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Brianna Maitland

Young Lady's Car Found Inside Abandoned Home & She Is Gone!

Brianna Maitland, 17, clocked out of work at a northern Vermont restaurant at 11:20 p.m. on March 19, 2004.

Hours later, a state trooper found her car, a 1985 Oldsmobile, about mile down the road. It was backed partway into an abandoned house. Two of her paychecks were found inside. But the teenager was gone and hasn't been heard from since


Brianna Maitland has been missing since Friday evening March 19,2004 when she left the Black Lantern Inn restaurant in Montgomery, VT. Brianna has a small nose ring in her left nostril and a fine scar down her forehead that extends into the left eyebrow.

And if you have the time, you should read the whole outrageous tale online at : LINK This item really upset me and it's worth the read. We can't always count on the cops. Sometimes, we are on our own.

I wanted to find out what happened to this little girl and why she has never been found. I went at this chart pretty much convinced that she didn't just run away but may have been abducted. But the first chart I drew up grabbed me and made me think. Her car was found backed into an abandoned house. But the chart I see right away looks like someone is living there. Have a look. Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling. Jupiter is in the ninth house, it's bailiwick, and Mercury is in Aries in the fourth house. Jupiter is in fall, placed out of dignity in Virgo and disposed of by Mercury. Mercury, which rules the seventh house, is, in turn, disposed of by Mars in the sixth. I hate to say this but it looks like somebody was there at that house and making a living in some fashion out of that house. I mean, that's what the chart seems to be saying. This could actually mean that some bum was sleeping there from time and time and selling drugs. That's what it may be saying. It's just not super clear. It could be saying something else. I am just not sure.

Anyways, the thing that sort of grabs me is that Pluto is right there in the first house. Naturally, it is disposed of by the chart ruler, Jupiter, in Virgo in the ninth house. I have read that that area of Vermont is very isolated and rural, heavily wooded and miles away from supermarkets and malls. The ninth house is a marker for rural, wooded areas. This chart is literally placing her "in the woods", which, according to all accounts, would be a fact. Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury, placed in the fourth house, and this tells me she was headed home, that she had her home on her mind, and was not planning on going anywhere else. She was not planning on stopping or doing anything divergent at all. But Mercury rules the Descendant and from that angle, is still placed in the fourth house. She ended up at somebody else's house. Of course, we know that. But what I was not aware of that the chart is saying is that she ended up in the hands of the person who was crashing at that house. Whoever that person was.

And then if you look more closely you'll notice that the Moon, which also rules our victim, is right at the axis of the fourth house in the chart for 11:40 pm. She is at "the front door" of that house 20 minutes after she left her place of employment. And if you let the chart come alive, you will also note that the Sun is just on the other side of the fourth house cusp. Behind the Sun is Mercury, which rules the seventh house. As the ruler of the seventh, this planet shows us the next person she is about to meet. In fact, the Sun is not important in the chart as a whole but it tells me that there may have actually been two men there at the time. One who came to the door, either because he heard her car crash into the house or she went to the door after she crashed, just to see if there was someone there. There is no doubt in my mind that there was at least one and maybe two men in that house. Also note that Uranus is in the third house and that an accident could well have occurred.

And then at 11:59 pm or midnight on this night, the chart changes to place the Sun outside the fourth house and now in the third. This shows one man coming outside the home and talking with her. This could be because he was wanting to see what damage had been done, pretending to some extent that he lived there or even owned the place. This is one scenario. However, another one seems to be possible, as well. She may have not crashed her car into that house at all. She may have gone to the door and knocked. Perhaps this was a place that a local drug dealer habituated and she had known she would find him here. They then left together in her car. If you look at the chart you see both planets in the third house, as if they have gone off in her car. The Sun remains close to the fourth house cusp until around 12:15 am, which looks to me like around the time they took off together. This is a second scenario. They went off together to get the pot or the pills. The fact that I see these two planets huddled in the third house so long I tend to believe that they went off for a ride. He was getting her the dope.

But then, again, the first scenario is totally plausible. Mercury, which rules the seventh house for much of the time, is steady in the fourth. Someone is still at that house. So perhaps she is kept there at the house for another reason. Mercury is disposed of by Mars in the sixth house, which could mean that she was hurt in some way. Perhaps konked over the head or made sick in some way. Mars in Taurus points at the throat area so maybe she was strangled. It is possible that this squatter was afraid she would draw attention to him and to the house and the cops would find out he was hiding there. That could have been his reason for silencing her. However, I do not see her dieing at 12:30 am. In fact, I don't see her in grave danger until 1:00 am and later. In the meantime, she is either riding around with this one man in her car or standing outside chatting with this man while another man hid in the house.

And then at just past 1:00 in the morning, Pluto crosses the Ascendant and moves into the twelfth at the same time that Jupiter, still the Ascendant ruler, slips into the eighth. This is when she dies. Mercury is in the third house, disposed of by Mars, now in the fifth. This looks like they were outside the house, in the yard and perhaps even in the car together and the second man assaults her. This assault could involve either sex or drugs or both. Whether they drugged her and raped her or she did drugs with them and they assaulted her and raped her and during this event, she was strangled. Mars in Taurus is a deviant marker as Taurus is a poor sign for Mars and is in "fall". Placed in the fifth house of sex it looks like rape to me. And then I see that Venus is in it's own sign, Taurus, right near by in the fifth house, also. Boy, did he think she was pretty. He was very attracted to her right from the start. But he's on drugs or he's a deviant, and just can't go about it the way other people would. Instead of seducing and romancing, he just takes. This is greatly amplified by the presence of Caput Algol, a violent fixed star, right between Venus and Mars and conjoined to both.

At the same time, the Moon, Mercury and the Sun are in the third house. This just really looks like they are in her car. They are all three driving around for some reason, perhaps to "look for drugs" or just for a thrill. Perhaps they forced her to drive them around. And she is drugged and raped in the car? Or maybe they went somewhere else, got out of the car and did their dirty work. However, the first scenario is still possible, so that can't be forgotten. They could have been outside the house, perhaps in the back yard or the garage of the empty house, when they attacked her. The marker for sexual assault in this chart is Mars in Taurus and it is the ruler of the fourth house angle. It is also possible that they never left that house. They may have attacked her outside of the house, looking at the car, discussing it. But two hours go by, from 11:30 to 1:30 in the morning, and I have a hard time imagining this girl just hanging out this long for no real good reason.

Also to be considered is that Saturn is in fall in the sign Cancer in the seventh house, which is accidental dignity. It is also disposed of by Moon, the chart co-ruler, which is in the third house, a pointer for the car. This is an aspect that could hint of drowning or smothering. She may have been drugged, assaulted, strangled and dumped in the water after all that. Although I must add that Neptune does not play a large foreground role in this chart. It does dispose of the Moon and the Sun, which might indicate drugs were a factor between Brianna and the first man she met at this house. Neptune is also sextile Mercury, which rules the Descendant and her rapist. This makes it look like drugs made it easier to do this. Because of that aspect alone I would be inclined to believe that she was drugged. Against her will or not. If she did stop here to look for drugs it was supposed to be a quick in and out as the aspects show her headed home and not planning a party or a big night out. People who smoke pot on a regular basis don't consider it a party when they stop in for a baggie. To a pothead, which I am not sure this young lady was, a bag of weed is like a six pack for anyone else. Something they keep around to use when they feel like it. So she could have very well stopped here for drugs and intended to just keep headed on home for the night.

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But it didn't turn out the way she planned. She either ran her car into a strange place and ended up with two bad guys or she went by there to get some dope and ended up on a wild ride. If they did take her car and kill her, it is likely they then drove her car back to the empty house and ran it into the siding. This would look like an accident and people might just assume she died out on the highway somewhere in the cold. It was a cold night they say. This could be what they hoped the cops would think. And if you look at the chart for 1:45, this scenario plays out. The Moon, her co ruler, has dropped into the second house and the two planets ruling her attackers are still in the third. They are in her car, darn it, and they've pushed her out. This is a common planetary movement in these charts. When the ruling planet rolls out of the third, they have usually dumped the body. Moon in Pisces says, again, that she was dumped in the water. If she was still alive, which is vaguely possible, she died by drowning. Cancer is just now sneaking onto the seventh house cusp, showing that he got out of the car and took her into the water. She was carried out there and dropped. And I believe, because of Saturns' placement, that she was strangled first and may well have been already dead.

Saturn in Cancer means still water so this was not a stream, a river or the ocean. She was dropped into a calm lake or pond. Moon in Pisces tells me this is deep water. It is not a shallow retention pond or a tiny pool of water. It is a large lake of some sort and the water is deep. Saturn tells me she may have been weighted down. Because of the sign Cancer, again, I think this is close to home. This is in the immediate area; they did not cross state lines or take her somewhere far away. This was in this small area in Vermont. I am not aware of the time it was when the cop drove by and spotted this car. At the time I see them dumping her body I also note that Libra is just then slipping onto the Midheaven. Venus in the fourth house at that time tells me that there were clues in that house. If the cops did not search that house at the time they passed up a chance to gather clues that may have helped them solve this case. That's what I see from here. This man also spent a lot of time in her car. There may have been evidence, even DNA evidence in that car. Mars in Taurus in the fifth house whispers body fluids. Perhaps semen.

What does this man look like? Who is he and is he still around this town? These are all legitimate questions I can try to answer. This was likely a two man team, with one very aggressive leader and another more retiring follower. This is depicted clearly by Mercury in Aries and Sun in Pisces. One man ran the entire event, from instigation to finish. The other man is a "hanger on", a weak sister who would never do such a thing but doesn't have the guts to stop it from happening. One man is thin and the other is chubby and soft looking. The thin man was the rapist. He is a man who is somewhat graceful in his movements but is fast and impatient. He has a long face with a pointed chin. He has a high, wide forehead with prominent temples. His nose would be straight with a slight snub at the tip. He has long, thin lips and nostrils that twitch and flare with his emotions. He can be quite a hot head and once he's angry, he is hard to control. He loves to talk, is quite chatty, in fact, and can be eloquent at times. He has lots of brown hair, which he may wear long. And his most distinctive feature is his eyes. They are somewhat "sunken" and shaded, even small in size, but are wide open and expressive, a real attention grabber. They would be blue or hazel eyes, striking in color.

The second man, the tag along in this event, is chubby, as I already noted. He is soft looking, with rounded shoulders and a fleshy body. He has a round, fat face with a beautiful complexion. Very soft and clear. He has a bow shaped mouth and a double chin. Light brown to flaxen hair, often curly and thick. He has beautiful eyes; they are large, set apart and expressive. Like his friend, his eyes are also light in color, hazel, green or blue. They will look like water. This second man is very timid and shy, always in the shadow of his aggressive, frequently violent, friend. Now, as always, remember that these are general descriptions and will play out in some small way. These men could be of any race, they do not have to be Caucasian, however they likely have light colored eyes. They are not foreigners, they are American and are probably from that area or another area very close by.

Now, regardless of my findings, Brianna Maitland is still classified as a missing person. Her body has never been found and police do not even have evidence indicating she is dead. The police generally believe she is a run away. Hopefully, my chart reading is wrong and she is alive and well. In this spirit, please look at her photo and commit it to memory. If you think you have seen her, have an idea where she might be or have any information concerning her accident or disappearance, please contact the Montgomery, Vermont Police Department at (802)524-5993 or write them at 84 Mountain Rd, Montgomery, VT 05470. Please visit her family's website at the link below and read up on the case. Let's all hope she is found soon. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Michelle Young

Pregnant Wife Found Dead In Her Home

From Triangle Mom2Mom :

Michelle Young was found dead in her home south of Raleigh in 2006. She was pregnant. And bloody footprints (and this is just a horrible fact of the case) of her two-year-old were found around her.

Apparently Wake County deputies are investigating whether her husband, Jason Young, checked into a Virginia hotel and then drove back to Raleigh where DNA and bloody footprints were linked to him.

Also related to the case, a new family just moved into the house, which has been empty since the murder.


Investigators said Young had been at home with friends until about 10:30 p.m. the night before her body was found. Her husband, Jason Young, told authorities he was out of town on business when his sister-in-law, Meredith Fisher, found his wife’s body.

Fisher told authorities she had received a call from Jason Young asking her to go to his house to pick up something. Authorities said it was a fax.

From The News Observer:

RALEIGH - A young pregnant mother found dead in her home on Friday afternoon was the victim of homicide, according to sheriff's investigators. A family member discovered the body of Michelle Marie Young, 29, on Friday just before 1:30 p.m. in her two-story brick home at 5108 Birchleaf Drive. Her husband was out of town, and their 2-year-old daughter was in the house but unharmed.

"It was a violent death," said Phyllis Stephens, a spokeswoman for the Wake County Sheriff's Office. "We do not have a cause of death." Investigators must wait for a medical examiner's report to learn exactly how Young died and how far along her pregnancy was. Stephens said she could not comment on whether the house showed signs of forced entry.


This was a really ugly murder. This woman was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and the police reports released to the public were so grisly and lurid I don't want to go into it. Suffice to say she was badly beaten and then strangled. Her child was present and the baby's footprints were found in her blood. Yes, that's about as bad as it gets. Since then the police have focused on her husband who is acting a little bit like Drew Peterson. There apparently was a multi million dollar insurance policy hanging in the balance and the Youngs had financial problems. Sound familiar? And to boot, her husband was having an affair with a woman down here in Florida. Needless to say, everyone is sure that her husband, Jason, is the killer. But no charges have been filed and he has not been arrested. I mean what kind of man puts money ahead not only of his wife but his unborn baby son? In truth, I don't want to know and I certainly could not stand in the same room with such a person. It just breaks my heart.

But needed clues are still lacking in this horrible case. In fact, I see on the websites that many people are disgusted with the police in this matter. A family member supposedly found one of Michelle's teeth still on the scene after local CSI had already left. Now it is questionable that a thorough job was done. Since Michelle was found at 1:30 pm the next day, on November 3, I started there and then backed up the charts. Working my way through each hour, I am looking for signs that she is dead, that there is an entry into the house, that there is violence. I am not sure what time of death the Coroner put on this event but the charts narrow it down to between 6:00 am and 9:00 am the morning of November 3rd. If anyone out there has a definite window on the possible time of her demise, please post it in comments or email me. If it is greatly different or very much outside my window, I will reprise the chart to update it.

The first chart I drew was for 4:30 am and you will realize why when I tell you what's there. I see Neptune backing up into the fourth house from the fifth, which tells me someone has entered the home stealthily. The fifth house hints that it may have been through a window or door in a game room, den or possibly even a child's bedroom. If Michelle was building a nursery, it could have been that yet unoccupied room. Libra is rising and Aries is falling with Mars entering the first house, joined closely with the Sun. Venus is in the second house, right nearby. Mars entering the first tells me that the attacker now faces her, gets her attention somehow. Venus in the second tells me she is among "her things" or belongings, which of course we all are when we are at home. An interesting detail is that Saturn rules the fourth house and is placed in the eleventh, pointing at her visit from friends and the possibility that leftovers from the visit of those friends is still somewhere in the home. Perhaps used dishes or cigarette butts or other debris.

Another interesting thing I note is that Venus is in the second house with Mars in the first, and considering that the dial moves east to west, then we can assume this intruder is "coming towards her". All of these Scorpio planets are disposed of by Pluto in the third. He uses a handheld device to attack her, perhaps something small and sharp, perhaps a utensil of some sort. This echoes the police report that she was stabbed. Mars in Scorpio shows brute force in the first house, so I think she was first hit on the head or around the face. Possibly she was beaten with a fist, a club or other solid, blunt instrument. However, this has not actually happened yet. When you look at the chart for 5:00 am, Venus has moved into the first with Mars and the Sun. They are face to face. These three planets are all trine to Uranus in the fifth, showing that total surprise had the upper hand in this event. She did not expect this and was taken completely off guard. And here is one more thing I want to mention and I will leave it to all the other sleuths out there, the Sun is positioned in the first between Venus and Mars. This can mean many things. There could have been a second person, a man for sure, that was also present this night. Or it could mean that the Sun is asserting that this person is a man who was the father of her child. And since the Sun rules the eleventh house, it could also indicate that the person who attacked her was a "friend". Perhaps even one of the friends who had "left" her home earlier the night before.

This person or persons entered her house at 4:30 am but she was not aware of their presence (whether one or more) until around 5:00 am. And then if you watch the planets move forward, you see that at 6 am, Scorpio moves onto the Ascendant and shortly after that Mars enters the twelfth house. The Moon, which co rules the victim, is in the sixth house in Aries. Michelle is in real danger here. She is very sick or injured and might die. But she has not died yet. In fact, from all the charts I have looked at, it took her awhile to fade out. And in looking at the planets and aspects, I would venture a guess that this an act of sexual jealousy, even though there are no signs of rape or other sexual activity. This was an angry person who wanted her dead for a very personal, very intimate reason. I am not sure it was a man and I am sort of leaning towards a woman and a man together. Now, as ugly as this is, I am going to note that the murder went on for some time. The violent planets stay together in the first house over a long period, perhaps more than an hour. Mercury and Jupiter join the cluster of planets in Scorpio in the first house at just around 6 am. These two planets are closely square to Saturn in the tenth house. This was a crime of great animosity and hatred. There was no love lost in this murder. Somebody hated Michelle and wanted her dead. Right away, I am asking about the husbands secret lover? Has she been cleared in this? And then of course it could have been the two of them together or this woman and another man, like a son or brother.

Neptune remains in the fourth house for most of the time. This whole crime was done in a well planned, secret, stealthy manner. The killer covered his or her tracks. It may have been time out, for instance, for a night when the husband was out of town and therefor had an alibi. And the ruse may extend to his phone call to his sister in law. He may have been "making sure" that the job had been done. Get his sister in law to go on over there and see if Michelle was dead. But this is just a guess. I will leave it up to other sleuths to figure the details out. But Neptune is square to Mercury in the first and this is a marker for strangulation. This was a final act of desperation. I do believe it was a long hard fight and Michelle died slowly. The killer was forced to strangle her after all. And I do believe she finally passed between 6:30 and 7:00 am but I can't be exactly sure. Not even the coroner is always right on this. It's hard to tell as the planets tick through the houses, but Mars moves into the twelfth and is followed eventually by Jupiter, and Sagittarius takes the first house after this, showing her "dead" again. And interestingly enough, this is followed by Capricorn at the Ascendant at a time when Saturn enters the eighth house, showing her "dead" yet again. Interesting stuff, these stars and planets.

The killer or killers exited the house between 6:30 and 7:00 am. You can see Neptune leave the fourth and enter the third, showing him or her getting into a car. Neptune in Aquarius tells me that this was a modern, high tech vehicle with an unusual color or design. It was likely rented. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the fourth so they left a "surprise" in the house. And at 7:30 am, the ruler of the seventh house has also entered the twelfth house and is inconjunct to Aries in the fifth house, so the killer might have taken something from the house. Something like a DVD Player or an Ipod or other entertainment device. But this is not a rule; he or she could have also taken something belonging to a child or personal items of Michelles, like lingerie. They may have done this to prove they were in the house and did this. And last but not least Neptune in the third means he or she was able to disguise their getaway well enough that they were not seen or remembered. Perhaps dark window tinting on the car windows.

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The closing square from Venus to Neptune also leads me to believe that the killer did leave behind clues, regardless of how careful they were. Venus square Neptune is always sloppy and this may also be the reason there was "overkill". With this aspect, there is no way that this person thought of everything as they were leaving the home. With Venus in the twelfth, it is well hidden in the home. In the sign Scorpio, this item might have fallen into a drain or toilet and is now stuck in the plumbing. I would say it was most likely left in a bathroom. Neptune square from the third house, it is a small handheld object like a pen or hair clip. The sign Aquarius can mean it's a high tech item like a tiny ear plug or pen light. This was not, however, her teeth. This particular object belonged to the killer. It was he or she who dropped it on the way out the door.

I want to make another note. The North Node starts the event posited in the fifth house in direct close square to Pluto. It traverses into the fourth as the hours tick by and these positions tell me that her murder was related to her pregnancy. Again, I tend to think of the husbands' affair and what a dampening effect her pregnancy had to have on his lovers' hopes and plans. In turn, the North Node is disposed of by the secretive Neptune I discussed earlier and inconjunct to Saturn. This leads me to think that this was a long planned out secret affair. Somebody wanted to get rid of Michelle real bad and planned and stewed over it in an angry fashion for a very long time. This looks to have been done so secretly that perhaps hardly anyone knows about this; perhaps only the one, two or three people directly involved. And this might include, as I mentioned earlier, a woman and a man or two. One man being present, the other not. The other might have been her husband. But, of course, astrology charts are really proof of nothing. So I will, again, leave it up to other sleuths to pick out the gems in my readings and make some use of them.

One last chart I would like to do up and address here is the chart for the time she was found. At 1:30 pm, you see a cluster of planets have moved into the ninth house. Aquarius rules the Ascendant and Uranus is in the first house. There she is, revealed. She is found, suddenly, and now she is "out in the open" and "in her own place" at this time. The cluster of planets in the ninth look like law enforcement to me, cops and lawyers, and all that jazz. She did call the police, I presume, because it sure looks like they showed up. These planets stay this way for an hour or more, giving a window on a lengthy investigation on the scene. However, here is the thing in this chart. These planets are all square to that pesky Neptune in Aquarius, now in the twelfth house. There is no doubt that they missed something. Perhaps even more than one thing. Something hidden, out of view and hard to find. This could be describing Michelles' tooth because Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the first house. The first house describes the head of the victim and Uranus is a sudden event, and the tooth was found accidentally a while afterward. But looking at the aspects I also see that Neptune opposes Saturn at the Descendant. Again, I am absolutely positive that the killer left something behind. Something that belonged to him or her and it has yet to be found. Saturn in the fixed sign Leo slows things down a lot. But it's in an angular house, which speeds things up. And Pluto is in a common sign in an angular house, another mix that slows and speeds at the same time. Together, it comes out to be actual months. The distance between the exact conjunction between these two is 53 minutes which translates into 53 months. I don't know how that works out or how exact that will actually be, but around 53 months from the time of the murder, new information will come to light. Perhaps someone will find the missing clue I've seen in the chart for that day. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Lisa Michelle Stebic Reprise

Wife And Mother Goes Jogging and Just Vanishes

This from Wikipedia :

Lisa Michelle Stebic, née Ruttenberg (born May 19, 1969) is an American missing person. The mother of two has been missing from her home in Plainfield, Illinois since April 30, 2007.[1] Lisa, 37, is 5' 2? tall, 120 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She has two visible tattoos, a small rose on her ankle and a large butterfly on her lower back.[2]

This from AMW online:

Lisa Stebic, a mother of two children who enjoyed her job at an elementary school in Plainfield, Ill., disappeared on April 30, 2007. According to her husband, Lisa left their home around 6 p.m. while he was working in their backyard. Lisa sometimes went to nearby Plainfield North High School, where she also worked in the school cafeteria, to work out on the track -- but she did not go to the track that night.

Lisa's husband, Craig Stebic, filed for divorce in January 2007, after fourteen years of marriage. Records state he cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce proceedings. Since January, Lisa and Craig had continued to live in the same house, but had barely spoken to each other in those five months.

Craig and Lisa Stebic have two children together, who both live with them, but were not home at the time of the disappearance. According to police, Craig said that he was working in the backyard when Lisa left the house, taking only her purse and cell phone with her. Neither her credit cards nor her cell phone have been used.


I am reprising this chart because a lot of the information I had at the time has proven incorrect. For one thing, I had read that the husband was separated from her and no longer lived with her. I also read they were on good terms and he was fully cooperating with police. I sort of believed they had been separated, even divorced, for a period of time and both she and her husband had gotten on with their lives. Because of this, I assumed she was home alone. I know now that none of this is true.

I had imagined, I guess, that she had come home from work to an empty house and that her husband was an outsider, someone who came on the scene much later. Emails from readers led me to take a second look at this case and give it a reprise. I am not going to just say her husband did it. I know that's what everyone thinks and they may well be right. I am going to read the chart just as I did before but without assuming she was alone and her husband was long gone.

I now know she had not "just gotten home from work", I also know she was not alone but her husband was still living there. They weren't even yet divorced. Where I got the misinformation is unimportant and it was mostly my tendency to jump to conclusions that made the first chart go awry. Also, since I've been doing this so much I have gotten much better at it than I was when I only did it once in a while.

But actually, this case is a prime example of what I am always saying about exposure to the case. Too much leads me to decide who's guilty before I even get to the chart. Too little and I make assumptions that are later proven wrong. It's a tricky fine line that is drawn between having the information I need and getting so much that I think I have the answers already.

So let's look at the charts and you can follow me and I invite anyone to call me on it if I make mistakes. I am always learning and evolving as an Astrologer and I am quite capable of getting it wrong. So feel free.

Anyways, the first chart for 6 pm, when Craig Stebic said she went missing, the chart shows Libra rising and Aries falling. Aries, her husband's marker (as ruler of the seventh house) is in the fifth house. The ruler of the fifth house is Uranus and it, too, is in the fifth. Uranus rules the children (fifth house) so daddy is at home, playing with the kids. However, Lisa's ruler, Venus (Libra rising) is placed in the ninth house. What is this telling me? That she is outside, among trees, woods, grass, etc... she is not in that house but outside somewhere. And where on earth is that?

Because this makes no sense to me, I back the charts up to see what has happened prior to this time. As I now realize, she could not have been coming home from work at this late an hour. School is out at 2 or 3 pm, depending on the area. Cafeteria workers leave shortly after lunch, which is usually around 11 am. She would have long been home at 6 pm and not just arriving. So that much cleared up, I am now wondering where the heck she is at 6 pm. She's certainly not at home. So I begin backing the charts up hour by hour until I see her at home.

At noon, you can see that Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling. The Sun is in the tenth house with Mercury, both in Taurus. Lisa's birth sign is Taurus. This was right around her birthday, which was coming up on May 19. Both the Sun and Mercury are disposed of by Venus in the eleventh. The tenth house is the public sector, Taurus rules food and cooking and Mercury describes small children. She is happy and having a good time. The eleventh house shows her among friends. It's no doubt that she loves the cafeteria and cooking, in general, because Taurus is always good with the eats.

And then the chart for 1 pm shows Leo rising and Aquarius falling. The Sun is in the ninth house, showing that she is still at the school. Mercury is with her, showing children. But here is the creepy part. If you look you will notice the Descendant is Aquarius and Uranus is in the eighth house, tightly conjoined with Mars and a little more loosely conjoined with the Node. This doesn't look good to me. Also, Saturn is right behind the Ascendant. The Moon, the chart co-ruler, is placed in the third. But because the Moon is disposed of by Venus and it is still in the eleventh house I do not think she's left the school yet. I am looking for that time when she "goes home" so she can "disappear".

But at 1 pm I am stumped. Leo is rising and the Sun is still in the ninth house, along with Mercury. She is still at the school with the kids. The Moon, still in the third, in Libra is trine Venus in Gemini. I think she made a phone call. Suddenly, I am thinking she did not have a car with her. She was calling someone for a ride. That's what makes sense. Uranus, if you notice, is still closely tied to Mars, now in the seventh house. Her husband is building up a head of steam, he's angry about something. He is planning a surprise for her, a "kamikaze" attack when he sees her. Uranus tells us he will do something unexpected. And it will be an act of aggression because Mars is right there. Not only is it the seventh house ruler, it is in the seventh house, as well. Not only is her husband mad at her but he's mad about some aspect of their relationship.

Mars is also inconjunct the Moon and square Venus. This shows his anger is directed right at her, his wife (Venus) and the mother of his children (the Moon). Mars is exactly inconjunct Saturn, which is at the Ascendant in the twelfth house (secrets, death). And my suspicion is born out by the chart I see for 1:30 that afternoon. Pisces is now at the Descendant (her husband) and Neptune is in the sixth (her place of employment). What is her husband doing at her job? He is definitely there. And he's signified by Neptune, which says he is hiding something. Perhaps she did not expect him to appear and he may have hid from her for a while, just watching and waiting. Now, I have no idea what Craig Stebic was doing at this hour on this day other than what the chart appears to tell me. I am sure someone at his work would know if he took his lunch at this hour or had left for the day early. Perhaps he hadn't gone to work at all.

The ruler of the tenth house is in the tenth house and the ruler of the fourth is in the fifth. There is no doubt that Lisa is "out in the public" and "among children". Her own children may have gone to the same school (ruler of the fourth in the fifth). Moving the chart forward 30 minutes to 2 pm, I see the Ascendant changes. Neptune, which now rules the Descendant, shows her husband at her place of work. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus, meaning that this was part of his "surprise". So now it is my firm belief that he went there to pick her up as a surprise, which was a chance for him to vent his anger at her. I don't think he could wait. There's a sense of urgency about Mars with Uranus like this. If you notice also that Neptune opposes Saturn in the twelfth, which hints to me that he was actually planning to kill her.

Virgo is now rising so Mercury is her marker. It is in the ninth house, close to the Sun. This is her with her husband, in a vehicle. A larger vehicle like a van or truck. And here are the aspects that stand out right now. Pluto has moved into the fourth house, Saturn is still in the twelfth and Mars is in the seventh. Although this shows great anger and potential for violence, he doesn't kill her right then. There is a huge argument first. Mars inconjunct the Moon from the seventh to the second house, he unloads on her about money. He is very emotional and almost out of control. Money is the issue. But Mars is even more closely inconjunct to Saturn in the twelfth, so he will kill her in a burst of anger. Neptune is opposing Saturn and Neptune is his marker, so he will do it secretly, from behind or from a hidden place and not face to face. And he hasn't done it yet.

In fact, it looks like he kills her sometime between 2 and 3 pm, with Mercury passing into the eighth at around 3. Saturn is still in the twelfth inconjunct to Mars, still in the seventh house. At this time, the ruler of the fourth is conjoined Pluto in the fourth house. This brings Pluto out into the foreground for the first time. Pluto is opposed to Venus and widely square to Mars. The Moon is trine Neptune so it may be a fact that he did not want to leave yet. He saw her as the mother of his children and the kids were a big deal. The Moon is strong throughout the chart and heavily aspected by seventh house planets which tells me that he was unwilling to leave his kids. Moon was also trine Venus, showing that he still found her beautiful, even if he had stopped loving her. Being the mother of his kids and his wife, he wasn't about to watch her take up with some other man. No one else would play "daddy" or "honey" if he could help it. Heck, this is a familiar theme. It's easy to read in a chart.

So the chart for 3 pm brings it all to perfection. Excuse me, I'm not being rude, this is just an astrological observation. As Mercury enters the eighth house, Mars is moving slowly away from Saturn and sinister to a square with Venus. It's square to Jupiter, though, is almost perfect. Jupiter rules the fourth house. He waited until they got home before he attacked her. Because Saturn in the twelfth is trine Jupiter in the fourth, I am inclined to say she died at home. I'm not sure that they went all the way into the house. They may have sat in the car in the driveway and argued before he hit her or stabbed her or shot her. Neptune in the sixth is a funny position at this point, it sort of says he poisoned her. It's in the sixth house so it looks like he made her sick and she died this way. Mars is in Pisces is conjunct Uranus so he may have done it suddenly but in a secretive way. It looks like the chart, at one point, says he planned this in a way or at best wanted to do this. So perhaps he did put something in a soda can or a cigarette. I just can't be sure exactly how he did it. There are many possibilities.

You know, this whole thing may have been over some paperwork. Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception, which brings things to pass. Venus would indicate their married relationship and Mercury rules paperwork, documents, letters, communications in general. Perhaps this had to do with paperwork related to their divorce or a letter that made demands that angered him. He was angry enough about this situation that he thought about killing her. Death aspects occurred really early in the day when she was at work. And he killed her earlier in the day than I originally thought and that's why I see her in a field or a forest or someplace outside at 6 pm instead of getting in to her friends car for a ride to the track. I will explain in greater detail at the end of the post why there is such a difference between this chart reading and the original reading I posted before.

For now, I want to keep moving with the charts to see what he did with her body. I keep saying "he" and I keep referring to her husband because that's the way it looks to me. I just don't see anybody else. And I don't see her running off on her own. She went home with him and they argued in the car. At 4 pm I still see her dead and possibly still in the vehicle. I am not sure if the cops went over all of the family cars or not. It's possible that he rented or borrowed a vehicle just for this day. However, she was not said to have left in a car so perhaps the cars or trucks were not looked at closely. But he left her body in that car until 5 pm, when I see that he is busy working on moving her body. He puts her someplace in the yard, in a shed or tool cabinet or other place where he might have kept garden tools or outdoor gear. Mars in Pisces is in the sixth so he may even be digging a hole to install a pool or pond while Venus is in the ninth house, showing her to be somewhere either with lawn care equipment or sporting goods.

And then I see that at 7 pm, Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Venus is in the eighth house and Pluto is in the second. The Moon is in the twelfth and Mars is in the fifth. She is ruled here by Pluto, the Moon and Mars. He is ruled by Venus. I am still seeing her in a place with things that she owns, some of it athletic gear or sporting goods and some of it lawn or garden tools. The Moon tells me that she is dead, we haven't made any mistakes. Could she be in the garage at this time? Mars in the fifth shows me the athletic gear or sporting goods and so does the sign Sagittarius. Venus in the eighth house shows me that he is actually preparing "a grave". But where that is I am not sure; it looks like the back yard but it could be any outdoor area near his home. Neptune is at the fourth house angle, showing me also that something is being hidden in or around the home. I do not see him getting back into the car. I think he is hiding her at home. The kids weren't there, or at least, that's what I gathered from the websites I saw. So he was alone and he had lots of time to do what he wanted to.

He does not report her missing until the next day. The kids were not at the house during this time. I am not sure when they returned but if he did not report her missing until the next day, he had plenty of time to move her around, bury her or even drop her in the water somewhere. It almost seems as if he buried her in the backyard but I don't know how possible that is. I can only offer insights and suggestions. The police were said to have searched a neighborhood park, which was very close to their home. If there was water nearby or in the neighborhood, this is an area I would search because Mars was in Pisces. Mars is conjoined to Uranus and both planets are disposed of by Neptune. There is no doubt that she is very well hidden and in a very unusual place. He put here in a place no one would think of; in fact, this might well be the last place anyone would think of. It's that peculiar.

The person who killed her appears to be her husband but I will give the traditional descriptions anyway, just in case I am wrong and there is a killer out there no one has thought of. See if this sounds like her husband. The person who killed her is defined by Mars in Pisces and it is this signifigator I use to define him. First of all, he would not be what is considered "good looking". He would be "fleshy" but I don't mean fat. He is of average height but his trunk might seem shorter than normal. Short waisted is what they call it. He has sharp, shrewd eyes which may be light blue or light, golden brown. He would have had skin trouble as a teen and still might have complexion problems. This man can be very affectionate, almost childlike. But conversely he is gloomy, sometimes lazy, often dishonest and easily depressed.

And now for a word on the previous chart. Because I believed that Lisa came home from work at 6 pm and could not have gone missing or met with foul play at an earlier hour, I started with a chart for 6 pm and went forward. I also believed that she lived alone and was divorced so when I saw Neptune in the fourth at 7 pm, I saw someone hiding in her home. In fact, with the charts done for earlier in the day, this placement has someone hiding something around her home instead. I did see money in the first chart and not in this one. Assuming she had just come home and seeing planets in the second house, I assumed she was carrying cash. The planets in the fifth house looked like gambling. I did not know, at that time, that she had children. In this new chart, the second house planets still look like her belongings, just in a different light due to this new angle. I hope this second chart helps clear up any confusion created by the first. I want to thank the readers who wrote me and posted comments on the blog, saying that the chart could not be right. Because of this I researched this case again and found out this new information.

Of course, regardless of my findings on any post, Lisa Stebic is still a missing person. The case has gone cold and her remains have not been found. Her husband still claims that she left on her own and is somewhere else, alive. It is possible that she could be alive today and almost anywhere. For this reason, you should look at her photo and commit it to memory. If you think you know where she is, believe you have seen her or have information on what happened to her the day she disappeared, please call the Plainfield Illinois Police Department at (815) 436-2341 or write them at 14300 S. Coil Plus Drive Plainfield, IL 60544.

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Hubert Valdez

Man Leaves Bar And Disappears

From Crime Library:

Hubert Valdez, 28, was last seen walking out of Gilbert's Lounge in Van Horn, Tex., at closing time on April 29, 2003. His car was found later that same day elsewhere in the southwest Texas town.

From The Charley Project:

Details of Disappearance

Valdez was last seen as he was leaving Gilbert's Lounge in the vicinity of the 300 block of east Broadway in Van Horn, Texas, at 2:00 a.m. on April 29, 2003. He has never been heard from again. His vehicle was found abandoned that same day, in an open lot near the intersection of Mesquite Street and Frontage Road within Van Horn city limits. Foul play is possible in Valdez's case, but few details are available.

The chart for the time he left the bar, 2 am, shows Capricorn rising and Cancer falling. Saturn, the chart ruler, is in the fifth house in Gemini. This shows he is in the parking lot outside the bar, perhaps looking for his car or already with it. The Descendant ruler is the Moon and she is in the third house, showing there are a few people in or around a car in the parking lot, possibly Huberts car. With the Moon is also Venus, which rules the nadir. There is a woman there who is either a member of Huberts family or connected through the family in some way. If it is not a woman, then Venus tells me this a family member from his mother or sisters' side, such as a brother in law or a maternal uncle. The Sun is also in the third house but it has no importance in the chart at this time.

Both the Moon and Venus are disposed of by Mars, which is in Huberts first house. These people are there to argue with him, face him down, chew him out over something. Mars opposes Jupiter in the seventh house so it may have been over some relationship, an ex wife or girlfriend or even his current wife or girlfriend. They are not happy about something he has done in this relationship. This is probably the person to whom they are related; his wife or girlfriend. Mars co-rules the tenth house, along with Pluto which is placed in the eleventh, so they have no qualms about facing him down in public and, in fact, do start arguing with him right there in the parking lot outside of this bar. These people also think they are doing a friend a favor (the eleventh house Pluto) and are willing to go to extremes. As an aside, I must note that Mercury is in the fourth house and it rules the fifth house so this is telling me that Hubert has kids at home. And since Mercury is again disposed of by Venus, this tells me for sure that one of these people are related to the mother of his children or may well actually be the mother of the kids, if he were separated or no longer living with her. I am beginning to wonder now if he had custody and she was not liking it.

The chart for 2:30 shows that this melee continues in the parking lot at that time and not much has changed. Hubert is still with his car in the parking lot and they are still outside around it or in a car parked nearby. I tend to think they are out of the car and so is Hubert; this chart looks like they are arguing and maybe even pushing and shoving a bit. Mars in opposition to Jupiter is a "might makes right" type of position so somebody is throwing their weight around. Also, Venus and the Moon are both in Aries, showing that even the females present are ready to throw it down. We have a mostly bucket formation in this chart, with the majority of the planets near the bottom of the chart. This is all going on in the neighborhood, not far from home and most likely involves family.

Sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 am, Aquarius rises onto the Ascendant and Leo falls past the Descendant. Look closely at how the planets are placed. The Descendant ruler is in the third house, the ruler of the Nadir, Venus, and the chart co-ruler, the Moon, are both in the second and the chart ruler, Uranus, is in the first. Where are they now? It looks like the Sun is driving a car, the Moon and Venus are in the back seat and Uranus is in the trunk. Dare I say they tossed him in the trunk and drove off? And then pushing my "intuition" here a little farther, I think that because Uranus is in the first and Mars, which rules the third house, is right behind the Descendant, they took off in Huberts' car. This is further indicated by the fact that Mars is disposed of by Huberts' ruler planet, Uranus. I do believe they pushed him into his own car, either in the trunk or elsewhere, and took him for a ride. When looking at cars, I usually see the second house as the twelfth house of the third and therefor the trunk or backseat. I rarely see someone sitting in the first house, which is sort of "behind the trunk" so to speak. In this case, I am thinking that Hubert had a truck and they tossed him in the bed. That's what I really think this was.

And then sometime between 3 and 4 am, close to 4:30, Uranus crosses over the Ascendant and falls into the twelfth house. Combined with Pluto right at the midheaven, Mars and Neptune also in the twelfth and Saturn in the fourth, I think he died around this time. It wasn't something that was done to him at this time, it had been done in the earlier melee. Mars in the twelfth close to Neptune shows a hidden weapon such a knife to the side or back. This was a sort of "hidden" wound, one that would not be expected to kill him by an uneducated person. But I think it did kill him while he was either in the bed of the truck or the trunk of the car. This seems strange to me now because they did find his car abandoned and I am sure the cops went over it. If he had died in the trunk the cops would no doubt have found blood or other DNA. I am not sure this happened.

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But running the charts forward I see that at 6:30 am, Aries is rising and Mars is in the tenth. Libra is falling and Venus is in the twelfth. Pluto is sitting in the eighth house and the fourth house ruler is in the twelfth. Again, there is no doubt, that were are talking about a dead body. Hubert's body is out in public somewhere and the person who killed him is in hiding. Again, the finger is on Venus, showing the influence or actions of a woman. Venus so close to the Moon this way I am tempted to say it was two women. They got together and made this happen. I do not know if Hubert was a womanizer or a man of many lovers, but these women were not happy. And after he died, they put him out in the open somewhere and left him. Saturn rules the tenth house and it is in the third house in Gemini. Mars is in the sign Aquarius, another air sign. And this is how I can tell where they left him and where someone might be able to find his remains.

They left him on a small roadway near a fork in the road in an area with railroad tracks. He would have been placed in an area where there was freshly dug up ground. There may be a small airport nearby and / or a place where they manufacture or lease lighting systems for professional photographers, performers, filmmakers or theatrical productions. Another area to check would be near steel or iron works, perhaps places where they make the tracks for the trains as well as the steel wheels and bearings. He is in a hidden place; perhaps a place that had freshly dug up ground at that time and has since been filled in or covered over. He is likely partially buried and could be under cement or wood. This is not a place with much foot traffic and very few people have a reason to be around that place. It could be surrounded by desert or on private land used for agricultural purposes.

The persons that he gave a ride to could be described to some extent. There are more than one. There are one or two women, as I mentioned. One of the women would be slender with a well-made, "attractive" body shape. Her hair is soft and thick with long, sweeping, delicately shaped brows. She has a dreamy look on her face a lot of the time and has large, deep blue or dark brown eyes that are set apart. She has a short, straight nose with flexible, round nostrils. She has full lips with lots of natural color and her lips are considered beautiful. In fact, she is a beautiful woman. She likely has a dimple on either her cheek or chin and also has a scar somewhere on her head, face or neck. The second woman, whether present or not but may be involved from a distance, is quite different. This woman is plump, average in height and has a very good complexion. She also has a noticeably round head and her face has full, "moon shaped" cheeks. Her short nose would be round at the tip. Her hair would be light brown to blond, even flaxen colored.

And then there were two men. One man in his group would be short, stocky and muscular. This is a very strong man. He has a dark or dusky complexion with a broad or "roman" style nose. He could very well be Latin or black or mixed. And the second man is a lot younger than the others, perhaps only a teenager, of average height with a strong, athletic body. He has a full head of thick short hair. Very expressive light brown or greyish eyes. These men are both manual laborers. They are strong and willful. And very capable of getting into a fight. Another point: these men are mostly earthy types. This means that they may work in the agribusiness as laborers, pickers or farmers. They are from the local rural community and are somehow related to the slender, more beautiful of the two women.

In this case Hubert Valdez has never been found, his remains have not been found, and he is still listed as a missing person. This case is cold and the cops can use any tip they can get. Regardless of my findings, this man could still be alive and somewhere in Texas or neighboring areas. He may very well have gone to Mexico. Please look at his photo and commit it to memory. If you know this man, believe you have seen this man or have any information about the night he disappeared, please call the Texas Department of Public Safety at (512) 424-5074 or the toll free helpline at: (800) 346-3243.

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Patty Vaughan

Mommy Disappears On Christmas Day

From Find Patty Vaughn:

The mystery of what happened to Patty Vaughan began on Christmas day 1996. Patty Vaughan was separated from her husband of 12 years J R (Jerry Ray) but was expecting his visit to see their 3 children, Brittany, Ray and Tyler.

The evening before, on Christmas eve at a family gathering, Patty expressed her concerns and fears and had even asked for help in filing a restraining order against JR. Plans were made to file the following week right after Christmas. She never got that chance.

During the day Christmas, Patty spoke briefly with a family member who thought she had been crying, she abruptly had to go as JR ordered her off the phone. That is the last that anyone in the family spoke with Patty.

According to JR, they had a terrible argument in which he was “madder than he’d ever been” and that she had simply got in her van and vanished sometime between 6 and 9PM. She had driven away from her children on Christmas. THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. One resounding statement that is echoed by all who knew Patty is that should would have never ever left her children anytime in that situation let alone Christmas.

Patty had recently rekindled a relationship with an old boyfriend and had received a heart shaped diamond necklace from him on Christmas eve. She was the happiest the family had seen her. She was also terrified. Her new boss at the electric company she began working for stated that she had been harassed by her estranged husband, on the phone and in person and had to leave several times to avoid conflict.

Over the next 24 hrs is when her family realized something was terribly wrong. She had plans with her cousin Cathy and would have never not called nor shown up. After several attempts to contact Patty, JR, friends and other family members, the decision was made to contact the police. JR contacted Cathy at 7:14 PM on Dec 26th. We know this is what time it was because his first words to her were “what time is it?”. Then he stated that she was missing and that her van had been found on the side of a road. When Cathy explained to him that she had already contacted the police he shouted that it was too soon, she should have waited, that he would handle things.

JR was questioned briefly and then retained a criminal defense attorney, he refused lie detector nor any help in the search. After preliminary Luminol tests were done in the home which showed strong blood reactions, particularly in the bedroom, master bath and master closet area.

A search warrant to obtain blood samples for the children and JR had to be obtained due to his refusal to cooperate. In the subpoena, it is stated that “enough blood evidence has been found in the home at 152 Oak Park Rd. to believe a murder was committed”. All DNA evidence proved that all blood found was that of Patty Vaughan. On the walls, floor, baseboard, wipe marks, swipe marks, shoe prints, in a bucket and on a mop. Also, in JR’s apartment was a shirt with Patty’s blood on it.

JR had moved into his own apartment in Oct 1996 when they separated. He had turned in his notice to vacate due to “a life and death situation” on Dec 13th. He moved back into the family home on the 27th, 2 days after Patty vanished and changed the home phone message machine which had Patty’s voice on it the same day.

Also a note of interest is that Patty’s van was found 20 miles from her home and 5 miles from her office. Her right front tire had been intentionally deflated and her carpet freshly shampoo’d. The carpet was still wet but crime lab tests found small amounts of Patty’s blood behind the drivers seat and various other places in the van.

It has been 10 years since Patty vanished. JR long ago, took the children and moved away. Patty was (by JR) declared legally dead and an attempt to collect her life insurance was made by JR but was blocked by Patty’s mother, sisters, brothers, cousins and aunts and uncles to ensure the education of Patty’s children. Patty’s family has come to terms with the fact that Patty would not be found alive but would like to have closure and a proper, respectful burial that she deserves. Not “buried under a wood pile with feces all around” as JR said in his only statement to the police.

It seems surreal that someone as loving and wonderful as Patty could just vanish without a trace. It is the hope of Patty’s family that someone somewhere knows something and would come forward and do the right thing. Can you help us find Patty?

This case made me really mad when I read about it. I was emailed the case by a reader who wanted me to look into it and once I saw it I realized that someone had gotten away with murder. For all purposes, this looks like her husband did this; blood evidence, lack of cooperation, a history of anger and abuse. I mean, really. Why wasn't this man ever charged? If I could scream on a blog I would. Why on earth would I bother looking at a case that is so obviously "solved" but not closed? If her husband did it he has gotten away with it and nothing I find will change that.

But I did balance myself and set about doing this chart for a number of reasons. One, if I can see where he put her, at least her family can bury her and get some closure. Also, I might see that someone else was actually guilty or that someone else was involved. Perhaps some of this might help find Patty or bring someone to justice for this horrible crime.

First of all, doing a chart for that evening showed me a few key aspects. Venus was close to Pluto and the Moon was opposing a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. That looks like a good start for a jealous rage and the stubborn belief that one is right even when it's obvious one is not. This is a good night for a big, raging fight that cannot be resolved. Might makes right. That's the theme.

I did charts for the times that were given and I saw that Cancer was rising at 6 pm and Capricorn was falling. The Moon is in the first house and Saturn is in the tenth. A strange combination occurs in the chart for this night. Saturn rules the Descendant and is disposed of by Mars in the fourth. In turn, Mars is disposed of by Mercury right at the Descendant and Mercury is disposed of by Saturn. This is a sort of loop that creates a web involving the Descendant and Descendant ruler. It looks like the person she is with is planning something out and trying to make it happen.

At 6 pm the Moon is moving to an exact opposition to Mercury. Mars is in the fourth house. For one thing, Patty is still alive and she has not left the house, as her husband claimed. In fact, it looks to me that he is the one who has started a fight. Almost as if he had planned to start a fight. Saturn is in the tenth house so he does this right out in the open where everybody in the home can see him. The Moon is in the first house so Patty is also right out in the open. They are not in a room with a closed door or outside in the garage or anything else. They are right there, in the living room. The fifth house ruler, Pluto, is in the fifth house so the kids are there.

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At 6-30 pm I see that Saturn has slipped into the ninth and Mars is in the third. They are in an "out of sign" opposition. In other words, they are only a few degrees apart in opposition but from the cusp. Mars is in the last few degrees of Virgo and Saturn is in the first degree of Aries. This indicates an outburst or act of violence. The interesting thing is Saturn in the ninth with Mars in the third, it looks like a tool or utensil to me. He grabs a hammer or a fork. With the Moon opposing Mercury almost exactly at the first-seventh house axis, this is a real fight. They will never agree and both of them will hold out to prove they are right.

Look at the cluster of planets in the seventh house. There are a lot of people involved in their relationship and not for the best. He has friends who are critical of her and not afraid to say so. Although they are divorced and live apart, they share children and possibly possessions. His marker being Saturn indicates that he was cold, controlling, critical, restrictive and bossy. Moon as her marker shows her to be emotional, sensitive, overly caring, motherly, nagging, needy and unwilling to let go. Cancer and Capricorn are the quintessential parents of the Zodiac. They were doing everything for the children. They were together this day doing their parental duties and barely tolerating each other.

The thing that grabs me in the chart for 7 pm is how the Moon just moved into the twelfth. It just looks to me that sometime between 6:30 and 7 she has gone into another room, hiding. Perhaps she is hiding because she is afraid. I do not see death aspects. I do not believe she is dead nor do I think he's actually hurt her yet. In fact, his marker, Saturn, is still in the ninth and Mars is in the third. Mars co-rules the fifth house so I'm thinking he's outside with the kids. Pluto, the co-ruler, is in Sagittarius in the fifth house in a close trine to Saturn. They are outside tossing a football or playing a game. They are having a good time with daddy and they like daddy. Good feelings with a trine like that. Mom, on the other hand, has been struck or is just frightened and hiding.

And then at 8 pm Leo takes over the Ascendant and the Sun is in the fifth. Patty is in the kids' room. She definitely has not left the house, so his story is bogus. Uranus now rules the Descendant and is placed in the sixth. Jupiter rules the fifth house and is now in the sixth. Daddy is with the kids in another area of the house. Because this is the sixth house, I'm thinking it's the bathroom. Neptune is right there next to Jupiter, so I think he gave the kids drugs of some sort; cough medicine, NyQuil, some kind of nighttime sleepy stuff I think. I doubt he gave them Heroin. However, he drugged them with something. They went to sleep and stayed that way.

Mars is on the midheaven so he is running the show. He starts the argument, it escalates, he explodes and grabs a tool to smack her with. And then at 9 pm a death pattern emerges. I think he hit her back at 7 pm or thereabouts and left her in the kid's room, hidden. I think she was knocked out and dieing. And I think she died around 8 pm, while daddy was drugging the kids and putting them to bed. I don't believe he thought she might die right yet, that he had finished the job or why would he need to drug the kids? Perhaps he was afraid that if he left with her they would awaken. Either way, he is putting them to bed and during this period Saturn enters the eighth while the Moon still lingers in the twelfth. The Sun now rules the Ascendant and is still in the fifth house. I am just not seeing a smoking gun in these charts. There is no mystery killer and she never left the house at the time he said she did. It played out differently.

Just after 10 and also at 11 the charts show that the fifth house ruler is Saturn and it is now in the seventh house. What does this mean? It means he has put the kids to bed in their mothers room. And you know what? Saturn is disposed of by Mars in the first house. He killed her to get the kids. His whole purpose was to get her out of the way and take the children. THEY were the reason he killed her. And then at 10 pm I see clearly that he is in the kids room again, with his wife. Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Neptune and Mercury are close together in the fifth house, on either side of Jupiter. Jupiter rules the fourth house. He is worried about the house. About the condition of the house? He is thinking he can't leave her here.

Nothing much happens in these charts until 12:20 am, when it looks like he sneaks around and puts her in the car. Aries rules the Descendant and Mars is in the twelfth house, right aligned with the Ascendant. He is hiding himself and being careful not to be seen. It actually looks like he's sneaking up on her but I also see her in the car. Venus is in the third, close to Pluto. The Moon has passed it's opposition to Jupiter so the argument is over. I am feeling that he put her in the car and she wasn't dead yet. Like she woke up or something and he came up behind her and struck her again. I can't swear on this but that's how it looks. The weird thing I see is the Node right at the Ascendant closely opposed to Saturn. This another "destiny" point, describing this whole event as "fated". I won't go into it more than that.

In this chart you can clearly see three planets lined up closely conjoined in the fourth house. Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. These are their three children, at home. Venus, her marker, is in the third, putting her in the car. And then, between 1 and 1:30 am I see he pushes her out of the car. She is Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Pluto. This puts her near horses, possibly a stables or farm nearby. This is a wooded area with horses and also a marsh or wet area also close in the area. There may be cesspools or standing water near the stables and overall there is a nasty smell. This area is northeast of her home. He was being very careful to hide her and I am sure she was buried or sunk into the muck. He buried her not far from the hayracks and if there is a chicken ranch in the area, it could be somewhere between the two.

And then I will again attempt to describe this person, who everyone is sure is her husband. I think it may well have been considering it was someone who was in the house with her the entire day and spent a lot of time with the children. This man was possessive of his children and no new boyfriend of hers was going to play daddy. Not on his watch. Saturn in Aries describes a man who is argumentative, controlling and difficult. He would be rather bony looking with a long, thin face. He may have had large, deep set eyes of a light color. He would also have a prominent nose and the look of a "ruler" personality, like he is in charge, no questions asked. He has to win every argument, no exceptions. He may have also had problems with his teeth and his teeth might be in bad shape. This man would have thin lips that slant downwards when he smiles or simply droop a lot of the time, making him look miserable. He may have had olive colored or dusky skin. He seems tortured most of the time, hardly ever happy. Now, remember, that not every single item in this outline will be true. In the appearance of individuals, it is usually two or three items that are exact. They are meant to be guidelines and not exact portraits.

The man that I saw killing Patty appeared to be her husband. He has, none the less, not been found guilty of this crime nor has he been charged. He is no longer a "person of interest". Her husband, who now has her children, has claimed that she simply "ran off". Probable or not, it is to be considered possible that she may be still alive. In the interest of finding her, please look closely at her picture and commit it to memory. If you believe you have seen her, know anything of her disappearance or have reason to believe you know where she is, please contact the San Antonio Police at:

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Dail Boxley Dinwiddie

Young Lady Disappears Walking Home From Concert

From The Kristen Foundation :

Dail Boxley Dinwiddie attended a concert of the band U2 in Columbia, South Carolina with friends on September 23, 1992. The concert ended at approximately 11:15 p.m.; Dail and her group then stopped at Jungle Jim's, a nightclub in the Five Points' area of Columbia. She was last seen at approximately 1:30 am on September 24 by an employee at the club.

Her friends lost track of her at the club and assumed she had a ride home; they left at approximately 1:00 a.m. Dail apparently spoke to the bouncer for 15 minutes before walking out the door between 1:15 and 1:30 a.m. She was last seen walking north on Harden Street and has never been seen again. She was wearing a long-sleeved olive green shirt, a bright blue LL Bean jacket tied around her waist, jeans and new white running shoes or brown boots at the time of her disappearance.

Dail was missed at 6:15 a.m. when her father saw that the lights and radio were on in her room and her bed had not been slept in. He called all of her friends and none of them knew her whereabouts, so he reported her missing at 8:30 a.m. The Columbia police treated Dinwiddie's disappearance as a kidnapping, since everyone who knew her said it would be very uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning. She is described as a cautious person who did not like to be out alone.


Date of Birth: April 12, 1969
Date Missing: September 24, 1992
From City/State: Columbia, SC
Age at Time of Disappearance: 23
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 60 inches
Weight: 96 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Identifying Characteristics: Pierced ears.
Clothing: Olive green long sleeve shirt, faded blue jeans, brown boots.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown.

A wonderful reader of mine emailed me the scoop on this case. Thank you, Alice, for the tip and for your positive support! I was immediately moved by the details once I saw what had happened and, again, why hadn't I heard about this? She has been gone for over 10 years and I guess the media blitz was way back when and I just forgot. But I wanted to find out what happened to this young lady and maybe help somebody find her. I have been working privately with a few groups lately who are able to search if the information is clear enough. I am heartened by the opportunity to make a difference this way.

So I drew up charts for Dail. The first one for the last time she was seen, which was around 1:30 am while leaving the Jungle Jims. She spoke to a bouncer there so this time is probably accurate. I see that Cancer is rising and Capricorn is falling at the time she left the bar. And there are three strong aspects that stand out right away. Mars is right behind the Ascendant, Saturn rules the Descendant and is placed in the eighth house, and the Moon, which rules the Ascendant, is in the second. This creates an inconjunction between Mars and Saturn. Mars rules the midheaven angle and is in a close sextile to the chart ruler. There was someone who followed Dail. This person had sex or murder on his or her mind. With Pluto hanging out in the fifth I'm inclined to say sex was the motive. Conversely, Dail had money or possessions on her mind, perhaps worried about how much she had spent in the bar or maybe now believing she had left something there. I think she either went to look for an ATM to get money for the next day, perhaps worried about something she had to do in the morning... or she turned around and headed back towards the bar to check for something she now thought she had left or lost.

Interestingly, her ruler, the Moon, is disposed of by Mercury, which is right at the axis of the fourth house. And looking at the chart for 2 am, I see that the Moon has backed into the third. She was almost home. But she stalled, or even turned back, perhaps looking for that ATM or considering returning to the bar to look for something. And this person was right behind her. I mean, right there. Saturn enters the seventh house so he is now the "open enemy". I say he because I am looking at the Sun hugging Mercury in the third and this describes a "male" to me. He faces her when she turns around. Because Mars is disposed of by the Moon, I think he targeted her. This isn't a situation where he was just hanging around, looking for a victim. He picked her out and followed her. And then the kamikaze attack from behind. She was grabbed before she realized.

I also notice that by 3 am, Aquarius has taken over the Descendant and it's ruler, Uranus, is in the sixth house, closely aligned with Neptune. I think this person worked in the bar. Both of these planets are still disposed of by Saturn, which was the ruler of the Descendant in the earlier charts. There may be more than one person involved in this kidnapping. And you will also notice that the Ascendant ruler, the Sun, is positioned in the third house. This tells me that Dail was grabbed and taken away in a car or other vehicle. And as late as 3 am she was still in that vehicle. Shortly after 3, the Sun moves over the axis into the second house, which shows me that she was either pushed out or simply removed from the car. The interesting thing is that thus far I have seen nothing to indicate that Dail is dead or even in danger of death. But I do see violence coming. It is also just after 3 that Scorpio moves onto the nadir and Pluto is in the fourth. Wherever this person takes her, she will be kept there like a home. She will be intimidated and possibly brutalized.

And then you see that by 4 am the chart is very clear. The Descendant ruler, Uranus, along with his buddy Neptune, has slipped into the fifth house. Pluto is well into the fourth house and the chart ruler, the Sun, is in the second house. She is some place where things are kept or stored. This could be a warehouse, a storage shed, a garage, etc... The planets in the fifth house show me that they are taking pictures. And there is sex involved. Venus rules the midheaven and is placed in the third house. She is in a neighborhood or suburb with small roads and avenues. This place is not back in the woods or in a dark corner of a big lot. It is right on the road, visible to everyone who travels by. Most of the planets in the sky this night are sextile or trine to each other. There are few negative aspects. This means it "went smoothly". That may mean that she did not resist too much and was not hurt too much, either.

One other interesting thing I noted is that the Node is in Sagittarius in the fifth, disposed of by Jupiter in the second. Money is being made this way, from photos or films. And another item I notice is that the chart ruler, the Sun, is conjoined Mercury and they are both disposed of by Venus in the third. They make "talking" films and strange as this may seem, they like Dail's "voice". She will be made to speak during these films, reading a script. The third house again emphasizes business transactions, which indicate they plan to sell these films and make money on them. I am not well informed on Porn, in fact I hate it because it exploits women so badly, but I would think that if Dail could not be recognized under makeup and died hair, perhaps her voice could be found on film. Also, having seen very little of it but having seen some, I do recall that they rarely sell films with women screaming for help and trying to bolt. They would have to "initiate" this girl first. Neptune in the fifth often points at recreational drug use so I am thinking they drugged her. Maybe that's what made things "go smoothly". And my guess is that now, after 10 years, she is probably addicted to something.

In the very first chart that I drew, Saturn ruled the Descendant. In turn, this planet was disposed of by Uranus, in the sixth. The person who did this probably worked in the bar that night. Uranus tells me he was a temporary employee, such as security personnel or valet perhaps, someone who wasn't there all the time. This is really likely because the kids had all been to a U2 concert in the area and my recollection is that this brings a lot of people out. The bar would likely hire additional, temporary, staff to handle the larger than normal crowds. In the chart for 3 am, I saw that Aquarius had moved on to the Descendant, placing Uranus as the direct ruler and disposed of by Saturn. This is a loop that just says the same thing over and over again. This man worked in the bar. As you can easily see, Saturn and Uranus are in mutual reception, meaning that he may have had help with this. But this help would come from a more "regular" employee, perhaps even someone who had worked there for a long time. This could even be a manager. Saturn implies that this man was older than Dail and very hard-assed and rough. Saturn is inconjunct the Moon, which rules the Ascendant in the first chart, showing me that he has no pity for this girl; he lacks sympathy. Mars is sextile the Moon in the chart for 2 am, from the twelfth house, and this shows she was "jumped from behind" but that it went easily. They did not have to hurt her. Because Mars rules the midheaven, she was snatched right out in the open, perhaps on the street outside her home.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Here is one more clue. The chart for 3 am shows Venus ruling the nadir with the planet Venus at the fourth house axis. The place they took her to was owned by a woman. A woman not only owned it but spent a lot of time there, whether it was her warehouse, storage shed or garage. And I also believe that this same woman drove the car they spirited Dail away in. According to all planetary motion, I believe they arrived at this woman's storage place at just after 3 in the morning. This was in a neighborhood or suburb with similar homes all around. They parked the car right out front in the driveway. Creepy, isn't it? More and more it just seems like nobody is safe anywhere.

In giving my usual attempt at a physical description, I can say that this man who took her is older and very crafty. He is of medium stature, thin and ranges from large boned to wiry in frame. He has a quick, active walk and always seems impatient. He has a large head and face in comparison to his lean body and also a broad, wide, high forehead. He has prominent temples and a long nose. Thin features with thin, bloodless lips. Also, straight brown hair and piercing eyes, either bright blue or dark black. When he gazes at someone he seems intense. This man is sarcastic and witty but also very conservative and reserved. He appears to be "uptight". But he is also secretive and independent and few really know him. His worst characteristics are jealousy, suspicion and mistrust. This is a bad tempered, selfish man who is somewhat eccentric and stubborn. He can be extremely critical of others and himself, as well, and is often melancholy and blue.

And I will make a last attempt to try to describe the place where they took her. As I said this was likely a storage unit or shed on the property of someones home. I think they used it regularly in their secret porn business. Because the planets are disposed of by Venus in the third house, I am inclined to think this might have been a trailer or RV unit either parked out back or attached to another vehicle in a side yard. Dail may have been kept in a secret compartment or closet at first. This trailer or RV would also be a place where they stored other stuff, like drugs or food. It could have been used to make medicines, in fact, like a meth lab or something like that. It's possible. It would have been set up like a studio with lights, mirrors, cameras, etc... There may have been book or media storage units where they kept books or films related to their activities. It would also have doubled as an "office" of sorts. As far as the home at which this trailer or RV was kept, I would say that it was probably what's called a "dump". It would have had a bad smell and may have been bug infested. There may have been a marsh behind the house or just a stagnant swimming pool in the backyard. The plumbing probably had problems and the place might have always had water on the floor. Really gross. Because the ruling planets are not far apart and are close to the same house in all of the charts, I would say that this was not far from Dails' home. It may well have been in the same neighborhood.

That much said, let me now say that I don't believe she is in this same place today. It has been ten years and she could well be dead. But I don't think so. I think, from what small knowledge I have of such things, that she was "spent" over time and after awhile she was "dumped". She was turned out, perhaps, to hook on the streets or whatnot and her addiction to drugs became too much for them so she was allowed to go. She is likely still out there, somewhere, struggling with her destiny. She would be 33 years old now and not such a hot ticket in the sex and porn industry. Conversely, she may be one of the lucky ones who got away and started a new life. I hope so. And since she is still missing and is not known to be dead, she could be anywhere. She could have no memory of her family or how she got where she is. Or she could be too "chastened" to return, realizing how much she has changed. But she could be anywhere, even in your own neighborhood. Please look at her photo and keep it in mind. If you know where she is, think you have seen her or have any information on the night she disappeared, please contact the Columbia Police Department at phone # (803) 233-8474 and refer to Investigative Case #: 92-31749 .

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