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Tamra Jewel Keepness

Child Goes Missing From House Full of Adults

From: CBC News

Missing in Regina
CBC News Online | April 27, 2006

Tamra Jewel Keepness was last seen Monday night, July 5, 2004. Regina police and volunteers combed the city and surrounding area, but ended their search a week after she was last seen. Police then refocused their investigation on Tamra's family. Aboriginal leaders vowed to continue their own search for Tamra.

April 26, 2006:
Regina Police Chief Cal Johnston says the department is scaling back its investigation into the disappearance of Tamra Keepness. Johnston says investigators still don't have enough information to lay any charges.

July 5, 2005:
Regina residents walk through Tamra's neighborhood to mark the anniversary of her disappearance. In the past year, police have followed up on over 1,500 tips and interviewed more than 500 people. Hundreds of police and volunteer searchers have combed the city and surrounding area, but they have come up empty. Tamra’s mother, Lorena Keepness, believes her daughter was abducted and is still alive.

Sept. 9, 2004:
Walter William Obey, a 31-year-old man from the Muscowpetung reserve, is charged with stealing a van 10 blocks away from Tamra Keepness's home the night she vanished. Police say they are investigating whether the theft is connected to Tamra's disappearance.

Aug. 20, 2004:
In an interview with CBC News, Tamra's stepfather Dean McArthur says he fears for his safety because police and people in Regina believe he played a role in her disappearance. "That's what I'm scared of – people thinking that I'm guilty," he says. McArthur says he didn't enter the house when he visited, but instead he staggered, extremely drunk, to his aunt's house to sleep on her couch.

Sept. 7, 2004:
New information prompts about 30 police and civilian volunteers to search the Muscowpetung First Nation, 65 kilometers northeast of Regina. The area was searched before after the burned-out remains of a van were found there.

Aug. 11, 2004:
Tamra's biological father, Troy Keepness, is charged with assault with a weapon for allegedly hitting her stepfather, Dean McArthur, with a baseball bat. McArthur says he wasn't hit and didn't ask for charges to be laid. "It's another misunderstanding," he says.

Aug. 10, 2004:
Russell Sheepskin, who was staying in Tamra's home the night she disappeared, says he saw her sleeping on the couch at 3 a.m., four hours after her mother last reported seeing her. He says he was drinking with Tamra's stepfather, Dean McArthur, that evening, blacked out and woke up in his basement bedroom around 3 a.m. He says there were no other adults in the house and he checked on the six children, including Tamra. Sheepskin alleges McArthur later came home and attacked him on the porch. McArthur has been charged with assault, but the allegation has not been proven in court.


This case has been sent to me several times by my Canadian friends. I wanted badly to do it but there are so many red herrings and lies told in this one, it is hard to pin down a viable timeline. In all reports, every adult in this event was drunk and all of them were involved in altercations or claimed to be during the time in question. I cannot tell the facts from the fantasy to be honest so it's been hard to even get my mind wrapped around this case. I tried every time given and ran charts for all of them. In the first chart I tackled, for the time when the mother claims to have last seen Tamra, there are markers that peak my interest. After I ran them all from that point onward, I believe they began to make sense. I will show you what I mean.

I had a conflict on how to read these charts, considering the child was mostly left on her own and was old enough to look out for herself. I like to use Mercury in all cases and, of course, the Moon. It is hard to determine whether the first house ruler, Uranus, actually describes the adult, which is the mother in this case, or the child. But since Uranus is conjoined the Moon in this chart, I decided to use the both of them as secondary markers. Mercury, as you can see, is in the sixth house with Mars and Mercury also rules the fifth house, which is the traditional house that rules children. Mars rules the second and the ninth house both so I am thinking this is describing Tamra's brother. I believe this is telling us that she is with her brother at this time, when her mother last saw her. But the real markers here are in the first house. The Moon with Uranus shows us that the girl is, indeed, in the company of her mother. This conjunction assures me that the mother is telling the truth about seeing Tamra at 10:30 PM. But notice as well how close Neptune is to the first house cusp. Doesn't this seem to tell us that something was either hidden from the mother or that she just overlooked something important, perhaps because she had been drinking or taking medication? Neptune directly opposes the Mercury-Mars conjunction that indicates Tamra and her brother. This makes me think the kids deliberately hid something from their mother that she would have wanted to know.

The other important markers in this chart are the seventh house ruler, the Sun, in the fifth house and Pluto in the tenth. There is someone in the home with this family who is interested in the children. At the time her mother last saw her, there was someone in Tamra's room or in an area where the kids were gathering. Because the Sun is in Cancer and conjoined Saturn in Cancer while being disposed of by the Moon, this was family to Tamra but not necessarily to anyone else. This is an older person, someone older than the rest of the people there, and someone connected only to Tamra and not the other kids. Did the kids have different fathers and therefore also different grandparents? Is there an older member of the family that is mostly concerned only with Tamra? Was this person visiting that night and could this person have been in the girls room... or wherever it is that Tamra had decided to sleep? I understand, from reports, that the kids were sleeping in the living room together. So which adult was also sleeping there or would have come for her there? I believe Neptune in the first is the secret that Tamra kept from her mom about the older relative who was perhaps hiding in her room.

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At the same time, I have to point out Pluto in the tenth. Someone was going through a big change in their life and possibly having to move from their home. There was an upset in the family, somebody had been evicted or forced to move out of a residence, perhaps because there was work going on there, or other troubles. Pluto in Sagittarius makes me think the home may have burned down or had trouble with the heating or a fireplace. This very well may have been the older relative who had come to the home to visit or stay.

By this time, you can see that everyone has gone to bed. The Moon and the first house ruler are in the twelfth house, the house of dreams, darkness and sleep. Notice also that Mercury, the traditional ruler of children, is in the fifth house (the bedroom) while ruling the fourth house (the home) in the sign Gemini. Gemini is also a traditional marker for children. But on the fourth house cusp it refers to more than one home, to a home with many rooms, a home that can be moved or relocated. I believe it is telling us that people are sleeping in many different places, some in bedrooms and some in the main part of the house. This dovetails with the reports that the kids were sleeping in the living room but that the stepfather was sleeping in the basement bedroom. This describes it very well. But I also believe that Mercury, which now rules the seventh house and is placed in the fifth, is showing us the people who were sleeping in a bedroom and not the living room. So the stepfather and his friend, who were known to be sleeping in the bedroom in the basement (Cancer rules cellars and basements) is marked by Mercury on the seventh cusp. I say this because Jupiter is conjoined the seventh cusp and also rules the tenth, which describes the father. So this chart, at 11:30 pm, is describing the stepfather and his friend in the house with the children. From this chart, we know that Tamra is still in the house, she is still safe, alive and probably asleep.

But the story given for 3 am is highly questionable, at least, according to these charts. The chart for 2:20 am, as shown below, shows the child just before she is taken from the home. In the chart for 2:30, merely ten minutes later, the chart shows the child in a car. Notice in the chart shown that the Sun and Saturn are conjoined in the third house in the sign Cancer. Saturn rules the ninth house while the Sun rules the fourth. Jupiter, which rules the seventh, is in the fifth house. There is someone clearly in the child's bedroom at this hour. There is also a car outside the home, possibly in the garage or other parking area. I say this because the ninth house ruler is in the third (the ninth house is the third from the seventh and designates the abductors car). The abductor, as shown by Jupiter ruling the seventh, is in the fifth house, so this person is in the area where the children are, whether that is the actual bedroom or a place that is used as a bedroom. At the same time, the fourth house ruler, the Sun, is in the third, showing a car in a location attached to the house, such as a garage or driveway. Notice also that both Saturn and the Sun are disposed of by the Moon, which co rules the chart and represents the child in question. The Moon, as well, is with Uranus in the eleventh so this was a sudden decision by someone who the child has met before. The eleventh house is not only friends but acquaintances and short term romances, so this is someone she knew, even if only slightly, rather than a complete stranger. In fact, Uranus rules the tenth house, which is often the marker for the father or for another patriarchal figure. So this may well be someone she considers to be her father or like a father to her. But the intentions here are not that good as you can see Pluto lingering in the seventh house opposing Venus in the first.

In the chart for 2:30 am chart you can see Mercury has moved into the third with the Sun and Saturn. This shows us the child being put into a car. The charts do not show any change until the chart for 3:30 am, where they show the child in the home of someone else. This does not mean they spent an hour traveling in that car but it does indicate that they spent some time in the car, whether moving or not. In fact, Mercury and Mars (the marker for the child and a male companion) are in the fixed sign Leo and the third house is a cadent house. This shows us that they did not travel far and they did not move quickly; they took their time, perhaps spending time sitting in the car without moving, before they finally entered another residence. They may have had to wait for others to arrive or for people to get out of bed. But when Mercury finally leaves the third house for the second, in the chart for 3:30 am, notice that Uranus and the Moon are in the tenth house (the fourth house from the seventh). The seventh house ruler, the marker for her abductor, is Saturn and it is in the first. So the man who took her now has control over her, is facing her down. Saturn is conjoined the Sun in the sign Cancer, which rules the second cusp. This man feels the girl belongs to him. He feels he is entitled to her for some reason. Saturn in Cancer describes an elderly person who is somehow connected to her family.

And then in the chart for 4 am, you see that the fifth house ruler is Venus and it is placed in the twelfth. The first house ruler, the Moon, is now in the tenth. Combining these two markers, we can guess that the child is hidden in the home of the abductor. There are no sexual indicators or death patterns. The purpose was not to kill this child or to molest her. This person felt entitled to the child and was sure he or she was doing the right thing by taking her. The north node in Taurus in the eleventh house and disposed of by Venus in the first and as the ruler of the fifth, this person knows the child and feels the child belongs with them and planned to take her over a long period of time. This was all carefully thought out. So it is my firm belief that this child was taken by someone who cared for her and believed this was for the best. It is an elderly person close to the family, either by relation or as a friend. Tamra knew this person when she was taken and is still probably living with this person. She has been hidden in their home and perhaps moved around over time, I can't be sure. But this chart shows no intentions to harm the child, to molest her, to sell her or murder her. She is most likely still alive.

The person who took the child got into the child's bedroom at 2 in the morning. The child was removed from the home within a half an hour. The account given by the person who reported being drunk and seeing Tamra at 3 am is either just a mistake or a purposeful lie.

The person who took her is described by Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Cancer. I have discussed the influence of Saturn already. Jupiter in Virgo, according to traditional readings, is a person of medium height for their sex with a full sized, well made body. This means it may border on being overweight but is just not a thin, wirey or scrawny body. This person would be strong looking and "well put together". It also gives a handsome or pretty appearance, attractive to the eye. There might be dark wavy hair; short on a man and full and lustrous on a woman. This person is frank and honest, telling it "like it is" and often steps on toes. They have open, expressive and challenging eyes that are often reddish brown in color. Perhaps also a large, fleshy nose and a ruddy or florid complexion. There may also be good teeth that give a good smile.

This type of person is materialistic and concerned about money. Careful at counting the pennies. Also fairly wise and knowledgeable, honest and forthright. This person is not the type to be shy or to hide things. If they were to be confronted directly about Tamra they would most likely admit what they'd done. This person has a love for literature, reads books and often talks about writing one. There is a tendency to be critical and a busy body, getting into everyone's business and giving everyone a "piece of the mind". But they are not overly argumentative; they just don't acknowledge opposition. They may be seen as a sort of "bulldozer" personality, always being positive they are right.

The combination of Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Cancer makes me think this is an elderly member of the family, whether close relation, distant relation or just a friend who is considered a part of the nuclear group. This is a matronly or patriarchal figure, acting like mom or pop. They are familiar with the history of the family and the internal workings between family members. They may well have known older members of the family who are now deceased or gone. This person may also be a sort of "glue" that holds everyone together, campaigning for holiday affairs and get together and wanting to celebrate birthdays and other family traditions. They may have a collection of photographs of the family, mostly as children. There is a lot of sentimentality in the character of this person and it bleeds over into their interactions with everyone. This person firmly believes he or she did the best thing in taking the girl and keeping her.