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Dane Chandler Williams

Young Surfer Found Dead In Alleyway; No Cause Of Death Known

I first heard this horror story back in January on Nancy Grace. At the time I thought it was just another wild child dead of an overdose and dumped by a nervous party pal. Dane Williams was an up and coming star in the Surfing world and we have all heard about how crazy Surfer dudes can get. However, since then, much more information has come to light and this case has turned into a real mystery. So I got interested in what I could find. And this is what I got from various sites on the web:

It was while Williams was in San Diego to attend a convention for Hurley that he disappeared in the early morning of Saturday, Jan. 26, after leaving the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel, in the Southern California city's popular Gaslamp area. Williams never returned to his hotel room, and family and friends launched an aggressive search for the missing young man.

Three days later, a San Diego citizen leaving home early in the morning called the police to report a dead person in an alley behind his home.

"The decedent bore a strong physical resemblance to Williams, and he was clad in the same clothing Williams was wearing when he was last seen," according to a release from the San Diego Police Department. The body, wrapped in a blanket and dumped 10 miles from the hotel in a rougher San Diego neighborhood, was identified by Williams' family.

The autopsy showed wounds to his lower jaw, right cheek and right ring finger knuckle. There was also a dried bloody fluid around in his nose, mouth and on his chin, the report said.

Williams was found face down wrapped in an animal-hair covered blanket reeking of urine in the dirt in an alley. Police found foot prints by his head and tire tracks by his side, leading them to believe his body was dropped off there after his death.

I didn't include everything I'd read and I thew in a little more than I needed to but I thought it was all relevant. I was going to have to draw up charts for several hours and follow the leads. It would be up to the stars to reveal their secrets.

The first chart I drew up was for the time at which he was last seen, stumbling away from the Hard Rock at 2 am. His hotel was walking distance away and so he did not get into a car. This first chart has Scorpio rising and Taurus falling. Pluto is in the second house and Mars is in the seventh. Dane was concerned about his job and his money for some reason this morning. Perhaps money was the reason he left the bar. However, Mars in the seventh shows that he had been interested in a female at the bar and had a confrontation in that area while in the bar. Either she rejected him and he was angry about it or she was flirty and there was another male in the area that raised a fuss. Nothing big. He didn't get hurt in the bar. But there was a scuffle over a girl or with a girl. At 2 am, Mars is in the Gemini, disposed by Mercury in the third house. This says he was walking around outside. Probably down a road or avenue in the city. Pluto is in the second house so this shows his concern over money or a possession or a job or some other thing of value. This was disposed of by Saturn at the tenth house so I think he was concerned about his job and his public image. Perhaps the scuffle inside was a close call and he was worried about losing his job over a silly fight or an arrest. Moon was in the tenth house, too, at 2 am, showing that he was out in public and easily seen by anyone who took the time to look.

So, nothing of importance at 2 am so I move into a chart for 2:30, to see if things move. The chart does change at 2:30 am, with Sagittarius now rising and Gemini falling. Jupiter is in the second house in Capricorn and Mercury is in the third. Mercury is disposed by Uranus, right at the fourth house cusp. Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn, just crossing into the ninth house. Dane made it back to the hotel. He didn't make it back to his room, but with Saturn in the ninth, the ninth house is the hotel. He met somebody just outside the hotel or in the hallway going to his room. Mercury rules the seventh house and it is conjoined with Neptune, so this person was either hiding or he just wasn't easily seen. He might have been hanging around using drugs or drinking. Uranus disposes Mercury and it's right at the Nadir, which tells me this person lived at the hotel. Uranus is in Pisces, so perhaps he worked there in the kitchen or around the pool. The Moon is still in the tenth house so he ran into Dane right out in the hallway, in a public area. I cannot say that he was actually looking for Dane, but the meeting was happenstance, sudden and unexpected.

Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception around the bottom of the chart, telling me again that luck played a part in this event; this person had a sudden opportunity and took advantage of it by being either hard to see or hidden. Perhaps being high on drugs gave him the nerve to do this. But he managed to gain control of Dane, either through an invitation that was accepted or by force. I do not see any violence at this point so I'm thinking perhaps he invited Dane inside for a drink and for some reason, Dane agreed. Could this have been another surfer or a "fan" of some sort? Someone that flattered Dane and gained his confidence? The very interesting aspect in this chart is the conjunction of Pluto and Venus in the first house. This almost looks like a sexual attraction to me but with nothing in the fifth house I cannot say this is a fact. It just sort of looks that way.

Moving on to 3 am, I see that one aspect is angular and fast. The Moon is closing on a square with Mars in the seventh. Within the next hour or two, the square would become exact. Both of these planets are disposed of by Mercury, placed in the third house, closely aligned with Neptune. These two were drinking together and arguing at some point. Neither of them was thinking clearly, in fact, they were crazy with drink. The Moon drives emotions up high and Mars brings out aggression. With Venus and Pluto in the first house together, there might have been some pushing and shoving going on. I am not seeing sex and I am not seeing a lot of violence, just a little. Saturn is in the ninth house and this means they are still in the Hotel in this other fella's room. I think the way things look in these charts, Dane drank with the guy and then wanted to leave. This fella did not want him to leave and tried to confine him or hold him there. There was a scuffle. This may have been now Dane got the few cuts and scrapes they found on his body. The fight doesn't look explosive or deadly. It was a push and shove thing and it ended perhaps with Dane passing out. Jupiter is often a pointer at overimbibing. It is prominent in the charts of people who get really obese and in people who become addicted to sweets or alcohol. Diabetics often have a strong Jupiter as well. So with Jupiter leading him this night at this time, Dane was overdoing it. But I don't think it ended there.

Moving the charts forward, I see the scenario taking shape. By 4:30 am, the Moon has reached exact square with Mars. Saturn now rules the Ascendant, which has changed to Capricorn, and it is exactly trine to Jupiter in the first. Four planets in Aquarius are disposed of by Uranus in the third in the sign Pisces. Uranus is disposed of by Neptune. Pluto is right at the Ascendant. Saturn has slipped into the eighth house. During this time, this person wakes Dane up several times to make him drink more. He is still trying to keep the party going. He may be using drugs like Cocaine or Meth to keep himself awake, but of this I cannot be sure. But he keeps making Dane drink and I think Dane may have been sick, throwing up and whatnot. Jupiter and Venus are jolly in the first house but Mars has entered the sixth house, which means someone has had "enough". More than enough, most likely. When you've had enough, you toss it up. And then, as Capricorn takes over the first house and Saturn settles into the eighth, Dane passes away between 4:30 and 5:00 am. He died right there in the hotel, in someone else's room. Someone who lived at the hotel and either worked there or somewhere nearby, perhaps a restaurant or seafood shop. And then the next night, when this fella came out of his drug and alcohol haze, he realized he had a dead body in his room.

And so I think this looks like what happened. I am not sure what Dane died of. I know he kept drinking late into the night. There was minor violence, pushing and shoving perhaps, but not enough to kill him. There wasn't any gun or knife involved. The chart is not specific but it does show him passing between 4:30 and 5:00 in the morning. I don't know if the Doctors will eventually figure it out: organ failure, alcohol poisoning, allergic reaction, breathing in his own vomit, etc.... Did he have undiagnosed Diabetes, for instance? This is just the best of what the chart has to offer me and I think it's pretty close to events as they occurred. It's hazy in places so there are discrepanices and some facts are not exact, but this is close to what happened.

And in looking at the charts, with an eye to describe this other boy, I see that Mercury in Aquarius pretty much describes him. This means he is of middle stature and inclines to be fleshy or even chubby. He has a full face with a clear complexion and a very intelligent looking face. He is bright and attentive, energetic. Brown hair, blue grey eyes and nice features. This boy is logical and witty, often original in his thinking but he is also restless, sarcastic, often envious and scheming, telling lies. He brags a lot and likes to be seen as part of the "in crowd" and as having "glamorous" friends. He likely was fan of Danes or had an attraction towards him. No doubt, he was sad when he realized what had happened but his drug use probably caused him to make the choice he did. Fearful of arrest, he dumped Danes' body in a dirty blanket in a crumby neighborhood instead of calling 911. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon


  1. This is the first time I have read something about a science called Forensic Astrology. I am an avid reader on Astrology but this is very new for me and very interesting too.

  2. Do the charts tell you anything about whether they will catch the guy who dumped this poor innocent child in the alley? Could this guy have been a friend with jealousy as opposed to a stranger? Could the Hotel that he arrived at be the Hotel his coworkers were staying at as opposed to his Hotel which was further away? Most importantly, will this person who felt bad feel bad enough to come forward? Did he tell anyone what happened and if so do the charts share anything on whether someone he told will come forward and give this beautiful family some peace?

  3. Perhaps he did make it back to his hotel and perhaps he ran into someone he knew, coworker? Perhaps he went to their room and passed away. It appears odd as time goes on that no one has said anything to a friend or coworker. I applaud this family for keeping the pressure on in the media with bus posters, etc. You know this is driving the person(s) with knowledge about this crazy! I strongly believe that even if it was a thief/mugger/etc. that this case WILL be solved and I don't need any charts to tell me so. This story was very interesting. Thanks for bringing attention to this story. One can only imagine how this does not destroy you as a parent. God Bless and stay strong family. To the San Diego Police, have nothing? No cameras on the street? No hotel cameras where he was staying? No phone records/voice mails left on his phone//shouldn't his company have left voice mails looking for him at work? No skin folicles on his hair/head from carrying him to the alley? No footprints from the mud showing the type of shoes/car? You looked at hotel key records for entering and exiting his room? Why didn't anyone call his family earlier? Who else stayed at his Hotel from his company? No cab rides/pawn shops/or thrift stores? Cameras from the nearby park got nothing at that time of the morning when he was dumped? What type of urine/animal/human? Did it have grease from a garage floor or was it from a couch with dust all over it/cat hair? Why nothing after 6 months? Really?


    Someone got caught with DNA even. He was in fact in city heights with in less then a 1/2 block of where he was found.

    They are still trying the guy see above top link.

  5. You might want to see this too, they had him and let him go free until he raped two and killed a man so sad.


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