 5'1 - 5'3, 130 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Asian female. Black hair, brown eyes. McLemore has a scar on her abdomen.


This case grabbed me because of the circumstances. Her mother is dieing and some scumbag intervenes and abducts her so that she cannot be with her mother when she dies? Just seems really sad to me. Anyways, I ran the charts and they spoke to me right away so I wanted to publish my findings. You will see what I found as I present each chart. Here is what follows. Please forgive any typos or errors I missed; my vision is getting worse and my reading glasses need to be updated!

The first chart I drew up was for the time when Alyssa last talked to her mother. This phone call was made at 6:30 pm on the 9th. I can see from the chart that Alyssa is already tangled up with someone and this someone is the same person she is still with when she makes her 911 call on the next night. That chart will follow this one. Here, in this chart, you can see the first house ruler, Venus, in the sixth house with the seventh house ruler, separated by Uranus. This shows the two of them together, but under some strange circumstances. Uranus so close to Mars in Pisces shows me that this person she is with is an unusual person in her sphere, not someone she would ordinarily be with, and that he took advantage of an unusual circumstance to gain control over her. The sixth house can mean service or work, as in occupations, so, perhaps, Alyssa ventured into his workplace looking for help, for a job, for something. She was unusual in his sphere, as well, not the usual customer, perhaps. But if she were looking for a job or to employ his services or help in some manner, Neptune on the sixth cusp in the fifth house in the sign Aquarius, might indicate a camera shop, a radio station, a music shop, a TV repair service or other such technology related place. Most likely connected to film, pictures, music or other performance materials (fifth house). Did Alyssa want to be a model? A singer? A photographer? If so, then perhaps she went there to apply for a job or to offer her services. This is possible if those who know her could imagine such a thing.

There is another possibility when it concerns the sixth house. This man may have been in the military or special forces or could be putting on an appearance of being a military man, such as dressing in camos or telling stories about missions. He could be real, he could be fake. Neptune ruling the sixth and then positioned in the fifth, he could have met Alyssa in a bar or nightclub. She might have been trusting of him because he either looked like or, at the least, inferred he was, a veteran. He might actually be a vet. This is one other possibility when the ruler is in the sixth. But, again, only those who knew Alyssa would know whether she would find this attractive or be trusting of a man just because he was in the military.

Mars is a traditional marker for men but the sign Pisces can be either sex. There might even be some ambiguity. Moon in Libra is rising in the first house and this alone tells me that Alyssa was still operating under her own power. At the time she made the call to her grandmother she had not been abducted or trapped in any way, she was doing what she wanted to do at that point. She was where she was willingly. The sign Libra is a dual sign and implies decisions that are hard to make. Moon disposed of by Venus, the first house ruler, tells me that this girl was thinking clearly at the time and was not in danger. Moon trine Neptune clarifies communications and understanding and I beleive she was convinced she knew this man and was not afraid of him. They were actively talking at the time, mostly about his work or service. Venus disposed of by Mars shows that she was there on his invite; that she had gone there because he had asked her to. Whether this was where he worked or they were chatting it up in a bar or nightclub (or both), Alyssa was actively engaged with this man. She felt safe.

I wanted to leap ahead to the next night, when Alyssa was known to have called 911. She has obviously gone from feeling safe and being where she wanted to be.... to an obvious sense of danger and a rising fear. What has changed since the last chart? Why is she now trying to call the police? You can see that Mars now rules the first and is the new marker for Alyssa. It is in the fifth house in the sign Pisces. Venus now rules the seventh and is the new marker for the other person and this is in the sixth house in the sign Aries. Uranus still sits between them. Uranus now rules the fourth house. They are no longer in a bar or nightclub but they are in someone's home. Alyssa is in that home (first house ruler in the fourth) while the other person is high or drunk (the fifth house) and is acting erratically (Uranus in the same house with Venus and sitting between Venus and Mars). Moon is still right at the first house cusp, which implies that Alyssa went to this residence willingly. Moon opposing Mercury now has her feeling she has made a mistake. She now feels her decision to come along with this person was a bad one. Saturn moving into the tenth house indicates confinement or possible restriction, something keeping Alyssa from leaving (the tenth house being the fourth from the seventh shows the other person's home). So she is trapped somehow at this man's home and unable to leave. This is why she called 911. Moon disposed of by Pluto and sextile Saturn indicates that Alyssa is getting very angry and willing to get physical to obtain her freedom. Pluto can be indicator of violence.

Venus in Aries disposed of by Mars in Pisces (Alyssa's marker) means that this other person is now completely focused on Alyssa. Her attempts to get away will be countered. There is a Tsquare forming in this chart, involving the first house ruler, Mars, with an opposition to Mercury and a mutual square to the node. She has become aware of his "plan" and is going to try to free herself but it is going to take some doing. The open end of the T is the node, which says that she will have to go along with some of the plan in order to formulate an alternative course of action. She is in a real fix.

I believe she went there to visit this man to either get a job (sixth house placement in first chart) or to have her picture taken, perhaps as a modeling job or just to make a few bucks (Neptune in Pisces). Because we know she was unemployed we can also assume she was in need of funds. This next chart points out the issue of money

This chart is for several hours after she spoke to her grandmother and on the same evening. It shows the first house ruler, Pluto, in the second house (money and finance). The second house ruler, Jupiter, is in the third house with Neptune. This seems to indicate money to be made from taking pictures. Neptune rules film and cameras. Jupiter would imply easy work, something that was fun and to the liking of the subject. If she was a pretty girl, you can see the attraction photos would have. This placement seems to explain the sixth house planets in the first chart; he was not in the military but he was presenting himself as a working photographer. The cluster of the first and seventh house rulers in the sixth together with Uranus in Pisces would indicate these people coming together over work that involved technology and cameras. So perhaps he was even filming her or making photos for the internet. Somehow he gained her trust and she was there, as the charts are showing, because she agreed to his terms.

In this chart for 11 pm, you can see that the first and seventh house rulers are in the fourth house. This shows them at a residence. With the Moon (her co ruler) in the twelfth, it is possible that she is either unconcious or asleep. I am not sure if this was induced or if she was just tired. There are no pointers at drugs, at least at this point.

I threw this chart in at this point to show you something. This is less than an hour after the 11 pm chart and you can see Pluto rising in the first. She may have been unconcious from a blow to the head. In fact, the chart that shows the death pattern is only two hours past this one and so this blow on the head may have been the first step towards her murder. Let's go to that chart now.

Alyssa's death appears in the chart for 2 am. We saw her unconcious just two hours earlier at midnight. Here you can see that Pluto, which now rules the tenth, has moved into the twelfth and the first house ruler, now Saturn, is in the eighth house of death. I don't believe she ever regained conciousness after he knocked her out. Pluto is trine to Mercury (situated at the fourth house cusp), which indicates there was little resistance at this point. She "went along" with this because she was unable to fight. His ruler is now the Moon and this is placed in Scorpio in the tenth. The Moon, in turn, is disposed of by Pluto, showing us both the intent and the action. She died a violent death. In fact, her marker, Saturn in Virgo in the eighth house is disposed of by Mercury in Taurus at the nadir. She died by the fundamental loss of brain function that can be incurred by a blow to the head, a suffocation of the breath or of an overdose of drugs. Pluto wraps into the trine between Saturn and Mercury so I am pretty sure she was killed by a blow to the head but took a while before she died. She was, however, unconcious until death.

The grand trine in earth signs was the largest and most powerful feature in the death chart. This makes me think she was most likely buried. Mercury in Taurus describes a grave near the house, not far from the foundation, in a garden with flowers ruled by Venus. Mercury is very near the nadir so my guess is she is buried near the front door of his home. Pluto in Capricorn in the twelfth indicates a rough area with weeds and hardscrabble flowers, although colorful and in some places, standing in water or puddles. The sewer pipes may leak and there is a smell around the home. Moon in Scorpio at the midheaven describes a home in disrepair, dirty and unkempt. Broken water pipes on the property, standing water from rain and from sewer leakage; there would be bugs and amphibians like lizards, toads and salamander. Possibly also snakes. Rough tangled woods near the property, a natural garden created by free running plants with blooms; flowers with dark colors but eye catching. Purple, black, blue and green. Trash in the yard, such as a rusty old wheelbarrow or a rotting wooden cask or a broken down well with rotted ropes. Not exactly these things perhaps but similar and noticeable.

He is a photographer of some talent perhaps but not working as one. He's much older than she was and is pretty hardscrabble; sloppy in appearance and unkempt, such as his home. He looks disheveled. However, he carries the camera around and has enough practice through hobby to speak the language. He sounds real and his looks are not off putting; he actually appears to be a "bohemian" in such a way as many people imagine artists to be. `He talks a good game and seems non threatening. But his game has been to seduce young women this way, pictures for money, and then to take advantage of these women. I am not clear on whether he meant to kill Alyssa or not; I do not see murderous scheming. However, she resisted an advance of some sort and he hit her on the head. At the time that he hit her over the head, his ruler was in the fifth house so it is probable that he made a sexual advance. Her ruler being in the second at that time probably had her asking for money and she wanted to be paid up front, perhaps. Jupiter may have had her asking for a lot of money, expecting a big pay off, and this was not what he intended? So he smacked her on the noggin and, to his shock and surprise, she was mortally wounded? The charts do not show sexual contact between the two so I believe she posed for pictures, refused his advances and then was killed and he did not have sex with her after this. At the least, he was not a necrophiliac. He wasn't Ted Bundy. So he rushed around and buried her at the nearest safe place, his own yard. Since no one but Alyssa knew that she had even been there he felt safe doing this. People did see her with an older man and this was, most likely, her killer but there has been no suspects reported. The police very much need to take a close look at the older man she was last seen with. This could very well be the fake photographer who took her home.

In a final effort to help with this case, I want to give some more clues I see in the charts. This man may very well have been wanted for something; there could have been a warrant. Where he was staying was a "hideout" for criminals, a place where they stay to get out the public eye. It will be close to a water source, however not exactly on a river or other large body. It is probably deep water but it could well be an estuary or basin. I know very little about this area of Washington but if they have gators or crocs then it would be in an area where these animals hang out. If not, then look for bodies of water with turtles and eels. This home could be close to the ocean but not ocean front and be closer to a smaller body of water than to the actual ocean. For example, where I live in Florida, the ocean is on one side and the river on the other but there are small bodies of water all throughout the county which are deep and full of wildlife. A canal, an estuary, a deep water basin, a whirlpool, a large pond, if deep enough for gators or turtles, is the kind of area this home would be located near. Remember it will be run down, in disrepair, a crack house type of place where criminals hide. This young lady is buried on the property, not far from the foundation, not far from the front door, in an area with at least one tall tree and a thrush of wildflowers. The house may be run down and in need of paint, a rusty color of yellow or brick, mostly rubbed off down to the concrete. The flowers may be hot pink and red in color mostly but also purple, blue and black. There may be also cactus and other succulents in the landscaping, prickly and standing in dry rubble.

Venus was in the first degree of Aries at her time of death, so this man had not lived here long. Venus was also retrograde, however, so he stayed there for a very long time afterward. He may have just moved in there, in fact, as the first degree of any sign indicates a recent change. So if you wanted to check local rental contracts issued for that month in 2009, you might be able to narrow down some names. However, if he is a criminal and I believe he was, he may have just moved in without legal sanction and never signed a contract. In fact, the home in which he was staying may well have been foreclosed on or abandoned.