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Dorothy Delilah Scofield

Young Girl Disappears From Mall & Has Never Been Seen Again

From The Charley Project :

Dorothy Delilah Scofield
Contact Person: Ocala Police Department
Phone: 352-629-8508
Date Missing: July 22, 1976
Date of Birth: January 8, 1964 Age:: 12 years old / Now 41
Hair:: Brown / Now Unknown
Height:: 4'11 / Now Unknown
Weight:: 90 pounds / Now Unknown
Eye Color:: Blue
Sex:: Female
Race:: White
Complexion:: Light
Police Case Number:: NCMC601894 /NCMC601894 /O76072084

Distinguishing Characteristics: Scofield wore eyeglasses with gold-colored, teardrop-shaped frames at the time of her disappearance. Her upper incisor slightly overlaps her upper front tooth. She was missing one tooth when she was last seen in 1976. She has freckles across her nose. Scofield's nicknames are Dee and DeeDee (sometimes spelled "Dee-Dee"; or "DeDe"). Her middle name my be spelled "Delila" by some agencies.

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A red short-sleeved form-fitting shirt or body suit with a blue design, blue jeans, a leather belt with a metal buckle, and green tennis shoes.

Details of Disappearance:

Scofield and her mother left their Ocala, Florida residence together on July 22, 1976. Her mother took a driving test while Scofield returned a pair of sandals at a nearby shopping center. She also planned to buy a birthday present for her brother. Scofield returned the shoes and was last seen at the mall at approximately 2:00 p.m. that day. Scofield never met her mother at the designated location they had agreed on and she reported her daughter as missing. Scofield has never been seen again.

A witness reported having seen a girl matching Scofield's description two hours after she was reported missing. The child was in a convenience store with an adult male. They purchased two sodas and left. The child was shaking and appeared to be very frightened. She and the man with her were never identified and law enforcement authorities are not sure if she was Scofield.

Scofield lived with her family in a mobile home in Citra, Florida in 1976. Investigators do not believe she ran away from home; she was a good student and a churchgoer at the time of her disappearance and was not having any personal problems. There was some speculation at that time that her disappearance might be linked to the 1975 disappearances of Sheila and Katherine Lyon, but no evidence connecting the cases was discovered and all three remain unsolved.


This is a really cold case that everyone has pretty much just given up on. I vaguely remember this case being in the news and that's possible because this happened back in a day when you just didn't hear this sort of thing on the news every night. Especially not locally. Ocala is far north of my home but our local broadcasters are located just south of there. I am sure there was a bit of coverage. So it is very sad that it was never solved. Could she be another JC Duggard?

I want to thank my own personal super sleuth, Madena, for sending me so many great cases. This is one of those. There are two charts that need to be done in this case, one for the time she was last seen in the mall and one for the time when she was supposedly ID'd in a convenience store with TWO adult males. I have read several reports on this and they all put one man in the store and another in the car. I am of the personal belief that this last was an actual sighting of Dorothy in the company of her abductors. The clerk gave a very accurate description of Dorothy, down to the clothing she was wearing, before the cops told her anything about the girl. It is interesting that this involved two men. In my mind, this eliminates any of the previously suspected individuals because most of them were lone serial killers who would not invite someone else along. This would take a buddy system like the hillside stranglers or Bittaker and Norris. Killers don't kill some women alone and then bring a friend along for others. It just doesn't happen. Christopher Wilder, for instance, who was a suspect for a long time, did not EVER use an accomplice and I hate to point this out, but I feel I should, sweet, little Dorothy did not fit the profile of the gorgeous, older, "aspiring model" types that Wilder was known for snatching. Now, Tammy Lynn Leppert is more a possible victim of his and I am not convinced at this time that she was not.

Right away, I looked at every chart from 2 pm on. I am still not sure at what exact hour her mother reported her missing so I am not sure at what time she was seen with the man in the store. I started with 4 pm, which is 2 hours after the hour she was last seen and then went forward from there. What I saw right away was disturbing and familiar. I will show you in a minute. However, I did not see a death pattern in the first few charts, up to 6 pm, in fact, so I went ahead and ran charts for every hour until midnight to see if the directions went that way. And I will show you what they said when I get to them.

In the first chart, which was drawn for the time she was last seen in the mall, Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Mars is in the eleventh, on the cusp of the tenth, Pluto is in the twelfth house, cusping the eleventh, and Venus is in the tenth with Mercury, close to the midheaven. The child is "out in the open" but possibly emerging from a more obscure area. Leaving the bathroom, perhaps. Perhaps this is when she was seen. The person who saw her appears to be a woman in a prominent position at the mall, such as a security guard, hall monitor, store owner or manager. I am thinking manager at a book store. But anyways, there was no exchange between her and the child, she simply recalls seeing her.

I am interested in knowing what exact time this child was supposed to meet her mother and where. In the chart for 4 pm, it looks like she went to a desk or office in the mall, somewhere she thought an authority might be- an authority like a security monitor, perhaps. She may have done this because she was lost.. or perhaps this is where she was to meet her mother. There was a man around there, a foreigner, who befriended her and said he would help her. Or perhaps he told her that her mother sent him or he was there because something had happened to her mother. It is hard to tell. This man was no doubt much older than Dorothy, the charts indicate he was an adult and not a teen. He was also attractive, articulate, clever and controlling. It is a few minutes after 4 pm when the second man appears; notice Gemini slipping onto the descendant with Mercury conjoined Venus. The thing that just grabs me is the mutual rulership of the tenth house, which gives me the impression that this man was an "authority" of some sort and perhaps even in a uniform. I know that the man in the store was not in a uniform or this would have been mentioned, but what about the driver? Did anyone see the driver?

The other prominent feature in the 4 pm chart is Neptune in the first house opposing the Moon in the seventh. This man used a clever ruse, he fooled this child. He lied about something and disguised himself in some way and she fell for it. Perhaps he wore a uniform only for the purpose of snatching a child. Perhaps that uniform went back to it's original place or went off with the trash man. But there was a guise of some sort and since the charts keep pointing towards "authorities" I cannot help but wonder. Do not forget that they also say he is foreign or, at the least, had a foreign accent.

At a few minutes after 4 pm, Sagittarius takes the Ascendant with Jupiter in the sixth. At this moment, Dorothy is in extreme danger. Jupiter, at it's current position, is within 2 degrees of the Pleiades, the "weeping sisters", which often point to tragedy. To boot, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are all under the Sun's beams. In this chart, we have a T square involving the Moon, Mars and Neptune. Mars is on the short leg of the T but the Moon is sinister, which makes it a translator of light. This child met this man under false pretences and it was her own beliefs that fooled her. She was sure she could trust him. But I am sure that by the time she had left the mall, she knew otherwise. The unfortunate exact opposition of the Moon and Neptune while the Moon was translating light from Mars to Neptune, is why the girl was so easily deceived.

Neptune is also within less than a degree of a conjunction with Dschubba, which is often a pointer at extreme danger and sometimes murder. In the chart for 5 pm, the Moon and Jupiter slip into the sixth house, showing great fear and extreme danger. Especially with Jupiter near the Pleiades and the Moon opposing Dschubba and Neptune. This poor little girl was smart enough to realize the danger she was in and I am sorry to report that she was terrified. The chart for 5 pm is telling in another matter as well. The seventh and tenth house ruler, Mercury, has moved into the eighth house along with a group of other planets, including the dispositor for the chart ruler. A tale is starting to emerge. The Sun is showing a "group leader" or instigator in the matter; the Sun disposes all the others so they are doing this because of this one man. The grouping in the eighth house gives an inkling of sexual purposes. Mercury co ruling the tenth hints at a business arrangement; could this be a porn ring or forced prostitution or some other form of slavery? It is possible, but let's see. Neptune is now in the twelfth, showing that they are hiding this child, not killing her, and that she still has no idea what her purpose is in their plans.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

By 6 pm, the chart ruler, Jupiter, moves into the fifth house and it's dispositor is in the eighth. This combination points to sex. I believe this describes sexual contact. Venus is now the tenth house ruler but Mercury is now the seventh house ruler, maintaining the same configuration! This keeps the focus of the chart on a business arrangement. This whole abduction was for the purpose of procuring a child for a sex business. This is underlined by the conjunction between Mercury and Venus, still in the eighth house. Neptune, still in the twelfth house, is still disposed of by Jupiter, which is now in the fifth house. Another loop proving consistency. Child porn or something like this. Sex involving children. The fifth house, eighth house, Neptune, Jupiter and Mercury. Pretty clear. And so very sad.

Going forward from here, the chart for 7 pm shows Capricorn rising and Cancer falling with the Moon in the fifth. Saturn is in the seventh house with the tenth house ruler. The business "partners" are now altogether, with the child. The Moon in the fifth opposing Neptune in the eleventh tells me pictures or films are being made. The child's ruler, at this point in time, is Saturn and it is closely under the Sun's beams. The child is being held against her will, she is in danger and experiencing great fear. But none of the major players are applying to an aspect with Saturn so her danger is not that extreme. In fact, it is doubtful that they will kill her. Saturn is disposed of by the Sun, which rules the current eighth house cusp, so she will be held for sexual reasons. She is being used this way and will not be killed, at least not this night. Nothing much happens to change events in the next chart but in the charts for 9 and 10 pm, the first house ruler moves into the ninth house. This shows them transporting her to someplace far away. This travel configuration remains true in the charts for 10 and 11 pm, as well. They took her someplace far away, maybe even a foreign country. She could have gone by plane but the number of hours involved in the planetary transits shows it could have been by train. I do know, however, that it was not by car or bus and she is not in the immediate area any longer.

The ongoing square between the chart ruler and the rulers of the tenth and fourth houses show that she did not get along with her captors. She was a "handful", so to speak and made things difficult for them. The chart ruler is disposed of by Pluto, the tenth house ruler, which is now in the eighth house, showing that their motives remain the same. This is "business" and nothing more. The continuing opposition between the Moon and Neptune on the tenth/fourth house axis shows us that they are hiding her "out in the open". They are out in public with the girl, but she has been subdued. She is being taken to her "new home" and she is nervous and afraid. Now, the questions remain, where is this "new home" and who are her captors? How can they be identified? Well, I am willing to make a fool out of myself once again in an effort to describe where she went and who took her. I realize this is a totally imperfect and, so far, barely helpful, exercise but the purpose of this blog is research so that is what I am doing. So here goes.

There are conflicting pointers in this chart so I will try to balance it out. One pointer says she went southwest and another says southeast. Cities to be considered are West Palm Beach (southeast of Ocala) and Tampa (southwest of Ocala), both in Florida and both ruled by planets in the right places. If they left the country and headed south, the best guess is Argentina. The man or men who took this girl are signified by Mercury in Leo. Gemini as the cusp ruler at the time of the abduction shows multiple people involved. The man who actually snatched her would be a large man of medium height with light brown or dark blond hair. As I said earlier, he was using a ruse that made him look like an "authority", which possibly means a uniform. It is possible, also, that he worked at that mall. From all pointers, it looked like Dorothy was not the only child they nabbed. They had been doing this for awhile. I do not believe the charts show targeting or stalking. It was a crime of opportunity, that is all. The node in a sensitive position in the chart says that this was a sudden event; they simply saw a little girl when they were looking for one and they had a good story, one that she readily believed.

Now, here's the thing. I do not believe they killed her. I believe they took her some place far from home and set up camp. She was likely one in a long line of girls used for their dirty business but I do not think they were murderers. They may have sold her, used her for awhile and let her go, when she may have been addicted to drugs and used to "the life". She may be a streetwalker or drug addict in a place far from her home. Dorothy's birth chart shows a cluster of planets in Capricorn and Aquarius. I don't have the birth time or exact location so the chart is general and not precise. But there are no strong aspects from the transiting chart to the birth placments. Transiting Uranus is sinister to a conjunction with her birth Moon in Scorpio but Uranus is not a player in the event chart. However, it has been my experience that women born with Moon in Scorpio are often the victims of sexual abuse. I have seen countless charts that support this. That is not to say that all women with Moon in Scorpio will be victims, just that it is a often seen thing in charts. But one good sign is the trine from her birth Jupiter to the grouping of planets that rule her captors in the event chart. This tells us that she was able to find joy in her life over time and even come to terms with the people who took her.

Dorothy Scofield

Dorothy at the time of the event

Dorothy Age Progressed

Since I do not believe that she is dead and could be out there among us all, please give this case a lot of thought. Look at her picture and think about the people around you. Have you seen her or someone who looks like her? If you have, then please contact the Ocala PD by going to their website HERE . Thanks! It would be nice to find this woman and give her family some relief.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Forensics and Astrology - The Connection

Please welcome Adrienne Carlson, our guest blogger:

They seem to be opposites with nothing in common, so when you use the words forensics and astrology in the same sentence, it seems to be an incongruity or a mistake. You would think that since forensics is an exact science and astrology an inexact one, the twain can never meet let alone be used in conjunction for the good of mankind. But since truth is often stranger than fiction, we have the science of forensic astrology, a method that uses birth charts and other astrological tools to solve crimes, especially those concerning missing persons.

Forensic astrologers use a combination of the positions of the stars during the time of your birth and a snapshot of the sky at any given time in order to determine your whereabouts. It also includes a branch of astrology called horary astrology that takes into account the exact time you ask the astrologer the question you wish to find the answer to. The astrologer in question uses a horary chart, your birth chart and a host of other tools to locate missing persons.

To those who doubt the authenticity of this science, I would only suggest taking a look at the murder of Caylee Marie Antony of Florida. The two-year-old was reported missing by her mother, and forensic astrologers predicted that her remains would be found in the general vicinity of her home. Months had passed and numerous search operations had been conducted, but there was no sign of the little girl. But then, in a dramatic twist, her remains were found within a half-mile radius from where she lived, and after investigating further, law enforcement officers arrested her mother for the murder of the child. Remarkably, the forensic astrologers who took it upon themselves to solve the case on the Internet predicted almost accurately that the evidence would be unearthed on a particular date.

So as you can see, it is just a matter of belief, in one’s own abilities and the nature of the stars to guide your search. Forensic astrology is coming into its own and proving that it is a valuable tool in determining the whereabouts and fate of missing persons.


This guest article was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes on the topic of forensic science schools . Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: or visit her website at Forensic Science Schools

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Amanda Knox

American Accused of Murder in Italian School


"Amanda Foxy has been arrested and kept in the jail on the charge of killing Meredith Kercher.Meredith Kercher was a British. She was living and studying in Italy from Leeds University.The whole incident took place on November 2, 2007 between 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

It is said that her room mate Foxy asked her to have a sexual relation with her but she refused and as a result of her refuse, Foxy stabbed her with her small pocket knife and then she also cut her throat with the same knife. After cutting her throat she left her dying in pain on the floor in a locked room.

The room had a terrific atmosphere when police broke down the door of her room. The things were scattered everywhere and were out of order. The quilt was on the floor beside the bed and the dead body of Meredith Kercher was lying beneath the quilt, with her foot visible under the bed. There were splashes of blood on the floor and on the wall.

The room after the murder can be seen in the photocopy of the photograph pasted below. The picture is very grainy because it is a photocopy of the original picture.

On investigation, Foxy first told the police that she was in the other room and she closed her ears when she heard the British girl screaming and then afterwards she changed her sentence and told Mrs. Kercher that she had been giving stupid statements in confusion, but the truth is that she was not at home that night, she was at his boyfriend, Raffaelle Scollecito?s place.

But this is again a lie. Her appearance in the room that night was caught on the CCTV.

The dead body of Meredith was sent to England and Foxy, her boyfriend Raffele and a bar tender in behind the bard, waiting for the judgment."

MY NOTE: There are also crime scene photos posted on this site. You can also read a clear timeline for all these events at


I had a ton of emails asking me to do this case. Just to see if Astrology offers anything in the matter. I have named the post Amanda Knox because I do not think many people have heard the name of her victim. However, Meredith Kercher was her victim and so the chart is read for her. I am trying to determine if her attacker was Knox or someone else. I realize that they are likely to find Knox guilty of this murder but there are many who think that's an injustice. So let's see what the charts offer.

The first thing I noticed in drawing up the first two charts was the movement of the chart ruler. In the first chart, above, for 10 pm, the chart ruler is the Moon in the second house in the sign Leo. The Moon is disposed of by the Sun, just inside the fourth house. The seventh house ruler, Saturn in Virgo, is right behind the Moon, also in the second. The tenth house ruler, Mars is in the twelfth house in Cancer. This is Mars in detriment. The fourth house ruler, Venus, is in the third. The only angular planet receiving an aspect from the Moon is the fourth house co ruler, Pluto. The aspect is a trine. To boot, Pluto disposes of the Sun in the fourth. So what does this tell us?

Well, for one, the subject has just arrived home and seems to be preoccupied with some possession, most likely jewelry. It looks like she may have gone back there for this purpose, to look for something. Saturn, the seventh house ruler, is right behind the Moon, showing someone else involved in the matter. This was not a husband or a relative, there is no close relation between this person and the subject. By the way, the placement of the fourth house ruler in the third tells us that they are in a "mobile" home, someplace away from their "rooted home" and possibly temporary in some way. Nothing describes Gemini or the third house better than college housing. And nothing describes studies better than Mercury, so Mercury ruling the third shows studies and travel in one. I think that Venus here in the third, while ruling the fourth house, shows these students to be women.

Saturn, the seventh house ruler, is disposed of by Mercury, also in the fourth house. This person went back home with Meredith. Mercury is in Libra so this is likely a female but I can't say for sure. Mercury also hints that this person did not live at the same place but was just visiting. At the same time, the tenth house ruler, Mars, is in the twelfth house in detriment. Mars hints at aggression and the twelfth house hints at secrets. Mars in Cancer is disposed of by the Moon, which is the chart ruler. This tells us that a third person was present but unknown at the time. Somebody who was there specifically for Meredith. This person was actually hiding, I believe, in the home, for the purpose of confronting or attacking Meredith. But this purpose is skewed because Mars is in Cancer, where it is really weak. Whatever this third person is planning is not well thought out and may very well be an emotional reaction.

Another stand out position is the node in the eighth house, disposed of by Neptune, also in the eighth house. This describes a plan of sorts, something either destined or carefully thought out. This contradicts the Mars in Cancer placement but because Mars is trine the node, indicates that although the person's actions are sloppy and out of control, they are held together by a careful plan. So this crime was not spur of the moment, in the heat of passion at all. It was carefully thought out although executed in a slipshod fashion. Mars as the tenth house ruler indicates that this hidden person was someone in authority or, at best, with power over the victim. This could indicate a man, who would be physically stronger and paternal in nature, or a powerful woman or man who had authority over the victims, which seems to hint at teachers, coaches, parents, et al.

Let me say that I believe from the charts I am reading that this woman died around 10:30 pm. In this chart, above, the first house is taken over by Leo and the Sun in the fourth house falls into a trine with Mars in Cancer in the twelfth and Uranus in Pisces in the eighth house, a death pattern. An interesting aspect is that Uranus, now the seventh house ruler, is a part of this trine.. and is the planet in the eighth house of death. This was a sudden thing, it was not dragged out or deeply involved. The room appears to be a mess but that speaks to the sloppiness of Mars in Cancer. Uranus in Pisces creates the emotional excitement and momentum to get it done. She was faced suddenly and attacked instantly, no talking, no fooling around. Uranus in Pisces defines her attacker and this planet is within 10 degrees of the node, which tells us that this was someone she knew. This was not a stranger.

Mars is sinister to Uranus so this shows the knife. Uranus in the eighth disposed of by Neptune in the seventh supports the theory that this was related to a sexual proposal. A sudden, secretive proposal. But I am not sure there was a rejection here. The Sun, chart ruler, is in Scorpio, disposed of by Pluto in the fifth, near Jupiter. This same Sun is also disposed of by the fallen Mars in Cancer in the twelfth house. Now I'm thinking this wasn't a proposal, at all. This was a preplanned tryst. The fact that they found evidence of sex but could not prove rape is explained here. The chart shows this person hiding in Meredith's room for some hidden reason, which is now looking a lot like sex. But I don't see rape. The Sun is disposed of by Pluto in the fifth and Mars in the twelfth so this secret love affair had been going on for some time! Meredith went back to the room with the excuse of having to get something or find something, in order to appease the older person (Saturn in Virgo) who was tagging along. Saturn remains in the second house throughout the event so I believe this other person left with the retrieved item early on. And then Meredith and the secret person in her room had their tryst.

But I am not sure Meredith expected as much. I am not sure she was a part of the "plan" but merely the object. Violence occurred during this encounter, Mars shows aggression and Cancer shows a sloppy, emotional mess. Mars disposed by the Moon shows that the aggression was directed at the victim and wasn't a mistake, although it could have been sudden with both Uranus and Mars in the trine. This was not rape or unwanted sex, by any means. The Sun, the chart ruler, is involved in the same trine and disposed of by Pluto in the fifth. She wanted it.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

But, actually, when doing the chart for 11 pm, I see that the same configurations still hold, showing that the attack went on for some time. There was a tryst and the attack, during the same event. The person she was having a secret sex thing with was the person who flipped out and killed her. And although the death pattern begins at 10:30, it doesn't complete until after 11, so she did not die right away. I know they say this in the reports, but it's always good to note when the chart bears out the facts. She was attacked during this time and did not die for awhile. Sad. I cannot seem to shake the feeling that there is some evidence or personal object in that room that could provide clues. In the chart for 11 pm, the only planet that has moved is the fourth house ruler, Venus, which is now in the second. This shows a belonging in the home that should be a focus. What did Meredith go back for? Who was it that wanted something she had, that sent her to the room to begin with? Why is it not noted that she had only come home a few minutes before the event? Hmm.

They say Amanda proposed sex to her and she refused. But I don't see a refusal in this chart. I see a secret sexual relationship that carried on this day. I believe she was killed during consensual sex. They say they found evidence of recent sex but no proof of rape but can they tell if she had sex with a man? Or do they think it was a woman? Lack of semen on the body could indicate condom use or it could indicate lesbian sex. Could she and Amanda been having a secret lesbian affair? What do the facts bear out? And who was this person who went back to her room with her? Here is what the charts seem to describe: Meredith was asked to locate an item in her room by a person she knew. It seems unlikely that this was coincidental under the circumstances, so we might consider that she was led there by a mutual friend of both hers and her lover, for the purpose of facilitating the tryst. Has someone like this come forward? I am not well read on the case, on purpose, so I leave the details to the investigators. Too many details and I start reading charts like newspaper stories. So forgive me if I sound stupid; just consider whether the charts fit the facts! The charts are telling that Meredith Kercher was killed by a secret lover in the heat of passion after a tryst. Perhaps she was trying to call it off? And perhaps this hurt her lover deeply, causing the violence.

I realize that a decision in this case should come down shortly. I also realize that I will not influence it one iota. but anything that furthers the possibility that a forensic system for Astrology will emerge as reliable enough to be used as tool in these hard to solve cases, all the better. My heart goes out to the families of both the victims and the accused. From the chart, I cannot say whether her killer was male or female, but I can give a cursory description that may help sort it out. The placement describes a person who is short, wiry and muscular in form; a woman would have an "athletic" body. This person has an active walk, a brisk walk and sometimes walks sideways. In fact, they would often step sideways as a matter of moving along. According to traditional readings, this person would have a "dull" complexion, which I translate to mean "muddy". They would also have thick hair that is light brown or almost blond. Hazel grey or blue eyes, not brown. They may also have a "hooked" or misshapen nose. Because of the placement, I tend to add a few things of my own to this. This person drinks or, at least, likes to drink and may have had a few. This person may have also been an "imposter" of sorts, Meredith may have believed things about him or her that just weren't true. In fact, this person may actually not be who they claim to be; identity theft or similar. I also believe it was a revenge killing, where this lover wanted exclusivity and was dismayed to discover betrayal. Meredith had outright lovers, as is noted in the reports, so this hidden one may have been unhappy with this. Jealousy is a strong property when relating to Mars in Cancer.

Again, I must note that Mars in Cancer is merely the symbolic descriptor for our murderer. This does not denote Sun in Cancer, nor is it proof that the killer had Mars in Cancer in the natal chart. Overall, this person could be any sex and any sign. It is up to viewers to determine whether the descriptors fit a certain person. But, I must say, right up front, that this does not sound like Amanda Knox to me. Still, the video tapes they have show her on the scene around the time of the murder so what role did she play? She may have been the secret lover.. or perhaps she helped that person commit this crime? I can only hope the authorities have the facts and that, in the end, they get it right.

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