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Karen S. Adams

Woman disappears on her way out of local Casino


Karen S. Adams was last seen at a popular gambling location in Hancock County, West Virginia. On the evening of March 11, 2007, Adams drove her red/maroon, four-door, 2005 Suzuki Forenza sedan with Pennsylvania license plate ETD5587 just across the Pennsylvania state line to the Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort to play bingo. She was seen there and was known to have left the bingo area around 11 p.m. that evening, possibly headed to the gaming side of the resort to play the slot machines. She was observed on surveillance video at approximately 3 a.m. on the morning of March 12, 2007, leaving the gambling complex and she has not been seen nor heard from since that time. Her car has also not been located.

3 AM March 12, 2007 Hancock WV

I drew a chart for this time and this place. Here are the placements, as I discovered them:

Sagittarius Rising
Gemini Falling
Pluto close to the Ascendant
Pluto disposited by Jupiter in the twelfth
Jupiter in the twelfth house in Sagittarius
Moon in the twelfth house in Sagittarius
Mercury in Aquarius in the Second House
Neptune conjoined with Mercury
Mercury & Neptune disposited by Uranus in the third
Uranus in Pisces conjoined with the North Node
Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception

Facts from chart:

Sagittarius is Rising, Gemini is falling

Equates to:

Sagittarius is the sign of the Gambler, the player, the sportsman and the game. She is ruled by the rising sign, so this shows that she was gambling, something we already knew but is born out by the chart.

Gemini is falling, on the descendant, and therefor represents any "enemies", kidnappers, abductors, murderers or anyone else she might have faced at this time, as well as lovers, friends, close associates, business partners and spouses. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the wing footed messenger, and often points to a mercenary, a merchant type, a thief, a con man, a man or woman on the move, someone young, someone clever and devious.

Jupiter in Sagittarius conjoined with the Moon in the twelfth house.

This equates to:

Jupiter rules the Ascendant (Sagittarius) and therefor defines Karen Adams both at that time and currently. The Moon is always the co ruler in these charts and so therefor is also a planet that defines Karen at that time. They are together in the twelfth house, a house which rules cemeteries, prisons, hospitals, places of confinement, old age homes, illness, large groups where people lose their identity, cults, religions, illusions, narcotics, the ocean and death. The presence of both of these planets in this house is not a good sign.

Pluto in Sagittarius is near conjunction with the Ascendant:

This equates to:

Pluto is a sign of violence, mob scenes, dictators, mass consciousness, hypnotism, confusion, clarity, upset, revolution, change and hysteria. This planet right on the Ascendant indicates that she may have met with violence. She may have even have been very upset and been hysterical, screaming. It seems that is what is happening. Pluto is also disposited the chart ruler, Jupiter, placed in the twelfth house of death.

With these planets alone, I am guessing she met a violent end and is dead. I will leave other interpretations to you.

Going forward, I also see:

Gemini falling indicates the person or persons she encountered at this time in this place. This sign is ruled by Mercury and this planet is in the second house. The second house is the home of that which belongs to the victim. This would be her money, her wallet, her purse, her car, her winnings and whatever else she may have been carrying that night. With Mercury, the ruler of her enemy, placed in this house, I would guess that he or she had designs on something Karen had that he or she wanted.

Mercury is disposited by Uranus, in the third house. Uranus is the planet of upsets, sudden events, surprises, excitement, electricity and life changing upheavals. This makes me think that this person had a sudden opportunity, a life changing event, that simply came at him or her "out of the blue". Here came Karen with her money, her car, her something...

And Mercury is in the third house, which rules cars, transportation, movement, parking lots, merchants, shops, retail trade, salesmen, thieves and messengers. So I think this sudden event occurred in the parking lot. He or she just happened to be there... when Karen came along. "The right place at the right time"... and this is eerily born out by the presence of the North Node near Uranus in the third house. The North Node is a karmic position, often creating circumstances that are "meant to be" or unavoidable at the least.

So Karen came along that exactly the right time and the thief got the money and took the car, too. The car, as the FBI say, has still not been found.

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Of course, the next question a good investigator asks, is now that we know she is dead, then where is her body?

Looking again at her ruler, Sagittarius, and the planet Jupiter that is placed near the Moon in the twelfth, we have to consider these placements in figuring out her current placement. Sagittarius rules the outdoors, high sloping ground, horse stables, universities, fireplaces, army barracks or military housing and any place that stores firearms or ammunition.

Then we have to consider the planet, Jupiter. Jupiter describes Churches, courtrooms, horse stables (again) and private garages. But it also describes the outdoors, bushes, woods, forests and orchards. So putting the two together, planet with sign, then you have two choices that blend well: She is either in the woods somewhere on high sloping ground, perhaps near a stables or close to military housing... OR... She is hidden in a private garage where someone keeps their guns and located perhaps near a school, university or army barracks.

Now, these are my best GUESSES.

And then the next question a good investigator asks is: So we know she died violently, how do we find the fleabag who did it?

At this point, we look at the seventh house, also called the descendant to describe the person who did this. As we noted before, this house is ruled by Mercury, which is placed in the third house in the sign Aquarius. It is closely aligned with Neptune, also in Aquarius.

Neptune rules drugs so we might assume this person was a drug user. Not a guarantee, just a strong possibility. Neptune in Aquarius also points at someone who lives on the edge, who doesn't follow the rules, who breaks with the pack. This is a rebel, a renegade, a rouge. And the traditional Astrological definition of the physical attributes ruled by Mercury in Aquarius are as follows:

Someone of average height who tends to be chubby.
This person has a full face with a clear complexion.
Brown hair and blue grey or hazel eyes.
This person also gives the appearance of being very bright and intelligent even is he or she is not.

This is what our chart tells us. The police just need to fill in the blanks!



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