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Angela Marie Hammond

Woman Grabbed in Phone Booth Boyfriend Hears Her Screaming

From DOE Network :

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: April 4, 1991 from Clinton, Missouri
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: February 9, 1971
Age: 20 years old
Height and Weight: 4'11 - 5'0, 120 - 140 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Hammond's teeth were in excellent condition in 1991. Her nickname is Angie.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white button-down shirt with black spots, black slacks and white sneakers.
Medical Conditions: Hammond was four months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Details of Disappearance
Hammond was last seen in Clinton, Missouri at 11:45 p.m. on April 4, 1991. She was talking to her fiance, Rob Shafer, at a telephone booth in a parking lot outside the Food Barn Store in the center of town when he heard her scream, then the line went dead. Her car was later found abandoned in the parking lot.

Hammond had described a suspicious man circling the parking lot in his old truck during her conversation with Shafer. She said he parked his truck near the booth and got out of it with a flashlight, as if he was looking for something. Hammond described him as a "filthy, bearded man." Then she suddenly screamed and stopped talking. Before the call was terminated, Shafer heard a man's voice saying "I didn't need to use the phone, anyway."

Shafer immediately drove to the phone booth. On the way there, he passed a late 1960s or early 1970s model green Ford F-150 pickup truck and heard Hammond scream his name. Shafer followed the vehicle for about a mile on 2nd Street and Culvert Drive, but his own car's transmission failed and he had to stop driving. Shafer stated the truck he saw had a decal of water or outdoor scene completely covering the rear window, possibly a white top, and possible damage to its left front fender. Witnesses reported seeing a Caucasian male driving a similar truck near the telephone booth at time Hammond disappeared. The man, who has never been identified, was wearing coveralls and a dark-colored baseball cap. He had eyeglasses, a beard and a moustache.

Shafer himself was considered a suspect for a time after Hammond's abduction and was given a polygraph test. He was cleared of any involvement in her case, however.

Hammond's case may be linked to the deaths of two other Missouri women. Trudy Darby, a convenience store worker in Macks Creek, was abducted from her workplace on January 19, 1991, six weeks prior to Hammond's disappearance. The store was found robbed of $220 afterwards. Darby's nude body was found in the Little Niangua River two days later; she had been shot twice in the head with a shotgun. Her murder remains unsolved. Cheryl Ann Kenney, another convenience store worker, disappeared after locking up her store in Nevada, Missouri, 70 miles from Macks Creek, on February 27, 1991. Kenney's skeleton was found in a local field in 2000; her murder is also unsolved. There are similarities between Darby and Kenny's murders and Hammond's abduction, but there is no hard evidence to link the cases.

Hammond's abduction remains unsolved. There were several unconfirmed sightings of her several states and in Canada after her disappearance.

This case was sent to me by one of my readers, which is where I get almost all of the cases I analyze and post. This one is very old and very cold but it did grab me because it reads like a horror movie. Snatch and grab abductions where women are taken off and tortured and killed have always terrified me. Also, when I looked at the charts for the time frame I saw that this was very cut and dry, simple analysis that would be easy to finish. The post would be short and sweet, as well. But I have to admit that these charts are ugly. What they reveal is not for women who are easily frightened. I will not get graphic here and this post, like most of the others, is generally acceptable for all ages but if you are already paranoid you might want to pass on this one. The only good thing about these charts is that they describe a very quick death. Angela Hammond did not live long after she was last seen. But even so, if you are easily frightened by this sort of thing (I know I am) you might want to look over shoulder while you're reading.

The first chart I did was for the time when Angela was last seen in the phone booth in front of the food store, a phone call substantiated by her boyfriend, who was on the other end. The boyfriend did, in fact, hear the abduction and even made an attempt to catch up with the man who took her but failed. So we know she was in that booth and was taken from that booth at around 11:45 pm. Looking at the chart for that hour I see right away that the first house ruler, Jupiter, which is Angela's primary marker, was in the eighth house. The Moon in Sagittarius was rising and closing in on the first house cusp. Jupiter, which also disposes of the Moon, is the primary marker in this chart. It is disposed of by the Sun in Aries in the fourth house. The fourth house here is describing the food market. She is where she is because of the food market. Jupiter in the eighth may mean that she was calling her boyfriend about money. Or it may simply mean that she was concerned that she didn't have enough change for a long phone call. Now, you must also note Mercury in the fourth. Right away, it seems to describe the phone booth outside the food market. But you have to also note that Mercury rules the seventh house and describes the man she is about to meet (her abductor). So this man is interested in the phone booth as well. Perhaps he wanted to make a phone call. But the placement in the fourth house, disposed of by Mars in the seventh, tells a larger story. He had been to the food market, too, and was commonly there, perhaps to use the phone or because he was trolling for women. He most likely pretended to want to use the phone in order to hang around her while she was in the booth. I think this combination clearly shows his intentions and with Mars in the seventh, he either intended to attack or accost her (or any woman he found) or, at the very least, to confront her and this is why he was driving around outside. He may have wanted to use the phone but saw her and changed his mind. An unexpected opportunity perhaps.

Another important factor in this chart is that Mercury, the marker for her abductor, is in the last degree of the sign Aries. This means something about his situation is getting ready to change and I think Mercury points to a decision. I think he decides to grab her at the last minute. Mercury is starting to feel the influence of Taurus and Taurus is disposed of by Venus in the fifth house. There was a sexual attraction here, this was the reason he chose her. And with Venus in Taurus opposing Pluto in Scorpio in the eleventh, there was more involved that just ordinary sex. This even goes beyond rape. This is sexual chaos. Venus disposes of itself while Pluto is disposed of by Mars, showing the violence that was about to explode. Mars in Cancer is always disposed of by the Moon and is often powerful in forensic charts where the violence directed at a victim is the entire reason for the crime. Here, Mars in Cancer is not only angular but it works as a secondary marker for the murderer. Mars disposed of by the Moon means that she was targeted and everything that happened from here on in was designed for her. From these placements, I would have to say that there is little doubt that he raped her and committed physical violence on her, both during the rape and after.

There is a lot of fixed star activity in these charts and some of it is very telling. Although there is no fixed star in near proximity to the Moon, there are many nearby including Sinistra (6 degrees away), Sabik (4 degrees away) and Bellatrix (3 degrees away). Sinistra and Sabik point to lust, rape and perversities but the closest aspect, an opposition to Bellatrix, also describes obsessive lust and rape, which kind of underscores the overall theme. The strongest and most influencial aspect comes from Mirach, a fixed star indicating drunkenness or drugs. Mirach sits at 29 degees 01 minutes of Aries and in this chart the seventh house marker, Mercury, is sinister to an exact conjunction at 29 degrees 00 minutes of Aries. This would seem to indicate that the abductor in this case is either drunk or high on drugs. I was just reading an article about the speed freak killers who killed a number of women during a murder spree in the 1990s in California. While it is highly unlikely that this woman was murdered by Herzog and Shermantine, it is possible that someone like them did this to her. In this chart, it appears that this was one man and that he worked alone and that a use of drugs and alcohol had an influence on the event.

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In less than an hour after Angela was taken, the Moon has moved into the twelftth house and has formed a death pattern. Jupiter, still the first house ruler, remains in the eighth. This is a small pattern and seems to predicate on the movements of Saturn, now just edging into the first house. I don't want to be graphic here but there was an extended period of dieing before actual death with ongoing violence. Jupiter is opposed to Saturn from the eighth while Venus and Pluto remain in opposition from the fifth and eleventh houses. Mercury, the seventh house ruler, forms the short leg of a forming T square with the Jupiter - Saturn opposition. This looks like either a fight for life or a repeated release from death similar to intermittent asphyxiation, as an example. This type of torture is used in sex sometimes and was used by the hillside stranglers in their rape and murder spree. I am NOT saying that the charts are describing the exact same thing but something similar, where the victim comes close to death many times. This pattern is also seen in attacks where the victim fights for life and a real struggle occurs, causing the victim to be near to death many times. The chart opposition from Saturn in Aquarius (breath) and Jupiter in Leo (the heart) clearly describes a lack of oxygen and subsequent heart failure. And with Mercury in out of sign square to both planets, forming the short end of a T in a T square pattern, the inference is that it is up to the killer to force the end on the victim. In other words, her life was in his hands. He is directly responsible for ending the struggle and forcing her to die. I am pretty sure that the charts show us that he had begun to take her life as early as 12:20 am, not but an hour after she was taken, but that she did not actually pass until around 12:45 am, when Saturn entered the first house.

The charts give a clear description of her killer. Both Mercury in Aries and Mars in Cancer describe this man. Physically he is thin and wirey with a long face and a pointed chin. He would have a high forehead, wide at the temples, with prominent eyebrows. Also, a long, hooked nose. The eyes would be sunken and small, beady and shifty. Most likely green or blue eyes. He would have lots of brown hair, which could be either light brown or dark. Quick walker, fast talker, sharp in appearance and mannerisms. This man is cruel and sadistic with a quick, emotional temper. Very revengeful and would enjoy the act of exacting revenge. With Aries and Cancer, there is likely an addiction to drink so it is most probable that drinking fueled his rage. Aries can describe an outlaw personality, someone who lives by his own rules, and with the square to Mars, Mercury in fall describes a shifty, clever criminal who lives by his wits. A collector of handheld weapons like small handguns and knives. This man has always been inconstant and untruthful, with a horrible judgement that led him into dangerous things as a youth and since then he has been constant only in crime and other harmful activities. He would be the type that is always discontented, looking for a quick gain while giving nothing in return, and bitter about his failures. He was easily led into the criminal life as a youth and has become extremely dangerous with age. His anger is limitless.

After running charts for every hour after 1 am that morning, I beleive the chart for 3 am shows him disposing of her body. At this hour you can see that the first house ruler, Uranus, is in the twelfth house with the planet Saturn and there is mutual reception between the two. This shows burial in a place with freshly dug up ground. It also shows other graves in the area, such as a cemetary or graveyard, whether established or not. The north node is also in Capricorn in the stellium in the twelfth, showing us that he knew where this place was and had planned to put her there. In fact, he may have put other women in the same place. Capricorn describes the burial place as being bushy, dark and possibly near a pile of wood or lumber. Aquarius shows us that the ground was recently dug up and may always be dug up. Saturn describes gravel on the ground near a wooded area that may have an agricultural operation such as earth moving or excavation going on. And Uranus tells us this area is near a railroad depot, a station house, a length of track or a place where old train cars are discarded. This man's home is near the burial site, it is a temporary type of housing but it is not a mobile home. There is probably a garden for flowers or a natural growth of flowers nearby. This is an earthen type of housing made of wood and might be a cabin or cottage. He would not live here year round but would visit from time to time. Perhaps he brings the women here and no one else even knows about this place. Neptune among the planets indicates that the place is a mystery, perhaps even a secret, and is not easily seen from the main roadways.

From everything I've seen in these charts, I would guess this man was a serial rapist and murderer. A sexual sadist. Mars in Cancer as a prominent marker and poorly aspected as well as in fall indicates he has a weak character and engages in sleazy activities in his daily life. Alcohol is a real problem. He sees these women as belonging to him (Sun in Aries ruling the seventh from the second) and when he buries them he puts them in a place where he can visit them and remember their "relationship". Sun square Uranus in the burial chart shows us that he sees himself as an outlaw, someone who doesn't fit in and is teaching everyone else a "lesson". His ego is a huge problem for him and creates so much misery for him that he is constantly rebelling. Sun square Uranus shows the antagonism he felt for Angela. She represented something to him that his ego just had to conquer. Rape is a form of conquest and murder is the ultimate mastery. This is a deeply psychological chart, reflecting not only what this man was doing but also why.

Taking the burial chart on the face of it without considering other influences, I would say that the burial ground is north from where she was abducted. It is not a great distance, though, but maybe only about a 30 minute drive. With Venus in Taurus on the fourth house cusp with the cluster of planets in Capricorn in the twelfth, it is a safe bet to say that the area is wooded, overgrown and underdeveloped. Or, at least, it was in 1991. Since a lot of time has passed and many of the original markers would be gone today, I would also say it is a safe bet to say that this area is now a business district. The old cabin or cottage may still be standing and the graves may still be near it along a wooded area that may still be undeveloped but the area, in general, could very well be a business district now with city hall, a chamber of commerce and commercial businesses like banks and real estate offices. The placement of Uranus with Saturn in Aquarius also describes tall buildiings, some with radio towers or satellite dishes. There may be an airstrip nearby, for small planes or heliocopters, and the developed area would be well lit with state of the art lighting. And somewhere in this area, near to bhe woods and undeveloped areas, would be the cabin or the cottage and the graves.

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Aliayah Lunsford

Child Left Alone Sick and Has Never Been Seen Again

From CNN

Aliayah Lunsford, 3, was last seen by her mother and sister around 6 a.m. Saturday, police say.
K-9 dogs and hundreds of volunteers have joined authorities in West Virginia to look for a missing 3-year-old girl, but a sheriff's department lieutenant said in the two days since she was last seen that "we haven't come up with anything."
Aliayah Lunsford's mother and 9-year-old sister told police they saw the girl around 6 a.m. Saturday in a bedroom in their home in Weston, West Virginia, located between Charleston and Morgantown. The mother said she returned about three hours later to see the girl -- who had been sick the night before -- and take her temperature, but Aliayah wasn't there, Lewis County Sheriff's Lt. David Parks said Monday.
By that time, the girl's stepfather had already been picked up and left for work. The mother got in her car and drove around looking for the child, at one point running out of gas, said Parks. She called police to report Aliayah missing around 11:30 a.m.
A sheriff's deputy arrived within 10 minutes and a larger crew by noon, according to Parks. About 100 volunteers were on scene by the end of the day, alongside local, state and federal law enforcement agents.

The investigation so far has included search teams diving in nearby waters, interviews with relatives and neighbors, and a door-to-door search. That's in addition to searches conducted by volunteers. A bloodhound did detect Aliayah's scent in the vicinity of a nearby river, with a dog handler saying the girl likely had been in the area in the last three to seven days.

"We are still on it right now," said Parks of the search and investigation.
According to a poster from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Aliayah was last seen in pajama bottoms featuring the TV cartoon character Dora, a pink princess sweatshirt and no shoes. The girl is white, weighs about 35 pounds, stands 3 feet tall and has brown eyes and hair. She has pierced ears and is missing her top four front teeth.

The center characterized Aliayah as "endangered missing." But no Amber Alert has been issued for her, in part because authorities do not have a name or description of a suspect who might have taken her.

Parks said there were no signs of forced entry in the home, which the girl shared with four other children, her stepfather and her mother, who is pregnant with twins. There is a screen door, which does not have a handle, and a regular door, which doesn't shut very well, the lieutenant said.

He added that authorities have checked with "just about every sex offender in the county," getting alibis for them and not having indications that any were near the girl's residence at the time she went missing.

Surveillance video shows the missing girl's mother during her apparent morning search for Aliayah, but there has been no sign yet of the girl. Some people have been interviewed as many as six times, and polygraph tests have been administered, though Parks would not say to whom.

"We are interviewing everybody," he added, noting that no one has been identified even as a "person of interest." "Everybody is a suspect right now."


From what I can see of this case, the family left the 3 year old home alone with a fever. I do not want to seem judgemental of the family but my mother never would have done that. We were never allowed to be home alone for long and we were taught to lock all the doors up tight and never let anyone in. Not that my mother was perfect but I'm just saying. Still, my mother was lucky and married a man who came from money and they were able to pay people to be in the home at that time. She was also a nurse and she could take time off to care for us and she would just stay home. But I can see from the details of this case that this family is struggling and although not poor they are both working and trying to care for several kids in today's world. I want to say that I sympathize with that now that I have already criticized them. It's a hard world to raise kids in today. Which is part of the reason it has become so common for children to go missing. Many of them are left on their own out in the streets most the day or left to walk home from school alone or with other kids because parents either don't have the time or can't afford to pick their kids up the way my mom was able to. But, to be fair, three hours is not a very long time so this was probably ok, most of the time. But this time it was a problem.

The charts for the time this child was left at home shows someone in or around the home who is disruptive and troublesome. If you look at the chart for 6:30 am you can see that the Moon, which co rules the chart, is in the eleventh house with Mars. They are not conjunct but they are both in the same sign, Leo, and disposed of by the Sun, in the first degree of Libra in the first house. The Sun is closely conjoined the first house ruler, Mercury, which also rules the tenth. I do not think these adults were getting along. The eleventh house shows that they were either not married or were talking about separating. They may have had an "open" marriage or one that is non-traditional. There is nothing wrong with this so don't read me as being critical, I have never married so I am not one to talk. But planets in the eleventh house often define troubles in a marriage, where the couples are either living together but apart in the same home or they are talking about divorcing or, at the least, separating. Financial problems may be the only reason they were staying together as the charts show Saturn in the second house. And since Saturn rules the fifth, I'd say that the children were a big financial burden and they were having a hard time feeding and caring for so many.

Now looking at the chart you see that Mercury, the traditional ruler of children, also rules the first and tenth, as I just pointed out, which puts the parents together with the kids. At 6:30 am, they were all together. Since I am not sure what birth order Aliayah fell into (the first, second, third or fourth child), I will use Mercury as her ruler. The fifth house ruler pertains to the oldest child. If I can assume that Aliayah is the youngest, then I would use the eleventh house ruler, the Moon, to describe the child as well and since this is also the chart co ruler, this would not be risky. So I am going to use the Moon and Mercury to track this child through these charts. And starting right off, I am seeing someone in or around the house that is a problem. Now, I am not sure this is her stepfather. It is certainly not her mother. But since Pluto is in Capricorn and is disposed of by Saturn, the fifth house ruler, this person is concerned with the children. There wasn't a sitter with the kids and no one stayed home with the little girl, so who is this person skulking around? Given that Pluto rules the third house as well, I may venture to guess that this person was outside the house and not inside. This person may even have been sitting a car (third house) outside of the home. The third is the twelfth from the fourth so he was probably hiding to remain unseen and may even have been from a vantage point behind the house.

Now, here's the thing. When I first looked at these charts for the first hour after the child was last seen I saw her being abducted almost immediately. Take a look at the next few charts and consider for yourself. The chart for 6:50 am, a scant 20 minutes since the child was last seen, you can see that the seventh house ruler, Neptune, has moved into the fifth. Mercury, as one of the markers for this child, is in the first house closely sinister to the first house cusp. And the fifth house and eleventh houses are between signs and negated. So he is near the child, moving on the child perhaps but the child is still in the home. Mercury in Virgo disposes of itself so this supports the claim that the child was left alone in the home. But looking again, only 9 minutes later, at 6:59 am, you can see that things have changed. Mercury has slipped into the twelfth, which may or may not mean that the child is asleep. Or it may or may not mean that she has been taken from her safe place in the home and is now in a hidden place. Uranus, the fifth house ruler, is in the seventh house and the eleventh house ruler, the Sun, is right at the ascendant, putting Mercury under the Sun's beams. I am of the personal belief after looking at this arrangement that the child was taken at the moment when the Sun crosses the first house cusp into the twelfth. This is the moment she "disappears". This moment occurs, in the chart, at around celestial time 7:20 am. There hasn't been much said about the father but one of my readers claims he has stated that he left that house at 7:00 AM and went to work. I am sure the police must have corroborated that testimony or he would be a suspect, right? So the child was taken shortly after the parents left, even only minutes after her father left the house..

But the factors leading up to the kidnapping are all in place beginning at 6:50 am, so this person was around that house before the father left. Who was it that picked him up? Could that person have seen someone in the neighborhood? I am sure the police have asked. I am going to continue on the assumption that the father did leave the house at the time he said he did and was gone by the time this occurred and I am also going to assume that the person I am seeing skulking around the house is not related to the father and was unknown to him at the time. If we eliminate the father in this, then we have a stranger around that house early that morning. I think it's amazing dumb luck that a stranger chose this morning to seek out this child and it just happened to be a morning when she was sick and that both parents would leave her alone. Which begs the next question. Did they often leave her alone? Was this something this kidnapper could safely bet on? These are all sticky questions for me and I await the answers. In the meantime, I will say that the kidnapper was there at the house that morning, whether or not this person will prove to be known to the father or not. I am sure the person with her father was able to testify that he went to work and that he left that house without the child. With a lot of assumptions but no real facts in this regard, I will press forward and leave the final solution to the police.

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At the time of the abduction, the seventh house ruler was Aries with Mars just entering the tenth house. Since Mars is disposed of by the Sun, which has just crossed into the twelfth, it looks like someone dashed into that house through the living room or family room area (tenth house) and snatched the child pretty quickly. This placement almost always guarantees that our abductor was male (both Sun and Mars in masculine signs). The Moon in the eleventh house shows the child to be in an area where the children stay (and play) and with Mercury in the twelfth, I would say she had fallen back asleep. Pluto at the fourth house cusp combined with Jupiter in the eighth are omens for me. All hell is about to break loose. Combined with Mercury under the Sun's beams in the twelfth house, this child is in grave danger. In danger for her life. The death pattern is emerging. The seventh house ruler, Mars, is disposed of by the Sun, which is eclipsing Mercury. There is no doubt that this person is here for the child and that her death is imminent. I am not sure she was taken in a car. She could have been but the node is in the third house, which tells us that this person planned this around the neighborhood. This person had knowledge of the neighborhood and knew how to get around in it and made a plan based on that knowledge. He knew right where to go with the baby and how to get there without being seen. When I run charts for 7:35, Pluto has just moved out of the fourth into the third and I think this is moment they left the house. Pluto is in Capricorn so I am thinking he took her on foot but if he did have a car, then it would have been a dark brown or black car. But the color and quality implications really seem to me that they traveled on the ground, on foot, to somewhere very nearby. I think that since the third house ruler, Jupiter, is in the eighth house, it is possible that he had chosen a place where he could do what he wanted with her, kill her and bury her without traveling around. Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn point to a woody area with lots of open ground, like a small (Taurus) public park (Capricorn). Combine this with the seventh house ruler, Mars, slowly moving through the tenth house, I would say he took her back to his home, which is in the same neighborhood. And his home is near a public park, campground, playground, etc.. which I will explore further in a moment.

Now, since Mars is in Leo, I would dare to suggest they traveled east by north. His home is somewhere east of Aliayah's home and a little north of it as well. So if you travel in this general direction and look around for markers, like the campground, public park, wildlife refuge, etc.. then you are in the general area of this person's home. If there are no established public parks or other areas mentioned, then consider an undeveloped area with lots of brush and trees with small wild animals, most especially feral cats. Moon in Leo describes this area clearly and there may be water there, as well, a small pond, for instance, with turtles and amphibian life. Overall, even with the pond or lake, this area would be overall a dry area with lots of sun exposure. The Moon in Leo, the marker for his home, is in the eleventh house, which describes a home that is outfitted for children, with toys and playthings. This makes me think that he has had other children in his home. He wants his home to be as friendly to kids as it can be. And this aspect, with Neptune in the fifth house, he has hidden children before and has a secret fetish for kids. Uranus in Aries is often a marker for outlaws or people who live outside the mainstream. Uranus in Aries was in the seventh house at the time of abduction and at the time he takes her to his home, it has moved to the sixth house. This man is mentally ill and has physical and emotional issues that make him different.

I want to try to focus on where he took Aliayah and whether or not she is still alive. We know he took her around 7:35 that morning and traveled east with a northerly drift. This is a place near a public park, a playground, a campground and likely someplace that has a government building on the property, which could include any type of building from a ranger station to an overlook to an actual office. This may be a partially undeveloped property or adjacent to undeveloped land. Moon on the tenth house cusp gives us water but not a lot of water because the other markers are in dry signs. So look for a small body of water, something like a pond or a lake or even as small as a retention pond or cesspool. And this area would have small animals that crawl that are also fond of strong sunlight, like turtles (even very large ones), snakes, lizards, salamander, frogs, and other amphibians as well as maybe armadillos. Also, feral cats. Pluto in Capricorn is on the nadir with Pluto disposed of by Saturn in Libra. He could have a two story home made of wood and natural materials that is always being repaired or unfinished. Or he could live an upper floor of an apartment complex that is made of natural materials. Ground near the home or apartment has probably been dug up and never patched over. The property may have a problem with underground animals like moles or groundhogs and the yard is a mess. Trees nearby have been struck down and there may be a lumber operation in the area or the area may be under constant construction. Look for a lumber storage yard nearby or piles on lumber laying about on unfinished properties or undeveloped patches of barren land. And remember this is not far from where the child was taken. He took her there on foot.

His marker, Mars in Leo, describes someone with a personal style that likes attention from others. There will be something unusual about this person and people will remember him or her. He would have a boisterous personality and may be charming. He is loyal and basically honest but can be unbelievably stubborn and impossible to stop once he has made up his mind. If anyone in his family was aware of his proclivities it is possible this was discussed and they have since been shunned. They may have given up after arguing about things they then realize would never change. This man is very resistant to change. He is a creature of habit. For this reason, he is easy to track down. He has probably been in the same place, doing the same thing for many years. His love for kids would be obvious, with a strong desire to mingle with kids and if there is a playground in the area, he would have been there frequently. In fact, he would act like a kid himself, no matter how old he may be. Rough housing and wrestling would be some of his favorite past times and he would readily engage in horseplay with children, whether he knows them or not. So if a man in the nearby area was known for playing with kids in this manner, then he should be looked at closely. Even if he seems unlikely in every other aspect.

And then I see a death pattern emerge completely at 8:45 am. I am pretty sure, considering this chart, that he killed her around that time, give or take. In this chart you see the first house and eighth house ruler, Venus, in the twelfth; the fourth house ruler, Saturn, just now crossing the Ascendant and moving into the twelfth; the twelfth house ruler, Mercury, in the twelfth house and all of these planets under the Sun's beams. Pretty clear if you ask me. If astrology is to be beleived, then this baby is dead. Saturn in Libra, just behind the Ascendant, rules her body. I will not read anymore into this, including how she died, out of respect for her family, who may, in some manner, hear about this post. It is bad enough I am saying the charts have their baby dead. I would wish otherwise, believe me. But now that this is what the charts are saying, I want to see if they will show us where she might be now. This so perhaps someone can go find her. Right away, we note that Saturn is in Libra, an air sign. This usually means the body is in a high place, somewhere "up in the air" which can mean on a shelf, on a roof, in a tree, on a mountainside, in some building high up on a mountain or ridge, etc.. Saturn is her body and Libra shows us the location, along with it's dispositor, Venus. Libra points to mountaintops, upstairs rooms, closets and wardrobes, as I already noted, but it also describes sawmills, outhouses, attics and inner chambers. She could very well be hi8dden in his home. His home, if the charts are to be believed, is a two story home or he lives on the second floor of a building, which was also indicated by earlier markers. The child may be hidden in an upstairs bedroom, closet, wardrobe, inner chambers, ceiling or attic. His home or apartment may be on a hillside or mountainside or part of the building may be up off the ground. If this is a flood zone, stilting is a possibility. Remember that earlier indicators described lumber yards or large areas of trees being taken down. This marker also describes sawmills. So look for someone who may have worked in this industry and consider the lunberyard or sawmill a place where the child could be hidden.

Because all the markers are in air signs, I am reluctant to say she is buried, but she may be. And if she is, which is possible but not predictable, then she is buried in a Venetian type landscape, with flowers, birds, herbs like peppermint or violet or a rose garden. If there is an area like this within a reasonable distance from the abduction site, then look for nesting doves, rabbits, swans in a lake or pond and perhaps, again, feral cats. This might very well be the area where Aliayah is hidden and she may be buried there, although, again, I hesitate to state that she is buried. In fact, I tend to beleive that she is hidden in the home and in an area with womens' things like cosmetics, perfumes, costume jewelry, lingerie and whatnot that her abductor may be keeping or even hoarding. In fact, he may be a cross dresser. He may also have gender identity issues. In classical terms, traditional astrology describes this man as being wiry and muscular. There is a darker complexion with wiry or curly hair that is lighter in color. The eyes stand out, they are rather large and peircing. Blue eyes are common but with fire signs lighter eyes are the rule, either blue, green or hazel. There may be a stern and serious nature but the smile comes quickly none the less; good sense of humor. In nature, he tends to be cooperative with others, wanting to belong. This pereson will perform for others and enjoys admiration and appreciation. Free spirited in nature but also tends to be boastful, bragging to a painful degree. Will argue just for the sake of debate and can be mind bendingly stubborn, unwilling to concede or admit failure. Loves competition and therefor loves sports. There is a deep love for pleasure and for fun and a big price to be paid for extravagance. Look out for your nicer things because he can have sticky fingers; this placement often describes a person who takes what he wants without permission