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Hyunjung "Cindy" Song

Korean College Student Disappears on Halloween

This is a classic mystery case and, as such, attracts me. This young girl has been a focus of many TV shows, from Unsolved Mysteries to AMW. Still, there are no suspects, no leads, the cops aren't even close to solving this and it's over 6 years old. So I could not resist dealing a card on the matter and drawing up a few charts. But before I get into it, let me refresh your memory. According to the AMW website:

Hyunjung "Cindy" Song (b. February 25, 1980) is the focus of an unsolved missing-persons case in the United States. She was a Pennsylvania State University student when she was last seen during the early morning hours of November 1, 2001 after a Halloween night out. Born in Seoul, Korea, she moved to Virginia and attended high school there before beginning her studies at Penn State.

After friends reported that she had been last seen at 4:00 a.m. in front of her State College apartment, local police began investigating. She was coming home after a series of all-night parties still wearing her playboy bunny costume consisting of a white mini-skirt, knee-length boots, a red hooded jacket, and a white bunny tail. A witness claimed to have seen her in Philadelphia several days after her disappearance, but no further information was discovered. Two months later, investigators still had few leads. Nearly a year after her disappearance, police agreed to work with the Penn State Paranormal Research Society. PRS called in Carla Baron, a psychic who was later involved in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping investigation.

So, we can see that Cindy disappeared at 4:00 am on Nov 1 2001 in the area of State College, Pennsylvania. You can read an excellent well written article on Cindy's disappearance here: Cindy Song Unsolved.
A psychic did a clear, concise reading on the case and it can be read about here: Psychic Carla Baron

Here is the first chart I drew for Cindy:

If you look at this chart, you will see some fascinating aspects. Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Cancer is at the midheaven. Cindy's ruler, Venus, is in the first house. This means she was in "her own place" or as they recall, just outside of her home at the school dorm. Mercury, which rules the twelfth house, is in close conjunction with Venus, just behind it, to speak. Which says to me that she was shadowed by a younger student. No sex is defined by Mercury so it could have been another girl. But someone was either tagging along or just behind her at this time. This may even have been the person who last saw her and gave this time line to the cops. We can assume that her kidnapper, attacker, abductor or enemy, so to speak, is ruled by the seventh house and this is ruled by Mars. Now, where is Mars? In the fourth house, closely conjoined with Neptune. Neptune, in turn, is disposed by Uranus in the fifth house. Actually, Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception.

This placement of Mars puts the perpetrator right outside of her home and just inside the hallway. The fourth house is her place of residence. He is right there, his planet shadowed by Neptune, the planet of illusion. He is hiding and is not seen. I say "he" because in this instance, Mars in Aquarius, is male/male and therefor describes a man. So this fellow was sneaking around, hiding in the bushes, acting creepy. Because Mars is disposed by Uranus, this tells me that all of this is spur of the moment, a sudden opportunity, a chance event. By the way, Jupiter is at the midheaven, so people are still partying and having fun, right out in the open. The place is not empty or quiet.

And then I drew a chart for 4:30 am, in the hopes of putting things into motion. Here, I see that the Sun has also entered the first house. The Sun rules the eleventh house so this person is a male who is friend to Cindy. The Sun's placement in the first, means that he has appeared in the vicinity but being in a different sign, means he is out of earshot. He may have "almost seen" what happened but actually did not. And if you look at the rest of the chart, you can see clearly what is happening. The Moon has entered the eighth house in square aspect to Neptune so there is a sexual contact that is hidden from view. Moon is disposed by Venus in the first, also Cindy's ruler, so she is the target of this contact. With Uranus in the fifth house, the house of physical pleasure and this Moon in the eighth house, the house of sex, it is pretty clear. Mars and Neptune in the fourth, so the attack occurred right outside of the dorm. This may seem strange at first, but I will tell you that I once walked up on a rape right behind the stairway at the front of my apartment building. I started up the stairs before I looked down and realized. The rapist got away and raped several times more before he was caught. It's not always as easy as it seems it should be.

Interestingly enough, as an aside, I see that Pluto is placed in the third house, which describes a neighborhood. Pluto is disposed by Jupiter at the midheaven, which is right out in public. Jupiter is, in turn, disposed by the Moon in Cancer in the eighth house. Public sex. That's exactly what this describes to me. Mars describing the attacker describes an aggressive, strong person who probably has a weapon. Another interesting note is the movement of the Sun in Scorpio into the first house. This is directly opposed to the Moon in the eighth. The Sun rules the eleventh house and is disposited by Mars. This is a kind of a quirky twist on things. This friend who was nearby, who almost saw or heard this event, was a friend of Cindy's and probably also knew her assailant. It would not have been a pleasant association. In fact, they may have hated each other.

Now, I draw up charts for 5 and 5:30am. The later chart shows noticeable changes in circumstances. Saturn has slipped into the eighth house, which to me often heralds death. Venus, Cindy's ruler, has slipped into the twelfth house, which is the coffin house. Saturn, which rules the bones, is often to me where the body lay. Venus also describes Cindy exactly, as Libra never leaves the Ascendant. Mars and Neptune are still in the fourth house, along with Uranus. It looks like more people have joined the scene. They are men with the attacker, perhaps to help him out. Perhaps they also have attacked Cindy, seeing as a lot of time passes between the initial attack and her moment of death. Mercury shadows Venus throughout the evening, which points to another person, someone nearby, perhaps a lookout. Mercury rules the eyes, so maybe this was a lookout. Someone making sure no one else came along and saw what was happening.

Pluto, now in the second house, is directly opposite Saturn, now in the eighth. This pattern shows violence that ends in death. And another triad of aspects appear. Pluto is disposed by Jupiter in Cancer, which is disposed of my the Moon in Taurus. Closing this loop, the Moon is disposed by Venus, which rules Cindy's first house. Wow. With Mercury shadowing Venus, a picture emerges to me. They grabbed an opportunity to attack her but it is unclear whether it had to be her.. or if it could have been any young woman who happened along. They were "wilding", partying, looking for "action". There were at least two, perhaps four, men involved. They raped her and killed her. Right there in front of the dorm. Behind a bush, perhaps, or under a stairwell, or in the pool house if it was close, etc... something like this. The place was rowdy and partied out, with people drunk and tired still making a racket here and there as the lights came up in the sky. At 6 am, the chart changes again, very swiftly and you see what they do now.

The main changes show they are on the move. Scorpio has claimed the Ascendant and now Taurus is falling. Mars has moved into the third house, so they have put her body into a car or other method of transportation. Venus, still in the twelfth, is now the Descendant ruler, showing that the killer is now trying to hide. He is moving into a hidden place. And he is with a friend, who is helping him. Mercury is still shadowing Venus, only now Venus defines the killer. It is funny how charts switch placements like this, but if the chart is working, it tells the story well. At this time, I must say, Cindy's body is in a car in the parking lot in front of the dorm. I mean, right there. Her killer is hiding nearby but has not made a move. It seems he is discussing what to do next with his accomplice. And by the way, his other friend - or two- have gone home for the time being. Neptune is right at the Nadir, so they are not telling anyone else what has happened and they have gone home to hide.

Now, the real concern would be where Cindy was later placed. None of the charts I draw up for hours after the murder show much going on. I don't believe they moved her right away. I think they may have waited until dark again to do it, and then only after much discussion about what to do. Mercury is nothing if not nervous and consumed with details. Mars is capable of killing but it's Mercury that plans the escape. And so lacking a pinpoint time line for her burial or disposal, I just have to work with the charts I have. Throughout the charts, Venus is in Libra, Saturn is in Gemini and the twelfth house ruler, Mercury, is in Libra. These planets all dispose of each other and make strong aspects in the chart. Even Mars, the killers planet, is in Aquarius. This all points to a number of possibilities. Air signs rule high places, places that service air planes and other flying machines, radio towers, mountain tops, hillsides, overpasses, heliopads, lighthouses, birds nests, quarries, tall buildings, etc... You get the picture. Gemini is the twins and Libra is the scales. How about a hillside with a fork in the road? This Pennsylvania and there are mountains around there. I know that other psychics have pointed at water but I don't see anything in the chart that indicates water. Everything I see points at high places or objects with a fork in the road or a 2 lane highway or any two alternate routes or other choices. Balance is key in the chart, so it may be a place where two things balance each other. I can't say exactly what that would be because I am not familiar with that area of Pennsylvania.

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Searchers should tackle any high land areas or areas near airports, helioports, radio towers, cellphone towers, lumber mills, mountain quarries, any place where two roads meet on a hillside or a tall commercial building with outside elevators or lifts. Are there agricultural or industrial plants in the mountain areas which have tall pump machinery that goes up and down? A place with stairways that go up to high areas of the plant? These are the sort of places that should be searched.

Quickly, in closing, let me try to describe her killer. This man is described by Mars in Aquarius. This means he is probably tall. He is muscular and obviously strong. Attractive, well shaped features. He is probably Anglo Saxon. He has blondish hair and very light blue or flinty gray eyes. He may have been good in Science and might have had a Science major or was a Science teacher. He can also be blunt and rude and although people are attracted to him, he doesn't treat them well. He is very reckless and likes danger. He has a coarse and vulgar side, one which served him well in the commission of this "thrill kill". And although his friends are fiercely loyal to him and will not "tell on him" in this case, he is not dependable or kind and does not deserve the break he's had.

However, regardless of my findings, Cindy Song has not been found and is currently an open missing persons case. Please look at her picture and keep it in mind. If you see anyone resembling this picture, please call the Kingston Township Police.

Cindy Song

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