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Hyunjung "Cindy" Song

Korean College Student Disappears on Halloween

This is a classic mystery case and, as such, attracts me. This young girl has been a focus of many TV shows, from Unsolved Mysteries to AMW. Still, there are no suspects, no leads, the cops aren't even close to solving this and it's over 6 years old. So I could not resist dealing a card on the matter and drawing up a few charts. But before I get into it, let me refresh your memory. According to the AMW website:

Hyunjung "Cindy" Song (b. February 25, 1980) is the focus of an unsolved missing-persons case in the United States. She was a Pennsylvania State University student when she was last seen during the early morning hours of November 1, 2001 after a Halloween night out. Born in Seoul, Korea, she moved to Virginia and attended high school there before beginning her studies at Penn State.

After friends reported that she had been last seen at 4:00 a.m. in front of her State College apartment, local police began investigating. She was coming home after a series of all-night parties still wearing her playboy bunny costume consisting of a white mini-skirt, knee-length boots, a red hooded jacket, and a white bunny tail. A witness claimed to have seen her in Philadelphia several days after her disappearance, but no further information was discovered. Two months later, investigators still had few leads. Nearly a year after her disappearance, police agreed to work with the Penn State Paranormal Research Society. PRS called in Carla Baron, a psychic who was later involved in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping investigation.

So, we can see that Cindy disappeared at 4:00 am on Nov 1 2001 in the area of State College, Pennsylvania. You can read an excellent well written article on Cindy's disappearance here: Cindy Song Unsolved.
A psychic did a clear, concise reading on the case and it can be read about here: Psychic Carla Baron

Here is the first chart I drew for Cindy:

If you look at this chart, you will see some fascinating aspects. Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Cancer is at the midheaven. Cindy's ruler, Venus, is in the first house. This means she was in "her own place" or as they recall, just outside of her home at the school dorm. Mercury, which rules the twelfth house, is in close conjunction with Venus, just behind it, to speak. Which says to me that she was shadowed by a younger student. No sex is defined by Mercury so it could have been another girl. But someone was either tagging along or just behind her at this time. This may even have been the person who last saw her and gave this time line to the cops. We can assume that her kidnapper, attacker, abductor or enemy, so to speak, is ruled by the seventh house and this is ruled by Mars. Now, where is Mars? In the fourth house, closely conjoined with Neptune. Neptune, in turn, is disposed by Uranus in the fifth house. Actually, Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception.

This placement of Mars puts the perpetrator right outside of her home and just inside the hallway. The fourth house is her place of residence. He is right there, his planet shadowed by Neptune, the planet of illusion. He is hiding and is not seen. I say "he" because in this instance, Mars in Aquarius, is male/male and therefor describes a man. So this fellow was sneaking around, hiding in the bushes, acting creepy. Because Mars is disposed by Uranus, this tells me that all of this is spur of the moment, a sudden opportunity, a chance event. By the way, Jupiter is at the midheaven, so people are still partying and having fun, right out in the open. The place is not empty or quiet.

And then I drew a chart for 4:30 am, in the hopes of putting things into motion. Here, I see that the Sun has also entered the first house. The Sun rules the eleventh house so this person is a male who is friend to Cindy. The Sun's placement in the first, means that he has appeared in the vicinity but being in a different sign, means he is out of earshot. He may have "almost seen" what happened but actually did not. And if you look at the rest of the chart, you can see clearly what is happening. The Moon has entered the eighth house in square aspect to Neptune so there is a sexual contact that is hidden from view. Moon is disposed by Venus in the first, also Cindy's ruler, so she is the target of this contact. With Uranus in the fifth house, the house of physical pleasure and this Moon in the eighth house, the house of sex, it is pretty clear. Mars and Neptune in the fourth, so the attack occurred right outside of the dorm. This may seem strange at first, but I will tell you that I once walked up on a rape right behind the stairway at the front of my apartment building. I started up the stairs before I looked down and realized. The rapist got away and raped several times more before he was caught. It's not always as easy as it seems it should be.

Interestingly enough, as an aside, I see that Pluto is placed in the third house, which describes a neighborhood. Pluto is disposed by Jupiter at the midheaven, which is right out in public. Jupiter is, in turn, disposed by the Moon in Cancer in the eighth house. Public sex. That's exactly what this describes to me. Mars describing the attacker describes an aggressive, strong person who probably has a weapon. Another interesting note is the movement of the Sun in Scorpio into the first house. This is directly opposed to the Moon in the eighth. The Sun rules the eleventh house and is disposited by Mars. This is a kind of a quirky twist on things. This friend who was nearby, who almost saw or heard this event, was a friend of Cindy's and probably also knew her assailant. It would not have been a pleasant association. In fact, they may have hated each other.

Now, I draw up charts for 5 and 5:30am. The later chart shows noticeable changes in circumstances. Saturn has slipped into the eighth house, which to me often heralds death. Venus, Cindy's ruler, has slipped into the twelfth house, which is the coffin house. Saturn, which rules the bones, is often to me where the body lay. Venus also describes Cindy exactly, as Libra never leaves the Ascendant. Mars and Neptune are still in the fourth house, along with Uranus. It looks like more people have joined the scene. They are men with the attacker, perhaps to help him out. Perhaps they also have attacked Cindy, seeing as a lot of time passes between the initial attack and her moment of death. Mercury shadows Venus throughout the evening, which points to another person, someone nearby, perhaps a lookout. Mercury rules the eyes, so maybe this was a lookout. Someone making sure no one else came along and saw what was happening.

Pluto, now in the second house, is directly opposite Saturn, now in the eighth. This pattern shows violence that ends in death. And another triad of aspects appear. Pluto is disposed by Jupiter in Cancer, which is disposed of my the Moon in Taurus. Closing this loop, the Moon is disposed by Venus, which rules Cindy's first house. Wow. With Mercury shadowing Venus, a picture emerges to me. They grabbed an opportunity to attack her but it is unclear whether it had to be her.. or if it could have been any young woman who happened along. They were "wilding", partying, looking for "action". There were at least two, perhaps four, men involved. They raped her and killed her. Right there in front of the dorm. Behind a bush, perhaps, or under a stairwell, or in the pool house if it was close, etc... something like this. The place was rowdy and partied out, with people drunk and tired still making a racket here and there as the lights came up in the sky. At 6 am, the chart changes again, very swiftly and you see what they do now.

The main changes show they are on the move. Scorpio has claimed the Ascendant and now Taurus is falling. Mars has moved into the third house, so they have put her body into a car or other method of transportation. Venus, still in the twelfth, is now the Descendant ruler, showing that the killer is now trying to hide. He is moving into a hidden place. And he is with a friend, who is helping him. Mercury is still shadowing Venus, only now Venus defines the killer. It is funny how charts switch placements like this, but if the chart is working, it tells the story well. At this time, I must say, Cindy's body is in a car in the parking lot in front of the dorm. I mean, right there. Her killer is hiding nearby but has not made a move. It seems he is discussing what to do next with his accomplice. And by the way, his other friend - or two- have gone home for the time being. Neptune is right at the Nadir, so they are not telling anyone else what has happened and they have gone home to hide.

Now, the real concern would be where Cindy was later placed. None of the charts I draw up for hours after the murder show much going on. I don't believe they moved her right away. I think they may have waited until dark again to do it, and then only after much discussion about what to do. Mercury is nothing if not nervous and consumed with details. Mars is capable of killing but it's Mercury that plans the escape. And so lacking a pinpoint time line for her burial or disposal, I just have to work with the charts I have. Throughout the charts, Venus is in Libra, Saturn is in Gemini and the twelfth house ruler, Mercury, is in Libra. These planets all dispose of each other and make strong aspects in the chart. Even Mars, the killers planet, is in Aquarius. This all points to a number of possibilities. Air signs rule high places, places that service air planes and other flying machines, radio towers, mountain tops, hillsides, overpasses, heliopads, lighthouses, birds nests, quarries, tall buildings, etc... You get the picture. Gemini is the twins and Libra is the scales. How about a hillside with a fork in the road? This Pennsylvania and there are mountains around there. I know that other psychics have pointed at water but I don't see anything in the chart that indicates water. Everything I see points at high places or objects with a fork in the road or a 2 lane highway or any two alternate routes or other choices. Balance is key in the chart, so it may be a place where two things balance each other. I can't say exactly what that would be because I am not familiar with that area of Pennsylvania.

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Searchers should tackle any high land areas or areas near airports, helioports, radio towers, cellphone towers, lumber mills, mountain quarries, any place where two roads meet on a hillside or a tall commercial building with outside elevators or lifts. Are there agricultural or industrial plants in the mountain areas which have tall pump machinery that goes up and down? A place with stairways that go up to high areas of the plant? These are the sort of places that should be searched.

Quickly, in closing, let me try to describe her killer. This man is described by Mars in Aquarius. This means he is probably tall. He is muscular and obviously strong. Attractive, well shaped features. He is probably Anglo Saxon. He has blondish hair and very light blue or flinty gray eyes. He may have been good in Science and might have had a Science major or was a Science teacher. He can also be blunt and rude and although people are attracted to him, he doesn't treat them well. He is very reckless and likes danger. He has a coarse and vulgar side, one which served him well in the commission of this "thrill kill". And although his friends are fiercely loyal to him and will not "tell on him" in this case, he is not dependable or kind and does not deserve the break he's had.

However, regardless of my findings, Cindy Song has not been found and is currently an open missing persons case. Please look at her picture and keep it in mind. If you see anyone resembling this picture, please call the Kingston Township Police.

Cindy Song

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Taylor Dawn Paschal & Skyla Jade Whitaker

Two Young Girls Shot To Death on Short Walk

Taylor Dawn Paschal, 13, and Skyla Jade Whitaker, 11, were shot dead Sunday (6/08/08)

From the PJ Star online: The girls left Taylor's home about 5 p.m. Sunday, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Agent Ben Rosser said Tuesday. They headed north on the rural county road where Taylor lived, toward a bridge that is a popular gathering spot.
Less than 30 minutes later, Taylor's grandfather found the girls in a ditch on the side of the road, Rosser said. They had multiple gunshot wounds in the head and chest. There were no signs of sexual assault.
"It's just not likely that somebody pulled off U.S. 75 or I-40 and went there," Rosser said, referring to where the girls were found, about three miles from the nearest major thoroughfare. "We're thinking it's a person from the local area."
The shooting occurred outside Weleetka, a town of about 1,000 residents 75 miles from Tulsa. Taylor and Skyla were the only girls in their sixth- and fifth-grade classes, according to The Oklahoman newspaper.

In doing this chart, I was amazed at discovering how similar with chart was to the chart of Nicole Ganguzza! Miles apart on different days at different times, and they look so similar! I did the chart for these two girls for 5:15 pm, because that was exactly between the time that the left (5 pm) and the time they were found (5:30pm). And if you read the Ganguzza post and compare these charts, you too will be surprised. In this chart, at 5:15, Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Mars is at the midheaven, in Leo, disposed by the Sun in Gemini in the eighth. Venus is in Gemini in the eighth house, conjunct to Mercury and the Sun. In this configuration, we are looking at a girl with two boys. The girl is the ringleader and the two boys, one younger and one older, are along for the ride.

Pluto in Capricorn is in the second house, just like in the Ganguzza chart, and these kids were also in a small wooded area with animals like Turtles and Raccoons. It is interesting to see that Pluto is disposed by Saturn in the tenth, so these girls died in public. Saturn is disposed by Mercury in the eighth, so public murder was the whole idea. This group was out to shoot somebody, plain and simple. Mars is sextile to Mercury, Venus and the Sun, so if these people knew these girls, it was not a bad or ugly relationship. They either had no bone to pick with these girls or only knew them in passing and therefor did not really know them well. They may have seen the girls or known them in passing, but nothing more. I do not believe they were targeted.

Uranus is in the fifth, disposed by Neptune in the fourth house, so this was a sudden fling by kids from the area. They just decided, while smoking a joint or drinking beer perhaps, to go on a "Bonnie and Clyde" thing and shoot some people. They are kids from around the area, but they aren't well known. They may be new to the town. They may have been adopted and brought there by new residents. Or they may be relatives of people in town who were only there for a short while. They are like "ghosts" to the locals; they may not have even noticed they were there. The fact they were overlooked, unnoticed or ignored will play a big role in their not being discovered. Neptune is shady and hides things well. It is also conjoined the North Node, so the "masses" (the local folk) are blind and cannot see these kids. The cops and the townsfolk have had the wool pulled over their eyes.

Mars in Leo at the midheaven says a gun was used. We know this already but it's good when the stars echo the facts. Mars is disposed by the Sun in Gemini in the eighth, so it was the older boy who pulled the trigger, egged on by the younger girl. It was the young girls' idea, believe it or not, and she got the ball rolling. It took the moxie of a budding young daredevil to pull it off. Jupiter is in the third house, disposed by Saturn in the tenth, so they did this "for fun". I know this hard to imagine, to stomach for those of us who give a damn about life and about people, but this was a kick for these kids. They did this on an afternoon joy ride. And these girls are now dead.

The only ray of light I see here is that the cops may eventually get leads that help them solve it. The weak link is the older boy. The one who pulled the trigger. The Moon is in the tenth house and it is disposed by the Sun in the eighth, so the boy is going to brag and bray about what he did and someone else will know. This was an emotional event for him, in more ways than one, and he won't be able to keep his mouth shut. He will express himself eventually, perhaps to an older person he admires and wants to impress. This is the link that may eventually open the circle for the cops. The silence will at some point be broken. This is double underlined in the chart by the opposition from Neptune to the Moon, meaning that the boys emotions cannot remain hidden for long. He will "burst at the seams" so to speak.

And what do these kids look like? Strangely enough, their placements are exactly the same as those of the killers in the Nicole Ganguzza case. They are not the same kids, please don't say I said that. However, there are similarities in appearance and personality. Just a strange after effect of the planets. We are always under the rays of the stars and planets and certain factors exist at all times. Right now, the rays are affecting certain types of people in ways that create these crimes. These types of people are similar in many ways... otherwise, they wouldn't be affected in the same way. Make sense?

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Nicole Ganguzza

Young Woman Goes Jogging and Is Murdered

From the Dreamin Demon:
6/10/08 Orlando Fla 7 pm

ORLANDO, Fla. - Nicole Ganguzza, 26, has not been heard from since Tuesday evening when she went to Blanchard Park to jog. Her husband notified police and a search was launched at 9 p.m. An airboat and bloodhounds were brought in to aid in the search. Her car was found at the park and detectives have collected a running shoe they believe belongs to her. Oh, the park she disappeared in? A serial rapist was targeting white women who jogged there about a year ago.

She was last seen wearing a white tank top with black shorts that had a white stripe.She is described as having brown eyes, brown hair, weighing 130 pounds. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She is a University of Central Florida master’s student in the program of Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. It is being reported that sex crimes investigators, homicide investigators and missing persons investigators are currently at the scene.

And then, since then:

UPDATE 6/11/08 - Nicole Ganguzza has been found dead. Her body was located in Blanchard Park, and there are possible similarities to the East Side Rapist serial rapes from 2006 and 2007. Authorities are looking for connections between this case and the previous attacks in the park, but have no suspects at this time.

But then, despite all of this, they still have not found her killer. So I feel urged to do a chart on this murder and just see what the stars have to say. Since she was jogging and reported missing around 9 pm I'm going to do charts for 6 pm up until 8:30 pm to see what shows up. The first chart I draw up, for 7 pm has Scorpio rising and Taurus falling. Mars is in the ninth house in Leo, disposed by the Sun in 7th. Three planets inhabit the seventh house, Mercury, Sun and Venus all in Gemini. This is a group of young boys. Or two boys and one girl. They are young and very close in nature, like siblings or gang members or close friends. She is represented in the ninth house and she is exercising, running, in fact, which is symbolized by the ninth house (athletes) and the sign Sagittarius, which rules the thighs. She is intense about running and loves being active. She also likes showing off her prowess, how fast she runs, how strong she is. In this way, she caught their eye. They presented themselves to her, opening facing her as she came down the road or path. Pluto, her secondary ruler, is placed in the second house (Capricorn) and she was in a small wooded place with earth animals like Turtles and Raccoons. The planetary link between the second house (Capricorn) and the seventh house (Taurus) was a reason for these boys to be there this night. They felt comfortable there.

Interestingly enough, Pluto and Saturn are in near exact trine from the second house to the tenth house midheaven. There could easily be violence (Pluto) with sudden death (Saturn) in a public place (tenth house). And it could be this little wooded area with the animals because of the second house link. Pluto is disposed by Saturn, creating an energy bond that could be activated. The Moon is waxing in the tenth house and closely square to the 3 planets in the seventh house. The boys were agitated and emotionally aroused. Ready for a rumble, I suppose. And the athletic girl with the nice body caught their eye, no doubt.

Now, we all know she is dead and that she was raped so repeating this fact is only so much echo. The sexual energy appears to be present in the chart but is not a de facto. I am not sure that rape was the entire motivation. With Pluto moving towards the first house, I think it's violence they are seeking.. a "thrill kill" of sorts. Pluto enters the first house at 7 pm so I think things erupted right around that time. Saturn in the ninth house, disposed by Mercury in the seventh, makes me think that one of the boys was older, a ring leader of sorts. And I am still thinking that there was girl with them. The picture is looking to me as if there is an older boy, a younger boy and a girl with the younger boy. I think the sexual energy between the boys and this girl, who might have been a lookout when they did this, was the fuel on the sexual fire. They wanted to show her what big boys they were. They were actually trying to impress their companion. Strange. But that's how it feels.

Do you recall the Central Park Jogger case? I remember what a horrible thing that was, the racial overtones, the woman who lost her memory, the viciousness of the attack, the public trial, etc... It was an awful event. I read a book about that case and I recall that the attack was a gang thing called a "wilding" where gang members went on violent sprees, sort of an initiation. They would attack people of all ages and sexes with everything they could, knives, baseball bats, pieces of wood, bricks, etc... You get the picture. I think this was sort of like this. I don't think it was a "wilding" per se, but that these boys were looking to violently attack and perhaps kill somebody and it was the excitement of the moment that pushed them into rape her as well. I don't think rape was the only purpose of this murder. Like the Central Park Jogger case, these boys got excited and carried away, taking turns and holding her down, being big men for the moment.

The aspect in these charts that created this opportunity is Uranus in the third house in square aspect to Mercury, Venus and the Sun. They just "fell into" this. Sort of like, we're gonna get the next one coming down this road. Just that simple. They didn't pick her out or hunt her down. They just went to the park and waited. Which seems to me that they had done this before. Perhaps it is this group they are looking for in the series of rapes and murders they've had in this area.

At 8 pm, Pluto is in the first and Mars is in the eighth, so Nicole is dead. However, there may be some sexual activity still going on... molesting, taking photos or just looking? This strikes me as creepy. Nothing grosses me out more than Necrophilia. However, there was activity with the body after death. That seems to be clear to me. However, at this point, the older boy has lost interest and is leaving the scene.. I get the feeling he has some work to do somewhere. Perhaps he works at night? After he leaves, the other two head out as well, just dumping her body along the way. It doesn't look like they made any effort to hide her, bury her or otherwise do much with her body after she died. Although the police did find her in another location, there is nothing in the chart indicating cars or other methods of transportation. However, it is a fact that she was carried off and dumped later. I just do not get a bead on the where or how of that.

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Because the police already have her body and know how she died, I want to try to describe the killers. As I said, there are three of them. One of them older, two younger, one a girl. All of them appear to be younger than they are and they are diminutive. They are not big kids, in fact they might be thin and overall small in stature. Not a threatening persona at all. When Nicole saw them, she was probably not frightened, thinking they were just children. The older boy has blond hair and either blue or brown eyes. He has even features and is fairly attractive with a clear complexion. He is easily agitated, restless, often hustling. He is very unreliable and not trustworthy. The younger boy could be his younger brother or a real close friend, however he is likely taller than the older boy. He is thin and lively, with a springy, jumpy way of walking. He also would have a clear complexion. More color in his face than the other boy, hazel or gray eyes, turned up nose. This boy is scatter brained, nervous and easily led. The young girl is graceful and thin, with good complexion and lots of curly or wavy brown hair. She has hazel or gray eyes and very nice hands... she likes doing her nails and they are probably manicured and decorated. She rubs lotion on her hands a lot and they are soft and nice to look at. She is somewhat unconventional and careless but perhaps talented in music. She may play piano, keyboards, guitar or other instrument that uses finger dexterity. She may also be an artist or crafter. She is somewhat troublesome and busy, always getting into things and causing disagreements.

These descriptions do not preclude any race or nationality. They do not presume these people to be of any color. They could easily be of any color, with variations on these features.
I hope my attempt at describing these men will help someone find them and bring them to justice. I have been asked since posting this whether I really thought there was a girl there. The chart shows a female, either as an influence or an actual presence. For some reason, this girl, whether a participant or not, influenced these men to abduct, rape and murder this lovely young lady. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Rachel Cooke

Young Lady Goes Jogging and Just Disappears

Sometimes I get emails from readers making suggestions about certain cases. I appreciate this and want to encourage it: keep it up, guys! Today I am doing a chart on a missing persons case that was suggested to me by a reader. A young girl named Rachel Cooke left her home to go jogging and simply disappeared. A very similar story to the one of now famous Tiffany Sessions, who also went jogging and just disappeared. I want to dedicate this post to Koemi, a very special reader who sent me the information about this case. I would never have heard of it otherwise.

According to the "help bring Rachel home" website, with information on the case, the following are known facts:

January 10, 2002
Rachel, an accomplished cross-country runner, left her home in the Northlake development on FM 3405 northwest of Georgetown, Texas (north of Austin) on the morning of Thursday, January 10, 2002, to go on her usual 3-4 mile morning jog around the neighborhood. Sometime around 11 AM, near the end of her run and possibly within 200 yards of home, she disappeared.

You can see more of this website at: Help Find Rachel

On behalf of her parents, a psychic investigated this case and has posted her findings online at: Read it Here

There was also a show done on Rachel on Unsolved Mysteries on the Lifetime Channel on August 12, 2002. A synopsis of more facts were given on that program and on the website at: Unsolved Mysteries

And here is a synopsis of those facts:
SYNOPSIS: Nineteen-year-old college student Rachel Cooke was on winter break from Mesa Junior College in San Diego and was staying with her parents in Georgetown, Texas. Rachel's father left for work and when her mother, Janet Cooke left at 8:00 on the morning of January 10th, 2002, Rachel was still sleeping on the couch. When Rachel awoke, she decided to take a jog. Rachel had been on her high school cross-country team and was taking regular four-mile runs in the morning. Police believe that she left her house around 9:30. Witnesses spotted her at various points along her route. In fact, several neighbors reported seeing her at 11:00 am, near the end of her run - approximately 200 yards from her home in the Northlake Subdivision of Georgetown.

Her father, Robert arrived home around 3:00 pm to take Rachel shopping, but she wasn't home. Typically she would leave a note to tell her family of her whereabouts - even if she was going running. But there was no note and no Rachel. The community of Georgetown has organized search parties, but they have had no luck in finding any clues that might lead them to Rachel.

These events seems to create a definite time line. She left home around 9:30 am and was seen jogging by many people up until 11:00 am, when she was last spotted by neighbors. From this, we can assume that she was fine until 11:00 am. However, this does not mean that events were not in motion earlier. Perhaps she had been seen or she had been stalked or followed. And so, I ran the first chart for 10 am and went forward until noon.

The first chart drawn for 10 am shows Pisces rising and Virgo falling with Mars in the first house. The chart ruler, Neptune, is in the twelfth with Mercury, the descendant ruler. As a matter of fact, Mercury and Neptune are in very close conjunction in Aquarius. The only aspect to these two planets is a close trine from Saturn in the third. Saturn is disposed by the seventh house ruler and both Mercury and Neptune are disposed by Uranus, which disposes itself in Aquarius. This entire loop says some interesting things. She knows this person, perhaps is even meeting this person secretly! In fact, they are together at some point during this hour, in a private place unseen by others. This is born out by Neptune conjoined Mercury in the twelfth house of secrets and hidden places.

Some stray placements in the chart, like Jupiter in the fifth and both the Sun and Venus conjoined in the eleventh house of friendship, indicates that this person is a friend of hers whom she met up with of her own free will. Nothing untoward is happening at 10 am. Mars in the first simply amplifies her athletic endeavor, she is jogging! She could have been mountain climbing or surfing, it's all the same in a star chart. She is engaged in physical activity and still alive and happy and healthy!

Nothing much changes in the chart for 10:30 am. Pisces still rising, Virgo still falling. Mercury and Neptune have backed up into the eleventh house of friendship, combined with the Sun and Venus. She has run into quite a few friends along her path, perhaps other people have joined her in the run for periods of time along the way. Saturn is still in the third, disposed by Mercury and now the Moon and Pluto, in Sagittarius, have moved into the ninth house. She is intensely exercising, putting a lot of power and intensity into her workout. She may have been quite the fitness buff. And it seems like these friends of hers that she sees this morning share this interest. She may have been considering a work out with weights or a trip to the gym later on. She may have promised someone along the way that she would play basketball or go to a gym or join them for a workout sometime later this day.

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An interesting twist occurs in the chart for 11:00 am. Remember that this is around the last time that anyone saw her, or said they did. In this chart, Mars has slipped into the twelfth and so has Uranus. Mercury and Neptune, the chart rulers, are still huddled together in the eleventh house but their dispositor, Uranus, has changed positions. This seems to me that she is still with one of the friends, most likely the first one she met along the way, the one she seemed to have met in secret. This is a FRIEND. There is no way it is a stranger. But the dispositor, Uranus, has slipped into the twelfth and Mars is right behind the Ascendant. I believe this "friend" made a rash, sudden decision and took Rachel by surprise. There was a sort of "kamakazi" attack, totally unexpected. This person, being an athlete himself, was quite able to overtake her with little resistance, especially now that she was tired out from her run. Pluto with the Moon conjoined in the ninth in aspect to the planets now in the twelfth shows that she was taken by force and by total surprise. This happened as close to 11 am as possible. 11:15, perhaps? It's always strange and fascinating to me that crimes happen this way, that they simply slip in between the folds of life in this odd fashion, where one moment someone sees the child and then in the next, the child is gone or dead. Amazing.

And then the chart gets very clear at 11:30 am and shows that Rachel has been taken and hidden somewhere for the moment, perhaps in someones' home. I say this because the angles have moved and Aries is now rising and Libra is falling. Venus is still with the Sun, now in the tenth house, or public sector. Mars, which rules Rachel now, is placed in the twelfth, indicating that she is hidden. Pluto and the Moon are still in the ninth so she is physically overpowered and controlled. She is intimidated emotionally, with Moon in the ninth square to Mars in the twelfth, her signature aspect. Now, I dare add this: the Descendant ruler, Venus being with the Sun in the tenth indicates that there was likely a married couple or a couple of friends, male and female, who helped with this. These planets are sextile to Mars so they were friends of hers, people she liked and were known by others to be friends of hers. I'm serious here. There is a woman or girl who was well known to Rachel, but perhaps an older woman or girl (Capricorn) and someone she had liked well enough to trust at first. This woman may even have been the "face" she saw just before they grabbed her.

But she is not dead at 11:30 am. She is hidden away in someones' home, among possessions of some sort (Saturn in the third in the second house), or perhaps, alternatively, she is in the boot or backseat of a car. A car belonging to one of the kidnappers. I must also add this: North Node in the third house, along the path she followed that day, involving her neighbors and friends, was a fated or destined situation. This was "meant to be" in a way. Preordained by the combination of Rachel's life at the time and the circumstances of the world around her. Kismet. This North Node is almost exactly square to Mars in the twelfth, a clear indicator that some action on the part of this victim brought about some of the events that led to this. Follow the trail of her lifestyle, her friends, her boyfriends, her choices in general, and the crumbs will lead you to this event and how it came about.

The chart I then drew for 12 noon drew the final curtain for me. It seems to me that it is at this time that she has died. The eighth house ruler, Pluto, has shacked up with the Moon in the eighth house of sex and death. Not good. Mars, still the Ascendant ruler and therefor the ruler of our victim, is still placed in the twelfth and is in closer square to the Moon. The Moon and Pluto are disposed by Jupiter in Cancer in the third. There is a tight 3/4 square involving the Moon and Pluto, Mars and Saturn in Gemini. She suffocated to death, perhaps during the act of sex or some other violence. However, the presence of Cancer and Pisces makes me think she might have been drowned. In a bathtub or shower, perhaps? During a sexual assault? It feels as if she was assaulted. Pluto square Mars is never gentle or quiet.

But there is an interesting aspect here. Saturn in Gemini in the second house square the other planets with Moon and Pluto disposed by Jupiter in the third, I think they might have recorded the murder. They might have started out to make sex film and it turned into a snuff film... or they might have planned it exactly this way. Why, I don't know. But then I can't make sense out of any of these insane kidnappings, murders and selling of humans for fun and profit. It's bizarre and unimaginable to me. However, looking at this chart with an intuitive eye, that Saturn in the second indicates to me that they might have planned to hold her hostage, to use her for awhile, perhaps for films or just for fun. I am not sure. But she ended up drowning or suffocating. And so there it ended. Sad. However, I am not sure the alternative would have been any better for lovely Rachel.

So now the question is, where is her body now? Where has she been hidden? In these questions, I look at both the Ascendant ruler and Saturn. Therefor, Mars in the twelfth combined with Saturn in Gemini will give me clues. Saturn is in the second house and Mars is in the twelfth so right away I can say that she is not buried in dirt or left out in the open or left in a ditch or a landfill. She is tucked away in a "possession" of some sort, such as a locker, a suitcase, locker, box, cabinet, warehouse, lock box, safe, drawer, hangar, any place or thing that can fit a body and be tucked away. And she is not buried or dropped in the ocean. With the signs Gemini and Pisces, you have to think mutable and flexible, so luggage, packaging, warehouses, closets, etc... are possible. Gemini rules travel and movement, so she could be stashed in a car or a garage, a travel trailer, an airplane, an airplane hangar, a trunk in a trunk, etc.... But Gemini also rules air and heights so it could be an upstairs closet, a top shelf of a closet, a suitcase left on a roof, etc... or even in a cabin on a mountain, if there are mountains nearby. But altogether, if I narrow it down, considering all planets, houses and signs, my best guess would be a rock quarry or mineral mine (area) near a mountain or not, where they dig up mineral rocks. It would be rather close to water or seafood, such as near a lake or pond, a fish cannery, a watermill, a mossy place on a jagged cliff or rock bank, beaches or bathhouses, etc... She would be in something small and everyday, such as a box, suitcase, appliance (such as freezer box or oven),.trunk, even garbage bags or any other everyday item large enough. One last thing, the area is hot and humid, nearly smarmy most of the time, because of the water and sand thing. There may have been fires nearby, mostly of woody areas near the ponds or lakes nearby but the fire will not endanger her remains. She is in a place high enough and moist enough to be safe from the threat of fire.


Rachel's Description-
Name: Rachel Louise Cooke
Missing Since: January 10, 2002 at 11:00 a.m.
Age: 20
Missing From: Home in North Lake Area, Georgetown, Texas
Sex: female
Height: 5 ft 2 in
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: blond with auburn streaks
Race: white
Complexion: fair
Birth Date: May 10, 1982

Distinguishing Marks: Rachel Cooke has pierced ears and a pierced navel. Both ears have multiple piercings, one ear having an upper piercing. She has tattoos of two heart shaped cherries on her left shoulder and a black star on her left foot.
Clothing Description: Green sports top, gray shorts, Asics shoes, and carrying a yellow Walkman

If you see Rachel Cooke, please contact the Williamson County Sheriff's Office 512-943-1300, Crime Stoppers 1-800-253-STOP, or to the website Rachel Cooke Search to email her family with any information to help find Rachel. Let's hope I'm wrong and she's still alive and able to come home! -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lisa Michelle Stebic Revised

Time and Day Correction

When I do these charts I try not to read a lot about the cases so that my findings won't be colored by personal opinion. If I wanted to post my opinion, I would do so, but not under the guise of "Forensic Astrology". I would call it "What I Think" or something like that. So in order to be pure and as precise as possible, I look for time lines and go with that and do not look for more. Most of the time I retrieve my time lines from the FBI website, the AMW website, the USA Missing Website or local law enforcement websites and I rarely look at media sites, forums or opinion pieces. Astrology is an art but it also has the qualities of science, based on pure facts such as time, place, planet positions, house positions and aspects, etc..

In many cases, the time lines I retrieve are modified later on by the testimony of new witnesses, the memories of friends and family and then the first time line is no longer useful. This was the case in the Jennifer Kesse disappearance and is now the case again, here, in the Lisa Stebic situation. The original day and time I had was that she was last seen at 6 pm on May 1st, at her home. This has now proven to be not true, as her husband was "waiting for her there" at 6 pm, reported now to actually be April 30 and not May 1st, and she never appeared at this expected time. Also, in the early reports they described her husband as "estranged" so I was led to believe she would have been home alone. This is also not true. Two children awaited there as well.

Often when I get time lines wrong readers write me and point it out. I have had no emails or calls concerning Lisa Stebic. Not even a complaint that I had the WRONG DAY. And this was all because I copied the body from the FBI.GOV website and totally OVERLOOKED the header. Recently, I was emailed by a reader in reference to the Stacey Peterson case and was given a link to a fantastic website,, where I read a lot about some other cases I'd never heard of. In the process, I took a look at Lisa Stebic and was surprised to find that I had done charts for the wrong time periods and therefor could provide more insight with the new time line. For those of you who would like to see this wonderful site, you can go to right from here at this link: A Candy Rose

So I made a big mistake! I had the wrong day and the wrong time and it was my fault, not seeing all the details. Now, once again looking at the Lisa Stebic information, I found the following info (in short): Lisa had spent most of the day going about her typical routine, according to reports from co-workers. Ruby Zegar remembers working with her at Lincoln Elementary School [Sodexho Food Service worker - Eloise Stopka is general manager], where the two both worked in the cafeteria. "We prepared lunches, we laughed, we joked," Zegar said. As usual, Lisa left the school around 2:30 p.m. She picked up a sandwich from Jimmy John's on Route 59 and ran some errands before returning home. Her routine would be to pick up her 10-year-old son, Zach, from Walker's Grove Elementary School at around 3:30 p.m., though no one could say with certainty that Lisa picked up Zach that Monday. Friends say Lisa almost always made sure she was home with Zach and her 12-year-old daughter, Lexi, until Craig returned from work in the evenings.

At least once a week for the past year since the store's opening, Stebic would stop at Jimmy John's, 12632 S. Route 59, Plainfield, for a Turkey Tom. The 8-inch turkey sub sandwich includes lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and alfalfa sprouts. Stebic was at that Jimmy John's at about 2 p.m. April 30, the day the 37-year-old mother of two went missing."

Craig Stebic told LE he got home at 5:40 p.m. and then gave the two kids money to go buy candy.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Lisa did not show up for exercise class at Plainfield North High School. Pete Quimby, an employee there said Lisa typically visited the gym three or four times a week and stayed from about 6 p.m. until closing time at 8:30 p.m.

Other notes: Lisa's [older-model] cell phone and her credit cards and [small black purse decorated with rhinestones] all missing. Lisa's car is still in garage.

Now, the time lines are a little overlapped here and there but in general, it can be assumed that she disappeared earlier in the day, sometime after she left the sub shop (3pm approx) and the time she would have gone to exercise class but didn't show (6pm approx). This is a three hour window and I want to work with that now. This new time line changes the charts I drew up substantially enough to give an entirely new picture of this days events. So I will run charts from 3 pm until 6 pm and see what happens.

This first chart, done for 3 pm that day, is very interesting. It shows that it is very likely that the abduction occurred at this time. She walked out of that sub shop and right into a trap. Virgo rising with Mercury in the eighth closely trined to Saturn in the twelfth. It was not her husband that confronted her because Pisces is falling and Neptune is in the sixth house, disposed by Uranus in the seventh. He was at work, perhaps to create an alibi, as Neptune is nothing if not shady. But Uranus conjoined Mars in the seventh indicates that someone blitzed her, suddenly, jumped her and either killed her right there or took her "hostage" (Saturn sliding into the twelfth). Jupiter rules the fourth and is positioned in the fourth, showing that protection was afforded the home. This DID NOT occur in the home. That was strictly avoided for whatever reason and this occurred outside the home. So this disproves her husband's claim that she left the home of her own volition or that she was taken from the home. This just isn't true.

I know someone is going to say, "but Pluto is in the fourth, doesn't that mean violence?" And often it does but Pluto does not rule an angle in this chart nor does it dispose of any angular ruler. Therefor, it has no big role to play in this event. Mars, also an aggressive and deadly planet, is placed in the seventh house, where it asserts itself. I don't think she was killed. I think she was taken and "manhandled" and restrained (Saturn in the twelfth EXACTLY inconjunct Mars at the angle). In this regard, Pluto has this role to play: It is also widely square Mars, from the fourth house. This sort of says that someone in the family had an ax to grind and may have "ordered" this to happen. Pluto doesn't play a front seat role, so there is no violent murder or rape, but it looks like he might have been in the back seat all along.

The sky picture doesn't change much until around 4 pm. Mercury, still in the eighth house, is joined by the Sun. Saturn is disposed by the Sun from the eleventh house. Neptune is in the fifth house, disposed by Uranus in the sixth. First of all, this says that her husband is with the kids. He has gotten the kids and he is currently with them. He may have left his job early and suddenly in order to do this. Somehow, he apparently knew that Lisa was "not available". This could mean that the school called him and he went... or that he knew in advance what would happen. It could work either way. The Moon is closing in on a sextile to Pluto and Pluto is closing in on the Nadir. The outside family has been appeased at this time but the inside family, those that lived in this house, are aware that something is wrong. Pluto opposes Venus at the midheaven, so her husband is determined to keep the rest of the family, including her parents, out of the home. He has "set up fort" so to speak, unwilling to answer their questions. Lisa will be home later, she always goes out at night, she's fine, etc... Even though he knows she is behaving in an atypical fashion. Just "not coming home" was something she would never do.

Mercury with the Sun in the eighth and the Sun disposing Saturn in the eleventh is an interesting combo. It looks like she is with a man who is restraining her but also being "friendly" or attempting to win her trust. The fact that both Mercury and the Sun are disposed by Venus, in the ninth house, is familiar to me. He has taken her on a plane. She is being transported over long distances... even overseas. He is taking Lisa somewhere now and she is basically gone. But, interestingly enough, she is NOT DEAD.

And then doing charts for every half hour forward until 7 pm show no change. She is on a plane this long, so she is definitely going very far away. And because she is no longer in Plainfield, Illinois, the chart no longer describes her but now describes the person she left behind: her husband. He is ruled now by Pluto, placed int he second house and Mars, in the fifth house. He is still with the children but he is concerned about money and money is a thing he has on his mind. Lisa is now ruled by Venus, his spouse, and is in mutual reception with Mercury. This involves the seventh and eighth houses, so I'm thinking prostitution or chattel... If you think about it, give it your own spin: Venus in the eighth house (money, sex and death) in mutual reception with Mercury in the seventh (partnerships, contact with others, etc..). It is what it is. And the Sun hovers near Mercury, making her current relationship with a man (the Sun in Taurus) who sort of looks like a pimp? I mean, really. This chart is not nice but it sounds far fetched.

Without getting crazy and making wild assertions, I will simply outline what I've found. She was confronted around 3 pm and taken against her will. She NEVER made it home. No matter what, this chart never shows Lisa in her home during this period of time. She did not return there. However, her husband did and he did so with the children. Lisa appears to have been restrained at various times and then taken on a plane. Whether her husband knew this or not is a matter for the police. She was on the plane for a long enough period to have traveled out of the country or at the very least, the west coast. From the chart progression she spent at least 3 hours on the plane so it is for people who know about plane travel times and distances to figure out where she might have been taken.

With so many planets moving through the eighth, fourth and twelfth houses, it is not clear what has happened to her. She may have been killed or she may have been taken for nefarious purposes. There is no doubt, however, that she was not going on vacation or going because she wanted to. She was taken. She was restrained. She was with another person, a man, who posed as "her partner". Some people might look at that and say she was having an affair but I do not see romance or love in this picture. It is all very business like and cold. She went with this "partner" on the plane and it looks like she might have been traded for something of value.. perhaps money... perhaps an insurance policy... perhaps her jewelry or cash.
And so why was her car at home? I can't answer that with this chart. I do not see the car at play. She is not with it now, it was not taken, it wasn't the reason this happened so it wasn't a carjacking. She may have arrived at home and been confronted in the yard or on the street. Or she may have been snatched and her car driven home. This last scenario would seem feasible for those who feel her husband was involved. The car being at home would make him look innocent, as would his being home with the kids that day. Or perhaps he truly is innocent and she is a victim of a random kidnapping. In this case, it is likely she was followed home and snatched before she got inside. But why didn't she pick up her kids? Why would she go home, not having gone to the school? And if her kids were with her, why did they not know what happened?

These are all questions for the police and Godspeed they find the answers. I am not as happy with this chart as I was with the wrong one, because that one gave a clearer picture, although a false one. This one is not as clear, however neither chart saw that she had been killed. I still believe that she is alive. Maybe someday she will be found and brought home to those who love her and search for her today.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trenton Duckett

Child Goes Missing & Mom Commits Suicide

I have been wanting to do this analysis since I saw the show on Nancy Grace a year ago. Here you have a miserable young lady who kills herself after he son goes missing. She became the main suspect in her son's disappearance and there have been no other clues or leads since she shot herself a month after the child was reported as missing. No one has ever believed Melinda's tale of child abduction and the general consensus was that she had taken the child and given it to relatives or friends. However, no friend or relative has panned out for the cops and no one has come forward. So, did Melinda hide her son? Did she kill him? Or was he actually abducted by some unknown stranger?

I came to reconsidering this chart for the blog because of a reader who was kind enough to email me extensive information. This reader is very good at research and put together enough data to allow me to draw up a reasonable timeline. Because no one believed Melinda's story, I was reluctant to take her testimony as fact. Therefor, the timeline based upon her reporting her son's disappearance can be considered useless. And with no one having seen Trenton for DAYS it seemed unlikely I could find a reasonable window in which to work with the sky chart.

The entire timeline of events includes a gap from 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 26, when she and Trenton left her grandparents' home, until 8 a.m. the next day, when Melinda was spotted alone at a Leesburg store. Police have not identified the store by name. Overall, the timeline, pieced together with confirmed sightings and cell-phone records, ends at 6:55 p.m. Aug. 27, when a friend arrived at Melinda's apartment.

Police said the friend was Chris Pearce, one of two men who watched the film "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" with Melinda Duckett until she said she discovered her son was missing. This first instance of Melinda claiming the child had disappeared occurred at 9 pm the evening of August 27. Detective Rockefeller, who would not identify the other guest, said Pearce answered all police questions and passed a polygraph test. He said he never saw Trenton. Therefor, we do not know when he really disappeared.

Monday Aug 28, police search the home and find painted walls and toys in the trash. Why is Melinda tossing out Trenton's stuff if she thinks he's been abducted? Might he not come home? Although few children come home from being kidnapped, should it not be her desire to believe that he might? Why has she given up? And why are the walls painted? All of this looks very suspicious and Melinda becomes the number one suspect at that moment. She is pursued by the police and the media, spending time being interviewed by Nancy Grace, where I saw her and heard the story for the first time.

And then on Sept 8, Melinda shot herself. Said to be depressed by the accusations and suspicions of guilt. But does that make sense? A mother who has just lost her son, possibly to a horrible fate, shoots herself before she can save him? Before she even knows his fate? For all intents and purposes, she should be holding out hope against hope that her son is alive and doing everything she can to bring him home. But, instead, she kills herself. So now the mystery deepens. Where the heck is Trenton after all?

Shortly after Melinda's suicide, a new witness comes forward with a sighting of both her and Trenton during that window of time between the last reported sighting and the supposed disappearance. If what this witness says is accurate, this will have been the first reported sighting of Trenton during the mysterious 12 hours before his disappearance, that until then had been unaccounted for. According to the the Sheriff's Office, a Wendy's Restaurant employee claims that Melinda Duckett went through the drive-through in Belleview, with Trenton in the car, on the morning before he disappeared. The same employee claimed that Melinda Duckett returned to the drive-through about half an hour later, allegedly without Trenton. This would have been around 8 am that morning, around the same time she was seen in an area store, according to another report. Video tapes show her in the store sometime that same morning. This is on the morning of August 27.

And so, armed with all this data, I set out to do charts for the time when she left her parents apartment, the time when she was seen at Wendy's and the area store, and then also the time at which she reports this child missing. The first chart, done for the time she left her parents home, was drawn up for August 26, 4:30 pm because the parents are sure of this being the exact time. In this chart Capricorn is rising and Cancer is falling. Saturn is in the eighth house and Pluto is in the twelfth. I believe this chart is defining Melinda's state of mind at this time and if you look at it you'll see she was like a time bomb getting ready to go off. She was angry, she was volatile and often violent. She may have had an argument with her parents that evening. This chart describes someone who is uptight and unhappy.

However, this chart clearly shows that she has a strong bond with the child, feeling as if they "are one" and that he is "her property". She believes he belongs to her and no one else. You can see this in this chart. Saturn is exactly conjunct to the fifth house ruler, Venus, in the eighth house. The fifth house being her first and only child. This planetary aspect typifies the statement "not until death do we part".

Now, the next chart I draw up is very telling, indeed. This is for the late morning of August 27, when she was seen driving through for food and then browsing an area store. Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Mars is at the Ascendant and Uranus is just under the Descendant. Pluto is in the fourth house and Saturn is in the twelfth. There is violence and death in this chart. Pluto and Jupiter are in mutual reception from the fourth to the second house. Melinda's signifigator, Mercury, is placed in the twelfth house. I believe this is showing that she was planning to murder the child. The child is signified by the fifth house, which is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is also placed in the twelfth house. There is no doubt that this chart describes a murder. I cannot say that she resisted these forces, in the mindset she that she was clearly in (as described by both charts).

There is something very dark and disturbing in Melinda's mindset, something she was not in control of. She had a violent side and was very angry all the time. I think, when reading these charts, that she wanted to commit suicide and this why she killed her child. I think she could not bear to leave him with others, to relinquish control of her "possession", ie: "not until death do we part". She was determined to rob his father of time with the boy and take the child, essentially, with her when she went. She may have had second thoughts later and tried to cover it up, hoping to stage an abduction. But then went back to plan A when she realized that no one believed her and she was looking at a life spent in jail.

From these charts, I think she took him to breakfast at the Wendys as sort of a "farewell gift" or a "last supper" of sorts, a gift from her to him. Perhaps Wendys was a favorite. And then she took the child somewhere and left him. After this, she went to the store and bought something she needed to commit the act, bullets for the gun, rope or other restraint, or some other detail. After the store, consumed with guilt, she went through Wendys again and retrieved something for the child, perhaps a milk shake or other treat. Of course, this is just guessing. She may have actually just bought more food for herself. There is no knowledge of these details nor will there ever be. However, she then returned to the child and then took him home where he settled in, watching cartoons or sleeping. And there she killed him. Mars in the first house indicates is was probably a gun. She shot him with a gun.

Venus is conjoined with Saturn, so she made the boy comfortable before she killed him. She laid him on a bed, or among pillows, fed him something he liked, etc... and then waited for him to fall asleep, perhaps. And afterwards, there was more spatter than she expected and that is why the walls were painted. Just a guess. But a possibility. Uranus at the seventh indicates that she did is suddenly, without any expectation, when he was asleep or not looking, and chances are he did not see it coming. Saturn conjoined Venus in the twelfth speaks once again to her feelings that he "belonged to her" and she was doing the right thing. That she had "the right" to make these choices. And no one had the right to stop her. This was "her son". Consider also that the Moon is in the second house in Libra, disposed by the second house ruler in the twelfth, showing again the power of the role of the "mother" in her world view.

The last chart I draw on is not quite as informative as the others, telling a shorter story. This is when she has people over and tells them that Trenton is suddenly missing. Showing everyone a ripped screen and calling the cops. Pisces is now rising and Virgo is falling. An exact mirror of the last chart. The chart ruler, Neptune, is in the eleventh house, so she is with friends, as we already know. Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus, which is placed in the twelfth. There is a secret here. She is hiding something and using her friends, so to speak, staging a scene, perhaps. The North Node is right behind the Ascendant, so it's sort of a karmic thing. She feels that it "is the right time". The Moon in Libra is in the seventh house, so she is looking for a sort of bonding from her friends. Moral support, perhaps. She may even have thought about telling them the truth but decided against it. She was in definite need of emotional support.

But the one thing this chart does not show is an abduction. There was no one else in that house at this time. No one came in through a window. But just to be fair, I drew up charts for every half hour that evening, from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm, considering this was a fair window for her friends to come over, to watch a movie and for her to make her discovery. If what she said were true, there would presumably be astrological evidence that someone had entered the home and taken her child. The chart for 6 pm shows the arrival of a boyfriend. I can tell this is a boyfriend because of the seventh house ruler, the Sun, being placed in the seventh and Mars is in the eighth. The fourth house ruler is Venus and she, too, is in the seventh (relationships). So whether this was a boyfriend or not, there was an attraction here and possibly even a sexual thing.

The chart for 7 pm shows a group of people together, friends of hers I suppose. The fifth house ruler, the Moon, stays consistently in the eighth house (of death) which tends to say that her first born child is dead. But this is inconsequential in this chart because it is not happening NOW. Mars has backed into the seventh house and is disposed by Mercury, also in the seventh. Uranus, the first house ruler, is opposed to these planets from the first, so it's likely there was an argument between Melinda and one of the guests over money. Perhaps she rented the movie and wanted the money back? Or she bought food or drink and wanted others to chip in for cost? But all of this is meaningless. These charts say absolutely nothing about anyone breaking into this house or taking a child.
They do, however, begin to say a few things about where Trenton is. It is the 9 pm chart I will use because this is the time when she reports him missing and the world becomes aware of the child being gone and everybody starts looking for him. So this is essentially that moment when the question is asked, "where is Trenton?" And looking at the chart, I hope to find a reasonable answer. The fifth house ruler, the Moon, is in the seventh in the sign Libra. This is her child. Saturn and Venus are posited in the fifth. First of all, Saturn again says the child is dead. However, Venus says he has a comfortable "resting place". She has put him somewhere that she thinks is pleasant, comfortable and peaceful. She put him somewhere out of love. Venus is in the sign Leo so she may have wrapped him in a silk sheet or a velvet blanket or something luxurious or beautiful. She gave the boy a "loving send off" of sorts. I do not know her religious beliefs but this would be in keeping with what she thought about the afterlife. Perhaps she gave him something precious before she stashed him away.

Taking the combination of the Moon in Libra with Saturn in Leo, I want to take a stab at where he's hidden. Libra often rules high places but this is Florida and there are no mountains or hills. However, Leo rules public parks, places of amusement, campgrounds, woods and forests where large animals roam. The Moon rules water of all kinds. Venus describes a beautiful place, as well as the sign Libra. So we are looking for a beautiful place in the woods or forest, perhaps a wildlife sanctuary, a public park, a place of amusement or a zoo. Perhaps Trenton loved a particular place. This is most likely where he would be found. She put him somewhere beautiful, comfortable, where he would be at peace. She did this out of love.

From these charts, I have no doubt now that Melinda put her son to death prior to her own suicide, perhaps as part of a personal pact to "die together". She killed him first to give him a loving funeral. She "put him out of misery" and gave him to God. And then she followed him over. But only after perpetrating a myth that would torture her family and ex husband into eternity. Her final last angry gesture. Her last stab at getting back at the world. A world that made her miserable, angry, lonely and desperate to die.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gina Cyphers

Mom Found Murdered-- Baby Left At Daycare

This is what the FBI website says about this case:

Gina Cyphers was murdered in Salina, Kansas, on December 28, 1995. She was 24 years old at the time of her death, and the mother of a baby boy. On the morning of December 28, 1995, Gina took her baby to the "Morning Out for Moms" child care at a local church. This was a routine she followed every Thursday morning. As always, she was to pick the young boy up at 11:30 a.m. When she failed to return at the appointed time, the church telephoned her live-in boyfriend at his place of employment. The boyfriend went home, only to find her murdered inside the trailer they shared.

Looking at Gina's picture and reading her story moved me. Here she was, a new mom, dropping her baby off at daycare. This was routine for her on Thursday, perhaps so she could finish her shopping or even just clean house. She always picked the boy up at 11 am so when she failed to do so, alarms went up. Her boyfriend was called at work, so he was ruled out as a suspect. And then she is found dead, at home.

This question that arises for me is that this just doesn't seem like a "stranger murder", and yet everyone close to her was eliminated. So it was assumed to be a stranger and just how could that be? Did she pick somebody up during her daily routine, such as a hitchhiker? Was she overpowered somewhere on the road and then forced to drive home? There was no sign of rape in this crime so what would be the purpose of going home with her? To rob her? If she were shopping or running errands, chances are she had all bank cards, credit cards and cash on her. So this one is a mystery. And it piqued my curiosity. So I drew up charts for this morning and gave them a look.

The first chart I drew up was for 9 am. I am thinking this may have been around the time she dropped off the child. There is an interesting lineup here. Capricorn is rising with Neptune at the Ascendant and Mars is just behind it in the twelfth. Cancer is falling & the Moon is in the second house in Aries, disposed by Mars at the Ascendant! This spells it out so clearly: She was jumped from behind and by total suprise! And I believe, from the window of time here, that this was done around 9 am, whether she was dropping of the child or not. This may even have occurred before she left the child, but it doesn't seem likely. He may have been right there, near the daycare. Or he may have been at the next stoplight. A man with a gun and an unlocked car door....

So she is jumped from behind around 9 am and it looks like money is the reason. The Ascendant ruler, Saturn, is in the second house, along with the Moon. This combo even hints at a possible debt. Did she owe somebody money? Or was she seen getting money by a nearby stalker? With both his and her planets in the money house, there is a link here but I am not sure what it is. But drawing up the next chart allows me to guess.

When I threw the chart for 9:30, I saw that she was in danger. In this chart, the Ascendants have switched. Yes, just that quickly! The Hand of God moves swiftly indeed. Anyways, looking at the chart, I see that Aquarius is now rising and Leo is falling. And the new ruler, Uranus has fallen into the twelfth house along with a large group of planets, including Mars. The Sun is in the eleventh house, disposed by Saturn in the second. Again, we see money is the issue.

But now it looks like they are friends, that she knew this person. It also looks like the decision to kill her was sudden and irrational. This person had not planned to kill her, but felt compelled to do so when they returned to her home. Perhaps she didn't have all of the money she owed? Or perhaps she threatened this person? The fourth house ruler, Venus, is placed right on the Ascendant. All further activity occurred in her home.

So now this next chart, which I draw for 10 am, shows, I believe, that she is dead at this time, or dieing. Saturn has backed into the first, Uranus is in the twelfth along with Mars and a number of other planets. These other planets mean nothing to me in this chart, but Saturn does. Saturn rules the twelfth house. Uranus rules the first. Uranus is disposed by Saturn. This just seems like death to me, but not a quick fast thing. It's like the killer was forced to throttle her or beat her or push her so that her head hit a table or something like this. Like she was killed in a roundabout way and died slowly. She might have been stabbed or shot but she didn't just drop dead. The slow backing of Saturn says it wasn't immediate. Although all of the planets are direct and not retrograde, which means it didn't take hours, it still wasn't a swift death. This, I think, is because it was sort of an impulsive, rash "accident" of sorts. The killer just got so mad.. perhaps because she didn't have the money he or she wanted... and then he or she killed her in this roundabout, indirect manner.

So I am curious about who might have done this to Gina. I can see from the progressive charting that this was a "friend" or perhaps even co-worker or relative, to whom she may have owed money. I believe this person is defined by the Sun in Capricorn. This placement leads me to believe this was an older male. This man loaned her money or was in dire need of money, either way he thought she had it. Saturn in the second shows the pinch they were both suffering. She was short and he was desperate. Saturn is in mutual reception with Uranus. And considering Uranus being Gina's chart ruler, this is why he thought of her this morning.

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Saturn is in Pisces so his need for money may be the result of thoughtless spending or it may be for the purchase of drugs or alcohol. The mutual reception between Saturn and Uranus also says this was a "last minute" decision based on sudden pressure from perhaps his own lenders. An early morning phone call threatening to collect may have pushed him into action. There might even have been a belief that she would just give it to him if he asked and then he was thunderstruck when she either didn't have it or refused to give it up. Her own financial situation was not a great one. Her chart ruler, Uranus, is also disposed by stingy Saturn.

From the charts, we can describe her killer in some manner. He is of medium height with an angular, perhaps "bony", body. His face features a high forehead and a long nose. He has thin lips which can seem bloodless when he's angry. He has a strong, pointed, narrow chin that juts out and seems "strong" and firm. He has piercing eyes of almost any color.

This chart for 11:30 am shows Saturn knocking at the front door and I believe that it is around this time that she actually dies. Her boyfriend is already on the way and may even be in the front yard. Her killer, now ruled by Mercury, is off in the eleventh with a group of other planets. Her killer has gone to his friends, looking for help. Mercury is closely aligned with Neptune and I think he has gone to his drug dealer, asking for help. He needs money but he doesn't have it. Perhaps he wants his dealer to "front" him some dope. There are of course many other things Neptune points to, but it is unlikely somebody goes and kills someone over money to pay off Medical bills. Only a threatening call from an angry drug dealer can set somebody off in desperation. No one fears their doctor or their bank or their bookie, for that matter, will show up with a gun. Another motivator can be drug addiction itself. If he was jonesing this morning, in a state of shaking desperation, there is no telling what he might have done. From this chart, I would suggest that the cops interview friends, relatives and co workers of Ginas who are older males who use drugs.

Now, drawing up one last chart for the time when she was discovered and the police were called, I see things have again changed. Aries now rises and Libra falls. Please note that Venus, the ruler of her boyfriend now, is the only planet in a different sign. This means he is not a part of this crowd. They are not friends of his. He may know this man and the other friends he hangs with, but it would be because these people knew his girlfriend. This also screams that he had nothing to do with this. He was an innocent bystander. Mars, her chart ruler now, has moved into the tenth. So now she is in public view. Now it is a matter of "public record". The cops are moving onto the scene and her murder would make the news. Interesting to note that Mars is disposed by Saturn in the twelfth, the house of death. She would "become known" in death. So now we think we know what happened to Gina Cyphers. Let's hope the cops find this guy.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Kristin Denise Smart

College Student Disappears On Late Night Walk Home

The police reports say this about Kristin Smart:

Kristin Denise Smart was last seen at approximately 2:00 a.m., May 25, 1996, as she was walking back to her dorm room on the California Polytechnic campus, San Luis Obispo, California from an off-campus party. Kristin was accompanied by a fellow student who stated that he left her a block from her Muir Hall dorm to go to his dorm. Kristin did not return to her room and has not contacted family or friends since that time. She did not have any identification, money, or extra clothing when she disappeared.

The chart for 2am has Pisces rising and Virgo falling. Neptune is in the eleventh house close to Jupiter and Uranus. The reports say she was with one friend but the chart shows two. Perhaps they were shadowed or followed? Neptune sits dead center between Uranus and Jupiter and this shows that she is the glue in this situation. One friend is with her as an escort, perhaps, while the other is following her in secret.

The chart for 2:15 am has Saturn in the first disposed by Mars in the second. Mars is disposed by Venus in the fourth. The first aspect Mars makes is an exact trine to Jupiter, one of the friends shown by the eleventh house. This says clearly that this second friend, the one no one knew was there, confronted her after the first friend left. This was done right out in the open, either right on front of her dorm or inside. That could mean inside in a hallway or stairway and she never made it to the room... or it could mean that she did make it to her room and someone is lying. This third person could have been her room mate. The chart does not say that exactly. It is just possible.

And at 2:30 am, Jupiter has moved into the tenth, still in trine to Mars in the second. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is conjoined with Mars. Both Mars and Mercury are disposed by Venus in the fourth. This means robbery was a motive. She had been seen with money or drugs, perhaps, some motivation for this. Or this second friend knew of this item or belonging. She was said to have no money or ID with her, which assumes she did not have a wallet or purse. However, clearly, there was something she had that someone else wanted. It appears that this is the time chart in which she was first attacked.

And then I draw a chart for 3:15 am and see Saturn just backing across the Ascendant with Mars moving swiftly into the first and it seems like this is the time at which she is killed. Venus is now moving into the third, so he has tossed her into a car. He is really busy going through her things. Again, with Mercury in the second house, in mutual reception with Venus, he takes her in the car for the purpose of going through everything, perhaps even her clothing. Perhaps she had jewelry on or a nice watch, or drugs in her pocket, or perhaps he wanted her body... wanted to force sex on her? Rape doesn't usually look like this in a chart, but stranger things have been seen!

Please note that Venus rules the descendant. The killer is driving his own car. There is a clue here if the cops can find someone who saw a car in the vicinity.

Pluto has slipped into the eighth and with Saturn backing through the twelfth, Kristin has died this night. Mars, the "murder marker" in this chart, is closely trine still to Jupiter, which has moved into the tenth house. He would be very fortunate over time by what the cops find and reveal. What details are made public have no bearing on his fortunes and he gets away with this. The killer has something of hers, something that is publicly known either to be missing or would be swiftly recognized as hers, and he has this item hidden. If it is an object, it would be a vital clue if someone saw it. There is also the possibility that this object is Kristin herself. If so, he has her body stashed somewhere for a nefarious purpose and she will be hard to find.

Venus in Gemini points at the offender and says it could possibly be a teacher or administrator at the school. It could even be a woman. There is an inherent interest in math, economics, science and literature. Venus in Gemini describes someone of medium height with a graceful manner. This person would probably be brunette with hazel-grey eyes. Venus in Gemini gives dexterity and cleverness with the hands. The occupation or hobby could be one which makes great use of the hands. Such as music or art. There is also great vanity surrounding the hands, so this person would have manicured nails and long fingers. They would have a habit of using hand lotion. This person can be very mischievous and often engages in gossip. Nosy.

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Now, it is my desire to see if I can see where he took her and dumped her. However, the charts I draw up for every half hour to hour from 3:00 am until 6:00 am show him still in possession of the body. Nefarious lineups with Pluto at the descendant, Jupiter in the eighth, a cluster of planets moving through the twelfth paint a horrible picture for me. I hope I am wrong but he spent a lot of time with her after she had died and this is really creepy for me. Again, I hope I'm totally wrong in this. But it does point to the possibility that she, herself, was the focus of this attack. He simply wanted to have his way with her.

The thing is, people who do these kind of creepy things tend to do them over and over again. There is no such thing as a temporary necrophiliac or rapist. No one does it happen "just once". So he is perhaps a serial killer that has yet to be caught. Or perhaps he has been caught in other crimes and they never tied this together. Until someone finds the body, all of this is just guessing. And this long into the game, I don't think they ever will. As the chart said already, he hid her really well. And now, she is nothing but bones.

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