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Danny Barter

Four Year Old Wanders Off And Just Disappears

Help Solve a 50 Year Old Mystery!

From Crime and Justice:

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: June 18, 1959 from Perdido Bay, Alabama
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: December 12, 1954
Age: 4 years old
Height and Weight: 3'0, 50 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, brown eyes. Barter's nickname is Danny.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: Only gray boxer shorts.

Details of Disappearance

Barter was last seen playing near the banks of Perdido Bay, Alabama at 9:30 a.m. on June 18, 1959. He resided in the 1700 block of Thrush Drive in Mobile, Alabama at the time, and had gone camping at Perdido Bay with his parents, some of his six siblings, an uncle and two cousins. He apparently wandered away from the rest of his family while his parents were preparing some fishing equipment. His mother began searching for him ten or fifteen minutes after she last saw him, but was unable to locate him. He has never been heard from again.

The area Barter disappeared from is swampy and infested with alligators and snakes. Authorities investigated the theory that the child had been attacked by an animal. They even killed and gutted two alligators to look for human remains, but found no evidence of such an attack. Barter's mother stated he did not like the water and she does not believe he would have gone into the bay voluntarily. An extensive search of the region, on both land and water, turned up no sign of the child or his remains. After the search turned up no evidence, investigators looked into the possibility that Barter was abducted, but they were never able to find any clues supporting this theory.

Barter's parents and siblings moved to Texas after his disappearance. His parents have died, but his brothers and sisters are all alive and still hope his case may be resolved.


This case was emailed to me by a loyal reader. Thanks to all of you who take the time to send me cases. I will get to them all eventually, I promise. But this is one that turned out so strangely when I read it that I am now turning it over to my readers to interpret. I will read the chart as I see it, of course, but lay it out for you to determine exactly what did happen here. In truth, the chart left me with questions, and, in fact, remains a mystery to me in many ways. Traditional readings shed uneven light and not everything is clear. You'll see what I mean as I read it. And I leave it up to you to decide what really happened to this boy.

The first chart I drew up was for the time at which Danny Barter was last seen, 9:30 am on June 18. Leo is rising, Aquarius is falling, the Sun is in Gemini in the eleventh house and Uranus is in Leo in the twelfth. When you are reading for a child, you take the first house for the parents and the fifth house for the child. It looks like the parents were enjoying themselves this morning with their children. They were "preparing to go fishing" according to reports and with their marker in the eleventh, that is very likely. They were doing things they wanted to do, even some things they had wished to do for awhile. It was a real vacation. Mercury and Jupiter both describe the child. Mercury is there in the eleventh, near the Sun, showing that he started out the morning with mom and dad. Jupiter is in the fourth house, near the Moon, showing again the child being close to the parents, the home where they were staying, and that Danny was clearly a close member of the family group.

The one outstanding aspect I must point out is the presence of Saturn in the fifth house. Saturn is retrograde in the sign Capricorn and it sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto and opposes Mercury. Since Mercury marks the child in the chart and the fifth house rules the child, we must assume that Saturn has a pivotal role to play in events that occurred. The trine to Pluto right at the Ascendant is important. The Ascendant is the parent's place and Pluto trining the child's planets makes me think that things were good between the parents and the child. Pluto also co rules the fourth house so this brings it into clearer focus, emphasizing it's influence over family events. And, then, to crown it all, Pluto is disposed of by Mercury, which is the child's marker. It just really looks like the kid did not go missing. I am not sure how these aspects will play out against the facts but I'll keep reading to see. However, these initial aspects seem to indicate that these parents will not lose the child for good. On another note, I notice that the seventh house is ruled by Uranus from the twelfth house, in conjunction with Mars and Venus. Now, this sort of looks to me like a group of three people who come upon the family by surprise, almost from behind, perhaps unexpected. There was never any mention of any visitors or neighbors dropping by so this seems odd. Venus rules the midheaven and Mars co rules the nadir, so it looks like these are relatives. Perhaps grandparents or aunts and uncles with or without children. I use plurals because I am not sure if it's either-or or both.

Now, there is an interesting twist in the 10 am chart, which has Virgo rising and Pisces falling with Capricorn still on the fifth. But notice that the parents have now acquired the child's marker, Mercury in Cancer, again emphasizing the familial tie. Neptune, which now rules the seventh, is in the third with the co ruler, Moon. I think these people have joined the parents outdoors around the home, either to "go fishing" or to do other activities. Like I said, these seem to be members of the family, extended or closer. Note also that Saturn, still the fifth house ruler, is in the fifth house, showing the child going off to play. He is probably headed to an area he remembers as a playground or an area where he has played games with other children in the past. This is where he ran off to that morning while they were preparing to go fishing. Saturn disposes itself so Danny was off on his own, he was not taken by anybody, coerced in any way or abducted. He was headed right where he wanted to go. Four years old or not, some kids can be very willful. Danny was a Sagittarius so he was adventurous, unafraid, loved the outdoors and wanted to have fun. One more thing I want to note in the 10 am chart is how the nadir is now at 1 degree of Sagittarius and the midheaven is at 1 degree of Gemini. Where these people that had joined the parents, the grandparents after all? It looks like these people are the parents of one of the parents. I have nothing to corroborate that, it's just what the chart appears to be saying.

In the chart for 11 am you can see the cluster of planets in the eleventh and tenth houses. This tells me that people are helping them look for Danny. They are all gathered around the parents. These are family, friends and even neighbors. The Moon is still in the third, joined by Jupiter and both of the planets are disposed of by Pluto in the twelfth. This describes the parents looking around outside, in the immediate area, in hidden places like behind bushes and over drop offs. They think he is hiding. But notice Saturn, which still rules the fifth, moving through the fourth house. Shocking as this may seem, this child has entered someone's home! It almost looks like the parent's home, or the home where they were staying, but this does not have to be so. The fourth house is ruled by Jupiter, which is placed in the third, describing a home in the neighborhood, perhaps along the beach or woods, nearby, in fact. Since the Moon is lingering there as well, again, I see that this child did not wander far. He was in the neighborhood, in another home in the woods, but very nearby his parents. Not far at all. Like I said, he may even have re-entered the home where the parents were staying!

Neptune rules the seventh and is placed in the second, disposed of by Pluto. This is a planet we will have to watch as the charts unfold. This may very well be the next person Danny meets, whoever it is that lives in this home. Or, conversely, this may have been an abandoned home that no one had been inside of in years, a place forgotten, that went out of memory. The disposal of Neptune by Pluto in the twelfth supports this last assertion, giving the picture of a place that is desolate, filled with pratfalls and possibly dangerous. Is it possible that Danny wandered into an abandoned home and gotten hurt or trapped? When you note that Pluto in the twelfth is trine to Saturn, it seems to say that something attracted the boy. Something dark and mysterious but alluring. Perhaps an animal in the doorway or a toy seen through a window or something shiny from within the darkness. There's no telling. Pluto is mysterious but dangerous and perhaps the child met some danger on his way into this place. Neptune in the second seems to describe something the child would like to have for his own; something like a toy, perhaps. Neptune seems to indicate that he could not clearly make it out and it was curiosity that drew him in closer. What he thought it was may not have been what it actually was but the chance that it might be was alluring enough.

So far, the charts seem to be showing me a boy who has wandered away from home into another home, a place nearby. But moving the charts forward to 1 pm on this day, a different story emerges, one that's hard to reconcile with the facts. Notice in the chart that Aquarius is now on the fifth cusp and Uranus is placed in the tenth. This is showing us the child out in the open and in the company of other people, shown by nearby planets. The first house ruler is now Libra and there is Venus, right next to Uranus. The seventh house ruler is Aries and there is Mars, on the other side of Venus. And oddly enough, the child's universal marker, Mercury is placed there as well. For all appearances, it seems that the child is reunited with his parents. They are all together. And these planets are disposed of by the Sun, which is nearby in the ninth house. They are all together outside, perhaps on the beach? Why, then, did the parents say that they never saw this child again? Or are these NEW parents, perhaps, or, at the very least, people who assumed the role of parent with this child? How then did the child end up with these people in such short order, after merely entering a home nearby? When you see the Moon in the second house in Scorpio, not far from Jupiter, it makes you wonder if money was involved somehow. Did money exchange hands? Was this the parents selling their child? Or was this a ransom for the child that was never reported and never met? Was the child kidnapped after all and the parents could not meet the ransom so out of embarrassment, they said the child ran off? And, again, another thought. Perhaps they gave the child to someone else who had more money than they did; or even to someone who needed money that they might receive for raising this child? These questions are all legitimate. What do you think the chart says?

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Other points I'd like to make: In the chart for 1 pm, please note that the node is at the first house cusp. The exact degree on the first cusp is near square to Mercury, seeming to say that, at this point, it is unlikely the parents will see the child again. This should be measured carefully. It will give credence to the parent's story. Notice also that the cluster of planets in the eleventh, denoting the child and others, are in direct square to Neptune in Scorpio, now in the first. Was this an adoption gone wrong? Did someone promise money and then run with the boy? I know this all sounds like crazy speculation and I agree, that's what it is. Break out your detective's hat and work it with me. I do not have a pat answer in this case, too much of it is hazy and hard to read. I will not say the parents did anything wrong and from the aspects in the charts, it seems they had a lovely relationship with this child so I doubt they meant him harm. In fact, I do not see him harmed, there are no violent aspects here. He was not assaulted, raped, attacked, abused or mauled in any way. And I tend to believe that he was alive after this day and for quite some time later, if not still. And, so, what did happen to the boy? Are the parents telling the truth and they know nothing of his disappearance and have not seen him since? Or are they culprits in a scheme of sorts, either for money or just to get out a jam? Was the boy abducted and the parents feared for their lives? This is all conjecture but honest thought none the less. I'd appreciate help with this case, so if you have a desire to study it, post your ideas, readings and comments so everyone can see them. Help me solve this one. Danny Barter is missed.

Now, here is the real twist in this chart. Traditional readings give that if the fifth house ruler is retrograde and is in good aspect to a planet in the first, the child will be found. In this chart, Jupiter rules the fifth, is placed in the fourth and is retrograde. The Moon has just left a conjunction with Jupiter, the Sun, which rules the first, is inconjunct to Jupiter and the Ascendant degree, 26 degrees of Leo, is closely square Jupiter in 23 degrees of Scorpio and sinister in aspect. This has a marked WOW factor, showing exactly the aspects one would expect to find in a traditional reading where the child would never be found. But please notice that there are contradicting aspects, as well. Saturn is placed in the fifth in four degrees of Capricorn, in retrograde motion, and is closely trine to Pluto, placed in one degree of Virgo in the first. This seems to tell us they will see this child again. How do you combine these conflicting influences? If you measure each aspect by degree and placement, looking for debilities, dignities and such, you might be able to deduce which influence is actually the greater. But none of these planets or placements are in particular dignity or debility, save Saturn in Capricorn. And this planet is the one placement that tells us they will see the child again. And, yet, we KNOW that they never saw this child again.

Continuing the argument even further, on the premise that the time at which he was last seen is not the appropriate measure of events and only the chart at which time was KNOWN TO BE MISSING should be used, I move forward to the chart for 10:00 am. This is around the time they would have known the child was gone, if not earlier, in fact, because he was not expected to be going anywhere. In fact, the moment he went out of sight he was known to be missing. But allowing for preoccupation on the part of the parents, I move the chart forward a bit just to see if the new aspects fall in line with traditional reading. But this chart is even MORE concisely saying that the child will be seen again! Amazingly, at this point, Capricorn has taken the fifth house cusp, with Saturn placed there in 4 degrees. And the Ascendant point has moved forward just enough to place 2 degrees of Virgo on the first house cusp! This is a near exact trine between these planets, a traditional marker telling the reader that the child will be seen again. Amazing. Now, one can argue that the fifth and first house cusps are often in trine aspect, merely by their natural trine placement, but one cannot extend that argument to include a fifth house ruler. That's what makes this chart so exemplary. However, if you take the same fifth house ruler, Saturn in Capricorn and aspect it in relation to the RULER of the first, which is Mercury, you'd find an opposition. So which is it? What would you read? These aspects, traditional readings, and variables in these kinds of charts all merit much further study. Perhaps I'll tackle it on my other blog, the Tablet. Someday, no doubt, when I have lots of time to spare. For now, I ask you to lend me your thoughts.


I offer the last known photo of Danny Barter in the hopes that someone might know him. He is much older now, as shown in the progression on the website below, so look around you and see if someone you know might be Danny. He may very well go by another name and have no memory of who he was. Although his parents are dead, his sisters and brothers would love to know whatever became of Danny. If you think you have viable information that may help them reunite with Danny, please call 251-972-8589 or go to Danny Barter

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shemika Cosey

Young Lady Leaves Her Aunts Home and Disappears


Missing child information:

Missing Child: Shemika Cosey

Date Missing: 12/28/2008
Missing From: Berkeley, MO
DOB: 10/1/1992
Age at Disappearance: 16 years
Sex: Female
Race: African American
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 135-150
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, short

Circumstances: Shemika went missing from Berkeley, Missouri on December 28, 2008. She has not been seen or heard from since her disappearance.

16-year-old Shemika Cosey was last seen at a relative's home at 1:35 a.m. in the 6000 block of Napier in Berkeley. She was last seen wearing a tan colored ...

A relative of Cosey found the front door to the home unlocked and Shemika's belongings were still inside. A cousin suspected she had just left the residence ...

The family of Shemika Cosey is looking for her safe return. The 16 year-old has been missing since Sunday, Dec. 28 between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

She was last seen wearing a black long sleeve shirt and blue jeans.

The Coseys are asking anyone with information concerning Shemika’s whereabouts to contact the Berkeley Police Department at (314) 524-3311 or the family personally at (314) 524-7041.


There are so many of these cases, all of the time! I mean, how many people can go missing and end up abducted or murdered? It makes me wonder if it was this prevalent back in the days that we thought it wasn't but just wasn't on the news so much. I am not sure. It just feels like the world has descended into a kind of horror movie.

I saw this one on Nancy Grace, too, and thought it was sad. Some little girl just disappears while staying with friends? I am not sure it is safe to leave your daughter with relatives or friends nowadays, what with uncles and stepfathers doing horrible things to kids. I was hoping this was just another runaway who was with a boyfriend somewhere and would be found. I was hoping the chart would say that and I haven't even begun to read them yet so my hopes are still in that place. Do you remember my reading for Jamie Harper? The charts kept showing her taking off with a newfound love, a "soul mate" of sorts? Well, it's been an awful long time for that case and as much as I would like to believe that Jamie is ok, I have begun to suspect that although she was not abducted and did not die on the night in question, she has likely passed away since. I will do an update on her shortly. Even with that, I am hoping for the best for Shemika Cosey.

The first chart I draw up is for the time Shemika is last seen, around 1:30 in the morning hours of December 28, 2008 in Berkeley, Missouri. You can see that Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Look at the big grouping of planets around the 4th house cusp, with 5 planets in the third house and 4 in the fourth. This is almost every planet in the chart. The standout placements is an opposition from Uranus, placed in the fifth in Pisces to Saturn in Virgo in the eleventh. If you compare this chart with Shemika's solar chart, you'll see that her birth Mars in Cancer is opposed by the transiting Moon in Capricorn. The transiting Moon and Venus in Capricorn are also crossing her birth Uranus and Neptune conjunction. All of these placements tend to make Shemika rebellious and adventurous. With Saturn placed in Virgo in the eleventh aspecting Uranus in Pisces in the fifth, I would venture to guess that she was pursuing an unconventional relationship with someone older than her, who started out as a friend, who other people thought was just a friend and may have been related to one of her friends and could even have been one of the parents.

Her birth Mars is opposed to the birth Uranus, telling me that she was often impetuous, rebellious, stubborn and willing to take crazy chances. This is a marker for a person who loves excitement and can be ruthless in the pursuit of their "dreams". Mars in Cancer is a weak position that often defines a tendency towards self destruction combined with a passive aggressive personality. This birth Mars is square to her Sun in Libra and also opposing the transiting Sun, now in Capricorn. I cannot help but think that Shemika was a soft spoken Libra with the a hard head; a prime example of the iron fist in the velvet glove. She knew what she wanted and did not want to hear otherwise. She didn't want her dreams spoiled by people she thought of as "negative" and "mean". Being a Libra, Shemika believed in "love at first sight" and was willing to throw everything away for a chance at sharing her life with someone special. She was just a baby, as you can see, being about 16 years old, but women out there will remember what it's like to be 16.

Shemika Cosey: Solar chart

Her Libra Sun starts out in the transiting twelfth house, with natal Mercury following behind it. I think she made secret plans and carried them out. She was careful not to leave clues to what she was up to, but Mercury in Libra square transiting current Mercury in Capricorn tells me that she was rash and not careful enough in her decisions. So she kept this a secret but she was unable to concentrate on the larger things, like what she would do later on or how her family might feel. So what am I saying? I'm saying that, from the very first chart I see and her solar chart, I am guessing she was not abducted, at least not at first and that she planned to leave in advance and left because she wanted to. I am also guessing that a male was involved; someone she might believe she is in love with.

The cluster of planets in the fourth house tell me there were a few people at the house where she was staying. The Moon and Saturn rule the tenth and fourth houses and they are in trine aspect. The people she was staying with were basically happy, easy going and did not pay a lot of attention because they were enjoying themselves. Venus and Neptune are closely conjoined in the fourth house so the aunt was either a nurse, a caregiver, an artist of some sort or perhaps a drug dealer. She may also have been unemployed and on assistance of some sort, perhaps even disability. Any of this is possible. There is no implication in these charts that this aunt had anything untoward to do with Shemika. But if you notice the seventh house ruler is Mars, her natural solar opposite. Mars is transiting in Capricorn and is disposed of by Saturn in Virgo in the eleventh house. The person Shemika left with was an older man who has been a long time friend but who is now an object of her affections. If you also notice that there is 22 degrees of Taurus on the eighth house cusp and that this is square to the Neptune-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. I think she has been having sex with this man and no one knows about it. Theirs has been a secret love affair and I think she left this night to be with him. I do not believe, though, that she intended to stay away. I think she planned to come back home and something changed.

If you notice the Moon and Jupiter leave the fourth house for the third house between 1:30 and 2 in the morning. This, to me, shows people leaving the house and heading out. During this period, Scorpio moves onto the Ascendant and Pluto, which is already in conjunction with Mars, is also in the third. Since Pluto and Mars are now significators for Shemika, it is my belief that she actually left that house around 2 in the morning, after the others left or while they were leaving and she just went unnoticed. I do not think there was a party going on in the house, there are no markers disposing planets through the fifth house or anything like that, it just looks like family. Pluto and Mars, which co rule the chart, are suddenly in the third house, riding along with the Sun. This tells me that she got into a car with someone, whether this was in secret or not. In other words, I cannot tell if this person knew she was there. However, this does look like an older male, a man who is either part of the family or close to the family she was staying with, and he was leaving the house at this time. He would have been among the people who were present at her aunt's home.. so he must have been questioned, no? This is why I am thinking he may not have known that she sneaked into the car. If he did, then he's a conspirator in this matter and should be thoroughly investigated. Being an older male, he could easily even be the man with whom she ran off. I just cannot be entirely sure from these placements.

So I see that Shemika planned to leave and got into a car with an older male who was leaving the house, whether he knew she was there or not. Pluto and Mars again being disposed of by Saturn, a very powerful placement in this chart, tells me that she thought of this man as a friend, also. She trusted him. Saturn is in mutual reception with Mercury, which is placed in the fourth house so I am beginning to think that a member of this family helped Shemika do this. There was definitely planning going on. Now, when I say older, the chart could be describing somebody 20 years old when you compare it to Shemika or it could be describing her grandfather, if you think in terms of Saturn in general. The Sun, if you'll also notice, rules the tenth house, so I am thinking not just a man, but also somebody's father. Now, I hate to admit, this is starting to sound creepy.

I also notice that Shemikas' birth Saturn in Aquarius is near to the transiting node. Since the node backs up, it is moving away from Saturn and this tells me that she met this man a while ago. She's known him for quite some time, taking Saturn in Aquarius as a fixed sign and the node's movement backwards, I would say they'd known each other for a few years. Everyone knows they are friends, this is not a secret, but no one knows that the relationship has advanced to a sexual one. He is an adult, I believe, but, again, he could be 20 years old and not 50, but it does look like he's a parent, or, at least, has children of his own. Does Shemika babysit for any young men close or in the family? Does her aunt have brothers who have young children? These are questions that might be asked.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

At 3 am, if you notice, Pluto and Mars have both moved into the second house and the Sun has moved along with them. Venus, the seventh house ruler, is still in the fourth house, again telling me this is family. It looks like he is offering her something; money, security, a home, perhaps? Something of value in exchange for their relationship, perhaps? Venus, being conjoined to Neptune, keeps telling me this is a secret, something they are hiding from everyone. Because it is Venus, the seventh house ruler, that claims the conjunction, I believe they are hiding it for his benefit, not hers and perhaps he is married? Also noting that the Moon, which co rules the chart, is in detriment in Capricorn and has just conjoined Jupiter, also in fall. I think this man has made promises he can't keep. He has gotten this young girl, with her dreams of love and happiness, involved in a triangle and he has no intention of making her honest, which might entail him coming clean about this affair. Would this also entail leaving his wife?

So the charts so far have them getting together, secretly, for a meeting from which Shemika expected to return home. I think Shemika, being a naive young lady, probably expected this man to do the right thing. He had no intentions of leaving his wife, if he was married, or ruining his life by telling the truth. This was an indulgence on his part and nothing more. Sad. But so often true! Anyways, looking at the charts for hours into the morning, I just keep seeing them talking, him making promises. But around 7:30 am, thing begin to change. Pluto and Mars cross the Ascendant, which is just now Capricorn. Saturn has moved into the ninth house. The Moon has moved into Aquarius, a few degrees ahead of the node. I think they go off together, traveling away. On a highway, out into the "wide blue yonder", perhaps to fulfill his promise to her that they would be together? But at 8 am, Saturn, which rules the first house, has now moved into the eighth. By 8:30, the Moon is also in the twelfth, with Saturn remaining in the eighth. The eighth house cusp is now at 0 degrees of Pluto, exactly trine Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. It seems just too easy right now to kill this girl. Death aspects are in position and the trine could make it happen. But the aspects are too fleeting, they have no staying power, so I think the thought occurred to him, the opportunity came but he did not do it. At least not this night. This is not to say that I know for sure that Shemika is still alive; in fact, he might have killed her later. It's just that he did not do it on December 29

The huge cluster of planets that started out in the fourth house have now crammed into the first house. And then by 9 am, they are all moving into the twelfth house. Neptune takes over the first so I think he takes her somewhere and hides her. I know this sounds weird but I think he's either holding her against her will, like she's restrained somewhere, or he's made her promises and she is waiting somewhere of her own free will. Is there a chance she might be pregnant? Her Sun sign ruler, Venus, started out in the fifth house. Could it be that this is what it was all about? She is pregnant with his child and they are keeping this secret? He has taken her somewhere to have the baby or to have an abortion or to start a new life with his help? I know this all sounds an awful lot like As The World Turns but the charts are leading me in this direction. I leave it up to the reader to get what you can from these aspects and anyone who has a better read, I would love if you could post it! Email me a read and I will tack it onto this post as an addition.

All I can say from these charts is that Shemika left of her own will, went with an older man with whom she seems to have a relationship and is being kept somewhere, where she is still alive and well. Strange, but this is what I see. I am hoping, from these charts, that this young lady will be heard from again. Because Venus rules the first at the outset and is placed in the fifth house, I think she will be found. The fifth house ruler, Uranus, is also in the fifth house, which tells me also that she will be found. She will get in touch with her parents or caretakers. Also supporting this theory is that fact that, at the time they discover her missing, Gemini rules the fifth house (her being their child) and Mercury is right at the Ascendant, showing that she is just not far from home. In the same chart, for 8 am, the Moon is fast approaching a trine to the fifth house cusp, which is positioned at 4 degrees of Gemini. The Moon is actually translating the light from the fifth house cusp to the node. There may already be a plan in place for her to return, but that perhaps something has to happen first. The translation of light involves 9 degrees of transit in a fixed sign from the first to the fifth house, which are angular and succeedant houses, respectively. Time wise, this works out to 9 months in my book. So, once again, is this girl pregnant? Hmmm.

Putting all of this aside and moving forward with more information, I will try to describe this man she left with. This might help the family or friends make an ID. I think the girls' diary should be read, her friends should be asked questions in regards to anything she might have said about a boyfriend, a crush, or someone she may have said she was in love with. From all accounts, watching the seventh house as it develops in each chart, I can see that this is a good looking man. He has "feminine" features, in a way, qualities like a graceful walk, a lofty way of carrying himself, like a model. Without sounding rude, I must note that this man would have a "nice bod", so to speak. He has a really good complexion with softer, curly hair that might be lighter in color or lightened. Not blond; just light brown. He may have lighter eyes and lighter skin, or, at the least, he wears contacts that make his eyes hazel, green or gray. If his eyes are naturally lighter, then they are most likely hazel. He has outstanding eyes and lashes; his brows are "sweeping", meaning they are thin, long and dramatic and his eyelashes are also long, thick and noticeable. He has a shorter nose, a thick, heart shaped mouth and maybe even a dimple in his chin or in his cheeks. Most definitely a dimple! He might want to be a singer; he most definitely has a pleasant voice. This man is attractive and might think of himself as a "player". Little Shemika, no matter how she considered herself, would have been easily taken with this man. He is a charmer.

Whew! So I am done with trying to figure out what happened to this lovely young lady and in closing I will say that I hope they find her soon! In that spirit, I will ask you to look at her picture and commit it to memory. If you have seen her, think you have seen her, know something about her plans or where she might be currently, please contact the authorities at the phone number above. It would be awesome if she was found really soon and all would be well. I send my heartfelt sympathies to her family and friends. God bless.


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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adji Desir

Little Boy Disappears From Front Yard

From True Crime Report:

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA - Deputies are searching for a 6 year-old boy reported missing in Immokalee Saturday night.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office says Adji Desir around was last seen leaving his home in Farm Workers Village around 7:15 p.m.

Deputies say Adji was watching television in his bedroom when he told his parents he was going outside to play with friends.

His parents watched him leave the house and go outside. When they went to check on him a few minutes later he was nowhere to be found. His parents called for help.

Adji is described as 3 feet tall, 45 pounds, with short black hair and dark eyes. He was wearing a blue and yellow T-shirt and blue and yellow shorts.

Deputies are searching the area with patrol cars, a helicopter and K-9s. They are also going door-to-door assisted by local firefighters.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Collier County Sheriff’s Office at 239-793-9300.


I saw this case on Nancy Grace and found it to be compelling. It is an immediate event, this child has just disappeared and there are people looking for him as I write this. I felt an urge to do a chart and see what it said about this little boy and where he might be. What the stars say is startling and so fascinating I just had to present it here. There is no doubt I will get hate mail and more people calling me a fraud but this blog is not about me. It's about Astrology. So no amount of criticism is going to stop me from trying to read charts. If you don't believe in Astrology, find something else to read. So there.

Anyways, I will once again dare to wade in and see if I drown. I just hope maybe one of these days a chart will give up a secret and save a life. That's all I want. Not much, aye? Anyways, big fat ego aside, I drew up charts for this vulnerable little boy and was shocked by what I saw. I am going to show you what the charts say, how I read them and what I believe they reveal. If you don't agree, as always, you are invited to tell me all about it. I publish every comment, unless there is profanity, spam or links to unrelated sites. So feel free to do your own charts and show me what you see. I always encourage that.

The first chart I drew up was for the last time that Adji was supposedly seen. He left the house, they say, at around 7:15 in the evening to go outside and play with friends. Never mind that I thought this was strange right off the bat because I also live in Florida and at 7:30 in January it is very dark outside. I checked the weather archives at the national weather service website and it was in the 50's that evening, as it has been most of the winter here. So, did they button him up and make sure he was warm? Or is the story just that he slid out in his T shirt and disappeared? These are all valid questions. So I am looking at the chart for 7 pm and thinking about all of this. I have trouble at times reading for children because I never know whether to read the first or fifth houses. Children are hardly in control of their lives so the first house never feels right but in this case there is nothing implicating the parents so I can't use them as the focus of the reading. It is assumed that they lost control of this child and his situation at the moment he disappeared. So I am left with a small child for which I am reading the first house in the fashion that I read for adults.

And immediately I see that Leo is rising and the Sun is in the sixth house. The Moon, the chart co ruler is directly opposing the Sun from the twelfth house. In turn, the Sun is disposed of by Saturn in Virgo in the second house. This child is an employee of someone. He works for money; he is a source of income. If not already, then this is why he disappeared. Someone wanted to put this boy to work. The seventh house is ruled by Aquarius with Uranus in the eighth house in Pisces. This planet is in mutual reception with Neptune in the seventh house. This placement leads me to believe that someone had a secret agenda; not everything was said or out in the open. The person Adji ended up with on this night was someone who had a private plan for the child and with the second/ eighth house axis as rulers, the indications are, once again, that the child meant money. This was a migrant workers village in south central Florida. Were there contractors moving through the area, looking for people they could put to work? Had there been talk of child slavery or the trade in child laborers among anyone in the village? There is a strong possibility that someone came through the town, someone who made friends with the migrants, who was looking for slaves. The stories about 10 year old girls working in upper middle class and wealthy immigrant households in the west and southwest are current and accurate. Did someone take Adji to make him a slave?

Everything in these charts, from the first until the last, is showing me an emphasis on the second and eighth houses with clusters of prominent planets in the sixth and twelfth. This indicates someone is profiteering from other people's work and restraining people, confining people, to make them work. The next charts I do, for 7:30, 8 and 9 pm, the Moon in the twelfth tells me that this was done in secret and at this time, no one knows what really happened. The child was "swallowed" up in a larger group of people and probably smuggled. The Sun, which represents this boy, is closely lined up with Mars along the sixth and fifth house axis. Mars is co ruler of the fourth house. This hints that someone close to the family had a part in this disappearance; in fact, he might have been sold. Pluto is also nearby so this may have been forced, an act of violence, where the child was actually grabbed and bagged, so to speak. Taken against his will by surprise. The Sun is dexter, moving away from Mars, while the Moon is sinister in it's opposition. The boy was helpless in the matter, totally at the mercy of others and so taken by surprise that there was little resistance. He was "swept away". But the Sun consistently placed in the sixth house also tells me this little boy is in danger. He could very likely become ill or be harmed in a manner that could threaten his life. This sad position also tells me it is highly unlikely he will ever be seen alive again.

The strange thing about these charts is that I do not see "movement". What I mean by that is that the charts do not show the child getting into a car, being taken across time and space, transported in any way. I find that curious. But all it means, in fact, is that he was not taken far on the night he disappeared, in fact, he was likely right there nearby, in the neighborhood. Were the cops looking for a child wandering around on his own? Were they beating bushes and checking lakes in the area? Perhaps they should have been ringing doorbells and asking to look around in neighbor's homes. I do believe he was taken elsewhere nearby. His ruling planet remains in the sixth house for the better part of the evening, telling me he was right there in the workers village. He never left. At least not that night. They may very well have taken him out of there at any time after that; the next day or even the next. But he was not taken far on the night he disappeared.

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The only change that really appears in these charts occurs later on, after 9 pm. In the charts for 9 and 10:00, there is a change that shows his ruling planet moving into the fifth house and the Moon into the eleventh. He has been taken somewhere with other kids, and perhaps people he thinks of as friends. I think it looks like he with the parents of other kids he knows. Kids who are from the same village. Whether these kids are being traded off as slaves I can't say. But it looks like Adji feels safe there at this time. The sad thing is that I notice that by 9 pm, Saturn has begun to work it's way through the first house. There is no death markers that accompany this so I do not think he is going to die or is in danger of dieing at this time. But I do think this shows him being confined or restrained. Confinement is very likely; hidden away from view in some secret compartment or closet. The creep who took Jessica Lundsford kept her hidden in his closet for days before killing her. Keeping her there even as the police knocked on the door and talked to his sister. Amazing but true. Scary but true. And I think they are hiding Adji just this way, even as the cops roamed the area with dogs and searchers and maybe even knocked on their door.

At 10 pm, the cluster of planets are gathered together in the fifth house. Adji is no doubt with other kids. Mercury rules the first house and is conjoined with the north node, which tells me that this was a plan of sorts, something someone thought about before doing. This was not a last minute snatch of an available child. This was a planned abduction, either because they bought this boy or they decided to steal him, for the purpose of making him work. Most likely as a free slave. And if you notice that the tenth and fourth house rulers are conjoined in the fifth house, you will come to the conclusion that I did. These are the parents of other children who did this. They took this boy as a slave even though there were other children available to them. Strange. But because the one ruler is Jupiter, I will say that they see this is greatly beneficial, something that will make their lives better and more enjoyable. Dare I say they chose this boy because he was developmentally delayed? Dare I say that someone sold him because, perhaps.. and this is a big perhaps.. he was burden? I don't really see any money changing hands on this night and I do not see Adji's parents talking or exchanging anything with anyone so I am not implicating them. I cannot say they are innocent, either, just that I don't see them as players. But someone sold or stole this child. Someone close to the family that Adji trusted.

Working the charts forward into the morning hours, I believe they finally moved Adji at around 5 in the morning. After the cops had gone home and the boy had gotten some rest. Sagittarius takes the Ascendant after 5 and Jupiter moves into the third around that time, putting a vehicle at their disposal. Jupiter is joined with Mercury at that time and Gemini is on the seventh cusp, so he is taken by one other person, an adult, and no other kids or people went along. Just Adji and one other person. My best stab at describing the person driving this car is to say that this person is perhaps a little chubby with brown hair and light eyes. This person would also be free spirited, probably unmarried, a little "odd" in his or her behavior and habits. This person dresses unconventionally and tends to stand out in a crowd.

Along the same lines, I would like to try to describe the person or persons who first took Adji. This person also has dark brown hair but is more likely to also have dark eyes. This person may walk with a limp or other abnormality; he or she may have something noticeable about the feet or the walk. They might have, for instance, club feet, very large feet, a sideways walk, a tendency to drag the feet loudly, to have very small feet... you get the picture? In fact, this person may have a missing leg, a prosthetic device, or even be crippled and in a wheelchair or walk with a cane or other device. Also, this person may be a fisherman, boater, shrimper, clammer, someone who makes his or her living on the ocean; this person may also live on a boat or spend time on a boat. In addition, there is something unusual about the lifestyle; a love for keeping unusual fish or water birds is another thought. Along the intercoastal in that area of the state, there are large ravines that cut through ridges of land that create huge divides. The intercoastal rushes along between these ridges, in the bottom of the divides, which creates a kind of canyon effect. You have to see it to understand what I'm describing; I have spent many a summer years ago traveling with my father on a boat through these ravines, rushed along by the fast moving water, crashing into the sides of these divides. It's hard to describe but the placements in this chart brought those areas to mind, in particular around Indiantown in nearby Okeechobee. I believe this person spent time on boats traveling through these divides, living on the areas above the ridges. The chart describes this exactly for me; Neptune in Aquarius in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces. Something high, above ground, with water rushing through. Perfect.

I believe this little boy is still alive and is being kept as a slave. Please look at his picture and remember it. He could be taken anywhere at any time in order to do his new job. He could be in the burbs in your area. So don't forget him. And if you think you see him, have any notion of what might have happened to him, or believe you know where he might be, please contact the Collier County Sheriff's Department at 239-793-9300.


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