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Gina Cyphers

Mom Found Murdered-- Baby Left At Daycare

This is what the FBI website says about this case:

Gina Cyphers was murdered in Salina, Kansas, on December 28, 1995. She was 24 years old at the time of her death, and the mother of a baby boy. On the morning of December 28, 1995, Gina took her baby to the "Morning Out for Moms" child care at a local church. This was a routine she followed every Thursday morning. As always, she was to pick the young boy up at 11:30 a.m. When she failed to return at the appointed time, the church telephoned her live-in boyfriend at his place of employment. The boyfriend went home, only to find her murdered inside the trailer they shared.

Looking at Gina's picture and reading her story moved me. Here she was, a new mom, dropping her baby off at daycare. This was routine for her on Thursday, perhaps so she could finish her shopping or even just clean house. She always picked the boy up at 11 am so when she failed to do so, alarms went up. Her boyfriend was called at work, so he was ruled out as a suspect. And then she is found dead, at home.

This question that arises for me is that this just doesn't seem like a "stranger murder", and yet everyone close to her was eliminated. So it was assumed to be a stranger and just how could that be? Did she pick somebody up during her daily routine, such as a hitchhiker? Was she overpowered somewhere on the road and then forced to drive home? There was no sign of rape in this crime so what would be the purpose of going home with her? To rob her? If she were shopping or running errands, chances are she had all bank cards, credit cards and cash on her. So this one is a mystery. And it piqued my curiosity. So I drew up charts for this morning and gave them a look.

The first chart I drew up was for 9 am. I am thinking this may have been around the time she dropped off the child. There is an interesting lineup here. Capricorn is rising with Neptune at the Ascendant and Mars is just behind it in the twelfth. Cancer is falling & the Moon is in the second house in Aries, disposed by Mars at the Ascendant! This spells it out so clearly: She was jumped from behind and by total suprise! And I believe, from the window of time here, that this was done around 9 am, whether she was dropping of the child or not. This may even have occurred before she left the child, but it doesn't seem likely. He may have been right there, near the daycare. Or he may have been at the next stoplight. A man with a gun and an unlocked car door....

So she is jumped from behind around 9 am and it looks like money is the reason. The Ascendant ruler, Saturn, is in the second house, along with the Moon. This combo even hints at a possible debt. Did she owe somebody money? Or was she seen getting money by a nearby stalker? With both his and her planets in the money house, there is a link here but I am not sure what it is. But drawing up the next chart allows me to guess.

When I threw the chart for 9:30, I saw that she was in danger. In this chart, the Ascendants have switched. Yes, just that quickly! The Hand of God moves swiftly indeed. Anyways, looking at the chart, I see that Aquarius is now rising and Leo is falling. And the new ruler, Uranus has fallen into the twelfth house along with a large group of planets, including Mars. The Sun is in the eleventh house, disposed by Saturn in the second. Again, we see money is the issue.

But now it looks like they are friends, that she knew this person. It also looks like the decision to kill her was sudden and irrational. This person had not planned to kill her, but felt compelled to do so when they returned to her home. Perhaps she didn't have all of the money she owed? Or perhaps she threatened this person? The fourth house ruler, Venus, is placed right on the Ascendant. All further activity occurred in her home.

So now this next chart, which I draw for 10 am, shows, I believe, that she is dead at this time, or dieing. Saturn has backed into the first, Uranus is in the twelfth along with Mars and a number of other planets. These other planets mean nothing to me in this chart, but Saturn does. Saturn rules the twelfth house. Uranus rules the first. Uranus is disposed by Saturn. This just seems like death to me, but not a quick fast thing. It's like the killer was forced to throttle her or beat her or push her so that her head hit a table or something like this. Like she was killed in a roundabout way and died slowly. She might have been stabbed or shot but she didn't just drop dead. The slow backing of Saturn says it wasn't immediate. Although all of the planets are direct and not retrograde, which means it didn't take hours, it still wasn't a swift death. This, I think, is because it was sort of an impulsive, rash "accident" of sorts. The killer just got so mad.. perhaps because she didn't have the money he or she wanted... and then he or she killed her in this roundabout, indirect manner.

So I am curious about who might have done this to Gina. I can see from the progressive charting that this was a "friend" or perhaps even co-worker or relative, to whom she may have owed money. I believe this person is defined by the Sun in Capricorn. This placement leads me to believe this was an older male. This man loaned her money or was in dire need of money, either way he thought she had it. Saturn in the second shows the pinch they were both suffering. She was short and he was desperate. Saturn is in mutual reception with Uranus. And considering Uranus being Gina's chart ruler, this is why he thought of her this morning.

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Saturn is in Pisces so his need for money may be the result of thoughtless spending or it may be for the purchase of drugs or alcohol. The mutual reception between Saturn and Uranus also says this was a "last minute" decision based on sudden pressure from perhaps his own lenders. An early morning phone call threatening to collect may have pushed him into action. There might even have been a belief that she would just give it to him if he asked and then he was thunderstruck when she either didn't have it or refused to give it up. Her own financial situation was not a great one. Her chart ruler, Uranus, is also disposed by stingy Saturn.

From the charts, we can describe her killer in some manner. He is of medium height with an angular, perhaps "bony", body. His face features a high forehead and a long nose. He has thin lips which can seem bloodless when he's angry. He has a strong, pointed, narrow chin that juts out and seems "strong" and firm. He has piercing eyes of almost any color.

This chart for 11:30 am shows Saturn knocking at the front door and I believe that it is around this time that she actually dies. Her boyfriend is already on the way and may even be in the front yard. Her killer, now ruled by Mercury, is off in the eleventh with a group of other planets. Her killer has gone to his friends, looking for help. Mercury is closely aligned with Neptune and I think he has gone to his drug dealer, asking for help. He needs money but he doesn't have it. Perhaps he wants his dealer to "front" him some dope. There are of course many other things Neptune points to, but it is unlikely somebody goes and kills someone over money to pay off Medical bills. Only a threatening call from an angry drug dealer can set somebody off in desperation. No one fears their doctor or their bank or their bookie, for that matter, will show up with a gun. Another motivator can be drug addiction itself. If he was jonesing this morning, in a state of shaking desperation, there is no telling what he might have done. From this chart, I would suggest that the cops interview friends, relatives and co workers of Ginas who are older males who use drugs.

Now, drawing up one last chart for the time when she was discovered and the police were called, I see things have again changed. Aries now rises and Libra falls. Please note that Venus, the ruler of her boyfriend now, is the only planet in a different sign. This means he is not a part of this crowd. They are not friends of his. He may know this man and the other friends he hangs with, but it would be because these people knew his girlfriend. This also screams that he had nothing to do with this. He was an innocent bystander. Mars, her chart ruler now, has moved into the tenth. So now she is in public view. Now it is a matter of "public record". The cops are moving onto the scene and her murder would make the news. Interesting to note that Mars is disposed by Saturn in the twelfth, the house of death. She would "become known" in death. So now we think we know what happened to Gina Cyphers. Let's hope the cops find this guy.
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