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Tia Bonte

Young Lady Disappears Suddenly

From Florida Lost Missing :

Search underway for missing Orange County mother, Tia Bonta, 24

Orange County investigators are looking for a missing 24-year-old mother who hasn’t been seen since July 31.

Tia Bonta was last seen in the area of Dean Road and University Boulevard in Orange County.

WESH 2 News spoke to her father, Kevin Bonta, on Monday.

"We are looking. And I'm not going to stop,” Bonta said.

Bonta said his daughter was in good spirits the last time he spoke to her. He said she called him, asking for him to bring her a phone charger. But when he arrived at the hotel she was staying in, she was gone.

Now the Orange County Sheriff's Office has opened up a missing persons case.

Her son will turn 1 next week.

From: Missing Persons of America :

Tia Bonta has been missing since August 5 from Florida. She was last seen on July 31 by a friend you picker her up at the Days Inn on East Colonial Drive. The friend identified as "J.D." later dropped her off at the 2800 block of Cleburne Road in Orlando. Authorities are searching an area near Cleburne Road for Tia.


This case has so much conflicting information given with no qualifications that I almost had to skip it. One report saying she was last seen on the 31st and others saying the 5th of August. I had to run charts and make assumptions to even start. Since the report that she was picked up on the 31st is the most often repeated and substantiated, I started with that time and date. And lo and behold the whole picture became clear and then I understood why the waters were clouded with a false report about the 5th of August.

Here you can see exactly what the reports indicate, that she was picked up by someone else and driven to another location. You can see the first house ruler Jupiter together with the seventh house ruler, Mercury, in the ninth house (the third from the seventh). This shows them to be together in the other person's car. The Moon is in the seventh, echoing the fact that she is with someone else. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is in Virgo which is in dignity or exaltation and the first house ruler, Jupiter in Virgo, is in fall. This shows the other person to be the stronger of the two and to have an advantage. The presence of the node right between both rulers show that this rendezvous had been planned in advance. This was not a spur of the moment event nor was it an abduction.

There is a standout aspect in this chart, sort of an omen of what's to come, the opposition from the Moon in Cancer in the seventh and Pluto in Capricorn in the first. This is a guaranteed "butting of the heads" with an emotional disagreement that escalates to violence. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn in the twelfth so the violence indicated by Pluto could end up with a dead body (Saturn and Mars in the twelfth). To complicate matters, Mars rules the fourth house and is disposed of by Pluto. There is a chance this argument is about family (Moon in Cancer).

Here you see Tia moving around. The first house ruler is now Uranus and it is placed in the third so she has had a change of heart and is moving along, possibly walking away (third house). I do not believe she had a car of her own so this movement was likely on foot. The seventh house ruler, the Sun, is right at the descendant and in exaltation (Leo), showing the other person to be in control of the situation regardless of her change of heart. I believe her walking away was only a gesture, a ploy, because Uranus is disposed of by Mars, now in the tenth house (the fourth from the seventh), which is his residence. So she either leaves their current location to go to his house nearby or they are at his house and she goes for a walk only to return. Either way, she comes back to his residence.

Neptune rising in the first shows there has been a deception. Neptune is in dignity so it worked and someone is none the wiser. It does not look good for TIa in this chart because Saturn in the tenth is disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth. Someone might die. The first house ruler, Uranus, is disposed of by Mars in the tenth, so it is probably Tia who gets assaulted.

And here is where it all comes together. This is how I know the reports for 6 days later are bogus. Tia did not live past the first night and she died in the company of the man who picked her up on the 31st, no matter what he now claims. In the chart here you see the first house ruler in the eighth with the Moon in the fourth, both markers for death and part of what I call the "death pattern".

The seventh house ruler, Venus, is in the Leo in the fifth and it is square to the first house ruler, Mars. So here you see the butting of heads I mentioned earlier but when you also include the T square involving Pluto in the tenth opposite the Moon in the fourth square to the Uranus in Aries placement I mentioned earlier you can see that she changed her mind and attitude about something and this caused the eruption. An argument over family in some regard led to an all out fight. Mars in the eighth disposed of by Pluto in the tenth she was beaten to death in that home. His home. And she passed away. The placement of Venus, the seventh house ruler, in the fifth house shows their romantic relationship but also emphasizes his self indulgence with drugs and/or alcohol. I think this chart shows someone drugged up and out of control angry that beat Tia to death.

This was an emotionally charged fight that just went too far.

Where is Tia now? What did he do with her body. Well, we always look to Saturn to locate the body and this is in the ninth house in Sagittarius. This placement points to the woods or a wooded area near a major highway. He would have taken her body out there in his car. Pluto is in Capricorn in the tenth, showing her resting place and this would be an early grave. Saturn is disposed of by Jupiter in Virgo so it is a deep, well buried grave in a large area. Virgo indicates medicinal weeds and tiny flowers, most likely white. Jupiter close to the node indicates a familiar place, somewhere he has been before and possibly the first place he thought of when choosing the dumping ground. Pluto trine the node shows that he favored this spot because of soft sand and a large expanse. Perhaps it is a coastal area near the beach?

He is described by Venus in Leo in the fifth. He was a lover of hers and there ws a romantic relationship. He was jealous and possessive and qutie egocentric. He is vain and self absorbed, concentrating on his own pleasures and importance, expecting admiration, most especially from his lovers. He is probably fairly good looking and takes care of himself in grooming matters, maybe even athletic and given to sports. He is competitive. He may have dark hair and eyes with fair skin (for his race, whatever that is) and have a well formed, muscular body. He likes to buy himself "treats" and is quick to spend money, both his own and that he gets from others. He wants to share with his lovers everything, most especially money and material things. He is not usually violent although he probably likes drink and drugs.

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Fifteen years since a poster offering a $10,000 reward was posted at the Wentworth District police station, the now yellowed paper furling on the edges with photos of the two smiling girls faded from the sun.

Tionda would be 25 this year and Diamond 18.

Despite the years, the girls' relatives still think about them every day. And a private investigator, who has been working closely with the family and a retired police detective, who has continued to investigate the case, said they have no plans to give up trying to solve one of Chicago's enduring mysteries.

"The fact that it was two missing kids, it just sat in my craw," said Ed Carroll, a 26-year Chicago police veteran who worked off and on for three years on the Bradley case until his retirement in 2013. "I had never worked a missing persons case before that. I didn't work another one after that, but it just bothered me. It bothered me that these two kids went missing, vanished into thin air, and we were never able to find them."

Tionda, 10, and Diamond, 3, disappeared from their apartment in the Oakland neighborhood the morning of July 6, 2001. Tracey Bradley, the girls' mother, told authorities she last saw her daughters about 6:30 a.m. before leaving for work at Robert Taylor Park, where she prepared lunches for children in a summer camp program. She returned to the apartment in the early afternoon to find a note, apparently written by Tionda, placed on the back of a couch that said her daughters had gone to a nearby school and store.

Tracey Bradley told the Tribune in 2001 that she searched for hours that day before calling the police at 6:30 p.m. that night, sparking a massive investigation..


I was sent this case by one of my readers. I read the data on the case and could not resist it. Since it involves two young girls it is the kind of case I am moved by. This one is exceptionally sad, I hate to say, as I have seen the charts and I will say without reservation that these girls are dead. And I will show you how I know that.


In this chart you can see the first house ruler, the Moon, in the sixth house. This indicates that these girls will never be seen again. This is a common placement in charts for runaways but it works for abductions and kidnappings as well. The Moon is disposed of by Saturn, which is also the seventh house ruler. This tells me that the girls went along with another person, an older person they trusted and considered a friend (Saturn in the 11th). It’s interesting to me that Saturn is in the sign of the twins and there were two girls and Saturn Is conjoined Mercury, also in Gemini, and the standard marker for children. The real scary marker in this chart is the tenth house ruler, Mars, positioned in the 5th house conjunct Pluto. The 5th house is a traditional placement for children and with these planets it may indicate the next location is a place where children are molested, assaulted and / or killed. This image is further supported by the disposition of Mars and Pluto by Jupiter in Gemini, which is closely aligned with Mercury. Everything points to the abuse of children so far.


In this next chart you can see the girls meeting up with this person. The main change in this chart is the rulerships. Uranus now rules the seventh house and is in the eighth house, a sure marker for a criminal or, at the least, a shady person. The first house ruler is the Sun, positioned in the twelfth house, closely aligned with the node. This shows a secret plan that was designed in advance. So I am thinking these girls had planned to meet this person in advance, secretly however (12th house showing something hidden and the node shows us something known about ahead of time). So it can be assumed that the person the girls met with that morning, and, presumably, ran off with, was someone they knew. But this would also be someone with a criminal record, a troublesome person. Uranus is in dignity, in it's own sign, Aquarius, a show of strength. So this person had what I call "earthly power" in the situation, able to convince and control the children. I get the distinct feeling that this person knew the girls fairly well and had spent time "grooming" them for this, convincing them to come along for some sort of reward.


This chart clearly shows the girls arriving at this person's home (Mercury in the tenth with the tenth the fourth from the seventh) or some other location this person had possession of. The fourth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the tenth conjoined Mercury in Gemini, describing the presence of other children. Jupiter implies many things, such as a large number of other children, or the joy of something fun, a reward, which I do beleive was offered. But you can see Mars and Pluto scary at the nadir, opposing Mercury and Jupiter. This promises violence and chaos soon to come.

Also scary is the position of the seventh house ruler, deceptive Neptune, in the fifth house also with the chart co ruler, the Moon. Moon is disposed of by Saturn, at the midheaven. These children are led into a bedroom where they are then confined (Saturn) and forced to do sexual favors (5th house Moon with the Moon ruling the eleventh house.)


Here you can see the girls going off in a car. The first house ruler, now Venus, is in Gemini in the ninth house (the ninth being the third from the seventh) and the seventh house ruler, Mars, with Pluto, in the third house (the natural home of vehicles and travel). The girls are forced into a car and with Venus conjoined Saturn, it is likely they are constrained or cuffed in some manner. I am very nervous about the tenth house ruler, the Moon, in the fourth in Capricorn, which looks like a coffin or grave to me. With the tenth house being the next location, this is very possible... along with the movement of the first house ruler, Venus, which will be in the eighth house shortly. Are they taking the girls somewhere to kill them and dump their bodies? The next charts should say.


This next chart tells that story clearly with a death pattern, showing that the girls are killed at this time or are already dead. Venus is with Saturn in the eighth, both in Gemini. Saturn always marks the dead body and in Gemini, we are talking two bodies. So the girls are taken, constrained in some manner, out into the woods (ninth house) and suffocated, strangled or smothered (air signs). The bodies, as shown by Saturn in Gemini, were left in an area with tall, spindly trees with lots of branches but not thick brush, sparse. There may be a lookout nearby, such as a ranger station or something tall and metallic like a radio or cell phone tower. There may also be a fork in the road or several road crossings in this area, but not major highways, instead backwood roadways, lanes and streets. There may be an old, rustic neighborhood nearby. Moon in Capricorn marks the local area where the girls were left, which means wooden structures, cabins, lumberyards (active or not), old cemetaries, hardscrabble land with lots of rocks and debris. No swamps, rivers or lakes.

If anyone is interested in locating these girls today, then these are the directions to consider. Mars and Pluto in the second house in Sagittarius may mean this is an active hunting area where people often hunt with bows and arrows and long rifles. Sagittarius may describe old army bunkers or a place where ammunition is stored. The ninth house being Gemini indicates they traveled there on a two lane road in a small, sparsley populated area. The girls are not buried deeply but lay in shallow graves.

The sign Gemini describes a south easterly direction so begin in the southeast region of that area and look for markers.

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Tommy Booth

Young Man Steps Out of Bar and Disappears

Footprints At The Rivers Edge :

Video surveillance shows Tommy Booth, 24, and his friends arriving at Bootleggers nightclub in Woodlyn the night of January 19, 2008. No one ever saw him leave. Two weeks later, after a warm spell melted the ice, he was found in the creek behind the bar. Tommy had epilepsy and was taking medication.

Search and Recovery

Police initially searched the area in the vicinity of the bar with no success. Tommy's mother and stepfather also organized search parties. There had been no activity on Tommy's cell phone or bank account since his disappearance.

On Sunday, February 3, 2008 about 30 volunteers from the Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue Team organized a search with about seven K-9s and searched the wooded area behind the bar and creek and the ramps to I-95. After about two hours, they found Booth lying face down in the Ridley Creek about 200 yards downstream from the bar. According to Detective Sgt. Scott Willoughby, the rear of the bar is about 10 yards from the creek.

It was just he was in the club, and then he was in the creek, said Tommy's step-father, Tim Bush. "It never made any sense how he got there."

Portions of the creek had been frozen, but heavy rains and warmer temperatures the week prior to the search had melted sections.

A Puzzling Case

The coroner ruled Tommy's death an accidental drowning. There were no signs of trauma, not even a bump on the head. "This case always puzzled me," said Detective Sgt. Scott Willoughby. Tommy was a healthy, robust young man and hadn't had enough to drink to become disoriented. Booth, was still in possession of his wallet, cell phone and medication.“There’s no obvious sign of foul play,” said Detective Sgt. Scott Willoughby. “We don’t know what happened. I can’t figure out why he would have been back there. He doesn’t know this area, doesn’t know the bar.”

It made no sense when 24-year-old Tommy Booth was found drowned in Ridley Creek last January. Now, a chilling new twist may offer an explanation while at the same time raise a disturbing question. Was he a victim of the so-called Smiley Face Gang?

"It haunts me every day. Tommy, why were you in the creek?" wondered Barbara MacKay, Tommy's mother.

Video surveillance shows Tommy and his friends arriving at Bootleggers nightclub in Woodlyn the night of January 19th.

No one ever saw him leave.

Tommy's mother and stepfather organized search parties.

Two weeks later, after a warm spell melted the ice, he was found in the creek behind the bar.

"It was just he was in the club, and then he was in the creek. It never made any sense how he got there," said his step-father Tim Bush.

The coroner ruled Tommy's death an accidental drowning. There were no signs of trauma, not even a bump on the head.

"This case always puzzled me," said Detective Sgt. Scott Willoughby.

Tommy was a healthy, robust young man and hadn't had enough to drink to become disoriented.

Something clicked for Willoughby when he saw an ABC News report this week on the Smiley Face killings.

Two retired New York Police detectives have been following the thread for ten years. They've determined that over 40 young men have died the same way. All appear to be accidental drownings. All have been separated from their friends while drinking at frat parties or college town bars.

Bootleggers is a block from Widener University. The other common thread is a smiley face painted where the victim has disappeared.

On a hunch, Willoughby asked his detectives to take another look behind Bootleggers.

"When they went down into the area where we thought he went into the water, they noticed the graffiti and they noticed this smiley face painted on the wall," said Willoughby.

It's a smiley face with a crown on its head. It's on the wall of the bar under the party deck, just 30 feet from the creek.

Detective Willoughby called Tommy's mom who had also seen the news report.

"When he told me about the smiley face, it just gave me chills," she said.

The New York detectives believe there's more than one killer, perhaps a gang, since all of the smiley faces are painted differently.

Detective Willoughby has sent them pictures of the smiley face found near Ridley Creek. He also contacted the FBI, even though they've looked at the other cases and dismissed the possibility of a link.

"I just think we need to look a little further into this case," Willoughby said.

None of the other cases appear to be robberies. The only thing missing, usually, is the victim's cell phone. Tommy was found with his wallet in his pocket. The only thing missing -- his cell phone.


Here is another strange case involving a young man who was murdered and left in the river. I think it's a bit uncanny that not only that these have been presented to me this way but also that so many have gone unsolved. In this case, there are similarities to other cases with smiley faces drawn on trees and walls nearby. Mind you, these are not all the same, different styles, different colors and even different mediums with some being spray paint, markers and brushed on paint. This one had a crown on it's head and not all have this either. So the comparisons are called for but they are not proven fact.

In this case, the charts were swift and clear. He was killed very shortly after he was last seen and the motive was theft although all that was taken was his phone. It would be sad indeed if this man was murdered for the use of a cellphonne but I have heard of the same and worse. Let me show you what the charts show.

This is the chart for the time he was last seen, 1:30 am, at the club where he went missing. The charts show he died shortly after this sighting and was killed by choking or throttling, which may have been facilitated by resistance. (Mars and Moon in Gemini in the eighth house with the Moon opposing Pluto). The seventh house is ruled by Taurus with Venus in the second house, showing a possession as motivation. I don't know what kind of phone Tommy had but perhaps this person asked to use it and was denied, causing him to attack Tommy. Not an excuse but a possible motive. The first house ruler, Mars, with the Moon in the eighth show his imminent death. These planets are disposed of by Mercury just outside the fourth cusp, which tells me he had just stepped outside when it happened. Perhaps this other person tried to wrestle the phone free and they had an altercation (Pluto with Venus) that ended up in the river. Perhaps Tommy ran from this person to avoid this but was chased and then throttled before the phone was wrestled free and he ended up face down in the water. This is all conjecture I realize but it fits what the charts are describing.

The violent planet Pluto was also a dispositor of the first house ruler, so Tommy did not just give in and walk. He fought back.

I also think he was knocked out during the fight and dragged to the river. I say this because Saturn, which describes his body, is on the ground out in the open by the bar (Saturn in Virgo in the tenth). I think they did not want to leave him there so he was taken to the river and dumped.

I do not know if there was a footbridge or other span over this creek but Aquarius often describes this. Especially Neptune in Aquarius in the fourth, showing location and that Neptune rules water and Aquarius is firm air and can indicate a bridge. The Sun rules the tenth, showing the next location, which would be where his body was found. Sun in the third in Capricorn seems to indicate he was moved from earth to water and perhaps later than that evening? I do not see Tommy in a car or vehicle at all and he appears to die right outside of this bar. In that instance, perhaps the Sun in the third indicates that he was carried along by currents or rolled into the water after being left unconcious. I just can't be sure. Uranus in Pisces rules the fourth so there is no doubt that he left his body in the water, dieing right there. The fourth house often describes the end location of life or the burial place (sometimes even the coffin).

During the entire event, from the time he was last seen to the time of death, Venus rules the seventh house. Venus in Sagittarius is the marker for the killer with Jupiter in Capricorn nearby. This person is outdoorsy and athletic, probably skilled in the use of weapons and may work with ammunition in some manner. He may have dark hair and green or hazel eyes. He may be tall and rangey. Mars co rules the sixth house so he planned on Tommy's body going undiscovered, washed away or otherwise not found but no planets in the sixth to support that idea so he was found after all.

In this chart, Venus moves into the first house in the sign Sagittarius. The killer escaped to nearby woods, a place where people may hunt or play games. Is there a recreational area nearby? Or do people hunt in a nearby wooded area? This would be the place he retreated to after Tommy died. The killer did not reenter the bar. He did not leave the property in a car or other vehicle. The movement of the node in these charts indicates he has been to this area before and spent time in this bar. He is local.

In relation to the smiley face connection, I am just not sure. It could be, seeing that this person is a skilled killer who has done it before... but there is also a link to the local area in this case and not all the cases are in the same place. So it's a 50 / 50 for me and I won't make a call on it because of that.

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Zachary Pittman

Young Man Disappears Turns Up Dead

Foot Prints At The Rivers Edge :

Shortly after 11 p.m. on June 24, Zachary Pittman, 26, called his mother to say that he had gotten into a verbal argument with his sister over who would be living at the home. She called the police. When the police arrived, Pittman was gone. He had left the home with the clothes he was wearing and a backpack containing his wallet with little to no money inside and one change of clothes. Pittman, who had a three year old daughter, lived in a sparsely populated part of Pearl River, La., and did not own a car or cell phone. His mother, Christy Ragas, said her son would've had nowhere to go.

Ragas told the St. Tammany Sidell Sentry that her son had fallen on hard times. He was desperate and out of work and he had gotten mixed up in drugs. She said he was no angel, but “he was a human being and he was a good dad.” She added that they were very close and he called her often.

“Zach would never leave me no matter what,” she said.

Pittman's remains were found May 31, 2011 in a heavily wooded area of the Mossy Oak Hunting Club north of Louisiana 36, in St. Tammany and did not appear to have been buried. The remains were identified through dental records. The Coroner's Office has not yet determined the cause or manner of Pittman's death, Croft said. Because of the state of the remains, the office plans to bring in a forensic anthropologist from Louisiana State University to aid in the investigation, she said.

According to a post by Simon Barrett of Blogger News Network, "Pearl River is a small community, the population is approximately 2,000 people. It is a community where everyone knows everyone. Yet no one is talking about Zachary Pittman. It stretches my fertile imagination that a man accustomed to the area would wander off into one of the local swamps and die."

Case Details

Name/age: Zachary Pittman, 26
Residence: 35333 Mockingbird Loop, Pearl River, Louisiana
Last Seen: June 2009
Physical Description: 5'10," thin to medium build, close cut hair, goatee, three tattoos on right shoulder and forearm
Recovered: May 31, 2011, wooded area of the Mossy Oak Hunting Club north of Louisiana 36, in St. Tammany
Investigating Agency: St. Tammany Sheriff’s Department at 985-726-7836


The skeletal remains found near Pearl River over the weekend belong to a man who went missing two years ago, authorities said Tuesday.

Zachary Pittman was 25 when he was reported missing in June 2009. Authorities were able to identify the remains, which were found in the Mossy Oak Hunting Club north of Louisiana 36, based on dental records, said Melanie Croft, executive Director of the St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office.

The Coroner's Office has not yet determined the cause or manner of Pittman's death, Croft said. Because of the state of the remains, the office plans to bring in a forensic anthropologist from Louisiana State University to aid in the investigation, she said.

A pair of residents found the remains over the weekend and notified authorities, Sheriff's Office spokesman Capt. George Bonnett said. Deputies and staff from the Coroner's Office spent Sunday and Monday combing the area for bones and other evidence, he said.

The remains were found in an area of St. Tammany that is so heavily wooded deputies could not bring in vehicles to aid in the search, Bonnett said. They did not appear to have been buried, he said.

Unsolved case:
Zachary Pittman went missing on June 24, 2009 from Pearl River St, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Zachary was recovered on May 31, 2011 in Slidell, Louisiana. If you know anything or about Zachary's recovery please contact the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office at 985-726-7836.

Zachary's FB page:

Info about Zachary's recovery:…/Remains-found-in-Pearl-River-are-of-…


This large number of missing or murdered men is amazing to me and has become a feature of my current work. One right after the other lately. Some of them seem to be connected, such as those that are marked by the "smiley faces" and others seem to keep cropping up in the same area. Although it is not the same city, this is the second one from Louisiana in a few weeks now.

The first chart I ran was for the time he was last seen. It appears to support the argument that has been documented, this with a sibling as shown by the third house in this chart. Mercury in Gemini in the fourth shows two people close to the same age living in the same home. This works with the information that he and his sister argued in the home (mars in the third) and he left. Seventh house ruler in the fifth at this point intimates that his sister wanted to share space with him (maybe even a bedroom?) and he did not want that. Uranus ruling the first and placed in the first shows us that this was a rash, sudden decision but that it was his decision and he was not forced. Neptune in this chart and in the next chart, shows me that he was hiding something from everyone and that he had plans no one else knew anything about. Zachary had secrets, good or bad. And the saddest marker in this chart is the Moon in the sixth house, a traditional marker for someone who will never be seen alive again.

The next chart for an hour later, midnight, shows someone picked him up in a car and he was secretive about where he was going (Neptune with Jupiter in the twelfth and seventh house ruler in the third). Saturn at the seventh shows someone older driving the other car. Pluto in the tenth opposing Sun in the fourth tells me he was not really wanted where he was going. There was resistance and maybe even an argument. Moon in the fifth in Leo may mean he was friends with a younger person in that same home. This person may even have been a girlfriend or someone he had an interest in. He may have had plans to share this persons' quarters in the house and the older person was objecting. The Moon, in turn, is disposed of by the Sun in the fourth house emphasizes this point.

Uranus continuing to be disposed of by Neptune, now in the twelfth house, seems to indicate that even when he was asked to leave, he sneaked back into that home. Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception along with the Moon opposing the node is a combination describing a plan that met opposition but was acted on anyways. Was there a girl in Zachary's life? Or was there one he knew and admired from afar? There does seem to be a girl involved in this so far. With the Moon and Sun in mutual reception, it would seem that she was receptive, even if others in the home were not.

The chart for 2 am shows a definite hook up with a female. His marker, first house ruler Mars, is together with the seventh house ruler, Venus, in the first. His ruler is disposed of by her ruler. Pretty clear. Anyways, the only problem I have with this is the closeness of these planets to certain fixed stars. That will have to be watched as the charts progress.

Zachary's ruler remains in the first house, which shows him in charge of events. Aries on the first cusp with Mars in the first makes for a dynamic combination. Mars with Venus while Venus rules the seventh, shows the young man directing the female and making plans. The north node in the tenth house indicates that he has plans for another location for them and that they may have been planning on that.

It is important, if people are trying to find out what actually happened to Zachary, to discover who the female friend or girlfriend was. There was a girl he was close to and this is where he went when he left his family home.

In the chart for 4 am we see aspects and placements that clearly have them at a new location. Either they are still together or Zachary has moved on his own. You see his ruler, Mercury, in the first house, which shows him still making decisions and doing what he wants to. Mercury in Gemini implies involvement with another, which is why I think she might still be with him. But the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, is in the tenth. This either shows us a home owner where they have landed or that she is somewhere by herself and he has moved on. I am just not sure because the markers do not clearly describe male or female.

Jupiter with Neptune in the tenth implies someone hiding at a location such as a home. This may well be the girl he left with. She may well have been left behind to hide at this new location while Zachary went about some other business. But there is no doubt in my mind, looking at these charts, that Zachary was moving under his own power, making decisions. He was not, at this point, abducted or forced against his will.

Moving forward through chart after chart, each of them showing minor events and details, I am looking for the time and place when Zachary gets into trouble. In the early morning charts I just see people getting in and out of cars, moving about from place to place. Zachary seems to be concerned about money as well as the place he may be able to settle in. There is worry and movement. He does seem to get some sleep in the early morning hours but I cannot tell from the charts where he is. I cannot say whether he is indoors or out or whether he is sleeping in a car, which is possible. In the early morning charts the Sun is in mutual reception with the Moon while the Sun rules the first. There is no doubt that Zachary was sure of himself and believed he was able to figure it out. He just seems to be sure that everything will be fine.

In the 9 am chart you can see that he is with friends. Somebody he knew or was acquainted with anyways. He has decided to remain with these people but the big problem I see is that one or more of them are criminals. Uranus rules the seventh from the eighth, a strong marker for a criminal element. This person or persons live "on the edge" of society and live a free wheeling lifestyle with few restraints. This seems to have appealed to the young man acting out. Jupiter and Neptune in the seventh with Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception, it is probable that they were using or dealing drugs from this place and that more than a few people were hanging out there. The fourth house ruler, Pluto, is in the fifth house, describing this place as a drug or party house. Pluto is a violent, chaotic planet and can portend danger.

Venus on the tenth cusp in the sign Taurus indicates that this was an attractive home in a suburb. Landscaping and fresh paint. Not a dump at all. Venus conjunct Mars, the fourth house ruler, indicates that it is a family home in fact. From the street you would think it was nice and that a family lived there. You would never know that it was a drug house.

This chart shows that these people wanted to go into hiding for some reason; they did not want to be found. The seventh house ruler, Neptune, implies deception and it's placement in the sixth supports the idea that this person was in hiding. The sixth house also indicates army / navy ties so this person may have been in the military either at that time or in the past. Neptune is conjoined Jupiter and Jupiter rules the fourth house so this person has been hiding in this home, either owning the home himself or having ties to someone who did. At the same time, Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus in the seventh house so this person was unpopular with others, not really wanted where he was, the "black sheep" so to speak. He was just unruly and difficult.

Mercury in Gemini in the tenth while ruling the tenth shows that there are a number of people living in this home and some of them are children. More than one family, it seems. Sun in the tenth in mutual reception with Moon in the twelfh indicates that Zachary knew someone who lived in this home and was given permission to stay. They are aware he is "hiding" and seem to be ok with that. At the same time, Saturn in the first is a sign of confinement or forced restraint so there are other elements at play here and, somehow but I am not sure how, Zachary feels trapped. And when considering that, at this point, it makes me think that they brought him here, confined him, got permission to keep him here and hid him for some reason. Moon in the twelfth is also a sign of confinement or seclusion.

This first chart, just after noon around 1 pm, I see that Zachary dies. First house ruler Venus in the eighth, Saturn in the twelfth, seventh house ruler in the eighth and Pluto at the fourth house cusp. He was forcibly murdered by some sort of violence and he was murdered by a criminal. One of the criminals present in this home. He was killed the afternoon of the 25th, the day after he disappeared. I have no idea why they took him, confined him and killed him. I am sure something transpired, perhaps in conversation, that led to this. I just don't see motive in the charts. I just see Zachary being somewhere, wanted by someone and not wanted by others. As I said earlier, Venus and Mars in Taurus are very close to fixed stars that indicate sadness and death and here they are positioned in the eighth house of death. His marker, Venus, is within a few degrees and sinister to a conjunction with Caput Algol, one of the most violent fixed stars and a strong omen of death.

Venus in Taurus with Venus ruling the eighth, is an indicator of strangulation or being beaten.. Taurus is the most puglistic sign and indicates violent sports like wrestling and boxing and is often an indicator of a beating with fists. Mercury in Gemini now in the eighth shows they dropped him in a wooded outdoor area and gave him a shallow grave. Mars ruling the seventh and in the eighth with Venus is another marker for a violent beating. Mars also indicates a weapon, Aries a gun. He may have been beat up and shot. I am not sure but this is likely.

Saturn in Virgo in the twelfth indicates the grave. Virgo indicating the earth, put in the dirt. In the next chart, you see Mercury move from the ninth to the eighth, a descriptor of bringing the body to the gravesite in a car and dropping it. Again, because of Mercury ruling the twelfth, a shallow grave

A quick descriptor of the man who actually killed him is first and foremost, he is a violent criminal. He may well be in prison now for some other violent crime. Physically fit, into working out and building muscle, strong and hot tempered. Mars in Taurus can mean a body builder or a boxer. He may fancy himself an athlete. But Aries on the seventh cusp describes a violent criminal. A singular clue that might help overall is there was a car accident on the way back from dumping the body. Pluto in Capricorn disposed of by Saturn in the eleventh tells me they got rid of the body before this happened and no connection was ever made. But a car accident recorded in that area at that time may help lead the way to these people. The car they were driving belonged to a friend and not to the actual killer. But everyone knew what he did. In fact, a group of people helped him get rid of Zachary's body.

I am not sure what happened to the girl that Zachary first hooked up with. She was shown, early on, being left at another home and him heading off with other people. But she may know who those people were, perhaps only one but someone, and is keeping quiet because she's afraid of being implicated. She had nothing to do with his death but if she could be discovered, she may have information. This girl is physically beautiful, has a nice body and a pleasant face. She is voluptuous overall, a bit heavier than most but still lovely. She is short in stature and has a sweet, attractive countenance. Zachary must have known her from somewhere, work, school, the neighborhood, because he went to her first. She may be an artist such as a painter, dancer, singer. She loves music and art and may still be in school.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Joe LaBute



There is a "high probability" that Joseph "Joey" LaBute Jr. was already dead when he went into the Scioto River, Franklin County Coroner Anahi Ortiz said today.

LaBute, a 26-year-old Gahanna resident who hadn't been seen since he left a Short North bar earlier this month, was found dead Tuesday afternoon in the river just south of Downtown.

His identity was confirmed Wednesday night, using dental records. LaBute's family was notified of the match, and his name was released this morning by Ortiz.

"There is a high probability that he was dead prior to going in the river," Ortiz said. "We cannot determine that with 100 percent certainty."

The cause and manner of LaBute's death remain under investigation, but police said they have labeled his death suspicious primarily because of the circumstances in which his body was found. Ortiz said further medical and toxicology tests are needed, a process can take several weeks.

"There were no external traumatic injuries" like gunshots or stab wounds, she said.

Columbus police said detectives with the missing persons unit spotted LaBute's half-submerged body near the boat launch off Whittier Street near the Scioto Audubon Metro Park.

Police suspected early on that the body was that of LaBute, noting that the clothing fit the description of what LaBute was reportedly wearing when he went missing. But the condition of the body made its immediate identification impossible.

LaBute was last seen at the Union Cafe in the Short North about 12:30 a.m. on March 5.

His car was found near Goodale Street and Michigan Avenue, where he usually parked when visiting the area. That spot is about a quarter-mile east of the Olentangy River, which feeds into the Scioto about a mile downstream. From the confluence of the two rivers, it is another two miles to the spot where LaBute's body was found.

Police have said they don't know where he entered the water.

Hundreds of volunteers had searched the Short North and Arena District at various points during the past month for clues about his disappearance. His family had gathered on the weekends to pass out fliers.

LaBute was a 2011 graduate of Ohio State University and worked at Morgan Stanley. He grew up in the Worthington area until high school, when his family relocated to southwestern Ohio and he switched to Lakota Local Schools.

Dispatch :

A man found dead in the Scioto River three weeks after he went missing from the Short North had "dry" lungs and no water in his stomach, while toxicology tests revealed only alcohol in his system.

The final autopsy report of Joseph "Joey" LaBute Jr., 26, leaves the cause and manner of his death undetermined, although it underscores earlier comments by Franklin County Coroner Anahi Ortiz that the lack of water in his lungs and stomach suggested that he likely was dead before his body entered the river.

Even the finding that LaBute's blood-alcohol level was .15 percent might be misleading because an elevated ethanol level "can be indicative of the decomposition process," the coroner reported.

"Due to the decedent being found in water and the probability that he was in the water for a length of time, we cannot definitively give a cause of death," Ortiz said Monday. "All we can say with certainty is that there were no signs of trauma" such as gunshot or stab wounds.

LaBute was found dead March 29 in the river just south of Downtown, when police spotted his half-submerged body close to the boat launch off Whittier Street near Scioto Audubon Metro Park. His identity was confirmed the following day using dental records.

Police have labeled his death suspicious, primarily because of the circumstances in which he disappeared and where his body was found.

LaBute was last seen March 5 when he left a table of friends and family members at the Union Cafe and walked toward the bar. He never returned. His car later was found near Goodale Street and Michigan Avenue, where he usually parked when visiting the area.

His parking spot is about a quarter-mile east of the Olentangy River, which feeds into the Scioto about a mile downstream. From the confluence of the two rivers, it is about 2 miles to the spot where LaBute's body was found.


This is the third case I've seen in recent weeks where a young man is murdered and dumped in the river. This, along with the known "smiley face" murders, I would say this is a horrific trend. In fact, I have another coming up with the exact same profile. The murders of young men are often, if not always, dismissed. There has been no public outcry about these murders, as there are when women or children end up dead. Everyone just passes it off as "boys being boys" and having too much to drink, using drugs or getting involved with gangs. There is a mistaken belief that men are killed for a reason while women and children are exploited. But young men are abducted for nefarious reasons just as much as anyone else and this needs to be known. The last two cases I posted are prime examples, as is this one.

This chart shows Joey operating under his own power. He has not been abducted or assaulted. Mars, which rules the first, is in the first, showing us that he is fine. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is disposed of by Saturn, also in the first. The person he is about to meet is coming along in a car, as the ruler of the seventh is in the third. The ruler of the seventh, Venus, is disposed of by Uranus in Aries in the fifth. Venus is conjunct Mercury, which is the eighth and tenth house ruler. This may or may not mean this person is a criminal and there is a chance this person is either very young or has a child in their company.

This chart seems to show us Joey in someone else's car. You can see the first house ruler, Jupiter, in the ninth (the third from the seventh) with the seventh house ruler in the third, also a car. Mercury itself seems to describe a car. So I think Joey is in someone else's car at this point. He either met someone where he left his car and went along with them for some reason or was taken from the cafe in another car and his car was moved later. I am not sure which at this point.

Jupiter ruling the first and conjoined the node shows us that Joey had planned to do this in advance. So we can assume, from this inference, that he went along intentionally and was not abducted or forced. And since both Jupiter and the node are disposed of by Mercury, the seventh house ruler, I am positive he knew this person and had intended to go along with this person at this time. So he is in someone else's car willingly.

This chart shows us a confrontation. Joey's co ruler, the Moon, is in the first house with Pluto, both in Capricorn and both disposed of by Saturn in the twelfth. This shows an altercation that may have escalated to violence (Pluto) but one that is not seen by anyone else (twelfth house). Pluto square to Jupiter describes someone pretty sure of him or herself and maybe taking things too far while Moon sextile Mars shows restraint and self control on Joey's part. I do not beleive this blew up into a big fight but the anger was there.

Running the charts well into the morning hours I do not see Joey dead. This means he survived the first night but charts for the next day may show something different. The next chart, for 7 am, shows him being hidden away somewhere and after the markers for a fight, this leads me to believe he was being held against his will but I am not sure why. The fourth house ruler in the twelfth aligned with the first house ruler in Pisces indicates bondage to me. Moon and Pluto in the eleventh may mean he was held for a purpose but I cannot say for sure what that purpose was. It may have had to do with pornography but the markers are not strong. Mars and Saturn together are strong descriptors for confinement and in the ninth house can mean he is held in the woods, in a place in the woods. Could be a hunting cabin or something of the like. Jupiter along with the node in the seventh shows planning in advance, as if Joey were targeted. The presence of the node at this point also indicates that they had planned to bring him here, to the wooded place.

Running the charts forward hour by hour I see little change until that afternoon. In fact, it appears they had in confined somewhere and he was either just sleeping or had been drugged to force unconciousness. He is just not awake. And then, later that afternoon, they kill him or he ends up dead somehow.

This chart clearly shows a death pattern with a violent cause. Pluto in the seventh house shows us a dangerous, violent person who lives by a dark code. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn in the sixth and Saturn also rules the seventh from the sixth. The sign Sagittarius shows us a rugged, outdoors type individual who probably lives in this place in the woods. He (and I say he even though there are no sex indicators and this could be a female... although unlikely) is a hunter or outdoors sportsmen of some sort. He lives by his violent code. Saturn in the sixth means he will be hard to find in the woods, he is a good tracker and can hide successfully for long periods of time. In fact, the sixth house means he may never be found.

Saturn also describes the dead body. We know that Joey suffered little external damage and was not shot or stabbed and probably not beaten. I am thinking this chart shows him unconcious and that he died on the drugs they gave him. When they went to wake him up, they were met with his condition and made violent efforts to bring him around but not the kind that leaves bruises or cuts. They probably shook him and tried to make him walk, this sort of thing. But nothing worked. And the lack of brutality leads me to think that this was either a financial dispute or they wanted him for something. Money is the only marker that stands out at all in these charts so they may have wanted him for porn or drug running or slavery or whatever and did not intend to kill him. His death seems to have been unexpected.

Saturn is disposed of by Jupiter in the third house on the fourth house axis. He does not live far from the victim's residence, even in the same general area. He is familiar with Joey's neighborhood and is involved somehow with children there. Jupiter in Virgo disposed of by Mercury in the ninth could mean he is a teacher of some sort, such as teaching outdoors skills, sports or hunting. Neptune is in Pisces on the tenth house cusp with Mercury there, which tells us that Joey ended up in the water. Saturn square Neptune shows this man does not have affinity for that area, where the water is and does not spend time on the water. He is not likely to be a fisherman or boating enthusiast. Joey was not transported on a boat but just dumped from land or a nearby bridge.

Running the charts hour by hour I just do not see sexual markers. He was not taken by a pedophile, a pervert or a pornographer... and I have no idea, from these markers, why he was taken. There are some markers indicating money so perhaps he owed money for something. Maybe he borrowed money or didn't pay someone money he owed them. But the markers are not strong or clear so I hesitate to say this for sure. It is anyone's guess what they wanted with Joey.

Revisiting the charts for the time when he went along in that car, I see that his motivation was another person, who is described by Mercury in Aquarius. This describes the person who abducted Joey. This person is younger than Joey, is a rogue personality or what is thought of as a "rebel", someone who lives on the edge and doesn't fit in. This person is very attractive (Aquarius) and free spirited. Fair haired and light eyed most likely and easy on the eyes. I would guess this was a female and he met Joey where he left his car. They went for a ride somewhere and little did he know. Think of pretty girls he knew that he would be unafraid of or even interested in. This is where the search should start.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Justin Burkhart



On Saturday, August 1, 2009, 28-year old Justin Burkhart got off work at 9 pm and spent the night drinking and dancing with friends at the Underground, a nightclub on Northeast Third Street in Bend, Oregon. The group stayed until the bar’s 2 a.m. closing, then Burkhart invited friends back to his new apartment to have a glass of wine. He had just moved in two days before.

The group drank on the front porch of Burkhart's apartment complex in downtown Bend with other tenants of the complex until around 3:30 a.m., when two of his friends, who were brothers, left to walk the two female party guests back to their car a few blocks away. As the brothers were leaving, Burkhart said he was going to the Pita Pit to get something to eat. The friends told Burkhart that the restaurant had closed for the night, but he headed there anyway.

He only had his wallet and his keys with him.

A witness saw Burkhart walking near a footbridge next to Drake Park. It was the last time he was seen.

Eloisa Chavez, Burkhart's mother, and Teri DuFresne, a private investigator working on the case, believe Burkhart may have headed to the 7-Eleven on Galveston Avenue, about a half- mile's walk from his apartment, after finding the Pita Pit closed. DuFresne said employees of the 7-Eleven did not recall seeing Burkhart that night.

When Burkhart missed appointments with friends over the weekend and then didn't show up for work on Monday, he was reported missing.

A detailed article on Justin Burkhart appeared in the Bend Bulletin on 11/1/09 and on


On June 7, 2010, Justin Burkhart’s body was found in the Deschutes River by a Bend city employee, just below the Newport Bridge. The body was dressed in pants, shoes and a shirt and Burkhart's identification was found on the body.

An autopsy determined he had drowned, and there were no signs of foul play.

The case was forwarded to the district attorney's office for review.

About Justin Burkhart

Eloisa Chavez, Burkhart’s mother, hired a private investigator to look into her son’s case. The investigator found no evidence to suggest that anyone wanted to harm Burkhart. He was known to be jovial, had a vibrant personality, was well liked, and had no known enemies.

Burkhart had some previous run-ins with the law for drug offenses, but after a 2-year stint in federal prison on a cocaine charge, it all seemed to be behind him. When he was released in 2008, he enrolled in Central Oregon Community College, and made the dean's list for the fall 2008 term.

In late 2008, he started working at Allyson's Kitchen in the Old Mill District, and started dating Rachelle Templin, his fiancée at the time of his disappearance.

“I was with him almost every day for a year," Templin, wrote in an e-mail to the Bend Bulletin," and I can honestly say that drugs were not part of his life. He was at work, school, or home with me for the majority of that time. He was doing great things, and trying to be the best man he could be.” (Bend Bulletin, 11/1/09).

He was doing great things, and trying to be the best man he could be.” - Burkhart's fiancee

In the days leading up to his disappearance, Burkhart was stressed because his fiancee was moving to Alaska to take a teaching job. Just two days before his disappearance, he had tried to persuade her to go get married at the courthouse, but she said turned him down. The couple had previously decided to put the wedding on hold so her income would not disqualify Burkhart from receiving grants to pay for school.

But while he was a bit down about these developments, there was no sign that he was depressed. In fact, he had purchased a plane ticket to visit Templin in Alaska in early September, and was planning to move there in November. He was even considering trading in the tickets for a plane trip to Hawaii, where he might meet Templin in September and marry her. His co-worker Serena Searcy also said Burkhart was an “open book” who would have likely told her if he was feeling threatened by anyone or if he were seriously depressed.

A Celebration of Life was held at the Riverbend Community Park on July 17, 2009 in Bend.

Facts in This Case:

Last seen: 8/1/09, Bend, OR
Recovered: 06/7/10, Deschutes River
Physical description: Hispanic, 5'8", 155 pounds, dark brown eyes, brown close-cut hair, medium complexion.
Identifying Characteristics: Has a dental retainer. Tattoos include a sleeve on his left arm, "JDB" on right arm, and "Scrap" on his right calf.
Last seen wearing: Green polo shirt, jeans, silver-tone Fossil watch
Investigating Agency: Bend Police (541) 693-6911
Investigative Case #: 09-03-05-261


This case was sent to me by a fan and family member of Justin's. I did a private chart for her and then did some more work for her and then decided to place this on the blog. This young man was called a suicide without so much as a minute of investigation, although he was found face down in a river. Nobody considered how he got there and like so many other cold cases, this one is dead. His family wants to know the truth, however, and when I saw the charts I came to realize, only after several reviews of the case, that this young man was murdered. He deserves an open investigation.

Since I already ran charts on this case and know that the findings dovetail with the known facts, I start my post here with the last time he was seen, at 3:30 in the morning, when he left his home, seen and acknowledged by friends still there, to get food, as reported above.. Although there are some differences in what I find here, which merit thought and consideration, they do not alter the original findings. So let me show you what I found.

Here you see his marker, the Moon, disposed of by Saturn which is leaving the fourth house for the third. This describes him leaving his home (fourth house) for a trip along the road in his neighborhood (third house). The Moon is conjoined Pluto so he had a head of steam built up and he was not happy. He was angry, in fact. He may have stormed off. This marker along with Pluto in the sixth is the marker for someone who will never be seen alive again. Unfortunately, this came true.

Mercury, the fourth house ruler, is in the third in Virgo (dignity), showing us movement. Virgo is an earth sign so he is on foot, which we know to be true. Mercury in Leo with Leo as a fixed sign we know he is going somewhere he had been before (fixed signs describe habits). As a secondary thought, Leo rules the fifth house, which also describes restaurants and entertainment venues.

There are markers in this chart that I missed in my first analysis. For instance, the seventh house ruler, Saturn, in the third also indicates the presence of another person. His marker, the Moon, in the sixth with Pluto shows that he is still angry and has issues over something. The sixth house may be indicating his desire to find food but it's not a typical indication. But here's the big thing for me: His marker, the Moon, being disposed of by the seventh house marker describes the person he is angry at and this person, shown again by Saturn, seems to be either with him in that area or following him on the path. I am not sure which is the case but this person he is angry with is following him along this path.

Saturn, on the other hand, is disposed of by Mercury in the second, an indicator that money is involved. Mercury is the marker for thieves so perhaps something was stolen. Mercury is also in the last degree of Leo, which means a change in that situation is eminent, moving into Virgo near Saturn. I believe this person stole something from Justin and this started an argument but I have no idea why this thief is now following him.

The second house ruler, the Sun, rising in the first tells me that money was a huge part of this situation and I do not believe Justin was looking for food, I think he was looking for an ATM. Perhaps he was concerned about the balance in his account? Had a card been stolen? The idea that he might have been looking for an ATM is supported by the tenth house ruler (his next location) being Mars in Gemini in the eleventh house. Mars, the tenth house ruler, is again disposed of by Mercury, our marker for the money in this case.

And let me add this. Even though I realize they found Justin's body in that river a year later, there is nothing in the charts for the night he disappeared to indicate he actually died that night. I also do not believe that he returned to that river in the months that followed and then just jumped in. I believe he was murdered.

This chart for early morning shows Justin under his own power (first house ruler in the first) while someone else approaches in a car (seventh house ruler in the ninth). This is along a highway and not the path where the bridge was. He is walking along a highway or interstate. Uranus in Pisces indicates another bridge but an air sign means it's very high and not a low bridge over a brook. This is over a larger waterway. This car is traveling from that direction.

Moon and Pluto in the fifth tell us that Justin may be calmer now but he is still angry. He could still get into a fight.

Mars ruling the tenth in Gemini and in the eleventh house shows us his current location is an area with a crossroads, such as where two roads cross or there are more than one exit from an interstate. Moon ruling the eleventh also implies that he is thinking about a friend and thinking of visiting or calling this person. I do not see that this friend is the person in the approaching vehicle.

This is the chart where I first see Justin being abducted. This person in the car, coming along, is a criminal. A bad person. And then I see Justin in the trunk. His ruler is moved into the twelfth, which has him out of view and not visible. Mercury in the first substantiates the theory that he was put into a vehicle and the third house ruler, Venus, is also the tenth house ruler which shows his current location to be a moving object. Venus in Cancer describes the car as an older dark blue vehicle (Venus disposed of by the Moon in Capricorn) which is in poor shape or what is called a "beater" (Moon conjoined Pluto).

Sun in the twelfth shows Justin hidden from view in a dark place (the trunk most likely) and since the Sun is in dignity then he is still alive.

The seventh house ruler consistently in the eighth house shows criminals and criminal activity. Dangerous people. Uranus disposed of by Neptune in the sixth indicates selling drugs. Mercury opposing Jupiter and Neptune reasserts this idea with Mercury being the "merchant". And since Mercury is in the first, I believe they took Justin for their drug operations. They have people they force to run drugs, to take the risk of being caught instead of being killed. Saturn in the second here shows us how hard it was for Justin to make the money he dreamt of making and it is probable they promised him money and safety in exchange for loyalty. And if he resists, then there is always violence. I do not believe that Justin just went along with this although his money situation was a feature in the argument he'd had and what he was stewing about. This may have made him more vulnerable to these creeps.

I ran the charts forward to see the outcome of this and in this chart, later in the day, Justin is still alive. He is, however, meeting with someone in the woods or on the highway that runs alongside the woods. This is shown by his marker, Venus, in the ninth house with the seventh house marker, Mars. They may have taken him out somewhere and beat him up. Mars in Gemini may indicate more than one man there so that more than one person kicked his butt to get control over him.

This chart, even later in the day, not only shows him still alive but with his abductor (Venus and Mars together in the eighth) discussing the criminal activity (eighth house) and the money (second house). Moon and Pluto in the second indicates a good shakedown to let him know that they expect the money and no "monkey business", as they say. Even if not, they are discussing criminal activity and money so this is why I think they used him in their drug running business.

I do not see Justin dieing that day. When I did the private chart for family I ran the charts ahead to when his body was discovered and saw that he was forced into the river and drowned. I saw his murder at that point. But I have no idea how long they held him in the meantime. I am pretty sure he was drowned many months before he was found because his body was deteriorated when discovered. It wasn't fresh. I am just not sure when this happened or even why. But these people use other people as mules or slaves and then dispose of them when they are done with them. I am positive this is what happened to Justin.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jake Latiolais

Car Found on Bridge; Young Man Disappears

From: NBC NEWS :

The last time anyone heard from Jake was early on the morning of August 29, when he said he was headed toward West Baton Rouge. After police received that anonymous call about a person reportedly going over the railing, responding officers found Jake's truck running and his cellphone on the pavement next to it.

"A dive team was called in, but no one was recovered," Captain Don Coppola, with the Baton Rouge Police, told Dateline. "So right now it's an open missing person's case. Homicide did a preliminary investigation, but it is an active missing person's case at this time."

Although police have said they do not know if Jake met with any type of foul play, his mother is firm in her belief that her son, who loved to fish and spent countless hours working on cars, simply would not disappear on his own, or take his own life. After she received a call from authorities saying her son's car had been located abandoned on the bridge, she says she headed to Jake's trailer to try and find him.

"When I got there, it automatically seemed suspicious. A window was punched out, there were holes in the walls. His personal items were missing, including his TV set. Just everything was a mess," said LeClercq.

Another detail that does not sit right with her, involves a recent surgery Jake had that left his foot in a boot and him walking on crutches. Those crutches have never been found.

"If he had jumped off the bridge, his crutches would have been found. They would have been left in his room, by his truck, on the bridge, floating in the water," explained LeClercq.

According to LeClercq, there are some who had a motive to cause her son harm. But without any proof, she admits the investigation is at a dead end. What she hopes is that whoever may know something, will come forward and finally give her the answers for which she is so desperate.

"I am ready for either outcome. But I need an outcome. I'm his voice. That's my son. God is not going to let me quit looking for my boy."

Jake Latiolais is described as 5'10" tall, weighing 150 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. If you have any information regarding Jake's whereabouts, please contact the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office at (225) 389-8617. The family is offering a $2,500 reward for information that helps bring Jake home

For More Information see:


I was contacted by someone close to this young man to see if I couldn't analyze his case. It is a real mystery, as you can see by reading the article above. To be honest, the belief that he might have jumped doesn't sit well with me because why would you leave your truck running in the middle of the road with your cellphone on the pavement? You just jump out and jump over? Maybe but it seems strange to me. So I took a look at the charts and let me show you what I found and what I found shocked me. It is not at all what I expected. I was at first afraid to finish this case because of what I found; I was worried about upsetting the family which I have done in the past and regret. However, I messaged the family online and asked and they were excited by my preliminary findings and said they were ok with the post. So here it is.

I started the charts with the time he was last heard from, around 1 a.m. on the 29th. This chart shows Jake in a trailer or mobile home near his own neighborhood. Did he live in a trailer? Could he have been at home when the call was taken? Anyways, the Moon is in the fifth which shows a party of some sort so he is either waiting at home for friends to arrive or maybe a romantic interlude with a special girl? These are all consistent with the charts. So he is home, in a trailer or other temporary home, waiting on someone. He is NOT driving his car. In fact, here, right away, you see someone else in his car! The seventh house ruler Jupiter is in the third house while his marker, Mercury, is in the fourth. He is settled down somewhere while someone else had his car. Perhaps he was waiting for that person to return with his car and maybe this person was getting drinks, drugs or girls? Maybe not but the party marker is strong with the Moon in the fifth.

Another standout placement for me in this chart at this time is Pluto in the eighth. Pluto has no power in the chart yet but that could change and when it does, this placement will be paramount.

And then it does come into view right away. This next chart, for an hour later, shows Pluto in the seventh house. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn in the fifth and this is likely someone arriving for Jake. This was either someone he knew and expected to arrive or someone who came as a surprise. This person does not seem to have a good purpose here. Saturn and Pluto together like this indicate danger. These planets are in mutual reception so this person is powerful in the current situation and has the upper hand in many ways. This was a situation that was "meant to be" it seems, which means, in Astrology, that planetary influences were lined up the right way. In this same chart Jake's marker is the Moon in the fourth. So this shows him still at home.

The fourth house ruler is still Mercury showing this location to be temporary or changeful. This shows his home to be a rental apartment, a trailer, a hotel room or some other temporary location. Mercury at the nadir with the Moon and the node in the fourth shows that Jake had plans to be at his own home. He had planned to be at home and someone else knew that. Both the Moon and the node are disposed of by Venus so this may have had to do with a girl. The placement of Venus in the second house could mean she was expected. So he was at home waiting? And is this person who just arrived the person he was waiting for or was it someone unexpected?

Here Pluto is in the seventh in mutual reception with Saturn in the fifth. Mars in the fifth is also disposed of by Pluto. This connection between the seventh and fifth houses shows again someone either romantically linked or someone coming to party. It's hard to decide which it is. Saturn rules the seventh so this is someone much older than Jake and Capricorn implies someone with more status and money. Moon in the fourth shows Jake still at home. This person, ruled by Saturn conjunct Mars, can be violent or overbearing but this does not rule out women. I am just not sure what sex this person was or what their connection was. I can say that the ruler in Scorpio with Mars shows someone aggressive and possibly vengeful and jealous. Pluto is square to the Moon in Libra so there was a relationship there but it was not a very good one.

Nothing much changes here. Everything so far describes Jake waiting at home for someone to arrive while someone else had his car. In this chart, Jake is still at home and the rise of Jupiter in the first house shows that he is generally safe. He is not aware of any danger or trouble. I think I feel safe to say right now that he had nothing to do with his car being on that bridge. He did not jump off that bridge. In fact, no matter how far ahead I run the charts I do not see this man dieing. I firmly believe he is still alive and I think the running truck was staged on the bridge. I think the police might start with the person who made the false call about someone jumping off that bridge. That theory supports the idea that someone took his man's car and then came along to do some not so nice things to him...

In this chart, things change. You can see the Moon moving into the third from the fourth which shows us Jake leaving his current location in a car. The first house ruler, the Sun, is in the second house showing concern over money or possessions. Since the Sun is disposed of by Mercury in the third, I think the concern is now over his car. Notice the seventh house ruler in the ninth house (the third from the seventh), showing us someone else in a car, either coming or going. Uranus is disposed of by Mars so I can now say that this is most likely a male and an aggressive male at that. Mars is conjunct Saturn showing this male to be much older and since Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto it is likely he more than aggressive and possibly dangerous. I believe this man to be arriving and then leading the other car along as they leave. I am pretty sure that Jake was bullied into going along and I cannot say for sure that he was not assaulted in the process. I am beginning to believe that he had actually been waiting for someone to come back with his car and they never did; He got grabbed instead.

I am not sure if anyone has checked Jake's bank accounts, if he had one. It looks to me that he was forced to get money from somewhere for some purpose here and since Mercury is in the second, it is money that is likely to be stolen from him or represents money he is going to earn for them that they will take. This is part of the picture that comes to me as I read these charts. He was forced to go along, he has since lost his car, and now he is locating money for these people. You will see more clearly in the charts for 5 and 6 am exactly who these people are.

Neptune in Pisces just entering the seventh shows somebody new on the scene. This is a drug dealer or shady person. This combined with Pluto ruling the fourth from the fifth house tells me the next destination is a drug house and they are either forcing Jake to take drugs (Pluto) or they are sneaking them in somehow (Neptune). This is not good. Mars ruling the fourth from the fourth in the sign Scorpio (in dignity) and in tandem with Pluto, I would say Jake is not safe in this house. There is violence there and evil intent. Mars and Pluto together do not always mean violence but their placement here indicates it. Venus ruling the tenth and moving in the first towards the ascendant, there is a woman involved in this. In fact, this second location is a home owned by a woman. With Venus and Jupiter in Leo near the first cusp and Venus on the tenth, I think it's a large, beautiful home in a suburb. Leo indicates something showy with lots of curb appeal. In some ways, there is glamor here in whatever way a home can have glamor, such as gold trim, bright flowers, designer shades, etc... Sun ruling the first from the first in Virgo tells me Jake has been here before and went along willingly to some extent because he knows this woman. Sun disposed of by Mercury in the second also tells me there is money involved.

Here you see the criminal arrive. Uranus ruling the seventh from the eighth. Not only drug dealers but other criminals as well. Jake is in scary company here. I am not sure at this point what they want him for. Unpaid labor (slavery), drug runner or porn star. I am just not sure. It could be any of the above. I am seeing drugs, money and sex. So take your pick.

Sun in the first tells us that Jake is still operating under his own power. This means he is not confined, caged, tied up, locked in a closet or knocked out. He is just there. I think he was bullied into going along but he isn't resisting.

Pluto in the fifth disposed of by Mars and Saturn bothers me. If he were a woman I would say they raped her but I am not sure when it comes to a male. But the fifth house doesn't always refer to sex and can also imply "partying" or using drink or drugs. He may have been more willing to submit if they drugged him. I am just not sure because I did not know Jake, his habits or personality. The charts do show him being worried about his car, which I believe he loaned but did not expect to be stolen. So perhaps he felt he had no way out.

The charts I run for the remaining morning hours show the same situation. They have him there and he is going along, either out of fear or a forced willingness to be involved. I am just not sure. He does not appear to be confined. But I do see bullying, some physical violence and threats. So he is most likely scared.

The charts keep showing him in this same home, owned by a woman, nicely appointed with curb appeal. Something showy or glamorous about the decor with nice gardens and showy flowers outside.

This chart shows him to be either asleep or unconscious. You can see the Moon in the twelfth with the node which may mean he has gone to bed especially since the first house ruler is in the first, indicating he is safe and alive. Mars conjoined Saturn indicates self control and carefulness so he may be going along to keep from being harmed. Moon in the twelfth could also mean being hidden or stashed away, out of view and this is underscored by the node, which shows planning and the disposition of the Moon by Venus in the tenth. So he has been to this place before, it is a home he has visited and he knows the woman who owns it. This should help those who are tracking him down. The node indicates they are hiding him in a familiar place, a place they planned to use in advance. This implies that Jake was targeted, which I am inclined to believe mainly because they took his car to disable him. His secondary marker in this chart is Pluto in the third, which shows his continued concern for his car. Capricorn indicates he is worried about what the car will cost him.

No matter what chart for what day I draw up, he is still alive and still with these people. I am convinced they are holding him in that same neighborhood, or, at least they were for the first month after his disappearance. I cannot swear that he is still alive because I can't run charts for every day since but because they didn't kill him right away we can assume they had a purpose for him. Because of this, I believe that Jake is still alive but not in a good situation.