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Justin Gaines

Young Man Goes To Nightclub and Disappears

From the FBI website:

Justin Gaines was last seen leaving a club called "Wild Bill's" in Duluth, Georgia, during the early morning hours of November 2, 2007. He has not been seen or heard from since that time.

Justin Gaines was last seen wearing ripped jeans and a gray "Abercrombie" brand shirt. He usually wears his hair in a buzz cut and may wear diamond stud earrings in both of his ears.


On November 1, 2007, Justin came home from Athens, Ga. around 8 p.m. He then changed his clothes and left for a friend's house around 8:30 p.m. Justin and his friends decided to go out to Wild Bill's, one of Justin's favorite bars in Duluth, Ga. Eyewitnesses last saw Justin around 1 a.m. at the bar. Then Justin called his roommate around 2 a.m. for a ride, but his roommate was unavailable. This was the last time anyone heard from Justin.

I found this case interesting. There have been a lot of disappearances and unsolved murders of young men lately, more than ever. I find that interesting because for many years it was always young ladies who were abducted and murdered or taken off and hidden. It just seems unusual that men would be abducted by a stranger, assumed to be another man, and taken off and killed. Jeffrey Dahmer and John Gacy come to mind, of course, but they were rare examples at the time and their murders were sexual in purpose. Currently there is a rash of murders of young men, some of them locally here in my area, where there are no clues or suspects. Rumors spread about a "happy face" gang. And garbage bags wash up on our beaches with the mutilated body parts of dead young men. It seems there has been a national explosion in the last decade of young men being murdered for no reason at all. I will be doing more and more of these cases on this blog because it is a serious matter.

I drew up a chart just to see if something came clear and was surprised by what I saw right away. This led me to continue working with the charts to see what happened to this young man. The first chart I drew up was for 2:00 am, the time at which he called his roommate for a ride but came up short. Right away I see that Leo is rising and the Sun is in the third house. He is in the neighborhood, just hanging out. Mercury is right near by and this points to the phone call. Looking for the descendant I find that Aquarius is falling and Uranus is in the seventh house close to the North Node. A chance encounter with someone who just appears on the scene. Uranus is disposed by Neptune in the sixth so this is someone who either worked at the bar or worked right nearby. A restaurant next door perhaps? Or was he a drug dealer who worked this area? However, it is also likely that this was a bartender or bar back from Wild Bills. He just appeared suddenly, ruled by erratic Uranus, and offered a ride perhaps?

Moon in the twelfth shows that Justin was insecure, not comfortable in some way. He may have hedged this guy or tried to fall into the shadows to remain unseen. Moon is inconjunct to Uranus so something about this person "rubbed the wrong way" and made him recoil. But the Moon is disposed by the Sun in the third which points at a car or other vehicle. There is no doubt that Jason needed a ride. Moon, Justin's co ruler, is disposed by Pluto in the fifth house and this clearly says that he is impaired. He's had a bit to drink and his judgment is impaired. So he overlooks his feelings, dismissing them as silly or unmerited, and things move forward.

Another interesting aspect in this chart is the presence of a Grand Trine. This is an unusual configuration and it means that things "go easily" or just sort of "fall into place". This trine involves Uranus, Sun and Mars with the Sun ruling Justin and Uranus ruling this other man. The harbinger here is the presence of Mars in the configuration, in the sign Cancer in the eleventh house. This Mars placement is disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth house showing undercurrents between these two men. Mars and the Moon hint that feelings run high and perhaps there are highly charged exchanges. This could mean a violent argument or confrontation of some sort. When I also saw that the Sun, Justin's ruler, is disposed of by Pluto in the fourth house closely aligned with Jupiter I see that by 2:30 am he has arrived at someone's home. From all accounts, this would not be his own.

By 2:30 am, the very first degree of Virgo has moved onto the Ascendant and Pisces is falling. Mercury resides in the second house in Libra and is in mutual reception with Venus in the first. Moon is in the twelfth house disposed of by the Sun in Scorpio in the third house. All of this points to conversation. Mostly it looks like talk about money. However, the conversation does not go well. Moon in the twelfth now disposed of by a planet in the third says that this man is now presenting Justin with his true desires. Mars in the eleventh guarantees fighting, disagreements and anger. Mars is a part of that Grand Trine involving Uranus and the Sun. The Moon is inconjunct Uranus, another aspect saying they don't like each other much and the Moon has just passed a square to the Sun so I am pretty sure that the fella who offered Justin a ride had ulterior motives. It's more like he had other plans.

I get the distinct feeling from these placements that sex for money was discussed. I do not know Justin's sexual orientation but I am pretty sure this man had either a personal interest in sex with Justin or had a larger plan of using him for sexual business ventures like prostitution or internet porn. The chart says that Justin was angered by this, that there was fight or at least a heated disagreement. And this chart points to violence in some form between 2:30 and 3:00 am. Pluto in the fourth house closely square to Saturn in the first. Violence that occurred in a home and ended with Justin's death. By 3:00 am, Saturn is exactly conjunct the Ascendant and Venus is also in the first, both planets disposed of by Mercury in the second house. This man found Justin very attractive and wanted to pay him for sex. That is exactly what the chart is saying. He may have also made Justin a business proposition; a way to make money from what he saw as Justins "good looks". This is the reason why he followed him out of the bar and jumped at the chance to give him a ride.

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The Descendant is now Pisces and Neptune is disposed of by Uranus. This, again, iterates the point that this person is unpredictable and erratic. He may very well be high on drugs or very drunk. Neptune is placed in the sixth house so he makes a living in an illegal fashion, such as selling drugs or porn or even prostitution. But many of the planets in the chart dispose of themselves so the chart is sort of closed off, with actions not leading to other actions but resolving themselves. Venus is in close square to Pluto and Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter which disposes itself. This is a closed loop that shows the violence that occurred was lopsided. Justin probably threw the first punch, in an effort to get this other man to let him leave, refusing the man's advances or propositions. This man did not want to hurt Justin. I believe he had grander plans but they were plans that Justin did not want to be involved in. So the fight ensued. This man did not want him to leave and Jason was out the door. But not before a fight that ended in his death.

At 3 am, Saturn comes to exact conjunction with the Ascendant. Saturn is also at the South Node. It looks like Justin has been "knocked out" or seriously injured in some way. He may well be already dead. Another interesting aspect catches my eye and that is the angles being in mutual reception. Neptune, on the seventh, is in mutual reception with Uranus; Mercury, on the first house angle, is in mutual reception with Venus. The receptors are the planets Venus and Neptune and they are inconjunct, again creating a friction or tension between these two men. Some of this is sexual tension, the attraction I've already discussed. Venus and Mercury play a big role in this evenings skies so physical beauty and business transactions are a part of the scenario. The mutual reception between the two points at businesses based on physical beauty, which includes the sex and modeling industries.

At 3:30 am, Saturn has moved into the twelfth house. Mercury rules both angles, Virgo on the Ascendant and Gemini at the Midheaven. I think Justin was suffocated somehow, he was choked or strangled to death. Neptune, the seventh house ruler, has remained consistently in the sixth house. So perhaps he was given drugs for some reason. Perhaps this other man gave him drugs to sedate him, to force him into compliance of a sort, and the drugs contributed to his death when Justin continued to resist. It's easy to smother or strangle someone who is partly incoherent. I have no idea if Justin used drugs, had ever used drugs or would use drugs. It just looks like he was drugged in some way. If he was resistant to using drugs, something can be put in a drink. They do it with date rape drugs all the time. And perhaps he was given GHB or some other knockout intoxicant. With Saturn now in the twelfth house, the murderer now has a body to deal with. Throughout the chart Saturn has remained opposite the Node, indicating that this was fate or an occurrence that was "meant to be". Many of the charts I look at seem to say this and this is another reaffirmation that death comes when it's supposed to and in the way that God planned. As sad as that seems.

Mars in Cancer is closing on a trine to Uranus. Uranus rules the seventh house and Mars is in the tenth. The murderer had the upper hand, perhaps the element of surprise on this side. He has been controlled by Uranus the entire evening, making his behavior erratic and unpredictable. Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception. He was certainly not honest or transparent. But Mars in Cancer disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth house near Saturn says that Justin did not expect this man to hurt him. The violence came swiftly and was a total surprise. The man was proposing something Justin did not like and he resisted but did not expect it to go this far. Saturn in the twelfth in the sign Virgo signifies death and points to the body. Saturn is close to the Moon, so he hid the body in his home for awhile. At least for the time being. The Moon will come to conjunction with Saturn within a few hours of his death (around 18 hours later or 9 pm on November 3). I think he moves the body at this time. So for my own curiosity, I did a chart for 9 pm on November 3 just to see.

The chart for 9 pm that evening shows an interesting picture. Mars is in the first house so someone is doing physical labor. Saturn is conjoined the Moon in the fourth house, close to Venus. He takes the body down below the house? He buries him under the house? Who is this guy? John Gacy? Hmmm. Both Saturn and the Moon are disposed of by Mercury in Libra in the fifth house. This person may have had a game room or entertainment den in the basement or lower area of his home. Justin is either buried under this room in the ground or is hidden in a secret place in this room like a trunk or cabinet or closet that can be locked and kept dark. Pluto is in the seventh house and Mars in the first, this is grim work. But it feels like he spent some time with the body before he put it away. Another weirdo. I am beginning to wonder how many of these people are out there among us? This man came from the bar, either was employed there or made his business there. He may have been a drug dealer and if he was, that was a red flag. People who live outside the law are not to be trusted. But if he'd been the bar tender or bar back, how would Justin define him? Certainly not as a killer. It is shown by the charts that the man disgusted Justin in some way, either he was ugly or aggressively sexual or just had a mean spirit. But something also made Justin believe that it was safe to get into this man's car. There is the possibility that Justin was kidnapped from the bar, that he was taken by force, I just cannot be clear on that with the chart. There is no doubt he got into a car, but how this happened I can't be sure.

In my efforts, as I always do, I will try to describe this other man. He is ruled by Neptune in Aquarius and / or Uranus in Pisces throughout the evening so I will go with these planets. Both of these planets describe a person of medium height so he is not noticeably tall or short. Both placements describe a person with a well made body so this bears out my belief that this person was athletic and strong. The complexion is clear with a lighter, or even pale, coloring. This man has a high, broad forehead with an oval face and wide set eyes which are probably dark hazel or green with a tint of gray. He has light to dark brown hair which is soft and curly. He has expressive eyes with long eyelashes and a pugged or upturned nose. He also has sweeping brows and most likely a dimple in his chin. This person is very expressive, entertaining in his presentations, and somewhat adventurous. He can also be very passionate, even jealous, sensual and overtly sexual and somewhat depraved.

Regardless of my chart and my findings, Justin Gaines has never been found and is currently listed as a missing person. This means that he could still be alive and out there among us. In the spirit of hoping that I am wrong and Justin is alive and well, please have a look at his photo and if you should see anyone looking like this, call the Gwinnett County PD. Their phone number is: (770)513-5300. You can also call 1-877-270-9500. This call is toll free and would be greatly appreciated. You can also make donations to help them find Justin by going to: Donate To Find Justin.


NOTICE: I apologize to the readers for the constant misuse of Justin's name in the original post. I was working on another case involving a boy named Jason and the cases were strikingly similar. Somehow, I mixed the two names up as I was typing the final post. My apologies and I have made corrections to this post. Also, I send my sympathies to the family of Justin Gaines. This is just what the Astrology charts seem to say to me and this is only one reading of those charts. There is every possibility that I read the charts incorrectly and that Justin is still alive. Do not give up hope. This blog is only an experiment, nothing more.


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  1. Try giving this description to the police that are dealing with it to draw up a sketch so they can have an idea of something to look for? People that look like that and fit the description that live in that area.


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