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Valerie Drew

Young Girl Disappears On Trek With Two Friends

Conacher Drive, Kingston

Valerie Drew was a 13-year-old girl who left her Wiley Street home with two teenaged boys (14 and 17) at 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 25, 1970. The two boys were planning to hitchhike to Peterborough for the weekend, and Valerie planned to accompany them to Highway 401.

When Valerie did not return, some believed she had also gone to Peterborough. Her family reported her missing the following morning, when it became apparent she didn't make the trip.

A large ground search began the night of Sept. 27. Her body was found obscured by brush and weeds in an area to the south of present-day Conacher Drive.

Valerie's death was immediately ruled a homicide.

Contact: Kingston police (613) 549-4660

Looking for information about this case I went to a large number of websites. There were so many cases in the same area that have gone unsolved that it made my head spin. As I have said many times, the number of unsolved murders and abductions is unacceptable. I have no idea how to right this wrong but I think something needs to be tried. While our government spends tons of money fighting wars against people who are unlikely to harm any of us, we are being picked off by the dozens by our neighbors. Money and effort must be directed at this and not just written off the way it is: ie, "she was in a bad part of town so what did she expect?" sort of rational that keeps people thinking it only happens to stupid or "sleazy" people and won't happen to them. As long as so many people think they are above it and won't suffer for it because somehow they are special or different, then way too many more people are going to die and their killers are going to roam free. We have to come together as a community and not as a group of people who are looking for reasons why this won't happen to "me". I truly believe this. I don't think it will come to grips any other way.

Anyways, every website I went to kept repeating the same police fact sheet. This is what I provided above. There was just nothing more. I searched around on forums and still found nothing more enlightening. So this is all I have. If anyone has any more information about the details of the case and would like to share it with my readers, please post it to the comments section.

Valerie was just leaving home between 4 and 4:30 pm. At 4pm Capricorn rules the first cusp and Saturn is just at the nadir. In a few minutes, Saturn backs out of the fourth house into the third, showing her in the neighborhood, probably on foot. The seventh house ruler, which marks the person she is next to meet, is Cancer with Moon in Leo in the seventh. The Moon, in turn is disposed of by the Sun in Libra. There is an interesting stellium of planets in the eighth house, two of which co rule the midheaven.

Within only the first half hour, Aquarius moves onto the ascendant and Uranus is placed in the eighth house. It is right alongside, almost conjoined, the Sun, which now rules the seventh. This person was right there, nearby, in the neighborhood as she walked along. Also in the chart, you can see the two boys she was with, Mercury and Mars in the seventh. They are walking ahead of her, being best friends and not paying any attention to her at all. The dominant boy, the younger one (Mercury is dignity in Virgo, is holding the attentions of the older boy as they walk along. At the same time, I note that the Sun, in 2 degrees of Libra, is sinister to a conjunction with Uranus. This man is coming upon her as she walks behind the boys. Notice that Pluto is nearby, in an out of sign conjunction with the Sun, and that both Pluto and Uranus are under the Sun's beams.

The north node in the first house speaks volumes. This is a sort of destiny, in a way, a plan that hatched earlier. I am not sure from this that he picked Valerie out or that she was just a chance opportunity, but it looks a lot like a plan where he might have picked her out. This would mean he knew her. With these planets hanging out in the eighth house, the energies are there for sexual intentions. He may well have singled her out for this. But the two boys are still there, not far enough away for this person to snatch Valerie without getting attention, I would assume, so he follows along. At 5:00 and 5:30 pm, the markers are all moving into the seventh house, showing that they are sort of together in a group. This does not say for sure that the boys had any interaction with this man, just that he followed them along, perhaps talking to Valerie. It is possible they saw him but also possible that they did not.

The intervention of Pluto along with his marker, the Sun, between Valerie's marker and the boys indicates that he paid no attention to the boys, focusing on Valerie alone and it is likely the boys never noticed him. They may well have dismissed Valerie, too, thinking, perhaps, that she had gone back home or wandered off. I cannot be completely sure of this but the charts seem to indicate this as a possibility. With that, I must add one more observation. The tightly knit conjunction between Mercury and Mars, in the sign Virgo at this time, shows the boys involved in their own discussion and being so close, they just ignored everyone else. This, combined with the fast approaching sinister conjunction from the Sun to Uranus, shows the closing in between Valerie and her abductor. I believe it was a hidden act of violence that separated the group; Pluto created opportunity through the sextile to Neptune, which rules the first. This was able to be done unnoticed.

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The north node in the twelfth house hovering over the ascendant while creating an inconjunction with both the Sun and Uranus, I believe it was a mistake in judgment that allowed this man to snatch the girl. Either she followed him off for some reason or she slipped and fell in a hole or some other mishap, I just cannot be sure but the inconjunction points to an error in judgment while the node hints at kismet. As you must know by now I am a believer in kismet; it's up to you to decide if it makes sense in your world. The node speaks of mass consciousness, evolution, changes in destiny and grand plans. On a personal level, in a forensic chart like this, it whispers about plots, schemes and machinations. He finagled her because he chose her and took her when he could, just as he had planned.

The tenth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the eighth, trine the node and square to the Moon in Leo. This marks her kidnapping as a public event; it would make the news. The authorities spent hours looking for her body (Jupiter conjoined Venus in the eighth) and they found her in a small, woodsy area not far from her home (Saturn in Taurus in the second house). At 6:30, the charts seem to show her death. If this is the case, then it was swift. Neptune, the chart ruler, has slipped into the eighth house where it is sextile to Pluto, which, in turn, disposes of it. Notice also that Neptune is disposed of by Mars, which is now conjoined the new seventh house ruler, Mercury. Did he hit her over the head? This is what it looks like. He hit her in the head and at the same time, killed her. She died quickly. Now, I do not have privy to the details of her death or her TOD but this is just what the charts seem to say.

In fact, the charts seem to say that he wanted her dead. I know that necrophilia is a sticky subject to address but the charts seem to show him wanting her for sex but wanting her dead first. Again, I don't know what the police found but this seems to be the way the aspects are heading. The charts do not show them traveling by car or taking a bus or anything. In fact, they seriously look as if he killed her by striking her right then and there, where he was left with her after the boys went off. He attacked her almost immediately. Perhaps to keep her from resisting or screaming or whatnot. He then moved her to another location where he spent time with her dead body. In fact, the chart for 7 pm shows her marker with Mercury in the sixth and the Moon in the fifth. This indicates he took her where there were other children or, perhaps, to a place where he had taken other children in the past. It would be like a playground, playroom, game room or even a child's bedroom in a home. The Moon seems to say it's a place with stuffed animals. This man is obviously very sick. The presence of his marker conjoined Jupiter in the seventh also indicates that he had help from others; accomplices, perhaps, or maybe just a tolerant partner. He had done this before and would be doing this again, all with the compliance of another person. This other person may even participate in the sex (markers in Scorpio). Now, I do not know if Valerie was raped or actually penetrated but I can say, from these charts, that she was, at the very least, fondled or molested.

In order to get a bit more information, I am going to look at the discovery chart for enlightenment. Her body was discovered on September 27, 1970, at around 10:30 pm. Notice how the node was rising to the tenth cusp. Interesting. This seems to be saying that the authorities would find her and the public would be made aware of the find. Doesn't this feel like that this is what the abductor wanted? He wanted to make an impact? Saturn is in the twelfth, which of course shows a dead body. It is in the sign Taurus, as I noted earlier, which means she was found in a small, woodsy area with small animals nearby (like squirrels, turtles or raccoons). She would have been close to the earth (Taurus) if not partially buried then, at the least, covered with weeds or grasses. It would be a dry area and not near any water. Saturn opposes Neptune so he tried to hide her but it wasn't good enough. Scorpio shows "investigators" finding her. The Moon is in the fourth house near Mars and Mercury so it was immediately obvious that she had been hit in the head. Also, the fourth house shows that she was near to her own home as well as to the abductors. In fact, he lived close by, near to the place where he left her body. Notice also that Jupiter, the seventh house marker, is in Scorpio, in the fifth. He was already out looking for another child or may have, indeed, found one. With Uranus ruling the tenth and also placed in the fifth, he was probably watching kids in some public place like a movie theater or game room.

On to what I think he may have looked or acted like. This is not that hard for me, making these predictions, it's just sad that they never seem to help and often seem inaccurate. But that won't keep me from trying. I'm daring! So here we go. He is of the nature of the Sun in Libra with a dash of Jupiter in Scorpio thrown in. Oh, I know that sounds confusing but I will do the blending. With the Sun in Libra, he was (or is) likely married or, at the least, involved with another adult. He had a charming personality that made him seem harmless. With Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio involving his personal third and ninth houses, he was and is a big fan of horror movies and books. He may even write scary stories or like to tell scary stories to kids. He liked/s an emphasis on the supernatural or unexplained and this could be a hobby that others around him are aware of. Religion has had a part to play in his private scenarios and he liked/s religious ceremonies and music. He may even attend funerals for people in his neighborhood, whether they were friends of his or not. He seems to be genuinely concerned with the loss of others, when, in truth, he is vicariously enjoying the death experience. He has dabbled in various religions, even the occult ones like Santeria or Voodoo. In fact, he would be attracted to black magic. This is not saying that he is or was a practicing satanist or magician but just a hobbyist; I sincerely doubt that he has taken it to any other level beyond fantasy. Still, people around him would be aware of his ongoing interest in the dark side.

On the physical level, he would be easy on the eyes. He would probably have dark, curly hair and a dimple somewhere on his face. People find him attractive and charming but he is way too shy to be a "player" with women. In fact, he is interested in children so if he was or still is married, it would be a celibate affair. His wife may believe him to be like a "priest" of some sort; he has likely convinced her of it. She would never suspect him of raping or killing a child. There is a strong possibility that he is even a minister or pastor in some church in the area. A minister with a secret dark fetish. This is possible. But none the less, this is an emotional man with deep, dark feelings. He has strong emotions but he is shy about expressing them, preferring a more superficial, intellectual form of discourse. He is privately very selfish and possessive. These children are his to do with as he pleases. He is also jealous and mean tempered at times, causing him to act out in rash ways. He always does this privately so very few around him are aware of it. In sex, he is over indulgent and immature.

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