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Rapper 50 Cent House Fire

Rapper and Wife Trade Accusations

Rapper 50 Cent has recently suffered the loss of a home in a fire incident. His ex wife and children lived in the home and he has since accused her of setting the fire to rip him off and she has accused him of setting the fire with the intent of killing her. It is great Hollywood drama but it has sort of fallen out of the news lately. Apparently he is trying to sue her for liable for accusing him of this deed. She is obviously laying low to avoid an ugly trial and is leaving it to the cops to make sense of it. Of course, there is insurance in the prize box so the outcome is important to a lot of folk.

I was emailed information on this case by a friendly reader and it was because of that that I tackled it. Thanks, Susie, this one's for you.

CANOE-- JAM! says this about the incident:

A Long Island home at the centre of a bitter dispute between 50 Cent and the mother of his son was destroyed by a suspicious fire early Friday.

Six people, including 50's ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins and their 10-year-old son, Marquis, were taken to a hospital after suffering smoke inhalation and later released. A firefighter also suffered a minor eye injury, officials said.

According to CNN NEWS:


The fire was reported at 4:59 a.m. and was extinguished about 45 minutes later, Feld said. The arson squad had finished its work at the scene six hours after the blaze.

AND THEN: Posted Jun 20th 2008 2:11PM by TMZ Staff

50 Cent's ex Shaniqua Tompkins got a restraining order this morning against the rapper -- but she was also served with a real doozy of a lawsuit.
The rapper's lawyers brought the legal hammer down on Tompkins, slapping her with a $20 million defamation suit in Connecticut court for accusing Fiddy -- over and over again -- of burning down his own house, and trying to kill her and his own son. Not only that, 50 wants the court to force Shaniqua to let him visit 11-year-old Marquise, in accordance with an earlier order.
The parties will be in New York in July to sort it all out. The arson investigation in the Dix Hills fire is ongoing.

And so I could not resist just looking at a chart and seeing if it said anything. Amazingly, the first chart I drew up, for 4 am that morning, has a fire aspect loud and clear. Mars in Leo in the fourth house. I mean, really. Right away I see Mars, the inciter, in a fire sign, Leo, placed in the fourth house, the home. And then I also see that Mars rules the descendant, which usually points at a person. So I am going to read these charts and I'm going to tell you what they say.

Assuming that the first house is the woman who lived there and her family, we can see how this all ties in. Mars, the inciter, rules the seventh house and it is disposed from the fourth house by the Sun in the first house. The Sun is closely conjunct to Venus, which is the ruler of this woman. So what does this look like to me? It looks like someone in the house, with this woman, set this fire on purpose. And then I see that Venus and Mars, the chart rulers are disposed of my Mercury, which is placed in the second house of money. This clearly says that they did it for money. And, yes, from this chart, it looks like she knew what this man was doing and may even have helped him.

Interestingly enough I also see in this chart that Pluto is in the eighth house (which would rule her ex husbands money) is in Capricorn and disposed by Saturn in the fifth. She wasn't getting enough of his money to support the children. He has a partying lifestyle (fifth house) and he lives in high life but he's stingy with the kids. Also in this chart I see that Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception in the tenth house (the public sector) and this indicates that they intended to fool the public, the cops and everybody. It also says they dreamed this up at the last minute, at the spur of the moment. Moon is in Aries in the twelfth house so she was harboring a lot of anger and resentment. When I also see that Mars, which rules Aries, is in Leo in the fourth house, I see that this was the direct result of this anger. She was trying to get to 50 Cent and to hurt him any way she could.

Now, just to be fair, I want to roll the charts forward and see how the placements shift. Some other picture might come through for me and I have to see if that happens. So she reported this fire at 4:59am so I ran a chart just to see what's up. And right away I see that Gemini has moved onto the Ascendant and Mercury has moved into the first house. No wonder they made the phone call right then. Mercury is the messenger and Gemini rules phones. The chart co-ruler, the Moon, has moved into the eleventh house, so friends are circling the wagons. The Moon also rules the second house and is disposed by Mars in the fourth, so someone made promises to friends that if they helped there'd be money in it. Pluto is still in the eighth, disposed by Saturn, which is now moving into the fourth house. The house belonged to 50 Cent, this is what this says, and was one of his assets. The eighth house, if you remember, describes his financial situation. The fourth house is the home. Another read on this is Saturn moving into the fourth means that the fire is going out or will soon be put out. This is born out again by the simple fact that Saturn is disposed by Mercury in the first house. They called the cops and the water hoses were on the way. Simple but fascinating to see in the stars.

I have to also point out that Jupiter is sitting up there in the ninth house of legal matters. This will end up either in court at some point or be a source of negotiation among lawyers. She will, in the long run, benefit to some degree from this. More child support or some other benefit. Or perhaps a new pad for her and the children. Watch. It will be interesting. And then I had to finish up with a chart for the time at which the fire was put out and the newspapers were just sending out their copy. This was 5:45 am, according to sources. In this chart, Cancer is now rising and the Moon has moved into the tenth house. This shows how the emotions of this event became public. Moon is in Aries, disposed by Mars in the third, so the argument, the accusations and the emotional content of this event was greatly publicized. Verbal accusations were a big feature at that moment. Mars in the third house always causes people to say rash and inappropriate things.

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Jupiter, which rules the descendant, is in the eighth house. Again, it looks like someone will benefit from 50 Cent in some way. Or perhaps it will work in a converse fashion, and 50 Cent will pad his own bank account after this event. I am not sure. And another interesting aspect is the presence of Saturn in Virgo alone in the fourth house. Saturn is patience and Virgo is details: the cops are going over this with a fine tooth comb. Virgo is disposed by Mercury, which is placed in the first house, so they are really looking at the woman. They think the people in the house did this. Neptune is at the midheaven, along with the North Node, which indicates that the public will never get all the details in this event. In fact, it was be "covered up" or "pushed under a rug". But the players need to be careful because Uranus is in the eleventh house and in mutual reception with Neptune. This means that how much this thing is kept secret depends upon the friends they have shared this with. If they get what they are promised, things will stay quiet. If not, a book will be written.

The last thing I want to say is that there is nothing in the ninth house at the end of this event. Although 50 Cent has slapped her with a lawsuit, it will be settled out of court. There will be no big public trial with everybody screaming at each other. It will all be "swept under the rug", the friends involved with this will benefit and get their money and 50 Cent will get her a new home to care for his children. No one is going to jail.

I did not want to do this chart at first because nobody died and nobody is missing. However, Astrology can be used for crimes of all sorts and I will begin doing other crimes, like unsolved robberies, fugitives and arsons like this one. As long as they are high profile enough to interest all of my readers, I will attempt them. If anybody out there has any great unsolved crimes you'd like to see on this blog, email me at the address in the sidebar or place a comment on the site. Thanks again! -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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