Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Charles and Jennifer Chia

Two children go missing walking home from the School Bus!

These two children were kidnapped after leaving a school bus near their home in an apartment complex in Reno, Nevada. They simply walked away from the bus, towards their home, and disappeared before getting there. Detectives later found them dead, buried in a shallow grave, in California, some 50 miles away from their home.

The boy was only 8 years old and his sister was only 6. So what happened to these murdered kids? Let the Psychic Detective go to work and draw up a forensic chart! The stars show Pisces Rising and Sagittarius on the Midheaven, as in other cases we have discussed. The chart ruler, Neptune, is in the 10th house, joined by Uranus and Saturn. The Moon is in Gemini at the nadir. Forensically, this means that they were out in the open, easily seen, among other people and very close to their home. These are all obvious facts and do little to help us, though.

My psychic detective tells me that the conjunction of Uranus and Saturn to the chart ruler, Neptune is significant. Saturn rules the eleventh house so one of these persons was a friend to the kids. This may have been another child. But Uranus, the more distant planet, rules the twelfth house, so there was someone there who stood out, who didn't really "belong" and who had ulterior, hidden motives. My forensics tell me that this was a planned out abduction and not just one of opportunity. These people made sure they were present at this very time. The older adult was invited or brought along by the third child.

The forensic chart shows the north node in the twelfth house and this makes me believe that there was some tie to the past. Some thing or person from the past was a part of this scenario. Interestingly enough, the north node is disposited by Uranus.

When you look at the perpetrators, you have to view through the seventh house. Here we find Mercury on the cusp. Mercury then is the ruler of the abductor and when I see it is placed in Libra in the 7th house along with Mars nearby, I can conclude a few things. First of all, this abductor lived nearby if not nearly next door. He was at the time of the abduction truly "in his own place". The kids knew him or her. Again, because there are two planets here also I must say there were two people with the kids at the time of this kidnapping. One was very young (Mercury) but somehow connected to the older one (Mars) who was likely a man. Mars in Libra is exactly trine to Moon in Gemini at the nadir so this was an adult the kids liked really well, seemed to be friend at all times, was close to their home, in their neighborhood.

Because forensic Mercury is exactly square forensic Neptune, this young person has kept his or her mouth shut because they are guilty. My psychic detective tells me that the kidnapping may have been the child's idea. This schoolyard "friend" had no affection for these children, either because they were foreign or because they appeared to be rich or both. There may have been teasing or ridicule from other kids. This child (Mercury) may have played practical jokes or been a clown of sorts but in a mean way. This young person posed the idea to the older man and he was willing to do it. They were going to kidnap the Chia kids and hold them for ransom.

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The adult male, defined by forensic Mars in Libra in the seventh, was a man who had violent tendencies toward people he saw as partners or possible partners. Mars rules the second house so this psychic believes the abductor lured the Chia kids with a gift of some sort to get them to come along. The exact trine of Mars to the Moon at the nadir means that the kids enjoyed this man's company and they often saw him around their home and neighborhood. Forensic Mars is desposited by Venus in Sagittarius in the ninth house, so a large part of his reason for taking these kids was that they were foreign. Venus opposes the Moon at the nadir, so perhaps he is motivated by the idea that foreigners are "infiltrating the neighborhood". Because he had no affection for foreigners or for Asian people, he did not resist the idea of taking them for money.

My psychic detective looks at this chart and sees that Neptune, the ruler of the forensic chart, comes to an exact conjunction with Saturn (one degree away) in the tenth house. One year later (one degree) the kids were found (Neptune rules the chart and it's in the tenth house, the public sector) and they are nothing but remains and bones (Saturn rules the bones)! Saturn also rules the grave.

This is my detective synopsis of what I see in this forensic chart:
This was a plot between two people, one a child (either male or female) and an adult male. The child liked the ransom idea, perhaps having seen it on TV. Because Venus disposits Mercury and then rules both the eighth and third houses, I think this person heard a lot about how rich these kids were and that they had a big inheritance coming or other such gossip. Forensic Mercury indicates that this child was involved gossip, mostly romantic in nature, but often whatever other people are interested in talking about. The older adult male was someone close to the child who also lived nearby. This man agreed to the kidnapping but he had a really good relationship with the victims. He had good feelings towards the victims (Mars trine the Moon at the nadir) and met often with them in public places like the playground or park (Mars sextile the Midheaven).

The whole thing went sour at some point before ransom was requested. I believe the violent tendencies of the adult male reared their head and something untoward occurred. I do not believe this kidnapping was sexual in nature. I think someone just got angry and went too far. Forensic Mars is in Libra so perhaps it was an argument of some sort. Whatever happened at this point, these children were killed and disposed of and the kidnapper never got to ask for his ransom.

For those of you who would like to draw up a chart of your own for comparison, Jennifer and Charles Chia disappeared on October 18, 1989 and were found dead on July 25, 1990. They disappeared from Reno Nevada and were found in Plumas County, California.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lois Schmidt & Johnathan Vetrano


This is an absolutely fascinating chart and a real mysterious murder case. According to the cops, Lois and her son Johnathan were at home in the early morning hours of June 28, 2004. An unknown man knocked on the door at 6 am and claimed to be an old high school classmate. She did not recognize this man and sent him away. If that isn't strange enough, a truck was seen in the vicinity at around 7 am that same morning with an unidentified male sitting in it. That truck has never been IDd and never been seen again. Both Lois and Johnathan were shot in the head sometime that morning and their house set afire.
Now, let's look at the chart!

Cancer is rising and Aries is on the midheaven. The chart ruler, The Moon, is in the fourth house. Lois and her son, the victims (Cancer rising) are in their home (Moon in the fourth) when this happens. Aspects to the Moon include a square from Neptune in the eighth and a trine from Saturn. Saturn in Cancer is ruler of the seventh house (the killer) and shows how he gained easy access to the home (trine to Moon in the fourth). She may have let him in or left a door unlocked. Everything went his way. The square from the Moon to Neptune indicates that their was a plot afoot. Because Neptune is in the eighth house in trine to the Midheaven, I would be surprised if she didn't have a "funny feeling" that morning in light of events.

Of course, the thing most wanted in this case is to catch the killer or killers. Saturn in Cancer was close to the ascendant at 6 am and this put him at "her front door". As time passed, Saturn moved into the twelfth house where he began to work out a more sinister, secretive scheme. Saturn joins Mercury in the twelfth which looks like he might have been in contact with someone else. Perhaps he went back to his vehicle to make a phone call or to listen to the radio. The Sun in Cancer is lurking nearby in the twelfth house so there was another person who was not a part of the crime but had knowledge of something about it. Because this planet is the Sun, it is possible that some part of the event was revealed suddenly and not able to be disguised. This fuels my belief that there is another party out there who either has total or perhaps only partial knowledge of this event.

Interestingly the Sun rules the second house. This third person may have told the killer or killers that there was money or something of value in the home. Because Jupiter, ruler of the sixth, is placed in the second house, she may have told people at work about the object and perhaps that she wanted to sell it. And, then, because Leo is on the second house cusp we might ascertain that this object was Gold. Jupiter intimates that it was very valuable, worth a lot of money. Mars, the ruler of the midheaven, is placed in the first house, which shows that they set the house on fire and this is what drew public attention to the crime at first. The fire was set, I believe, to hide the fact that the valuable gold item was taken. I think this is true because Mars is desposited by the Sun, placed in the twelfth house and ruler of the second.

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In the profile of the killer, I have these things to add: Because Saturn was in the twelfth, this was a secret plot and not a sudden event or passing opportunity. This was all planned out. Saturn being so close to Mercury near the Ascendant, this was a scheme hatched by more than one person, drawn up almost like an action plan of sorts, with every detail carefully thought out. The brains behind the plot was someone close to the killer, a detailed person who was in touch with the killer on the morning of the crime, most likely by cell phone. Because Saturn and Mercury join entirely within 2 days, I would say the killer had a meeting with this person two days after the crime, or on July 1st. In appearance, Saturn in Cancer describes somebody thin of medium height with a peculiar stance or body shape. This person has dark hair and eyes and may have paler than average skin for his / her race. This is someone who dedicated long hours and commitment to this crime. He/she thought about it deeply and for long hours, studying every detail. That's why it's been very hard to solve this crime. This person was very jealous, envious or covetous of this woman. Something in her possession drove this person to commit this crime.

Jupiter is the first planet to aspect Saturn in the future after the crime. Jupiter was in 12 degrees of Virgo in the second house and came to an exact sextile to Saturn in 15 degrees of Cancer on July 14th, which is 16 days later. Sun in Cancer, dispositor of the second house, comes to an exact conjunction with Saturn 9 days later. Convert this into astrological time this way: Saturn in a cardinal sign in a cadent house, Sun in a cardinal sign in a cadent house and Jupiter in a movable sign in a succeedant house translates into a timeline for the objects they stole. 9 months after the crime, the killer handed over the object or objects to the person who knew their value (Sun in Cancer in the twelfth) and then 16 months after the crime was committed, this person made a profit from what they stole. He pawned it, sold it on ebay, sold it to a neighbor, etc... Does that seem hard to believe? Remember that Saturn is patient if anything!!

The details of this murder and who the killer is will not be known for some time. The only aspects made by the Midheaven ruler (Mars) is to Venus, which is retrograde, and to Neptune, which is also retrograde. It will take years for details to come to light. The closest guess I'd be willing to venture is this: Mars in Leo makes a trine to it's own midheaven point at 15 degrees of Aries in 21 days after the crime. Leo is a fixed sign in an angular house (the first). This means that 21 months after the murder occurred, valuable information did come to light, perhaps from the fire debris.

I would also be willing to venture the possibility that her killer is currently in prison for another crime (Saturn in the twelfth).

Astrologers: Want to do a comparison chart? Lois and Johnathan were murdered in their home on the morning of June 28, 2004 at between 6 am and 8 am. This happened in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Denise Lynn Russel


According to the cops, Denise Lynn Russel was at a party with friends when she got angry about something and left. She was last seen walking down a highway on her way home on the Indian Reservation. She disappeared and was later found dead.

In fact, the stars that day were in an interesting configuration and show some interesting facts. At the time of her disappearance, Aries was Rising (her significator) and Mars was joined with the North Node in the sixth house. Venus ruled the seventh house (person or persons she confronted) and is posited in the first house. Venus is conjunct the Sun and near Mercury which is retrograde close to the Ascendant. What you can read from this: 1. She was confronted by two people, one male and one female. She was aware of these people, they did not sneak up on her, and she knew them. These planets are trine Mars, which shows that she was on good terms with them at that time. 2. Mars in the Sixth was progressed since the time of the party and shows that she was probably angry at a co-worker and because Mars had been in the seventh house earlier, it may have been a person she openly disliked. The North Node nearby shows that the angry relationship was karmic in nature. She probably just looked at this person and had "bad vibes".

Other plantery positions are: Moon, co-ruler of the victim, is posited in the twelfth house. Nearby, also in the twelfth, is Saturn, ruler of the Midheaven. She would ultimately be found right where she was left. Neptune in the tenth shows that they made an effort to hide her but she was still visible and eventually discovered. Because of Saturn, it was a while later and mostly what was found was bones and general remains. (Saturn ruling bones and the aging process). Mars is exactly opposite the Moon, showing that her anger and emotional state was the exact reason the altercation and murder occurred. She was just really angry and could not be appeased.

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From the overall chart I see the following: Denise was at a party with acquaintances, not close friends but mostly people she only knew in passing. (Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius in the eleventh house). One person there was from her work place, someone she hated and perhaps had just gotten a raise or promotion. Anger overcame her and she left the party. She was confronted along the way by two people she knew, a woman and man, who expressed freindship with her and attempted to calm her down. The woman, however, was a source of aggravation and another arguement ensued. I know this because Venus in Taurus, the ruler of the female and the ruler of the seventh house, is in close proximity to Caput Algol, the most evil, violent star. This star conjunction appears in charts of violent death. From this, we can gather that the death was the result of a VIOLENT altercation. Denises' walk was cut short and she was forced into a car. Mercury retrograde at the ascendant and ruling the third house shows this. However, they did not have any travel plan in mind, no particular place they were taking her to. They were just "driving around" and arguing.

Venus, ruler of the "perpetrator" is square Jupiter in Aquarius in the eleventh house. This is a "freind" that just got "overzealous" and killed her, perhaps suddenly and was completely surprised by what she had done. Her male companion, who was also her boyfriend at the time, kept this whole thing quiet because he knew it was a burst of violence(Venus square Jupiter) and knew how badly this would mess up her life. There are only two witnesses to this crime. The couple who committed it suddenly and as the result of a violent outburst that ended in a bloody mess.


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jennifer Kesse


The first thing to startle me about this chart was how similar it was to Natalee Holloways. Different times, different years, different locations but similar circumstances prevail. Jennifer was on her way to work, not at a bar, and she had just come back from vacation and was no longer on one but the planets lined up almost identically and the result was?
Here are the planetary configurations for Jan 24, 2006 at around 9 am: Pisces was rising and Sagittarius was on the midheaven. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is posited in the eleventh house in conjunction with the Sun. Nearby, also in the eleventh, is Venus in Capricorn. Moon in Scorpio is on the cusp of the 9th house.
From these planets I can determine:
1. The people she confronted that morning were friends of hers or at the very least, acquaintances. There was an older man and a younger person, either male or female. One or both of them are foreigners, perhaps people she met through her job.
These people saw Jennifer as successful and affluent. They knew she had money or possessions of value.
They did not plan this. It was the result of a sudden opportunity

Other planetary configurations at the time are:
The Moon was disposited by Mars in the second house and Pluto in the tenth
Her planetary ruler at that time, Neptune, was posited in the twelfth closely aligned with Uranus in Pisces with these planets in mutual reception
The closest aspect to Mercury is an opposition from Saturn in Leo from the sixth house. Saturn desposits Venus in Capricorn
Jennifer was possibly traveling with something of value from work: a deposit, a check, a company laptop, a company car, something from work that they were aware of that made her an attractive target. They knew she had been on vacation and could have seen her at the airport or followed her from there days earlier. Imagine this: They are from the place where she vacationed and came back here to buy a timeshare. Meeting her at the resort, they put two and two together. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But not impossible.
The most desired result from this investigation is to locate Jennifer, dead or alive. These aspects do not specify that she is in fact dead however, Pluto shows there was violence. Also, showing violence is Mars in Taurus in the second house, within a few degrees of Caput Algol, one of the most evil and violent fixed stars. This emphasizes the money energy in this event and indicates that something in her possession was a strong motivation for killing her. I am taking the wild guess that it was her car.

Also, from these aspects I can ascertain this much about the victim:
1. Jennifer is currently hidden or buried in a place which was recently dug up. Perhaps a place under construction at the time of her death. This place should be located near an Airport, an airplane hangar, a radio station, a power station, an electronics factory, a radio tower, a railroad, a prison, a place where munitions or explosives are made or a television station.
2. There is a woman who just began working with Jennifer who is aware of something in connection with her disappearance through her association with the older male. The younger male had made the decision to jump on this opportunity at the time and the older male was "along for the ride". They were both convinced that Jennifer had money on her and actually did get away with money. The woman who is aware of this is aware of an expense that the older male has made that she cannot explain. That is the link. He made this purchase with money taken from Jennifer and could provide a clue to his involvement.

For Astrologers who would like to chart this event, Jennifer Kesse was taken from Ocoee, Florida at around 9 am on January 24, 2006.


Natalee Holloway


Natalee Holloway has become a famous cold case. She went missing on a student trip to Aruba and has not been seen since May 30, 2005. As an "Forensic" Astrologer, I cannot resist doing a chart for the night of her disappearance. This is what I found:

At the time of her disappearance Pisces was rising and Sagittarius was on the midheaven. The ruler of the chart, Neptune, was posited in the twelfth house along with the Moon and Uranus. Mars is at the Ascendant and Pluto is at the Midheaven, squared.
From this configuration I can ascertain:

There was an argument which became physical in nature(Mars)
Natalee started this fight, perhaps resisting her attacker
The situation became emotionally charged very rapidly and escalated to violence (Moon)
The entire situation was not planned at all but was the result of sudden opportunities and unexpected events(Uranus)
She was drinking (as is known) but I believe there were drugs involved as well, most likely not to her knowledge but served to her secretly(Neptune in 12th)
This event would become public very rapidly and gain a lot of attention, worldwide(Pluto)
However, because of Neptune and Uranus, the details of this event will remain a mystery for some time
She may be buried on the Island near the water in an area which had been recently dug up for some construction or development purpose.
This grave near the water would also be near one of the following: a radio station, an airport, an airplane hanger, an electrical or radio tower, a power station, a marina, public showers or bathhouse OR any place where drugs are used or made

There is one other possibility, as well. Because Neptune rules the Ocean and Pisces is the fish, she could easily be IN THE WATER. Because of Uranus and it's position, this means either an unusual, rarely visited part of the Ocean; a small, hidden Lagoon; an area where Airboats land; very deep waters in an area that was recently dredged; a shallow area near a newly developed cove or diving reef; OR an area of ocean nearest an airport, marina, electrical towers, radio station, lighthouse or power station.

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At the time of her disappearance, the following other planetary aspects appeared:
Seventh house ruler Mercury in the third house in Gemini
Mercury placed in conjuction with the Sun, also in the third house
Saturn disposits the Moon from the fifth house and the ruler of the midheaven, Jupiter, is posited in the seventh house retrograde
From these configurations, I can ascertain:

1. Her companions at the time were two men (Mercury & Sun) who were very close like brothers(Third House).
2. One man or boy was younger(Mercury) and the other was older and more powerful (Sun) These men were very close, like brothers, or could have been brothers. They acted as a team on this night (conjuction)
3. There was a strong sexual or romantic attraction at play(Fifth house) But there was also a "wet rag" or restriction of some kind. Guilt, fear, anger or a judgemental nature could be the poison that soured everything (Saturn)
4. It appears to be five years (2010) before her body is finally discovered... or it actually surfaces (Jupiter retrograde).

One good thing about this whole mess is the presence of retrograde Jupiter in the seventh house, square Pluto in the tenth. This ordeal will go on for a VERY LONG TIME for the killer. It will seem like a never ending nightmare, which could very well ruin his or their lives.




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Jimmy Hoffa


The strange thing about this chart is that it does not indicate that he is either dead, a victim of violence or buried anywhere
In fact, it looks like he planned his own disappearance

The planetary configurations are:
Cancer rising and Pisces on the Midheaven. Moon in the eleventh house closely aligned with Jupiter. Jupiter rules the sixth house.
Saturn rules the seventh house and it is posited in the second house square to Jupiter. The Moon has just passed a square with Saturn and made no further aspect

From this I ascertain the following:
It looks like a "plot" among friends who worked together and who had financial concerns. Money was a huge factor in this decision. The collaborator or perpetrator had possession of Hoffa's money or at least kept track of it or did something important with it. He might have been doing something with it Hoffa didn't like (Saturn square Jupiter) but that was his job (Jupiter rules the sixth). The fact that the Moon is conjunct Jupiter means that Hoffa agreed to all of this

Other planetary configurations of note:
Neptune on the midheaven is in the sixth house and it's retrograde. The first house ruler, the Moon, also co-rules the second house.
From these, I also conclude:

1. Neptune retrograde means this case will never be "solved" and the only people who know what happened worked with Hoffa at the time.(Neptune in the sixth)
2. Hoffa, himself, had financial motivations in agreeing to this plot.
I do not see anywhere in this chart where violence actually occurred or that he is currently hidden or buried.

Discuss This Case At My Foruma

Astrologers interested in comparing this chart on their own: Hoffa disappeared in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan at 2:30 pm on July 30, 1975.

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