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Irina Yarmolenko

Mystery Surrounds Death of UNC Student

This is what I saw in the NC Papers and Fox News:

Yarmolenko’s body was found last week next to her car on the bank of the Catawba River. Police said suffocation was the cause of death but they are not sure of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death.

Mount Holly Police have released a surveillance tape of Yarmolenko visiting a Goodwill near campus to drop off some donations hours before she was found dead.

Our latest information is that she made a stop at the credit union and then stopped at the Jackson's Java near the UNCC campus. She left Jackson's Java around 10:50 in the morning.

Yarmolenko was last seen leaving Jackson’s Java on University City Boulevard on May 5 just before 11 a.m. Her body was found a few short hours later at 1:15 p.m.
Yarmolenko was a graduate of Chapel Hill High School in Orange County.

I saw this broadcast on Fox News and it caught my eye. Here is a young immigrant girl in college in North Carolina and she is found dead, just laying there next to her car. Cause of death is strangulation. No mention of sexual assault or robbery. However, her car was crashed into a tree stump and she was just laying there next to it like she fell out. It is a strange story and is a big mystery for NC cops. There just isn't a single clue.

So I decided I would do some charting and see what the stars wanted to tell me. It is a tight sequence of events in a short period of time as she leaves the coffee shop at almost eleven and is found dead just after one. She wasn't seen with anyone, leaving with anyone, talking to anyone. Nothing points to anybody else and she was mostly noted by viewers as being alone on this sunny day.

My first chart, of course was for the time she was leaving the coffee shop. The chart I drew up showed that at 10:50 am when she left the coffee shop, she went some distance with a male friend. She had possibly run into him in the shop and they stepped outside to talk some more, or perhaps she gave him a ride? Her time with this person extended beyond the 10:50 time at which she was seen leaving. A third person, whom I believe was the stalker, the attacker, entered or exited the coffee shop around this time. I believe he was watching her because the chart also shows that while she was at the Coffee shop, this person drove by or parked outside and saw her then. He may have come in a car or maybe walked if he lived in the neighborhood. He was from around that area. He might have been stalking her or looking for her. Irina spoke to a man and woman in the coffee shop, perhaps a couple or just two of her friends. He watched this from somewhere nearby.

The chart also shows the Sun and Moon are both conjoined and disposed by Venus, meaning they have a mutual female friend. She knew this guy, through a friend. This female friend may have also been foreign or from another country. Venus in the ninth.. an exchange student or temporary student visa? So this person knew her before he saw her this morning and she was likely the reason he was there.

Seventh house Aquarius ruled by Uranus in eighth, disposed by Neptune, in the seventh. His one and only purpose this day was to kill her.

By 11:20 am, she has left the company of the man she was talking to. She has parted ways and has moved on. She is out in public, easily seen by other people. This may be a part of that elapse of time where she visited the Goodwill store. Mars is closing on the Ascendant so she is near to confrontation with her attacker. He is in her second house, so I believe he may have been hiding in her car when she got in either at the Coffee Shop or later, at the Goodwill store. Again, Saturn is disposed by Mercury in the eleventh, so this is someone she knew and thought was a friend. Not necessarily a close friend, but in a circle of her acquaintances.

At 11:45 am, Mars slips into the twelfth house and Saturn is hiding in the second. I think he comes at her from the back seat. His ruler, Uranus, is in the ninth house, so he may also be an immigrant, a foreigner or foreign exchange student. He may have also been from the Ukraine. His circumstances may be unusual and perhaps he is even a refugee or may have escaped from an oppressive or undemocratic country.

Uranus in the eighth is in mutual reception with Neptune in the seventh, so he might have been propelled by drugs or alcohol. He might have blown his imagination up into something wild and that drove him to do this. He might even have imagined her to be someone else.. or she might have reminded him of someone from his past. Perhaps a lost girlfriend or wife. The North Node is conjoined to Neptune, so the whole event has a "karmic" feel. As if he felt this was his "destiny".

The time is tight and swift. He sneaks up on her around noon and she is dead by 12:30. She may have been driving the car but she could not have been after this time. He must have driven the car during the crash-- or he killed her and pushed the car down the road.

The chart I drew up for a half an hour later showed Saturn in the first and she was already dead. She was dead before they got to the embankment where she was found. The car played absolutely no role in this, neither did her money. This was personal and had nothing to do with robbery.

And again, I see Saturn slipping into the first with Mars still in the twelfth at just around 12:20 pm. Mercury, which disposes Saturn, has backed into the tenth house. He strangles her from behind in the car, right there, in public. I doubt if she was driving. He probably forced her off the road. However, Scorpio and Taurus are at the angles, with Pluto in the fifth and Venus in the tenth. I think he offered her a choice. He may have tried to force her to have sex with him. There may be sexual evidence at the scene.

Saturn disposed by Mercury, she was strangled or suffocated. Smothered to death. It is likely she was smothered.

Earlier in the day, Saturn in the second house, disposed by Mercury in the eleventh, shows that the attacker spent the morning thinking about his long lost loves, his ex wife or girlfriend. He felt towards her, perhaps, like a possession and that this woman "belonged to him". He may have been reminiscing about gifts her gave her, alimony he has paid, money she took from him and he resents this. He also shares a friend with Irina and perhaps this provides a link to how he chose her.

Note also that the seventh house ruler, Uranus, is consistently in the eighth house. He wants to rape her? He has sexual desire for her? He feels a karmic link with her, like they are "meant to be"? Also, Mars in the twelfth is disposed by the Moon in the tenth, lined up with the Sun. He shadows her, follows her all morning, with the intent of attacking her, forcing her or killing her. Perhaps the delusion I keep seeing and the sexual energy cause him to think of her as the woman he is so angry at and by forcing himself on Irina, he establishes some dominance. I'm not a psychologist but I watch a lot of Dr. Phil! (LOL).

Or perhaps this is just a hate crime. Or the revenge of a jilted lover. Here I am just guessing. It's like shooting in the dark. Only those with the opportunity to interview friends and family and trace her history can answer those questions. Hopefully, they find this girls killer. There is always a chance that this is the work of a serial killer, as of yet undiscovered. There have been numerous murders on the campuses in NC and there might be a tie between a few of them.

And this is where I try to give a description of her killer. I already said I thought he was a foreigner, an immigrant, like Irina. Uranus, his ruler, is in Pisces and this describes a man of average height with a large, well made body. Not fat, necessarily, just large muscled and boned. He is not an athletic type. He is likely pale in complexion with lots of thick or curly dark brown hair. He has a high, broad forehead that gives him a thoughtful countenance. His eyes are likely dark grey and very expressive. He expresses his emotions openly and tends to be sentimental. But he can also be very critical, malicious and rebellious. A tendency towards adventure creates many strange experiences in his life. He tends to brood and hold grudges. And he has an active imagination which can border on delusional fantasy. Irina may have been a part of those fantasies. And she may have not been the only one.

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Madeleine Mc Cann

Precious Little Girl Disappears in Portugal

This case is a tough one. I did not want to do it at first because the time lines were sketchy, the evidence was pointing at the parents, there was still evidence surfacing and the police had made big mistakes in the investigation. All of this conspires to make it a hard read. Thanks to an interested reader, who had collected lots of details and Internet sites for me to see and use in my efforts, I decided to give it a shot. I have gone over the public information on the BBC and the British papers, where they have followed this event closely. This beautiful little girl just disappears in a foreign country under suspicious circumstances. The entire order of events are strange, the parents behavior is questionable, the police appear to be bumbling along and the entire world is focused and frenzied.

Trying not to make judgments or jump to conclusions, I want to draw up a objective chart and analyze it with an open mind. I admit, this is hard to do. The slant of everything I read made it seem like mom and pop had done it. Just like Stacey Peterson, I want to do a fair reading but I hate to go against conventional wisdom. Like the OJ Simpson case, where the jury found him not guilty, the world is of the conventional wisdom that he is. And I would never be one to discount the value of human intuition. After all, what I do here, is to a great degree intuition, although I prefer to think of the gist of it as science.

So it is with this brave stab at fairness that I went about collecting time lines and casting charts. And, boy oh boy, did things come clear FAST. In my findings, it became quickly my belief that you can just toss out the time lines as given because the charts tell a very different story, indeed. And in the charts, as they come into focus, no one has been telling the truth and I personally don't know why. This includes friends who were there with the Mc Canns at that resort on that fateful evening. They have to be lying. And that bothers me. Why on earth would these people, having nothing to do with it presumably, tell tall tales? Is it because they are ashamed to admit they suspect these people? Or is it because they don't want suspicion cast upon them, as well? Or is it just human nature to defend those around us? It is your guess. Someone with a degree in Psychology may be able to answer this question better than this Astrologer.

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In my work, I ended up drawing up charts for every hour from 6 pm until 11 pm and the findings are the same. And I will show you, in detail, what those findings are. I started with a chart for the time the good Doctor claims to have visited the room and found the children alive. 9:15 pm local time. However, he later admitted to having only listened at the door and having heard nothing special, assumed all was well. A chart drawn for this time, shows that this child is already dead. Now, how on earth could things have been well if this child was already dead? As a matter of fact, that chart defines death so clearly it shocked me. And it tosses out any suggestions that people should be looking for Maddie to be shopping in Brisbane. And all of the charts, drawn for all of the times given, show the same thing. And I will show you each chart and analyze them in turn.

The chart for 6:00 pm in Portugal shows that everyone is fine, they are all together in the hotel room. Sagittarius is rising with Jupiter conjoined the Ascendant, showing that Maddie was in "her place" and basically happy. Gemini is falling and Venus is in Gemini in the seventh house. I believe this is Maddie's mother. Venus is disposed by Mercury in Taurus, placed in the sixth and conjoined with the Sun, also in Taurus. I see this as the couple, husband (the Sun) and wife (Mercury) going about their day to day affairs (sixth house). Saturn is in Leo in the tenth house (the father). Saturn is exactly trine Jupiter (Maddie's ruler at the Ascendant) and this means she and her father were having a wonderful time this day, out in public, enjoying each other, where may people saw them. Overall, this chart seems to be perfect. A happy family enjoying their stay.

However, there are two dark clouds that peek out at me and I am watching them from chart to chart. The Moon falls in the twelfth house in Scorpio and is disposited by Pluto, lingering near the Ascendant in the first. Neptune is in the fourth house in Aquarius, disposed by Aquarius in the fifth house conjoined Mars. Neptune is also just pushing away a square with the Moon. There is a secret here. These configurations smack of dark, hidden secrets, perhaps sexual in nature. Was there a thing between Daddy and Maddie? I won't point that finger. It's too nasty and is unfair without actual proof. But there are aspects that point in a dark direction, with jealousies or resentments afoot. Neptune in the fourth means that something in the family is a secret and the Moon sweeping away from a square means that suspicions have been aroused or even that part of the secret has recently been revealed. Pluto indicates that perhaps someone is jealous and maybe also angry.

But nothing is said at this moment. So we draw up a chart for 7:00 pm, around the sketchy timeline the parents gave for dinner. This chart shows that Jupiter, still ruling the Ascendant, has slipped into the twelfth house with the Moon. Pluto has moved onto the Ascendant and Saturn has slipped into the ninth. The other planets remain where they were in the last hour. Pluto indicates a fight or argument has arisen and Maddie (now in the twelfth house) is being punished and confined. Mercury and the Sun are still conjoined so the parents present a united front, they both make the point and support the other one. When one of them loses it and hits the girl, the other one doesn't object. Saturn in the ninth indicates that they are holding back to some degree because they are on vacation. But Pluto and the Moon just indicate that emotions boiled over and someone lost it. In the place where she was confined, Maddie was the object of someones' anger and most likely was struck or pushed or in some other way "attacked".

And then the chart for 8:00 pm shows things progressing. Pluto has slipped into the twelfth with the Moon and Jupiter. Mars and Uranus have now moved into the fourth house and they are closely squared to the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in the twelfth. This is around the time that someone has gone too far. The beating was intended to be just that and the assumption is still that "things will be ok". Maddie is hurt but she is not dead yet. And I don't believe they expected her to die. Someone was just "making a point".

Capricorn is now at the Ascendant and Saturn is in the ninth. The Moon rules the Descendant and has now fallen back into the eleventh house. They leave Maddie in the room and go to dinner with their friends. The Moon means they snookered their friends, pulled them into the conspiracy, inadvertently, using them for testimony that "things were fine". The Moon is a dark veil that is often pulled over a situation, obscuring facts. Emotions played a huge part in how everybody saw the events as they occurred. It may well be that later on, people questioned their initial impressions, but they were loathe to change testimony, no doubt. The Moon causes too much worry. People don't want to be misunderstood.

Drawing up a chart for 9:00 pm, I see that Saturn has slipped into the eighth house sometime since 8:00. Maddie most likely died in that room during this final hour. At this hour, the Sun and Mercury have settled in the fifth house, so the parents are still enjoying their dinner and evening with friends. I am not sure from this chart whether they knew she was dieing or dead; whether they intended this to happen; whether it was part of a plot. The only thing I know for sure from the planets is that they presented a united front. Whichever one was at fault or had initiated the plan, if there was one, the other simply fell into lockstep and went along with all of it.

There is a lot about this case that reminds me of Jon Benet Ramsey. I remember reading several books about it and coming away believing that Patsy had killed her accidentally and then her husband went along with the cover up. I remember believing that Patsy had been angry at Jon Benet for wetting her bed and took her into the bathroom to change her and wash her. It was there I think she yanked too hard or pushed or something and the child hit her head on the tub. It was this scenario that I bought. And then they stunned her with a stun gun one of them had for personal protection, attempting to awake her. When she did not come back, they staged the scene.

I try to imagine myself in these scenarios. It is an accident, after all, and no doubt the parent is living with horror and guilt and personal pain for a lifetime. Patsy died of cancer, sadly and probably in great pain. Some people may say "just desserts" but what on earth would you do, if it were you? Go to prison for an accident and leave your family worse for wear, without a mother or father? Or would you hide it, as best you could, and live with the ugliness of your own suffering? How do you handle anguish such as this? And do you want the world pointing fingers, sniffing your corner, shining bright lights on you and yours, making you a monster, when all that you likely are is a parent who made a mistake.

I am not saying that these parents should not be punished or that they should be excused, but they must be pitied. What on earth pushes a parent to get this angry? My own mother was angry and violent with the children, so I have witnessed it first hand, but therapy has I grew older spared me that emotional roller coaster. I cannot imagine how my mother would have lived with it if she had actually killed one of us. She might have shot herself or something equally horrid. And, yet, who would blame her?

Now, according to the local Portuguese Police, they arrived on the scene there around midnight. Doing a chart for this time renders an Aquarius rising. Leo is on the Descendant. Neptune has slipped into the twelfth house so I believe they have, at this time, hidden her well. Both Neptune and the Ascendant are desposited by Uranus in the second house, which means that she is stashed somewhere among their belongings. She is in a suitcase or a luggage bag. Actually, Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception, so they found a place quickly, no one looked there, and she remained there safely for some time after the search was over. The seventh house ruler, the Sun, has moved into the third house, so they are shining lights all over the neighborhood. They are rousting the neighbors, getting people out of bed, searching everywhere. The Sun is desposed by Venus in the fifth house, so they focus a great deal on recreational areas, near the pool, the playground, the restaurant or bar, etc... Presuming at first, perhaps, that she simply wandered off on her own.

Another aspect of the midnight chart is that the Moon has moved into the tenth house. There are public displays of histrionics from the mother. She is visibly shaken and emotionally overwrought. Her performance is heart breaking. I believe she is this upset, after all, she has lost her child, however that came to pass. The tenth house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto falls in the eleventh. Much suspicion, at first, falls on the friends. There are interviews, nervous responses, changes in recall. One of their friends was the "last one to visit the room" and he was scrutinized carefully. If he had had one illicit sexual event in this background, he would have been the main person of interest that night. Mercury conjoins the nadir so there were long hours of interviews with the parents, the other children, there in the hotel room. Careful inspections were made of the room and copious notes were taken. However, they still managed to overlook Madeline.

Mercury was closely square Neptune and the police were hoodwinked. They could not have helped it. The north node falls into the first house at this point and the entire affair takes on karmic elements. It was not "meant to be" that she be found that night. And this sort of karmic "buzz" on a chart may mean that she will never be found. Looking at the chart for the time the Police arrived, which should be considered the time at which she officially became "missing", the Scorpio midheaven is directly opposed Mercury in the fourth. This doomed the cops. Nothing but a lot of worthless trivia would emerge from their early inquisitions. But I see a weak spot in the chart at this point and I want to explore it.

The Scorpio midheaven is disposed by Pluto in the eleventh house of their friends. Pluto is retrograde and backing up to a direct opposition to Venus in Gemini. Pluto is in a succedent house, in a fixed sign, making the time move very slowly. Retrograde motion has 4 degrees to travel at this pace before the opposition is exact. This means, to me, that around 4 years from the original event, one of the female friends among their group that evening will get up the nerve to say something she has been afraid to thus far. One of the women said they saw a man walking around with a child in a blanket. This was dismissed by the rest of the group as a lie. Now, if it were true, what more do we know about this? And if it were a lie, what were her motives? And if it were true, why would the rest of them lie? This may be a part of some facts that have been overlooked or dismissed and may come to light in four years. Or it could be something else altogether... something we have never heard before. Remember, Scorpio is secretive and Pluto is disruptive. Be on the ready for surprises in the future.

What say you about this case? Go to my forum and post your findings or thoughts. I cannot equip the blog with open posting, which I very much wanted to do, so this is the next best thing. In the future, I may open up online chats several times a month where people can discuss what they think about any given case. In the meantime, pray for Maddie and her family. No matter what happens in this case, a lot of people are in pain.


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Stacey Peterson

Wife Disappears And Can't Be Found

I usually avoid really high profile cases that have fallen into controversy. In this case, most everybody has come to the conclusion that her husband, Drew, was responsible for her disappearance and probable murder. And, in this regard, I am not one to differ with conventional wisdom, unless the chart shows something different. But I was reluctant to do a chart, mostly because of the shifting time lines, and the probability that Drew is lying about the time line to begin with. He was the last to see her alive. Are the times he reports for these events to be trusted? So, you can see why I was reluctant to put a card on the table.

However, I do have some time lines reported by other people from which to start. Her sister last spoke to her at 10 am, so this was a valid point from which to begin charts. Drew claims he last saw her at 11:00 am, which was an hour after her sister spoke to her. As if we are to believe that she talked to her sister, told her nothing about leaving her husband, then quietly packed in less than an hour, on a whim, and just left. This is a stretch even for the most liberal want to be believers. However, a chart done for that time, as I will show you, has Stacey still alive.

But not for long! As the stars move backward across the progressions, the dial flips and puts her ruler in the twelfth house of death with Pluto at the Ascendant. All within a half an hour. And it is that exact moment in time, the moment when she crosses over from being here and being there, that also defines who was present when that event occurred. The chart will define this person pretty well, as I shall show you. But, first of all, you have to remember that this is just my psychic interpretation of what happened and that I have no clues, no fingerprints, no DNA, nothing that will hold up in a court of law. All I can do is point and direct. And perhaps the charts will show me where she is now, allowing me to really point and shout... go find her!

When Drew Says He Last Saw Her

Starting with the time at which her sister claims to have last spoken to Stacey, which is at 10 am, I draw up a chart and see that Stacey is alive and well and no violence has occurred this day yet. Sagittarius is rising, Gemini is falling and Virgo is on the Midheaven. Jupiter is at the Ascendant, in Sagittarius, double emphasizing Stacey in her place. She is where she usually is. Pluto is in the first house in Sagittarius, close to Jupiter, which tends to say that she was a little irked or feeling a bit argumentative over something.

The chart co-ruler, the Moon, is placed at the Descendant, in the sign Gemini. Internally, she was analyzing how she felt about her marriage. There was some contention between her and her partner. The descendant ruler, Mercury, was placed in Libra in the eleventh house, meaning that he is overly engaged in friendships, partnerships and business alliances. He allows other people to influence their marriage and this irks her. There is also a possibility that she believed he was cheating. Libra tends to be flighty but quick to get attached, jumping from one love affair to another. Her partner, according to this chart, tending to be a flirt and like the attentions of the opposite sex.

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Moving on with the charting, I draw one up for the time at which Drew claims to have last seen her. One hour after she last spoke to her sister. This is 11 am on this same morning.
Drawing up the planets, I see that Sagittarius is still rising and both Jupiter and Pluto have backed up right onto the Ascendant. Mars has swiftly moved into the seventh house in the sign Cancer. This points at a fast rising argument, where she starts it by letting off steam about what's bothering her. He reacts violently. This occurs in the home, where she was when she made the phone call at 10 am. Mars in Cancer in the seventh house puts the family in the center of the drama. Mars is disposited by the co-ruler of the chart, the Moon, which has slipped into the sixth house. This is a day to day occurrence, these kind of confrontations, and often disrupts their work schedules. Daily life has turned into an emotional drama.

Another detail that needs to be mentioned in this chart. Mercury, the seventh house ruler, makes a closing trine to Neptune, in the second house. There are financial secrets that Drew keeps from her. Something big that he kept private. There was money she did not know about. Money that was his alone. Or would be his alone. This type of trine in a horary chart can be motivation enough to cause things to occur. Mutual reception is another configuration that causes things to happen. In this chart (and all of the others, too) Mercury is in mutual reception with Venus in the ninth house. This means that the law, the police, the court system, has a lot to do with the events as they occurred. Drew being a cop has a lot to do with what happened and why it is still unsolved.

But this is not when Stacey died. The argument erupted here and there were fireworks, but she was still alive and well at 11:00 am, the time at which he claims to have last seen her. She did not go anywhere. There is no third house activity. She does not get into a car. Nor does she walk anywhere. They are together, here, fighting. And at 11:30, the chart shows another shift. Jupiter, her ruler, slips into the twelfth house (of death) and Pluto, the planet of violence, slips right onto the Ascendant. Mars is still in the seventh house and all other planets remain the same. He was facing her when he killed her. She had no mistake about his anger. He did not sneak up behind her or poison her or any other insidious act. Jupiter and Pluto are conjoined so the violence was swift and almost painless. This makes me think he grabbed her and strangled her. But I cannot be sure.

Time At Which I Think She Was Killed

Look at this chart and see this. Saturn, the bellwether, has moved into the eighth house of passing. Saturn is in Virgo, disposited by Mercury, also the ruler of the seventh house. The seventh house describes the murderer so, from this, we can now see that he is the only one with her and the only one who knows where she is, even now. There will be no witnesses or other contributors. He is safe from tattlers. Only if he decides to confess, the police are left with the chore of trying to prove he did it from physical evidence. But there is no blood on the scene because I don't think he shot or stabbed her. Like I said, I believe she was strangled to death, face to face.

To be honest, from looking at these stars, I don't think he planned it. I think it was in a fit of rage. Not that he hadn't thought about it, and not that he hadn't hoped for the chance. Just that this time it just fell in front of him. He may have followed a fantasy or private plan he'd had for a while, what he would do "if he could" sort of thing. But this was not a morning for which he had actually planned to kill her. She just pissed him off and he did it. Out of control rage. For the moment of murder, at least. But it seems like he pulled it together and has kept it under control for quite some time now.

Still charting events, I lay out the sky for 12:30 pm, an hour later. And I see Venus has joined Saturn in Virgo in the eighth house. Mercury, Drew's ruler, has moved into the ninth. He is now concerned about the police, the law, what will happen to him if he goes to court for this crime. Prison crosses his mind. He calls upon his skills as a police officer and plans out what to do with the body. In the mean time, he puts her in the bathroom or a bedroom closet. Saturn in Virgo near Venus indicate that he has put her somewhere like this. Wherever people care for their bodies or keep their belongings. These planets immediately point to a closet, the bathroom, a cabinet normally full of cosmetics and medicines. He stuffs her body there temporarily and then what?

Mars is still pushing the Descendant and he is still very angry. Maybe even more now than when he actually throttled her. Mad that she died? Mad that he hadn't done this sooner? Mad now that he faced a huge chore of hiding her and keeping his own butt out of a jam? It's your guess. But I can't resist going further, to try desperately to see what he eventually did with her. I would love to be able to say she was somewhere to be found.

I draw up a chart for 1:30 and find that he has calmed down a great deal. He is back to a daily routine. She is safe in a place that they both shared, like the bathroom or bedroom closet, and he feels safe with her there. In fact, it looks like he goes to a bar. The Moon now rules the Descendant and it has moved into the fifth house. Or perhaps he has gone to get the children. That might make sense. But he makes sure people see him out and about. He wants to say that he last saw her at 11:00 and since then, he is in despair. Having a drink makes him look sad. Getting his children from where ever they are makes him look like a responsible Dad. It also places him somewhere without Stacey, at a time at which she has disappeared. Overall, this is a good move. He looks like a chump. Much better than a murderer!

Progressing the stars forward through the day, I find nothing happening until around 6:30 pm, where the chart shows him getting back in the car. His ruler, Mars, has moved into the third house. Her body, ruled by the Ascendant Taurus and the planet Venus, is in the trunk. Venus is in Virgo, which rules compartments and storage places. Saturn is right along with it, showing her bones are there.. her decomposing body. Strangely enough, it looks like she is stashed away with some recreational equipment. In the trunk with the golf clubs.. or the tennis rackets.. or the camping gear. How tawdry.

Again, nothing much stirs until 8:30 pm, right before Drew uses Stacey's phone and calls his home. This makes it look like she did call him at 9 pm and tell him she was leaving him. This is his story. But the charts show different. Mars has closed onto the Ascendant, showing new aggression towards the victim, so he does more damage to the body. Not at home where the kids are or where blood or other evidence could be found, but in a private, hidden place where he has taken her. He has taken her along in the trunk of the car.

The Killer Is Hiding Her Body

And where did he take her after all? Well, be warned that I am just guessing based on intuition and star charts. Gemini is now rising and Mercury rules Stacey. The co-ruler Moon is in the twelfth house of death (resting places) and it is in the sign Gemini. Therefor, Mercury describes her position completely. Mercury is in Libra. Mercury rules travel along with many other things so I believe she is near a road or highway. Libra is an air sign and describes high places. Are there mountains nearby? Or perhaps foothills? Other outdoor places described by Libra are outhouses, bathrooms, sawmills, attics, mountaintops or hills. All places of this nature should be thoroughly searched. A sawmill on a mountain or hill near a highway is a good place to try. Mercury also rules Greyhound racing, so is there a kennel or stadium nearby?

Another clue is that the Moon, which rules her body in the chart, is placed in the twelfth house of death in the sign Gemini. Gemini is another clue. Places where grain is stored, such as farms and silos, if nearby, should be searched. Again, high places are pointed out, so mountains and hills are again emphasized. All hilly areas and nearby mountainous regions should be scoured. Those areas within 24 miles of a highway or road should be focused on. There are a few other places that Gemini hints at that should be considered, depending upon the neighborhoods in the area. Remember that he took her out there at 7:30 and finished up by 8:30 so search areas should be restricted to areas within a half hour travel time from her home.

If there are mountains or hills within that time frame, these are the first areas to target. If not, then grain silos, farms, sawmills and areas with outhouses should be next. If none of these are in the area, the area is far more urban, then attentions should be turned to areas near libraries, storage units, mail boxes or mail depots, law centers with attorneys offices, tennis courts and recreational areas. But because of the preponderance of Air signs, the planet Mercury and the sign Virgo in the charts, I would limit the searches to areas near highways out in the open on higher ground (the higher the better) near farms, outhouses or grain storage areas. She is hidden. The sign Cancer plays a role so there may be a lake or water nearby. She may actually be in the lake or pond. She could also be scattered. If he reduced her body to small bones and flesh, he could have scattered it and by now it's nothing but bones and dust. It is my guess that she is not buried. If she's not in the water, she is likely scattered around in the open.

And, yes, after seeing these charts, I think Drew did it. Now it's up to the Police to prove it. Astrologers who want to do a chart themselves, can post it at my forum by using the link above.

Stacey Peterson

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lana Stansbury

Woman Found Dead, No Clues, No Suspects

Lana Stansbury was a young woman when she was found dead in an apartment in Orlando. The police have released very little information because they have no suspects or clues even now. This is truly a mystery murder with no cause to suspect, no persons of interest, no fingerprints. They only say she was murdered and do not give the method. I have no more information than this.

I do know that she was discovered at 11:40 am on February 13, 2004. It isn't said if she was shot, stabbed, strangled or whatnot. Whether she had a roommate, or even whether she actually lived at this location. The chart will reveal a lot, I'm sure, and I'm glad I don't have any other information to change the way I view it.

Drawing up the chart for 11:40 am, the time at which she was discovered, I find the following positions and aspects:

Taurus is rising and Venus is in Aries in the eleventh. Scorpio is falling and Pluto is in Sagittarius in the twelfth. Co-ruler Mars is in Taurus, in the twelfth house, conjoined the North Node. Aquarius is on the tenth house cusp and Uranus is in Pisces in the tenth. Uranus is in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius, also in the tenth house. Leo is on the nadir and the Sun is also in the tenth, in the sign Aquarius, positioned between Neptune and Uranus. Interesting line up. This is what it tells me:

Either a friend came calling or a roommate came home because it was a girlfriend (Venus in Taurus in the eleventh) that discovered her and called the cops. Mars in the twelfth conjoined the North Node says it was a stark scene, a dead body in bad shape, obviously the victim of violence. This is highlighted by the exact sextile from Mars to Saturn (death) in the second house (the victims property). I believe she lived in this apartment, either alone or with roommate(s). She was definitely among "her things".

The perpetrator or killer is signifed by Pluto in the eighth and Mars in the twelfth. These houses indicate death and violence. Pluto is typically a violent planet under the right aspects. Mars is an "igniter". Pluto in the eighth also says sex to me, so there is a probability that this circumstance involved sex, consensual or otherwise. This killer came there for sex, either to rape her or because she invited him (or her?). Knowing nothing about the victim leaves this question unanswered.

But I can guess! And remember, this ONLY A GUESS, not a proven fact. But because the Moon co rules the chart and it is placed in Scorpio, right on the descendant, I would say that the victim participated in the sex. In other words, it was consensual. With this information in hand, the cops might want to look at friends, ex lovers, ex husbands, boyfriends, even casual acquaintances. Of course, knowing more about the victim would help here. Did she pick up strangers and bring them home? Some women do. Or was there a "booty buddy" that perhaps her roommate or friends knew about?

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Consider that Pluto is disposited by Jupiter in the fifth house, and it might be assumed that romance was at play here. Perhaps he was a regular in her life. Perhaps he was "in love" with her? Perhaps she spurned him? Jupiter is retrograde, too, so it should also be assumed that she knew him longer than one night. It is likely she knew him for years.

Now, I like to take charts backward after the discovery to try to pinpoint the time of death. I did this with this event, rolling it backwards until I found that moment in time. I ascertain from my calculations that she died between 7:30 am and 8:00 am. It just can't be earlier than that because this chart shows me what happened:

In this chart, Pisces is rising and Neptune is in the twelfth house. Virgo is falling and Mercury is also in the twelfth house. They are closely conjoined in Aquarius. Uranus is near the Ascendant, in mutual reception with Neptune, the chart ruler. Pluto is right at the midheaven. Saturn is in the fourth house. And this chart tells me:

The two of them were face to face in a struggle when she died. Uranus means it was a sudden event, totally unplanned, perhaps the result of a sudden surge of anger. Pluto is at the midheaven so I have doubts that no one heard anything... I believe the event was audible by public ears nearby. But Pluto is disposited by Jupiter, now at the Descendant, indicating that people who heard the fight thought it was a "lovers squabble", just a typical marital spat. Saturn in the fourth house merely asserts that the death occurred at home, once again stating that this indeed was Lana's home.

From these charts, I am assuming that this was a lover or a friend she had sex with and that things just went sour. Perhaps no one knew about this lover. Perhaps her roommate worked at night or perhaps she lived alone. But any way it falls, this was not a random encounter but it was also not a planned event. He or she did not intend to kill Lana. However, I think because of Mercury the way it looks to me is he strangled her. Maybe just crushed her and she suffocated.

Now, to give my usual stab (no pun intended!) at describing her killer. Mercury in Aquarius indicates a person between 5'9" and 6' tall, with a fleshy body that tends to be chubby. This person has brown hair with blue or grey eyes. Usually a clear complexion and a full face with well defined features. Bright eyes and an intelligent, alert demeanor. This person tends to be restless, easily agitated and quarrelsome. He or she tends to brag a lot and tends also to be sarcastic. There is also a gift for scheming and plotting and in this instance, would make a convincing liar in order to cover this crime.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Jennifer Kesse Reprise

Orlando Woman Calls Boyfriend & Disappears

I am doing a reprise on my original chart and analysis of this case. Normally I would just do what I could with a chart and leave it alone but this one keeps surfacing with more information and more precise data that I originally found. In light of new information, which changes the time of her disappearance radically, I must redo this chart to be fair. The original information I had read was that she was reported missing on January 24th when she didn't show up for work. It was said that she had promised to mail a cellphone for someone and it was hinted at that her last known destination was to do this. However, new information clarifies this substantially. The new information has Jennifer calling her boyfriend at 10 pm on the evening of January 23rd. It is from that point on that she has not been seen. There is no assumption that she was on her way to work or even to the post office that morning. In fact, she may have disappeared any time after 10 pm.

Since her last communication was with her boyfriend at 9:56 pm on Jan 23rd, I worked on charts that extended out after that time until I found the events as they occurred. At ten when she made that last phone call, the chart shows that she was having fun somewhere. This can mean she was with friends, having drinks after work, eating out, at a friends house socializing, but she was out of the house, having fun and enjoying herself. The chart shows her signifigator in the fifth house, accompanied by two other significant planets. These planets, Neptune and the Sun indicate the presence of the two people who played a part in her disappearance. Somehow, somewhere nearby they were watching, if they weren't actually among people she was with. Not knowing exactly what she was doing, it's impossible for me to say. But because Mercury also rules the midheaven, as well as the ascendant, I would venture to guess that she was out in public and not a private event. This means they may have been among a crowd at a bar or restaurant, noticing her.

Here's a thought. All three planets, theirs and hers, make aspect to Saturn in the eleventh house, which seems to indicate that these men had a mutual friend with her, that all three of them knew an older person who was somehow a factor in all of them being where they were at that time. Perhaps this was a boss from work or the owner of the establishment or a neighbor? It's hard to say. However, there a few guesses I could risk. The Sun is disposited by Saturn, so perhaps one of these men was a relative or close friend of this older adult? Perhaps they were even brothers? Or, on the other, hand, they may have been employees. They may have been working in the bar or restaurant at the time. Your guess, at this point, is as good as mine!

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Now, at 11pm, Libra is rising and Venus has moved into the fourth house. Jennifer is home. This is where the chart makes an enormous shift and starts to paint a different scenario. Aries has moved onto the descendant and Mars has slipped into the eighth house. Mars is in Taurus, exactly trine Venus in Capricorn in the fourth. Libra is rising. I must say that there was electricity between her and this man. He was strongly interested in her, sexually. He was aggressive about it, as well. Mars is in positive aspect to Venus, so he had no intention of hurting her. He was simply very interested and had somehow worked his way into her sphere, either in the house or nearby.

Strangely enough, by 11:59, Venus has backed into the third and Mars is in the seventh. He is with her and they are both in the car! Is she driving him somewhere? Or is he forcing her to go with him? Interestingly enough, during this phase, the Moon is opposing Mars and moving into the second house. This means he was successful in hiding his motives at first but, in time, they became more clear. I believe he began to address his financial needs and decided then to rob her. Regardless of what had happened to his sexual attraction to her, he was now motivated by her money or possessions. The chart does not define rape. If there was sex, it would have been mutual, and since that is unlikely knowing that Jennifer was in love with her fiance, then we can assume she managed to deflect his sexual advances without violence. Perhaps his forcing her into her car was part of his angry reaction to being rejected? Or perhaps he was taking her elsewhere, someplace he could hold her for awhile, under his own control? Someplace where he could force her? Perhaps. But the chart also clearly states that his attentions have now been drawn to her wallet.

At 1:00 am, the chart still shows Jennifer still alive and the two of them together. Scorpio is now rising and Taurus is on the descendant. Venus is in the third house, showing that he is in the car. Pluto is in the second house, so perhaps she is at the bank? Perhaps she is getting money? Venus is disposited by Saturn in the tenth, so they are likely in a public place, such as a bank parking lot, ATM machine, check cashing place or the like. Pluto is disposited by Jupiter in the first and conjoined the Moon, so this upsets her but she has agreed to do it. She thinks it will get her out of this jam. Get him some money and he goes away. She seems worried but comfortable enough. Perhaps she knew this man, as the chart originally indicates? Someone she worked with? Or perhaps someone who worked in a restaurant or bar she frequented? Perhaps time will sort this out.

The thing about this new chart is that I do not see a murder. I do not see a time at which violence occurred. There are planetary aspects that hint at confrontations but nothing that shows her death. Between 2 and 2:30 am, the chart ruler moves into the twelfth which can often point to death but no other planets work with it in that direction. In fact, it looks more like she went into hiding. That she was stowed away somewhere, hidden. It also looks like they went back to her home. Now, the home was not ransacked. There were no clues there. So perhaps they went back to clean up, to replace her purse, to do everything they could to erase what they had done. That is very likely. Planets keep joining Mercury in the second and third houses, Mercury rules the descendant, so this seems to indicate that our perpetrator went around enlisting help from other people. He shared out some money and shared the car, as well. At one point, it looks like there are 4 or 5 people in that car.

But if Jennifer has been killed since it is not apparent in this chart. She was taken and hidden somewhere, for how long I cannot know. With so many planets moving in and out of the second house, I begin to think this is a financial motivation. That perhaps she was sold for money. That seems crazy when you look at a young professional living in sunny Orlando, Florida, but always remember the market likes young blonds and this is what she was. The motivation started out as sexual and then it turned to money? Sounds like porn or the sex trade to me. Although I cannot be sure exactly what they did with her, I can tell from the chart that she was not killed that night. She may have been killed at a later date, perhaps when they were finished with her. However, she may very well be alive. I applaud her family on their determination to find out what happened to Jennifer and my heart is with them. She may very well be in a brothel or on film somewhere today and they should keep looking until they find a body or their daughter alive.

The only other thing I can offer is a description of the kidnapper. Mars in Taurus is his signifigator and traditional Astrology defines him in a certain light. He is of medium stature, neither tall nor short. In a man I believe that means between 5'8" and 6'1" approx. He would have a muscular body... not a weightlifter or bodybuilder type but simply a strong body with a large muscular frame. He might look athletic although he's probably a couch potato. He likely has a ruddy, florid complexion with reddish brown hair. This does not mean he has acne. If he is white, his face is reddish in color; if he is black or Hispanic, he has a bronze glow to his complexion. His hair is probably coarse or curly. He has an oval or round face with a hungry demeanor. He might have a scar on his face or neck, as well. He could be any race. He might have a temper, especially in regards to the opposite sex. He has a strong sex drive and can be very demanding. He may also be poor, most likely from being a spendthrift and likes to gamble, even though he loses often. He is self-centered and impulsive, often extravagant. His appetites can lead him to do treacherous, abusive things to other people.

I hope this helps those who are looking for this lovely girl. And I invite other Astrologers to give their point of view. If you draw up another chart with your own analysis, I will publish it here on this blog. Thanks for reading!



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