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Young Man Disappears From Back Yard

From Branson Perry :

Missing Since: 04/11/01
Missing from: Skidmore, Missouri
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: 02/24/81
Age at disappearance: 20
Height: 5’9″-5’10″
Weight: 140-155 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Race: White
Gender: Male

Distinguishing Characteristics: Small faint scar on upper right cheek. Small scar on left knee. Normal teeth; wisdom teeth have been pulled. Right handed. Black belt in Hopkido, lifted weights. Medical Conditions: Racing heart condition. Allergic to Penicillin.

Clothing: Shorts (size 32) and a T-shirt (size medium to large).

Jewelry: Possibly wearing necklaces and leather trinkets or chains with arrowheads on them.


Perry was last seen in his home in the 300 block of west Oak Street in Skidmore, Missouri at 3:00 p.m. on April 11, 2001. He went outside to put some jumper cables in a shed. He was expected to be right back, but never returned and has never been heard from again. His family says it is extremely uncharacteristic of Perry to be out of touch with his family and friends for more than a few days. He was reported missing on April 17, six days after he disappeared. Perry left his van and all of his belongings behind when he disappeared. The jumper cables were not in the shed the first time police checked it, but two weeks later they were located in the shed just inside the door.

At the time of his disappearance, Perry lived with his father. His parents are divorced. His father was hospitalized on the day Perry disappeared, but due to come home shortly. Perry had wanted to make the sure the house was cleaned up before his father’s return, and had asked a friend to help him with that. Two men were also at the residence repairing Perry’s father’s car, which had a broken alternator.

Perry graduated Nodaway-Holt High School in 1999, and has been employed by a roofing company and a traveling petting zoo. He was unemployed at the time of his disappearance. Perry is a non-smoker and a weightlifter, and has a black belt in hopkido. No one has been charged in his disappearance, which remains unresolved. His father died in 2004, but his mother is still searching for him. Foul play is suspected in Perry’s case due to the circumstances involved.


I have been trying to analyze this case for years. The charts were cryptic at first, for some reason, and a lot of what they were saying was hard to align with the known facts. This is usually because of some rock that gets stuck in my head at some point. I got tangled up in the facts, which I try not to do, and unfortunately got trapped by assumptions. I started over several times over the past year and just kept getting lost. I blame myself for these meanderings because, in my experience, the charts are always concise and logical and it is my mind that just can't see it. Sometimes, when I go back months later, it all just stands out and makes sense but that is not always the case. There are lost items in my own home that I still cannot find, even as the charts appear to be clear. Of those items I have found after fumbling around for months, it is so obvious what the charts were saying that I am actually embarrassed. So please realize that even I, who do this all the time, can simply get lost in the details. I often make more of it than need be and this causes confusion.

To make a long story short, I went back at these charts and ignored what I thought I knew about this case. What I found this time was clearer to me and I hope it helps somebody out there to rest in their heart and sleep better at night, although the outcome in this case does not appear to be desireable.

This first chart was drawn for the time he was last seen, leaving the house for the shed outside to replace some jumper cables. Now, these cables were not returned that day but were actually returned days later. Branson disappeared after he left his home that day, presumably from his own back yard. My first suspicions where directed at the men who were there fixing the car. I mean, no one says who they were, who asked them to be there, what they say happened other than that they "never saw Branson". That just seems far fetched to me. He was supposedly walking to the shed, which was directly between the home and the place were they were working. How could they miss it? But on looking at these charts, I see that the men working on the car are shown by the seventh house ruler, Uranus, which is in the sixth house of work and service. There are no harsh aspects between the first house ruler and the seventh house ruler. In fact, there is a sextile between Uranus and the Sun. Uranus is in dignity and appears to have no other purpose in action other than to describe the work being done. Uranus rules electrical machinery, tools and wiring that is used in electrical work and this man was there fixing an alternator, an electrical component in a car. So this placement describes him perfectly and since I see no contact between Uranus and the Sun, I am daring to say this man had no contact with Branson, just as he claimed. But there are some other omens in this chart that make me quake. Look at Saturn, rising in the tenth, the highest planet in the chart, in fact. It is in 28 degrees of the sign Taurus, very close to the Pleiades and Caput Algol, some of the most violent fixed stars in the heavens, the Pleaides or "weeping sisters" being among the saddest. Saturn is also disposed of by Venus, which is placed in the eighth house of death. The first house ruler, the Sun, is in the sign Aries and is disposed of by Mars in the fifth. I find this disturbing because there was a serial killer who came forward late in this case and claimed to have raped and murdered a blonde man from Skidmore. He later claimed this was not Branson. But the markers in this chart describe just such an event. Mars in the fifth is often a marker for sexual assault and Saturn in Taurus describes a brutal death. Venus in the eighth also describes sexual contact and even more so because it is also disposed of by Mars in the fifth. I am now thinking that it is possible that Branson was kidnapped, raped and murdered after all.

I want to present some other aspects that stand out for me in this chart. We know that there were two men working on the car that day and one of them is described by Uranus in Aquarius. But there is another planet in the sixth house, not from the seventh house ruler, and that is Neptune. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus, showing us that this other man was there in the company of the first man. Neptune is closely trine to Jupiter, in the tenth house, and Jupiter disposes of Mars. Could this second man have been the abductor? It is highly possible that no one, even the first man who came to work on the car, knew anything at all about this second man, who I consider the "shadow man". Could this be the same man who claimed to kidnap, rape and murder a blonde man from Skidmore? Could he have taken off that day without anyone's knowledge and grabbed Branson on the way out? Everyone claims to have seen nothing and no one can account for the activity of the men who were working on that car. These charts are giving me a very real reason to consider this a possbility. That "shadow man" may have returned the jumper cables later to defer suspicion and to make people think Branson was still alive.

In this next chart I drew up, for an hour later, I see that Branson's marker, the first house ruler, is Mercury and it is in the eighth house of death. This is bad news. The ominous Saturn in Taurus is disposed of by Venus, still in the eighth and conjoined to Mercury. The twelfth house ruler (endings) is also in the eighth house. This type of planetary focus is a part of what I call a "death pattern". In this same chart, you can see the cluster of planets in the fourth house. Moon, Pluto and Mars. The Moon is the chart co ruler (a secondary marker for our subject) and with Pluto and Mars, there appears to be violence. The fourth house is ruled by Jupiter, which is in the sign Gemini, in the tenth house. This is a motel. Gemini implies temporary housing and can often mean a trailer or an RV or campsite. But in the tenth house, which implies a business, it is most often a motel. Not a fancy one, mind you, but a quick stop with few amenities. Gemini rules the tenth house and this house usually shows us the current location. The fourth house is a residence. I am thinking that this creep that took this young man was living in the motel. Pluto and Mars together like this can describe a violent altercation, one where someone is hurt badly. With these planets in Sagittarius and the fact that we know Branson was athletic and strong, was a black belt in martial arts, then we can imagine the fight that occurred in that motel room. Saturn in Taurus at the tenth house cusp with Saturn ruling the fifth, there was a plan to molest this man from the start. The node was in the eleventh so the plan was to friend him and then lure him. Perhaps the earlier exchange, with Branson hiding something in the kitchen and one of the men trying to find it later, was a part of their interaction that led to friending. But the presence of the node in the eleventh house of friends and disposed of by the Moon in that fourth house grouping, indicates that Branson was targeted.

The good news, I suppose, is that he did not live long. He was not held captive, tortured or used in porn. He was not sold into slavery. This young man was raped and murdered on the same day that he disappeared.

Now, the question still at hand is where to find his body. I am going to try to track the motions of the killer to determine what he did with Branson.

We noticed in the chart for 4 pm that Saturn was moving into the ninth house. This is usually the placement of the body in the perps car. Ninth house is the third from the seventh. In this chart, we see the Moon, Mars and Pluto now in the third. This also indicates a vehicle so I am pretty sure he put Branson's body into a car. The body appears to be in peices, as Pluto and Mars are with the Moon and they are all disposed of by Jupiter in Gemini. This looks like the body was in more than one peice and probably put in containers or bags. The first house ruler is moving from Mercury to Venus but it does not matter. Both of these planets are in the seventh, which tells us Branson is with his attacker and will remain in his possession. All of the seventh house planets are in Aries, disposed of by Mars, again showing the body is damaged by violence. All of the angles are changing rulers, which makes sense because the killer is preparing to get rid of the body and this will change everything.

Since April is late spring, almost summer, the time has changed and it is getting darker later. Not as late as in the summer but he would have to wait until at least 8 pm to be hidden in darkness. So I ran the charts for around that time and saw that they are showing movement at 8 pm.

In this chart you can see that the body, marked by Saturn, is now in the eighth house. We know he's dead but this also tells us that he is being "laid to rest" so to speak. Saturn is also disposed of by Venus, which is now the first house ruler, another descriptor that tells us this is our victim. Another marker for removal is the movement of the Moon from the third to the second house. In most cases I have seen the second house as a small area alongside the road, populated with small, slow moving, terrestial animals like reptiles, snakes, turtles and lizards. The Moon here is disposed of by Jupiter in Gemini so there may be other animals as well, those with hands and dexterity, such as squirrels, opossum, raccoons and similar fast moving critters. Gemini also describes birds. But all these planets in Sagittarius point to an area with high, sloping ground and some mountains but not the huge kind, just a smaller range. There may be camping areas, places where people hunt and fish and a shooting range nearby. There might also be a military base, a place where weapons and ammunition are stored, and local businesses specializing in weapons and taxidermy. There is a good chance that he burned the body, or at least some of the body, over a grill or in a fire pit. With the trine between the Moon and Pluto with Venus and Mercury in fire signs, there is a good chance the body was completely reduced to ashes. Jupiter in Gemini in the eighth may also mean that the body parts are scattered.

With both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius in the angular fourth house, I would guess the body was dumped up high on a ridge or on the highest sloping ground in that area. Neptune also means it will be hard to find. Mars rules the seventh and is still in the third at the time of disposal so I would think he just tossed the parts out of the car as he went along. He drove off quickly. He did not spend any time at the dump site or having remorse or concern for the remains.

Now, here's the thing. The man who did this was someone who targeted Branson. I believe Branson went along with him or, at the least, was coerced. He may have been promised something and then was treated to a beating. This may have been a homosexual contact of some sort but I cannot say that for sure. But it does seem as if Branson knew the man who took him (however slightly) and went along with him at first. I think there was some degree of enticement that went on. This man may or may not have been one of the men working on the car that day. No matter what, Neptune marks him and this creates a "shadow" effect where it's hard to see the person in question. There was something deceitful and scheming about this man and Branson was fooled. Branson may have known him better than people suspect and this man may have come along while Branson was in the yard and called him over without anyone knowing. Neptune is highly deceptive and can mean almost anything. Neptune in Aquarius is one of the hardest placements to make sense of as this combines the rogue or eccentric elements of Uranus with the sneaky, conniving ones attributed to Neptune. This man was probably very unique in some manner and not like most other people. This would have been obvious when watching his behavior. His lifestyle was outside the norm. I do not see criminal activity with these placements so it's not like that but this guy was an odd personality with possible perverse desires. He could very well have had sexual abnormalities or even be of some other unexpected orientation. People would not know this about him; it would be a surprise. In fact, most things about this man would be surprising.

The placements by traditional reading would have him tall and thin with a long nose and spindly fingers. He would have translucent skin and appear amorphous at times, many people who know him would have a hard time describing him. He could be artistic or musical and might be in a fine arts occupation. Photography was probably a hobby as well as working on electronics. He would especially love video, music and other graphic arts, especially those that use electronic instruments or are played on a computer. This person would have little or no business sense and would not have a lot of money. Money would not be his motivation in life. He would dress in some manner that makes him stand out, either very modern and in vogue or very retro antique and out of date. He might have blue eyes. I hope this helps.

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