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Anthony "Tony" Luzio Jr.

Young Man Disappears After Leaving Late Night Party

One name that has continuously been linked with Brian Shaffer’s disappearance is that of Anthony “Tony” Luzio. On the evening of July 3, 2005 Tony had gone to a friend’s house to play cards. Afterwards he stopped at a local hangout and around 2:30AM Tony and a group of friends went to a party, one mile from Tony’s parents house in Powell, Ohio.

Tony was last seen leaving the party at 4:00AM, presumably to his apartment. That was the last time anyone ever saw Tony Luzio again. His 2004 Honda Civic is also missing and has never been recovered. He disappeared just 15 miles from where Brian Shaffer disappeared.


This is all I have found on this case. It is poorly covered and the only reason I heard about it was because it was linked to the Brian Shaffer case, which I profiled previously. The reason they are linked is because they were from nearby areas in Ohio and there have been numbers of unsolved cases involving young men that had pictures of smiley faces nearby. This is referred to as "the smiley face murders", implying a serial killer at large, which is possible. However, there are no clues linking any of the cases other than the random faces on nearby structures and in both the Shaffer and Luzio cases there were no smiley faces at all. This does not preclude a link it just doesn't do much to support one, either. However, I thought I'd look into this case on it's own and if there happened to be some red flag that linked it to the Shaffer case somehow, I would note it. If you remember my post on Brian Shaffer, the charts had him leaving a bar with an employee there over a money thing. I am not sure if that will somehow show up in this one.

The first chart I drew up was for the last time Tony was seen, which was at 4 am, leaving a party. He had been socializing all night, moving from a card game to a bar and then to a private party. I remember what it was like to be young and energetic and to stay up all night on holidays like the fourth of July. Anyways, the chart has Gemini rising and Sagittarius falling. Mercury is in the third house and the Moon is in the first, near the Ascendant. The position of the Moon tells me that Tony is in control of his actions at this time and is "doing what he wants to". The Moon in Gemini is generally well aspected, which tells me he is having a good time and things are going his way. But the seventh house tells a slightly different story so we have to give it some thought. Pluto is in the seventh, loosely opposed to the Moon, which says there was someone afoot who was not so happy with Tony. Jupiter, the seventh house ruler, is in the fifth house, telling me that this person had been at the party and may have still been when Tony left. In other words, they did not leave together. The first house ruler has Tony getting into a car, most likely his own, and leaving.

Pluto in the seventh opposing the Moon in the first says there may have been an argument at the party. Not a fist fight, per se, but an exchange. Pluto in Sagittarius is also generally well aspected, showing me that this person is not a stranger or a "bad guy". This isn't some run of the mill criminal or transient. But the opposition to the Moon shows anger, animosity and even confrontations between this person and the subject. This person was angry this night as well. But not horribly angry. Just miffed. This most likely came about because of cross purposes; Tony wanted one thing and this person wanted another. Something simple like that. But not a red flag to the extent that I think Tony was in danger. This is just the only confrontational aspect I see at this time. Nothing dangerous or scary.

Mercury, Tony's ruler, is in Leo in the third. The Sun disposes Mercury from the second house. This tells me he might have had some money on him that night; I do not know if he gambled when he played cards but if he did, he was carrying his winnings. Because the Sun is a part of a planetary loop, where it is disposed of by Moon, it looks like Tony might have been bragging about winning the money and maybe showing off. Another thing I must mention is the conjunction of Venus to Mercury in the third house. This looks like a woman went with him when he left the party. Perhaps she needed a ride. However, the disposition of the Sun in the second house being the binding planet here, I think she went along because she saw the money he was showing off about. I don't know if Tony had a girlfriend but I am sure she wasn't with him if he did. However, I see nothing indicating a relationship or even an attraction here, just a woman in the car.

She may have been hanging around outside, asking for a ride. I am not sure but he spent some time in the car with her. The charts do not show him getting out of that car until almost 5:30 am, which is an hour and a half after leaving the party. This is not to say they drove the whole time, or it may be saying that she lived quite far away. I am not sure. Perhaps they went somewhere else to spend his money or perhaps she was a hooker and he was paying for her company. I just cannot even guess here. But when he does get out of the car, he gets out with her. They get out of the car together and it appears to be someplace Tony is unfamiliar with. The chart for 5:30 am shows Cancer rising with Moon in the twelfth. The Sun has moved into the first house. Saturn is also in the second, with Venus and Mercury. And this is where I see her more clearly. She is an older woman but I don't mean old. She may be a mother and talking him into taking her home to check on her kids. But there's something secret about it; something she isn't telling him.

And looking now at the chart for 6 am, I have to take a guess that Tony was killed. Cancer rising with Moon in the twelfth, trine Neptune in the eighth and Jupiter in the fourth. Pluto in the sixth and Saturn creeping into the first. A death pattern if I've ever seen one! Considering that the Moon is exactly conjunct the fixed star, Bellatrix, and Pluto is close to Sabik, this looks like a sexual type of murder. Clearly, he was killed by a woman who used her sexual wiles to attract him and pull him into a trap. There may have been promises of a sexual nature that were too tempting to resist. But she was hiding something and I think it was a man at her home... or wherever it was that she had Tony take her. The Sun is right at the Ascendant with Saturn right behind it. Jupiter is angular in the fourth house, opposing Mars in the tenth. There was a confrontation.. and not long after Tony arrived at the place. In fact, he was met face to face by this man and with Pluto opposing the Moon, this was a night for confrontations. Significant planets in the second house widely opposed by eighth house Neptune tells me that this was a robbery scheme. He had been showing off the money and she had plans to steal it. She just didn't have the means.. or the strength.. or the weapon she needed and the boyfriend or brother or husband or pimp did. Mars in Aries in the tenth is a powerful angular planet. Tony was shot in the head at close range and was instantly killed. Mars close to the Node there also hints that this was planned out. She had probably called her accomplice from the party.

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So what these charts are telling me is that he was either followed out of the party or he directly left the party with a woman. The fact that no reports of a woman have come out in this case puzzles me. It leaves me thinking that either no one knew her and therefor paid no attention to her ..... or she was not at the party the whole time and left earlier and waited outside... or she was seen leaving with him but not by people who knew either of them. If reports had him leaving alone, then perhaps she followed him outside and approached him as he tried to leave. It's anyone's guess. She talked him into driving her quite some distance to a place outside of his home area and then lured him inside where he was shot by a male accomplice. They wanted his money, plain and simple. By definition, Venus in Leo, defines a flashy woman who was wearing clothes that get attention. Possibly also wearing gold jewelry. It's hard to imagine Venus in Leo leaving a room and no one noticing.

As far as where Tony may be now, the signature for his body is Moon in Gemini. In traditional horary, the Moon places his body near water, possibly in a pond, a river or even the sewer. Gemini defines a fork in the road, an area with small, busy neighborhood roads, someplace close perhaps to tennis courts, badminton, golf, parking garages or a library. I know this makes the area large and not definite. But the inference of water along with small busy roads and a possible fork in the road is the first place I'd look. A body of water near a busy country road that forks at some point. If there are nature parks nearby, someplace with hand sports like tennis or shuffleboard, then all the better. However, another scenario may be a body of water near a golf course. Or a sewer line in an area near a parking garage. In terms of local area, I would say that he was dumped in a place south by southeast from where he started out. This is determined by Moon in Gemini in the twelfth house.

However, there is always a possibility that I am completely wrong! Imagine that. And if I am, then Tony could be anywhere, hanging out, or even held hostage. I think this is unlikely but I won't discourage people from looking for him. So I am posting his picture here for my readers to take note of and if anyone has any information that they feel might be pertinent to this case, then they should call 1-877-645-TIPS. There is a $100,000 reward.


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tracy Ocasio

Young Woman Leaves Sports Bar and Disappears

From Scared Monkeys:
Missing on 5/27
Orlando, FL- 27 year old Tracy E. Ocasio has been missing since leaving the Taproom Bar in Orlando at approximately 1:30am Wednesday.

Tracy, who resides on New Victor Rd, Ocoee, left the bar at “last call” and her car was found abandoned on Frankin Street in Ocoee. The homeowners on the property where the vehicle was found called Police saying there was a car parked there that did not belong to them.

From Help Find the Missing:

A 27-year-old last seen leaving the Taproom bar in Orlando on Wednesday has been reported missing, Orlando and Ocoee police said Friday.

Tracy E. Ocasio, who lives on New Victor Road Ocoee, left the bar on Raleigh Street about 1:30 a.m. Her vehicle was later found abandoned in Ocoee.


ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) - Friends and family are doing all they can to find an Ocoee woman who has not been seen since the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Tracy Ocasio was last seen walking out of the Florida Tap Room in Orlando's Metrowest community with a man after watching Tuesday's NBA playoff game between the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Surveillance video from the bar shows Tracy Ocasio walking of the Florida Tap Room bar with a man. Sources say police have identified the man and have questioned him.

Investigators say Tracy was seen on surveillance video walking out with a man at the Florida Tap Room on Tuesday around 1 a.m. Her car was later found abandoned in Ocoee. Officers would not release the man's name or say if he was a suspect in the case, "I know he's an all right guy."

Tracy's friend Greg Toole says he once worked with that man she was seen leaving with, he says he even taught him to be a personal trainer. Since he hasn't been named as a suspect, we're not identifying him, "It's a little disturbing to hear he's involved in some way or another," Toole said. Greg went on to say, that he doesn't think the man had anything to do with Tracy being missing.

"I was cool with him so I'm gonna remain positive and think that was just the last person she was seen with. That is not the person who was involved. That's what I'm hoping," Toole said. like many of her friends, Greg Toole says Tracy was an outgoing person, who enjoyed having a good time with friends.


This is another local case for me but it is on all the big networks, including Nancy Grace and Fox News. I don't know what's happening here in Florida but we've got some really bad stuff going on. Missing persons, murdered kids, abducted women. It seems every day something like this is going on. It's scary, to be honest. But I could not resist looking at this chart and giving it some thought to see what happened to this unfortunate woman. And it turned out to be an instructive one because there are so much activity involving fixed stars. In fact, more than I've seen in a single chart in many years.


The first chart I review is the one for when she was last seen leaving the bar that night. She was seen on video tape leaving with a man; a man who is now a suspect in the case but whom has not been charged. Right away, I see several things in the chart that should be analyzed. The seventh house ruler, which would signify this man since she was in his company at this time, is the Sun in Gemini at the fourth house cusp. The seventh house cusp is actually conjoining the fixed star, Phecda, which is known to describe a sex addict. This man has a history of attacking women and perhaps also rape, although about that I am not sure. The placement of the seventh house ruler, the Sun, in the fourth house tells me he either works nearby or was at the bar because of people who worked with or hoped to work with. For some reason, he was concerned about his job and was doing something in that regard. The Sun is disposed of by Mercury in 23 degrees of Taurus, also in the fourth house. This is a really scary position, also, because Mercury here is only 1 degree from Caput Algol at 24 degrees Taurus. Caput Algol, in my experience, is extremely evil and dangerously violent. I have seen real murder and mayhem where Caput Algol plays a role in the event chart. This man, from all aspects, is dangerous.

The subject is ruled by Uranus in Pisces, placed in the first house at this time. Tracy is doing what she wants to do and was not coerced or forced. Uranus is disposed of by Neptune, in the twelfth house, conjoined to Jupiter. Tracy overlooked something while she was having fun. Something she needed to notice was either carefully hidden or the cues were so subtle she just didn't pick them up. Uranus is dangerously close to exact conjunction with the fixed star, Scheat, which has been known to describe death by drowning. Since we don't know yet how Tracy died, or if, in fact, she is dead, this is moot. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is in Cancer in the fifth house. This is a very strong, vibrant position of the Moon and makes it a powerful force in the chart. Here, it describes how much fun Tracy was having, partying it up at the bar, watching the basketball game. The Moon is sinister to a sextile with Saturn in Virgo in the seventh house. She likes this man she is with. She thinks he is stable and safe. Saturn in Virgo, in fact, describes him to be reserved, cautious, subtle and discreet. If he was up to anything evil, no one would be the wiser. But Saturn is also disposed of by Mercury, closely aligned with Algol, the violent star. This man is quite capable of playing the game, looking safe, all the while secretly planning something ugly and waiting it out. Saturn is patient if nothing else.

I hate making it seem like the person they are questioning is guilty. I am not sure the man who was seen with her has anything to do with this, but somebody did. Looking at the chart for 2 am, I see the seventh house ruler is now Mercury and it is in the third house. A man she is about to meet is in a car. This could be the same man who left the bar with her or it could be someone else. I do not believe they were in the same car. Mercury now ruling the seventh and being so close to Algol (although it is retrograde so the conjunction is not sinister nor will it ever be exact) the energy of this man worries me. This man is in a car going somewhere; we will see where he is going shortly. Meanwhile, I notice that Pluto has entered the angular tenth house. Notice that the tenth house cusp is at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, within 2 degrees of the fixed star, Sabik. This is a marker for perversity and cruelty.

Nothing much has changed in the first house or it's rulers. However, do note that the Moon in 15 degrees of Cancer, although extremely strong, is close to conjunction with Sirius, the dog star. This is a traditional reading for danger in the night. A warning sign. Also, I see that the seventh house ruler is in square aspect to the first house ruler, so there was anger, dislike, lust or overweening desires linking the subject and the person she is "about to meet". Another hot button placement stands out to me: the nadir is tucked between the fixed stars, Al Hecka and Hoedus, ancient symbols of rape and deviant or lascivious behaviors. I told you this chart was stuffed full of fixed star aspects. I find it amazing, don't you?

The next chart shows Tracy arriving home; the Moon enters the fourth house. At the same time, Mercury, the seventh house ruler, leaves the third house and enters the second. This man who was in his car has gotten out of the car. Mercury is disposed of by Venus in the first, conjoined Mars. This man has gotten out of his car at Tracy's home and is about to confront her. Venus in fall conjoined a strong Mars in Aries says that he is not shy about it; in fact, he is aggressive. Venus opposes the fixed star, Spica, showing that any kindness that existed between them is now strained. Pluto in the tenth house is disposed of by Saturn, hovering around the descendant. This man is about to get violent. North node in the eleventh says that they had been "friends" or had been introduced by friends or had mutual friends. The first house ruler conjunct the tenth house ruler in the twelfth house tells me that something secretive went on in public; Tracy was doing things in public that night that were actually done in secret. Did she invite this man home? Is that what happened here?

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Jumping ahead to 3:30 am, I see that Aries has moved onto the first house with Libra falling. Both Venus and Mars are conjoined in the first house. They are together. These two people are together. The Moon in Cancer is still in the fourth house, so this is happening in or around Tracy's home. The Moon is also square to both Venus and Mars, showing that the meeting was not peaceful or pleasant. Both the Moon and Mars dispose of themselves, making them powerful and vital. This tells me that this entire event was about Tracy; it was not random nor was it a mistake. He followed her home for a reason. Whether it was mutual I am not sure but it is surely possible.

The final definitive chart for me occurs at 5 am. It is very clear. Taurus is on the Ascendant and Venus is in the twelfth house. Pluto, the seventh house ruler as entered the eighth house. Pluto in Capricorn is a heavy, occult position. Pluto is Hades and Capricorn rules the gates to the other side. The eighth house cusp, 13 degrees of Sagittarius, is close to the fixed star, Dshubba, which is a symbol for murder. Mercury in Taurus is in the angular first house and so is the fixed star, Caput Algol. The Sun is also angular in the first house in the sign Gemini and is disposed of by Mercury. It is applying to a square with Saturn in the fifth house. Saturn rules the tenth house cusp and is also disposed of by Mercury. The planet Mercury and the Moon are the two most powerful placements in the chart. The Moon in Cancer is leaving a conjunction with Sirius and is closing on a conjunction with the fixed star Geidi Prima. This describes danger followed by rape. Saturn in the fifth can imply forced sexual activity, especially since Saturn is square to the eighth house cusp while the eighth house cusp is connected to Dshubba and at the same time that Saturn is disposed of by Mercury, closely conjoined to Algol. Whew. This is a big loop involving indicating fixed stars and classic planetary placements. This is the first chart I've seen with so much fixed star activity at the same time that planetary aspects are sparse.

This chart for 5 am is interesting because it shows the first house cusp close to the fixed star, Schedir. This is a traditional aspect reading "escape" or "being set free". Tracy may well have escaped, or almost escaped. If she had, indeed, escaped, then where did she go? Why has she not been found? Interestingly, when you do the arabic parts for this chart you see that the Ascendant is exactly conjoined the part of slavery and bondage. So is she being kept against her will? It is likely from what the chart seems to say! The north node close to the tenth house cusp guarantees that this case will be a media splash. Lots of public attention will go into finding Tracy. It's too bad that I don't have her birth chart because I could pinpoint arabic parts and I think that would be telling. But from the chart, which has few planetary pointers and way too many fixed stars, I am inclined to say that she is still alive. In fact, the arabic part of death in this chart is exactly conjoined Vindematrix, which is a symbol of rescue. Interpret that anyway you like; to me, it looks like she is still alive because she has not been "rescued".

In no area do I see planetary aspects indicating death. However, I see stalking, capture, rape and something hidden. Mercury retrograde implies lieing and deceit. With Caput Algol and Dshubba in the mix, she has been hurt and likely raped. And with the implications of Pluto in Capricorn in the eighth it almost looks like she is being held captive for a dark or occult purpose. I mean, it looks strange to me. The fixed stars are all dark and peculiar where they are placed and the eighth house is also dark and occult. I can imagine all kinds of wierd scenarios but I watch too many old horror flicks so I won't indulge my imagination here. I will leave the finer details to the future and what is discovered in this case. Just mark my words that it's weird.

Anyways, I believe this girl is still alive. Or, at least, she was not killed right away. In this hope and belief, I want to ask you to keep your eyes and ears open, especially if you live in central Florida. Look at her picture and keep her in mind as you go about your day. And if you see her, hear anything about her or have an idea about where she might be, then take a moment to call crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.


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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Julie Ann Backstrom

Unsolved Homicide of Julie Ann Backstrom

From I Care:

The victim's vehicle
Julie Ann Backstrom, date of birth May 29, 1957, attended a party in the West Melbourne area of Brevard County on the evening of February 10, 1987. She was last seen alive as she left the party in her car to return home to her residence in Cocoa, Florida. Her body was discovered on the following morning, February 11, 1987, partially submerged in a drainage canal on the south side of State Road 528. The victim, at the time of her death, was employed as a private duty nurse in Brevard County.

The body of the victim was discovered lying face down, with the head and upper torso submerged in the canal with the legs and abdomen resting on the canal bank. This area is located on the south side of the eastbound lanes of SR 528, otherwise known as the Beeline Expressway, approximately 1000 yards east of Interstate 95. Evidence located at the scene suggests that the body was dragged from the shoulder of the roadway to the canal. The autopsy determined that the victim died from a gunshot wound.

The victim's vehicle, a 1982 Plymouth Champ, blue in color, bearing Florida license plate AGZ18Y, was found parked in a business parking lot in Mims, Florida on February 13, 1987. A search of the vehicle found blood on both the driver's and passenger's seats.

I know this is a really cold case and there is scant information. I usually pass these kind of cases up in favor of ones with more detail or more possibility of being solved. But this is another case that occurred near my home when I was younger and I never forgot it. It was brought to my attention once more by a reader who emailed me the information. And I can't resist an unsolved mystery. There is always hope that astrology will give some much needed clues or insights. So I went ahead and gave this one a shot, although I must admit the lack of an exact time when she was last seen is discouraging. I started with a variable window based on my own assumptions, a few hours between 9 pm and midnight. The reports define her as leaving the party "in the evening" so this, to me, means before midnight, because then it's the morning of the next day. Even if this was a dinner party, it is unlikely she went running out on her friends before 8:00 pm so I started with these assumptions and drew up some charts. And then the whole thing just popped out at me and made complete sense so I had to do it. Here's what I found.

This chart is for 9:30 that evening and I saw right away that this was when Julie left the party. Notice that Libra is rising and Aries is falling, with Venus just moving from the fourth to the third house. She is getting into her car. This is when she was last seen, driving off in her car that night. By all reports she was alone. So I look at the seventh house, which describes the person she is about to meet. This is Aries with Mars, the ruling planet, in the seventh house as well in exaltation. Right away, you can see the fearsome aggression and power of this person. The north node is hovering nearby, showing me that he is in the "right place at the right time" and that things are going to fall into place. Venus is disposed of by Saturn, also in the third house, in the sign Sagittarius. This tells me that she is going to be in the car for awhile, that she had some distance to drive. Saturn also hints that she may have had some problem with her car. There may have been a stalling, a loss of power or a possible hit of something in the road. Something may have slowed her down or even stopped her. The huge marker for me in this chart is the sinister application of the Moon to Mars. Moon, the chart co ruler and the ruler of the tenth house, is within 2 degrees of an exact square with Mars, the dynamic ruler of the seventh. There is no way on earth that Julie is not going to run into this man.

Venus is closely followed by Neptune, which is also disposed of by Saturn. I am even more convinced that she had a problem with the car. Nothing serious, however, as the murderer drove it the next day, perhaps after he fixed the "problem", which could have been a simple fix. I do not see any supporting planets enabling Mars so I do not think she picked this man up hitchhiking. Neptune says she missed something or didn't see something. She pulled over because the car was creaking, wheezing, rattling or something else that scared her and he was around. Saturn, her dispositor, is close to Uranus, showing sudden opportunities and surprise. Mars is so strong in this chart, that I think something happened like this: she had a problem with the car, she pulled over and he came across her there, offered to help her. He got the car running (he fixed the hose or filled up the tire, etc..) and then asked for a ride. She obliged and he shot her on the way. Mars is trine Uranus so he was lucky this night; he got the opportunity he was looking for.

And I think that Julie was shot sometime between 11 and midnight. I believe it took this long because they first fixed the car and also, she had a long ride home. From West Melbourne to Cocoa Florida is, even on I95, a good 45 minute drive. I believe she had car trouble on I95. He says he's walking to Cocoa and she agrees to give him a lift. He went this far because I think he might have wanted the car. Up until 11pm, the charts show the first house ruler in the third house. But after 11, things seem to change. The chart rulers change and the seventh house ruler is suddenly in the third. This shows me that the killer got in her car. The chart for 11:30 has Scorpio rising and Taurus falling with Venus now in the third. This shows me definitely that her killer was in the car with her. Notice that the new chart rulers are Pluto and Mars. Pluto is very close to the Ascendant, where it is poised to cross into the eighth. Mars is in the sixth. The Moon is very close to an exact square with Mars, now a significator for Julie. The first house ruler in the sixth house always shows great danger. Venus, now the seventh house ruler, is in the third house with Neptune. At this point, this man is hiding something. The Moon is in her baliwick in the ninth house, so watch her and see when she enters the eighth.

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I believe Julie died between 12:30 and 1:30 am. If you look at the chart you can see all the planets just lining up for the event. The Moon enters the eighth house and at around the same time it reaches the full square with Mars, which is now in the fifth. Co ruler Pluto is in the eighth house. Saturn is in the first. Saturn in Sagittarius is trine to Mars in Aries, showing firepower. He shot her and this is how she died, right there in the car. Saturn and Uranus are square Jupiter, which is angular in the fourth house, again making me think she was stabbed. It was a sudden decision to kill her and then it was overkill. Mars spent a lot of time in the sixth house so she may have been restrained while he drove the car. But the planets are in what I call a "death pattern" with Saturn in the first, Moon in the eighth and the chart ruler, Pluto, moving through the twelfth. Violent death. He took over the car, restrained her for awhile and then decided he couldn't risk leaving her alive. She fought back, of course, and this is why there was a bloody mess in the car and also why he was forced to give up the car later. Don't forget that Pluto is via combust way, which doubles the violent tendencies. This woman really didn't have a chance.

It is exactly these kind of stranger murders that are hardest to solve. There is no tracing the killer back through the victim's friends or family. In this case, she ran into trouble in I95 and a man on foot came across her there. Cars passing at that time of night notice but don't "take notice" if you get what I mean. In fact, that interstate has been the source of some hairy stories over the years, from prostitutes servicing customers right on the shoulder to body parts in bags that had been out there for months. It is a road that connects both ends of the state and takes people up to Georgia and beyond. More transients come and go along this road than any other in the state. Serial killers like Gerald Stano and Christopher Wilder made use of the anonymity of I95. I would hate to be out there late at night with a flat or a hissing radiator. That is exactly what I think happened to Julie Backstrom. And after this man killed her, he drove the car around awhile, perhaps looking for drugs or trying to get somewhere he felt he needed to be. This with Julie in the car for awhile until he made it to the exit to 528, where he dumped her. As the facts show, he had to drag her dead body from the car to the drainage canal. No doubt, she was seen by cars passing by in the morning.

After this man dumped her, he drove her car all the way to Mims, which is about another half hour north. This area, back in 1987, was rural and depressed. Lots of trailer parks and slums; very poor areas. There was a particular area where blacks were forced to reside that was so scary the cops wouldn't even go there. No one at the business in question knew anything about the car or about the murder. No one was seen coming or going to or from the car. So now I am going to look at the charts and try to give a description of the man who did this. Mars in Aries is his marker, but this does not mean he is an Aries or has Mars in that sign, or even has a strong Mars. What it does mean is that this man is large boned and wiry. He is not tall or short but medium in stature. He is physical and fit, athletic and it's not hard to imagine he was walking long distances on a major highway. This man has guts and energy and may have military training. He had a gun and perhaps always did. He was not afraid of weapons. His face was probably long and oval with high cheekbones. His ears stand out from his face, he probably wears his hair short cropped and he has a reddish, "hot" complexion. He has brown, dark brown or reddish brown hair with brown eyes that have red flecks. He could be freckled. There is no way to determine race or age from this but I can say he is likely gifted with survival skills and lives a rugged life. He can be helpful at times, with mechanical skills and manly attributes, but he is also prone to violence and quick tempered. He initiates action quickly and is extremely self confident; he had no qualms about approaching Julie. No hesitation at all.

Although this is sort of disappointing because very little that can be called new is revealed in these charts, I am pleased that they are clear and easy to read. This helps my readers get a better idea of how these charts work and how easily they can be read. As always, if you have information about this case, have suspicions about someone who may have been involved in this case or have anything else to contribute to this investigation, please call the FDLE / Brevard County Sheriffs Department at 1-(800)-423-TIPS.

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