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Audrey May Herron

Young Woman Leaves Work and Never Gets Home

Audrey Herron has been missing from Jefferson Heights, New York since August 29, 2002. She was last seen leaving her job at The Columbia Greene Long Term Health Care Facility, where she worked as a nurse. At 11:00PM, Audrey walked out with coworkers to her vehicle where, after some small talk she said she “would see them at work Sunday.” Audrey drove westbound on State Route 23 in a 1994 Black Jeep Grand Cherokee with NY plates reading X233UV.

Audrey was wearing dark green medical scrubs and a blue turtle neck with a pendant reading “#1 Mom”, and a watch with a white leather band and white face.

It's about a 30-minute drive from Jefferson Heights to her home in Freehold, where she lived with her husband and three children. She never arrived. Audrey was a woman dedicated to her family and those who know her say she would never have just up and left.

Both Audrey and the Black 1994 Grand Cherokee she was driving have vanished. Extensive air and ground searches were performed by the NYS Police, family and friends as well as area volunteers but nothing was found. Neither the NY State Police nor the FBI have had any luck finding clues as to Audrey’s whereabouts.

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This is a real mystery and it's almost faded into history as there have been no clues or suspects. Some people think she just up and ran off and others say no way that's not like her. Sound familiar? Well, like all mysteries, this one attracted me and made me want to solve it. Did Audrey just flip out and run off? Was there a boyfriend in the back room that no one knew about? Did she plan it all out in advance or was this a last minute lark? Or was she actually dead... and if so, how and where? The first chart I drew up said a lot about Audrey. Gemini rising with Mercury in the fifth house says right away that as she was leaving work, she was thinking about her kids. She had some concern about one or more of them and this was on her mind. Venus in the sixth house, as she was leaving work, tells us she liked her job and felt comfortable there. But an ugly Pluto in Sagittarius was in the seventh house opposing a first house North Node. She had a "date with destiny" so to speak. And that destiny was brutal. I must also consider Jupiter, which rules the seventh house and signifies the other person in this date with destiny. It is on the cusp of the fourth house at 11 pm. This says that her attacker or abductor or murderer was outside of her home at this time. He very nearly went to the front door and may have even looked in a window.

The Moon, co significator of the victim, is in the twelfth house in Taurus. Audrey is keeping some sort of secret or doing something in private no one knows about. It may involve money. The Moon is disposed of by Venus in the sixth, so it may have been money she earned at work. There may have also been a friendship with someone at work that she had told no one about. The fatal aspect involving Pluto and the Node shows that Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter in the third. This indicates that something about her car either contributed to or created circumstances favorable to her disappearance. Her attacker either carjacked her, was hitchhiking and she was sweet enough to pull over, pretended to have car trouble, etc... or he may have been hiding in the back seat of her car or he could have followed her in another car and ran her off the road. Something about her car allowed this person to move in on her. Perhaps the visibility of the SUV made it easy for him to spot her. Jupiter is opposite Neptune at the midheaven, so he was able to confront her right out in public without being seen. Neptune cloaked him, even in the open area of highway she was traveling on with other cars passing by and passengers looking. She was taken totally by surprise. Moon in Taurus in the twelfth house, disposed of by Venus in the sixth, shows that it all started as she left her place of employment. Was he in the parking lot? Did he follow her out? It's all possible. It's also possible that this person worked with her at her job or knew her from that place.

And then the next chart, for 11:30 pm, the aspects get crystal clear. The opposition from Pluto the the Node is almost exact within minutes of the Ascendant axis. Moon in is the twelfth house and Saturn has moved into the first house. Audrey is in grave danger. Mars in the fourth house with the Sun tells me that he was trying to force her to go home. He was commandeering her and making her go back to her home, perhaps for the purpose of robbing them or killing them or something else just as sinister. Mars is disposed of by Mercury in the fifth house, again telling me that she was thinking about her kids. He is threatening her children? How does he know she has kids? Toys in the car? But there is something telling in this chart that I think is worth mentioning. Jupiter, this attacker, who is in her car at this point, is disposed of by the Sun in the fourth house. I would see the Sun in the fourth as her husband. This person may have known her husband. That may be why he singled her out. He knew more about her than she might have realized. Or perhaps, as I previously noted, she might have known him as well. The most telling thing in this configuration is the conjunction of the Sun to Mars. This man may have had a beef with Audrey's husband. There may have been an argument with this man around their home at some time in the past. Were there problems with a landlord or neighbor? Did someone Audrey worked with come to a picnic or bbq at some time and then argue with her husband? Was there someone at work who had feelings for her and might have openly resented her husband? These are all stories that the chart is telling to some degree.

And then in the chart for midnight, things come to a halt. Saturn is closing in on the Ascendant and the Node is in the twelfth. Jupiter is still in the third. This is what I think happened. Audrey was killed during the altercation over control of the car. She refused to drive the car home and he had to use force to gain control of the vehicle. She was a tiny woman, being only 5 feet tall and weighing around 100 lbs so overuse of force would be deadly. Jupiter, the Sun and Mars all point at a weapon like a gun or a knife. He used a weapon to gain control of her and at some point struck, stabbed or shot her with it. With her obviously dead or dieing, he is then driving the car. Jupiter still directly opposes Neptune, which is now in the ninth, so he has moved onto a major highway with the intention of leaving the area. He can actually hide out in another area, perhaps even has another identity already established elsewhere. I honestly get the feeling that he is a foreigner, perhaps even an exchange student, so if there are colleges in the area with exchange programs, they need to be looked at. If the Medical Center she worked at employed a foreign kid from a nearby college, then this person should be spoken with. Saturn is trine to Uranus in the tenth house so I think her death was a surprise. I don't think he meant to kill her, it just got out of hand. He really wanted her alive because he wanted to go to her home. Again, like I said, he had an interest in her family and may have known or known of her husband. Jupiter is disposed of by the Sun in Virgo in the fourth house. Her husband was at home by all reports and this is where the attacker was focused.

With the planets lined up the way there were, I am very surprised the attacker did not go on to her home anyways. He may have been there in the past and knew where it was. All of these aspects clearly state that this was not a stranger. This was not a hitchhiker or carjacker along the highway. I am still fairly sure that it all began at or near her place of work; he was in the parking lot, nearby on the shoulder of the road, following her, or somehow otherwise singling her out and coming for her. Things fell into place this night first because of the Node-Pluto opposition on the angles but also because there was a grand trine in place. Venus, Uranus and Saturn all fell into a tight grand trine in air signs. Venus in Libra, Uranus in Aquarius and Saturn in Gemini. This trine involved the sixth, tenth and first houses for the better part of the night. This points to the same theme: the first house indicates that Audrey was chosen and it was not random; the tenth and sixth houses point squarely at her place of employment and public life. Things lined up smoothly and events went easily as the attacker took his opportunity and cashed it in. Why he did this, I am not sure. It was personal in some fashion, she and her family were chosen. And there are some new planetary movements in the chart for 1 am that I find startling.

Cancer is now rising and the Moon is placed in the twelfth, repeating the fact that Audrey is dead at this time. The Moon is disposed of by Venus in Libra in the fifth house and Libra is Audrey's Sun Sign. I do believe this person had a crush or at least deep feelings for her and found her beautiful as a woman. Venus in the fifth speaks of romantic love and being that Libra is Audrey's sign, this points to a love affair, even if it's only one sided. However, there is a chance that it was reciprocal. Perhaps, at one time, she had entertained the idea or even accepted his advances. Perhaps this why he felt violence towards her husband. I cannot say this for sure. It just looks that way in this chart. And then this is where it gets wierd. Capricorn is falling and Saturn is in the twelfth near to the Node and the Moon. Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in the fourth house. This looks like her abuctor committed suicide. I am dead serious. It looks like he took his own life and he is now dead, as well. Along with this aspect, I also see that Mars has slipped into the third house, disposed of by the Sun. I think he destroyed the Jeep. I think he ran it off a cliff or into a pond or down a ravine or otherwise destroyed it and it has not been found. Perhaps this is how he killed himself, in a crash in the Jeep. If there are mountains or hills in the area, I'd be searching ravines and cliffs. All the planets in air signs point at high places. This may be where the Jeep is.

The aspects showing Audrey's whereabouts are a little different. Moon in Taurus and Saturn in Gemini combine to give a different picture. If they are still looking for Audrey, dead or alive, they should be looking in small wooded areas with small animals like Turtles and Raccoons. This wooded area would be near to a pasture with Cattle at the base of a mountainous or hilly area. She would be buried in the dirt or under brush and debris. With Pisces on the midheaven and Neptune in the eighth, she will remain hidden for a long time. Neptune is retrograde so she is buried in a place where very few people travel and of those that do traverse the area, no one will notice anything. Neptune is deep and dark and secret. Neptune is retrograde in a fixed sign in a succedent house and it does not go direct for 51 days. This translates into years. I hate to say this but I do not think this woman will ever be found. Four months after she went missing, during the month of December, the authorities went over an area very close to where her body is. They either flew overhead (likely) or walked or drove through the area, but they missed the clues if there were any. They should go back over the fly over areas from December 2002. She is buried or hidden somewhere in those areas. Particularly areas near cow pastures at the foot of hills or mountains. As I said before they should look for cozy wooded spots with small critters around.

Regardless of my findings, Audrey Herron has not been found and is still considered missing. She may even still be alive. Please look at the photos and make note of her appearance and the Jeep she was driving. If you see her or the Jeep or have any information about what happened to her, please call New York State Police Department at (518) 622-8600

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