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Cheryl Ann Hanson

Little Girl Still Missing After 36 Years

From the Doe Network:

Cheryl Anne Hanson
Missing since May 31, 1974 from Aurora, Ontario, Canada.
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Date Of Birth: July 25, 1966
Age at Time of Disappearance: 7 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 4' 0" - 122 cm; 51 lbs - 23 kg
Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blond hair; blue eyes.
Clothing: Cheryl was wearing dark brown check sweater and pants combination, a red nylon jacket / coat and white leather shoes. She also wore a gold necklace with a medallion on it. She was heading to her cousin's for a sleepover and was carrying her white pajamas with red flowers in a brown paper bag.

Circumstances of Disappearance

Cheryl disappeared from Ontario, Canada in 1974. She left her residence around 18:30 to walk down Bloomington Side Road to her cousin's home 10 minutes away. She never arrived.

Thousands of volunteers, including police, CB radio operators, aircraft and Queen's York militia units, scoured the region for weeks in an unprecedented search of York Region. Cheryl Anne was never found.

Convicted murderer Donald Everingham confessed to several murders, including that of Cheryl Hanson. He described Cheryl's clothes and drew a crude map of where he'd thrown her body. But the newspapers had been full of Cheryl's description and extensive police searches in the area he indicated never uncovered her body. Donald Everingham's confession was eventually refuted.


I wanted to do this case because I always want to do cold cases on kids who disappear. They are almost always taken for nefarious purposes and usually die within a few hours of the abduction. It's amazing to me that so many are missing for so long and without a single clue or lead. It just seems to defy reason. When a child like this, only 7 years old, goes for a short walk in the neighborhood and just disappears it crushes that sense of security we feel in our own homes. If your child can't walk among the neighbors and interact with other children in that area without being molested, abducted or killed, then our safety nets have all been so badly torn I am not sure they can be repaired. This case was just another child case that got to me.

It was a hard one to do, again, because of the house rulership choices I have to make when analyzing children's cases. Is it the first house or the fifth? Do I use a house ruler or just use Mercury? Do I use both? What about the Moon? Is this Mom or is this the child? All questions that are only answered by looking at the chart and going with the gut instinct. In this case, because the child was on her own, albeit for a very short while, I used the first house. As far as the other markers go, I went with the charts as they presented new information each hour. First of all, I chose not to use Mercury because, from the onset, Mercury was in the eighth house which would make the child dead in real time long before she left home. I was going to go with my hunch that this was not the case and use the first house ruler as her marker.

In the chart I drew up for the time the child left home, I see that Scorpio is rising. On the fifth house cusp is Pisces with the Moon in Libra. Mercury, the traditional marker for children, is in the eighth house. Mars is in the ninth and Neptune is in the first. Neptune is disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth.
What does this tell me? Well, Mars rules the first house and it is in the ninth, showing the child to be outdoors, in a wooded or natural setting. Mars is in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon, which co rules the chart, and is placed in the twelfth. The child is walking in an area not easily seen from the outside; it is an insular area with many hiding places. Moon is conjunct Uranus, which rules the fourth house, so the child is walking by a house in the neighborhood along her path. Taurus is on the seventh house, so this describes the person she is "next to meet". Venus is in the sixth, while both the Moon and Uranus are disposed of by Venus, showing us that there is a person in a home in the same neighborhood came across the child. Neptune, which shows that all of this was unseen, is disposed of by Jupiter, which is in the fourth. This was sudden opportunity created by the fact that this person lived right close nearby and saw the child. Venus in the sixth also tells me that this person was very sick; there was something very wrong here.

Just 15 minutes later, the chart has changed ever so slightly and I can see what happened here. The Moon and Uranus have traveled from the twelfth to the eleventh house. Neptune remains in the first, disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth with these planets in mutual reception. This was a hidden action that came from sudden opportunity; this was a neighbor who spotted the child and snatched her. Just that fast. Moon moving into the eleventh house shows that the child was taken into their home and, with Pluto nearby, probably by force. All of these planets are disposed of by Venus in the sixth, showing us once again that all of this happened because this person is sick. This could be mental illness or physical illness and I am not sure which right now. If this person was physically ill there may have been a need for unpaid help around the house. Many a child has been snatched and made a slave and not all of it is about sex. However, the possibility of mental illness also exists and the safety of the child could be in question. I just cannot say that for sure at this point.

At 7 pm, the charts get a bit scarier. Mars, the first house ruler, has now moved into the eighth, along with the eighth house ruler, Mercury. Mercury, by the way, is also the traditional marker for children. The eighth house co rules both sex and death. It will be up to use to dope this out. The thing that stands out to me and hangs around, making me nervous, is the conjunction of Mercury to Saturn in the eighth. This makes me think that there was a dead child in the house or that children had died in that house or that children's bodies were buried in that house. Any way you look at it, this is sort of disturbing. And the fact that these planets are disposed of by the Moon, which is the chart co ruler, it sort of makes me think this is why this person needed Cheryl. The other children had died. In relation to the abductor, you can see that Venus is in Taurus and is in dignity and disposes of itself. This makes it powerful and inscrutable. This person had the upper hand in every way and things were just going right for him or her, making the abduction easy and satisfying. He or she got what they wanted. In contrast, the childs' ruler, Mars, is in Cancer, which is in fall and a weak, ineffectual placement. The child had no power in this matter, there was no fighting this off, the will and strength were not there. The child was easily manhandled and cowed. She was very frightened and did whatever she was told.

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Also at 7 pm I see that Pluto, the co ruler of the first house, has moved into the tenth house. This is the fourth house from the seventh, showing us the abductors home. This is where the child was taken. No doubt about it. A home nearby, in the same neighborhood, within sight of the path where she would have been walking. A quick spot of the child, a dash and grab. Sad and scary but a lesson in how quickly and easily children can be snatched or even convinced to follow along. The Sun has no rulership in this chart but it is angular in the seventh house, in the sign Gemini. This makes me think the kidnapper was a male. It isn't written in stone, just a hunch. Gemini is asexual and does not indicate one sex or the other. But the Sun is a male planet. So take it or leave it. Because the Sun is also disposed of by Mercury, the natural ruler of children, I must say that this person, male or female, was intent upon children and had abducted children in the past and probably since. And last but not least, in the chart for 7 pm, Neptune angular in the first house shows us the abductor presenting himself to the child, from a secret place, in a secret, unseen fashion. Clever and sneaky this person is. He has a lot of people fooled, not just the children.

The thing that really surprises me about the charts in this case is that I do not see a car. I would have thought a car or other vehicle was involved with the child being snatched and then driven away. It just makes sense. But the charts do not show a vehicle, I challenge anyone to study them and find a car here. It is true that the ninth house is often the third house of the abductor (shown by the seventh) and in this chart, Mars is in the ninth. But Mars is the first house ruler and if we continue to use Mars as the marker for the child, then this would seem to say the child was driving the assailants car. But we know this can't be true. So there is no car in this event; the child was taken from the street and carried or dragged away to a nearby place. The area around the path was investigated and searched extensively and nothing of Cheryl was found, not even the bag with her pajamas. But the chart has heavy emphasis on the tenth house, which is the fourth from the seventh and indicates the abductors home. So she was taken to the abductors home right away and held there.

The thing about this chart that stands out the most for me is the appearance of a death pattern. We have had Saturn and Mercury together in the eighth house all along and now Mars, the co ruler of the first house, has arrived in the eighth. Mercury is still the eighth house ruler and Jupiter is in the fourth. With these planets and Pluto in the tenth, showing violence in the home, he is going to kill this child. He is going to do it right away. Mars entering the eighth shows a sexual attack right at the time the child is taken inside, at around 7-7:30 pm. The chart for 7:30 pm has Venus entering the fifth house and Neptune slipping into the twelfth so I think this is a sexual attack and murder that occurs within an hour of her abduction. Venus rules the seventh and is placed in the sixth, still showing us how sick this man is. When Venus moves into the fifth he has her with him and he molests her as soon as possible. Like a disposable toy, I suppose. Use it and toss it. How sad. And yet the fast moving nature of these planets and placements combined with the steady sexual and death related aspects this was the point of the kidnapping all along, to rape and murder this child. And to do it quickly. She was dead by 7:30 that evening, before the searching actually really began.

The chart for 8:30 pm shows that things change rapidly after a murder. The seventh house is now ruled by Mercury and you will note that Mercury is now joined with Saturn in the seventh house, a short distance from the Sun. Mercury now rules the abductor and Saturn is the body of the child. They are together in the "abductors place", which I would assume is his home or safe haven. The Sun is angular, almost right at the seventh house cusp, reinforcing male energy so I am positive enough now to say that her abductor was a male. The Sun is also disposed of by Mercury. Like all murder charts, this one is entangled with lots of aspects and placements that reflect and feed into one another. There is always an intimate entanglement between murderer and victim, if for nothing but the personal nature of the crime. Sadly, Mars remains in the eighth, disposed of by the Moon, the co ruler of the chart, telling me that this child died violently. Mercury conjoined Saturn in Cancer square to Pluto in Libra the child was smothered to death, mostly by pressure to the chest area (Cancer) which cut off the airways (Libra). Moon in Libra in the tenth disposed of by Venus in Taurus in the fifth, the crushing occurred during a sexual act. Quite efficient and very cold. This man has done this before and will do it again. He may very well be the one who killed the other missing children in this area, including Christine Jessop. Wow. He is really bad and needs to be caught.

Neptune in the first disposed of by Jupiter in the third, he removed the child from the house and hid her elsewhere. Mercury disposed of by Moon in the tenth, he put her somewhere outdoors. In a very open area, like a field or a large tract of undeveloped land. Sagittarius points to an area southeast of where she was taken and as Neptune moves into the twelfth, there is even more emphasis on east. Sagittarius points to wooded areas where hunters go or where people engage in activities like horseback riding, archery or physical sports like tennis or golf. Jupiter in Pisces shows us a large body of water and a place where pleasure activities are enjoyed on the water like boating and swimming. When looking at the same region where she was taken from and then moving southeast towards where he had taken her, the body of water is in the northern portion of that region. So if you were to move southeast of that area where she was taken and then look for the next large body of water in that direction, then you would section off an area with that body of water at the northern most point and look further south from there for a large meadow or open field. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius describe great distances and large open areas, so this is quite a bit southeast from where the child lived. Sagittarius further describes an area with high, sloping ground in areas and smaller bodies of water on the western side. So this is a large open field or meadow south of a large body of water but edged on the west by smaller lakes or ponds. She is in one of the lakes or ponds. This is the nature of Saturn in Cancer. Her bones are in the water while the conjunction of Mercury to Saturn describes meadows and fields nearby. Neptune in the twelfth indicates that she was really well hidden in the water and maybe even weighted down. Although I'd be more inclined to guess that she had been wrapped up in something that made her sink faster, something like a heavy blanket or plastic bag.

From all appearances in these charts, this man is a murder machine. He is out to rape and murder small children in a vicious fashion and to do it with dispatch. He does not keep them alive for long and if he retains them at all it would be after death. He might like to keep them in death for awhile. I do not believe he did that with this child. The planets move too quickly. This dovetails with the rush to search that occurred not longer after the abduction and the probability of the cops finding the child if he kept her too long. He put her in a car (Jupiter in the third) which was probably a truck or other large vehicle and not a small car. Pisces in the third also makes me think he may have used a boat to carry the body farther out into the lake to drop her in deeper water.

This man is defined by Venus in Taurus. This does not mean he is a Taurus, that he has a placement of Venus in Taurus or anything other than the fact that he is defined by the nature of this position. He is probably a large man with a love of food and luxury. Venus in Taurus is in dignity so he is in a very strong position within his lifestyle, protected in some way. There is no doubt he loves to eat and indulge himself. He has an affinity for sweets. He is also a crafty, creative and artistic person who enjoys expressing himself. He is likely quiet, reserved and private and people know who he is but they do not know him well. His home would be plush and well appointed with soft finishings. Because Venus in Taurus can also imply some degree of femininity, this man may have gender identity issues. He may have doubts about his sexuality or sexual prowess. Venus is sextile to Mercury in the event chart so he feels comfortable and safe with children in a way he does not with women or adult men. But we must also note that Venus placed in the sixth house at the time of the abduction asserts that this man is sick in some way, mentally ill perhaps, and out of control with an urgent need. I often see this placement in drug addicts or people who are crazy. To do this, this man no doubt had an infernal need to kill these children and this is very sick, indeed. But the strength of the planet Venus in the sign Taurus tells us that he was protected at the time in some way and would not be caught. In the future, he may not be so gifted by circumstance and finally be caught. This little girl deserves justice.

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