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Kristin Denise Smart

College Student Disappears On Late Night Walk Home

The police reports say this about Kristin Smart:

Kristin Denise Smart was last seen at approximately 2:00 a.m., May 25, 1996, as she was walking back to her dorm room on the California Polytechnic campus, San Luis Obispo, California from an off-campus party. Kristin was accompanied by a fellow student who stated that he left her a block from her Muir Hall dorm to go to his dorm. Kristin did not return to her room and has not contacted family or friends since that time. She did not have any identification, money, or extra clothing when she disappeared.

The chart for 2am has Pisces rising and Virgo falling. Neptune is in the eleventh house close to Jupiter and Uranus. The reports say she was with one friend but the chart shows two. Perhaps they were shadowed or followed? Neptune sits dead center between Uranus and Jupiter and this shows that she is the glue in this situation. One friend is with her as an escort, perhaps, while the other is following her in secret.

The chart for 2:15 am has Saturn in the first disposed by Mars in the second. Mars is disposed by Venus in the fourth. The first aspect Mars makes is an exact trine to Jupiter, one of the friends shown by the eleventh house. This says clearly that this second friend, the one no one knew was there, confronted her after the first friend left. This was done right out in the open, either right on front of her dorm or inside. That could mean inside in a hallway or stairway and she never made it to the room... or it could mean that she did make it to her room and someone is lying. This third person could have been her room mate. The chart does not say that exactly. It is just possible.

And at 2:30 am, Jupiter has moved into the tenth, still in trine to Mars in the second. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is conjoined with Mars. Both Mars and Mercury are disposed by Venus in the fourth. This means robbery was a motive. She had been seen with money or drugs, perhaps, some motivation for this. Or this second friend knew of this item or belonging. She was said to have no money or ID with her, which assumes she did not have a wallet or purse. However, clearly, there was something she had that someone else wanted. It appears that this is the time chart in which she was first attacked.

And then I draw a chart for 3:15 am and see Saturn just backing across the Ascendant with Mars moving swiftly into the first and it seems like this is the time at which she is killed. Venus is now moving into the third, so he has tossed her into a car. He is really busy going through her things. Again, with Mercury in the second house, in mutual reception with Venus, he takes her in the car for the purpose of going through everything, perhaps even her clothing. Perhaps she had jewelry on or a nice watch, or drugs in her pocket, or perhaps he wanted her body... wanted to force sex on her? Rape doesn't usually look like this in a chart, but stranger things have been seen!

Please note that Venus rules the descendant. The killer is driving his own car. There is a clue here if the cops can find someone who saw a car in the vicinity.

Pluto has slipped into the eighth and with Saturn backing through the twelfth, Kristin has died this night. Mars, the "murder marker" in this chart, is closely trine still to Jupiter, which has moved into the tenth house. He would be very fortunate over time by what the cops find and reveal. What details are made public have no bearing on his fortunes and he gets away with this. The killer has something of hers, something that is publicly known either to be missing or would be swiftly recognized as hers, and he has this item hidden. If it is an object, it would be a vital clue if someone saw it. There is also the possibility that this object is Kristin herself. If so, he has her body stashed somewhere for a nefarious purpose and she will be hard to find.

Venus in Gemini points at the offender and says it could possibly be a teacher or administrator at the school. It could even be a woman. There is an inherent interest in math, economics, science and literature. Venus in Gemini describes someone of medium height with a graceful manner. This person would probably be brunette with hazel-grey eyes. Venus in Gemini gives dexterity and cleverness with the hands. The occupation or hobby could be one which makes great use of the hands. Such as music or art. There is also great vanity surrounding the hands, so this person would have manicured nails and long fingers. They would have a habit of using hand lotion. This person can be very mischievous and often engages in gossip. Nosy.

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Now, it is my desire to see if I can see where he took her and dumped her. However, the charts I draw up for every half hour to hour from 3:00 am until 6:00 am show him still in possession of the body. Nefarious lineups with Pluto at the descendant, Jupiter in the eighth, a cluster of planets moving through the twelfth paint a horrible picture for me. I hope I am wrong but he spent a lot of time with her after she had died and this is really creepy for me. Again, I hope I'm totally wrong in this. But it does point to the possibility that she, herself, was the focus of this attack. He simply wanted to have his way with her.

The thing is, people who do these kind of creepy things tend to do them over and over again. There is no such thing as a temporary necrophiliac or rapist. No one does it happen "just once". So he is perhaps a serial killer that has yet to be caught. Or perhaps he has been caught in other crimes and they never tied this together. Until someone finds the body, all of this is just guessing. And this long into the game, I don't think they ever will. As the chart said already, he hid her really well. And now, she is nothing but bones.

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