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Lamarst Alexander Porter

On September 18, 2003 at approximately 1:00 a.m. officers from the Anne Arundel County Police Department responded to the 1700 block of Severn Tree Blvd., Severn, Maryland, in reference to a shooting and possible abduction. Officers had determined that Lamarst Porter had been shot and abducted. Porter was last seen in the company of two black males who are believed to have forced Porter in to his 1991 Lincoln Mark VII bearing Maryland tag LJT-033 and fled the area. Evidence at the scene indicates that Porter was fatally injured.

Porter’s vehicle was recovered in the Glen Burnie area a few days after the incident.

The police have no more clues in this case and the trail has run cold. I did a chart for the time and date this occurred and discovered some interesting facts. Like all of the other charts I've examined, this one has aspects indicating that it would be hard to solve or take a really long time to close. This is shown by the preponderance of heavy retrograde planets. Whenever planets move backward, things slow way down.

On this chart, the sign Cancer is rising with Saturn in Cancer just behind the Ascendant. The sign Capricorn sits on the seventh house cusp. The seventh house is always the killer, the perpetrator, the companion, the enemy. The first house is always the victim. The victim is ruled by the Moon (Cancer is ruled by the Moon) and the Moon is here in the eleventh house in the sign Gemini. The eleventh house rules friends, acquaintances, help centers, charities, places where people gather. Gemini is a talkative sign, known as the messenger. Therefor I think Lamarst was among friends, perhaps in a familiar hangout, or maybe hanging around a halfway house or a charity helping the homeless. He might have been seeking help but he was definitely communicating something to someone he knew. Because Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house, he may have been doing a business deal or "canvassing" in the neighborhood.

Now, let's look at the perpetrator or killer. We know from the police that he was "fatally injured" and therefor presumed dead. There must have been a LOT of blood or perhaps even brain matter that assured them he would not survive the assault. Therefor, we are looking for a killer. Saturn rules the seventh house and Saturn rules aging, older persons, long illnesses, paternal relatives, fatherhood, father time, bones, the grave and the material world. This indicates to me that this person was older than the victim, perhaps much older and might even have been a "father" figure. That Saturn is placed in Cancer, near the Ascendant, makes me think there was an emotional or even family tie between them. Cancer rules both the emotions and the family. Because Saturn is behind the Ascendant then we can assume the killer was "behind" Lamarst. This means that he was likely taken by surprise, struck from behind. He probably never saw it coming.

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To continue with the killer, we want to know what he looks like, right? I mean, the cops are looking for this guy. Even if we assume he was close to Lamarst, possibly even family, we'd like to know what he looks like. According to the ancient textbooks, Saturn in Cancer gives a person of medium stature, not tall or short. This is a very thin person with a pale complexion. Even if he is of a dark skinned race, he is lighter skinned than others. He is brunette with brown eyes.. there is no way he could be light eyed. This person is a very deep thinker but one who is jealous, bigoted, fearful and miserly. So perhaps this will help? But I must add that with this chart, with Saturn in Cancer disposited by the Moon in the eleventh house that there is no doubt that Lamarst knew his killer as a friend or member of close family.

The first contact made to Saturn is a sextile from retrograde Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is backing up into the second house to make that aspect and is chart ruler of the third house. Again, this emphasis messages and the neighborhood thing. There was a message delivered to the killer from a neighbor that set this whole thing off. Because Mercury is retrograde this information will remain unsaid for a very long time. The person who delivered that message feels justified that he or she did it and is satisfied with the outcome. The first contact made to the Moon in this chart is an opposition from Pluto in the fifth house. This is within the hour of the time the cops arrived on the scene. Pluto rules violence, the underworld, passions, hatreds and conspiracy. All of these things played a part in this murder. Lamarst faced violence (Pluto) and died within the hour (the opposition became complete). The fifth house indicates he died of a shot to the heart. Leo rules the fifth house and it also rules the human heart. Or perhaps he died of a stopped heart after a great loss of blood.

So where is Lamarst now? Well, we can assume he is dead but because police cannot locate his body, that question remains officially unanswered. Looking at the chart and noting that the Moon rules Lamarst and is disposited by Mercury retrograde, we can assume he won't be found for a long long time. Mercury is backing out of the third house onto the cusp of the second. This means he was taken to the outskirts of the neighborhood. Perhaps in a neighboring town or county. I do not believe he was buried. He WAS dumped. Because Mercury is conjoining Jupiter in the second house (which rules belongings, money and possessions) and Jupiter rules the sixth house (health and well being) then perhaps he was dumped near a place where medicines are kept. A pharmacy? A clinic? A health spa? There are many possibilities. Something else to take note of is the fact that Saturn is contacted by retrograde Mercury within a degree. Using the time rules for cardinal signs on cadent houses and mutable signs on succeedent houses, we can guess that within the end of the first year (2004), the killer returned to the dump site to make sure the body was still there.

Altogether, this looks like a long, hard case. So when will it be solved? You look at the midheaven for public reveal and see that it is ruled by Aries. Mars, which rules Aries, is in the eighth house, which, interestingly enough, rules death. Mars is in Pisces, retrograde. Both bad. Pisces means that the body is way decomposed by the time it is found and maybe not even recognizable (Pisces rules both longevity and disguise!). He is well hidden, perhaps in a cellar where wine or herbs are kept? Because Mars first makes contact with Uranus as it moves backwards, I will venture a guess that this body is discovered suddenly and by accident. It will not be recognized at first. It will be in an unusual place no one has looked before. Because of the time element involved with the signs and houses, my guess right now is that he will be found in 2008.

For those Astrologers who would like to do their own chart, Lamarst was shot and abducted on September 18, 2003 at 1:00 a.m. This was at Severn, Maryland. Post your analysis to the comments and we can all see what you discover! -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Gladys Faye Beauchamp

Woman Murdered While Walking To Work

This woman was walking to work from a bus stop in her neighborhood. It was 6:10 AM when they found her, laying on the ground, shot to death. There did not appear to be any reason for her murder. There were no witnesses, no clues, no suspects and to this day the case is open. In doing the chart for this murder, I discover some interesting things.

Libra was rising at the time of her death with Pluto in Scorpio in the first house. Leo was on the midheaven with the Sun in the twelfth house. The Sun is joined in the twelfth by Mars, which rules the seventh house cusp. Venus, the chart ruler, is placed in the second house in Sagittarius. The Moon is in the fourth house in Aquarius closely conjoined with the North Node. Now here is how I interpret this chart:

Venus in the second house indicates that the victim (Libra rising) was carrying money on her at the time. She was on her way to work but this route was familiar and not far from home. The Moon (secondary chart ruler) is in the fourth house (close to home) in Aquarius (a routine trip) closely aligned with the North Node (familiar from the past). All of this sets the scene for the victim. But what about the offender(s)?

This chart has Aries on the seventh house cusp and Mars in Libra in the twelfth. It is placed close to the Sun in Libra, also in the twelfth. These two planets are disposited by that Venus in Sagittarius in the second house. So guess what the motive was? Robbery, of course. She had some money on her and they were looking for money. She just happened along. Pluto being in the first house in Scorpio indicates violence was going to occur. There was a coldness, an uncaring attitude that led these men to shoot her. There were two of them ( Mars and the Sun). One of them stepped out in front of her and accosted her. The other crept up behind her and shot her. Both Mars and the Sun are closely trine to that North Node in the fourth so they were from the same neighborhood, on familiar ground. They knew the area well and may have seen her in the past. I don't believe they targeted her, it was more a crime of opportunity, but they had seen her face from time to time in the past.

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Here's what I can ascertain from Mars and Sun in Libra, which describe the killers. They were both attractive young men, one light brunette or blond, the other darker brunette, both with blue eyes. They were white. One has expressive eyes and a ruddy complexion. He may have had pimples. The other was wiry and thin with a broad nose, perhaps "Grecian" in form. They were both "players", fond of women and luxuries.