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Lisa Michelle Stebic Revised

Time and Day Correction

When I do these charts I try not to read a lot about the cases so that my findings won't be colored by personal opinion. If I wanted to post my opinion, I would do so, but not under the guise of "Forensic Astrology". I would call it "What I Think" or something like that. So in order to be pure and as precise as possible, I look for time lines and go with that and do not look for more. Most of the time I retrieve my time lines from the FBI website, the AMW website, the USA Missing Website or local law enforcement websites and I rarely look at media sites, forums or opinion pieces. Astrology is an art but it also has the qualities of science, based on pure facts such as time, place, planet positions, house positions and aspects, etc..

In many cases, the time lines I retrieve are modified later on by the testimony of new witnesses, the memories of friends and family and then the first time line is no longer useful. This was the case in the Jennifer Kesse disappearance and is now the case again, here, in the Lisa Stebic situation. The original day and time I had was that she was last seen at 6 pm on May 1st, at her home. This has now proven to be not true, as her husband was "waiting for her there" at 6 pm, reported now to actually be April 30 and not May 1st, and she never appeared at this expected time. Also, in the early reports they described her husband as "estranged" so I was led to believe she would have been home alone. This is also not true. Two children awaited there as well.

Often when I get time lines wrong readers write me and point it out. I have had no emails or calls concerning Lisa Stebic. Not even a complaint that I had the WRONG DAY. And this was all because I copied the body from the FBI.GOV website and totally OVERLOOKED the header. Recently, I was emailed by a reader in reference to the Stacey Peterson case and was given a link to a fantastic website,, where I read a lot about some other cases I'd never heard of. In the process, I took a look at Lisa Stebic and was surprised to find that I had done charts for the wrong time periods and therefor could provide more insight with the new time line. For those of you who would like to see this wonderful site, you can go to right from here at this link: A Candy Rose

So I made a big mistake! I had the wrong day and the wrong time and it was my fault, not seeing all the details. Now, once again looking at the Lisa Stebic information, I found the following info (in short): Lisa had spent most of the day going about her typical routine, according to reports from co-workers. Ruby Zegar remembers working with her at Lincoln Elementary School [Sodexho Food Service worker - Eloise Stopka is general manager], where the two both worked in the cafeteria. "We prepared lunches, we laughed, we joked," Zegar said. As usual, Lisa left the school around 2:30 p.m. She picked up a sandwich from Jimmy John's on Route 59 and ran some errands before returning home. Her routine would be to pick up her 10-year-old son, Zach, from Walker's Grove Elementary School at around 3:30 p.m., though no one could say with certainty that Lisa picked up Zach that Monday. Friends say Lisa almost always made sure she was home with Zach and her 12-year-old daughter, Lexi, until Craig returned from work in the evenings.

At least once a week for the past year since the store's opening, Stebic would stop at Jimmy John's, 12632 S. Route 59, Plainfield, for a Turkey Tom. The 8-inch turkey sub sandwich includes lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and alfalfa sprouts. Stebic was at that Jimmy John's at about 2 p.m. April 30, the day the 37-year-old mother of two went missing."

Craig Stebic told LE he got home at 5:40 p.m. and then gave the two kids money to go buy candy.

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Lisa did not show up for exercise class at Plainfield North High School. Pete Quimby, an employee there said Lisa typically visited the gym three or four times a week and stayed from about 6 p.m. until closing time at 8:30 p.m.

Other notes: Lisa's [older-model] cell phone and her credit cards and [small black purse decorated with rhinestones] all missing. Lisa's car is still in garage.

Now, the time lines are a little overlapped here and there but in general, it can be assumed that she disappeared earlier in the day, sometime after she left the sub shop (3pm approx) and the time she would have gone to exercise class but didn't show (6pm approx). This is a three hour window and I want to work with that now. This new time line changes the charts I drew up substantially enough to give an entirely new picture of this days events. So I will run charts from 3 pm until 6 pm and see what happens.

This first chart, done for 3 pm that day, is very interesting. It shows that it is very likely that the abduction occurred at this time. She walked out of that sub shop and right into a trap. Virgo rising with Mercury in the eighth closely trined to Saturn in the twelfth. It was not her husband that confronted her because Pisces is falling and Neptune is in the sixth house, disposed by Uranus in the seventh. He was at work, perhaps to create an alibi, as Neptune is nothing if not shady. But Uranus conjoined Mars in the seventh indicates that someone blitzed her, suddenly, jumped her and either killed her right there or took her "hostage" (Saturn sliding into the twelfth). Jupiter rules the fourth and is positioned in the fourth, showing that protection was afforded the home. This DID NOT occur in the home. That was strictly avoided for whatever reason and this occurred outside the home. So this disproves her husband's claim that she left the home of her own volition or that she was taken from the home. This just isn't true.

I know someone is going to say, "but Pluto is in the fourth, doesn't that mean violence?" And often it does but Pluto does not rule an angle in this chart nor does it dispose of any angular ruler. Therefor, it has no big role to play in this event. Mars, also an aggressive and deadly planet, is placed in the seventh house, where it asserts itself. I don't think she was killed. I think she was taken and "manhandled" and restrained (Saturn in the twelfth EXACTLY inconjunct Mars at the angle). In this regard, Pluto has this role to play: It is also widely square Mars, from the fourth house. This sort of says that someone in the family had an ax to grind and may have "ordered" this to happen. Pluto doesn't play a front seat role, so there is no violent murder or rape, but it looks like he might have been in the back seat all along.

The sky picture doesn't change much until around 4 pm. Mercury, still in the eighth house, is joined by the Sun. Saturn is disposed by the Sun from the eleventh house. Neptune is in the fifth house, disposed by Uranus in the sixth. First of all, this says that her husband is with the kids. He has gotten the kids and he is currently with them. He may have left his job early and suddenly in order to do this. Somehow, he apparently knew that Lisa was "not available". This could mean that the school called him and he went... or that he knew in advance what would happen. It could work either way. The Moon is closing in on a sextile to Pluto and Pluto is closing in on the Nadir. The outside family has been appeased at this time but the inside family, those that lived in this house, are aware that something is wrong. Pluto opposes Venus at the midheaven, so her husband is determined to keep the rest of the family, including her parents, out of the home. He has "set up fort" so to speak, unwilling to answer their questions. Lisa will be home later, she always goes out at night, she's fine, etc... Even though he knows she is behaving in an atypical fashion. Just "not coming home" was something she would never do.

Mercury with the Sun in the eighth and the Sun disposing Saturn in the eleventh is an interesting combo. It looks like she is with a man who is restraining her but also being "friendly" or attempting to win her trust. The fact that both Mercury and the Sun are disposed by Venus, in the ninth house, is familiar to me. He has taken her on a plane. She is being transported over long distances... even overseas. He is taking Lisa somewhere now and she is basically gone. But, interestingly enough, she is NOT DEAD.

And then doing charts for every half hour forward until 7 pm show no change. She is on a plane this long, so she is definitely going very far away. And because she is no longer in Plainfield, Illinois, the chart no longer describes her but now describes the person she left behind: her husband. He is ruled now by Pluto, placed int he second house and Mars, in the fifth house. He is still with the children but he is concerned about money and money is a thing he has on his mind. Lisa is now ruled by Venus, his spouse, and is in mutual reception with Mercury. This involves the seventh and eighth houses, so I'm thinking prostitution or chattel... If you think about it, give it your own spin: Venus in the eighth house (money, sex and death) in mutual reception with Mercury in the seventh (partnerships, contact with others, etc..). It is what it is. And the Sun hovers near Mercury, making her current relationship with a man (the Sun in Taurus) who sort of looks like a pimp? I mean, really. This chart is not nice but it sounds far fetched.

Without getting crazy and making wild assertions, I will simply outline what I've found. She was confronted around 3 pm and taken against her will. She NEVER made it home. No matter what, this chart never shows Lisa in her home during this period of time. She did not return there. However, her husband did and he did so with the children. Lisa appears to have been restrained at various times and then taken on a plane. Whether her husband knew this or not is a matter for the police. She was on the plane for a long enough period to have traveled out of the country or at the very least, the west coast. From the chart progression she spent at least 3 hours on the plane so it is for people who know about plane travel times and distances to figure out where she might have been taken.

With so many planets moving through the eighth, fourth and twelfth houses, it is not clear what has happened to her. She may have been killed or she may have been taken for nefarious purposes. There is no doubt, however, that she was not going on vacation or going because she wanted to. She was taken. She was restrained. She was with another person, a man, who posed as "her partner". Some people might look at that and say she was having an affair but I do not see romance or love in this picture. It is all very business like and cold. She went with this "partner" on the plane and it looks like she might have been traded for something of value.. perhaps money... perhaps an insurance policy... perhaps her jewelry or cash.
And so why was her car at home? I can't answer that with this chart. I do not see the car at play. She is not with it now, it was not taken, it wasn't the reason this happened so it wasn't a carjacking. She may have arrived at home and been confronted in the yard or on the street. Or she may have been snatched and her car driven home. This last scenario would seem feasible for those who feel her husband was involved. The car being at home would make him look innocent, as would his being home with the kids that day. Or perhaps he truly is innocent and she is a victim of a random kidnapping. In this case, it is likely she was followed home and snatched before she got inside. But why didn't she pick up her kids? Why would she go home, not having gone to the school? And if her kids were with her, why did they not know what happened?

These are all questions for the police and Godspeed they find the answers. I am not as happy with this chart as I was with the wrong one, because that one gave a clearer picture, although a false one. This one is not as clear, however neither chart saw that she had been killed. I still believe that she is alive. Maybe someday she will be found and brought home to those who love her and search for her today.

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