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Jennifer Renee Odom

12 Year Old Disappears 200 Yards From Home

From Hernando County Sheriffs:

On Friday, February 19, 1993, Jennifer stepped off her school bus around 3 p.m., waved goodbye to friends, and started walking the short 200 yards to her home in rural Pasco County, FL. Children on the bus reported they saw a faded blue pickup truck slowly following Jennifer as she walked home. Jennifer never made it to her door.

During the next days, law enforcement equipped with police dogs and hundreds of volunteers scoured 60 square miles of rolling groves, pastures and woods surrounding the tiny Pasco town of Dade City.

On Thursday, February 25, 1993, a man and woman searching an abandoned orange grove in southeast Hernando County, FL, found Jennifer. Jennifer's clothing, including the red sweater and Hooter's jacket, have not been found.

Approximately two years later on Thursday, January 5, 1995, a couple hunting for scrap metal in a rural area of Hernando County discovered Jennifer's missing book bag and clarinet case. The bag and case were found in Western Hernando County.

The suspect vehicle is a full size, older unknown model pick-up truck, blue in color.

Jennifer was last seen wearing a white zip-up "Hooters" sweat jacket with orange lettering on the left sleeve, a red long sleeve pullover sweater, possible cashmere or angora, a white turtleneck shirt, white denim pants and black lace-up style boots.


This is a really sad case involving a young child and those are the ones that get to me the most. On reading the current events in the Lyon Sisters case, one that I covered on this blog a while ago, I was very disturbed by the behavior of their family! I mean pointing fingers every which way, accusing each other and basically letting us all know that they didn't give a whit about those beautiful girls. If someone actually cared, they would have said something earlier and they wouldn't be changing their story every few minutes. The police have managed to arrest one of them for the rape and murder of the Lyon sisters and now the rest of the family is coming apart. In this case, the case of 12 year old Jennifer Odom, the charts show a quick event involving a stranger. I don't know which is worse but both cases break my heart.

Jennifer Odom stepped off her school bus and disappeared a few feet from her own home.

This chart is drawn for the time they say she got off the bus. I say it may have been a little earlier in reality because this chart shows the abductor already either very close to her or actually grabbing her. First house ruler, the Moon, is in the eighth house with the seventh house ruler, Saturn. These planets are conjunct to this shows the coming together with this child and her murderer. Both planets are disposed of by Uranus in the seventh, so they are brought together by an unusual situation that occurred due to sudden opportunity. The node is in the sixth disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth so he was trolling this neighborhood near her home but did not choose her in advance. She just happened to be there.

The placement of her ruler in the eighth is an omen for death. His marker in the eighth describes him as a career criminal Saturn says he is a lot older than her, perhaps even a father himself, and that he has spent time in prison for other crimes. Saturn is moving towards a trine with Pluto and Pluto is in the fifth house of children. Pluto rules the fifth. This portends violence against children, with perhaps sexual assault, and that he has done this before. There is a history of abusing young girls. Saturn square Pluto shows his time in prison and how hateful it made him. He is a violent, ugly man as a result of his hardscrabble life and the bitter taste it left in his mouth. Saturn is nothing if not a taskmaster.

This child, ruled by the Moon, was very close to her mother. Her mother was a bit unusual, was perhaps not married or raising her as a single mother at least. Her mother was probably young and able to relate to her generation. There was mutual understanding and love. Perhaps a bit too tolerant, however, and not watchful enough.

In this chart you can see Mars behind the Ascendant. This points to an attack that occurred just a bit earlier. By 3 pm, this child had already been struck and snatched. Running the charts backward, you can see the first strike occurred at 2 pm.

In this chart you can see Mars right at the first house cusp. This always relates to an attack on the body of the subject. A blow to the head, a bullet or a bat, a physical attack. The Moon and Saturn are already in place in the eighth. He was going to molest her, at least. And as we saw in the last chart, we see here as well, he is a career criminal and has done this before. The node is the same, showing us that he trolled the neighborhood but selected her based on the sudden opportunity. She was just there at the right time. Many criminals behave this way and think this way. It is called "magical thinking". They beleive that the victim that appears is the one they are "meant to kill". Danny Rolling believed this as well when he tried to doors to apartments in Gainseville. The one that opened was the one he was "meant to enter".

This chart clearly shows Jennifer's time of death. Apparently sometime around 4 pm. Sun rules the first and it is now in the eighth house of death alone. Now that Saturn no longer rules the abductor, it is a marker for her dead body. See that the Moon is with Saturn in the seventh, showing his possession of her but that she now dead. His ruler, Uranus is conjoined Neptune, showing his desire to hide what he has done. Sun is disposed of by Neptune so he is trying hide the child.

He didn't do that great of a job because she was eventually found... and not that long after she disappeared.

The man who took this child is described by Saturn in Aquarius. This makes him an older man, possibly also a father himself, who lives an unusual lifestyle. The placement of Saturn in the eighth at the time of the abduction describes a career criminal who was spent time in jail. Uranus means there is something unusual about him, such as a physical abnormality or a personality that is hard to ignore. He could be a real troublemaker and, if so, he may have ended up in prison afterwards for another crime. Uranus in Capricorn is not that different from Saturn in Aquarius. This person does not live by the rules and is living on the edge. He may be homeless.

The witnesses say he was driving a blue pickup truck. The third house ruler is Mercury in Pisces and, interestingly enough, the ninth house is ruled by Pisces with Neptune in Capricorn. Capricorn describes something pale and weathered, used. Pisces describes glistening colors such as those seen on flashing fish underwater. Blue is a signature color for all water signs but there should be something white, as well. Pisces often describes white shades or colors faded to white. It's interesting that the pickup was described as "faded".

Capricorn rules the knees so Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn as markers for this man may be telling us he has trouble with his knees. He may have a crooked or off center way of walking. A limp, perhaps. Aquarius rules the ankles, so this supports the picture of a man with a crippled walk. He may use a wooden cane (Capricorn) or an electric scooter (Uranus).

In my opinion, the node in the fifth means that he plans to kidnap young girls and then stalks them as he finds them. He has trouble getting around and he has been in trouble with the law in the past so he has to be careful. The situation has to be perfect. Capricorn describes somebody bony and frail so he may be scrawny and not very strong. This may be why he uses a vehicle and hits them over the head. His whole purpose is to have sex with these children. He is, no doubt, a pedafile and may have been arrested since this murder for molesting or kidnapping another girl.

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Amanda Mandy Dougherty

Toddler Kidnapped and Found Dead in Florida

From: Cold Case Facebook :

On September 22, 1994, at approximately 6:30 a.m., Amanda was reported missing at her residence in North Lauderdale by her father and mother.

The victim was in bed at approximately 10:00 p.m. The mother claimed to have checked on the victim before she went to bed, between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. At approximately 6:00 a.m., the victim's father and brother found the front door of the house open and the victim missing.

On September 24, 1994, Amanda was discovered 28 miles north of North Lauderdale in Palm Beach County. The body had trauma and a wire wrapped around her neck. The victim was not sexually assaulted nor showed any indication or combative wounds.

Contact Special Agent Floy Turner Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Broward Office 1475 NW 62 Street, suite 203, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33309 telephone 954-958-5426 or 1-800-226-3024

Also from : Sun Sentinel:

Handcuffed and in a jail jumpsuit, David Dougherty appeared in court Thursday, and, through a lawyer, later declared his innocence in an unrelated case: the unsolved murder of his daughter six years ago.

The 32-year-old North Lauderdale resident appeared relaxed during the Broward County Circuit Court hearing, where he asked a judge to reduce his bond on two-month-old aggravated assault and domestic battery charges -- a request that was turned down.

The courtroom audience included agents from the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement, two agencies reviewing the murder of Amanda Dougherty, the 5-year-old North Lauderdale resident found strangled to death in 1994.

"He unilaterally said, `I have absolutely nothing to with this [the murder],' and that's what he's been saying for the last six years," attorney Thomas Austin said afterward.

The attorney said Dougherty also spoke with Austin's law partner the day before. "He is aware of the attention that's been given to that case."

From his seat in court, Dougherty personally spoke to Judge James Cohn, asking him to lower his $170,000 bond to $70,000, stemming from charges during a domestic dispute in May.

But the judge told Dougherty, who is being held in a Broward jail, that a written request was needed.

Austin, who said he had not yet been officially retained as Dougherty's attorney, said he could ask that the bond be lowered anytime between now and the hearing next month.

No mention was made in court of the ongoing investigation into the death of Amanda Dougherty, but it clearly was the focus of a few court visitors.


This case caught my eye here in Florida because this child has been dead for so long. There are a lot of cases here like this; people, both young and old, just disappear and no one knows what happened. There are no suspects in this case. The child was not raped so there are no body fluids and even so DNA testing was just coming into view in 1994. Apparently they found no other forensic evidence at the scene and no suspects have come into view. I am not sure how they investigated the family. But I am always trying to help in these cold cases, even though hardly anyone pays attention to what I do, so I cannot resist this one. I am always a sucker for the cases involving children. There is a playing card distributed in Florida prisons for Mandy. You see it and the text it delivers here: http://kidnappingmurderandmayhem.blogspot.com/2008/09/did-big-boy-bandit-murder-mandy.html.

The parents reported that they put the child to bed around 10 pm. I ran a chart for an hour later to see if the child was, in fact, in bed or if the parents were telling stories. Here, you can see the child is in the home in her bedroom, as they said she was. The fifth house (children) ruler is Mercury (the natural ruler of children) and Mercury is in the fifth house. This pretty much says the child is in her room. The Sun is also there so noting that the Sun rules the fourth house (the mother) we can assume the mother was there, putting her to bed, perhaps reading her a story or just chatting. The Sun is close to the cusp of the fifth to the fourth house, which indicates the mother will leave the child's room and re enter the rest of the home. This the mother's home as well. There are documented reports of the domestic abuse in this household, with the husband beating on the wife rather frequenty and his outside arrests for manslaughter and assault. He is the prime focus of the police, their best suspect so far, but he has yet to be charged and he vehemently denies killing his daughter.

There is someone else who lives there as shown by Sagittarius on the seventh cusp and it might be her father or some other relative. Jupiter, the seventh house ruler, is in the sixth so perhaps this other person was at work? The node is close by so I would assume this person was doing something that was alway done, following a routine of some sort. Whether this was work or some other activity I am not sure but it was the usual activity for this time and place. I believe it is showing someone at work because the seventh house ruler is disposed of by Mars in the second house (which shows income or money).

This chart shows this other person, as marked by the seventh house, now in the child's bedroom with what appears to be the child and it's mother. This looks like the parents to me, Mercury and Jupiter, checking in on the child when the father comes home from work. This is to be expected, I suppose. But the aspect that stands out to me is the opposition from the Moon in the eleventh house to Mercury, which rules both the child and the first house cusp. The eleventh to fifth house axis is often implicated in sexual contact, relationships outside of marriage. We know that the parents were married but was there also a relationship with an adult and this child? This chart appears to hint at this. But here I must also point out that the child was not raped and there was no evidence of sexual assault at the time of her body recovery and post mortem exam. So although the charts seem to hint at something sexual here I am going to say that it is not a suggestion that anyone molested or raped this child. The evidence simply does not support this.

The only angular planet in this chart is the Sun. It is in the fourth house and disposed of by Mercury. Mercury is the only sign in Libra and so is separate from the other planets in the fifth house in Scorpio. There is someone in the house who has no relation to the children but may be interacting with them, someone like a nanny, babysitter, close friend or distant relative. This person was also present the night that Mandy was taken and was not someone who came from outside.

This chart shows us when things change for Mandy. The tenth house ruler is now Mars and it is positioned right at the first house cusp. Pluto is trine to Mars from the fifth house now. Someone in the house has hit this child, probably over the head. Pluto in any house can be a marker for violence in and of itself but the trine to Mars right at the Ascendant is critical. Mars is square to Mercury and the Moon still opposes Mercury but from the tenth house. The attacker could well have been her father but it could also have been almost any man. The Sun is now in the third house, showing us the babysitter or relative leaving in a car or outside the house getting into a car for some purpose. Saturn has entered the eighth house, a marker for death and a dead body. Saturn is in mutual reception with Neptune, which is right at the seventh house cusp. The seventh house ruler in the eighth house is a marker for a career criminal. This is not just one criminal act or a fluke; this person has done this sort of thing before. Neptune conjoined Uranus describes a sudden, unexpected and secretive surprise. These planets are also disposed of by the malignant Saturn in the eighth house.

There are several people with malefic intent. The node in the fourth house indicates that someone in the home / family planned this. It does not have to be the parents but there is no way this person was a total stranger. So, if they have certain individuals within their friendly circles that happens to have been to jail, to commit crimes, to cause chaos in everyone's lives, then they already know who did this. Saturn being in the sign Pisces and disposed of by Neptune right at the seventh house cusp indicates this person is involved in drugs. Did the parents owe someone for drugs? Or was the father involved with drugs? He had a criminal history that makes him a qualified suspect here. The question might be why would a stranger kill the child when she could have been sold for cash or used in porn? Perhaps the parents were in over their heads and could not afford the child any longer and sold her to a scumbag... but if so, then the child would have been raped. Of this, I am sure. So, at this point, I am stumped. It is beginning to look like a random kidnapping and murder but by someone who knew or at least had met the family. How else could he have planned this in advance? The node where it is poses questions in this case and makes me suspect the father after all. He would have had access to the child, as shown in the charts, would have been in the house, has a criminal history and is capable of violence. He was frequently beating on his family so, perhaps, this time he went too far? Perhaps he was high on drugs when it happened? The markers are there.

Another factor I must point out is the Moon square Mars while the planets are in mutual reception. Moon in the tenth square Mars in the first. A dispute between the parents could have made this event happen. The mutual reception is like a greased wheel, making the necessary opportunities appear at the right time and letting people complete actions without restraint. But the square indicates there was disagreement about this whole thing, as if the parents were arguing about it. Their disagreement and failure to present a united front made it easier for this person to take their child. That's the gist of it. And since the seventh house ruler, Saturn, is in mutual reception with the dispositor, Neptune, this person who took this child had no problems at all in completing his mission. There was a window left open, a door unlocked, etc... or perhaps they had let him in earlier or even let him sleep there. I would think the cops would be looking at any criminal types who were said to have been there. If not, then perhaps his presence was a secret or he got in on his own, with something unlocked or easily broken. This is what mutual reception allows in these cases; easy access to the victim. And, once again, I must admit the person with the easiest access to the child is a family member like the father. These aspects, taken together, and studied bring me to beleive that the father killed this child and the parents were arguing over what to do about it. This is when he just took her and dumped her. And the mother, out of fear and paralyzed by grief, said nothing.

In this chart, you can see the child being put in a car. Mercury has moved from the fourth house (the home) into the third house (a vehicle). Notice how the first house ruler, the Sun, is in the last degree of Virgo (disposed of by Mercury). The last degree shifting into a new sign shows us that things are about to change for the child. Since the Sun is void of course (so late in the sign that it makes no aspect), it is essentially powerless. Mercury itself, which rules the child directly, has also moved into the third and is in the sign Libra, showing relationships. Mercury also rules the third so the car is a small one, either black or white, and might be a two seater. Libra might mean it has a sunroof or actually be convertible. There should be a trunk or storage area in this car but only seating space in the cab. If it is a truck, which it could be, it would be a small one with a convertible cab. Since this occurred in 1994, it is more likely this was a small car, black or white, with a sunroof. And since they were not known to have a lot of money, it was probably not convertible, which costs a lot more than a sunroof.

Since the Sun is in the last degree of Virgo, the situation is going to change for Mandy really quickly. Saturn no longer rules the seventh house but it is still in the eighth, which is the open door to a death pattern. We will have to watch the aspects in each of the following charts to ascertain when she was murdered and by whom. Mars still rules the tenth and it has moved into the twelfth with the Moon right at the midheaven. Mars and the Moon are still square and in mutual reception. Because everyone was asleep (twelfth house) and the child was unconcious after the blow to the head (Mars in the twelfth) and the child was sneaked out of the house into the kidnappers car (ninth house is the third from the seventh), this is why it went so smoothly and no one was the wiser (or those that were wise to it decided to keep quiet). The presence of Saturn in the eighth indicates that the blow to the head may have been more than the child could survive and she may have already been dead when they moved her into the car. This may be why they tossed her away later on, because they had intended to use her for something and could not since she had died. Is this possible?

The fact that the Sun was leaving one sign for another is a good indicator that someone might die and along with Saturn, the marker for a dead body, lingering in the eighth house, it is possible this is what happened. And it works with my original theory that the father hit the child and killed her and then had to do something with the body.

In this chart, you can see them driving around with this child in the trunk of the car. I am still trying to keep an open mind and consider a killer other than her father. Mercury, the marker for the child, is in the second house, which is the storage area or boot. Tenth house ruler is Venus and this planet is also in the third, showing a female adult also in the car. Venus is in Scorpio, which is soft and in fall, shows the female to be there against her will or because she can't say no. This seems like it might be the mother. There has been a traveling grand square throughout this event and here it is preeminent. Moon in Aries opposing Mercury in Libra (markers for the child) in a tight square with Mars in Cancer (the fourth house ruler) and Neptune in Capricorn (the seventh house ruler). This shows a complicated push and pull relationship between the parents of this child and the man who took her, if that person is not one of the parents. This may have been an intended kidnapping that went bad. Again, because this man is a criminal who is involved with drugs, the child may have been kidnapped because money was owed. But the child was accidentally killed by a fatal blow to the head and was no longer useful. This third party could not very well demand the money owed once the child was no longer alive. Neptune conjoined Uranus in the fifth house is a monkey wrench because it seems to indicate that unusual sexual activity was a part of this man's working life (Uranus disposed of by Saturn in the sixth) and perhaps they were going to earn payback on the drug debt by using the child for porn. But everything went south when the child died.

I am not going to put my money on the parents being innocent in this matter, although I cannot accuse them either. Now, this chart is for when they claim they got out of bed and found the child gone. You can see that the Moon has moved into the eighth house, which is a marker for death. Saturn is in Pisces in the sixth and this is a descriptor for the dead body, the sixth house underscoring that Mandy will never be seen again. Although her body was later found, she was gone. Moon in Aries with Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces, the person who took this child was an outlaw, a criminal, with a drug history. Saturn in Pisces with the twelfth house implications can mean he has spent time in jail. This profile does fit the father but if he is, indeed, innocent, it would be good for the family to consider all the people they knew who had been in trouble with the law and especially those they had used drugs with or bought drugs from, if they did so. These would be the clearest indicators to discover the man who did this if it was someone they knew. There is a really good chance that he has since gone to jail for a different crime and very well may still be incarcerated. On that same note, the main suspect, her father, had spent time in jail and could very well be the culprit. But I would like to see little Mandy get some justice in this matter and hope this post will help get people interested in finding her killer.

I am sorry I cannot be more adamant in my findings, even as they point at daddy. I have the gut feeling that he did actually kill his daughter during a beating or some other abuse and mommy went with him to find a place to toss her. I am sure mommy was devastated and my heart goes out to her and her own suffering. Women should make every effort possible to leave abusive relationships because they, more often than desired, end up like this. With someone dieing. Now, daddy is in jail and has been back and forth since, although they have been unable to indict him for this. So I have to say that there is a possibility that this was associate of his or a deal he made that went bad and he, in fact, did not actually murder his child. It's just that my gut is telling me otherwise. I will leave it up to the reader to put the chart aspects together for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

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Alyssa Angelique McLemore

Young Woman Disappears While Her Mother is Dieing

From: The Charlie Project :

Alyssa McLemore lived with her mother and grandmother in Kent, Washington at the time of her disappearance. Her grandmother spoke to her on the phone at 6:30 p.m. on April 9, 2009. McLemore's mother was dying of scleroderma, a serious autoimmune disease, and on April 9 her grandmother told McLemore that her mother's condition was worsening. McLemore assured her grandmother that she would come home. A witness reported seeing her in Kent that day, near 30th Avenue South and Kent-Des Moines Road. The witness saw a green 1990s model pickup truck, possibly with Oregon license plates, approach McLemore. She has never been heard from again. Her mother died three days later, but her family was unable to get in touch with her.

Authorities discovered McLemore's cellular phoned dialed 911 at 9:15 p.m. on April 10, the day after she was last heard from. The dispatcher heard a woman asking for help, but the phone did not have a GPS sensor and its exact location could not be determined before the line went dead. Authorities believe the call came from the Kent area, however. The caller has never been identified, and the phone went out of service a few days later.

A witness reported seeing McLemore some time before her disappearance with an unidentified male known to her. The man is described as Caucasian, in his 50s or 60s, about 5'8 inches tall and 175 to 185 pounds. He drove a green pickup truck. It's unclear whether he had anything to do with her disappearance.

McLemore has a daughter who was three years old in 2009. At the time of her mother's disappearance, the child was staying with her father, McLemore's boyfriend. Her boyfriend describes McLemore as a devoted parent who would not have abandoned her daughter. She was unemployed at the time of her disappearance, and very close to her mother. McLemore enjoys dancing and roller skating. She dropped out of Kent-Meridian High School in her sophomore year.

Due to the circumstances of her disappearance, McLemore is considered to be in danger. Her grandmother moved to Auburn, Washington after her disappearance. Her case remains unsolved.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance:

Missing Since: April 9, 2009 from Kent, Washington

Classification- Endangered Missing

Date of Birth: July 23, 1987

Age: 21 years old

Height and Weight: 5'1 - 5'3, 130 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Asian female. Black hair, brown eyes. McLemore has a scar on her abdomen.


This case grabbed me because of the circumstances. Her mother is dieing and some scumbag intervenes and abducts her so that she cannot be with her mother when she dies? Just seems really sad to me. Anyways, I ran the charts and they spoke to me right away so I wanted to publish my findings. You will see what I found as I present each chart. Here is what follows. Please forgive any typos or errors I missed; my vision is getting worse and my reading glasses need to be updated!

The first chart I drew up was for the time when Alyssa last talked to her mother. This phone call was made at 6:30 pm on the 9th. I can see from the chart that Alyssa is already tangled up with someone and this someone is the same person she is still with when she makes her 911 call on the next night. That chart will follow this one. Here, in this chart, you can see the first house ruler, Venus, in the sixth house with the seventh house ruler, separated by Uranus. This shows the two of them together, but under some strange circumstances. Uranus so close to Mars in Pisces shows me that this person she is with is an unusual person in her sphere, not someone she would ordinarily be with, and that he took advantage of an unusual circumstance to gain control over her. The sixth house can mean service or work, as in occupations, so, perhaps, Alyssa ventured into his workplace looking for help, for a job, for something. She was unusual in his sphere, as well, not the usual customer, perhaps. But if she were looking for a job or to employ his services or help in some manner, Neptune on the sixth cusp in the fifth house in the sign Aquarius, might indicate a camera shop, a radio station, a music shop, a TV repair service or other such technology related place. Most likely connected to film, pictures, music or other performance materials (fifth house). Did Alyssa want to be a model? A singer? A photographer? If so, then perhaps she went there to apply for a job or to offer her services. This is possible if those who know her could imagine such a thing.

There is another possibility when it concerns the sixth house. This man may have been in the military or special forces or could be putting on an appearance of being a military man, such as dressing in camos or telling stories about missions. He could be real, he could be fake. Neptune ruling the sixth and then positioned in the fifth, he could have met Alyssa in a bar or nightclub. She might have been trusting of him because he either looked like or, at the least, inferred he was, a veteran. He might actually be a vet. This is one other possibility when the ruler is in the sixth. But, again, only those who knew Alyssa would know whether she would find this attractive or be trusting of a man just because he was in the military.

Mars is a traditional marker for men but the sign Pisces can be either sex. There might even be some ambiguity. Moon in Libra is rising in the first house and this alone tells me that Alyssa was still operating under her own power. At the time she made the call to her grandmother she had not been abducted or trapped in any way, she was doing what she wanted to do at that point. She was where she was willingly. The sign Libra is a dual sign and implies decisions that are hard to make. Moon disposed of by Venus, the first house ruler, tells me that this girl was thinking clearly at the time and was not in danger. Moon trine Neptune clarifies communications and understanding and I beleive she was convinced she knew this man and was not afraid of him. They were actively talking at the time, mostly about his work or service. Venus disposed of by Mars shows that she was there on his invite; that she had gone there because he had asked her to. Whether this was where he worked or they were chatting it up in a bar or nightclub (or both), Alyssa was actively engaged with this man. She felt safe.

I wanted to leap ahead to the next night, when Alyssa was known to have called 911. She has obviously gone from feeling safe and being where she wanted to be.... to an obvious sense of danger and a rising fear. What has changed since the last chart? Why is she now trying to call the police? You can see that Mars now rules the first and is the new marker for Alyssa. It is in the fifth house in the sign Pisces. Venus now rules the seventh and is the new marker for the other person and this is in the sixth house in the sign Aries. Uranus still sits between them. Uranus now rules the fourth house. They are no longer in a bar or nightclub but they are in someone's home. Alyssa is in that home (first house ruler in the fourth) while the other person is high or drunk (the fifth house) and is acting erratically (Uranus in the same house with Venus and sitting between Venus and Mars). Moon is still right at the first house cusp, which implies that Alyssa went to this residence willingly. Moon opposing Mercury now has her feeling she has made a mistake. She now feels her decision to come along with this person was a bad one. Saturn moving into the tenth house indicates confinement or possible restriction, something keeping Alyssa from leaving (the tenth house being the fourth from the seventh shows the other person's home). So she is trapped somehow at this man's home and unable to leave. This is why she called 911. Moon disposed of by Pluto and sextile Saturn indicates that Alyssa is getting very angry and willing to get physical to obtain her freedom. Pluto can be indicator of violence.

Venus in Aries disposed of by Mars in Pisces (Alyssa's marker) means that this other person is now completely focused on Alyssa. Her attempts to get away will be countered. There is a Tsquare forming in this chart, involving the first house ruler, Mars, with an opposition to Mercury and a mutual square to the node. She has become aware of his "plan" and is going to try to free herself but it is going to take some doing. The open end of the T is the node, which says that she will have to go along with some of the plan in order to formulate an alternative course of action. She is in a real fix.

I believe she went there to visit this man to either get a job (sixth house placement in first chart) or to have her picture taken, perhaps as a modeling job or just to make a few bucks (Neptune in Pisces). Because we know she was unemployed we can also assume she was in need of funds. This next chart points out the issue of money

This chart is for several hours after she spoke to her grandmother and on the same evening. It shows the first house ruler, Pluto, in the second house (money and finance). The second house ruler, Jupiter, is in the third house with Neptune. This seems to indicate money to be made from taking pictures. Neptune rules film and cameras. Jupiter would imply easy work, something that was fun and to the liking of the subject. If she was a pretty girl, you can see the attraction photos would have. This placement seems to explain the sixth house planets in the first chart; he was not in the military but he was presenting himself as a working photographer. The cluster of the first and seventh house rulers in the sixth together with Uranus in Pisces would indicate these people coming together over work that involved technology and cameras. So perhaps he was even filming her or making photos for the internet. Somehow he gained her trust and she was there, as the charts are showing, because she agreed to his terms.

In this chart for 11 pm, you can see that the first and seventh house rulers are in the fourth house. This shows them at a residence. With the Moon (her co ruler) in the twelfth, it is possible that she is either unconcious or asleep. I am not sure if this was induced or if she was just tired. There are no pointers at drugs, at least at this point.

I threw this chart in at this point to show you something. This is less than an hour after the 11 pm chart and you can see Pluto rising in the first. She may have been unconcious from a blow to the head. In fact, the chart that shows the death pattern is only two hours past this one and so this blow on the head may have been the first step towards her murder. Let's go to that chart now.

Alyssa's death appears in the chart for 2 am. We saw her unconcious just two hours earlier at midnight. Here you can see that Pluto, which now rules the tenth, has moved into the twelfth and the first house ruler, now Saturn, is in the eighth house of death. I don't believe she ever regained conciousness after he knocked her out. Pluto is trine to Mercury (situated at the fourth house cusp), which indicates there was little resistance at this point. She "went along" with this because she was unable to fight. His ruler is now the Moon and this is placed in Scorpio in the tenth. The Moon, in turn, is disposed of by Pluto, showing us both the intent and the action. She died a violent death. In fact, her marker, Saturn in Virgo in the eighth house is disposed of by Mercury in Taurus at the nadir. She died by the fundamental loss of brain function that can be incurred by a blow to the head, a suffocation of the breath or of an overdose of drugs. Pluto wraps into the trine between Saturn and Mercury so I am pretty sure she was killed by a blow to the head but took a while before she died. She was, however, unconcious until death.

The grand trine in earth signs was the largest and most powerful feature in the death chart. This makes me think she was most likely buried. Mercury in Taurus describes a grave near the house, not far from the foundation, in a garden with flowers ruled by Venus. Mercury is very near the nadir so my guess is she is buried near the front door of his home. Pluto in Capricorn in the twelfth indicates a rough area with weeds and hardscrabble flowers, although colorful and in some places, standing in water or puddles. The sewer pipes may leak and there is a smell around the home. Moon in Scorpio at the midheaven describes a home in disrepair, dirty and unkempt. Broken water pipes on the property, standing water from rain and from sewer leakage; there would be bugs and amphibians like lizards, toads and salamander. Possibly also snakes. Rough tangled woods near the property, a natural garden created by free running plants with blooms; flowers with dark colors but eye catching. Purple, black, blue and green. Trash in the yard, such as a rusty old wheelbarrow or a rotting wooden cask or a broken down well with rotted ropes. Not exactly these things perhaps but similar and noticeable.

He is a photographer of some talent perhaps but not working as one. He's much older than she was and is pretty hardscrabble; sloppy in appearance and unkempt, such as his home. He looks disheveled. However, he carries the camera around and has enough practice through hobby to speak the language. He sounds real and his looks are not off putting; he actually appears to be a "bohemian" in such a way as many people imagine artists to be. `He talks a good game and seems non threatening. But his game has been to seduce young women this way, pictures for money, and then to take advantage of these women. I am not clear on whether he meant to kill Alyssa or not; I do not see murderous scheming. However, she resisted an advance of some sort and he hit her on the head. At the time that he hit her over the head, his ruler was in the fifth house so it is probable that he made a sexual advance. Her ruler being in the second at that time probably had her asking for money and she wanted to be paid up front, perhaps. Jupiter may have had her asking for a lot of money, expecting a big pay off, and this was not what he intended? So he smacked her on the noggin and, to his shock and surprise, she was mortally wounded? The charts do not show sexual contact between the two so I believe she posed for pictures, refused his advances and then was killed and he did not have sex with her after this. At the least, he was not a necrophiliac. He wasn't Ted Bundy. So he rushed around and buried her at the nearest safe place, his own yard. Since no one but Alyssa knew that she had even been there he felt safe doing this. People did see her with an older man and this was, most likely, her killer but there has been no suspects reported. The police very much need to take a close look at the older man she was last seen with. This could very well be the fake photographer who took her home.

In a final effort to help with this case, I want to give some more clues I see in the charts. This man may very well have been wanted for something; there could have been a warrant. Where he was staying was a "hideout" for criminals, a place where they stay to get out the public eye. It will be close to a water source, however not exactly on a river or other large body. It is probably deep water but it could well be an estuary or basin. I know very little about this area of Washington but if they have gators or crocs then it would be in an area where these animals hang out. If not, then look for bodies of water with turtles and eels. This home could be close to the ocean but not ocean front and be closer to a smaller body of water than to the actual ocean. For example, where I live in Florida, the ocean is on one side and the river on the other but there are small bodies of water all throughout the county which are deep and full of wildlife. A canal, an estuary, a deep water basin, a whirlpool, a large pond, if deep enough for gators or turtles, is the kind of area this home would be located near. Remember it will be run down, in disrepair, a crack house type of place where criminals hide. This young lady is buried on the property, not far from the foundation, not far from the front door, in an area with at least one tall tree and a thrush of wildflowers. The house may be run down and in need of paint, a rusty color of yellow or brick, mostly rubbed off down to the concrete. The flowers may be hot pink and red in color mostly but also purple, blue and black. There may be also cactus and other succulents in the landscaping, prickly and standing in dry rubble.

Venus was in the first degree of Aries at her time of death, so this man had not lived here long. Venus was also retrograde, however, so he stayed there for a very long time afterward. He may have just moved in there, in fact, as the first degree of any sign indicates a recent change. So if you wanted to check local rental contracts issued for that month in 2009, you might be able to narrow down some names. However, if he is a criminal and I believe he was, he may have just moved in without legal sanction and never signed a contract. In fact, the home in which he was staying may well have been foreclosed on or abandoned.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Amber Berbiglia

Young Woman Murdered In Broad Daylight

From Court Junkie :

23-year-old Amber Berbiglia had just finished her college exams and was planning on getting married, when her life was taken from her in May 2013.

Amber’s body was found lying underneath the Robert Edge Parkway bridge in South Carolina a little after 4 PM on May 3, 2013. Her car was found nearby, still running, with her cell phone inside. The cause of death was ruled blunt force trauma to the head.

Eight months later, police are still searching for answers.

Amber’s last known whereabouts were at a Time Warner office on Main Street at around 1 PM on May 3. She was there to pay her cable bill. Before that, she had stopped at a gas station to fill up her gas tank.

WMBF News has uncovered surveillance video of Amber at that gas station from just hours before her death.

Amber was engaged to a man named Jose Tolsa Soler, who she had met while she was studying abroad in London in 2012. Jose was still in London working at a hotel when Amber was killed.

Could Amber’s case be related at all to the disappearances of Brittanee Drexel or Heather Elvis? Both girls have been missing from the same area as Amber was found. Could there be a connection between them? Or did Amber have an enemy who would have wanted her dead?


NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Eight weeks after 23-year-old Amber Berbiglia was found murdered, no arrests have been made. But police still consider this an active investigation.

Amber Berbiglia was last seen alive on May 3. Around 1:30 that afternoon, her friends say she was seen near the Time Warner Cable store on Main Street.

Hours later, her body was found less than two miles away under the Robert Edge Pkwy overpass.

Police rushed to the scene after getting 911 calls from a passerby and worked quickly to preserve what soon became the scene of a murder.

"When we arrived, we set a perimeter, so nothing is moved before Crime Scene has photos or video," explained Detective Jonathon Martin, the lead detective on this case.

As police worked to gather evidence, detectives arrived to inspect the area around Amber's body.

But what exactly were they looking for?

"Evidence. We were looking for evidence on how someone left the scene. It's pretty muddy around here, all the time. So, we looked for foot traffic," said Detective Martin.

While documenting the entire scene, they also looked for any trail leading to Amber's killer. Things like footprints in the mud, or if any objects were dropped as the suspect was fleeing the scene.

"People think DNA is everywhere, but sometimes it is not. In this case, we looked for it. We took DNA samples from around the area, from around the victim. We also looked around her car, and inside of it," shared Detective Martin.

But solving a crime isn't as easy as it looks on TV shows. It takes a lot more work, and a lot more time.


One of my readers sent me this case and I want to thank all of you who take the time to advocate for these victims. My blog has yet to make a big difference in solving cases but it has the positive effect of opening minds and motivating people to continue this work. There is hope here. I must say that most of these cases make me really sad. I can't do one a day or even more than one a week because they are so dark and heartbreaking. This case is a stand out, in my opinion, because she died so brutally in such a short period of time... it seems unbelievable and really scary. I did the charts on this and they are also unbelievable and really scary. I hope they help shed light on what happened to this precious girl and what can happen to anyone at any time, it seems. I am curious about the possible link between this girl's murder and the loss of Heather Elvis and Brittannee Drexel. I have profiled each of these other cases and found that their murders were personal. Elvis was killed by her lover and Drexel was pregnant. Drexel was killed to keep her from having the baby. At least, that's what the charts revealed to me at the time and I still stand by those findings. So I have to say I did not find a link.

This first chart just spilled out in front of me and I felt the sadness creeping in again. You can see the seventh house ruler in the eighth house right away, a proven marker for a criminal. This person is sleazy, dangerous and aggressive. Uranus in Aries, right away, describes a highly unusual person who does not live by convention. Rules do not apply and there is a good chance the cops are already aware of this man because he cannot keep his head down. He is always creating chaos. Uranus is disposed of by Mars, so you can see the aggression here. Now couple this with the first house ruler, the Sun, right near by in the ninth house. This is the time when this criminal crosses her path. It is obvious. Now, both her ruler, the Sun and Mars are disposed of by the tenth house ruler, Venus. This is what brings them together; they are in the same place at the same time. Venus is closely aligned with the most violent fixed star in the heavens, Caput Algol. This always describes brutality and bloodshed and has been prominent in many famous murder cases, mostly those that became famous due to their brutality. I understand this girl was beaten to death. Pluto rules the fourth house and is placed in the fifth; I am surprised she was not raped as well.

She came across this criminal not far from where she was last seen, at the cable company office. He may have been panhandling or otherwise begging, perhaps asking for cigarettes. This caused her to stop long enough for him to commandeer her and her car. There is no doubt she was carjacked. The ninth house, where they came together, describes a parking area near a highway. Mercury in Taurus describes cars but it might be that hers was the only one parked there; there were no other people. The Moon in the seventh shows Amber in this persons' company, for whatever reason. However, Neptune being present also indicates that there was illusion at play and she had no idea who she was dealing with. There is a probability that he was a con artist as well as a dangerous violent criminal.

I jump ahead to the time of the discovery to see how it ties together. I will run charts for the between time but I do believe these will be the most revealing. In this chart you see the first house ruler, Mercury, in the eighth house of death. This shows her dead. Saturn shows us her dead body and it is in the second house, close to the node. Saturn is in Scorpio. This bridge crosses the intracoastal waterway and Scorpio is a water sign. It usually describes deep water with big fish. But she was found on land, under the bridge, which is described by the second house. Since it is near the node, we can assume he planned it this way and chose this spot in advance. But I do not think he knew this girl. I think he has killed before and grabs opportunities when they arise, leaving bodies in certain places he considers special for some reason.

In this chart you also see the tenth house ruler is Mercury. This describes more of the scene; the tenth house rules the authorities and here the ruler is conjoined her ruler, showing the authorities with her body. They have come together on discovery. But also Mercury rules cars and underpasses and highways... etc.. and this is how and where she was found. She was beaten to death instead of being shot or strangled because Mars is in Taurus, the sign of the pugilist and is trine to Pluto in Capricorn, a marker for being beaten, mostly by tools. Pluto is a violent marker in forensic charts and the sign Capricorn rules wood, rock and other natural elements. He may have used a bat or other large stick.

Neptune on the seventh cusp while conjoined the Moon in the sixth tells me he was nearby when the cops arrived. He was actually watching all of it from a hidden place. The fourth house ruler (the current location) is Jupiter, the planet of joy. Jupiter is disposed of by the first house ruler, Mercury, in the eighth house, telling us that he enjoys / enjoyed killing. He got a real kick out of beating this innocent girl to death. It's hard for those of us who find joy and solace in love and compassion to fathom that there are those who find joy and solace in murder. But this man does. It is because of this that I believe he is likely a serial killer or, at the least, a repeat violent offender. He actually wasn't far from where her body was found (Moon within a few degrees of the seventh house ruler) but he was well hidden from view (Neptune).

This is the chart where the first house ruler, Mercury, first enters the eighth house of death. Still disposed of by Venus, with Venus close to Algol. Mercury opposes Saturn in Scorpio in the third house. She was beaten to death right there near the overpass after being driven (or forced to drive) around the area for awhile. I don't know if he was looking for a place to leave her or what, but at 3 pm, they arrived there at the underpass and he beat her to death and left her. Perhaps she thought he wanted to go there or be taken there for some reason. Perhaps she thought he was homeless and slept under the bridge. I wish I had been a fly on the window of that car. But you can see Mercury entering the eighth, the first sign of impending death, and opposing Saturn, a marker for her body, in the third house (the car). Saturn is retrograde so she did not die easily; with all the planets in physical Taurus it is probable that she fought back. The node in the third shows planning; he needed a car to pull this off and he waited for the right victim. Saturn is disposed of by Pluto in Capricorn just entering the fourth house. All the markers point to a brutal beating death that happened right there where he left her.

Now, how do we determine clues to his identity? We have already discovered that he was / is a criminal and that he is dangerous and has done this before. Similar crimes, I'm sure, have been investigated. There is something unusual about his appearance, most especially on the face and head. An unusual shape to the head, perhaps or marks on the face. He has a fighter's body, medium height, stocky build, thick hands. Uranus square Pluto describes someone with a chip on his shoulder, that would explode in anger easily for unexpected reasons. He is a hot head and has a rebellious personality.

This girl was murdered for no reason other than being in the same place as a dangerous killer. The police need to get this guy or other women are going to die.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Young Man Disappears From Back Yard

From Branson Perry :

Missing Since: 04/11/01
Missing from: Skidmore, Missouri
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: 02/24/81
Age at disappearance: 20
Height: 5’9″-5’10″
Weight: 140-155 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Race: White
Gender: Male

Distinguishing Characteristics: Small faint scar on upper right cheek. Small scar on left knee. Normal teeth; wisdom teeth have been pulled. Right handed. Black belt in Hopkido, lifted weights. Medical Conditions: Racing heart condition. Allergic to Penicillin.

Clothing: Shorts (size 32) and a T-shirt (size medium to large).

Jewelry: Possibly wearing necklaces and leather trinkets or chains with arrowheads on them.


Perry was last seen in his home in the 300 block of west Oak Street in Skidmore, Missouri at 3:00 p.m. on April 11, 2001. He went outside to put some jumper cables in a shed. He was expected to be right back, but never returned and has never been heard from again. His family says it is extremely uncharacteristic of Perry to be out of touch with his family and friends for more than a few days. He was reported missing on April 17, six days after he disappeared. Perry left his van and all of his belongings behind when he disappeared. The jumper cables were not in the shed the first time police checked it, but two weeks later they were located in the shed just inside the door.

At the time of his disappearance, Perry lived with his father. His parents are divorced. His father was hospitalized on the day Perry disappeared, but due to come home shortly. Perry had wanted to make the sure the house was cleaned up before his father’s return, and had asked a friend to help him with that. Two men were also at the residence repairing Perry’s father’s car, which had a broken alternator.

Perry graduated Nodaway-Holt High School in 1999, and has been employed by a roofing company and a traveling petting zoo. He was unemployed at the time of his disappearance. Perry is a non-smoker and a weightlifter, and has a black belt in hopkido. No one has been charged in his disappearance, which remains unresolved. His father died in 2004, but his mother is still searching for him. Foul play is suspected in Perry’s case due to the circumstances involved.


I have been trying to analyze this case for years. The charts were cryptic at first, for some reason, and a lot of what they were saying was hard to align with the known facts. This is usually because of some rock that gets stuck in my head at some point. I got tangled up in the facts, which I try not to do, and unfortunately got trapped by assumptions. I started over several times over the past year and just kept getting lost. I blame myself for these meanderings because, in my experience, the charts are always concise and logical and it is my mind that just can't see it. Sometimes, when I go back months later, it all just stands out and makes sense but that is not always the case. There are lost items in my own home that I still cannot find, even as the charts appear to be clear. Of those items I have found after fumbling around for months, it is so obvious what the charts were saying that I am actually embarrassed. So please realize that even I, who do this all the time, can simply get lost in the details. I often make more of it than need be and this causes confusion.

To make a long story short, I went back at these charts and ignored what I thought I knew about this case. What I found this time was clearer to me and I hope it helps somebody out there to rest in their heart and sleep better at night, although the outcome in this case does not appear to be desireable.

This first chart was drawn for the time he was last seen, leaving the house for the shed outside to replace some jumper cables. Now, these cables were not returned that day but were actually returned days later. Branson disappeared after he left his home that day, presumably from his own back yard. My first suspicions where directed at the men who were there fixing the car. I mean, no one says who they were, who asked them to be there, what they say happened other than that they "never saw Branson". That just seems far fetched to me. He was supposedly walking to the shed, which was directly between the home and the place were they were working. How could they miss it? But on looking at these charts, I see that the men working on the car are shown by the seventh house ruler, Uranus, which is in the sixth house of work and service. There are no harsh aspects between the first house ruler and the seventh house ruler. In fact, there is a sextile between Uranus and the Sun. Uranus is in dignity and appears to have no other purpose in action other than to describe the work being done. Uranus rules electrical machinery, tools and wiring that is used in electrical work and this man was there fixing an alternator, an electrical component in a car. So this placement describes him perfectly and since I see no contact between Uranus and the Sun, I am daring to say this man had no contact with Branson, just as he claimed. But there are some other omens in this chart that make me quake. Look at Saturn, rising in the tenth, the highest planet in the chart, in fact. It is in 28 degrees of the sign Taurus, very close to the Pleiades and Caput Algol, some of the most violent fixed stars in the heavens, the Pleaides or "weeping sisters" being among the saddest. Saturn is also disposed of by Venus, which is placed in the eighth house of death. The first house ruler, the Sun, is in the sign Aries and is disposed of by Mars in the fifth. I find this disturbing because there was a serial killer who came forward late in this case and claimed to have raped and murdered a blonde man from Skidmore. He later claimed this was not Branson. But the markers in this chart describe just such an event. Mars in the fifth is often a marker for sexual assault and Saturn in Taurus describes a brutal death. Venus in the eighth also describes sexual contact and even more so because it is also disposed of by Mars in the fifth. I am now thinking that it is possible that Branson was kidnapped, raped and murdered after all.

I want to present some other aspects that stand out for me in this chart. We know that there were two men working on the car that day and one of them is described by Uranus in Aquarius. But there is another planet in the sixth house, not from the seventh house ruler, and that is Neptune. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus, showing us that this other man was there in the company of the first man. Neptune is closely trine to Jupiter, in the tenth house, and Jupiter disposes of Mars. Could this second man have been the abductor? It is highly possible that no one, even the first man who came to work on the car, knew anything at all about this second man, who I consider the "shadow man". Could this be the same man who claimed to kidnap, rape and murder a blonde man from Skidmore? Could he have taken off that day without anyone's knowledge and grabbed Branson on the way out? Everyone claims to have seen nothing and no one can account for the activity of the men who were working on that car. These charts are giving me a very real reason to consider this a possbility. That "shadow man" may have returned the jumper cables later to defer suspicion and to make people think Branson was still alive.

In this next chart I drew up, for an hour later, I see that Branson's marker, the first house ruler, is Mercury and it is in the eighth house of death. This is bad news. The ominous Saturn in Taurus is disposed of by Venus, still in the eighth and conjoined to Mercury. The twelfth house ruler (endings) is also in the eighth house. This type of planetary focus is a part of what I call a "death pattern". In this same chart, you can see the cluster of planets in the fourth house. Moon, Pluto and Mars. The Moon is the chart co ruler (a secondary marker for our subject) and with Pluto and Mars, there appears to be violence. The fourth house is ruled by Jupiter, which is in the sign Gemini, in the tenth house. This is a motel. Gemini implies temporary housing and can often mean a trailer or an RV or campsite. But in the tenth house, which implies a business, it is most often a motel. Not a fancy one, mind you, but a quick stop with few amenities. Gemini rules the tenth house and this house usually shows us the current location. The fourth house is a residence. I am thinking that this creep that took this young man was living in the motel. Pluto and Mars together like this can describe a violent altercation, one where someone is hurt badly. With these planets in Sagittarius and the fact that we know Branson was athletic and strong, was a black belt in martial arts, then we can imagine the fight that occurred in that motel room. Saturn in Taurus at the tenth house cusp with Saturn ruling the fifth, there was a plan to molest this man from the start. The node was in the eleventh so the plan was to friend him and then lure him. Perhaps the earlier exchange, with Branson hiding something in the kitchen and one of the men trying to find it later, was a part of their interaction that led to friending. But the presence of the node in the eleventh house of friends and disposed of by the Moon in that fourth house grouping, indicates that Branson was targeted.

The good news, I suppose, is that he did not live long. He was not held captive, tortured or used in porn. He was not sold into slavery. This young man was raped and murdered on the same day that he disappeared.

Now, the question still at hand is where to find his body. I am going to try to track the motions of the killer to determine what he did with Branson.

We noticed in the chart for 4 pm that Saturn was moving into the ninth house. This is usually the placement of the body in the perps car. Ninth house is the third from the seventh. In this chart, we see the Moon, Mars and Pluto now in the third. This also indicates a vehicle so I am pretty sure he put Branson's body into a car. The body appears to be in peices, as Pluto and Mars are with the Moon and they are all disposed of by Jupiter in Gemini. This looks like the body was in more than one peice and probably put in containers or bags. The first house ruler is moving from Mercury to Venus but it does not matter. Both of these planets are in the seventh, which tells us Branson is with his attacker and will remain in his possession. All of the seventh house planets are in Aries, disposed of by Mars, again showing the body is damaged by violence. All of the angles are changing rulers, which makes sense because the killer is preparing to get rid of the body and this will change everything.

Since April is late spring, almost summer, the time has changed and it is getting darker later. Not as late as in the summer but he would have to wait until at least 8 pm to be hidden in darkness. So I ran the charts for around that time and saw that they are showing movement at 8 pm.

In this chart you can see that the body, marked by Saturn, is now in the eighth house. We know he's dead but this also tells us that he is being "laid to rest" so to speak. Saturn is also disposed of by Venus, which is now the first house ruler, another descriptor that tells us this is our victim. Another marker for removal is the movement of the Moon from the third to the second house. In most cases I have seen the second house as a small area alongside the road, populated with small, slow moving, terrestial animals like reptiles, snakes, turtles and lizards. The Moon here is disposed of by Jupiter in Gemini so there may be other animals as well, those with hands and dexterity, such as squirrels, opossum, raccoons and similar fast moving critters. Gemini also describes birds. But all these planets in Sagittarius point to an area with high, sloping ground and some mountains but not the huge kind, just a smaller range. There may be camping areas, places where people hunt and fish and a shooting range nearby. There might also be a military base, a place where weapons and ammunition are stored, and local businesses specializing in weapons and taxidermy. There is a good chance that he burned the body, or at least some of the body, over a grill or in a fire pit. With the trine between the Moon and Pluto with Venus and Mercury in fire signs, there is a good chance the body was completely reduced to ashes. Jupiter in Gemini in the eighth may also mean that the body parts are scattered.

With both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius in the angular fourth house, I would guess the body was dumped up high on a ridge or on the highest sloping ground in that area. Neptune also means it will be hard to find. Mars rules the seventh and is still in the third at the time of disposal so I would think he just tossed the parts out of the car as he went along. He drove off quickly. He did not spend any time at the dump site or having remorse or concern for the remains.

Now, here's the thing. The man who did this was someone who targeted Branson. I believe Branson went along with him or, at the least, was coerced. He may have been promised something and then was treated to a beating. This may have been a homosexual contact of some sort but I cannot say that for sure. But it does seem as if Branson knew the man who took him (however slightly) and went along with him at first. I think there was some degree of enticement that went on. This man may or may not have been one of the men working on the car that day. No matter what, Neptune marks him and this creates a "shadow" effect where it's hard to see the person in question. There was something deceitful and scheming about this man and Branson was fooled. Branson may have known him better than people suspect and this man may have come along while Branson was in the yard and called him over without anyone knowing. Neptune is highly deceptive and can mean almost anything. Neptune in Aquarius is one of the hardest placements to make sense of as this combines the rogue or eccentric elements of Uranus with the sneaky, conniving ones attributed to Neptune. This man was probably very unique in some manner and not like most other people. This would have been obvious when watching his behavior. His lifestyle was outside the norm. I do not see criminal activity with these placements so it's not like that but this guy was an odd personality with possible perverse desires. He could very well have had sexual abnormalities or even be of some other unexpected orientation. People would not know this about him; it would be a surprise. In fact, most things about this man would be surprising.

The placements by traditional reading would have him tall and thin with a long nose and spindly fingers. He would have translucent skin and appear amorphous at times, many people who know him would have a hard time describing him. He could be artistic or musical and might be in a fine arts occupation. Photography was probably a hobby as well as working on electronics. He would especially love video, music and other graphic arts, especially those that use electronic instruments or are played on a computer. This person would have little or no business sense and would not have a lot of money. Money would not be his motivation in life. He would dress in some manner that makes him stand out, either very modern and in vogue or very retro antique and out of date. He might have blue eyes. I hope this helps.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Angela Sigrid Ramsey

Missing 37 Years

From: Missing Angels :

IN June of 1977, 16 year-old Angela Sigrid Ramsey hitchhiked from her home town of Columbia, South Carolina to Deland (in Volusia County), Florida to visit some friends. For two days, beginning on June 19, Angela stayed at the Boulevard Motel on Woodland Boulevard in Deland. She had befriended a worker at the motel who helped her stay there. She was reported a missing person on June 21, when she failed to show up for a dinner date with a man she met in Deland. All her belongings were left behind in her motel room. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Angela's birthday is May 16, 1961. She was 5'3" and weighed 115 pounds at the time of her disappearance. At the time, she had dark blond hair and brown eyes. She goes by the nickname "Angie". Despite leaving her home in South Carolina of her own accord, she is officially listed as Endangered Missing with foul play suspected in her involuntary disappearance from Deland, Florida. She went missing on June 21, 1977.

Police searched her motel room and found her jewelry, clothes and a photo of Angela herself taken by the Boulevard Motel swimming pool. The photo was taken by the man who was going to take Angela out to dinner on June 21st, the day she went missing. The man also had found the motel room key, and handed it over to investigators. The man was questioned in Angela's disappearance and has been ruled out as a suspect. Investigators also discovered a letter Angela had written to her best friend in South Carolina, saying she missed Columbia and her mother.

Angela's father was in the United States Army, so as a result of her family's travels, she had accumulated many friends throughout the country. Angela's mother said she hitchhiked to Florida with truckers, then stayed at a friend's house for two days before checking into Boulevard Motel. Apparently the friend she stayed with offered her money before she left, but she refused the offer. Her friend's family mentioned she was very polite and well-behaved during her visit.

There are many questions in Angela's disappearance. Did she vanish from the motel? Did she leave the motel for some reason (with the intention of coming back)? Did she try to hitch hike somewhere to get food or necessity items? Did she have anymore contact with friends during her stay? Did she go to the beach at all? Did her friend from the motel see her at all on June 21st? Why did the man she was supposed to meet up with have the key to her motel room? Did she leave to try to secure a ride back to Columbia? Was there a mall or any other social setting by Deland she would go to? All in all, I believe Angela wanted to return home to Columbia because she was home sick, so it is obvious she did not voluntarily leave Deland.

Angela's disappearance is one of many that occurred in Florida during the 1970s. There was also a surge of serial killers in Florida in the 1970s, so I figured a good place to start would be thinking of all the serial killers who were running loose in June of 1977. The first serial killer many would mention is Ted Bundy, who ended his killing spree in Florida. He was imprisoned on August 19, 1975, and escaped from prison December 30, 1977, so we can rule him out since he was still in prison at the time Angela vanished. Gerard Schafer can also be ruled out because he was arrested in 1973. Christopher Wilder did not start his killing spree until 1984. Is it possible he started before that? Sure, but it is doubtful.

Then we have Gerald Stano, who confessed to killing 41 women, but was convicted of killing 22. Gerald started his killing spree in the 1960s, and peaked his killings in the 1970s. It was not until April 1, 1980 that he was finally arrested. He was trying to kill a teen girl in a motel room. She was badly injured, but escaped and went to the police right away. If it was not for her, his killing spree would have spanned out another decade. He is a possibility in the disappearance of Angie. He targeted teen girls or young women in eastern Florida areas. He would target prostitutes, runaways or girls who liked to hitch hike. He would often cruise the strip of various towns, go to the beaches or motels where he knew young people liked to hang out. He is thought to be responsible for the disappearances of 12 year-old Susan Basile from Port Orange, Florida and 13 year-old Gail Joiner from Thonotosassa, Florida. Gail vanished two hours away from where Angela did in Deland on September 22, 1972. Susan vanished on June 10, 1975 from Port Orange, which is only 19 minutes away from Deland, where Angela would disappear from two years later. I believe Gerald Stano is someone who was very capable of taking Angela. Looking at the disappearance of Susan, we know he was likely to have crossed into the Deland area at some point. He target teen girls who were run aways or who liked to hitch hike, like Angela. He also would often go to motels to find his victims, and Angela was last seen at a motel.

I also searched the NAMUS and Charley Project databases for other cases in Florida that have similarities to Angela's. I based it on the ages, area, time frame and circumstances of the girls who were missing, such as if they liked to hitch hike, vanished from a motel or public "hang-out spot" or if they went missing not too far from Deland, Florida. Out of all the missing persons cases in Florida, I believe these would be most similar to Angela's disappearance, based on what we as the public know.


I have worked on this case on and off for about a year. At first, I could not make sense of what I was seeing based on what the reports say. But after giving it time and study it finally came together for me. I made the mistake of thinking she had to have been at the motel up to the time when her date was supposed to happen but I now know this is not how it went. When you see the charts you will be as shocked as I was but mostly impressed by the consistency of Astrology and how it just doesn't waiver from the truth. Instead of starting with the time of her "date" that evening, I backed up the charts and discovered something surprising. I ended up running charts backward to the apparent time of abduction as the charts revealed to me. Prepare to be amazed.

If you study this chart for 1:00 am on the day she disappeared, you can see that she is about to meet up with someone at the motel. The first house ruler, her marker, is in the ninth, disposed of by Jupiter in the third. This clearly shows her in the parking lot outside the motel (the third house rulers vehicles and the ninth rules garages). The ninth is also the third from the seventh so it tells us something about a car belonging to someone other than our victim. We know Angela didn't have a car and was in the habit of hitchhiking or bumming rides. Since Mercury rules the seventh (and is also the natural ruler of vehicles and travel) and is posited here in the third house (the vehicle), I would guess that this is the person who had the car. Remember that this motel is run down, small, cheap with few amenities; no pool or exercise area, simply TV and a phone. The parking lot would be small and cramped. So perhaps she is just hanging out, trying to get a ride somewhere, perhaps to get food or some other necessity. Since the Moon, which co rules the chart, is in the sixth house, it may be that she is looking for a health related item, perhaps personal or not. Moon in the sixth in forensic charts often means she will never be seen again and since this is what happened, we can consider this an omen.

Mercury, the seventh house ruler, and Jupiter, the dispositor of the first house ruler, are both in the sign Gemini, so it is very likely that they met over a ride and did not know each other well. Neptune in the ninth may indicate that few people, perhaps no one else, even saw his car. Neptune in Sagittarius indicates it may have been a royal blue or purple car. The paint job might have been pearlized or otherwise made shiny and transformative to the eye and the interior may have been white. Neptune often describes vehicles with colors that are hard to describe and seem to be translucent. The tag may have been altered or removed and the car may even have been stolen. If anyone did actually see it, they may have described the color incorrectly. But as far as I know no one has been investigating this case so no one is asking about vehicles or their color.

What happens next and then continues for hours on end will amaze you.

It is in this chart that we first see them together, outside of the vehicle. The placement of the first house and seventh house rulers in the first imply that Angela went along willingly. The first house ruler, Mars, is in the first house with the seventh house ruler, Venus. They are together at this point, she is going along willingly and she is going to this place with him perhaps because he asked her to (the first house ruler, Mars, is disposed of by the seventh house ruler, Venus). The chart co ruler, the Moon, is in the sign Leo in the fifth house with Saturn. These two planets are disposed of by the Sun, which is in the third house. So she may have felt a bit pressured to go along and there was, presumably, a party of some sort going on... or perhaps they went to a restaurant or bar. I used to hang out at some of the iconic places in Deland during the 1970s and I can attest to the all night restaurants there. The bars were shut down after 2 am so I am thinking they went to eat (Taurus)\ with Moon and Saturn in the fifth). This may have been why she needed a ride to begin with, to hit a quick stop or to run through a drive in. But it looks like he may have insisted on going somewhere to eat and drink and she went along.

At this time, she looks safe and sound. She is moving under her own power, even if she did feel pressured to eat in a restaurant rather than get something and go back to the room. She is fine at this time. But there is one omen that things might change soon and that is the square between her ruler, Mars and Saturn in the fifth. We need to watch the eighth house during the next few hours to see what transpires between her and this man she has just met.

This is going to be a long post so bear with me. There will be many charts before I am done. This chart, for 3 am, shows the beginning of the change in location. You see the Moon on the edge of the fourth / fifth house axis which shows her leaving the establishment and heading for home. Saturn is already in the fourth and it rules the tenth, which always shows the current or next location. These planets are both disposed of by the Sun in the third, showing us that they are headed for the car. Although Neptune has moved into the eighth, it does not rule an angle and has no power yet. We will have to watch it, though, as things progress.

The seventh house co ruler, Pluto, is lingering in the sixth house, which disturbs me. There is definitely something wrong with this guy. It is disposed of by the first house ruler, Venus, so he is developing a fixation and it's not healthy.

This chart shows us that the took her home. Both rulers, first and seventh house, are still together but they are now in the twelfth. This shows them to be "out of view", in a hidden or secret place, possibly leading to confinement. At the same time, the chart co ruler, the Moon, has moved into the fourth house with Saturn (the tenth house co ruler) and shows their new location to be a residence or other shelter. I am thinking this was a work space, an office or other non residential location. Notice that Pluto, the seventh house co ruler, is in the sixth. The tenth house ruler, Uranus, is in the sixth. The fourth house ruler, the Sun, is in the second. All of these describe a location where work is done and money is made. Especially with the node in the sixth, which tells us he has brought other people here before and that he had planned to do so with Angela.

Now this leads me to suspect one of two things. This is a place where he actually does work of some kind and he uses it to lure unsuspecting victims, to make them feel safer. Or this is a place where he takes captured women to make money from them... such as through pictures, movies or selling them out for sex. There are no markers in the eighth or fifth houses so I have no reason to believe that this last suspicion is true.

In order to keep from posting a dozen more charts here, I am going to move along more quickly. None the less, what you will see here will amaze you.

This chart for two hours later, even with the changes on the first and seventh house cusp, show them to still be together. Notice that the new first house ruler, Mercury and the new seventh house ruler, Jupiter, are together in the twelfth. They are still hunkered down together in the same place. Mercury now rules the fourth house and the chart co ruler, the Moon, is in the third house, and this gives us a clearer picture of their location. This office is either a second home or work location for him (Gemini prevails here) or it's a mobile location such as an RV, a mobile office of some sort, a mobile home, etc.. Or it could be both. He could do his "work" out of an RV or a mobile office, which could be set up in a mobile home. This part of florida is full of mobile homes. All of Florida is run over with mobile homes, which I never understood with our hurricane problem why people would want to live in homes that can be blown away. But they do. And this man could have taken Angela to some such location and held her there. I am thinking they might have gotten some sleep with the twelfth house the ruler of sleep and dream life. She may have gone along with this if she was really tired or she felt she had no other choice. It could mean she was being held captive.

Notice that Neptune, now the ruler of the tenth, is in the sixth house. This is another pointer to the current location and that it is a place where work is done. But Neptune rules cameras, films, acting and all that and is the first indicator that he might be putting something on film. The fifth house is now holding the node, which is in Libra, and this could be an indicator that film or movies may be a part of his work.

In this chart you can see that the focus has somehow turned to money. Both first and seventh house rulers, the Moon and Saturn, are now in the second house of finances. These planets are both disposed of by the Sun in Gemini 29 degrees. There are a cluster of fixed stars in this part of Gemini that point to rape, lust and sexual addiction but the most intense marker is the opposition to Sinistra, a fixed star at 28 degrees of Sagittarius and is a marker for obsessive lust and sexual assault. With these fixed stars in this grouping, it could be determined that his purpose in having Angela there was to rape her. But why this had not happened earlier and why he waited until the next day I do not know. But the tenth house ruler is now Mars and it is in the tenth house opposing Uranus in the fourth. This shows us a sudden, violent attack that came out of the blue. This is happening because he has her at his mercy at this location away from her safety zone. Pluto is also angular in the fourth and describes the possibility of a violent assault at the current location. We have already determined that this location is also a place of work and money for this man so perhaps her assault was connected to his work? A way to make money? Could this be porn or sex slavery? The most popular of these in the 1970s was porn, forced on women either already in the trade or kidnapped for that purpose. The term sex slavery was never used but snuff porn was a big thing. As sick as that sounds it was. They would rape women and then kill them on camera. This was illegal, of course, but the scumbags who were into this work also sold drugs, kidnapped children for sale and killed each other over money. The drug scene was here already in the 1940s and 1950s but it was mostly shared among black musicians. Heroin addiction was common. But the bigger, larger drug scene exploded in the 1960s when huge numbers of average white people began using drugs like marijuana, LSD and Meth. Meth was called speed and it was mostly black beauties; bathtub meth came along later. So at the time this girl disappeared there were a lot of drug smugglers in Florida and most of them were bad guys. Bike gangs like the Iron Cross, the Outlaws and the Hells Angels had a huge presence in the area, mostly in South Florida but some in the central area near where this poor girl was abducted. Girls like Amy Billig were suspected of being killed by drug dealing bikers and there were no shortage of stories about girls being crucified to trees or being gang raped and left out in the road dead. We also had a few deadly serial killers come through this same area, including Gerald Stano, Ted Bundy, Christopher Wilder and Jeffrey Dahmer. These have been mostly ruled out by dates and times, as shown above, and although the other writer suspects Stano, it is my knowledge that he preferred girls younger than Angela. His victims were all 12 and 13. But I see that Angela was only 16 at the time, so Stano cannot be ruled out entirely.

In this chart, we have a number of outstanding markers. The tenth house ruler is conjunct the fourth house ruler and they are both entering the tenth. The twelfth house ruler, Mercury, is opposed to Neptune in the fifth. The first house ruler and the seventh house ruler, the Moon and Saturn, are conjoined and closely squared to the tenth house ruler and fourth house ruler. Then tenth house ruler, Mars, is opposed to the eighth house ruler, Uranus. This gives Uranus some power in the chart and is a sad omen in the sign Scorpio in the fourth. Pluto is also in the fourth house, hanging around the node. All signs that this girl is in grave danger. Both Uranus and Pluto in the fourth point to violence and upset within the current location. Pluto squaring her marker, the Sun, makes her the target of these chaotic and violent events.

The tenth house ruler conjoined the fourth house ruler in the tenth house tells me that they are in the same place, which may even be the same motel that Angela was staying at. As already noted, this was a small, drab place with few amenities and no security. The earlier charts placed him in the parking lot with the inference being that he was also staying there. A motel would meet the criteria for a mobile type of place because it is a place where people come and go and don't stay long. But many motels also have long term residents or even residents who run businesses out of the rooms. In the 1970s widespread suspicion just didn't exist and so many criminals ran their game with little interference. So perhaps this is what is happening here; the charts are saying that they are in the same place so I am reading it that way. So this poor girl may have been in the same motel the entire time, just in a different room and being held by people against her will. Reminds me of Elisa Lam.

Neptune in the fifth trine to Saturn in the first (with Saturn ruling the sixth) leads me to believe that this person was filming or taking pictures of Angela. The violence in the earlier chart may have been intimidation to get her under control. In this chart, the first house ruler is in the eleventh, which is a house ruling relationships and interludes. Working with the fifth house, it often portrays relationships that have no real meaning, one night stands, rebound affairs as it also is a marker for divorce or dissolution. Neptune in the physical fifth house opposing the cluster of planets in the eleventh just looks like a sexual situation and not one between lovers. One, perhaps, where one of the partners is resisting or wanting to stop. Uranus in the fourth is disposed of by Pluto so it may be rape or assault. Or she may be coerced into participating without so much resistance. Both scenarios are possible. Pluto in Libra in the third describes at least communication between two intimates, maybe one person intimidating the other with threats. Uranus disposed of by Pluto and ruling the seventh house would indicate that it is the man in this case threatening this girl and coercing her through intimidation. That's what this most likely means.

This next chart is the first to give an inkling of a death pattern. Although it also looks like she was drugged. Notice the Moon and Saturn in the twelfth house, which is an indication she was either asleep, drugged or knocked out. Neptune rules the seventh and it is in the fourth, which seems to show us the kidnapper going to her motel room. He may have gone there to return her things, to take some of her things, to return the key or all of the above. Actually, it was the man she had a date with who had her key. This, I am thinking, is very strange. Why would she go out and look for a ride somewhere and not take her key? Could it be that this man, her date, whom the cops cleared for unknown reasons, was her actual kidnapper? Hmmmm. It would make sense that she took a ride with him if she already knew him... or perhaps he made this up when he was caught with the key? Perhaps the only date they had was this nightmare he forced on her? Neptune is opposite Jupiter while being in mutual reception. This occurs between the tenth and fourth houses so perhaps he had access to both rooms and took advantage of this. Jupiter is conjunct to and disposed of by the first house ruler, Mercury, so when you combine the dispositions of Jupiter and Mercury it looks like a kind of game where this guy pretends to be somebody else while taking advantage of the open opportunity with this victim. Her room, his room. And his obvious deceit with Neptune at the nadir, I do believe he is preparing an alibi. This is where he gets the idea to say they had a date and he had her key and all that, pretending to know her better than he did and duping the cops. I hate to say it but the cops don't look like they gave this whole debacle more than a passing glance.

There is not enough in this chart to say this girl is dead. Just that she was knocked out and he went to her room to create his illusions for the authorities. He spent quite some time with her, the charts I have run well into the evening show them to still be together and the girl is still alive. I thought for awhile that he had not killed her but actually maybe run off with her somehow. But then the charts started to reform and complete what I call a "death pattern". It's where many of the power planets in the chart appear in death houses and with aspects to death house rulers. This did not happen until later that evening and I do not want to show every single chart I ran so I will leap ahead here to the time at which things begin to change.

In this chart, you can see the Moon in the eighth with Saturn. This is an omen. At the same time, the tenth and fourth house rulers are Venus and Mars and they are together in the eighth house. More sex. Pluto at the midheaven, disposed of by Venus and disposing of Mars. This is crazy. The Moon and Saturn are both disposed of by the Sun, which is right at the seventh cusp. He is going to kill her. He has the patriarchal power, so to speak, with the masculine Sun in masculine Cancer. Cardinal signs always have a lot of power. Venus and Mars are both still within opposition to Uranus in Scorpio, in the tenth house. It is unpredictable when and how he might do it but it will probably happen during a sexual assault. It will happen in his room (Pluto at the tenth, the tenth being the fourth from the seventh). Her marker, the first house ruler, Jupiter is in the sixth house with his marker, Mercury (Gemini seventh). Her marker is disposed of by his, telling us that she is there because of him, which most likely means he has held her there against her will. Especially with Saturn in the eighth, a marker for death but also for imprisonment and torture; Saturn in the twelfth shows captivity and misery. It is most often a marker for hospital stays.

Neptune in the twelfth shows induced sleep so I am thinking he drugged her. Knocked her out and had sex with her. More than once, in fact, many times and perhaps also took pictures. Her death is marked by the Moon in Leo, with the Moon ruling the eighth and placed in the eighth. Fixed stars in this same area, near to the last degree of Leo, are rather dark. Phecda points to sex addiction and pathological desires. Alfard describes strangulation, suffocation or drowning. It is likely he strangled her. The void of course position of the Moon moves a lot of it's energy forward into Virgo. So the chart for the next hour must also be studied.

This chart shows that after her death, he took control of her body in some manner. The Moon and Saturn proximity bring them together. This might imply necrophilia but there no markers at this point in time that specifically mean sex. But he is going to move her body so we need to follow the charts until we see him leave her. Then we can work on locating her remains. There are many places in the Deland area of Florida that fit this profile. Leo points to state parks and campgrounds with memorials, forts or government buildings. The fire element describes grills and cooking areas in the park. Leo also points to large animals roaming in heavily forested areas and some of the parks there are huge enough for this, including Deleon Springs State Park. But the location that stands out for me is Lake George State Forest in the Deland area, which runs along the St Johns River waterway, which satisfies the Sun in Cancer descriptors as well. The fact that Saturn is moving into the seventh also points the movement west of Deland. Moon in Virgo is pointing south by west as well. So he is moving her west of the current location. The Lake George State Forest is only 23 minutes, 13 miles from the motel where Angela was murdered. This traveling west. Wow. The charts are showing us where he took her and where her body might be found. Only problem is, the state forest is 3 tracts of land thickly forested with pine trees. It spreads out over 20,000 acres. This is a huge area to search and the results are bound to be depressing, especially after 37 years. No doubt the terrain has undergone changes. The Sun in Cancer may also mean that she was put in the water and the waterways there are very large, one of them stretching the length of the state. So that's another difficult, arduous search that is bound to end up fruitless. If anyone is really interested in searching for her, having the time and the means and the money, contact me. I will work on it to see if I can't narrow something down.

In the search for her killer, I can offer some clues to that end. I have looked at the descriptors several times and each time I am inclined to give Stano as a possibility. He was in the area at that time and he fits the descriptors. Mercury in Gemini gives someone small in stature, restless with a quick walk, mobile hands and eyes (darting about) and probably wears glasses. This fits Gerald Stano to a T. He was a Virgo, in fact, and ruled by Mercury. Even though he has already been executed, it would give closure to the case if he could be named. I am not sure how long Stano was said to have kept his victims and, in this case, the time of confinement is extraordinary in my experience but the methods are similar. He would rape, strangle and stab. That was his modus operandi and it fits this analysis also. Gemini rules sharp objects that move quickly, such as bullets and knives. Not larger objects, such as those described by Sagittarius and not ammunition in general. But bullets coming out of guns, for instance, or hands thrusting knives. As well, Gemini rules the breathing and Mercury rules the chest, so strangulation or suffocation also fit this descriptor. There is just nothing here that rules him out and he was active in the area at that time. In fact, he lived in the same county. It might be a waste of time trying to pin a murder on someone who has already been executed and there may be no one among Angela's relatives who are still alive or who still care. But if someone does, perhaps this will help bring closure.