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Eddie Pieron

College Boy Stabbed To Death in Miami

I saw this on Greta's show on Fox News. She has a good show and it's where I saw the story on Irina Yarmolenko. Greta often covers cases I don't see anywhere else. Anyways, this boy was killed in Miami, which is not far from me, going to the University. I know a lot of people who went to Miami U. But Eddie was living a high life in my opinion, in a three bedroom home in South Miami, near the hottest nightlife scene in the state. Lots of trouble for college boys to get happily into.

But this is a strange one. He was seen on video shopping at a CVS around noon, he was text messaging friends at 1 pm and then his friend drops by his place at 2:30 pm to discover a blood soaked murder scene with this boy dead. No clues. No leads. No suspects. The only kink in this story is a previous break in at the house where men with guns robbed the boys of their cash. $600 was taken. Not a gold mine but enough to cause someone to consider returning there for more, perhaps.

The police aren't saying exactly how he died except it has been reported in various places that he was stabbed. This does not mean he was not also shot but it does kind of rule out the idea that the robbers returned. Nothing was stolen this time, first off, but robbers rarely stab their victims. They just don't want to get that close. They shoot and run.

Stabbing is a personal crime. It is common in sex crimes where men are assuming power and control over women and the knife allows penetration of a sort, like a penis. It is also common between family, close friends and lovers. Only someone very close to a person would want to get up on them and stab them, drawing blood. It's messy and difficult. It's usually done in a fit of rage or perverse sexual excitement.

So now that I'm done giving out my opinions, now I want to chart it and see what the stars say. And I find that the chart is unusual right away. None of the ordinary pointers or placements. It is certainly a challenge but one I want to try to overcome. In the first chart I draw up for 1:30 pm, the chart starts telling a story we already know. Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Venus is at the midheaven, disposed of by Moon in the eleventh house. He is living in an upscale neighborhood (a respected and admired area of Miami) with friends. Those friends, ruled by the Moon, are disposed of by the Sun in the ninth house, so they were not at home but somewhere far away, perhaps on vacation. One or more of them may have been foreigners. Mars, the ruler of the seventh house, is also placed in the eleventh house. He was in the company of a friend, but not a friend from among those that lived with him. Someone else. Mars is close to conjunction with Saturn so this is an older friend, perhaps someone from home? Or perhaps just a friend who was older in years.

Throughout the charts I drew up, Venus, which rules Eddie, is closely hugging the Sun. This points again at another man hanging out with him at that time. Both planets are disposed of by the Moon in the tenth house, saying that they were out in public together and were openly known to be buddies. The Sun and the Moon are in mutual reception so this friend of Eddie's was somewhat prominent and well known. He was a popular and charismatic person who everybody admired and liked to watch. He and Eddie made a team of sorts but it doesn't look romantic or anything sticky; just buddies having a good time. At 2pm, Jupiter reaches the Nadir and this means someone comes to the front door. Jupiter is directly opposite the Sun so it is possible that this third person was looking for Eddie's friend. Oppositions describe tension and combat. This person may have been looking for Eddie's popular friend and not really looking for Eddie himself. However, Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn, which is placed in the eleventh house of friendship so this person was also a friend of Eddie's, someone he knew. All of these placements and aspects put him in the company of one male friend and visited later on by another male friend. So I see that there were two men there when he was killed.

The Moon's closest aspect is an applying inconjunction to Uranus. This points at sudden events, excitability and the unexpected. It is an uncomfortable aspect and the nature of Leo and Pisces creates an air of sacrifice and ego conflicts. Someone feels like they are giving up a lot for the sake of another. I am beginning to think that the second man, the new arrival, is jealous of his other man spending so much time with Eddie. I cannot say this for sure but this is what the chart appears to say. Mercury, which is very strong in Gemini in the ninth, is opposed to Jupiter at the Nadir. There are words exchanged and someone really says what's on his mind. It is not pleasant for the man who has just arrived. He may have been flat out told to skeedaddle. Jupiter is inconjunct to the Moon so he doesn't just take his medicine and leave. They argue quite viciously in fact. This man feels he is being put upon and he wants everybody to know it. So they argue and they fight. The people who killed Eddie were friends of his and one of them may have been hurt in the process.

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The argument was over by 2:30 or thereabouts. At 2:30 I see one man has already left the house and is headed down the road. The other is making his way outside but more slowly. I do not see the girl arriving yet and the first man, the one who was with Eddie earlier, is still with him and it looks like they are in a den or library type of room. But it is an open area, visible from other parts of the house and even from outside windows, not hidden or dark. A room with schoolbooks or other reading materials, perhaps. Mercury is a fast moving planet and Gemini is a rapid fire sign. Quicksilver. And Mercury is opposite explosive Pluto in the charts, which shows that something swift and piercing was probably used in a fit of rage. Fortunately, for Eddie, it looks fast. He died quickly. Mercury rules the twelfth house and is now placed in the eighth, so perhaps a lung was punctured. There were two men involved in this murder and they both had a hand in it. Whether or not it was a three way fight or two on one I am just not sure. Jealousy and attraction played a big part in this murder. Eddie is governed by Venus which is placed in Cancer and disposed of by the Moon in the tenth house. Both of these men, Eddie and his friend, were handsome, popular guys. But they were also competitive.

There are no money signs in this chart. No one came there to steal or look for anything. This was a personal matter, a vendetta. Eddie was known to be quite the rogue and woman chaser. If he had been involved with the wrong woman, that could speak for a lot. Perhaps all three of these men had had at least one female in common. Or perhaps they were bi sexual swingers and just got in too deep. I am not sure. But money was not the motive in this crime.

At 3 pm I see the skies have changed. Scorpio is now rising and Taurus is falling. Venus is with the Sun in the ninth, showing a female with Law Enforcement or other authority. They've called "the law". Mars, which now rules Eddie, is conjoined with Saturn in the tenth. He is dead right out in the open and a lot of people are looking at him. The Moon continues to linger nearby, adding emotional depth to the scene. People were upset by this and some of them may have been crying. The big clue to me in this chart is Neptune with the Node hanging around in the fourth house. There is something hidden in the home that would give them a clue as to what happened. It may be hidden where they keep the alcohol or where they stash drugs. It is definitely in a dark place. It could be a photograph that someone hid or simply dropped and lost. I would actually say that it is a photograph for sure with Neptune disposed of by Uranus in the fifth. This photo would be of his buddies; the same guys who killed him this day. It would be a huge thing if the cops could find it and attribute importance to it.

The next big question is, will they ever solve this crime? It looks like they should be able to. At the time of his discovery, the Sun ruled the Midheaven and it was placed in the ninth in Cancer. Law Enforcement will have to look through Eddie's personal mementos, photographs, etc... to find clues. If they contact some of his family they might also get more answers. I progress the chart degree by degree and see that the Sun will come to the midheaven in 23 degrees. The Sun is in an angular sign in a cadent house. So it will be 23 months before they really have all the clues they need to solve this. That is 23 months from the day he was found. So counting on my fingers I see that 23 months from July 5 puts the time at June 2010. They may have suspects and persons of interest and they may announce breaks in the case along the way but they will not resolve this until June 2010. Let's watch and see if that's true. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon


  1. hello I would just like to say what you have written here is fascinating, I was eddies roomate who was at a music festival in michigan when this happend and here i am 2 months later sleepless over my friends sudden death. You have convinced me to go back to the house to look for this picture...

  2. i am eddies other roommate. many of the things you say are true to a certain extent, i just want to know why you are so convinced it is one of eddies close friends and not someone looking for money? we've always thought it is someone who knew him, but not a good friend. this makes me feel worse than before to be honest..

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, Anonymous and Aimee. This has haunted me, as I have a 19 year old son, and it hurts my heart to think of the suffering of Eddie's mother and his friends.

    Please post back here with any updates you might have. I want to see justice for Eddie as soon as possible.

  4. Cari, I am a friend of Eddie's from boarding school. We were close. What you wrote was interesting. The thing about the girl hit a spot tho. I had talked to Eddie a few weeks before his death about a girl. A girl he liked but had sort of left him for one of his friends, maybe one of his roommates or close friends but that he had not really cared about her and she was coming back to Eddie. Does this girl have anything to do with what happened to him?

  5. i bet he was talking about julie - she was with one of his friends before but they had a falling out and she started chillin with eddie. but then she went back to his friend, realized it still wasnt good and yah, she had been with him over the summer. shes actually the one who found him.

  6. this is the first time, in awhile, that i have read this post through and through - i do have to say, i know for a fact, that eddie was not bisexual. he was very tolerant and open-minded but he was straight. also, by combining our knowledge (all of his friends) we have come to some conclusions - he may have owed money, but julie was not involved with any other people besides another good friend, so she would never be the cause of this. also, the men(boys) who are suspect to this crime are at present dressing up as him for halloween and basically still trying to run his name into the ground - so yes, jealousy does seem like a prime motive, but also combined with greed.
    in the end tho - we, as his close friends, are realizing that things DO happen for a reason - and despite this being so tragic, our lives have been irreparably changed, mostly for the better (not because hes gone, obviously, but because of the lessons learned in life). it seems terrible to have to say such a thing - yet it is true, and he knows it.
    basically, eddie led a beautiful life - a wonderful person; he reached the pinnacle of goodness and it is now our duty and will to continue it.
    i know that he will receive justice, definitely before 2010.
    if you are interested in pursuing this case, i can get his mother's friends' information for you - she is psychic and speaks to him often. i do appreciate your help, tho.
    thank you. love, aimée

  7. i'd like to know how you got the precise time and location for his natal chart and if you could reveal it for us as i would like to see his chart as well. thank you, much love and appreciation! ~ a friend of eddies.

  8. Nikita-
    I do not have Eddies birth info. I did this as a quick read after seeing a show on Fox news. I had very little info when I did it and I just went with what I had. There is no birth chart in the reading.. they are all locational charts for the time of the murder.

  9. I had a dream about the item that may reveal the crime. I dreamt that there was a memory card outside of a door. I am not too close to this situation but I just thought I would share it.

  10. Someone Eddie knew, owed him a lot of money. Someone who was in Miami during that summer and had been avoiding him. Maybe they finally confronted each other and things went sour. According to Ari, this guy Jay had a pretty big 'tab' with him. Do any of you know more about this?


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