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Brandi Wells

Young Lady Leaves Nightclub and Disappears

From: The Charlie Project:

Missing Since: 08/03/06
Missing from: Longview, Texas
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: 11/28/82
Age at disappearance: 23
Weight: 120 – 130 pounds
White Female

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A floral print brown and cream-colored tube top with a V cut over the hip, rust-colored gaucho pants, black strapless high-heeled sandals with a floral applique.

Distinguishing Characteristics:Wells’s nicknames are Blinky and Boo. She blinks frequently. Her hair was slightly below her shoulders at the time of her disappearance, without bangs. Her ears are pierced one time each, and she has French tips on her fingernails. Wells broke her left thumb at age ten and had a pin implanted, but the pin was removed after the injury healed.

Details of Disappearance

Wells was last seen in Longview, Texas on August 3, 2006. She planned to go to a pawnshop to get some money, but ended up going to Graham Central Station, a nightclub, instead. Wells is known to have arrived at the club at 10:30 p.m. She was unfamiliar with the area where the club was located, and had to call them several times to ask for directions. By the time she got there, her car was almost out of gasoline and she asked other customers for assistance, but it is unclear whether anyone offered to help her. She left alone shortly after midnight. She was not intoxicated at the time. She has never been heard from again.

Wells’s black four-door 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, which has the Texas license plate number J50ZTD and damage to the passenger side just above the front wheel, disappeared with her. It was found five days later parked westbound on Interstate 20 at Texas Highway 31, just outside of Longview and 300 yards west of FM 2087. Inside were some of her personal belongings, including her wallet, purse and her ex-boyfriend’s nonfunctional cellular phone. There was no sign of Wells at the scene and no indications of a struggle, but the driver’s seat was reportedly pushed back, as if someone taller than Wells had driven it last. After Wells disappeared, there was some activity on her own cellular phone, which had disappeared with her. Three people found the phone and used it. All three individuals took a polygraph test; one of them, a man, failed it. The man has not been publicly identified, and though he has been interviewed multiple times by police, he has not been called a suspect in Wells’s case.

At the time of her disappearance, Wells resided with a roommate in Brownsboro, Texas. She is a graduate of Chapel Hill High School and, in August 2006, was looking forward to starting a new job at Wal-Mart and starting classes at Trinity Valley Community College. She dreamed of a career as a kindergarten or first-grade schoolteacher. Wells may have been taken against her will and foul play is possible in her disappearance. Her case remains unsolved.


I had some trouble with this case in the first efforts I made because the times kept getting sketchy. One site says she was last seen on the 3rd of August while another site says her car was found on the 3rd. Even the site I quote above makes it sound like she arrived at the club AND went missing on August 3rd. This is not possible because midnight intervenes. So what is the exact day and time? This makes a big difference as far as the exact position of the Moon and Ascendant, both key players in the forensic chart. I had to do some investigating and putting things together for myself to figure out which happened when. So after a lot of investigating, I came up with a police page that clarifies everything. She went out on the night of the 2nd, where she was seen at the club and then her car was found on the 3rd, which is the day they declared her missing. I also saw the same timeline on websleuths and All of these sites state that she went out on the 2nd and went missing on the 3rd. So this is what I have used for this analysis.

Brandi was last seen at 12:05 of the morning she was declared missing, August 3rd. She was seen leaving the nightclub at that hour and then her car was found later that morning. The chart for that hour is very interesting. You can see the first house ruler, Venus, leaving the fourth house for the third, which shows us that she left the establishment at that hour and went to the parking lot to get into her car. Notice the seventh house ruler, Mars, is in the nightclub. This is person she is about to meet. I find it interesting that the seventh house rulers, Mars and Pluto are in the eighth and fifth houses. This shows me sexual attraction. Pluto in the eighth also describes someone who is a criminal, very dangerous. Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter in the seventh house so this man was out having a good time, looking for a "partner", which could be anything from a pickup to a future girlfriend. But Pluto and Jupiter are in mutual reception from the eighth to the seventh houses so his perverted proclivities are always entangled with his relationship goals. He wants a woman but he can't help but be evil about it. He is most likely a rapist with a history of rape and sexual assault. Moon in the seventh shows us that he has seen or had contact with Brandi. The Moon is in Scorpio, also disposed of by Mars in the fifth and Pluto in the eighth so it looks like he wants to have sex with her. So here is the sexual attraction. Seeing that the Moon is sinister to a trine with the node in the twelfth and that the node is disposed of by Neptune in the eleventh, I am thinking that he spotted her, was attracted to her and went about planning an interlude. Neptune in the eleventh can mean that he pretends to be friendly when, in truth, he has darker desires.

Dispositions always show us the intentions, actions and desires of the subject. Here, Mars, which rules the seventh house from the fifth, is disposed of by Mercury. See how Mercury is at the nadir, moving outside of the fourth, right behind Venus, which is the marker for the victim? He is following her outside. I am not sure she invited him because the markers show her leaving alone but he is going to make a connection with her. Moon and Jupiter are both along combust way (conjunct a series of malefic fixed stars) and so warn us of danger. Another fixed star that figures in this chart include Unukalha which is conjunct the Moon and describes drugs. The fixed star Pollux is very close to Brandi's marker, Venus, and describes misfortune. Pluto, the seventh house ruler, is very close to the fixed star Sinistra, which describes obsessive lust, sexual predation and sexual attack. And finally I must note that Mars is square to Kelb Alrai (which is positioned in the eighth house) and describes poisoning. With these placements in mind, I am searching the charts for proof that he drugged her in the bar and then followed her along until she became too impaired to drive. I think this is when he took over the scene. Noticing that Mercury rules the third house and disposes of Mars I would have to agree with the investigators that this man was driving Brandi's car at some point.

The progressed chart for a half hour later shows us the first house ruler in the third which means she is in a car, most likely hers. Mercury disposes of the seventh house ruler so it shows us his activity. Both Venus, which rules the first, and this dispositor are together in the third in the sign Cancer. In turn, they are both disposed of by the Moon, which is in the seventh house. Considering that the Moon is always the chart co ruler, I would have to guess that he got in her car with her. The Moon shows us their union and the disposition tells me that he was doing this in order "to help her". Mercury, which disposes of Mars, is now ruling the second house, so I am thinking he offered her money. He was going to buy her some gas, I suppose. And perhaps in exchange for a ride home? This is just guessing. But even so, it just feels right. Considering everything the chart has already revealed, I must note that the Moon also rules the fourth house. So it was her intention to just go home. She had not agreed to go anywhere else with this man. They were going to get gas, perhaps, and then she would take him home and then go on to her own home. That appears to be what the charts are telling us. But keeping in mind the placement of Kelb Alrai, I am afraid that he may have drugged her drinks in the bar (perhaps after buying them for her) and waited until she was helpless. I personally think she was helpless from the git go. This girl, like most victims, was small. I think small women must be extremely careful at all times. I am not going to blame the victim EVER in any case because men who take women this way are flat out EVIL but women should not, ever, accept help from strangers or go home with men they do not know. I also believe that women should not go to bars or other social events alone unless they know the bartender or bar owner or have friends who are there at the same time. Not being critical, just speaking from experience...

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I do believe, from the placement of the angular rulers, Mars and Venus, that his desire was to get into a car with Brandi. Whether this was his car or hers, it does seem that he either got into a car with her at the time she left the bar or he went about following her in his own car. Mars is disposed of by Mercury in the third, closely aligned with Venus. Since Mars is not in the third itself but only the dispositor, it simply shows us that his purpose was to either go along with her or to follow her. The Moon rules the fourth and both Mercury and Venus are in Cancer, so I would say he was hoping to go home with her. With the fourth house ruler, the Moon, placed in the seventh, this is even more apparent. Another thing I would like to point out, just for sharing with other students, is that Saturn on the tenth is placed in Leo in the fourth house conjoined the Sun, which also rules the fifth. Now, if this doesn't describe the nightclub to you I don't know what will. Also, you can see the markers are there to describe a black car, which we know was hers. Moon rules the third and is placed at the descendant in the sign Scorpio. In turn, it is disposed of by Mars in the sign Virgo. Virgo is a marker for black (although black speckled with other colors is also acceptable) and is showing us her car. And since this color marker is also connected to the seventh house cusp, I am pretty sure from this alone that he got into her car with her. Most especially since Mars rules the seventh house cusp and is the main marker for her abductor.

The first thing that stands out for me in the chart for 1 am is the movement of the midheaven. We now have Aquarius on the tenth house cusp with Uranus in the eleventh. At the same time, Uranus is opposed to Mars, which rules the seventh house. This place where he takes her is a place he is either not welcome or is not supposed to be. This opposition occurs on the fifth-eleventh house axis so the place may have a romantic or sexual link for him. Remember those markers as we move ahead in the analysis. From the other descriptors, like Uranus in Pisces in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius , my best guess would be a location near railroad tracks or depot. Uranus in Pisces would also describe large bodies of water like a river or the ocean. But looking at the map, out of curiosity, I see that Longview is no where near the ocean. It is not far from Dallas, which is in the center of the state. So this rules out the beach markers. I will go with the markers for the railroad tracks and train depot, though, as the maps show me there is a Union Pacific Railroad running in that area, along with Amtrak. There is one particular place I find fascinating. On the map I note that there is a corporation called Anadarko Petroleum in the area that is a railroad company and it is situated on Lake Cherokee. Neptune often describes the oil and gas industries. Pisces might be referring to the lake, especially if it's deep enough for large fish. Uranus and the sign Aquarius emphasizes the trains and railroad tracks. According to Google, there are homes along that lake. And this is a PRIVATE lake, owned by shareholders! So this supports the idea that he is in a home where he doesn't belong. Now, to top all of this off, there is an airport right near there and this works with Uranus and the sign Aquarius, as well. In fact, it's perfect. So I might be willing to say with some certainty that he took this girl to the Cherokee Lake area after he abducted her from the bar.

The chart for 2 am shows the first house marker, Mercury, in the second house. This tells me that Brandi has gotten out of the car. Whether she got out on her own or was forced out I do not know. But there are even more interesting clues in this chart. Jupiter, the seventh house ruler, is in the sixth with the Moon. This adds markers for work and service to the event. This is either a place where he works or has worked, most likely in the service sector, or this event is related to some sort of work that he does. These planets are in the sign Scorpio so it is not outlandish to suspect this might indicate the sex industry. But Scorpio also describes sewers, cesspools, sinks, toilets, etc.. so it is possible that he is a plumber and that he did this kind of work either at this exact house or in the neighborhood. In any event, he knew this house was vacant and he knew how to get in. The house itself would be described by the fourth house cusp, which is Leo. The neighborhood would be described by the third house cusp, which is Cancer. We have already established that this is an area near a lake. The house itself was likely painted yellow and had a bright, sunny appearance. There may have been gold finishes, such as trim or finials. Perhaps red curtains in a huge window in a large den area along the northeast side of the home. Sun in Leo conjunct Saturn in Leo shows us that the home had either been there a long while or it was brand new. If it was brand new and not occupied yet that may explain why he had been there doing work and knew the home was vacant. Moon conjunct Jupiter is a very clear marker that shows he had been here before and that is why they came back here on this night.

Since no blood or other evidence was found in her vehicle, I am going to assume that she got out of that car alive. The charts do not indicate one way or the other. Pluto in the seventh with Mars in the fourth now shows us that he was waiting to get into the house to attack her. Pluto is a very grim omen. He is seething with violence. Pluto and Jupiter are in mutual reception so this man enjoys violence and he can't help himself. Notice in the same pattern that the Moon in Scorpio translates the light from the Sun in Leo to Neptune in Aquarius from the third to the ninth house. I am thinking he recorded this event. There is a documentation of what happened to this girl somewhere. And it very well may have been made into porn. In fact, this man may very well be involved with the porn industry and he may have been into photography. Notice how the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, is trine to the tenth house ruler, Uranus, and how Uranus is in mutual reception with Neptune. This is an interesting group of interactive aspects that give us a good picture of what is going on. There is no doubt in my mind that he recorded this event. I am not sure, however, what he did with the movie. The charts certainly hint at porn while, at the same time, they are clear about an electronic recording.

It is possible that he took her for sex or for porn. This house he took her to was likely vacant but he had access to it somehow. The charts all the way until dawn show ongoing sexual activity and some violence but no death pattern. The death pattern does not appear until after dawn. The ongoing sex markers in the charts combine with the movement of her marker into the second house, showing financial concerns. The Moon travels through the sixth house for a large part of the early morning hours, showing work and service. I am pretty sure he took her and used her in the sex trade. To support this, the abductor's markers move into the second house, as well, showing financial gain. He may very well have sold this recording as a snuff film or as a porn movie or whatever.

Please look at the chart for 7 am. You will see the death pattern very clearly. Sun rules the first house from the twelfth, Mars in the first, Moon in the fourth, Pluto in the fifth, tenth house ruler in the twelfth, seventh house ruler in the eighth and eighth house ruler in the seventh (at the descendant). At the time of death, the Moon was sinister to the fixed star, Polis, showing drugs or drunkenness, so it may be that Brandi was intoxicated at the time of death. From the earlier markers in the chart, I am pretty sure she was drugged in the bar. But the real omen for me is the opposition of the Moon to the fixed star, Algol, showing murder and mayhem. This opposition in the death chart is exact. And because of this aspect alone I feel confident in saying that this girl is dead.

Now, once the charts show us death our next interest is where the body was discarded. We want to know where we would find this girl should we go looking. Also, a descriptor for her killer would also be useful. I will start by addressing the location of the body. Starting with the death chart, we pin the body with the planet Saturn, which is in Leo in the twelfth house. We know by the movement of the solar system, that this planet will rise from here, through the eleventh and tenth houses. The sign Leo shows northeasterly movements while the twelfth house shows us a southeasterly movement and rising towards the eleventh, it moves south by southeast. From these combinations, we can agree that he will probably take the body in an easterly direction. But noting that the Moon is still in the fourth house we can say that he hasn't done that yet, at least not at 7 am. But in the chart for 8 am, we see the Moon moving into the third house, which shows them leaving the house. In this chart, we note that the Moon's dispositors, Mars and Pluto are both angular in the first and fourth houses, confirming the easterly direction. Mars in Virgo tells me her put her body in a box. He may have altered her body in some way to make it fit into a box. Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter, also in the third, so he was able to bring the "mess" with him and not leave it in the house. I know this seems strange but it might be possible if you think about it. He put everthing into the car but he was very clinical and methodical about everything. The first house ruler, the Sun, is conjoined Saturn in the twelfth, showing us that it was her body he was trying to hide. The sign Leo is very descriptive and helpful so we will explore it in a minute. And it is here that we finally see the black car. The markers here are clearly for a black car, so we can believe that he moved her body in her own car. He must have been extremely methodical and careful because the police found nothing in that car. But he put her body in a box and then put her in the car.

The charts are telling us that the took the body in an easterly direction from the Lake Cherokee area. The markers do not describe water so she is not in that lake. If there is an area nearby that has government buildings (like city hall, the police station, the library, etc...) then you should travel through this area going east. After passing through this area, still going east or even a little southeast at this point, you should look for a public park. This would be a wooded and forested park with a lot of sandy ground. It should have the combined look of a desert and a wooded area. There should be no bodies of water in the park. There should also be fairly large animals, perhaps large cats like panthers or cougars OR desert animals like armadillo or wild boar. There would likely be large bee hives in the region with swarms of bees in the forested areas. Look for citrus trees combined with trees like bay, walnut, olive or palm trees, whichever are indigenous to the region. Wild rosemary or peppermint as well as sunflowers, marigolds, passion flowers or celendine should be growing in the greener areas of the park. Although there are no large bodies of water in this park, the body would have been buried or sunk into a water source such as a cesspool, sewer, sinkhole or stagnant pool of water with muddy ground. If there are public bathrooms on the premises check the sewer system whether it's a city supplied pipe system or a septic system. Look, also, for deepwater wells on the premises or manmade runoff such as drainage ditches or retention ponds. Any area with marsh water or muddy ground should be searched, especially if there are swarms of insects, including bees. Outside sinks near grilling areas are also markers. In fact there should be both outside sink or shower areas combined with grilling areas or outdoor chimneys or firepits. The body will be located in this general area in a place where there are large swarms of insects, bees or other bugs, and standing water from some stinky source. This is the area in the park where she will most likely be found. I have worked long and hard on determining locational markers in these charts. I try to be as descriptive as I can be.

Now, in determining the appearance of the abductor, the astrology is not as clear. I am not convinced yet that traditional markers are useful but I still use them for this experiment and will do so until they are firmly disproven. I have added to these traditional markers some descriptors that I have developed over time from experience. There are just certain factors that are always consistant within one sign or the other and within one placement or another. I have found these to be consistant in my work and research over a long history. So I feel confident adding these to the traditional markers in order to give everyone a pretty good view of who this might be. In this case, the abductor is ruled by the sign Scorpio, which gives the rulers Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Sagittarius as descriptive markers. Traditional markers for Mars in Virgo gives a well proportioned, muscular body of medium height. It gives dark brown or reddish brown hair with a broad, high, forehead. It also gives high cheekbones, a large nose, brown eyes and thin lips. Traditional markers for Pluto in Sagittarius give a tall, sporting figure with a chaotic, almost wild countenance. The body may be well developed, athletic or built up such as in weight lifting or body building as a sport. This gives a large, oval face with large nostrils and an intense look. Low set, thick, bushy eyebrows. Auburn or dark black hair. Large mouth with thick lips and penetrating, staring eyes that are button black. With all of these traditional markers it seems to boil down to several descriptors: auburn hair and dark eyes with a strong, well made body. In adding to these from my own experience, I would say that this person is athletic in some way and is careful with his appearance to the extent of being clean and well groomed. There may be a bit of "animal" in the appearance, as if he were sort of barbaric. I do not think he would be large in size. He would be a flexible personality (both are mutable signs) and would have lived a life filled with change. This is a bachelor personality who would be unlikely to be married. There is an interest in "manly" activities and a tendency to get into fights and arguments. He would be known as "scrappy" and somewhat of a lone wolf. He would not have many friends. He would have some mechanical ability and likes to work with his hands. He would love to watch and bet on horse races and probably also loves to travel, especially driving his own car or riding on a train. He also likes car races, wrestling, boxing, ultimate fighting, hunting and rodeo. His way of dressing would be average and he would look like everybody else. The only thing that would stand out about this man would be that tinge of the "animal" about him, that hint of the wild. Sensitive people would be afraid of this man, not because of anything outright, but because of the subtle emanations he gives off. He is definitely capable of violence and does not feel remorse.