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Shane Fell

Young Man Disappears From Site of Accident

From Find Shane Fell on Facebook:

Shane was driving a dark blue/green Saturn. The accident happened on River Road between Klein Road and Marrero Road early on the morning of Friday June 10, 2011 around 12:45 a.m. His car flipped at least once.

From: Pam

Missing since 12:30 AM 06-09-11 at the intersection of River Rd. and Marrero in Harvey, LA. Shane lost control of his car and it flipped one or more times. He was able to exit the vehicle through the window but he hasn't been seen since. He did answer a telephone call right after the accident but has been silent since. His brother was on the scene within 20 minutes of the accident and the search began. Please report any sightings to Amber or Brett at 504-382-1233

It's possible that Shane is alive and homeless. For those in the New Orleans area please watch for him. He can be recognized by the mole under his left eye or a noticable scar on his chin. Let's bring Shane home to his loving family. You will be able to watch Pam and her team work this case live when The UneXplained airs this Fall on the Biography Channel.

From: Missing Persons of America :

UPDATE: There have been sightings of a transient/homeless person around grocery stores and Wal-Marts in Louisiana, Florida, Texas and North Carolina that is selling orgami (hand-made) flowers and sour grass flowers. If you happen to be approached to buy flowers or notice someone like that, keep in mind it may be Shane.

Note: Shane may have longer hair and a beard and he may not want to be recognized.


I was sent this case many times by various readers over the past year or so. I looked at the charts each time I was reminded of it and could not make sense of them. I was seeing things in the charts that did not dovetail with the facts as I knew them. Since then, I have discussed this case with various people who knew Shane well and also visited their Facebook page where I learned some things that made sense to me. These new facts as they came to light also answered some of the questions I had about the event after looking at the charts. Now, I beleive I have a better handle on the details of this case and the charts are making more solid sense so I thought it was time to post it. I will not post a chart on a case when the facts do not work with what I am finding because this is the first indication that the charts are not viable. So this is why it has taken me over a year to get this particular analysis done.

This first chart is drawn for the time when Shane was effectively last heard from, the time of his single car accident. He had apparently missed a turn and ended up rolling over twice. He answered a call from his brother and seemed to be coherent and then also crawled out of the toppled car through a window. These were some of the details that I needed when I first tried to read these charts but did not have. Looking at the chart you can see clearly that the first house ruler is Neptune in Pisces, placed in the twelfth house. This is Shane's marker and it makes me believe that he was either impaired when he had this accident or he had fallen asleep behind the wheel (or both). Neptune in the twelfth as his marker shows me he was not alert when this accident occurred. Notice that the third house ruler, which is the marker for his car, is in the third house. This shows his car on the road. There are no conjoining planets here so I can safely say he was alone. But notice that Mercury, the seventh house ruler, is nearby in Gemini also in the third. This shows someone else on the scene. That the ninth house ruler, Mars, is in the third as well, I can also safely say that this other person was in a car. The ninth house is the third from the seventh and shows the vehicle belonging to that person. Mars in Taurus describes a small, fast (perhaps muscle) car in earth tones like brown, terra cotta or white... but most especially green. This car could be any combination of these colors. But it is definitely small in size (Taurus) and fast (Mars). I am not sure whether this other car was tailing Shane or somehow involved in causing him to swerve but these events are possible considering the placement of Mars in the third. But with no aspect between key planets I cannot say for sure if this happened or not. All I can say for sure is that this younger person was present at the time.

So, from this configuration we can see that there was someone else on the scene of the accident, whether they came up afterwards or were in the area when it occurred. Mercury in Gemini is a dual position so it implies more than one person and Mercury rules children so these were young people (not yet adults) or a young woman with a baby or young child. Neptune, Shane's marker, is retrograde in the twelfth house. I do not think that he remained unconcious or asleep for long because his brother spoke to him on the phone. This means that Shane went into hiding in some manner, ran from the scene, so to speak, and hid from view. The retrograde motion indicates that he remained in hiding for quite some time, until after the scene was visited by police and cleared. Pisces describes bodies of water and areas near water and we know that this was a road called "River Road" and that it runs along the river. Neptune in Pisces is in dignity and has great power so we know he was not hiding because he was confused or injured. He was in control of what he was doing. No one was forcing him. But Neptune is in exact square aspect to Venus, which rules his car, so he was attempting to distance himself from the car and the accident. He had decided, right then and there, that he was not going to recoup the car. He was going to let this go. So does this mean he might have had other traffic offenses that might have caused him grief or perhaps he would have failed a blood test for alcohol? Might he have feared having to pay damages on city property as a result of the accident? But whatever his reason he made a personal decision to dump the car and hide.

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His chart co ruler, the Moon, is in Libra in the seventh house and conjunct Saturn. The Moon conjoined Saturn in the seventh makes me think that he feared law enforcement and the possibility that he might be arrested (Saturn in Libra). Pluto in the tenth disposed of by Saturn in the seventh indicates that law enforcement had harrassed him in the past and he might have had a few run ins with them, whether he was arrested or jailed or not. He appears to have been afraid of this happening. Moon and Saturn in the seventh, especially in the sign Libra, may mean that he also feared criticism from someone close. Whether this was an ex wife, a best friend or a girfriend, I just can't be sure but it looks like he did not want to disappoint this person. He felt they might not forgive him this transgression- the loss of his car or the expense of repairs or the cost of a ticket, etc.. and he did not want to face that.

The most interesting factor in this chart though is the north node in the ninth house. The ninth house rules the outdoors, mostly wooded areas and other vast areas where people go hunting or camping. The reports I have seen say his shoe was found in the woods. This dovetails nicely with the ninth house aspect, showing that he was, indeed, hiding in the woods. The north node shows some degree of advanced planning. Now, whether this means that he planned out the entire event and used the woods as a means of escape I cannot say for sure but I can say that the woods did occur to him as the ideal place to hide. He was very much aware of this wooded area and had been there, or near there, in the past. He knew how to get there and how to navigate the area when he did. So if there is an area of the woods he had visited in the past, to hunt or camp or to party with friends, then this area would be a place he would feel safe revisiting.

The chart for 2 AM raises a few more questions for me. The seventh house ruler, which is now Venus, is in the second house along with the first house ruler, now Mars. These two planets are not in the same sign but they are only separated by eight degrees. In fact, Mars, which rules the first, is disposed of by Venus, which rules the third. Now, I have to ask the question... did Shane have a young girlfriend? Was there a young lady in the picture that might have arrived on the scene or been in a car following him? I am definitely seeing him with a young female. Now, this is the second house so they are no longer on the scene of the accident or even in a car. The second house ruler is also Venus, which tells me that she may have come along to give him money. I know this seems strange in light of what has just happened, that he has had an accident, but is there a girl he might have called or gone on to visit? The second house implies a financial tie, someone who would give him money or have possession of some of his things. The second house could also be a bank (an ATM, to be exact) or any place where money may be stashed or hidden. The sign Taurus implies many things but it works well with this scenario. Taurus indicates places away from houses and suburbs and closer to areas where cattle or horses may roam. It implies pasture or farm land. It can also mean something low to the ground, close to the earth and even buried. If it does describe a home or house, it would mean the cellar, the basement or, in general, the lowest room in the house.

I believe the charts are saying that Shane hid in the woods and then called a girlfriend. He either went to her home and met her there (in an area around the exterior of the home or in the lowest room such as a basement) or he met up with her at a bank (an ATM). Saturn rules the tenth house (which is the fourth from the seventh and therefor her home) from the seventh where it is conjunct the Moon. So it is more likely that he went to her home and got some things and money that she had. The node in the ninth house disposed of by Jupiter in the first shows me that this was his idea, that he was not forced or coerced. There isn't even a hint of a death pattern in this chart. He is not in danger. One other thing I want to point out in this chart is that the twelfth house ruler, Uranus, is right now crossing the first cusp into the twelfth. He has made a sudden and rash decision to go into hiding. Uranus in Aries could very well mean that he was aware of criminal elements in New Orleans and knew where they hung out. He made a firm decision to go get lost in that area of the city so that no one would ask questions or pay attention. Uranus is also directly opposite the Moon, which is the chart co ruler, and this shows us that the decision he made was rash and illogical and against his better interests. But stubborness settled in and he became committed to that choice. Aries is an extremely willful sign and in opposition to Libra (which defines his relationships) reiterates the conviction that he would be criticized, judged or punished by people close to him if he took blame for the accident. Whether this makes sense to the rest of us does not matter. This is what fueled his choices that morning after the crash.

The Moon, as co ruler of this chart, is also the fourth house ruler. This indicates that he did not intend on leaving his family for good and had strong feelings about that. He did not want to sever ties and intended to get back home eventually. However, the conjunction of Saturn in the seventh shows us that he built new relationships and got involved with other people rather quickly and those committments became entrenched. Saturn is retrograde so his separation from family went on for much longer than he first expected and, over time, he just got used to it. Saturn is very inhibiting and restrictive and it's hard to get out from under it once it's retrograde. Also, Saturn is exalted in Libra, giving it great power while the Moon is rather neutral in that sign. Uranus in Aries, on the other hand, is extremely powerful at the first house cusp and he soon became a victim of the chaos of life. Upsets, unexpected events, changes of mind and heart happened to Shane Fell. There is a strong possibility that he did fall upon misfortune at some time in the future after this event. I say this because Mars in Taurus in the chart for 2 AM is dangerously close to Caput Algol, a violent fixed star that portends misfortune. So I cannot say at this point in time that he did not meet with some danger later on.

Running the charts forward through the rest of the morning continues to show Shane's markers as strong and in control. He is making these decisions himself for whatever reason and he is not under duress nor is he in any danger. Jupiter, in fact, is rising on his first house cusp in the hours after 3 AM, which tells me that he is happy with his choices. In fact, he is feeling good about it. Jupiter is disposed of by Venus, which rules the seventh house, so there might have been a girlfriend he was either interacting with or considering. She may have had some influence, whether intended or not, over his final decision to "disappear".

There is a sudden change in the aspects in the chart for 4 AM and I must point some things out. This is where we first see a small death pattern forming, which is a big cause for concern. Mars rules the seventh house and is rising on the Ascendant, indicating a confrontation or sudden assault. The seventh house co ruler, Pluto, is in the eighth house along with the node and the twelfth house ruler is rising with the eighth house ruler in the twelfth. This is not a strong death pattern, I will admit, but it does hint at danger. It may be that he was hit over the head (Mars at the Ascendant), most likely because someone wanted to steal his money (seventh house co ruler in the eighth) and he might have been knocked out for a short time (eighth house ruler in the twelfth). It is very possible that he survived this attack and suffered some memory loss because of it. I just can't say for sure. The death pattern disappears by 5 AM but the period of unconsciousness continues. In fact, each first house ruler travels into the twelfth one right after the other for a period of two hours or more. Without a stronger pattern of aspects indicating death, I will not say that he died at this time. But I will say he was most likely knocked out. This may be the reason he never came home, even when he had thought he would eventually.

There is a good chance, looking at the events that appear to have occurred on this night, that Shane Fell is still alive. He could be suffering from memory loss or amnesia, which would fit a lot of the aspects I see here. But the charts do show him making the decision to run off, to avoid recrimination for the accident, to let it all go. The charts also show him contacting a girl he knew for money and making her a part of his overall plan. And the charts also show him being assaulted, most likely over the head, during a robbery and being left unconcious for more than hour. I hope this analysis helps the people who are searching so frantically for this man. It may very well be he doesn't remember them or that he has even forgotten his own name.

So these charts appear to be saying what many people already believe. That Shane ran off and he is living in the area, in hiding, not wanting to be found. There is certainly no reason to beleive otherwise and there are no ominous death patterns that play out in these charts. There does appear to have been an incident where he was attacked over money or belongings but otherwise he appears to be alive and well. Where is he? Well, the charts don't say exactly but they do indicate a few things that can be considered. There are no markers that show him leaving the area. At least not right away. Although there is one thing, that the node is in the ninth, which shows what he might have planned to do. The ninth house rules major highways, living on the road, travel to foreign countries, truck driving, long distance hauling, freight and trains. The sign Sagittarius supports this scenario, which could very well mean he had plans to leave the area to go somewhere far away at some point. The disposition of the node by Jupiter in the first house in the sign Taurus tells me he did not have the means or the money to make this move right away. It was a long range plan and with Jupiter in Taurus he planned to work for the money to make this happen. Again, Jupiter is disposed of by Venus which rules the seventh house so I am thinking maybe he was hoping on someone to help him. A woman, most likely, who had good feelings for Shane and would be willing to help him. This would be a woman he liked very much and had a good, happy relationship with. She would be able to get him work or to lend him money. Descriptors for this woman center around Venus in Gemini, which makes her small in size with dark hair. She may wear glasses. She may have a twin sister. She may live in a mobile home or she may move around a lot, not staying in one place for long. There is a possibility she has two homes, one in Louisiana and one elsewhere. Perhaps he would plan to go to her other home and start over in that city. There is a very good chance that this woman has children and that Shane is familiar with her children.

From these findings, I would strongly suggest that persons reading this and living in the southeastern portion of the US keep their eyes open for Shane Fell. His family would really like to know that he is OK even if it does not mean he will want to come home.

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Troy Dean Carney

Young Man Found Dead in Homeless Camp

From Help Find The Missing

A stark black and yellow mask from the Marvel Comics character Wolverine might give Jackson County Sheriff's Department detectives a look into the final hours of a man who was murdered along the Bear Creek Greenway outside Central Point in early September.

Investigators discovered the distinctive mask at a campsite near where Troy Dean Carney, 44, was found dead in a sleeping bag Sept. 4, hidden in brush between the Central Point freeway interchange and Table Rock Road.

Police identify victim of apparent greenway homicideGreenway body prompts investigation Four camps were tucked in the blackberry brambles not far from the Pilot truck stop — Carney's and three others, Jackson County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Colin Fagan said.

Investigators tracked down a couple who had left one of the camps a few days before the murder likely occurred on Sept. 1 and a man who moved on from one of the others in the weeks following the crime, Fagan said. But at the final abandoned camp, they found only a small dome tent and a scattering of debris and personal items, including the Wolverine mask, which was propped up as if on display.

"It might not have anything to do with the murder, but we hope it can help us narrow down who had camped there," Fagan said.

Investigators want to talk to whoever stayed there to find out if they had seen Carney or anyone with him in the days or hours before he was killed.

Carney had lived in the Rogue Valley 10 years ago, but in the past decade had traveled the country with truckers. He worked as a "lumper," loading and unloading trucks and riding along with the driver, Fagan said.

This summer, Carney rode into the Willamette Valley from Idaho. He decided to visit old friends in the Medford area and stayed with them for a while, but his presence stressed their relationship, they told investigators. Carney planned to camp near the Central Point truck stop until he could find a ride to a larger transportation hub where he could resume his nomadic lifestyle, Fagan said.

Carney ate at the Pilot and used the phones there. In the parking lot, he offered to do odd jobs, such as polishing chrome, for truckers to earn money. He was last seen in surveillance photos at the business on the evening of Sept. 1, wearing camouflage cargo shorts and a dark T-shirt, the same clothes he was found dead in, Fagan said.

"He was pretty friendly," Fagan said. "We're hoping somebody saw him Sept. 1 or later."

Carney's friends thought he had left the area until his mother in Florida called to ask where he was, as she hadn't heard from him and he usually called regularly. His friends called police to see if the man found dead near the Greenway could be Carney. It was.

In the days following the discovery, many of the homeless men moved their camps out of the immediate area because they were afraid, Fagan said.

Around 1 a.m. on Sept. 14, however, someone returned to set a fire in the midst of the now-empty campsites. Distance and natural barriers kept fire crews from the blaze for 24 minutes, so by the time they arrived to douse the flames, no one was around.

Still, investigators say the fire was intentionally set and they suspect it could have been started to cover up evidence and keep detectives away.

They would like to talk to anyone who has information on the fire. They also want information on the mask and who might have owned it. They also would like to talk to anyone else who Carney might have associated with around the time of his death.

From The Mail Tribune:

Police believe the murders of an Ashland man living on Dead Indian Road and a transient camping out along the Bear Creek Greenway last September might be linked.

A little over a year has passed since David E. Lewis, 46, was found inside his burnt home in the 12800 block of Dead Indian Memorial Road and Troy Dean Carney, 44, was discovered at his campsite, the victim of a gunshot wound.

Nine days after Carney was found a fire swept though the area where he had been camping. Investigators determined the fire was intentionally set by someone trying to destroy the scene of the crime.

"We find two men killed by homicidal violence on the same day and both scenes were covered by fire," Jackson County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Colin Fagan said. "We cannot ignore the commonality here."

In addition, sheriff's investigators believe they have discovered a piece of evidence linking both crimes, but they decline to specify what it is.

"We need to keep that to ourselves so we know good tips from bogus ones," Fagan said. "If someone gives us that information we know we are onto something."

However, investigators have yet to find a link between to the victims.

Despite spending hundreds of man hours pursuing leads in the cases, detectives have yet to prove Carney and Lewis knew each other.

"We are fairly certain these two never spoke to each other when they were alive," Fagan said.

By releasing the information that the crimes might be linked, detectives are hoping someone might contract the department with information connecting the victims.

"Maybe we are overlooking something," Fagan said.

The men led different lifestyles.

Lewis had deep roots in the local community. He was a longtime area resident, known for protecting the land and helping neighbors., according to his family.

Investigators suspect someone ventured up the long driveway to his secluded mountaintop cabin, then had come inside and killed him. Detectives aren't disclosing how Lewis died. They also note that the total destruction of the cabin has eliminated much evidence.

Investigators haven't turned up a motive or suspect in the death of Carney, who was also found dead Sept. 4. Carney's body was found in a sleeping bag off a path that leads away from the Bear Creek Greenway between the Central Point freeway interchange and Table Rock Road. He had been shot at close range a few days earlier.

Carney had lived in the Rogue Valley a decade ago and had recently returned. In the interim he had worked as a "lumper," loading and unloading trucks and riding along with drivers.

"They lived different lives, but we cannot ignore the similarities in their deaths," Fagan said. "These have been long, exhausting investigations."

The sheriff's department is asking the public's assistance in providing information which links the victims. Tips can be left anonymously at the sheriff's at 774-8333.


The cops found Troy's body on Sept 4th but believe he was killed on Sept 1. That fits some of the findings I have in the charts for these dates. A few people camping nearby had bolted on the 1st and when they were found later they said they had heard gun shots. They claim this happened at night. But when I look at the charts for Sept 1, I find the most likely time for the murder was later in the morning.

Let me start out by saying that I think he was actually murdered on the day after he was last seen, on September 2nd. Even so, the first chart here, for the time he was last seen on September 1st, you can see the death pattern emerging. There are some strange aspects here, as well, including Neptune, together with the node, in the first house and the chart ruler, Uranus, also in the first, in mutal reception with Neptune and both planets retrograde. The death pattern appears mostly focused in the eighth house with the Moon, the fourth house ruler, the tenth house ruler and the eighth house ruler clustered together. The seventh house ruler, as well, is conjoined Saturn, which rules the twelfth. All of this looks like a set up of some sort, with my impression being a robbery or, at the least, a murder over money. The tenth house ruler is lord of chaos, Pluto, and he is in the eleventh. I would bet he was murdered by someone he knew, an associate of sorts and even someone he considered a friend.

Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter in Capricorn in the twelfth, another marker that makes me think this looks a lot like a robbery. But with Jupiter, in turn, disposed of by Saturn in the seventh, it may very well have been a debt or money owed to another person. Or conversely, he could have been trying to collect on a debt or on money owed to him for work he had done. I tend to favor the idea that he had gone to the truckstop to get money owed to him by someone he had done work for. I say this because the sixth house ruler the Moon is in the eighth, the second house ruler, Neptune, is in the first and the seventh house ruler, the Sun, is disposed of by Mercury in the eighth. This all looks like Troy had done work (sixth house) for which he expected to be paid (Moon in the eighth) and he went to the truck stop to pick the money up because this was what he had planned to do (node in the first with Neptune, which rules the second house).

The Sun rules the seventh house and is conjoined Saturn in Libra, which is in exalted. My guess would be that this person was someone much older than Troy. The exaltation of the ruler also implies strength, authority and more power than Troy would have. Also note that the Sun, which rules the seventh, is disposed of by Mercury in Libra in the eighth and Troy was shot in the head. Mars and the Moon hug Mercury tightly in a domino stellium configuration. Mars often represents aggression or an attack in the forensic chart and in most cases, it represents a gun. Libra, an air sign, often shows objects that are up in the air or flying through the air, such as bullets.

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Because the chart for 6 pm has a death pattern emerging, it is crucial to look very closely at the charts that follow. Pluto and Mars ruling the tenth with Mars in the eighth and Pluto disposed of by Jupiter in the twelfth, you can see that danger of death is likely. Also we must watch Saturn, which rules the twelfth house and is conjoined to the seventh house ruler. When we run the charts forward to 8 pm that evening, we see that Mercury now rules the seventh and is closely conjoined the Moon and Mars. The first house ruler, Neptune, is now in the twelfth house with the node. The death pattern has temporarily disappeared. That does not mean that events will not emerge later that could fulfill that prediction. But the first house ruler has retreated to the twelfth house with the node, which tells me that Troy has escaped in some fashion and gone into hiding. He is making himself scarce on purpose. I cannot tell if he planned this in advance or if this was a scheme he devised on the spur of the moment. And with Mars angular in the seventh within seconds of the Moon, someone is not happy. This looks like emotional upset and anger to me. Clustered together they are with the seventh house ruler, Mercury, and the second house ruler, Venus, could it be that Troy had something that someone else wanted? Bad enough to kill him? This line up makes that seem possible.

The charts stay stagnant for awhile so I run them ahead as far as I can until I see something developing. You don't always have to do this with forensic charts, in fact, in 8 out of 10 charts the entire event plays out in the first chart for the time last seen. But this chart is moving slowly and things are developing in a slow and indefinite pattern. After running charts for every hour after 8 pm, I notice that the chart for 2 am shows someone in the area (seventh house ruler in the third house). This planet is disposed of by Mercury in the fourth house with the first house ruler also in the fourth. So this is someone coming into Troy's camp while he is there. And please remember that the time on our clocks is not the very same as time in space. The clocks say 2 am but the actual real time is somewhat variable.

It does appear that this person was looking for something in the area of Troy's campsite. Troy was in his campsite at the time and this person was just circling. But Saturn disposed of by Mercury so close to the Moon in the fourth shows a definite purpose involving Troy's belongings or campsite or even Troy himself. Mercury rules the hands and often shows up as theives and pick pockets. And then in the chart for 3 am, I can see that there is a group of people now in the area around Troy's campsite. I do not know if this was a party at a neighboring campsite or people actually visiting with Troy. But the Moon is moving out of the fourth into the third, showing us Troy joining the group. He is actually coming out and leaving his campsite to do so. All of these planets are disposed of by Venus, also in the third, in the sign Libra. Venus rules the eleventh house so we are seeing a group of friends and acquaintances. These people were not strangers to Troy. These planets include all of the angular rulers in the time chart so these are people who played a big part in this event.

I realize that general reports say the police believe he died around 4 am on Sept 2nd but the charts are showing him alive at 5 am. Again, I have to reassert that time in space does not correlate exactly to time as we know it. We manipulate time to facilitate commerce but actual time in space has everything to do with distance so the two concepts don't always converge. You have to trust me on this. This does happen in the early morning hours but not at the exact times as the charts that reflect the events.

All in all, I do not see the death pattern coming to perfection until the chart drawn for 9 in the morning. I do see that, at 5 am, the group has scattered but some of them are still hanging around. One person in particular appears to be going through Troy's things (shown by the seventh house ruler in the second, disposed of by Mercury, also in the second). But Troy is still alive (first house ruler in the first) even if there is a bit of a disruption going on around his campsite (fourth house ruler Pluto in the fifth). But this looks more like an ongoing party rather than a fight or other disturbance. The only omen towards danger that I see in the chart for 5 am is the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune with Neptune at the seventh cusp and Uranus in the eighth. Someone definitely has an ulterior motive. Somebody is up to no good.

In the chart for 6 am, Pluto enters the fourth house and the angular planets are now in the second. There is a disruption at Troy's campsite, with people going through his things or trashing the place. Venus and Mars ruling the tenth and fourth houses and being strongly placed in the second makes me think that this is a couple (man and woman, married or not) with whom Troy had been or was currently involved. There appears to be a conflict over an object or item of value. The position of Mercury in between Venus and Mars confirms that Troy is somehow involved in this conflict, whether this is a man and woman he knows or a woman he had been involved with romantically. It looks more like a man and a woman he might have known that had an altercation over some item of value and perhaps an item (or money) that Troy either had in his possession or they believed he did. This is seriously what this chart appears to be saying. And this all the while another player, someone in the background, is up to something else and has an ulterior motive (Pisces on the seventh with Neptune disposed of by Uranus in the seventh). Quite the soap opera.

Even with all this confusion and interacting between people at the campsite, Troy is still alive and well at 7 am. There are no oppositions in these charts, so there are no direct pointers. Anger is present but not with the kind of intensity an opposition would create. In fact, most of the planets are under the Earth and only mildly aspected. Even the squares from Jupiter in Capricorn in the fifth to the cluster of planets in Libra in the second are soft ones. The energy planets in the pattern, both Jupiter and Mars, are in fall positions, which diminishes their strength and actually makes them weak. Jupiter has no power at all in this chart but Mars has some power as an angular ruler. However, Mars is in fall in Libra, disposed of by Venus, also in Libra and thereby exalted and Venus rules the tenth and third houses. The tenth house rulership and the exaltation in placement makes me think the real player in this set up is either a woman or a man with feminine qualities. This does not mean a gay man but it does not preclude one, either.

I must add a few things, though. These planets are on both sides of Mercury, also in Libra, in the second house. These three planets, along with the Moon, create a powerhouse stellium. Mercury rules the first house, giving it the most power but it also rules the second. Mercury describes bills and paper money. So perhaps this is the money that Troy was paid earlier that day, when we went to the truckstop? Could they have followed him back, intent on stealing it? Or did they feel he owed them something and they came here to collect? It's hard to tell.

Even so, the real omens of imminent danger do not appear until 8 am. Looking at that chart, you will see that Venus and Mars have just entered the first house with Mercury (the first house ruler) and the Moon (the chart co ruler) sandwiched in between. Venus and Mars rule the eighth and ninth houses. This while the seventh house ruler, Neptune, is now in the fifth house. I will tell you this, that Mars rules the eighth house and it is climbing the first towards the Ascendant, is a sign of pending violence. Saturn has entered the twelfth house while Saturn is the standard marker for a dead body and the twelfth house is the house of endings (including end of life). At this time, you should also note the seventh house ruler, Neptune, in the fifth house with the node. Someone is drunk or high on drugs. This is something that always happens with this person. He or she plans out their day around getting high or drinking and the homeless camp is the place they do it. So someone is drunk or stoned.

Jupiter has entered the fourth house and in doing so, has given power to Saturn in the twelfth. Pluto is right at the nadir, a harbinger of an upset, at the least, or, at the worst, a major change bordering on chaos. To give this even more energy, Uranus at the seventh cusp is square to Pluto, a configuration that describes agitation. So with these perfecting aspects, Pluto at the nadir, Saturn in the twelfth, the twelfth house ruler in the twelfth, the eighth house ruler in the first and the fourth house ruler in the fourth, we can actually see the death pattern that began earlier reaching an apex.

In the chart for 9 am you see his actual death. You can see it was caused by a gun shot to the head. Mars conjoins Mercury right at the first house cusp with the first house ruler, Venus, falling into the twelfth. Mars rules the seventh so there was a man with a gun there at this time and he shot Troy. All of these planets are disposed of by Venus and Venus rules the eighth, so this person had the purpose of killing Troy. He actually came to the campsite to do this. Moon rules the tenth and is placed in the first, so he was killed out in the open, in a public place. Venus and Mercury together in the twelfth tell me he was asleep when he was shot. This is asserted by Neptune in the fifth as well. Neptune, the planet of sleep, in the fifth house, the house of the bedroom. Troy was shot in his bed. He wasn't shot elsewhere and put there. He was asleep when he was shot. Mars rules the seventh but it also rules the second, so I must assert again that Troy was killed over money. This was not a personal vendetta or a serial killer passing through but someone he knew. Someone who either wanted something Troy had or beleived Troy owed him. The money markers are just too strong in these charts for the motive to be anything else.

I want to take a shot at describing the person who shot Troy. This was a man, as I have already stated, but there may have been a woman present at the same time. Mars in Libra gives a man with a swagger, the type of guy who likes women and fancies himself a playboy. But he is not above smacking his women around and may have had previous run ins with the law over domestic abuse or hurting women he was messing around with. Libra makes him tall and on the thin side, with long bones and fingers. Soft, almost feminine features such as long eyelashes and dimples but a strong desire to appear manly so there may be a history of working out with weights or participating in muscular sports. He may have been, at one time, a body builder. He may also have a fondness for art, especially body art, and he probably has tattoos. Mostly romantic ones like hearts with women's names and figures of beautiful women. Libra describes a person who is always on the move, doesn't like to sit still, and is involved with many different people. In women, it creates a "social butterfly" so picture a man who mingles with a lot of people and travels around, very rarely settling down. If he does work, it will be on the road. This was Troy Carney's lifestyle, as well, so it would not be unusual for these men to run across each other along the way.

Now, in relation to the queries about this case being similar to the case of David Lewis, who was killed not far from where Troy was killed and that police believe there were similiarities, most especially the fact that both crime scenes were set on fire. This chart seems to describe someone Troy knew and that the motive was money. Oddly enough, I remember the David Lewis charts well enough to recall that there was a woman in that case who was after something David had. But whether those similarities can tie the two cases together, I am not yet sure. I am reworking the David Lewis case at this time and will post it in the near future. At that time, I will look for links between these two cases and see if the cops are onto something with their theory.