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Cleashindra Denise Hall

Young Lady Leaves Work and Disappears In Thin Air


May 9, 1994 started off like any ordinary day. Eighteen year old Cleashindra Hall-Clea to her friends and family, left her home for her clerical job with Dr. Larry Amos, a dentist in Pine Bluff, AR. At around 8:00, Clea called her mother to check in. It was the last time Laurell Hall would ever hear from her daughter. Dr. Amos told police investigators that the young woman left around 8:30, but he didn't see who she left with.

Cleashindra Hall was, by all accounts, an extraordinary young woman. Valedictorian of her class at Watson Chapel High School, she was scheduled to give the commencement address at her graduation two weeks after her disappearance. She was excited about leaving to attend Memphis State University. Active in her church and in the school choir and band, she hoped to become a pediatrician. Her future was bright and her potential was limitless.

In the almost 13 years since her disappearance, Laurell Hall has worked tirelessly to make sure that Clea's name stays in the front of people's minds, but it's been a struggle, she says. "People have forgotten." Still, she publishes the familiar pictures in the local newspaper every month, hoping that someones conscience will tug at them and she will finally know what happened to her daughter. "It's hard to imagine that nobody seems to know where she is, or if they do, they won't come forward." The once yearly prayer vigils have faded away, replaced by private family remembrances.

Particularly frustrating is the lack of resources available to parents of missing adults. Because Clea was 18 at the time she disappeared, the Hall family was not eligible for the same services as the parents of younger missing children. In spite of the efforts of Clea's mother, her case has never attracted the attention of the national media.

You can read the original article here: Cleashindra Hall

First of all, I wouldn't even have heard of this case (once again) if it wasn't for an astute reader. Because he took the time to email me and tell me about it, I checked it out and decided to post it on the blog. So I want to dedicate this post to Bill and thank him for the tip. This case talked to me because so much time has passed and literally nothing has come up to help the cops solve it. I mean, nothing. This case has never gotten the national media attention it deserves and that goes for the usual when it comes to black women. This is probably the reason I've never heard of it. I have done several charts on missing black women and they get the least hits, the lowest number of views on my blog. This goes with the fact that they are just not covered by the national media. White and Asian women seem to garner the most attention and their children, as well. This is very sad. I thought we were getting over this silliness as a country but, once again, I am bothered to find that we are not. Racism appears to be alive and well.

So I want to contribute once more to the missing and forgotten among us. Cleashindra Hall was only 18 years old when she disappeared off the planet and she was either murdered or abducted. If she is still alive, which is doubtful, she is held somewhere against her will and that picture is even uglier than the first. She was an Aries, by all accounts competitive and energetic. She was aiming for a bright future and was known as a "good" girl. She would have been a wonderful asset to our childcare and health care systems. She is sorely missed.

The first chart I drew up for this case was for the time she was last seen. Right away, the placements caught my eye. Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Pluto is right at the ascendant, closing in on a conjunction with the North Node. As in all the charts, this configuration screams "fate"! Unfortunately it looks like a violent fate to me. The Sun in Taurus is closely opposite the Node. Venus is in the seventh house in the sign Gemini, disposed of by Mercury also in Gemini. She left her place of employment with two people. One of these people was around her age. The other was an older adult. Mars is in Aries in the fifth house inconjunct to the Node. All aspects point to an inescapable situation. She was trapped where she was by circumstance and it was this that led to her death.

Within the next hour, Cleashindra was dead. The Ascendant moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius and both Pluto and Jupiter are now in the twelfth house. Saturn is in the fourth, conjoined the Nadir. Jupiter is closely opposed to Mercury. This all says to me that there was an argument with the younger person, the one who was close to her age. It appeared to be about sex or romance as Mars is still in the fifth. Either she resisted someones advances or there was jealousy over someone she was dating or a disagreement about a relationship or something of this nature. Mars so closely inconjunct to the Node says that this was planned. This person intended on confronting her this night. It's just too bad that it got so far out of hand. Pluto's closest aspect is a sextile to Uranus in Capricorn which is also conjoined to Neptune. This person had the element of surprise on their side. Cleashindra did not expect any of this and was taken completely off guard. She hardly knew what hit her.

Now, the movement of Saturn as me thinking. In the next chart I draw up I see it leaving the fourth and moving into the third. They must have taken her to someones home first and then back out in the car. I am not sure who's home they went to. Because this is Saturn I am thinking they took her there and killed her there and then transported her after she was dead. Mars in Aries in the fifth makes me think it might have involved rape, but of this I cannot be sure. But this is especially true to me because of the square from Mars to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the second house. They attacked her to get something from her and I believe that may have been sex, however I cannot rule out money altogether. Still, this may come down to being a jilted suitor or an angry ex boyfriend. This person is around her age and the older person was not involved, from what I can see, in what transpired after they got to their destination. The older person may have simply been doing the younger person a favor by giving them both a ride.

Because Saturn is moving into the third and is disposed of by Uranus in the second, it looks like they moved her into a second car. Sagittarius is rising and Jupiter is in the eleventh so this car belongs to a friend; perhaps even someone Clea had known in life. Someone within her circle of acquaintances, certainly familiar with this angry man who was either jilted or envious enough to kill her. And there is no doubt in my mind that she was targeted for this when I consider that her sun sign is Aries and Mars was in Aries at the time of her death. Mars in the fifth house. Sexual aggression aimed right at her. But somehow she was not aware of this, it had not been a problem for her or she would not have gotten into that car. She apparently felt safe with this man, trusted him or, at the very least, did not fear him. That's why I'm thinking it's someone she dated or knew very well as a friend. And perhaps never knew his real desires or felt that the issue wasn't that great. Of course, we'll never know if they never catch him. And so much time has passed already.

Another thing I must point out is in all these charts this night, the Moon is stationed in the sixth house, closing a conjunction with the Sun. That makes it a new moon night; dark with no moonlight. From an Astrological viewpoint, the Moon in the sixth sort of points towards someone she worked with. The fact that she worked for someone in the medical profession makes this stand out even more. She, as well, was interested in staying in the medical field. All of this makes the Moon a strong voice from the sixth. I dare to venture that the person who had a crush on her, was jilted and was angry enough to kill her, worked there with her (or was a frequent patient) at that medical office. Since the Dentist did not see who she left with and there were no other witnesses, we will just never know. But that is a shot I'd be willing to take. Did she work with someone young, around her own age? Or was there a landscaper, janitor, assistant, errand runner, anyone like this? Another thing to consider: was there a regular patient who had become friendly with her? Someone who flirted? Asked her out on a date and was refused? The Moon, as well, is disposed of by Venus. Venus is disposed of by Mercury. Mercury is the planet that points to her killer. I would be checking into the employee (and patient) list for that period of time. That might be where he came from.

The final chart I draw up shows that the placements are about the same. Saturn in Pisces in the third trine to Jupiter in Scorpio in the eleventh. They took her somewhere in the neighborhood and set her out near a road. A backwoods road near a stable, perhaps. If there is a horse farm nearby or a ranch and there is a water hole or pond near that, then they should look in that area. There may be recreational facilities nearby like a campground or a pavilion or fishing pier or a boat ramp. Something where people have fun with the outdoors or near the water. The Moon in Taurus points at cattle, Jupiter at horses and Pisces at bodies of water. The third-eleventh house aspect points at groups of people, family and friends, getting together and having fun. Any combination of these four elements gives a good description of where they left her body.

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And to give an idea of what this person looks like, I can try to do that. Mercury describes him as younger, close to her age. Gemini says that he wasn't alone and that he had help along the way. Gemini also points at other siblings close to his age, even a twin or a boy very much like himself. He is tall and thin. He stands upright and has a bright appearance. He has a "pug" or upturned nose. It could be wide or flared but it is not long and it has a snub at the end. His complexion is clear, no scars or pimples. His complexion is colorful, more florid than most, with pink in the cheeks or forehead. He may be white or black or even brown. Race is not defined by this signature. Sometimes you see blond and blue or you see yellowish or black skin. But this young man could have anything from brown to hazel-gray eyes, making him of any race. He has a lively, springy walk and likes to talk. He is animated, uses his hands a lot and has "jumpy" eyebrows. Very expressive gestures and mannerisms. Quite the actor, actually. He may be clever and handy with a remarkable memory. He may also be scatter-brained, nervous, tricky and untrustworthy. He could be quite a talented thief.

Now, regardless of my findings, Cleashindra Hall has never been found and may very well be alive. She was last seen at 5309 Faucett Road in Pine Bluff, AR. She is 5'8' tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a white shirt and short set with navy blue polka dots on one side and stripes on the other white socks, white athletic shoes and a white ponytail holder in her hair. Someone, somewhere knows what happened to Clea. If you have any information, contact the Pine Bluff Police Department at (870)543-5112.

Cleashindra Hall

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  1. This case is so sad, for many reasons. Firstly, with her being chosen as her school's valedictorian, she had such a promising future ahead of her. And, as you highlighted upon before going through her charts (and as Alicia commented above me), she received little to no coverage or exposure in the media. Racism may not appear or look like it did during the dark times of slavery or the equally dark time period durting late 60's during the civil rights movement- but it still exists. The racism today, though not as blatant as occurred in the past, is just as pervasive. No wonder they coined it "missing white woman syndrome," because that is all the media (and sometimes even law enforcement even) focuses on with missing women, (and men as well).
    And there fact that the don't cover or exhaustively investigate these stories should cause outrage. Sad. Reminds me of the Terrance Williams and Mitrice Richardson cases, although different types of cases, I wasn't even aware of their cases until I saw it on ID's Disappeared, many years after they disappeared.


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