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Jennifer Kesse Reprise

Orlando Woman Calls Boyfriend & Disappears

I am doing a reprise on my original chart and analysis of this case. Normally I would just do what I could with a chart and leave it alone but this one keeps surfacing with more information and more precise data that I originally found. In light of new information, which changes the time of her disappearance radically, I must redo this chart to be fair. The original information I had read was that she was reported missing on January 24th when she didn't show up for work. It was said that she had promised to mail a cellphone for someone and it was hinted at that her last known destination was to do this. However, new information clarifies this substantially. The new information has Jennifer calling her boyfriend at 10 pm on the evening of January 23rd. It is from that point on that she has not been seen. There is no assumption that she was on her way to work or even to the post office that morning. In fact, she may have disappeared any time after 10 pm.

Since her last communication was with her boyfriend at 9:56 pm on Jan 23rd, I worked on charts that extended out after that time until I found the events as they occurred. At ten when she made that last phone call, the chart shows that she was having fun somewhere. This can mean she was with friends, having drinks after work, eating out, at a friends house socializing, but she was out of the house, having fun and enjoying herself. The chart shows her signifigator in the fifth house, accompanied by two other significant planets. These planets, Neptune and the Sun indicate the presence of the two people who played a part in her disappearance. Somehow, somewhere nearby they were watching, if they weren't actually among people she was with. Not knowing exactly what she was doing, it's impossible for me to say. But because Mercury also rules the midheaven, as well as the ascendant, I would venture to guess that she was out in public and not a private event. This means they may have been among a crowd at a bar or restaurant, noticing her.

Here's a thought. All three planets, theirs and hers, make aspect to Saturn in the eleventh house, which seems to indicate that these men had a mutual friend with her, that all three of them knew an older person who was somehow a factor in all of them being where they were at that time. Perhaps this was a boss from work or the owner of the establishment or a neighbor? It's hard to say. However, there a few guesses I could risk. The Sun is disposited by Saturn, so perhaps one of these men was a relative or close friend of this older adult? Perhaps they were even brothers? Or, on the other, hand, they may have been employees. They may have been working in the bar or restaurant at the time. Your guess, at this point, is as good as mine!

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Now, at 11pm, Libra is rising and Venus has moved into the fourth house. Jennifer is home. This is where the chart makes an enormous shift and starts to paint a different scenario. Aries has moved onto the descendant and Mars has slipped into the eighth house. Mars is in Taurus, exactly trine Venus in Capricorn in the fourth. Libra is rising. I must say that there was electricity between her and this man. He was strongly interested in her, sexually. He was aggressive about it, as well. Mars is in positive aspect to Venus, so he had no intention of hurting her. He was simply very interested and had somehow worked his way into her sphere, either in the house or nearby.

Strangely enough, by 11:59, Venus has backed into the third and Mars is in the seventh. He is with her and they are both in the car! Is she driving him somewhere? Or is he forcing her to go with him? Interestingly enough, during this phase, the Moon is opposing Mars and moving into the second house. This means he was successful in hiding his motives at first but, in time, they became more clear. I believe he began to address his financial needs and decided then to rob her. Regardless of what had happened to his sexual attraction to her, he was now motivated by her money or possessions. The chart does not define rape. If there was sex, it would have been mutual, and since that is unlikely knowing that Jennifer was in love with her fiance, then we can assume she managed to deflect his sexual advances without violence. Perhaps his forcing her into her car was part of his angry reaction to being rejected? Or perhaps he was taking her elsewhere, someplace he could hold her for awhile, under his own control? Someplace where he could force her? Perhaps. But the chart also clearly states that his attentions have now been drawn to her wallet.

At 1:00 am, the chart still shows Jennifer still alive and the two of them together. Scorpio is now rising and Taurus is on the descendant. Venus is in the third house, showing that he is in the car. Pluto is in the second house, so perhaps she is at the bank? Perhaps she is getting money? Venus is disposited by Saturn in the tenth, so they are likely in a public place, such as a bank parking lot, ATM machine, check cashing place or the like. Pluto is disposited by Jupiter in the first and conjoined the Moon, so this upsets her but she has agreed to do it. She thinks it will get her out of this jam. Get him some money and he goes away. She seems worried but comfortable enough. Perhaps she knew this man, as the chart originally indicates? Someone she worked with? Or perhaps someone who worked in a restaurant or bar she frequented? Perhaps time will sort this out.

The thing about this new chart is that I do not see a murder. I do not see a time at which violence occurred. There are planetary aspects that hint at confrontations but nothing that shows her death. Between 2 and 2:30 am, the chart ruler moves into the twelfth which can often point to death but no other planets work with it in that direction. In fact, it looks more like she went into hiding. That she was stowed away somewhere, hidden. It also looks like they went back to her home. Now, the home was not ransacked. There were no clues there. So perhaps they went back to clean up, to replace her purse, to do everything they could to erase what they had done. That is very likely. Planets keep joining Mercury in the second and third houses, Mercury rules the descendant, so this seems to indicate that our perpetrator went around enlisting help from other people. He shared out some money and shared the car, as well. At one point, it looks like there are 4 or 5 people in that car.

But if Jennifer has been killed since it is not apparent in this chart. She was taken and hidden somewhere, for how long I cannot know. With so many planets moving in and out of the second house, I begin to think this is a financial motivation. That perhaps she was sold for money. That seems crazy when you look at a young professional living in sunny Orlando, Florida, but always remember the market likes young blonds and this is what she was. The motivation started out as sexual and then it turned to money? Sounds like porn or the sex trade to me. Although I cannot be sure exactly what they did with her, I can tell from the chart that she was not killed that night. She may have been killed at a later date, perhaps when they were finished with her. However, she may very well be alive. I applaud her family on their determination to find out what happened to Jennifer and my heart is with them. She may very well be in a brothel or on film somewhere today and they should keep looking until they find a body or their daughter alive.

The only other thing I can offer is a description of the kidnapper. Mars in Taurus is his signifigator and traditional Astrology defines him in a certain light. He is of medium stature, neither tall nor short. In a man I believe that means between 5'8" and 6'1" approx. He would have a muscular body... not a weightlifter or bodybuilder type but simply a strong body with a large muscular frame. He might look athletic although he's probably a couch potato. He likely has a ruddy, florid complexion with reddish brown hair. This does not mean he has acne. If he is white, his face is reddish in color; if he is black or Hispanic, he has a bronze glow to his complexion. His hair is probably coarse or curly. He has an oval or round face with a hungry demeanor. He might have a scar on his face or neck, as well. He could be any race. He might have a temper, especially in regards to the opposite sex. He has a strong sex drive and can be very demanding. He may also be poor, most likely from being a spendthrift and likes to gamble, even though he loses often. He is self-centered and impulsive, often extravagant. His appetites can lead him to do treacherous, abusive things to other people.

I hope this helps those who are looking for this lovely girl. And I invite other Astrologers to give their point of view. If you draw up another chart with your own analysis, I will publish it here on this blog. Thanks for reading!



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  1. I believe we should all pray very hard to bring Jennifer home. God in Heaven, hear our prayers; please hear our prayers Father, PLEASE Father PLEASE release Jennifer; pour out your infinate mercy and love on her and her family, answer our prayers and send your ANGELS to deliver her out of the bondage she is in!!!!

  2. Hi, I have always been interested in the afterlife and astrology, I am an Aquarius. Have a nice week, very intersting posts.


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