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Tia Bonte

Young Lady Disappears Suddenly

From Florida Lost Missing :

Search underway for missing Orange County mother, Tia Bonta, 24

Orange County investigators are looking for a missing 24-year-old mother who hasn’t been seen since July 31.

Tia Bonta was last seen in the area of Dean Road and University Boulevard in Orange County.

WESH 2 News spoke to her father, Kevin Bonta, on Monday.

"We are looking. And I'm not going to stop,” Bonta said.

Bonta said his daughter was in good spirits the last time he spoke to her. He said she called him, asking for him to bring her a phone charger. But when he arrived at the hotel she was staying in, she was gone.

Now the Orange County Sheriff's Office has opened up a missing persons case.

Her son will turn 1 next week.

From: Missing Persons of America :

Tia Bonta has been missing since August 5 from Florida. She was last seen on July 31 by a friend you picker her up at the Days Inn on East Colonial Drive. The friend identified as "J.D." later dropped her off at the 2800 block of Cleburne Road in Orlando. Authorities are searching an area near Cleburne Road for Tia.


This case has so much conflicting information given with no qualifications that I almost had to skip it. One report saying she was last seen on the 31st and others saying the 5th of August. I had to run charts and make assumptions to even start. Since the report that she was picked up on the 31st is the most often repeated and substantiated, I started with that time and date. And lo and behold the whole picture became clear and then I understood why the waters were clouded with a false report about the 5th of August.

Here you can see exactly what the reports indicate, that she was picked up by someone else and driven to another location. You can see the first house ruler Jupiter together with the seventh house ruler, Mercury, in the ninth house (the third from the seventh). This shows them to be together in the other person's car. The Moon is in the seventh, echoing the fact that she is with someone else. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is in Virgo which is in dignity or exaltation and the first house ruler, Jupiter in Virgo, is in fall. This shows the other person to be the stronger of the two and to have an advantage. The presence of the node right between both rulers show that this rendezvous had been planned in advance. This was not a spur of the moment event nor was it an abduction.

There is a standout aspect in this chart, sort of an omen of what's to come, the opposition from the Moon in Cancer in the seventh and Pluto in Capricorn in the first. This is a guaranteed "butting of the heads" with an emotional disagreement that escalates to violence. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn in the twelfth so the violence indicated by Pluto could end up with a dead body (Saturn and Mars in the twelfth). To complicate matters, Mars rules the fourth house and is disposed of by Pluto. There is a chance this argument is about family (Moon in Cancer).

Here you see Tia moving around. The first house ruler is now Uranus and it is placed in the third so she has had a change of heart and is moving along, possibly walking away (third house). I do not believe she had a car of her own so this movement was likely on foot. The seventh house ruler, the Sun, is right at the descendant and in exaltation (Leo), showing the other person to be in control of the situation regardless of her change of heart. I believe her walking away was only a gesture, a ploy, because Uranus is disposed of by Mars, now in the tenth house (the fourth from the seventh), which is his residence. So she either leaves their current location to go to his house nearby or they are at his house and she goes for a walk only to return. Either way, she comes back to his residence.

Neptune rising in the first shows there has been a deception. Neptune is in dignity so it worked and someone is none the wiser. It does not look good for TIa in this chart because Saturn in the tenth is disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth. Someone might die. The first house ruler, Uranus, is disposed of by Mars in the tenth, so it is probably Tia who gets assaulted.

And here is where it all comes together. This is how I know the reports for 6 days later are bogus. Tia did not live past the first night and she died in the company of the man who picked her up on the 31st, no matter what he now claims. In the chart here you see the first house ruler in the eighth with the Moon in the fourth, both markers for death and part of what I call the "death pattern".

The seventh house ruler, Venus, is in the Leo in the fifth and it is square to the first house ruler, Mars. So here you see the butting of heads I mentioned earlier but when you also include the T square involving Pluto in the tenth opposite the Moon in the fourth square to the Uranus in Aries placement I mentioned earlier you can see that she changed her mind and attitude about something and this caused the eruption. An argument over family in some regard led to an all out fight. Mars in the eighth disposed of by Pluto in the tenth she was beaten to death in that home. His home. And she passed away. The placement of Venus, the seventh house ruler, in the fifth house shows their romantic relationship but also emphasizes his self indulgence with drugs and/or alcohol. I think this chart shows someone drugged up and out of control angry that beat Tia to death.

This was an emotionally charged fight that just went too far.

Where is Tia now? What did he do with her body. Well, we always look to Saturn to locate the body and this is in the ninth house in Sagittarius. This placement points to the woods or a wooded area near a major highway. He would have taken her body out there in his car. Pluto is in Capricorn in the tenth, showing her resting place and this would be an early grave. Saturn is disposed of by Jupiter in Virgo so it is a deep, well buried grave in a large area. Virgo indicates medicinal weeds and tiny flowers, most likely white. Jupiter close to the node indicates a familiar place, somewhere he has been before and possibly the first place he thought of when choosing the dumping ground. Pluto trine the node shows that he favored this spot because of soft sand and a large expanse. Perhaps it is a coastal area near the beach?

He is described by Venus in Leo in the fifth. He was a lover of hers and there ws a romantic relationship. He was jealous and possessive and qutie egocentric. He is vain and self absorbed, concentrating on his own pleasures and importance, expecting admiration, most especially from his lovers. He is probably fairly good looking and takes care of himself in grooming matters, maybe even athletic and given to sports. He is competitive. He may have dark hair and eyes with fair skin (for his race, whatever that is) and have a well formed, muscular body. He likes to buy himself "treats" and is quick to spend money, both his own and that he gets from others. He wants to share with his lovers everything, most especially money and material things. He is not usually violent although he probably likes drink and drugs.

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Fifteen years since a poster offering a $10,000 reward was posted at the Wentworth District police station, the now yellowed paper furling on the edges with photos of the two smiling girls faded from the sun.

Tionda would be 25 this year and Diamond 18.

Despite the years, the girls' relatives still think about them every day. And a private investigator, who has been working closely with the family and a retired police detective, who has continued to investigate the case, said they have no plans to give up trying to solve one of Chicago's enduring mysteries.

"The fact that it was two missing kids, it just sat in my craw," said Ed Carroll, a 26-year Chicago police veteran who worked off and on for three years on the Bradley case until his retirement in 2013. "I had never worked a missing persons case before that. I didn't work another one after that, but it just bothered me. It bothered me that these two kids went missing, vanished into thin air, and we were never able to find them."

Tionda, 10, and Diamond, 3, disappeared from their apartment in the Oakland neighborhood the morning of July 6, 2001. Tracey Bradley, the girls' mother, told authorities she last saw her daughters about 6:30 a.m. before leaving for work at Robert Taylor Park, where she prepared lunches for children in a summer camp program. She returned to the apartment in the early afternoon to find a note, apparently written by Tionda, placed on the back of a couch that said her daughters had gone to a nearby school and store.

Tracey Bradley told the Tribune in 2001 that she searched for hours that day before calling the police at 6:30 p.m. that night, sparking a massive investigation..


I was sent this case by one of my readers. I read the data on the case and could not resist it. Since it involves two young girls it is the kind of case I am moved by. This one is exceptionally sad, I hate to say, as I have seen the charts and I will say without reservation that these girls are dead. And I will show you how I know that.


In this chart you can see the first house ruler, the Moon, in the sixth house. This indicates that these girls will never be seen again. This is a common placement in charts for runaways but it works for abductions and kidnappings as well. The Moon is disposed of by Saturn, which is also the seventh house ruler. This tells me that the girls went along with another person, an older person they trusted and considered a friend (Saturn in the 11th). It’s interesting to me that Saturn is in the sign of the twins and there were two girls and Saturn Is conjoined Mercury, also in Gemini, and the standard marker for children. The real scary marker in this chart is the tenth house ruler, Mars, positioned in the 5th house conjunct Pluto. The 5th house is a traditional placement for children and with these planets it may indicate the next location is a place where children are molested, assaulted and / or killed. This image is further supported by the disposition of Mars and Pluto by Jupiter in Gemini, which is closely aligned with Mercury. Everything points to the abuse of children so far.


In this next chart you can see the girls meeting up with this person. The main change in this chart is the rulerships. Uranus now rules the seventh house and is in the eighth house, a sure marker for a criminal or, at the least, a shady person. The first house ruler is the Sun, positioned in the twelfth house, closely aligned with the node. This shows a secret plan that was designed in advance. So I am thinking these girls had planned to meet this person in advance, secretly however (12th house showing something hidden and the node shows us something known about ahead of time). So it can be assumed that the person the girls met with that morning, and, presumably, ran off with, was someone they knew. But this would also be someone with a criminal record, a troublesome person. Uranus is in dignity, in it's own sign, Aquarius, a show of strength. So this person had what I call "earthly power" in the situation, able to convince and control the children. I get the distinct feeling that this person knew the girls fairly well and had spent time "grooming" them for this, convincing them to come along for some sort of reward.


This chart clearly shows the girls arriving at this person's home (Mercury in the tenth with the tenth the fourth from the seventh) or some other location this person had possession of. The fourth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the tenth conjoined Mercury in Gemini, describing the presence of other children. Jupiter implies many things, such as a large number of other children, or the joy of something fun, a reward, which I do beleive was offered. But you can see Mars and Pluto scary at the nadir, opposing Mercury and Jupiter. This promises violence and chaos soon to come.

Also scary is the position of the seventh house ruler, deceptive Neptune, in the fifth house also with the chart co ruler, the Moon. Moon is disposed of by Saturn, at the midheaven. These children are led into a bedroom where they are then confined (Saturn) and forced to do sexual favors (5th house Moon with the Moon ruling the eleventh house.)


Here you can see the girls going off in a car. The first house ruler, now Venus, is in Gemini in the ninth house (the ninth being the third from the seventh) and the seventh house ruler, Mars, with Pluto, in the third house (the natural home of vehicles and travel). The girls are forced into a car and with Venus conjoined Saturn, it is likely they are constrained or cuffed in some manner. I am very nervous about the tenth house ruler, the Moon, in the fourth in Capricorn, which looks like a coffin or grave to me. With the tenth house being the next location, this is very possible... along with the movement of the first house ruler, Venus, which will be in the eighth house shortly. Are they taking the girls somewhere to kill them and dump their bodies? The next charts should say.


This next chart tells that story clearly with a death pattern, showing that the girls are killed at this time or are already dead. Venus is with Saturn in the eighth, both in Gemini. Saturn always marks the dead body and in Gemini, we are talking two bodies. So the girls are taken, constrained in some manner, out into the woods (ninth house) and suffocated, strangled or smothered (air signs). The bodies, as shown by Saturn in Gemini, were left in an area with tall, spindly trees with lots of branches but not thick brush, sparse. There may be a lookout nearby, such as a ranger station or something tall and metallic like a radio or cell phone tower. There may also be a fork in the road or several road crossings in this area, but not major highways, instead backwood roadways, lanes and streets. There may be an old, rustic neighborhood nearby. Moon in Capricorn marks the local area where the girls were left, which means wooden structures, cabins, lumberyards (active or not), old cemetaries, hardscrabble land with lots of rocks and debris. No swamps, rivers or lakes.

If anyone is interested in locating these girls today, then these are the directions to consider. Mars and Pluto in the second house in Sagittarius may mean this is an active hunting area where people often hunt with bows and arrows and long rifles. Sagittarius may describe old army bunkers or a place where ammunition is stored. The ninth house being Gemini indicates they traveled there on a two lane road in a small, sparsley populated area. The girls are not buried deeply but lay in shallow graves.

The sign Gemini describes a south easterly direction so begin in the southeast region of that area and look for markers.