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Morgan Nick

Six-Year-Old Vanishes From Baseball Park

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Police released this sketch of a man they suspect may have had something to do with Morgan s disappearance Morgan Nick overview

On June 9, 1995 at 10:45pm Morgan Nick was getting ready to leave a Little League baseball game. The 6-year-old girl was at the game with her mom and had stayed a little bit later to catch some fireflies with friends.

Morgan was last seen standing near her mother's car where she had stopped to empty sand from her shoes. She hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Red Ford Seen At The Park

Morgan Nick was walking back from a Little League baseball game when she was abducted Morgan Nick overview

Officials say several witnesses saw a white male watching Morgan as she was playing in the park with her friends. Those who saw him say he was about 6 feet tall, with a medium build and had a mustache and one-inch beard. At the time, witnesses say he was between 23 and 38 years old with curly, black or salt-and-pepper, slicked back hair.

Cops say, at the time of the crime, a witness saw a suspicious car parked nearby that disappeared around the same time as Morgan. The witness described the vehicle as a white camper, with rear damage on the passenger side, hooked up to a red Ford pick up truck. According to the witness, the pick up looked odd with the camper, since the camper was around five inches too short for the truck. Cops say the truck had Arkansas plates.

Hope Still Prevails

Cops created this composite sketch of how they believe Morgan Nick would look now at 16 years old

Morgan Nick overview

It has been ten years since the disappearance of Morgan Nick. However, Alma, Ark. police have not given up in their search. They released a composite sketch of the suspected unknown abducter and produced an age-enhanced photo of Morgan, who would now be 16 years old.

In 1995, at the time of her disappearance, Morgan Nick was about 4-feet tall, around 55 pounds and had blone hair and blue eyes. She had five distinctive silver caps on her molar teeth. Morgan was last seen wearing blue denim shorts, a green Girl Scout t-shirt and white tennis shoes.


I have heard a lot about this case over the years, a lot of people have been trying to find this child. It is a sad and scary story for most parents; the idea that your child can walk away for a short period of time and be within shouting distance and still be abducted is unnerving, to say the least. It is no wonder that this story has lasted this long, sort of a cautionary tale. Morgan Nick has, of course, not been found. There is no proof that she has died or that she is alive, her body has not bee found, there have not been credible sightings. This is another one of those "dark holes" that people seem to keep falling into. So I thought I'd look at the charts and see what they had to offer. Here is my best attempt to figure that out.

The first chart I created was for the time she was last seen, 10:45 pm, at the ballpark. Because she was a child in the care of her mother, I used the fifth house to describe her and her activities. The fifth house is ruled by Mercury and Mercury, the natural ruler of children, is placed in the the fifth house, a house assigned to children. So I am pretty sure that Mercury is Morgan's marker. Notice how close Mercury is to the Sun, placing it directly under the beams, which is a traditional sign of grave danger. The seventh house ruler, which marks the person she is "about to meet" is ruled by Cancer with the Moon in the ninth house. The ninth house, the natural home of Sagittarius, rules sports and sporting activities. The Moon is conjunct the node, showing us a plan of sorts. So this person goes to the ballpark looking for children? There is no doubt, from this placement, that this person had planned to be at the ballpark with a specific purpose in mind. Notice that the Moon is disposed of by Pluto and Mars, with Mars placed in the eighth house. This, along with the sixth house, shows depravity and desperation. This person had some strong desire of a sexual nature that could not be ignored. Continuing our dispositions we see that Mars is disposed of by Mercury, the natural ruler of children. It seems as if he was there looking for a child.

I think it's interesting that there's so much activity involving the tenth house. The Moon, the seventh house ruler, is within a few degrees of the midheaven with Pluto, a co dispositor of the Moon, inside the tenth. Mars, the other dispositor of the Moon, rules the tenth. This emphasis describes some specific traits. This is a person who has children of their own, who is a father or a mother. I am willing to say that this is most likely a man, due to the placement of Mars, but I cannot say this for absolute sure. The Moon on the seventh house cusp leaves the possibility that this was a female. And she would have been a mother, as well. This person no doubt had children. This person was also a supporter of the teams, either as a coach, a cheerleader, an equipment sponsor or supplier, etc... There was some public involvement in the games. This person was not a stranger to the people at the park that night. He had a public persona, either good or bad; they would know him if he were pointed out.

The next chart I created was for 11:15 pm, a half hour after Morgan was last seen. Here you see Mercury leaving the fifth and entering the fourth house. This shows us Morgan being taken from the ball park and away from the other children and into a home in a nearby neighborhood. The fourth house, the home, is ruled by Taurus and Venus is in the fourth house. This was the home of a woman or a home with females living in it. Venus in Taurus is extremely strong so the woman ran the home, was in charge, was a strong influence over the home life. Notice how the Sun is following after Mercury, with Leo now ruling the seventh house. He has presented the child to the woman and is bringing them altogether in the home. The Sun and Mercury are both in Gemini while Venus is in Taurus, which tells us that he is attached to Morgan and that the child is for HIM and not for her. She was not directly involved in this scheme. Now, I am safe saying this is a male. It is a man who took Morgan.

And then I move to midnight and draw the next chart. Here, you see Venus leaving the fourth house and moving into the third, telling us that the woman has left the house. The Sun, the seventh house ruler, is alone with Mercury in the fourth. This shows us the man alone with Morgan; the woman has left them alone. I wonder about this woman. Was this her husband and this was some "side affair" that she tolerated? She was obviously not involved with what happened to the child because she left the home but had he done this before? How many times had she allowed this? And why? It's interesting to note that as Venus leaves the fourth for the third, it enters Gemini at that same hour. This makes her complicit on the one hand but also shows that she left in car, on the other. I love how Astrology "kills two birds with one stone" all the time. She has left in a car, no doubt, but she is also complicit in whatever happens to Morgan, whether she stayed for the end of the story or not. Another thing I would like to propose. Since Venus rules the third house here it is telling us that this car is hers. So was there a car involved in the abduction? I return to the chart for 10:45, the time when she met her fate, to see if I see a car. The only link I can find here is that the Moon, his marker, is disposed of by Mars and Mars rules the third house. Although this is sort of "roundabout" and rather vague, I might suppose he was driving his own car, being that Mars is his marker and Venus is the marker for the woman in her own car. So let's take this supposition one step further and suggest that Mars in Virgo defines the car. This would mean that the car was small in size, utilitarian, perhaps used in his work. Mars, by tradition, describes a scarlet red or firey red color. Virgo, by tradition, would add black. So perhaps we are looking for a black and red car. Black paint with red interior? Red car with black interior? Or, perhaps, a red car with black piping? Any of these and any other combination are all possibilities. This supports the sighting given elsewhere for a red Ford seen at the park that night.

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Let's take tradition one step further and try to pinpoint the direction they went after leaving the ball park. For this exercise, I am moving forward to the next chart, the 11:15 pm chart, to show where they were in relation from whence they came, which is shown by the 10:45 chart. At 11:15, the ball park is shown by the ninth house, where the Moon is placed. Mars, which represents the car, is placed in the chart's seventh house with is actually the eleventh house from the ninth, showing it's location from the ball park. The eleventh house gives a south by southeast direction, according to tradition. The ninth house ruler, Venus, is also the fourth house ruler and this obviously shows us that they left one place and went to another. In the chart for 11:15, Mars is separated from Venus by 22 degrees from angular houses. This may show that they actually traveled 22 minutes from the ball park. So consider that he must have traveled south by southeast for about 22 minutes to reach his destination.

Just after midnight, in the chart for 12:30 am, you can see that the chart co ruler, the Moon, has moved into the eighth house along with the node. Here the plan comes to fruition. This is what the abduction was all about. He wanted to have sexual relations with a child. Especially when you note that Cancer is moving onto the fifth house cusp as well. Mars in the seventh shows us he is using force to get what he wants. Notice that Mars is disposed of by Mercury as well! This chart is amazingly clear, concise and to the point!

As far as the possibility of violence leading to murder, I have to note the presence of a T square. This T square involves Mercury opposing Jupiter with both square to Mars. Mars is on the short leg of the T. This shows an outlet of energy through physical action, which can include violence. Jupiter will eventually tell us when this happens. Why do I say that? Because Jupiter is the only benign planet in this configuration; it does not rule any angles, it does not dispose of any angular planets and it has no power in the chart except that it is in dignity, which means it will have tremendous influence when it does arrive on an angle or otherwise claims power in the chart. And what do we see? That it takes over the midheaven, an angular placement, just after midnight. This is line with the other aspects showing rape and physical violence through force. This position of Jupiter in opposition to Mercury from the angles with Mars sitting in the seventh house, also an angle, kicks the power of the T Square into action. Mars is the outlet. This is where the violence begins.

The child resists and he exerts the power of his adult masculinity (tenth house) in a flagrant display of physical prowess (Mars) over her, his "partner" (the seventh house). I must note one more time that this is underscored by the fact that Mars is disposed of by Mercury in the fourth house. She is trapped in his house, under his control, at the mercy of his demands. I do not wish to go into any more detail or conjecture than this, only going this far in the hopes of supporting my findings. So let's leave it at that. The charts show that he abducted her, molested her, assaulted her and probably killed her. So now it's our duty to locate the death pattern and that's what I will try to do. And then, from there, try to discover what he did with her body.

After going over all the charts for the rest of the morning, I believe that the 2 am chart is the time of death. The Moon is now the ruler of the fifth, the natural house of children and it is placed in the eighth. The eighth house ruler, Pluto, is in the eighth. Saturn has backed into the twelfth. Mercury rules the fourth. Here you have Mercury in the third, showing that he might have put her in a car and drove her somewhere. I believe, because Mercury moves into the third around 1 am, that he put her in a car at that time and took her somewhere alive and killed her elsewhere. Perhaps he did these to keep evidence out of the home. So, she was alive, it does appear, when she got into the car. This is shown by the chart for 1 am, where Mercury first moves into the third and, at the same time, takes over the seventh house. This makes Mercury the marker for the abductor as well as being the marker for the child. And as the planets move from the fourth house back towards the twelfth, it shows them traveling in a south by southeast direction. The third is the twelfth house from the fourth and it rotates back toward the east. So they are traveling south by southeast. One thing not to forget is that since Mercury has assumed the seventh house cusp and become a marker for the abductor, the chart displaces a lot of the child's energy to the Moon, which is the co ruler in every event chart. In this chart, as well as the one for 2 am, the Moon is still in the eighth house. The difference in the chart for 2 am is that Pluto has joined it there while taking rulership over the eighth house, the house of death. This creates an image of violence, rape and subsequent death. That just seems to be the pattern.

But we can see by comparing the charts for 1 am and 2 am that the child survived until after getting into the car. When Saturn enters the twelfth house, it usually describes the lifting of the soul from the mortal body. Saturn is the bones it leaves behind while the twelfth house shows the passage of spirit from this world. This occurs at just around 2 am. Saturn is disposed of by Neptune while Saturn and Neptune are in mutual reception from the twelfth to the eleventh houses. Since Neptune in Capricorn rules the twelfth, this will show the manner of death. Mercury in Gemini shows the actions of the killer. Both Mercury and Gemini rule the airways. Neptune rules the water and Pisces, the twelfth house ruler, also rules the water. Capricorn describes a bushy dark place close to the ground; it also defines the grave. So I think, from these directions, that she was drowned or suffocated somehow and also drowned. There is no doubt in my mind that she is in a body of water near lots of bushy growth that creates dark places and shadows and the water is shallow enough to be close to the ground rather than deepset into the earth like a big river. Saturn in Pisces describes the destruction of the flesh by water and fish and the bones being left in something wet. Neptune in Capricorn describes muddy ground. Capricorn also describes lumber and timbering operations so this may be in an area where trees are harvested. There may be a cemetary nearby or an old church with a graveyard. The graves may be mostly underwater or on muddy ground.

The eleventh house, where Neptune resides, is where I believe he left her. The eleventh house is the eighth house from the fourth, showing where he took her after leaving his house and then after she died. The eighth house traditionally reads as west with a southernly lean and the sign Capricorn shows south. So I think they went southeast from his home until he realized where he wanted to take her and then they swung back west, still traveling south. So he drives her around from the time he put her in the car, which is first shown in the chart for 1 am, until he kills her, which is shown by the chart for 2 am. Since times in charts like these rarely correlate directly to real time, we have to extrapolate using degrees. Using the nadir as a guide, I can see that the nadir is placed at 15 degrees of Gemini at the time they got into the car. At the time when Saturn passed into the twelfth, at 2 am, the nadir inhabits 28 degrees of Gemini. This is a 13 degree difference within an angular placement. This means about 13 minutes in real time. So he traveled south and then southwest for a period of about 13 minutes, give or take a minute or two. Degrees are never exact in their translation to real time. But 13 to 15 minutes is a realistic guide.

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