Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jennifer McMahon Whipkey

Young Lady Found Stabbed To Death On The Side Of The Road

From the Unsolved Crimes Website:

Jennifer Whipkey was on a date at the Adelphia Restaurant Friday night, May 25th, 2002. She had an arguement with her date and he left her at the restaurant. Jennifer was upset at first but then she had been dancing, drinking and having a good time until closing..

Jennifer had told people that a "friend" was coming to get her. No one knows who that "friend" was. Jennifer was left outside the bar after it closed. She was last scene making phone calls in the parking lot. It's possible that she left in a car that was described as a gray colored Chevy Corsica with a dented door.

The victim died from multiple stab wounds early Saturday morning between 3-5 am. The killer(s) did not place her body until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, keeping her body approx. 24-30 hours after her death. She was placed in a wooded area on a busy road across from the Westwood Motor Lodge. When found her shoes were on the wrong feet and her clothes were disheveled. You can read the full report and view the photos at: Unsolved Crimes

This is an interesting case with lots of possibilities. This was a young lady out for a good time, drinking and dancing. A target for every wierdo looking for a victim. She had also had a bad date which could mean there was an angry man out there some where just mad enough to come back and face her down. And she had an ex husband who was known to be a problem. The suspects are many and the clues are few. She is simply found dead on the side of the road. And no one saw a thing.. or they just haven't come forward with it. This occured over 5 years ago and it's a sad story so I thought I'd see if I could see anything in the sky. I drew up charts for the window of death placed by the coroner, from 3 am until 5 am to get an idea of what happened.

The charts turn out to be simple and swift, telling a pretty quick story that finishes fast. This is amazing to me because so many of them take hours and hours and sometimes days of study to get them to talk. At 3 am Aries is rising and Libra is falling. Mars is in the third house and Venus is in the fourth. This says clearly that Jennifer is in the neighborhood but still alive and well. Mars is close to the North Node so she is in store for a fated encounter. Mars is aligned with four other planets, also in Gemini, along the bottom of the chart, so she has been around a lot of people this night and is looking to make contact somehow. The third house also points to vehicles so perhaps she is in a car or looking for a ride in a car at this time.

The most interesting aspect that appears in the chart at this time is an opposition from Saturn to Pluto. Intense anger and hatred is often defined by this aspect. Uprisings among people, riots, genocide and racial hatreds happen often during the transit of this aspect. It is a marker of great social unrest. In a personal chart it can point to a meeting with someone whom we hate very much or cannot get along with. In a natal chart, it indicates a person who has a lot of problems with hate and anger, either coming or going to or from themselves. In this chart, the opposition is exact to within 2 seconds of arc. To emphasize this even more, the transiting Moon is close to Pluto and aspecting into opposition with Saturn. Not a good sign.

Her next contact this night is ruled by the Descendant in Libra and is therefor represented by Venus. Venus is in the fourth house close to Jupiter. This person is at home at 3 am and simply enjoying him or herself watching a comedy most likely on TV. This person could have been drinking a lot this evening and somewhat giddy. Jupiter and Venus are both disposed of by the Moon, which is sitting ominously in the eighth house of death. Moon is in close opposition with the Sun and disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth. To finish it off, these planets are in the sign Cancer. This closes a loop. I have every reason to beleive this second person is a member of her own family, either her ex husband or someone else close to her.

Then I turn the page and draw the chart for 3-30 am and bang, here it is. Venus has moved into the third house and is moving into proximity of Mars. This person has gotten into a car to go get her and she is going to get into that car, if she hasn't already at this time. The Moon is closing an inconjunction with Venus so there is an arguement right away. She has really irritated this person and there is a lot of friction. And then looking at the chart really closely I see it. The North Node is almost right upon Saturn, conjoined in Gemini in the third house. This combination is exactly opposite Pluto in the eighth. There is going to be a huge fight this night and it's going to get violent.

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Mars is disposed by Mercury which opposes the Moon in the eighth. Jennifer is going to start the fight by rejecting sexual advances. She is going to get emotional very quickly, screaming and crying and this is going to escalate the situation rapidly. I believe Pluto in the eighth says that force came into play; he tried to make her have sex or did rape her. Either way, it got bad. And it got bad right in the car. Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception in the eleventh house of friendship so she was shocked by this event because she always thought this person was a friend. Someone either close to the family or from within the family circle that she thought was friendly towards her. However, this man was more than a little friendly, if you want to get cute about it. He wanted more than a handshake this night and he thought the phone call from a drunk girl was a come on.

The charts I work with for the next hour don't show much change. They are fighting, it is violent, they are in the car, sex is involved. Between 4:30 and 5 am, Mars leaves the third and drops into the second house. But the Ascendants have changed. Jennifer is now ruled by Taurus and her assailant by Scorpio. Venus is in the third house so her body is still in the car. Mars, her assailant, is in the second, so he has returned to a place where he keeps his things. A warehouse, perhaps? A storage unit or shelter. Pluto, which now rules the assailant, is still in the eighth house. This is a creepy alignment at this point, with him being concerned about her dead body of course but also points to the original theme of sex and forced sexual contact. Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter which is closely aligned with Venus, her body. He enjoys himself somehow by having or even molesting her dead body. He has total control over her, after all. She can't fight him anymore.

Quickly, I turn the chart again to see if what I think happens does. It does. Saturn falls into the first house at just before 5 am. This is when Jennifer actually passes out of her body. This is the hour of death. At 5 am, as well, Venus has passed from the third and joined Mars in the second. She is now in the storage unit or shed with him. They are together in this place where he keeps his things and she is now one of his "things". Pluto has moved into the seventh house so the violence has faded and the focus has shifted to control. He is controlling her now, he has final say in anything that happens to her. Pluto in the seventh is the marker of an overbearing, controlling spouse. It also points to violence in marriage. I am not sure if this was a man she was married to or involved with in some way, but he certainly explores his ownership rights. He has conquered her and she cannot get away again.

I will make my usual attempt to describe her killer in the hopes that it makes sense and helps someone. He would be short to medium in height and is extreme in weight, either fleshy and fat or very thin and frail. He would have an oval or round face and clear skin. His eye color would range from dark azure blue to dark steely gray to black. No brown eyes here. Black eyes would be deep and dark. Think of the ocean when you think of the eyes. He has dark brown to black hair with a reddish tinge or light red highlights perhaps from working in the sun. His voice is sweet and melodic. He can unrealiable and really lazy. He can also be very emotional and difficult to reason with. Good qualities would be a love of culture and refinement, a taste for the finer things. He can also be sweet at times, sympathetic and understanding, with a modest nature. This position in the chart points to someone either in or around the family, a close tie. This where everyone should begin their search.

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  1. Would anyone who practices astrology come to the same conclusions you do in this write up? In other words, is the information you are offering here something someone independent of you would arrive at as well when presented with the same facts?

  2. Actually these readings are based on some text book study I've done for many years, so, yes, someone else could come to these conclusions. However, Astrologers vary widely in their use of sky charts and how they read aspects so someone could find something different... but not THAT different. I have done many years of research and this is as good as it gets. Most of my interpretations come from my study of the book "Horary Astrology" by Geraldine Davis. That's good reading if you want to learn more about this work. Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. when you do these readings do you follow up with the authorities? do you ask other astrologists to double check your reading with theirs? are you psychic?

  4. No, the authorities haven't expressed any interest. Some of them might consider it but they would have to invite me. I wouldn't just assume they would want it. I don't know any other Astrologers at this time, I wish I did. I have dabbled in the psychic in the past but with these charts, I follow the rules as I learned them. I don't guess or use any other tool like Tarot Cards, just the planetary placements and the way they are read. If I can't read a chart, I don't do it. I have always wanted other Astrologers to come onto the site and state their findings... even criticize mine. That has not happened. Maybe it will someday. For all of us, there is always something more to learn. Thanks for reading my blog.

  5. well is the case many times. You have offered no help as they are making an arrest. Random individual. Good job guessing though. You had about a 50/50 shot.

  6. I'm sorry for your loss. But naysayers are always so quick to criticize.. they haven't even announced the name yet and it's sort of premature to say she didn't know this person. I stick by my reading. That chart showed a phone call to someone she knew. Again, I'm sorry for your pain and I realize this is a very sad story. I do not claim to solve crimes, though. I am here to read charts to see if Astrology can help. I make no other assertions and, yes, it can be wrong. So can the cops.

  7. Ex wasn't "known to be a problem", that was just media hype, lots of mistakes in their reporting. The poor girl was with the wrong person at the wrong time and no one that loved her will ever get over it but at least now they can have some closure.

  8. I personally know the EX. He wasn't known to be a "problem". Now that the real killer has been
    charged, lets see what the stars say about their houses being so wrong about who they are letting through their doors.


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