Friday, January 25, 2008

Jennifer Nielsen


This is a horrible murder, one that just offends the sensibilities. I had not even heard of it until I was paging through other blogs and found one that mentioned this murder. I looked it up and saw that many other people were discussing it and it was still an open investigation with few if any clues. Of course, my interest was piqued and I decided to give this one a go. All I can do is hope it helps!

I was totally horrified by the idea of a woman, being 8 months pregnant and delivering newspapers for money, murdered for no obvious reason, left with her baby to die in a trash lot behind a convenience store. I am totally revolted as I am sure most readers are, as well. So I rushed to draw up a chart and found that I ended up doing several! The first chart I did was for the time of her discovery, which showed me a lot but very little about the murder. This first chart showed that she was working (already known), was found dead laying out in the open (already known) and that her discovery was an accident (the cops had been called for an abandoned vehicle, not a dead body), etc... So frustrated, I drew up charts for every hour earlier back to 12 midnight to find the one that showed the event. After this effort, I found it! Hence, I can safely say that she was murdered right around 3:00 in the morning.

The chart I drew for 3:00am shows the following positions and aspects. Taurus was rising and Venus was placed in the 4th house. Scorpio was falling and Pluto was placed in the eighth house. Co-ruler Mars was placed in the twelfth house and chart co-ruler Moon was in the first. Venus is disposited by the Sun in the second house. Pluto is disposited by Jupiter in the seventh house. Mars is disposited by itself. Saturn is placed close to Venus, also in the fourth house. As is already known, she was killed not far from her home and placed in a public place.

Pluto being placed in the eighth house is a big marker in this chart. The person who killed Jennifer was a real "scumbag". He or she lives a life of crime and violence. This person, no doubt, has a lengthy record with many run ins with the police. He or she has been arrested numerous times and spends a great deal of time on the "underbelly" of society. Disposition by Jupiter in the seventh house indicates that this person intended to "benefit" greatly by this deed. Did this person benefit? Perhaps.

The disposition of Venus by the Sun in the second house indicates that money or possessions were involved. Jupiter sitting in the seventh house indicates that the attacker was a frequent visitor to this place. The place was a convenience store and it's probable that he or she saw Jennifer inside the store at first. He or she may have been looking around for something to steal. Perhaps this person visited the store often, to steal food or beer or other things.

Moon in the first indicates that Jennifer somehow drew attention to herself in the store, either by a discussion or expression of mood. Her pregnancy may have drawn a comment from the clerk. She was very obviously pregnant. Because the Moon is disposited by Mercury, also in the second house, I believe that when she drew this attention, the killer noticed money, jewelry, an expensive item or whatnot. She may even have withdrawn money from the ATM or perhaps she had a very nice wedding ring that was visible. This is what our vile criminal noticed when he or she saw this pregnant woman at the counter.

Co-ruler Mars in the twelfth house means that Jennifer did not even notice the killer. He or she was lurking around quietly and they did not speak or even exchange glances. Her killer sneaked up behind her as she approached her car and attacked her as she tried to get in it. However, interest was not in the car but either cash or jewelry or some other valuable Jennifer had in her possession. The murderer dragged her out back for privacy, at knife point, and demanded the cash or other item, which Jennifer attempted to keep. It may have been something dear like her wedding ring and she either did not want to give it up or had trouble getting it off her finger, etc...

There are no direct aspects to or from her ruler, Mercury, so I don't think she fought hard. She wanted to live and didn't think the item was worth her life. But whatever his or her reason, the killer stabbed her to death. Pluto in the eighth house indicates a very angry person, especially combined with Mars in Aries in the twelfth house. This person wanted to hurt everyone he or she attacked. This night was a good night for that. And this person was always ready to fight and even to kill other people!

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However, there is one little detail that I think I should add. Mercury was in Cancer and this could very well mean that it was a sentimental item, such as a wedding ring or a gift of jewelry or a family heirloom item that she was wearing that was taken. Cancer is often the mother link so perhaps it was something passed down and very dear to Jennifer.

Now that we know what happened and we are outraged, our next thoughts are always going to be, "who is this person?" and "how can we catch him or her?". Well, I can provide only one more thing in this behalf. I can give a fair description of the culprit and hope this helps anyone who has a mind to search. Mars in Aries is our indicator so I will read it this way: This person is of medium stature, neither very tall nor very short. This is a large boned person with a wiry, muscular body and one who is fast and furious in a fight. There is a long, oval shaped face with a broad forehead and high cheekbones. This person has way too little virtue and way too much false pride. He or she is swift in action, impulsive and does not give much thought before the act and little introspection or concern afterwards.

This person will have prominent ears, ones that "stand out". A long nose with large nostrils, deep set eyes, sandy to dark brown hair and a small mouth. His or her eyes may be any color. The skin is rugged, reddish, freckled and over dry. This person is known for being treacherous and downright cruel. Very little compassion or sympathy for others and may well be a sociopath. He or she very often carries a weapon, in fact, would feel naked without one. Knives and guns are weapons of choice. The knife in this matter is often said to have a sexual component, so perhaps Jennifers' pregnancy was a reason to choose her! Given that, this attacker could equally be a female as a male. The planets point more toward male, but this is not a given.

Astrologers who would like to do a comparison chart, Jennifer was killed at 3:00 am and found at 5:00 am on June 14, 2007 at Raleigh, NC. Please post your findings on the comment area so we can all see what you have discovered! -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

Friday, January 18, 2008

Lisa Michelle Stebic

Young Woman Disappears From Home Early In The Evening

PLEASE NOTE: This chart and case has been revised twice. The most recent revision is available for reading at: Lisa Michelle Stebic Revised.

Lisa Stebic simply disappeared from her home sometime around 6 in the evening. Not the usual hour for a kidnapping but often the time for home invasions. However, there was no sign of a break in or a struggle. Her husband believed that she might have been taken forcefully but could also have left willingly. This is a fresh missing persons case and the investigation is ongoing.

I do this work because I hope it will help someone along the way. Perhaps someone will take it seriously and investigate a lead I throw out. Or perhaps they will take the time to search an area that looks likely. In most cases, the victims are already dead or presumed dead. In some cases, they just disappear. Very few are presumed alive. It is those where the victim appears to still be alive about which I get the most excited. It is my sincere hope that someone will take the time to follow a lead and save someone before something awful happens.

This is one of those cases. How do I know that? Look at the chart! In the chart for this case I find that Scorpio is rising. This makes Pluto and Mars both chart rulers for our victim. Taurus on the seventh cusp makes Venus the ruler for the kidnapper or accomplice. Leo on the midheaven represents what the public knows. Aquarius on the fourth house represents the seat or home of the matter. The twelfth house, ruled by Venus, as well, shows us if someone is dead, where the body is and what condition it is in.

In all forensic charts, the eighth house represents seedy criminal people who may have played a part. In this chart, the seventh house ruler, Venus, is in the eighth house in the sign Gemini. This tells me that a very young person of sorry circumstances is involved. A teen who uses drugs or pimps for money, a young adult who is involved in gang violence or carjacking, a child who has grave troubles at home. These are all possible people who came into Lisa's home on this day. Speaking of the home, Neptune sits in the fourth house, pointing clearly at drugs at being at the "seat" of this matter. The attacker was looking for drugs or drug money when he or she entered the home and confronted Lisa.

Venus, the significator of the attacker, is in Gemini, disposited by Mercury in the seventh house. Mercury is closely aligned with the Sun. The coupling of two male planets in one house indicates that two men were involved in this event, either directly or indirectly. There would be a young man who was commandeered or mentored by an older man. The older man would be a father figure, a paternal influence, which could mean a pimp, a drug dealer, a gang leader, any man with great power in this young man's life. The younger man "learned the trade" so to speak from this powerful male figure. He shadowed everything this person did to Lisa on this day. He may even have masterminded the entire event. However, it is my intuitive belief that the younger male went into Lisa's house either on the direct urging of this older male or copied an act he had seen this man do before.

The good news with this chart is that there is nothing in the twelfth house. There are no planets in key positions indicating violence. However, there are key planets indicating a money connection and I will explain what I see. Jupiter and Pluto are in the second house of cash. Mars, the victim ruler in the chart, is in the fifth house, conjoined with Uranus. This is the house of gaming and gambling. I believe because of this key configuration, Lisa had been gambling or playing lotto or playing cards or something where she won a chunk of money. These planets are disposited by Neptune in the fourth house, indicating to me that she hid the money somewhere around her home. She kept the money secret from everyone and had it well hidden. The natural chart significator, the Moon, is placed in the first house, close to the ascendant. This indicates to me that Lisa made an emotional decision at this moment that affected the outcome of events in her favor.

So what does this all mean? I believe that it all centers around her secret win. She won the money at some event where some key figure noticed it. Someone from the neighborhood or someone who worked where the win occurred. I think they followed her home and perhaps were unable on that day to do anything, finding other people at the house or some other problem. They made note of the address and planned out the crime. On a better day, the boy went to the door and rang the bell. He pushed his way inside and demanded the money, perhaps at gunpoint. Lisa was calm and careful, going along with his demands, perhaps making a case that saved her life. Somehow or another she managed to go along with them and keep her fate within her control.

But the interesting twist in this chart appears to be Venus. As the significator of the attacker, it also rules the twelfth house of death. It sits in the chart in the eighth house, both as the ruler of the attacker and the ruler of the twelfth house or house of the grave. This combination leads me to believe that the perpetrator of this abduction is dead. Somewhere, somehow, he died. The planet ruling the twelfth placed in the eighth house indicates me to me that he is in his "grave". This is interesting because did Lisa manage to get free? Is she running now? Was she passed off to another abductor? To what end is she still being held?

To help along knowledge of the kidnapper, I see that Saturn resides in the public sector and is disposited by the Sun in the seventh house. This combination indicates that the police, the media, the public or public services agencies, are aware of the older man of this criminal team. He has a record of previous activity that has drawn attention. He has been on TV perhaps, arrested in the past for crimes. He may have spent many years in prison (Saturn).

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I do not see a sexual component in this chart, so I don't believe they took her for that nor do I believe this was an escape plot between her and a lover. The boy who actually took her was from a seedy neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks. He wanted the money for drugs. But if Lisa herself was tolerant of drugs or used them herself, even if just smoking pot, they might have been kinder to her. She might even have fallen into their crowd. I am assuming that she did whatever she could to stay alive. They no doubt got her to get them money but is there more? Perhaps she won a monthly stipend? Or perhaps the money she won is paid out yearly? Perhaps she has been handed off to a third party, who is holding her for other reasons. It is hard to tell from the original chart events what may transpire later. I just do not, at this point, see violence or a body buried anywhere. This gives us hope that she is still alive!

If other Astrologers would like to do a comparison chart, Lisa Stebic disappeared from Plainfield, Illinois on May 1, 2007 around 6 PM. Post your findings to the comment section so we can all consider it. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alecia Francis Conner


Alecia disappeared on Feb. 18, 2004, when she was last seen at a convenience store. Dropped off by a friend, this was the last place she was known to be and no one knows where she went from there. Her body was found on an Indian Reservation a month later, by Detectives, laying in a flood canal.

What on earth happened to Alecia and why was she found in another town, over a month later? Was she kidnapped and if so, who took her and why? Well, let's have a look at the chart to see what really went on in this now cold case. Using the Forensic Science of Astrology I can draw up a chart for the exact time she was last seen (8 pm) at this location, Phoenix, Arizona.

The Chart I create has Leo rising and a Taurus midheaven. Whenever I see a Taurus midheaven for an event, I have to seek out the nearby fixed stars. Here, I see that the most evil fixed star in the heavens lingers nearby, Caput Algol at 25 degrees of Taurus. From this placement alone I have to assume that she met a violent death. However, Detectives are saying there is no actual cause of death determined and that most likely means there are no visible signs of trauma, which leaves us with an even bigger mystery. If she died a violent death, why isn't it obvious? Why were there no bullet holes, stab wounds or crushed skulls or whatnot? My guess is that they were left with mostly bones, no blood and no smoking guns. You will see what I think happened as you read on.

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Virgo is rising so the chart ruler is Mercury, which represents our victim. The descendant is then Pisces, making Neptune the ruler of the other party involved. This most often means the killer or abductor but can often mean a helper if the victim has actually run away. The fourth house indicates what happened at the seat or "home" of the matter and the tenth house represents what the public knows. The eighth house indicates strangers and seedy people who might have played a part and the twelfth house indicates where the body was left or buried. It also indicates the condition of the body and whether the victim is dead or not. With this information, we attack the chart!

The ruler of the victim, Mercury, and the ruler of the other party, Neptune, are conjoined in Aquarius in the fifth house. Nearby, also in Aquarius, is the Moon. This indicates to me that these people got together, agreeably, to have a good time. Recreation of some sort would be involved, because of the fifth house. They were probably scheduled to meet up at the convenience store and this is why she obtained a lift to that location. They most likely met up there and went off to "have fun". Traditionally, Neptune most often indicates drinking, drugs, drug dealers and thieves. I would guess this other person had drugs or sold drugs and they met for the recreational use of these drugs. Beer may have been purchased at the store where she was last seen.

Complimenting the chart so far, Pluto is in the fourth house, indicating "underworld activity". Jupiter is in the twelfth, retrograde, so she did not die that night, not for some time, actually and was having a pretty good time when she did die. Jupiter often means "overindulgence" and it could very well be that she just overdid it.

Neptune, the ruler of the other party, is in mutual reception with Uranus, each planet dispositing the other. Uranus also disposits Mercury, the planet indicating the victim. Uranus sits in the sixth house in Pisces, which points to this being a day to day job, or way of making a living. From a health standpoint, it indicates some unusual drug or reaction to a drug. The activities of this evening where a bit out of the ordinary for the other party in this event. In addition, it is mostly likely the victim that had an "unusual" reaction to the one of the drugs or all of the drugs that were used.

So picture this: She arranges to meet a friend, who has a supply of dope, to spend some time getting high. It gets a little crazy, perhaps a little too much fun or some unusual things occur during this time. The other party has no real intention of killing the victim and it does not look like, when assessing the planets, that the victim was restrained or held against her will. But at some point along the party path, the victim overdoses or has a bad reaction. The other party flips out, doesn't quite know what to do about this, and ends up keeping her body in a hidden place for awhile. Later, when the time has come, he or she places the body in a flood canal, where it is later spotted. Saturn, the planet of death and time, is in the tenth house, retrograde. This means the body laid in this public spot for much longer than would be ordinary. It literally began to decay in this spot and may have been close to bones when found.

This chart looks like an accidental death to me, regardless of the placement of the fixed stars. It was a violent death of sorts but did not involve physical violence of an external nature. Neptune and Pluto in aspect can often mean poisoning and perhaps this is what really happened. Whether it was the drugs she took or something else that she consumed, a narcotic or poisonous agent is implicated. But there is still a need to locate the other party, who has, thus far, eluded detection. Investigators no doubt would like to talk to him or her. So let's take a look at who that person might be.

Neptune, the indicator, is in Aquarius. This placement would indicate a man or male person, either younger or older than the victim. Some disparity would exist, either in age, race or social status. This other party would, regardless of all other factors, be a very attractive individual. No matter what age or race, this person would be of medium height with a nicely made body shape. The person would be rather "elegant", having a graceful body movement and pleasant voice. Low forehead, long lashes and dimples. Sweeping brows and an upturned or "pug" nose. The hair and skin color is lighter than average for race and the eyes are often blue or grey; in blacks or Hispanics, the eyes can be hazel. A real marker for all races and ages would be a wide, low set forehead and wide set, expressive eyes.

There is some tendency to addiction with afflicted Aquarian planets so it might be likely that this person is addicted to the drugs that he or she is selling.

For those astrologers would like to do a comparison chart, Alecia disappeared on February 18, 2004 from Phoenix Arizona at 8 pm in the evening. Her body was later located on March 19, 2004 on an Indian Reservation in Gila River, Arizona. If you have other findings, please post them to the comment section. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon