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Nicole Ganguzza

Young Woman Goes Jogging and Is Murdered

From the Dreamin Demon:
6/10/08 Orlando Fla 7 pm

ORLANDO, Fla. - Nicole Ganguzza, 26, has not been heard from since Tuesday evening when she went to Blanchard Park to jog. Her husband notified police and a search was launched at 9 p.m. An airboat and bloodhounds were brought in to aid in the search. Her car was found at the park and detectives have collected a running shoe they believe belongs to her. Oh, the park she disappeared in? A serial rapist was targeting white women who jogged there about a year ago.

She was last seen wearing a white tank top with black shorts that had a white stripe.She is described as having brown eyes, brown hair, weighing 130 pounds. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She is a University of Central Florida master’s student in the program of Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. It is being reported that sex crimes investigators, homicide investigators and missing persons investigators are currently at the scene.

And then, since then:

UPDATE 6/11/08 - Nicole Ganguzza has been found dead. Her body was located in Blanchard Park, and there are possible similarities to the East Side Rapist serial rapes from 2006 and 2007. Authorities are looking for connections between this case and the previous attacks in the park, but have no suspects at this time.

But then, despite all of this, they still have not found her killer. So I feel urged to do a chart on this murder and just see what the stars have to say. Since she was jogging and reported missing around 9 pm I'm going to do charts for 6 pm up until 8:30 pm to see what shows up. The first chart I draw up, for 7 pm has Scorpio rising and Taurus falling. Mars is in the ninth house in Leo, disposed by the Sun in 7th. Three planets inhabit the seventh house, Mercury, Sun and Venus all in Gemini. This is a group of young boys. Or two boys and one girl. They are young and very close in nature, like siblings or gang members or close friends. She is represented in the ninth house and she is exercising, running, in fact, which is symbolized by the ninth house (athletes) and the sign Sagittarius, which rules the thighs. She is intense about running and loves being active. She also likes showing off her prowess, how fast she runs, how strong she is. In this way, she caught their eye. They presented themselves to her, opening facing her as she came down the road or path. Pluto, her secondary ruler, is placed in the second house (Capricorn) and she was in a small wooded place with earth animals like Turtles and Raccoons. The planetary link between the second house (Capricorn) and the seventh house (Taurus) was a reason for these boys to be there this night. They felt comfortable there.

Interestingly enough, Pluto and Saturn are in near exact trine from the second house to the tenth house midheaven. There could easily be violence (Pluto) with sudden death (Saturn) in a public place (tenth house). And it could be this little wooded area with the animals because of the second house link. Pluto is disposed by Saturn, creating an energy bond that could be activated. The Moon is waxing in the tenth house and closely square to the 3 planets in the seventh house. The boys were agitated and emotionally aroused. Ready for a rumble, I suppose. And the athletic girl with the nice body caught their eye, no doubt.

Now, we all know she is dead and that she was raped so repeating this fact is only so much echo. The sexual energy appears to be present in the chart but is not a de facto. I am not sure that rape was the entire motivation. With Pluto moving towards the first house, I think it's violence they are seeking.. a "thrill kill" of sorts. Pluto enters the first house at 7 pm so I think things erupted right around that time. Saturn in the ninth house, disposed by Mercury in the seventh, makes me think that one of the boys was older, a ring leader of sorts. And I am still thinking that there was girl with them. The picture is looking to me as if there is an older boy, a younger boy and a girl with the younger boy. I think the sexual energy between the boys and this girl, who might have been a lookout when they did this, was the fuel on the sexual fire. They wanted to show her what big boys they were. They were actually trying to impress their companion. Strange. But that's how it feels.

Do you recall the Central Park Jogger case? I remember what a horrible thing that was, the racial overtones, the woman who lost her memory, the viciousness of the attack, the public trial, etc... It was an awful event. I read a book about that case and I recall that the attack was a gang thing called a "wilding" where gang members went on violent sprees, sort of an initiation. They would attack people of all ages and sexes with everything they could, knives, baseball bats, pieces of wood, bricks, etc... You get the picture. I think this was sort of like this. I don't think it was a "wilding" per se, but that these boys were looking to violently attack and perhaps kill somebody and it was the excitement of the moment that pushed them into rape her as well. I don't think rape was the only purpose of this murder. Like the Central Park Jogger case, these boys got excited and carried away, taking turns and holding her down, being big men for the moment.

The aspect in these charts that created this opportunity is Uranus in the third house in square aspect to Mercury, Venus and the Sun. They just "fell into" this. Sort of like, we're gonna get the next one coming down this road. Just that simple. They didn't pick her out or hunt her down. They just went to the park and waited. Which seems to me that they had done this before. Perhaps it is this group they are looking for in the series of rapes and murders they've had in this area.

At 8 pm, Pluto is in the first and Mars is in the eighth, so Nicole is dead. However, there may be some sexual activity still going on... molesting, taking photos or just looking? This strikes me as creepy. Nothing grosses me out more than Necrophilia. However, there was activity with the body after death. That seems to be clear to me. However, at this point, the older boy has lost interest and is leaving the scene.. I get the feeling he has some work to do somewhere. Perhaps he works at night? After he leaves, the other two head out as well, just dumping her body along the way. It doesn't look like they made any effort to hide her, bury her or otherwise do much with her body after she died. Although the police did find her in another location, there is nothing in the chart indicating cars or other methods of transportation. However, it is a fact that she was carried off and dumped later. I just do not get a bead on the where or how of that.

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Because the police already have her body and know how she died, I want to try to describe the killers. As I said, there are three of them. One of them older, two younger, one a girl. All of them appear to be younger than they are and they are diminutive. They are not big kids, in fact they might be thin and overall small in stature. Not a threatening persona at all. When Nicole saw them, she was probably not frightened, thinking they were just children. The older boy has blond hair and either blue or brown eyes. He has even features and is fairly attractive with a clear complexion. He is easily agitated, restless, often hustling. He is very unreliable and not trustworthy. The younger boy could be his younger brother or a real close friend, however he is likely taller than the older boy. He is thin and lively, with a springy, jumpy way of walking. He also would have a clear complexion. More color in his face than the other boy, hazel or gray eyes, turned up nose. This boy is scatter brained, nervous and easily led. The young girl is graceful and thin, with good complexion and lots of curly or wavy brown hair. She has hazel or gray eyes and very nice hands... she likes doing her nails and they are probably manicured and decorated. She rubs lotion on her hands a lot and they are soft and nice to look at. She is somewhat unconventional and careless but perhaps talented in music. She may play piano, keyboards, guitar or other instrument that uses finger dexterity. She may also be an artist or crafter. She is somewhat troublesome and busy, always getting into things and causing disagreements.

These descriptions do not preclude any race or nationality. They do not presume these people to be of any color. They could easily be of any color, with variations on these features.
I hope my attempt at describing these men will help someone find them and bring them to justice. I have been asked since posting this whether I really thought there was a girl there. The chart shows a female, either as an influence or an actual presence. For some reason, this girl, whether a participant or not, influenced these men to abduct, rape and murder this lovely young lady. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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