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Amber Berbiglia

Young Woman Murdered In Broad Daylight

From Court Junkie :

23-year-old Amber Berbiglia had just finished her college exams and was planning on getting married, when her life was taken from her in May 2013.

Amber’s body was found lying underneath the Robert Edge Parkway bridge in South Carolina a little after 4 PM on May 3, 2013. Her car was found nearby, still running, with her cell phone inside. The cause of death was ruled blunt force trauma to the head.

Eight months later, police are still searching for answers.

Amber’s last known whereabouts were at a Time Warner office on Main Street at around 1 PM on May 3. She was there to pay her cable bill. Before that, she had stopped at a gas station to fill up her gas tank.

WMBF News has uncovered surveillance video of Amber at that gas station from just hours before her death.

Amber was engaged to a man named Jose Tolsa Soler, who she had met while she was studying abroad in London in 2012. Jose was still in London working at a hotel when Amber was killed.

Could Amber’s case be related at all to the disappearances of Brittanee Drexel or Heather Elvis? Both girls have been missing from the same area as Amber was found. Could there be a connection between them? Or did Amber have an enemy who would have wanted her dead?


NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Eight weeks after 23-year-old Amber Berbiglia was found murdered, no arrests have been made. But police still consider this an active investigation.

Amber Berbiglia was last seen alive on May 3. Around 1:30 that afternoon, her friends say she was seen near the Time Warner Cable store on Main Street.

Hours later, her body was found less than two miles away under the Robert Edge Pkwy overpass.

Police rushed to the scene after getting 911 calls from a passerby and worked quickly to preserve what soon became the scene of a murder.

"When we arrived, we set a perimeter, so nothing is moved before Crime Scene has photos or video," explained Detective Jonathon Martin, the lead detective on this case.

As police worked to gather evidence, detectives arrived to inspect the area around Amber's body.

But what exactly were they looking for?

"Evidence. We were looking for evidence on how someone left the scene. It's pretty muddy around here, all the time. So, we looked for foot traffic," said Detective Martin.

While documenting the entire scene, they also looked for any trail leading to Amber's killer. Things like footprints in the mud, or if any objects were dropped as the suspect was fleeing the scene.

"People think DNA is everywhere, but sometimes it is not. In this case, we looked for it. We took DNA samples from around the area, from around the victim. We also looked around her car, and inside of it," shared Detective Martin.

But solving a crime isn't as easy as it looks on TV shows. It takes a lot more work, and a lot more time.


One of my readers sent me this case and I want to thank all of you who take the time to advocate for these victims. My blog has yet to make a big difference in solving cases but it has the positive effect of opening minds and motivating people to continue this work. There is hope here. I must say that most of these cases make me really sad. I can't do one a day or even more than one a week because they are so dark and heartbreaking. This case is a stand out, in my opinion, because she died so brutally in such a short period of time... it seems unbelievable and really scary. I did the charts on this and they are also unbelievable and really scary. I hope they help shed light on what happened to this precious girl and what can happen to anyone at any time, it seems. I am curious about the possible link between this girl's murder and the loss of Heather Elvis and Brittannee Drexel. I have profiled each of these other cases and found that their murders were personal. Elvis was killed by her lover and Drexel was pregnant. Drexel was killed to keep her from having the baby. At least, that's what the charts revealed to me at the time and I still stand by those findings. So I have to say I did not find a link.

This first chart just spilled out in front of me and I felt the sadness creeping in again. You can see the seventh house ruler in the eighth house right away, a proven marker for a criminal. This person is sleazy, dangerous and aggressive. Uranus in Aries, right away, describes a highly unusual person who does not live by convention. Rules do not apply and there is a good chance the cops are already aware of this man because he cannot keep his head down. He is always creating chaos. Uranus is disposed of by Mars, so you can see the aggression here. Now couple this with the first house ruler, the Sun, right near by in the ninth house. This is the time when this criminal crosses her path. It is obvious. Now, both her ruler, the Sun and Mars are disposed of by the tenth house ruler, Venus. This is what brings them together; they are in the same place at the same time. Venus is closely aligned with the most violent fixed star in the heavens, Caput Algol. This always describes brutality and bloodshed and has been prominent in many famous murder cases, mostly those that became famous due to their brutality. I understand this girl was beaten to death. Pluto rules the fourth house and is placed in the fifth; I am surprised she was not raped as well.

She came across this criminal not far from where she was last seen, at the cable company office. He may have been panhandling or otherwise begging, perhaps asking for cigarettes. This caused her to stop long enough for him to commandeer her and her car. There is no doubt she was carjacked. The ninth house, where they came together, describes a parking area near a highway. Mercury in Taurus describes cars but it might be that hers was the only one parked there; there were no other people. The Moon in the seventh shows Amber in this persons' company, for whatever reason. However, Neptune being present also indicates that there was illusion at play and she had no idea who she was dealing with. There is a probability that he was a con artist as well as a dangerous violent criminal.

I jump ahead to the time of the discovery to see how it ties together. I will run charts for the between time but I do believe these will be the most revealing. In this chart you see the first house ruler, Mercury, in the eighth house of death. This shows her dead. Saturn shows us her dead body and it is in the second house, close to the node. Saturn is in Scorpio. This bridge crosses the intracoastal waterway and Scorpio is a water sign. It usually describes deep water with big fish. But she was found on land, under the bridge, which is described by the second house. Since it is near the node, we can assume he planned it this way and chose this spot in advance. But I do not think he knew this girl. I think he has killed before and grabs opportunities when they arise, leaving bodies in certain places he considers special for some reason.

In this chart you also see the tenth house ruler is Mercury. This describes more of the scene; the tenth house rules the authorities and here the ruler is conjoined her ruler, showing the authorities with her body. They have come together on discovery. But also Mercury rules cars and underpasses and highways... etc.. and this is how and where she was found. She was beaten to death instead of being shot or strangled because Mars is in Taurus, the sign of the pugilist and is trine to Pluto in Capricorn, a marker for being beaten, mostly by tools. Pluto is a violent marker in forensic charts and the sign Capricorn rules wood, rock and other natural elements. He may have used a bat or other large stick.

Neptune on the seventh cusp while conjoined the Moon in the sixth tells me he was nearby when the cops arrived. He was actually watching all of it from a hidden place. The fourth house ruler (the current location) is Jupiter, the planet of joy. Jupiter is disposed of by the first house ruler, Mercury, in the eighth house, telling us that he enjoys / enjoyed killing. He got a real kick out of beating this innocent girl to death. It's hard for those of us who find joy and solace in love and compassion to fathom that there are those who find joy and solace in murder. But this man does. It is because of this that I believe he is likely a serial killer or, at the least, a repeat violent offender. He actually wasn't far from where her body was found (Moon within a few degrees of the seventh house ruler) but he was well hidden from view (Neptune).

This is the chart where the first house ruler, Mercury, first enters the eighth house of death. Still disposed of by Venus, with Venus close to Algol. Mercury opposes Saturn in Scorpio in the third house. She was beaten to death right there near the overpass after being driven (or forced to drive) around the area for awhile. I don't know if he was looking for a place to leave her or what, but at 3 pm, they arrived there at the underpass and he beat her to death and left her. Perhaps she thought he wanted to go there or be taken there for some reason. Perhaps she thought he was homeless and slept under the bridge. I wish I had been a fly on the window of that car. But you can see Mercury entering the eighth, the first sign of impending death, and opposing Saturn, a marker for her body, in the third house (the car). Saturn is retrograde so she did not die easily; with all the planets in physical Taurus it is probable that she fought back. The node in the third shows planning; he needed a car to pull this off and he waited for the right victim. Saturn is disposed of by Pluto in Capricorn just entering the fourth house. All the markers point to a brutal beating death that happened right there where he left her.

Now, how do we determine clues to his identity? We have already discovered that he was / is a criminal and that he is dangerous and has done this before. Similar crimes, I'm sure, have been investigated. There is something unusual about his appearance, most especially on the face and head. An unusual shape to the head, perhaps or marks on the face. He has a fighter's body, medium height, stocky build, thick hands. Uranus square Pluto describes someone with a chip on his shoulder, that would explode in anger easily for unexpected reasons. He is a hot head and has a rebellious personality.

This girl was murdered for no reason other than being in the same place as a dangerous killer. The police need to get this guy or other women are going to die.

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