Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Molly Bish

On June 27, 2000 her mother dropped Molly off at Comins Pond to work as a lifeguard, her summer job. That was the last time anybody saw her and her body was found some time later at a nearby location. The beach appeared to be deserted at the time and there were no clues. There have been no charges brought in this case. Her mother, however, was suspicious of a man she saw sitting in a car in the area on occasion, just watching the waves. She had a feeling he might have been watching Molly, too.

In this chart we see some interesting details. Drawn up for June 27, 2000 between 10 am (the time her mother dropped her off) and 10:20 am (the time when a co-worker arrived and found her missing), the chart reveals the following placements: Aquarius is rising at 23 degrees with Pisces intercepted in the first house. Interestingly enough we find Pisces rising during many murders and disappearances. That is an interesting fact that should be further researched! Back to the chart, we find that Sagittarius is on the midheaven and Leo is on the seventh house cusp with Virgo intercepted. The Moon is placed in the second house in Taurus. Uranus, the chart ruler, is in the twelfth house, just behind the Ascendant point, almost conjoined. The Sun, ruler of the seventh house, is in Cancer, in the fifth house. For note: I placed the chart at 10:10 am exactly, as the time between the two times in question.

In reading this chart, I see that Uranus, Molly's ruler at the time, was just behind the Ascendant in the twelfth. She wasn't where she was supposed to be at this moment, not at the lifeguard stand where she should have been. She was most likely in the water (twelfth house), swimming. She was "behind herself" in a way and not visible to anyone who might be looking around. The killer, ruled by the Sun in Cancer, in the fifth house, was a regular visitor to Comins Pond. He finds the Pond recreational. He enjoys swimming and laying in the sun. I believe he was regular at the Pond, a swimmer, a sun bather, a walker, a wind surfer, fisherman etc.... He knew about the lifeguard station.

The first aspect the Sun makes is a conjunction to Mars. Mars rules the second house. Mars is placed in the fifth house of sexual attraction. I think he went to the lifeguard station looking for something of Molly's. He was looking for a towel, a band aid, a respirator, some suntan oil. He was going through her things (her second house) when she reappeared. Mars indicates aggression. I believe he used this need as a ruse to confront her. Venus was in close conjunction with these other planets so he found her attractive. Mercury is also placed in the fifth house closely aligned with this group of planets in Cancer. There is a deep emotional need this man has. It is fuel for fantasy (Mercury in Cancer in the fifth) and he thinks about this kind of thing a lot. He gets sexually aroused around the water. He likes women who are around the water, lifeguards, swimmers, walkers, surfers, women who fish and seek sea shells. The combination of Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Cancer in the fifth house indicates that a great deal of his emotional life is caught up with his sexual drives, causing him to act out emotionally in response to sexual urges.

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So he went to the lifeguard station while she was swimming. He was digging through her things, pretending to need her help, when she emerged from the water. She was helpful, perhaps even applying bandages or loaning him a towel. As soon she was relaxed enough to look away for one moment, he grabbed her. Taken off guard, she was helpless to resist. Jupiter, ruler of the Midheaven (the public) was placed in the third house of communications. The word of her disappearance spread fast and filled the newspapers. The neighborhood got involved and they did organized searches. However, with Neptune, co-ruler of the first house, in the twelfth house, retrograde in motion, it would be a while before they found her. Neptune clouds vision and makes things hard to see. In the chart, Pluto is conjoined with the Midheaven, exactly 10 degrees of Sagittarius. The brutality of this murder would become public. Her body would be found and it would be proof of a violent death. In truth, she was not found for 3 years and she was just pieces and parts. The first thing they found was her blue swimsuit, floating around in the brush. She was found only five miles from the Pond where she was taken.

Now I am going to attempt to identify her killer. There are a multitude of planets that can assist me in this delineation. First of all, he is a small man with an unhealthy appearance. He may be stocky and has a labored, winded way of walking. He is basically short and wide. He has dark hair with wide, large, expressive eyes. His eyes are brown or hazel in color. They are the most prominent facial feature. He has a harmless, cheerful disposition but in private is a "rule the roost" type of man, a man who thinks women should stay "in their place". He can be quite bossy and sexually aggressive in close, personal relationships. He could easily be a rapist. Other features could include a sharp nose, thin lips and a dull, darkish complexion. With Mercury Cancer conjoined to Mars and Venus, he often allows his emotions to overcome his reason and tends to dwell in self pity. His sex drive is very strong and his imagination is really active. He has trouble waiting for women to say "yes" or to find him attractive, which they often do not. He tends to force himself wherever he pleases rather than wait for dejection.

This man can be found near water. He loves the ponds, the beach, the waterways. He travels around the area and seeks out waterfronts. He does not travel real far, however, as Cancer tends to stay close to home, to be clingy to their family and close relations. If the cops want him, he is still in the same area visiting the beaches, ponds and waterways, seeking out pretty young girls.

For those of you who wish to draw up a comparison chart, Molly disappeared on June 27, 2000 at around 10:00- 10:20 am at Comins Pond at Warren, Massachusetts. You are encouraged to post your chart results on the comments section so we can all read it!

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