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Cameron Gerald March

Boy Goes Missing From Front Yard


Cameron Gerald March

Missing since May 7, 1975 from Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Date Of Birth: March 31, 1971
Age at Time of Disappearance: 4 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 3'0" - 92 cm; 42 lbs. - 19 Kg
Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Blond hair; blue eyes.
Clothing: White T-Shirt, with green band around neck and monkeys climbing on front of shirt. Rust brown corduroy pants. Navy blue socks and brown desert boots.
Dentals: Braces on lower left side of teeth, one top front tooth discolored.

Circumstances of Disappearance

March was last seen in a neighbor's yard adjacent to the home of his parents at about 15:00. Extensive investigation and exhaustive land and air searches have been carried out; however, to date, he has not been located.


This is about all there is online about this case. It was horribly overlooked like so many others in the 1970s. I am currently working on a local case from the same era and in that case there was little done to find the child, either. This boy was much younger than the one I am working on so they could not say he ran away. A search was done. But nothing more. I apologize to my Canadian friends who sent me this case. It got lost when my computer crashed and after I got a new computer and upgraded my OS, it was not in the same format. Since then I have converted tons of files and it came to my attention. I guess this is par for the course for this poor little boy. Nothing seems to have fallen his way.

Right away I found these charts to be informative and interesting. Mercury is rising in the chart for the time when the boy went missing. Mercury is the traditional ruler of children. Notice how Mercury is in the ninth house and it was said he was in the front yard of his home. The ninth house is often the outside area around the home as well as any wooded areas or open fields nearby. Mercury is in dignity in Gemini which tells us that the child was in a safe place at that time, in his "own place" so to speak. But take a look at the seventh house. Here is the person he is about to meet. Neptune is lingering at the nadir, just inside the third house. This is someone in or around the front entrance area to the home, on the sidewalk or road connected to the home or in the driveway or garage (third house). Notice also that Neptune is conjoined to the node, showing intent. This person had schemed to be here at this time. It was a part of a plan. This person was there on purpose and not just happening to be there, such as walking or driving by. Sagittarius often describes someone with a weapon and/or ammunition. Also someone who lives or works on army bases. This person might also work on fireplaces, such as building them or maintaining them. Any of these descriptors might fit.

Neptune infers someone in hiding or trying not to be seen. Neptune is disposed of by Jupiter, which is in the eighth house conjoined the Moon. Again, Jupiter in Aries describes someone who likes physical activity and challenges, is attracted to weapons and martial arts and could well be in the military. With Sagittarius, this can mean someone from overseas or had served in the military overseas. Jupiter as his motivational marker conjoined the Moon, which co rules the child, tells us that he had direct intentions for this particular child. Moon, which is the child's co ruler, is disposed of by Mars, which is right at the descendant. This person was very aggressive towards this child and acted out in a violent manner. I doubt very much, at this early point in the analysis, that Cameron is still alive.

Neptune being disposed of by the fourth house ruler tells us that this person was familiar with the March home and may have lived or worked in that neighborhood. Jupiter in Aries in the eighth reminds me of a thief or an outlaw of some type, with dangerous ideas. A serious indicating marker in this chart concerns Mercury being sinister to an opposition with Neptune and the Moon translating the light between the two. The opposition happens along the fourth / tenth house axis. We know the child was taken from his home. The Moon translating light allows for the activity to occur and tells us that the boy either went right to this person or was taken without resistance. But the biggest factor, I believe, in the way this chart is working, is that Pluto is rising in the first. Pluto rules the third house so I am thinking this child was forced into a car. The Moon is directly opposite to Pluto so force had to be used to keep the child from crying out. The Moon being disposed of by Mars and Mars being disposed of by Neptune makes me think that the child was killed violently but killed right away, in a violent assault. Mars being the eighth house ruler, I think the abductor may have wanted the child dead. As well, Pluto trine Mercury tells us the child was better of dead, this was a more merciful outcome than if he had been kept.

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I can see that the charts are telling us the child was killed right away in a violent assault, mostly because the killer wanted that. I won't get into guessing as to why that may be. Mental reasoning and emotional motivations are hard to pin down in an astrology chart. However, I can track the body with the traditional markers in charts. I do this by running the charts forward. I drew up a chart for 4:30 pm to see what reflections I could find. In this chart, the first house ruler is Venus and it is in the ninth house. Saturn, the ruler of the dead body we are trying to track, is in the tenth. The tenth is the fourth from the seventh so I am going to venture a guess that the body is in this person's home. Venus, the actual first house ruler, is in the ninth. This again, describes a place either outdoors, in the woods or perhaps on an army base. The sign Gemini describes temporary housing, a place that is shared with another person or another person living in conjunction such as a duplex. It is in a neighborhood or housing complex, such as could be base housing. Also, because of the combination of the ninth house and the sign Gemini, look for a place that is near railroad tracks.

Saturn, which describes the body, is in the tenth house in the home. Saturn is in the sign Cancer so the body is in a place with water, such as the bathroom or laundry room. Saturn in Cancer is in fall so the body is in bad shape. It is broken in some manner, such as from a beating perhaps? Pluto is at the ascendant, so such violence is likely. Saturn is disposed of by the Moon in Aries at the descendant. Mars, which rules the seventh, is disposed of by Neptune, so he is secretly planning to hide the body. Neptune conjoined the node shows us that he was planning on putting the body in a place he was familiar with, a place he could return to if he wished. He had been planning all of this extensively. With the Moon in the sign Aries, I would guess that this place he was planning on was an area with hilly ground, that had recently been plowed or dug up for some purpose, a place where he was keeping or could get access to tools and weapons, and a place with an outside furnace. There are many references to furnaces and fire in these charts, so it is possible he took the body there to burn it. The chart do not show the burning of the body specifically but there are many directions indicating furnaces.

However, the chart I drew up last leaves me with some other details. The cluster of planets in the sixth house, including the seventh house ruler, Mars, and the chart co ruler, the Moon, again make me think this happened on a military base. There are clear markers for army / navy personnel. Both the ninth and the sixth houses with the signs Aries and Sagittarius. Mars in Pisces. Also, this chart for 5:30 shows us that he removed the body from his home and took the boy into the woods. Again, though, these woods look to be on an army base or near to army barracks. The Moon also rules the tenth house, showing the home of the abductor.

The movement of Saturn in the sign Cancer shows us the body standing still. Cancer describes the north, the tenth house shows us south. So this is no movement at all! So he took the child to an area near to his home and left the body there. If this was a military base, perhaps there was a wooded area where he could malinger without being seen? I think the combination of Saturn in Cancer with Moon in Aries is describing an area with disturbed ground and the body is not buried but barely covered over. Maybe covered with leaves and debris from the plowed or disturbed ground. But, from the very first chart, there are markers here for his plans to visit the body where he leaves it, so he wants it near to his home.

Which brings me to the descriptors for the abductor. Neptune in Sagittarius is the marker, which is asexual and does not guarantee that this was a man. It could have been a woman. Neptune infers someone light footed, shy, and not often noticed. Someone non descript. Sagittarius would give us someone very tall, in good physical condition, who enjoys sports and the outdoors. Neptune is known to give wavy hair and dimples so these may be markers. This person would be very obliging, going along to go along and not wanting to "raise a fuss". They are often victims of one sort while being manipulators and liars as well. There is a romantic and religious element here so this person may romanticize what he or she is doing, building it up to a fanciful dream in his or her mind. There is a love of travel and exploration; this person is likely to have traveled to foreign countries. There is also a love for religion and philosophy so this person was probably often in the local church, attending mass or bible study. Again, this person is demure and quiet, often goes unnoticed, is polite and does not cause trouble. In this manner, he or she has never been suspected of this crime and has very likely done this again, perhaps many times, in fact, and never been considered a suspect in any case.