Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Forensic Astrology

I have had a lot of emails and comments concerning Forensic Astrology and how I got started with it. I decided that instead of just leaving a few notes on the comment board, I would put together a post on this subject. Forensic Astrology is an outgrowth of the old fashioned Horary System which was originally devised for finding lost objects and describing theives. Horary is also a wonderful tool for projecting the future of marriages, divorces, pregnancies, trips, events, anything that has a specific starting time and date. It has worked absolute miracles for me in my life, finding money, objects & people readily and accurately. Even a seasoned, hardcore student of Astrology like this old lady was amazed by my early results in the practice of Horary Astrology. I had also had great success with many advanced studies like Rectification of birth time, where I could discover the time of conception and the time of birth merely from the time of a big life event like marriage or death. Other studies, like Arabic Parts Formulas, special configurations and chart formations also caught my fancy. With enough study and practice it got to where something would happen and I would know what sign was rising, where the Moon was and place all of the planets in my head at that moment and either know the result or solve the question. I have a lot of examples but I won't bore you with all those details in this post.

During this period of my life I started to write for American Astrology and Dell Horoscope. I had always wanted to be a writer and was not seeking to further myself as an Astrologer, actually. I loved fiction and had a dream of writing a great novel, like my heroes Truman Capote, Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. I tried submitting fiction but everyone who read my bio was more interested in my metaphysical studies, Palmistry, Astrology and other pursuits. I thought including these in the bio would show my ability to write thrillers, ghost stories and Science Fiction, which were the genres I preferred. But, out of frustration, I decided to try my hand at writing about it after all. I put together articles on my research studies, like "Luck And The Part Of Fortune", "The Sun, Moon and Romance" and "Is Life Ever Unfair: The Domino Stellium". Some of these became front page features and I made some real money doing it. I was pleased that I had a chance to write something, my Astrology studies had brought me some reward and also that I was helping others. The first letter to the editor saying how my articles had helped someone warmed my heart and gave me impetus to keep on going. I knew that Astrology had a deeper layer than just the Sun Sign stuff you see everywhere and the lucky numbers stuff and the daily horoscope. I'm not saying that is all crap, just that I had an interest in finding other uses for the Sci-Art I had come to know so well. The idea that it might be able to locate things and people was one thing that held fascination for me. And, as fate would have it, life led me to places where this vision I had could be explored.

A desire to expand my studies led me seek out other Astrologers and in the 1980s I went about hitching up with the Astrological Research Guild. I did not make a lot of friends nor did I make much difference there... but it had a big effect on me and my future work. The ARG was a group of elderly gentlemen who held lectures, conferences and meetings where they started projects and later discussed their outcome. They treated me with distance and not much interest, after all I was a twenty something female child in their eyes and not a part of "their group". But that was ok. I watched, listened and learned. A group of them were conducting a research project on serial killers at that time and publishing their results in the newsletters. I looked over the complicated charts, progressions and transiting charts they published and came to the same conclusion they eventually did: there is no one thing or even many things in a birth chart that proves consistent among serial killers or would help anyone predict a serial killer among us. They were studying Ted Bundy, John Gacy, Ed Gein and Albert De Salvo. They were sure of the birth data because they personally paid for copies of birth certificates from the places they were born. So the charts were accurate. However, nothing similar emerged, not even some arcane element or hidden aspect or unusual formation. Without going into a lengthy recitation of the results as they were discovered, trust me when I say it proved nothing. So they dropped that project and moved on.

But curiosity kept at me. I was still trying to consider what might be shown in a chart. Perhaps the chart should be a composite between killer and victim. Perhaps it should be a horary for the time of death. Perhaps it should be a combination of the three? Unable to obtain birth data for both murderer and victim in every case, at that time, I tried composites and this did not work. The method of obtaining data in the 1980s was nearly prehistoric when you look at how computers and the internet have changed the world. Now, you get online and search and you get whatever you are looking for. Back then it was a drawn out process involving paperwork, time and money and it was rare to have all three at once. But my success with horary charts previously encouraged me to work with them in this manner and use the birth chart as a foundation. My first successful chart was done while living in Orlando, Florida and a child nearby was abducted. The chart clearly showed me it was ugly and the child was dead. I do not relish the memories of the crying mother begging me for information and me assuring her that I had not seen anything of importance and the child had to be alive. When the child was later found dead I avoided her. I would rather be a failed Astrologer than the bearer of such bad news. But one thing about that chart stuck in my mind and never left. That was the presence of the Plaedies at the midheaven. I was fairly sure that was a bad thing but it would take many other ugly death charts to convince me this was true.

I continued to use horary charts to find my missing money, crystal necklace, bank envelope, concert tickets and other mundane items. I did not do much more with the death charts until the Gaineseville murders happened and the horror became the obsession of everyone here in Florida. I ate, drank and slept those murders. I even went to the trial. It wasn't much of a trail, he just came in and pled guilty and it was over that fast. I had actually gone there with the vain hope that I would write the book about it. I had submitted an outline to a publisher and they were considering it. It was not meant to be, which was a big drag, but it did eventually start me working with death charts again. But not before Rolling was caught. My interest re-emerged when I read the book about it after it was all over. I had to read the book, you see, because I wanted to see why she got the book deal and I didn't. But my Astrology brain was still alive and well and I was curious. From the book, I got the birth charts for the victims and could not resist looking. I ended up matching them with Rollings and the results were amazing. He killed both Sonja and Christie but he killed Sonja fast and spent a lot of time with Christie. He and Christies charts had so many aspects and points that I would have thought that under other conditions they might have been lovers. So there was the attraction. That simple. And his chart did not mesh as strongly with Sonjas. This pattern remained true with all the other victims as well. All of the crimes, except the murder of Manny, of course, were sexual crimes. The sex aspects were present in the charts of the women he stalked and targeted, proving that this was based on attraction. But the real eye openers were the charts I ran up and progressed for each of the nights of the murders. There it was again: the Plaedies on the midheaven. It throttled me. I knew then, at that moment, that there was something to this and I had to keep on doing it.

Currently, I had wanted to have a blog. I wasn't sure at first what I wanted to write about but I knew I wanted to write about something. Having given up my quest to become a writer of fiction, I still had a hankering to beat out the big publishers and get my stuff out there somehow. Back in the day, there was no recourse but to take a big fat no from the big boys and go home and be quiet. But now the internet allows us to write all we want, about whatever we want, and for people to read it if they want to. And it doesn't cost everybody a bunch of money nor does it destroy a forest full of trees. I had been selling on the internet since 2003 so it was a natural progression for me to try my hand at blogging. And, of course, the first thought I had was to write about Astrology. I'd had some success with it before.. and this time I could write about what I wanted to after all. And, again, let me iterate my other purpose in doing this: to help somebody. I only hope it does.

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